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Ok. So, to find out when the game itself takes place, you've gotta know when the studio was open. At first, I assumed that Bendy was a rubberhose toon from the height of that style of cartoons. That would put their timeline between 1925 and 1935. Since Sammy recognized Henry but Henry didn't know about the studio extensions in the basement, Henry would have had to leave the studio sometime around 1928. However, Henry also wasn't around for the instillation of the ink machine,… (Mo 1)

(2) which Sammy said was build “over their heads”. So Sammy was either: 1.) downstairs when the ink machine was built, or 2.) the tape recorder was moved downstairs. We also know from Wally’s recordings that Joey had “everyone” donate something from their workstations, so the employees at that time were pretty few. Each item can probably be associated with a specific person; the book is Joey’s the record Sammy’s, and I imagine the doll belinged to the guy who did toys. (Mo)

(3) But based on how small the company was at the time (and modelling it off Disney’s early years) I can’t imagine Henry wasn’t working there at that time; in fact, the inkwell could be his. So where’s the overlap, and how did Joey publish a book if the company was that small? Demonic hijinks definitely accounts for some of it, but the timing is weird. If (basing this assumption off Wally’s first recording) the ink machine was put up very soon after the pedestals, … (Mo)

(4) then it’s possible Henry left between the pedestals and the ink machine. That still doesn’t leave a lot of time for Henry knowing and being super close to all his coworkers, but it works. UNTIL I saw someone notice the “Buy Bonds” mark I hadn’t seen before on one of the episode posters. When I researched, I couldn’t find any examples of cartoon propaganda in WWI. WWII, however, is well known for it. Now we’d have to rework what we already figured out for a new timeperiod. (Mo)

(5) First off, why would this studio still be using rubberhose-style animation long after it had gone out of style? They probably started the studio right before rubberhose went out, and wouldn’t or couldn’t update it. That puts them starting the studio in the 1934-1935 range. That’s good, because it gives plenty of time between the founding to when it went mad. Wally said that the animations weren’t being finished on time anymore, which means they had a time schedule. (Mo)

(6?) A time schedule like that would probably be imposed by a distributer. At this time, probably the studio was doing a lot of work for the government and military and being funded by them (hence “Buy Bonds”). This is probably about the time that Joey really stopped caring about the actual animations. The extensions probably also happened around then. So when did Henry leave the studio? Probably right before the studio was doing animations for the military. (Mo)

(7) At that time, Joey was probably already starting to slip. There were probably already plans for an extension to the studio, and rudimentary plans for the ink machine. This would’ve been about 1940-1941. Henry would have been really familiar with everyone there, maybe to the point of leaving behind a keepsake that could later be used for the pedestals. The extensions are built, the ink machine installed, more employees hired, and the studio went under probably late 40’s. (Mo)

(8; last one, promise!) Whether the studio went under because of money or demonic issues is up for interpretation. So, assuming that demonic stuff means that Henry went back exactly 30 years after he left the studio, the game may take place in 1970 or 1971. All of that is, of course, a guess. I’ve found it fun to try to connect the game to the actuall history of animation. I guess only time and new chapters will reveal what really happened! Thanks for letting me do this. -Mo💚

Dang when you said it was the length of a novel you weren’t kidding.

Anyways, let’s try and go through this one thing at a time.

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You know how 91 Days' writer mentioned the ending wasn't exactly as he imagined it at the beginning?
  • And that was probably why there was no violent final showdown like the key visual suggested? It's like one of those moments in which you're writing and your characters just seem to come alive and tell you what they would do and they totally wouldn't do THAT. This is how I and other members of the hellchat imagine it went down.
  • --
  • Avilio: I want to fuck him, not to kill him. You invented me and you don't even see that?? Come on!
  • Writer: *rolling eyes* Okay, then you tell me what I should write.
  • Avilio: You should write about us fucking
  • Writer:
  • Avilio: Pretty please?
  • Writer: No.
  • --
  • Writer: "Avilio glares at Nero like he wants to kill him-"
  • Avilio: eye sex with Nero intensifies
  • Writer: I wrote "kill him", Avilio
  • Avilio: That's just a metaphor for "fuck him" and we both know it
  • --
  • Writer: "Nero slaps Avilio"
  • Nero: for Tigre!
  • Writer: because he's a rude asshole...
  • Nero: No, FOR TIGRE!
  • --
  • Writer: "Angelo starts crying and Nero-"
  • Writer: I can't write that
  • Writer: but you should hate him...
  • Nero: Have you seen him cry?? How can I hate him???
  • --
  • Writer: How did I end up writing about Nero looking at Avilio sleeping and then at the moon...
  • Nero: The moon tonight is beautiful, isn't it, Avilio?
  • Writer: NO
MONSTA X Bodyguard I.M 'In Your Eyes'

