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Be careful, Liam Jolley is scamming with his website

Again he doesn’t keep what he promises. Here the experience of one of his members (victims):

His private VIP membership contains the following, I will try to describe the page: 3 pics from a total of 20 pictures.

Under this is a 14 second push ups video - you only see the back of his head and it only lasts 14 seconds!

Then 3 video clips that only last a few seconds and they are linked to youtube, so you can watch them for free anyway 

(In this youtube video says it all… probably had his paypal shut down for scamming people? “What’s happened with the website is, were not with paypal anymore ummm were with a new company called CC Bill… paypal wont be taking your payment” and look at his face the way he squints his eyes when he says it -well dodgy- you can’t just tell he’s a con man)

Under this is 4 pics added on 4th February, he promoted these on twitter saying the love heart would be removed…

But on his website you will NOT see his cock, he censors it with a black dot, leaving the pubes showing , so he lied. 

And 3 pics added on 2nd of February

ALL of these pics are on his twitter and have been around for a while, (here we share it). So he’s just re-cycling old pics and saying they are ‘unseen’ and 'exclusive’ is blatant lying.

And finally the last 10 pictures are from his photoshoot with Simon Barnes last year

These 'exclusive unseen’ pics are on a few websites including his social media and hes clothed in most of them, these pics are NOT new at all and I know I’ve seen them before.

NO nudity and No cock to see.

And that’s All. You are paying to see 20 pictures, that’s all he has on his private VIP website, most have been on his Instagram & twitter and can be found on google image search, and a 14 second clip of him doing push ups, and the 3 youtube clips; that are basically Liam promoting his website and only last a few seconds ….and they are on YouTube - so NOT x-rated at all .

It’s a scam, Liam Jolley is a click-bait con man. He had his paypal account suspended for a that reason, in one of his youtube clips he says “were not using paypal anymore”

Another point is Paypal DON’T allow cam models to use their payment service, anyone reported doing cam shows will get their paypal shut down although some people get away with it, depends if they got reported . Websites like cam4 allow models to get money through tokens that can be exchanged for cash later, but paypal don’t allow cam models or escorts / rent boys, paypal DON’T allow their payment service for any type of sexual service including cam shows.

Re-cycle with Liam, and pay to see the pics you can get for free!

So just to be clear, you pay £19.99 for 20 photos ( that are already on his twitter) and you get a 14 second video clip of his back doing push ups.

Liam is lying to get the pink pound subscribers, don’t waste your money paying to see the SAME pictures .He’s a cockney con man, a right charmer, he will grin in your face and steal your wallet.

KissAnime now requires viewers to sit through ads and blocks adblockers, unless you have a paid premium account. So the popular “why I use pirate sites instead of Crunchyroll” excuses of “I don’t like ads” or “I don’t want to pay for it” don’t even work anymore. 

 Torrenting is probably morally cleaner tbh than using illegal streaming sites. At least you’re not giving them money? 

 Also I get that a lot of people are broke af but I regularly see “I don’t want to pay for it!” from people who clearly can afford all kinds of merch and shit that I can’t on my grad student budget. A grad student budget that is still able to pay for multiple monthly streaming services!

anonymous asked:

Do u think the way the AAA industry is currently doing things is sustainable? Though u have explained in other posts about why Day One DLC, microtransactions, and other frowned upon practices exist and how they help developers do u think it's good long term? Also what are your thoughts on how the indie scene is doing financially?

Do I think the AAA industry is sustainable?

At the moment, sure. We’ve seen costs go way up, but we’ve also seen some really large growth in terms of revenue as well. I think that the AAA industry is going to have to evolve and change as time goes on, and I think that there’s definitely going to be some limitations appearing on the big tentpole blockbuster type games, but I also think that publishers are generally savvy enough to change with the times. Those who don’t will die like THQ, Acclaim, and all the others.

Do I think Day 1 DLC, microtransactions, and other “frowned upon” practices are good long term?

Sure. Paid DLC has been a major and consistent source of revenue for as long as iPhones have existed. I view DLC and microtransactions as value proposals. Here is something you might want, and here is a cost to you associated with it. That cost might be “pay $5″, “subscribe to a monthly service”, “preorder and buy this product new from a specific retailer”, “post this to your social media account”, or any of a number of other things. You get to make the choice as to whether the value is worth the cost you pay. If there aren’t enough people willing to pay the costs, then the product fails. The only reason that Day 1 DLC, microtransactions, the season passes, preorder bonuses, etc. are still happening today is because they are still earning money. They exist because there are enough people out there who might not be you are willing to spend their money on these products. I’m cool with other people spending their own money how they see fit. When I work on that kind of stuff, I do my best to make sure that the content they’ll get is worth the money they put in. I recognize that not everybody is going to love it, but almost nothing is universally loved anyway. As long as enough people out there feel like there’s value in paid additional content, I’m cool with it.

