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Hannibal Playing Cards 2017

So last year I said I’d do another preorder of my hannibal themed playing cards in the summer of 2017. Summer has been and nearly gone and it has not happened. (whoops)

I was wondering if people were still interested? I would probably look at updating the art as the designs are several years old (though I love the old deck design and I will continue to get my personal old deck signed and stuff.)

Please register your interest in some manner, a like, a reblog, a reply, Twitter has given me a resounding yes!

Part of me feels like a kickstarter would be ideal however, there’s a lot going around and it was not a simple process last time. I would probably just run preorders through etsy as I have done previously, that works well, and of course I can add free bits and bobs if there are lots of pre orders.

Let me know! A redesign is a HUGE undertaking so, I won’t begin unless people are up for it.


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