Anonymous asked: drabble extension with I.M for the bodyguard au ? (I love this au so so much)

Anonymous asked: i didnt want to request this in fear of you getting tired of writing bodyguard! expansions, but if you wouldn’t mind could i request an expansion for bodyguard!changkyun from Monsta X? :)

A/N: You guys are too cute. I’m glad you’re enjoying the bodyguard au so much. I hope you like this as well. ^^ 

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

It had been a long day and you could barely walk a straight line down the hall to your hotel room. The conference was going well but you hadn’t made as much headway as you’d hoped. On autopilot you reached to slide the keycard in the door, but your bodyguard plucked it from your hand. Surprised you looked over your shoulder to see him with his finger to his lips.

Gesturing for you to back away you watched as he traced his fingers along the doorframe. They seemed to catch at three different points. Satisfied he nodded and unlocked the door, entering first.

Changkyun had been your guard for half a year now. Although you were used to his eccentricities you had yet to learn all his tricks. Tossing your attaché down you sank into the couch and rested your head on the back. “What were you looking for just now?”

He was making his way around the room, looking for anything out of place. It was his habit to search a newly entered area like a dog checking out a new environment. “Tape. I placed transparent tape in three spots on the door. It’s an old trick to see if anyone has come and gone while you’re away. Most people only put one so if it’s discovered it can be easily replaced. That’s why I use three.”

“Hm. Seems pretty old school. I thought you liked your high tech gadgets.”

“Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Especially if enemies are expecting the new ways. Plus it’s good to change it up. I think everything is how we left it.”

This wasn’t surprising news. Changkyun tended to be thorough in his efforts to guard you, whether it was necessary or not. It’d been a while since you felt any sort of danger, but maybe that was because he was so damn good at what he did. Sure he was odd sometimes, but he had a knack for thinking ahead of the game. You suspected he’d been raised playing a lot of chess.

Perhaps you’d ask him tonight. Usually you shared dinner as you got ready for the next day. It gave you time to talk and you found him charming. Not in a smooth, debonair way though. He was pretty much a goofball when he wasn’t focused on his job, but it was the contrast that drew you in.

One minute he’d be running through every possible scenario of attack and adapting his plan as necessary. Once he was sure things were secure he’d relax enough to let his mind roam. Tonight he put a plate of decorative bubbled glass up to his eye to view the world. It was that carefree curiosity that made you burn with questions of your own. How did it even occur to him to look at the world that way? And more importantly, what did he see when he did?

But what intrigued you most was how he could be perfectly composed until a simple question flustered him. Ask his opinion on an outfit and he’d turn into a stammering mess. You never did it intentionally, but when it happened it was adorable. No stranger to picking up on clues yourself you began to wonder if he had a crush on you. Maybe more? And what qualities did he see in you that fascinated him?

You hoped your suspicions were right because you’d developed quite the crush of your own. With a fanciful smile you reached for your case intent on getting your papers ready for tomorrow. Something felt a little off, loose papers? Why were there—you pulled them out and your heart froze. Amidst your files were photographs of you. Cut up and marked with obscenities. Red marker drew a grotesque smile on your face to match the one drawn below on your neck. Intimidation tactics at their most juvenile. Problem was, it was still effective. 

A sound of alarm must have escaped because Changkyun was by your side instantly. Gently he took the pages out of your hand and looked them over. His expression became grim.

“Did you leave your case alone at all today?”

Shakily you nodded. “A few times when I went to the bathroom.”

“When was the last time you looked inside?”

“Around seven or so?”

