it portrays their relationship to a t

So, in SKAM we have:

Chris Berg- a beautiful, charming girl and a best friend anyone could ask for who is labeled as the funny fat friend for 4 seasons and always kept in the background plus we never get to learn very much about her. Basically only around to make others feel good about themselves.

Vilde Lien- a girl who is quite obviously painted as a lesbian for seasons but later forced into a relationship with her LGBT arc seemingly still continuing but never followed through. Instead, she is portrayed as a foolish air-head who only cares about being popular although we know for a fact that simply isn’t true.

Sana Bakkoush- a Muslim girl in a faithless country who is mistreated and misrepresented throughout pretty much her whole season, is constantly used as a plot device and doesn’t even get a truly happy ending with her love interest. (Doesn’t even get her 10 episodes)

Noora Saetre- a strong, opinionated girl who is forced into a toxic relationship and made to look needy, sad and pathetic when she isn’t with her love interest, momentarily overcomes her sad relationship only to be forced back into it as the opportunity arises.

Eva Kviig Mohn- a brave, kind girl who leaves her toxic boyfriend and finds herself and new friends only for her AMAZING character and character development to be completely discarded in later seasons and then randomly shoved back into the same relationship she left behind seasons ago in the last minute with almost no explanation whatsoever.

In conclusion, SKAM really loves its strong female characters.

PS: (edit) SKAM also did many things right and please don’t think for a second that I don’t love these characters. But sometimes I just see these ugly stereotypes peeking through to the facade and I felt I needed to say this because the trainwreck of Season 4 is over and from now on I’ll be focusing on the positive. 

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Who gave you the right- okay honestly I love you so much Hamliza isn't represented as much as I wish it was, and I love how beautiful you portray their relationship! Love youuuu >:000

thanks dude!! i rly like playing around w their dynamic!

you know who strikes a good balance between okay well these are two damaged ppl who are feeling their way around each other and learning how to be good to each other and themselves and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HOW COULD TWO ADULTS HAVE SUCH ABYSMAL EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS is ashleigh @kinklock in her Mary fic. which i loooooove with all my little green heart. 

because like. well there are a lot a lot a lot of reasons why this is a Large Fave but wrt the topic at hand, john and sherlock still misunderstand each other all the time and are holding back and repressed and kind of a mess, trying to understand each other and what each means to the other but like. they’re married? they’re together for almost the whole fic. it feels like a real relationship, yknow? oftentimes in fic The Kiss is portrayed as some kind of finish line, but the most interesting parts of a relationship usually uh. come after the beginning of it. and you don’t usually totally work out how to be with someone until you’re like. actually with them. 

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You hate yoi because the fetishization and love killing stalking even though it's has more????

When have I ever said killing stalking was the paragon of gay representation?

Sangwoo isn’t even gay, he’s bisexual at most.

They’re not even in a relationship.

Sangwoo kidnapped him and fucked him up even worse than he already was.

It’s fetishistic and gross yes oh my god, that’s a given.

It’s totally unnecessary at some points too, it’s not just portraying creepy sexual elements as a part of the story. Parts of it are clearly offsets of yaoi bait.

But it’s also well written.

So yes I do like killing stalking.

Not as much as I used to cuz it’s gotten a little old.

But yes I like killing stalking because it has a really interesting story that’s going all alleys of fucked up.

Do I like it because it’s “sexy” and consider it the epitome of perfect “gay” representation?

Bitch no.

Where did you even read that, you’re some basketball star, reaching like that, smh

Just cuz you read killing stalking for its “sexy” rape/serial killer fantasy doesn’t mean everyone does.

And just cuz someone on the internet told you that everyone thinks KS is perfect gay representation doesn’t mean everyone actually thinks that.

Stop believing everything you read on the internet unless it’s written by me in which case you’re probably ok.

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do you think there's a chance that touken will break up?

Hi there, nonnie.

Personally, I can’t see them breaking up. Mostly its me knowing that their relationship is crucial to the manga and that they’ve always been a set in Ishida’s mind. I definitely think their relationship will be put through a rough patch, but it’ll be more situational. They’ve got issues and their communication skills are lacking, and that’s Ishida portraying a realistic relationships in which there is space for development.

There’s a lot going on in the manga right now, so I honestly think breaking up should be the least of our worries.

