it popped 7 times

dear myself, note this;
you shouldn’t feel sad on times when he doesn’t call
or times when the conversation runs out of topic and finally comes to an end,
you shouldn’t feel so miserable on times when his name doesn’t pop up in your phone anymore even though he himself still pops up in your head 24/7,
you shouldn’t feel sorrowful on times when you look at him
but he’s not looking at you first like he used to do,
are you happy when you see a rainbow?
do you feel sad when it is finally gone?
have you ever assumed it as yours?
—  f.f

i’ve been watching bloopers and all i can think now is ‘if mass effect was a movie, who would cause more: shepard or garrus?’

- i can just see them needing to do the “pop the heat sink” scene at least 7 times because one of them keeps cracking up either mid-line or during the awkward silence

- cracking up during garrus’ random one-liners while on a mission

- shepard goes to lean against the railing in the main battery and MISSES

- during the presidium bottle shooting scene, one of them slips or even FALLS OFF as they try to throw the bottle (but fortunately there’s a net to catch them)

- garrus swears a LOT when he stuffs up which makes shepard laugh

- during the headbump in the me2 love scene, one of them sneezes and *THUNKS* the other on the head