What are my thoughts on how the indie scene is doing financially?

I think that the sudden and enormous growth of the indie development scene is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the fantastic availability of tools and technology is empowering people of all stripes to make games and that’s fantastic to me. The more people who try, the more that will succeed, and gamers everywhere will be better for it. We can get more new and fantastic experiences from fresh and innovative designers who aren’t necessarily bogged down by “conventional wisdom”, and I think that’s great for everybody.

Unfortunately, there’s some serious growing pains as well. The biggest issue with such explosive growth is that there really hasn’t been a way to curate and spread the word on most of these new offerings and experiences, which means that millions of players miss out on a hundreds or thousands of possibly great titles. For every Shovel Knight or Darkest Dungeon, there’s hundreds of good to great titles that languish in relative obscurity. I know that we developers would love to believe that our titles managed to succeed entirely (or even mostly) because of our hard work and skill, but the truth of the matter is that a lot of that success stems from being in the right place at the right time to get some lucky promotion somewhere. 

That said, these are good problems to have. It incentivizes the platforms out there to come up with better and more robust solutions for curation, and results in more people getting to find and play more great games. It means that there’s so many great games out there that people are having trouble finding them all. It’s certainly preferable to “indie devs can’t make a living and are dropping like flies.”

Got a burning question you want answered?

bc @tanoraqui asked me for my de Rolo family headcanons. Fair warning that the version of Frederick that primarily exists in my head was formulated based on random joking comments Taliesin has made, Grifting’s version of him from Stuck On You, and a fic or two from @infanttreenotebook. Though not an outright bad parent, he probably wouldn’t have deserved any #1 dad mugs.

Also this is stupid long. I blame Frederick and Johanna for having seven goddamn kids.

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Do you think Sonic is still relevant?

I feel like Sonic’s social media presence has made him more relevant now than he has been in a while. I mean, it’s a big enough deal that Sega is like… paying for advertising on Adult Swim, just… telling people to subscribe to the official Sonic social media accounts (specifically, the Youtube channel).

That’s weird, but it’s also kind of indicative of how that kind of stuff really grabbed people’s attention in an unexpected way over the last year and a half. Between throwing shade at other games, other marketing initiatives and openly making fun of itself, Sonic on social media is becoming the posterchild for how “brands” (ick) interact with their fans.

But that’s the funny thing. It’s really felt like certain contingents have tried to right this ship before. As I’ve said, it’s not like everything Sonic the Hedgehog has always been bad forever. The same guy behind Sonic on social media (Aaron Webber) is also the same guy who was so darn good at cranking up the anticipation in to a white hot frenzy for Sonic 4. Sonic has a very good hype team, and lots of very talented outside people do a very good job of supporting the franchise…

…that really, really struggles to deliver in the core element this franchise was founded on: the video games. You’d think, that instead of leaning on the same old names like Takashi Iizuka and Shun Nakamura, names that were involved in some of the most heinous 3D Sonic games and rightfully went in to (temporary) exile, that they’d really try to define and lock down a “new” Sonic Team. At this point, Sonic Team’s inability to be consistent is really looking like the weakest link in this entire venture.

Why is that? Obviously, games are not singular efforts. You can’t pin all the blame on Takashi Iizuka or Shun Nakamura (though Iizuka did serve as Director, Lead Game Designer, Level Designer, Scenario Writer, and Movie Supervisor for Shadow the Hedgehog, which means that yes, a lot was riding on him being good at his 5 different jobs)

But a few months ago, a discussion with Sonic Retro’s TimmiT lead both of us to dig through the credits of the last three or four “canonical” Sega Sonic games – Unleashed, Colors, Generations and Lost World. 

There’s some weird stuff going on at Sega of Japan. It really starts to look like if you’re good at something, you get promoted up the chain to a managerial role where you direct others and don’t get your hands dirty anymore – but if you’re mediocre, you get stuck in the same types of roles forever.