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Hi ! Okay, it's a little random but I've just re-read a fanfiction that had some interesting tidbit about L's relationship with international institutions and stuff. In this fanfic, L claimed that world's leaders wanted to quietly make disappear all the suspects in the first list L had ( with everyone having access to classified documents ) but L managed to convince them otherwise because he was curious and didn't want the mystery to die without solving it before. Now, I know (1/2)

that the international community isn’t accurately portrayed in DN, but it made me wonder about L completely cutting links with it very early. If L had kept some secret service in the UN informed, it’s not impossible to think that Misa and Light would have been taken care of by secret services without making waves. I don’t know, I’m just thinking stuff, but without L being here, the police would have probably figured it out the first list of suspects as well, and would have just been focused on destroying the menace (especially after the FBI agents murders ) without caring that much about the who, how and what if they couldn’t find it soon enough. In a way, L’s behaviour allowed Light to play a ‘one-vs-one’ game, a personnal challenge more than a global one which wouldn’t have let any chance… I’m probably overthinking it and the reason of everything must be ‘the plot asked for it’, right ? ^^ I don’t know, I’m a little curious about the global picture in DN. 

From a more out of universe perspective,I think it has less to do with the “plot asking for it” and more to do with the fact that making Death Note revolve around Light vs Global Police Force rather than Light vs L makes the story far more complicated and writing that story would have been incredibly challenging for Ohba. Let’s face it, Ohba could barely keep the story engaging on all fronts when it was Light vs Melo vs Near. Imagine the trainwreck it would’ve been if DN involved even more key players than that. 

From a more in universe perspective, I don’t think I agree that L was hired by the ICPO to take on the Kira case. In other words, I don’t think L has to answer to the international community’s demands (by providing lists of suspects etc) nor can they really apply any kind of pressure on him to do so except by threatening to withdraw access to resources.

I think the implication in Death Note is that L was self funding the Kira investigation and ran it independently save for some borrowed (so to speak) resources. I think the issue here is mostly one of L’s own hubris. I’m pretty sure he didn’t keep the international community informed because he was sure he was going to catch Kira (after all, he’s never failed to solve a case before, so why should this one be any different?) and hates having to report to any “superior” and have their decisions meddle in the way he has chosen to conduct his investigation. Pretty much the TL;DR of L’s leadership style is “my way or get out.”

You’re right that L’s behavior definitely puts him at a disadvantage, though I don’t personally see it as being ~so convenient~ that it makes L’s actions unrealistic? If anything his choice not to involve the international community seems perfectly aligned with how he acts in the series overall.

Here’s to the bisexuals who never “experimented” in school
Here’s to the bisexuals who always knew they were bi
Here’s to the bisexuals who have to deal with biphobia from the LGT+ Community
Here’s to the bisexuals who have only been with one gender of their sexual attraction
Here’s to the bisexuals who are still in the closest
Here’s to the bisexuals who still hear “you’re either gay or straight”
Here’s to the bisexuals who have never had sex, don’t have a high sex drive or don’t have sex often despite media that normally portrays us as having orgies and threesomes day and night
Here’s to the bisexuals that are men and women who get told “so you’re straight/gay now?” When they’re in a f/m or m/m or f/f relationship
Here’s to the bisexuals who are still being denied their existence
Here’s to the bisexuals who are terrified about coming out due to abuse, rejection and/or abandonment

(Please add if you can!)

i cant believe the most peaceful, healthy, loving relationship in American Gods so far has been between two blatantly Muslim men, who spoke in Arabic to each other, and not one minute of it was portrayed as threatening, suspicious, or uncertain.
i cant believe i got to watch a long, graphic gay sex scene between two Muslim men of colour, and it wasn’t treated as perverse, dirty, or shameful.
i cant believe both actors have been blatantly supportive of their roles on twitter, feeding into fan hype for an Actual Canonical Gay Couple and not just baiting for views

i can’t believe we got so fucking lucky with this show.
this shit is so important to me.

The Get Down was such an important show to me because it portrayed that even if you are brown and come up from nothing​ you an still be something. Dizzee’s bi rep was important to me as a fellow bisexual because it just shows that, yes we do exist. The relationship between Mylene, Regina, and Yolanda showed that women build women. Strong female relationships are so scarce in this age of t.v and film. The Get Down also had the most fire soundtracks I’ve ever heard. I love TGD with all my heart and even though it’s not likely it will come back I really love the community it has built and what it has taught me.

