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I knew you would come… Dread Wolf.

So, fun fact, this is the only cutscene that I have tried to record that does not pause the scene when I pause the flycam. So my first attempt at recording this scene ended up with a pause for around 20 seconds, then when I unpaused the flycam, all audio clips that were supposed to play for that period of time all played at once, and Flemeth was already turning to stone. It was an amazing experience.

So, that third gif with actual camera movement was me moving the flycam to keep up with the movement. I’m stupidly proud of it, if I’m going to be honest.

Solas Gifset Masterpost

morganowebb  asked:

HC that the pretty setter club™ has the LITTEST group chat omgg and they roast and ship their teammates...!

Totally! Can I be part of that group chat? I can roast/meme for days…!

1.        And everyone has these ‘secret’ codenames that they use, even when in the presence of others. They aren’t supposed to use them, but they’ll slip up if they’re telling their friends about their weekend.

2.       “So, Pretty Boy Owl was telling me-“ “Who, Suga, are you even talking about?” “Oh! No one!”

3.       Kageyama almost wasn’t invited into the group chat, due to Suga and Kenma’s worry on whether or not he’d fight with Oikawa once he got there.

4.      But Oikawa was too busy throwing shade towards his teammates to even think about harassing his kouhai.

5.       You know all those ship names fans uses? IwaOi, DaiSuga, AsaNoya? The PSC came up with them all! They also like to tag images of their ships on various social media sites with the ship name, which is how the name became popular.

6.      The group chat’s name is meant to not raise suspicion, so Akaashi isn’t sure why exactly they let Oikawa name it “Welcome to the Pretty Setter Roast/Host Club”

7.       Everyone has their favorite ship, and some of them basically spam the others with messages when they see their ship interact.

8.      The group also is amazing at roasting their teammates, as given example whenever Suga’s code-naming Tsukki ‘asshole French fry’ and everyone immediately knows who he is talking about.

9.      Sometimes, they use this group chat for shenanigans, like singing songs together, or posting memes and puns until Kenma completely gives up and attempts to leave the chat. (They bring him back 3 seconds later, though)

10.    “God-fucking-dammit, let me leave!” “boi, not as long as you’re a setter!” “oh shit, waddup.” “Not now, Kageyama!”


Here we go again! I’m attempting to post this for the second time. But HOLY SHIT YALL, HOLY SHIT. THIS TOWN. THIS TOWN IS SO AMAZING. I CANT PUT TO WORDS JUST HOW BEAUTIFUL AND JUDT HOW HAPPY THIS TOWN MADE ME. The whole time I was walking through Usotsuki, I was in absolute awe. Usotsuki was created by @kotatsukka. This truly is my favorite town so far.
DA: 7E00-0066-64B8

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🌧 🌚 🔥 🍂 🌊⭐️🌠☂🙂💔🎉🚶👯💪🏽🏋☄ 🌲💤✌🏼️🌪🎤✈️⚓️🌇⏰ here's a cursed ask remember to keep saving to ensure you don't lose it all in another cursed attempt to post

v e r y  g o o d
brace yourself for musicals

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This is it. The 2,000th SDM post.

We’ve come so far over 2 years, all thanks to your incredible support. 

Purely through reblogging and sharing the blog with friends, you’ve grown SDM from “a silly project I started to entertain my family” all the way into this amazing, crazy little community.

This 2,000th post ought to be special. Something deserving of memorializing the tremendous occasion… but what?

I looked far and wide, attempting to find something worthy. 

Possibly a continuity error that rivals any others? 

Maybe a mistake so egregious, it can’t be ignored?

Then, finally… I found it.

It’s nothing special – just the simplest of frames from a dancing animation. I checked that particular half-second of movie on a whim, just in case it had something good.

And, in that moment, I knew it was right.

Because whenever I look at Scooby’s proportions and posture, I can’t stop laughing.

I’m laughing as I type this, even now. 

And, really, isn’t that what ScoobyDooMistakes is all about? Finding unintentionally-hilarious things, and shedding new light on them?

I’d write more, but my smiling muscles hurt. See y’all next time.


Amnesia Stills Master Post

Ok so this is my first ever master post and my first attempt at taking stills of a music video. But I really enjoyed it and I think I’m going to do this with other videos. So if you have any videos you want me to do let me know! :D

Oh and let me tell you these make amazing computer backgrounds! 

Please don’t repost these anywhere without permission or without giving me credit! Thank you!

Your Gemsona Doesn’t Suck

Y’know, there’s some sad people in the world who think so much of themselves and their enjoyment that they can’t stop themselves for bringing other people down for a cheap thrill. Art, writing, cosplay, music, it doesn’t matter. There’s always somebody out there who’s going to ruin your day for a cheap thrill, and they’re loud and obnoxious and they make the world a worse place.