“That’s too close to us leaving for here. We’re not staying.” With smooth, efficient movements he started packing your belongings. “Who the hell could get clearance into a conference if your security personnel can’t even get in?”

“There were a few people I didn’t know.”

Making a noise of frustration he stopped to look at you, more determined than you’d ever seen him. Seeing how rattled you were he came over and placed his hands on your shoulders. Gently he used his thumbs to stroke along your neck in an effort to calm you. That probably wasn't standard bodyguard tactics but you weren’t complaining.

Looking deep in your eyes he tried his best to reassure you. “It’ll be ok. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I promise. Now c’mon, we’ve got to get moving.” ​

I like it when you see a character in fiction that kinda looks like an OC you have and you’re like AYYY YO

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Omg, it's hilarious(ly sad) watching Larries try to bend over backwards to come up with reasons that Louis wasn't with Harry at the wedding he went to in Hawaii.

I saw a post going around with a few hundred notes saying Louis probably logged onto his Larrie Tumblr to see Harry playing with that little girl and was besides himself with how cute it was.

Their version of Louis and Harry are always just the saddest projected Larrie portrayals of themselves.

Just imagining the sad life they imagine Louis lives all obsessed with Harry’s absence and what he’s doing all the time and how their relationship is perceived to his fans every second of his day is so tragic. He’s not you, Larries. 

You probably don’t want to know how long it’s been since I looked at Bob and said “I need to draw this adorable dork.”

For speakeasysniper and wily-red-and-galeforce-gold, who seem to have accumulated a small menagerie of various animals (and Bob).

Now I’m just imagining Emma and Killian in future stand-offs with villains. The bad guy has managed to capture Killian and tied him up, Emma arrives on the scene only to be taunted. “Lay down your weapons or I’ll rough up your boyfriend’s pretty face. And don’t even think about using magic. Any hint of that and I’ll kill him.”

Emma looks at Killian. Killian looks at Emma. Emma nods and shrugs. “Fine.” She drops the gun. The villain gestures, and she holds out her hand with a sigh so that he can slip the magic-dampening cuff around her wrist.

“Just out of curiosity,” she says, “how did you manage to get the better of him? It’s not exactly easy.”

“Ah, well, my dear…” And he talks, and he gloats, and he’s very self-satisfied indeed seeing the grudging respect and the hint of fear on Emma’s face.

And while he talks, encouraged by Emma’s rapt and horrified attention, Killian Jones puts his many hours of practice to good use and slips out of the chains that bind him.

“But enough about that,” the villain says, sobering again. “Now then. Are you going to come quietly, or am I going to have to damage the pirate?”

“How are you going to do that?”

A smirk. “Oh, I thought we might start with his hand.”

Emma cocks an eyebrow. “You really think he’ll hold still for that?”

“He doesn’t really have a choice, now, does he?”

And with perfect dramatic timing, as usual, Killian appears right behind him and hits him over the head with the chain. There’s a rattle of metal, a dull crack, and the fellow stumbles towards Emma. Emma is ready, stepping to the side and sweeping out one leg to trip him and send him sprawling.

“I think the answer you were looking for,” she informs him, “was ‘no, he probably won’t.’“

There’s a groggy groan. “How did he—?”

Killian steps up beside Emma, clicking his hook back into place and regarding the downed man with a philosophical expression. “They never learn, do they, Swan? There’s always a choice.”

She steals a kiss. “Nice work.”

Chaol Westfall & Celaena Sardothien | Crown of Midnight

But he couldn’t help imagining it - the glimmer of the future and how it would be to forge a life together, to call her his wife, to hear her call him husband, to raise a brood of children who would probably be far too clever and talented for their own good.

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So, you know how a lot of the nations take thousands of years to grow up? (At least I think it's canon...) but America grew super quick, right? So maybe part of the reason he acts so childish (having big, impossible dreams, just his general personality) is because he wasn't meant to grow up as fast as he did? It's kind of sad how he didn't get to enjoy his childhood as much as he could have. (Although it's probably a good thing he did grow. Just imagine a tiny toddler at world meetings)

“America, what are your opinions on world climate change?”

“Uwaabababa, give me juiiiiice, I want juiiiice!”

