it pretty much destroys me

You mentioned you couldn’t remember it it in another post so here’s the moment in Case 3 where Momo calls Ouma “pure”! 

Thank you so much for providing the caps! I definitely don’t remember every single word or line in the school trials (I’ve watched many of them for hours straight until about 4 in the morning and my sleeping habits haven’t been the best lately), so having screencaps and/or transcriptions always helps a lot!

Now that you’ve provided the caps, I do remember this scene again! Even this early into the game, Ouma loves dropping plenty of hints that he’s not nearly as bad as he’d like people to think.

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Saturday Night Live pretty much destroyed me, and I couldn’t help but writing this after that night. I wrote this in like zero time so I am sorry if it kinda sucks but I had to write down my thoughts immediately lol enjoy pals - M xx.

You could tell that he was upset just by the way he entered the dressing room.

It was easy for you to decide why Harry was so upset, just by the way you were watching him so carefully on the live stage. Your mind filled with worry just how his hands ran through his hair so aggressively and how his eyebrows crinkled, creating creases on his forehead. You could tell by the way he walked away from the microphone that the notes he hit weren’t the ones he had in mind, and the thought of him being so disappointed in himself hurt your heart.

Of course, Harry tried shrugging it off, he didn’t want you to worry. The assured smile he flashed to you as you waited for him didn’t fool you; even when he reached to give you a kiss on the lips you knew that these were just attempts to avoid talking about his first solo performance.

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Thanks to @artistefish I am LIVING for InuKag once more. Like, I always am, but it’s a burning fire right now. I’m really grateful, since I’ve been lacking the passion (but never the love!) lately. I am enthralled with her 90s High school AU SO MUCH I can’t even… ahhhhh! I’m getting nostalgic for all things pre-teen me used to love, and even made a playlist of old songs I used to listen to when I was younger and there was nothing but love for Inuyasha in my heart. I didn’t have a lot of time to work on this, but I had to throw something together to express my adoration for this AU and this artist/writer that I’ve admired for so long now. 

Headcanon that they manage to find a way to pirate their favourite Earth music in space. And then they blast music from their Lions even though no sound can be heard in space. They like battling on planets because then the Galra hear their music and they feel extra pumped.

When they form Voltron, they have to take turns picking the music, but they mostly agree that when it’s Shiro’s turn, and he breaks out the AC/DC, they always kick twice as much ass as before.

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Supercorp & Short

Thanks for the prompt!

Kara munched on her fourth bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch as she waited. Lena was taking more time to get ready than she did; she was limited by human speeds and Kara was not. Frequently, Kara would speed through her morning routine, then find herself with plenty of time to eat. Eating was one thing she never sped through, she liked to revel in every last moment of enjoying her food. And this morning was no different in that respect. However, this was the first morning in a long time that Kara had company in the morning. Lena had stayed the night last night.

Kara put her rinsed out bowl in the dishwasher as she decided a muffin would hit the spot and round out her breakfast. She turned around to grab one when she saw Lena walking out of her bedroom. She was fresh out of the shower, with damp hair and face scrubbed clean of makeup. She was also wearing Kara’s clothes; black yoga pants with a pair of striped socks and a relaxed fit, navy blue tee shirt. The sleeves were a bit long, and they came down to Lena’s knuckles.

Kara was just a little bit awed by the sight of Lena in her clothes, in her apartment, and more than anything by how little she seemed without her four inch stilettos. Lena noticed Kara’s stare immediately, and became uneasy. She tucked some of her wet hair behind her ears and said, “I’m sorry, um, my clothes from last night, well you were a little enthusiastic in getting them off of me, and they’re pretty much destroyed. I should have asked before I borrowed yours though.” She then looked to her feet and added, “I guess I should have asked before staying the whole night too. I should just go.”

“Wait, no, please don’t go.” Kara said as she stepped closer to Lena, who looked up at her words with a hopeful smile. “I like that you’re wearing my clothes, that you’re here. And I definitely like that you stayed. I was looking at you like that because I like those things so much.” She placed a chaste kiss to Lena’s lips, whose smile grew even brighter as she wrapped her arms around Kara’s neck. Kara’s own smile was dopey when she said, “Also because I never realized how short you are.”

“What?” Lena said, bemused and slightly offended. “I’m 5’6”, I’m not short.”

“Well I’m 5’8”, so you’re shorter.” Kara said, and Lena rolled her eyes.

“Are you going to tease me all morning?” Lena said with a slight pout.