I can’t believe Black Sails has literally ruined all gay rep for me..? I’ll never again be satisfied with side-character 6 who appears every 4 episodes for a minute & isn’t allowed to say the word ‘gay’ on screen. like oh, are they a political mastermind who’s 100% confident in their sexuality who ends up running an entire town from the shadows? are they a notorious pirate who gets a beautifully done on-screen arc of realising they’re gay & then gets time dedicated to them tastefully & realistically dealing with personal relationships in light of this discovery, who also ends up happy and successful? are they the leader of a pirate network whose sexuality is accepted by them & is portrayed as important & impactful without being their only characteristic? are they Literally the most feared pirate in the world whose pirating & bloodthirst is revealed to explicitly be the fallout of their homophobic society’s punishments towards them for being gay, who wages a war on an empire in the name of their lover & who’s story ends with them gently giving up piracy to live together forever in peace with their newly discovered lover….?? honestly move over token gay character #3 you’ll never be enough again 

I wanted to talk to someone but I couldn't think of anyone but you.

How I love this relationship that is purely platonic but still perfectly portrays a friend who understands, a friend who shares your pain, a friend who is always ready to listen, a friend who cheers you upa friend who supportsa friend who gets you without even talking.

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When do you think nalu fell into a deeper relationship?

I hope that I am answering your question properly, but if I am reading this correctly, I think that nalu was the most solidified in the Tenrou arc- and here’s why.

Coincidentally, the Tenrou arc holds one of my favorite nalu scenes/fights.  I think that Natsu and Lucy’s fight with Kain was the moment that nalu took on a deeper and closer relationship.  More specifically, and I think other nalu shippers will agree with me, it is when Lucy essentially decides she’d rather DIE than leave Natsu trapped under rocks.

It’s this page- this right HERE.  We have Lucy, who up until then has been kind of portrayed as not wanting to be put through a lot of trouble (we hadn’t seen her full potential before), but now, we have her putting her life on the line for Natsu.  She’s come so far, little by little she’s grown as a mage and is so so strong.  Look at Natsu’s FACE dude.  This is when I believe he’s TRULY seeing her for what she is.  She’s AMAZING and she would die for him in a heartbeat.  I think this is when they took on a deeper relationship be it romantic or otherwise, their relationship went to a whole other level.

ALSO, Natsu wants nothing more than for Lucy to get out of there.  He’d rather have himself in danger than have her get hurt as well.


But seriously, do you see what I mean?  I feel like, before that moment, Natsu didn’t realize how much she means to him and how easily that can be ripped away from him.  I think they both show each other, in this fight, how much they truly mean to one another.

I hope this answers your question!

My whole dashboard is alight with joy over the Wayward Sisters announcement. When I saw this I actually screamed. I’m so happy. 

Look what our amazing little fandom can do! We are a fandom full of women with a passion and hunger for entertainment that portrays women. Women who are complex, smart, interesting, and who feel real. Women who are mothers, sisters, and daughters having relationships with other women. Women who are young and old and who don’t have to be a size zero perfect ten. And of course women who fight all sorts of demons.

Thanks to @waywarddaughtersofficial and @kimrhodes4 and @officialbrianab and everyone who didn’t give up on this project. 

  • You: silverflint isnt real because their relationship didnt follow the romantic stereotype shown on every other tv show, flint and silver aren’t portrayed as stereotypically gay/bi therefore they cant be in love, we havent seen silver kiss a man so hes definitely straight, baddass main characters cant be gay, stop making black sails gay, pirates arent gay
  • History: pirates were, in fact, gay
  • jonathan steinberg: flint and silver were, in fact, in love

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Ngl if authors write shitty things with shitty hurtful things in it (like hrmful stereotypes or badly portrayed relationships) then calling them out is not 'hurtful' or 'unnecessary' nor is helping other people stay away from that stuff

As far as I’m concerned, the “shit list” wasn’t purely about bad representation or harmful stereotypes. This “list” was targeting people who write fics for/with a certain ship. Calling people “shit” for writing something you don’t like doesn’t make you a good person for “helping other people stay away from that stuff”, it makes you a bully. And who are you to say that it isn’t hurtful? I have gotten MANY asks from people who were on that list saying that they have anxiety, are discouraged, and are HURT by this list. You don’t get to determine how other people should feel.