What we found: yes, it’s true that there were technically two Sonic Teams. Though there was some inter-mingling, the so-called “Storybook Team” (Secret Rings, Black Knight) also worked on Colors and Lost World, whereas Sonic Generations was mostly the Sonic Unleashed team.

But here’s the deal: a lot of people who did really good work in Sonic Unleashed all got promoted up the chain to higher managerial positions in Sonic Generations, for example, but a lot of lower-level programmers and level designers from Sonic & The Black Knight continue to stay in those same roles for Sonic Lost World, even though Sonic & The Black Knight was kind of a bad game. Why keep those people around?

Maybe that’s just Japanese corporate politics. I know that happened to Yuji Naka – he was considered a programming wizard, one of Sega’s best, and I remember reading an interview in Official Dreamcast Magazine where he lamented the fact that once he became President of Sonic Team, he didn’t do much programming anymore. He talked about doing some programming on Chu Chu Rocket for old time’s sake, but that it really wasn’t necessary.

It would really explain what went wrong with Sonic if Sega constantly promoted all of their best workers out of their respective fields of expertise and only kept around those who were just mediocre enough not to get outright fired. It creates a system where all your best and brightest stop being able to do their jobs but all the worst talent stays in the trenches where the real work happens.

The point I was trying to make before diving off in to my tangent is that while I feel like Sonic is more relevant now than he has been in a long time, I also feel like it’s still a struggle to say Sonic is truly relevant, because it’s something that won’t happen until Sega proves that not only have they gotten the Sonic franchise back on its feet, but also that they can keep it that way. Generations was a flash of hope that got quickly stomped out by games like Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Right when things were stabilizing, it was back to chaos and despair.

I feel like Sonic 4 proved you can have the best marketing and social media presence in the world but it doesn’t matter if the product you’re promoting ends up being junk.

Which begs the question: what happens to Sonic’s social media team if Sonic Forces ends up embarrassing itself?

TalesFromRetail: Why do I have to pay all of it?

Hello, all. I’m a long time subscriber here but I’ve never had anything to contribute because I hadn’t worked retail before. I’m not quite sure how to feel about now being able to post something.

I started working at a phone retailer a little over a week ago (mostly just to pass the time while I wait for my girlfriend to graduate do we can move to a bigger city), one of those prepaid places that sells phones that break after a week at the same price the good phones used to sell at at the big providers and decent enough plans at lower prices without contracts.

Because this appeals to lower income families and I live in a wealthier small town, we don’t get a lot of customers and I can petty much just spend the day watching Netflix and playing games.

There’s only one person I’ve seen more than once (and that includes my boss) and how I wish it could be nearly anyone else. It’s this guy in his late sixties who comes in every other day to loudly complain about one thing or another and doesn’t appear to have ever experienced happiness in his life. To add to that, he doesn’t seem to understand anything about how any of this store’s business works. One day, he brought in a broken phone and demanded a free phone of his choice because it was still under a manufacturer’s warranty, he came to add and later remove his daughter from his plan and the first time I saw him, he thought he could pay half of his family plan and only have one of the phone’s service shut off.

This morning, he walked in with what I assume is his friend since she was about the same age with a different last name than his. He stomps straight to my register glaring while she slowly follows behind and I quickly pause my episode of Feud to greet him.

“How can I help you today?”

“She has a fifty dollar credit and she owes ten dollars so we came here.”

“Okay. So are you making a payment?”

“No. Just…look. Just pull up her account. The number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

I have to rush to find a pen and paper to jot this number down so I can pull that account up since he didn’t feel the need to tell me what the hell he actually wanted me to do and I have to pick a window to find her account and wait for everything to show up. After two or three minutes of entering information on total silence while this man breathes heavily while glaring daggers at me and his friend just stands beside him looking uncomfortable, I finally have everything pulled up and find her payment history.

“Yes, I’m seeing a $50 payment on a $60 plan. Did you want to pay the remaining $10?”

“No. We can’t.”

“Then I’m sorry but I’m not sure why you’re here.”

“Is her phone going to get shut off?”

“Well, it’s not due until the 29th so if she pays the $10 before then, she’ll be fine.”

“She can pay it on the third.”

“Unfortunately, if she doesn’t pay it before the due date, she will lose service.”

This is when the yelling starts.

“That is wrong. She is an elderly woman and she gets paid on the third. You can’t make her go without her phone. Now she will pay on the third and she should get to keep her phone.”

At this point, I’m thinking that yet again, he has no idea how any of this actually works. He seems to think we go through every person and manually deactivate their phone and maybe if he just sternly tells me that he promises she’ll pay it, I can just not do that for her.