- Admin Nerissa

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I was going through this blog's archive, and in one of your posts, you said that you particularly loved late 70's-early 80's fandom. I wasn't even born at that time, so this had me wondering about how fandom was different back then compared to now? Did Star Trek fandom go through distinct phases and what were the main differences between them?

This is going to sound really Old Man Yells At Cloud, but here you go:

Imagine not having instant access to every episode, and VCRs and cassettes were a premium commodity that you probably didn’t have.

Imagine there being only 79 episodes shown in reruns, a couple of movies, a couple of dozen authorized novels of varying quality, and some pretty terrible comic books.

No gifs, no Netflix, no ability to instantly like and reblog and comment on other people’s thoughts.

There was no home internet, so to connect, fans had to write physical letters and type up fiction for editors to run in zines. And the people who made zines had to go get them printed and mail them out to people who spent money. People had to put a certain amount of effort into things. 

If you wanted to watch the same Star Trek episode as a bunch of other people and talk about it afterward, you’d have to watch a scratchy 35mm print shown at a convention. If you wanted to wear a costume to that convention, you had to make it all yourself from patterns.  

You had to work to be a fan. You had to be willing to spend a truly dubious amount of time on your hobby. I kind of miss that a lot of the time. I’d much rather pick up and admire an issue of Trek than read a blog post someone hacked out, even if they’re essentially the same thing, you know?

I think Tumblr is wonderful (and that’s why I’m doing this blog here) and I love seeing where fandom has come in the last couple of decades (even if it occasionally makes me roll my eyes), but while it’s leveled the playing field, it’s also taken away some of the magic that I grew up with.

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pre-series genderqueer Sam

hmmm, pre-series…. so let’s have some 1990’s confused teenage sam… trying to figure out what he feels like.

by 1999, my only (memorable) exposures to queer anything was Ellen (the sitcom, no talk show yet), Will and Grace (had only been on a year), and RENT. the winchesters probably knew even less than i did. 


He kept his hair long because he felt… pretty. He wouldn’t admit that. He let Dean and his dad think it was just some rebellious thing. He was a boy. He wasn’t supposed to want to feel pretty.

He sometimes wished he could just go somewhere where nobody knew him and show up in an outfit that would leave people wondering if he was, in fact, a he. He knew his features were delicate enough to fool people if he wanted.

He sometimes tucked himself in a way that hid his genitals and looked at himself in the mirror, wondering if that looked better. Or maybe would he feel better if he was just a girl instead. He could never make up his mind. Not that it mattered. He was who he was and he couldn’t change that.

One time he stole some eyeliner and shadow from a drug store. He played with it in the mirror when Dean and his dad were away on hunts and he was stuck alone.

He kind of liked the combination of the makeup with his comfortable boy clothes. With his longer hair and soft facial features, it gave him a sort of androgynous look that he thought fit him the best.

His secret came out when Dean confronted him. His most recent girlfriend had found it in the brothers’ bedroom and accused Dean of cheating with another girl who must have left it there. After she stormed out, Dean cornered Sam in the living room. He demanded to know where they came from.

Sam could have lied. He could have said that he had a girl over, but Dean could always tell when Sam was lying. So he chose not to answer, keeping his eyes down. Dean’s left shoe was ripped by the pinky toe.

Dean sighed.

“Sammy, are they yours?”

“Dean…” Sam begged him to just let it go.

“Dude, it’s okay. I’ve seen the way you look at yourself in the mirror sometimes. I know… something’s different.” Dean shrugged. “We’ll deal with it, whatever it is. Just don’t hide from me.”

“It’s not what you think.”

“Do you… I mean… you know, do you…. Christ Sammy, is it that you wanna be a girl?” It was obviously difficult for Dean to say and, brave as he was against monsters, he sounded terrified just then.

“No!” Sam yelled. “Not really. Not completely. I just don’t feel… right. I don’t know, Dean! I don’t know what I feel. I think I like being a guy, but I also wish I could kinda be like a girl. Or I wish I didn’t have to be one or the other… both? Neither?” Sam slid down the wall until he was sitting with his knees pulled up against his chest.

“Fuck,” Dean sighed. “I don’t even know what to say to that, kid.”

“Do you think I’m a freak?” Sam looked up at him with watery eyes.