This list isn’t “helping other people stay away from that stuff”, it’s a direct pathway for people to send hate to those particular authors. This list isn’t helpful, it’s bullying, and it makes me sick. Don’t try to defend bullying, there is no justifiable reason.

If you don’t like an author’s content a great way to avoid reading their works is to, you know, NOT READ IT. It’s really easy! If you don’t like a certain ship, there’s a thing called tags and they’re really helpful to read! They’re in the summary of the fic, you should check them out! If you want to send hate, don’t! If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. You can grumble to yourself if you’re really that upset.

I’m tired of bullying within fandoms, just stop sending hate. If you’re really that angry about something I suggest you have a hot bath, eat a cookie, and read something you DO like! All the anger will disappear, guaranteed!

Why is Otayuri getting so much hate: a possible explanation

Don’t get fooled by my title, also reminder that explanation =/= justification.

I always try to analyze phenomena and their possible causes, that’s the scientist in me I guess. So I started thinking about ant///is and I was like: but why. I just said in a recent post that Otayuri is obviously not the first relationship portrayed in the history of anime with such a (small) age gap, and I found some posts that talk about how some age gaps in older (and even recent) anime are just outrageous (even when one of the parts is a minor), and yet those don’t seem to be getting any hate or discourse.

But why?

• The sheer number of fans.

The first probably obvious reason is that Yuri on Ice has a lot more fans than other similar fandoms, and it gained them within a very short time span. It’s getting more and more fans every day, so it’s a mathematical rule that in a huge fandom there will be all sorts of people (it’s like a huge sample group), and some of these are an///is. The bigger the fandom, the more the a///is. 

• The particular moment in history in which YOI came out.

It’s no secret that there’s discourse everywhere now, especially on certain types of social media. A lot of discourse is good discourse, but we also need to realize that not all discourse is good discourse. I think this discourse wave has played a huge role in the way an///is have suddenly decided to become active in hating on people over idiotic reasons. It’s like a marketing thing: they saw a discourse niche that was unoccupied and decided to take it over. Regardless of whether your discourse is right or wrong, writing about it is one easy way to increase your follower count, and who ain’t a slut for that

• The fact that many YOI fans aren’t used to anime and manga content.

This goes together with my next point, but I thought I’d still make it two separate ones. A lot of people who became hardcore YOI fans don’t usually watch anime or read manga (myself included). This without my next point wouldn’t give much info on its own, but keep this in mind because I really think that the majority of an///is fall under this (and the next) category of people.

• The fact that many YOI fans are from the US and aren’t used to content not made in the US.

Listen, I know I’m making a huge assumption here, but I think it’s one that is generally accepted within the fandom: most (if not all) an///is are from the US. It seems obvious to me because the US is one of the few places where (though not even in every state, I think) the age of consent is 18, and all their interactions with us non-an///is seem very US-centric, especially in the way they generally aren’t willing to acknowledge the fact that different countries have different laws and/or traditions and generally a different mindset. 

My goal is not to attack the US mentality here, but, again, I feel like what I’m saying is pretty much accepted even by many of my US friends. And what I’m describing is certainly what an///is act like, so I’m just going to keep explaining why I think this is the main issue (and why I think my assumption is generally right).

We’ve seen before how the US (generally speaking) are scared of importing recreational content from other countries and they’d much rather buy the rights to said foreign content and remake it with their own rules to make it more appealing to a US audience (sometimes even inexplicably and with ridiculous and disastrous results). Recent cases of this have been the US buying the rights to the Norwegian teen TV-show Skam and the popular anime Death Note getting remade into a Netflix movie. The US are screaming at the rest of the world: we only want the idea of your content, but we’d rather make it our own than show yours for what it is, never mind that your show reflects what your country is about and how your the customs of your country reflect on your personal (pop) culture. We don’t want your content EXACTLY because it reflects something that might differ from our views, and our viewers won’t like it. 

And I guess they never will if you actually don’t show them what the rest of the world looks like.

I went a little bit on a tangent there, but my point is: US audience isn’t used to consuming content that isn’t made in the US. I’m not even talking about language here: TV shows aren’t dubbed or subbed, the US literally remakes them and remakes the content to fit the US views and mentality.

That means that the average US citizen will very likely find anything that is untouched by americanization weird if not completely out of their moral values. Couple this fact with the previous one: many YOI fans aren’t used to any kind of content that isn’t perfected and polished specifically for their tastes. 