“I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do. If the phone isn’t paid for, we’re not going to provide service.”

“She did pay for it! She paid fifty dollars!”

“…It’s a sixty dollar plan.”

“Fuck this place! We don’t want it anymore! We’re gonna get a plan somewhere else!”

“You’re free to do that but I’m pretty sure anyone else is going to make you pay your bill too.”

This is what finally pissed him off enough to leave while yelling at me about how awful we were to Not give an old woman free cell phone service while his very sweet friend calmly told me that she understands and she’s not going to switch because she likes us. I calmly apologize to her and tell her that when she pays, we can change her dates so she’ll be due on the third and she’ll get the full month of service and not pay for the four days she won’t have service.

The best part was when the guy left, he tried to slam the door. We have one of those doors that stops itself right before it closes and closes slowly which seemed to just make him angrier as he kept kicking the door to try to make it close faster.

By: KenpachiRama-Sama

s/o to my girlfriend i love her so much, the other night i showed her the hond musical for the first time and we had to pause the recording a bit of the way through to have a very lengthy conversation about how quasimodo would be a minecraft youtuber

I Like The Way It Hurts

Summary: 2012!Phan: After breaking up with Phil, Dan has been sleeping with pretty much every woman or man in sight and Phil has had about enough of it.

Genre: Smut/Angst 

Word Count: 2565

Beta: @annincalou

Warnings: Lots of sex, non descriptive hetero sex, possessive/jealous!Phil, dom!Phil, dirty talk, daddy kink (cause I’m a filthy sinner), rimming, use of the words whore, slut, etc, unprotected sex, and that’s about it. Enjoy folks.

A/N: I haven’t written a fic in 5ever, but here we go because I’m feeling angsty have some 2012!Phan angsty smut. It’s kind of crap cause I wrote it really fast but oh well. Enjoy, guys! 

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You said nobody should pay for a multiplayer subscription on Switch. Do you feel the same about the PS4?

I feel the same way about the PS4, The Switch, and the Xbox One. Paying for multiplayer access is stupid to the point of being offensive to me.

Back in 2010 or 2011, I won a “lifetime supply” of Xbox Live Gold from Microsoft for one of those “download and win” sweepstakes they’d have on the 360 dashboard – you know, where you’d download a branded gamerpic (like a company logo or whatever) and that would count as an entry?

“Lifetime” by their standards was 30 years, shipped to me in a big cardboard box as 30 individually packaged 12-month subscription cards. No joke.

I gave away some of them to friends, sold others, but I kept three cards for myself. Three years is the maximum prepaid amount you can have on one account, and there was no guarantee how long these cards would even still be usable (and the release forms I signed when I won explicitly pointed this fact out so Microsoft could avoid liability if they stopped working before my “lifetime” was over). So, it was kind of a “use it now or lose it” situation for me.

After my three years ran out, I had no desire to pay for Xbox Live Gold. These sorts of premium subscriber services are some of the biggest scams in gaming right now. There is nothing that they offer that is actually worth paying the subscription fee for. You may think there is, because it is something you have paid for and use frequently, but that in my opinion is just part of the scheme. Everything about these services has been engineered to create a false sense of value.

You need to remember that, at least in the first five or six years on the Xbox 360, Microsoft had the final word on pricing. This was a deliberate move on their part in order to block publishers from giving content away for free. The role of Epic Games here is particularly depressing – they went to war with Microsoft early on because they had a history of giving away Unreal Tournament map packs for free on the PC, and Microsoft refused to let them do the same for the first Gears of War. By the end of the 360 generation, Epic had a storefront in Gears of War 3 selling hundreds of dollars worth of ugly weapon skins.

Point was, Microsoft hated giving things away for free, because it messed up their structured pricing hierarchy for “perceived value.” By making sure little-to-nothing was free, it made $2 for a Gamerpic or $3 for a dashboard wallpaper an easier purchase to swallow (in theory). If you gave away a Gears of War map pack for free, well, that’s a $10 value. According to Microsoft’s sales metrics, that then makes items priced at $10 (or less) look inherently more worthless because now they are being compared to the free Gears of War map pack and the value you get with that. So, Microsoft didn’t want that. I don’t know if they’re still that anal retentive about it these days, but back then, everything had to cost money, everything had to fit in to a specific “role,” etc.

That is the concept of “perceived value” in a nutshell. Establishing price standards for digital content and getting consumers comfortable with them even though by their nature they have no intrinsic material value.