But for every one of them, there’s half a dozen, or more, people who want to see what you can bring to the table. It doesn’t matter if it’s amazing or not, your first attempt won’t be. Ever. Everybody starts somewhere, and creative exercises are no easier than technical ones.

Thinking of your first or second OC is going to be just as hard, and maybe as initially fruitless, as your first drawing or fic or composition. But that doesn’t make it worthless, or a failure. Every time you try and you’re brave enough to put something out there it’s worth the effort. You take another step towards your goal, to flexing your creative muscles and stepping up your game.

So keep posting gemsonas, and keep making Sonic OC’s, and keep posting your pony-maker characters and your first fanfiction with your self-inserts and your superheroes and your mary-sues. Do it, keep working towards it, and seek out people who believe in you and want you to grow. And when people like ‘gemsonasuckass’ try to tell you that your work is meaningless, and a waste of effort, and that you don’t deserve respect for putting yourself out there, remember that it’s probably because somebody told them the same thing they’re telling you.

Keep making art, and writing stories, and composing music, and don’t let anyone tell you that you should stop just because you’re not good yet. Keep trying, keep working, and don’t be afraid to suck. Remember,

Y’all have a good night.

Project s2s

Alright, lets get right down to business. There have been rumours going around that I, Blaise SweetPrince, am creating a modeling page. And, dear followers, these rumours are absolutely true. I have been slowly creating what I consider to be one of my greatest feats. I have sat down every night up until now chipping away at plans and details, so that I could finalize what yall have been asking for: Sunrise To Sunset Modeling. I know what you’re probably thinking, and it probably looks something similiar to “:0“  or  “:^0.” And to avoid the snazzy anons, I will attempt to, in this post, list off everything you currently need to know.

First off, no, I have not used the power of google forms to create my applications yet. But I HAVE finished making the pages and putting all the cute lil links and amazing pictures in. Too bad for you though, because I am not releasing the URL until a later date, specifically, when I actually put in the effort to slam out the forms.

Second, some actual info as to what this is gonna be. We all see those professional pictures of professional models doing the professional thing. I have always wanted to have the opportunity to become one of them, and with my cosmetology on the rise I hope to infiltrate the professional community and do some awesome stuff there. BUT WAIT. What about everyone who wants to see their face plastered around tumblr, who does not want to be stuck doing the professional thing? Thats where S2S modeling comes in. Its basically a project I have started, where I will do my best to choose some awesome and rad people to become models (Specifications below.)

Third, heres some little facts about this ordeal:

  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE TALL/SHORT/SKINNY/ANYTHING there are no “rules” to what yall gotta look like. Theres beauty in everyone. let it shine.
  • dont have a canon/nikon 420 amazing special perfect quality camera? me neither. that shit is a lot of money. use your iphone lmao
  • i am not just choosing mutuals. I am gonna start out by accepting like 5 people and once we have our shit together move up from there.
  • yes, i will be choosing the models.
  • yall better be active if you get in because i put my soul into this
  • cosplayers, makeup artists, people that just kinda want to do smthn in their spare time, any of you can join

The last thing I have to say for now is that I would really appreciate you guys signal boosting this. Im tired of people photoshopping models. Im tired of people needing to fit into a certain “image.” I want all of you to be stars. Alright, peace for now!

Downton Sweepstake mark 2

Ok, now we’ve all recovered we’ve witnessed the most lovely moment and are permanently shellshocked, I thought I’d raise the sweepstake idea again.

I’m not reblogging my original post because I realise I went about it in the wrong way, and made people think I was leaving them out, when nothing could be further from the truth, so I thought, in the spirit of bridge building and inclusivitity (which I’m not sure is even a word) I’d make another post.

So *calling ALL downton fans* Here is the chance to bet on what you think is going to happen. How many weddings, babies, engagements, houses sold, jobs lost, deaths, blackmail attempts etc etc etc do YOU think there will be? Answers through reblogging this! Do this before the second episode airs, otherwise we’ll be too far into the series, ha ha!

I’ll collate all the responses, and post them after the second episode, and THEN once the Christmas episode airs, we can all get together and congratulate the winners ….. I did think a fic or gif set could be the prize, but we can talk about that later! For now, let’s just indulge in a little silliness.

Reblog this far and wide and let’s see what this amazing fandom comes up with!!!

For the record, my bet was the following: 5 weddings, 2 engagements, 2 babies, and one house being sold (but it’ll be the London house, and not Downton itself)