It’s amazing and it speaks for the quality of YOI that many of them could still get used to a different form of art (anime) and enjoy it and even become hardcore fans (and are now probably getting interested in other anime and manga etc), but out of these amazing people, a (thankfully smaller) group of them still couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that fans from all over the world, with their own set of morals, ship something that in their minds is controversial (just because of a man-made law that not even every US state follows). They don’t care about what the law in Japan, Russia or Kazakhstan is and they’ve made this loud and clear. 

Bottom line: 

The key to this (like for many other issues) is just one:


There’s little we as a fandom can do in this case, especially we people not living in the US since we always seem to be dismissed. They send us anon hate and if we reply saying that Otayuri is legal in our own country we never hear back from them. There’s not much we can do if they aren’t willing to listen to us. 

But all I tried to do here is offer possible reasons why this phenomenon even exists, and maybe by reading this someone will have a brilliant idea on how to fix this. I don’t offer solutions, but understanding why and how something happens is always the key for the next step, whatever the next step might be. 

Yousef’s line “I’ll meet you whenever you want” really portrays their relationship because he is one of the few persons in her life who truly meets her. Who sees her. Who doesn’t try to change her opinions and who doesn’t question her religion ( which her mother is afraid that he will). Instead, he encourages her. Counts down to when she can break the fast. Brings her food and water. Gives her advice about prejudice against Islam and when she tells him that she’s been a bad person during Ramadan.
He also meets her when he respects her during the date. He respects her boundaries and does not once intend to touch her if she doesn’t want to. Their love is beyond just being physical. Their conversations and body language shows a much stronger bond.

He meets her with open arms and sees Sana for herself.

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I don't want to sould offensive in any way, but I'm so fascinated by Evak nose nuzzles and how by this point Tarjei and Henrik just KNOW how much it means and do that on their own, without Julie needing to tell them.

You’re not being offensive in any way, don’t worry! And I actually get what you mean? Of course, we don’t know for sure but I do believe when it started:

it was of course because Julie envisioned Isak and Even being this soft and asked for this, and after that Tarjei and Henrik became more and more comfortable acting with e/o (look at Even’s movie for him, the guys just know how to act Isak and Even and portray the relationship realistically), and now it’s just so easy.

I’m really sure they don’t even have to be told at times. At this point, I think these two get the characters and their relationship so completely and perfectly and really go all the way to show it! So much respect for them ❤

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malec isnt getting the make out/bed scene is because matt and harry are both straight men who prob feel uncomfortable so stop pushing it

okay anon but harry and matt are both actors???? acting is their job, meaning that they play people who AREN’T themselves, and in this case they play magnus and alec, a bisexual and a gay man who are in a relationship. their job is to do what’s in the script and what the director tells them and it’s not because they are uncomfortable or anything. they don’t get a say on what goes into the script nor what stays out. that’s the writers that’s all on them. malec not having a bed/make out scene is not their faults because they have no control over that. also like have you seen those two talk about malec????? they love portraying this relationship????? and okay they may not be into men and are in relationships with women but let me just take dom for example: jace isn’t in any relationships (that we have seen) with men on the show but he has had countless make outs with women, sometimes groping them or while they are half naked. don’t you think that would make him “uncomfortable” since he has a gf???? no!!!! he’s an actor!!!! but because two MALE actors are portraying a relationship on tv then I guess they’re uncomfortable with portraying intimate scenes :/// so please don’t blame the lack of intimate scenes on matt and harry and stop assuming that they’re uncomfortable just because they’re men.

Shuu & Sayaka Livedoor Interview (important points)

- Sayaka believes that the basic thing is to match their clothes and the clothes are planned by Sayaka

- Shuu shared that if she didn’t trust and believe Sayaka, they wouldn’t be able to portray the deep relationship between Uranus and Neptune

- The interviewer asked about their similarity with their characters and Shuu feels that she has nothing in common with Haruka. Sayaka replied that both Shuu and Haruka are charismatic, and she said that Shuu is constantly doing something which makes her happy. As a woman herself, she feels that Shuu would do something to make her happy and it is similar to Haruka.

- Shuu said that the similarity between Sayaka and Michiru is that they will only do things that they deem as important, and they can forgo the non important stuff easily. Sayaka has a girlish side and that is she likes to see Tuxedo Kamen’s rose throws (and Sayaka started gushing about it)

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