Nowadays, of course, everybody is practically giving games away now. Throw a buck at every given Humble Bundle, and you’ll end up with hundreds of games a year for less than the price of a one month phone bill. Sony was the first to start giving Playstation games for “free” with Playstation Plus, then Microsoft got on board with Games With Gold, and now Nintendo’s going to start (trying to) do it with the Switch’s paid multiplayer service. But here’s the catch that may or may not be obvious to you: Those “free” games aren’t free.

For a $60 annual subscription you are getting more than a thousand dollars of software every year. If they were bleeding that much money that often, surely it would spell doom and gloom and not become a hot new trend that even Nintendo is getting on board. But they aren’t bleeding money. In fact, developers like Psyonix say that services like PS+ made Rocket League more successful than they would have been if they had just released the game in to the void themselves. It’s almost like you’re paying Sony to be their marketing team. In return, you get a shiny status symbol that says you’re rich enough to afford the subscription.

And believe me, it is a status symbol. This is rarely talked about, but I remember years ago, the blog for Xbox Live’s Major Nelson used to let you log in with your Gamertag and it would actually display a little icon next to your username saying whether or not you were an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Live Silver member. And I remember the bloody, aggressive class warfare that would go on in those blog comments as the Gold users used their status to complain about how Xbox Live Silver users were freeloaders and how they were ruining the service for the paying members. It was disgusting, and eventually, Major Nelson’s blog ditched the Gamertag login for something a little more traditional in order to cut down on the flame wars that were breaking out in literally every single post.

A status symbol has value if you perceive that it does.

Multiplayer matchmaking? Paying for that is a joke. That’s not to say running that service costs $0, but I would assume that, compared to the kinds of expenses in modern games, keeping the lights turned on in the server room would probably account 5% or less of a game’s overall budget. The only times it becomes a problem is if you are a broke indie developer who can’t afford it and maybe doesn’t even have a player base worth supporting, or you’re insane like Electronic Arts that is constantly releasing “this year’s version of last year’s game” and needs to cull the list or run the risk of needing server infrastructure that scales literally in to infinity forever. It’s nice that something like Xbox Live Gold gives developers a safety net that their game will “always be on” for the duration of that console’s life span, and I’m sure it’s worth a sort of peace of mind, but from a consumer perspective, on some level you’re paying for a service that supports the ability for me to sit in a Puzzle Fighter 2 HD lobby for an hour never getting a match. The server’s there, the matchmaking’s there, but nobody’s playing. And as a subscriber, you’re paying for that as much as you are the ability to play Halo or Call of Duty or GTA Online or whatever’s “hot” right now.

Meanwhile, on PC, you can launch Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, Battlefield One or whatever, hit “Matchmaking” and get in to a game just fine without needing to spend a dime. Sure, games like Speedball 2 Tournament are almost impossible to play online now, but the strong survive and the weak do not. It’s multiplayer natural selection.

“Premium subscriber services” like that are all a farce. It’s fake “perceived value” generated by marketing engineers who sit in board rooms all day and figure out new ways to make you think you need to spend money on something you shouldn’t actually have to. It’s the same line of thinking Microsoft had over making you pay $2 for Xbox 360 wallpapers, except somehow this one stuck.

They know they have you over a barrel. There’s no Steam on their consoles, there’s no pre-established standard for free multiplayer. Microsoft and Sony have locked the gates and they hold the key. You either perceive their value, or you get out.

Don’t pay for Xbox Live Gold.

Don’t pay for Playstation Plus.

And definitely do not pay for Nintendo’s Switch multiplayer service.

They are a cult’s Kool-Aid and you don’t have to drink it.


BTS / Bangtan Boys
Pairing: Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) / Min Yoongi (Suga) - Yoonseok
Rating: T
Length: 6,798 words / 4 chapters
OG post date: 16 February 2016
Keywords: Fluff, Pining, College AU, Pranks
Crossposted on AO3

College AU - Hoseok’s roommate keeps drawing dicks on his face, and Yoongi is the only guy on the hall with makeup wipes and foundation. Hoseok is the cute lab partner that Yoongi has had a crush on all semester. Makeup doesn’t usually feel this intimate, does it?

Basically: Yoongi touches Hoseok’s face a lot, and Hoseok starts to like it.