“No.” Kara said simply, and placed another kiss on Lena’s lips. “I think it’s cute. Besides, trust me, you’re not as short as my sister’s girlfriend.”

Is it just me, or is Russell T. Davies slowly turning into George Lucas?


Hey, guys remember how some time ago I said I became Invader Zim trash? Well to put it simple, the situation became progressively worse to a point that now, I’m pretty much Invader Zim fucking nuclear wasteland.

Also ZaDr has offically destroyed me, I never
thought I could ship something so fucking much.

kill me pls


This song pretty much destroyed me??

i couldn’t decide which version of the character i wanted here, so i ended up drawing both versions, one with Glanni and one with Robbie! On one hand, it makes much more sense for the kids to be nice to Robbie, but otoh there is absolutely no way the kids from the show would let Sportacus be alone on Christmas. Poor Sporto.

In the play i couldn’t shake the feeling that the Robbie/Glanni character was in some sort of in-between stage. Maybe it’s Stefàn’s voice acting; i felt like his voice sounded much more gruff here than it usually did in the TV show.

Personally, Glanni is the one i imagined when i listened to the play for the first time. And considering how cold he seemed to be, it seemed fitting to leave him his burglar outfit without even giving him a scarf. :P

  • a character: [just wants to be Loved and repeatedly makes awful decisions while desperately trying to find people that will at least throw even the tiniest scraps of genuine caring and concern their way and ultimately pretty much destroys themselves because of this]
  • me: yikes! but same
  • [me during 3rd Grade level]
  • classmate: you seemed pretty close with that boy... do you have a crush on him?
  • me: *looks up in the dictionary which says that crush is a synonym to destroy*
  • me: yeah, pretty much

“Maybe one day it will be just you and me, my little blueberry. But not for a long, long time. We’ll take care of him, you and I. Won’t we?”

born to endless night destroyed me, pretty much, so bye.

this also goes as a birthday present to Kelly ( @impalas-companion ) . meet your soon-to-be fave family. sorry not sorry for spoiling you the other day woops.

commission info just in case :D?

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SUPPP I'm back and school pretty much destroyed me this last week yay! I just read some of the hcs on your new gorillaz blog and they're all so cute aaa! Just wanted to drop by and I hope you're doing great ✨

hey welcome back!!! school has been wild here too!!! and thank you omg!!! thanks for dropping by, and thank you so much!! ily!


Merry Holly Jolly Christmas, senni-bea!!

I felt really sentimental while drawing this because I remembered how much I shipped Korra and Mako in season 1. Season 2 pretty much destroyed this ship for me but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed coming up with scenarios for these “photos”. 

I hope you like your little gift! 

(Tumblr makes the pictures look horribly fuzzy so I recommend opening them in a new tab)

Things The Signs Are Sick Of Hearing
  • Taurus: "wow, u r kinda competitive, aren't u?" oh yeah believe me, they will beat u at anything
  • Gemini: "don't be so two faced" srsly tho, they are not two faced, it's just that their opinion about everything changes all the time
  • Cancer: "stop lying, I know u care" well, yeah, I do care, but uhm excuse me, who exactly were u?
  • Leo: "u r so self centered" AHAHAHAHHA if u looked like them u would be too, like they're gorgeous
  • Virgo: "god, such a drama queen" pretty much true, but actually they're just really emotional
  • Libra: "u don't have to be so brutally honest" 100% true, but it's also 100% true that they don't give a fuck
  • Scorpio: "why are u so secretive all the time?" probably because of people like u :/
  • Sagittarius: "u look so happy all the time" no, bitch, they aren't
  • Capricorn: "can't u just chill for a moment?" they actually can't, u know, that's how they work
  • Aquarius: "i REALLY do not understand u" well, they REALLY do not want u to (:
  • Pisces: "oh my god u r the cutest" believe me, they can pretty much destroy u if they want to

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What's up? What are you up to?

june: stressing about the exams

july: stressing about the results

august: stressing about uni 

fun fun fun 👍

the other day i got accepted to uni and i’m having a crisis based on how little energy i have left for studying, school pretty much destroyed me. looking forward to moving out tho. 


that scene in the abandoned where Sisko coos at the baby pretty much destroyed me. I want a spinoff show where Ben Sisko just adopts a series of increasingly horrifying alien babies for ten minutes and ends up foisting them on Odo


oh my god I have so many feelings about parents in star trek. this is a nightmare.