“No. Never.” Dean folded his legs and sat down beside Sam, staring at the makeup he still held in his hands. “You know, David Bowie likes to wear makeup. I bet we could figure out a way for you to feel better and not get, ya know, beat up or anything.”


“Well, yeah. I know it won’t make you half girl or anything, but… it’s something, right?”

“Yeah… Dean, yes. It’s better than something.” Sam didn’t know if he was more excited about the makeup or of Dean’s acceptance, but he felt lighter and happier than he had in a long time.


“Faith is the reason I do what I do, imagination is the fuel that keeps the creativity flowing.”

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Zayn in an interview said he wanted to dye is hair when he was in the band but he wasn't allowed to :( imagine what a shitty team they have and probably still have (let's hope for a change soon tho), it's incredible how people still think that they have full control over what they do, their life in public or their social medias. It's honestly so sad

Right? How do people still deny the fact that the boys’ images are fabricated and controlled and that they don’t have the control themselves, it’s so obvious and so fucked up and people need to open their eyes

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but of course it was a pick up line! i thought it was implied? honestly, i've always thought louis was totally hitting on him with the 'you're gonna be famous' story! that approach wasn't platonic at all -remember how louis always says that, when you like someone, you just have to go for it? that's exactly what he did with harry. no doubt in my mind louis was attracted to harry the first second he saw him. he just waited for the right opportunity to approach him, that clever bastard.

Imagine him talking to Harry in that soft flirty little voice of his, and I’m going to throw this out there but he probably touched his wrist you/know/the/way I mean because he’s done it to Harry before and Harry was all pink cheeks and bashful and scared and Louis made him feel better and he definitely had a crush too seeing as he caught Louis in his arms without even knowing him and I’m distraught.

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I was at the airport, and heard somebody 'joking' that "well, everything you say is going to offend somebody, right?" I look over, and see he's wearing a Washington Racists shirt and hat (which is backwards). I had this funny feeling that the reason he wasn't worried about political correctness was that he's probably a colossal racist. Unfortunately, the TSA agent seemed to agree with him and the security line was probably a bad place to tell him to fuck off...

“everything you say is going to offend somebody, right?” - it’s actually kind of mind boggling to imagine how consistently racist and clueless you have to be to not notice that, no, that only pertains to racists, you dumb motherfucker.

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I think you're right, I mean I can imagine how weird it must feel reading porn about you and one of your friends (or even your boyfriend for that matter) written by a bunch of strangers that actually don't know you- but I think the thing that upsets chris the most is the fact that some of those people seem to think that all of that is real..if it wasn't for all of that shit he probably would have laughed about it more! (imho)

My official moral stance on RPF (and actually on pretty much everything) is that it is okay if it puts more good into the world than bad. If the RPF stayed online and people read it and enjoyed it and Chris didn’t know it was there, or just had an inkling but never had it shoved in his face and didn’t go looking. Then I am a-ok with it and that’s how it has been in some fandoms and how it was here for a small amount of time. 

Even the true-believers… I would be okay with their delusional, hateful ranting if it wasn’t so upsetting and damaging to Chris, his friends, family, boyfriend, as well as upsetting a lot of people in fandom by extension. But it is part of their ethos to scream it at Chris, to force it on everyone else, to be hateful and abusive as loudly as they can be. I don’t think true believers can shut up and keep their shit to themselves. Chris has expressed his dislike and fear of them and both him and Darren have clearly told people to stop. But they don’t. 

I would be much, much more comfortable if talk with Chris about fanfiction was  about some of the fantastic AU klaine fics that have happened. I think he’d be into that if no one tried to actually make him read it, or talk about sex, or his relationship with Darren. But I do think kind of going: Hey there was this 150k word story where Kurt was a UN translator and Blaine was an international spy and they end up locked in a plane over the Atlantic with a bunch of diplomats and a bad guy and need to defuse a bomb… I think he’d be into that. I mean, tlos is clear fanfiction and he knows it. So I’d love to actually pick his brain about transformative works without making him uncomfortable. 

As it stands now, though, he links fanfiction to hardcore sex between him and Darren written by people who really believe it. And that’s bullshit and none of the perpetrators have the mentally capacity or state of mind to actually recognise how fucked up their behavior is.