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Google is offering new Google Play Music subscribers four free months
Google is running a deal on its music streaming service and storage locker Google Play Music. Typically, the site offers up a 90-day free trial when you sign up, but it’s now giving new subscribers an extra month of free time. Users who use the free tier have to contend with ads, but subscribers who pay $9.99 (or $14.99 for a family account) can avoid ads, listen to over 35 million songs, download music to listen offline, and get access to YouTube Red. Read more

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Apparently the Chantry isn't a "place of worship" because it was an imperialist, militaristic institution. Like, nobody was saying it isn't so and Chantry repression of Elven/Dwarven/Qunari peoples is another sinkhole in itself, so don't get your issues messed up lmao. How tf is it not a place of worship. I don't get it. It's not like the Chantry is the dominant ideology in Thedas and thousands of people subscribe to its teachings and pay for the blessing of its revered mothers. Oh wait.

Right? Even if you look at Andrastianism as a whole and the Chantry as a whole as harmful, it’s still something that impacts the everyday life of people across Thedas. The Kirkwall Chantry was a place of worship that had an impact on many people in the city. The Chantry serves the poor, including taking in orphans and raising them when they may not have had any opportunity otherwise. The Chantry is a place that has importance to so many people. That individual Chantry location was important to a lot of people in Kirkwall, and regardless of how many character models were in the game, people were killed in a place of worship. End of story.

Knock Knock

I don’t say I’m a die hard fan of Doctor Who but on filmon, where I usually watch the new episodes live, you could suddenly only watch a 2min-clip before you were redirected to the pay-and-subscribe-page. So guess who just spent 45min with two filmon-tabs open, loading and switching to another tab in 2min-intervals just to see the new episode :D

9-year-old reporter and fourth grader Hilde Lysiak – who was told that “9-year-old girls should be playing with dolls, not trying to be reporters” – has signed a four-book deal with a major publisher! The new “Hilde Cracks the Case” detective series will be aimed at newly independent readers and will release in fall 2017. Hilde, whose newspaper, Orange Street News, covers local news in her hometown of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania and now boasts over 700 paying subscribers, is thrilled by the opportunity: “It’s amazing that after publishing my own newspaper I now get to work with Scholastic to write books that will be read by kids all around the world. I want kids who read these books to love reporting like I do.”

Hilde’s story drew national attention last fall when the intrepid young reporter was featured in publications like the Columbia Journalism Review. She even dealt with controversy in April: after breaking the news about a local murder, critics flooded her Facebook page with comments like “I am disgusted that this cute little girl thinks she’s a real journalist.” In response, the resolute Mighty Girl told her detractors, “I don’t think people should be able to decide for me who I should be and what I should be doing. I never began my newspaper so that people would think I was cute. I started the Orange Street News to give people the information they need to know.” And, she went on to challenge her critics, asserting: “If you want me to stop covering news, then you get off your computers and do something about the news. There, is that cute enough for you?”

"I want to be taken seriously,” she continued. “I’m sure other kids do, too. Grownups usually treat kids like they cannot do anything great. If adults don’t think we can do something, then it is hard for us to believe that we can. And then how will we have great things in this world?” Fortunately, the publishing world is clearly taking this talented Mighty Girl seriously. Each of the four books in her new series, which will be co-written with her father, Matthew Lysiak, will follow Hilde and her big sister Izzy as they investigate a news story in their hometown; each fictional story will be roughly based on a real story that Hilde covered for her paper.

Katie Carella, a senior editor with Scholastic, says she’s thrilled that Hilde has signed on for the series: “As soon as I spoke with Hilde, I just knew she’d be the perfect fit for Branches. Kids across the globe have reached out to her, inspired by her unflagging dedication to reporting the news. To quote Hilde: ‘You’re never too young to follow your dreams. If you take yourself seriously, other people will take you seriously, too.’”

Congratulations to Hilde on her book deal! We look forward to reading about your adventures! - A Mighty Girl

ninetwelves  asked:

if i had more money myself id be supporting you on patreon!! id love too bc your art is amazing!!! but i cant financially atm

aw thank you. i understand 10000%. what you can do if you want is subscribe to my webcomic because if i get enough subscribers then they pay me for you lol.  im so happy you like my art and i love your avatar :)

anonymous asked:

I want to be a sugar baby to help financially and for fun but all the decent sites I've come across I have to pay to sign up and subscribe and I was wondering if this is common for all sugar sites?

I’ve literally never payed for a site before it’s just not worth it. The best site i’ve used is tinder which is free. Try as many sites as you can, and you’ll come across some good ones.