it panned their faces like 6 times

alright so the smh decide to start a vine account

  • first it’s filled with hockey practices, goals from past games, the works
  • then it slowly descends into madness
  • it starts with a vine of someone yelling “GO SHARKS” and chowder automatically dropping into the splits
    • that boy is magical
  • there’s a whole series where ransom and holster go around faber and introduce things incorrectly
    • this is the defunkifyer *points to laundry machine*
    • *on the ice*  this is our cold ass swimming pool
  • after that they start filming at the haus
  • this begins the occasional vine of one of them walking along the sidewalk or on the front porch yelling “FUCK YOU LAX BROS” across the street
  • endless kegster vines, obviously
  • also a series of lardo beating the shit out of people at beer pong
    • someone (dex probably) edits the videos so denzel curry’s ultimate plays in the background and when she wins the bass gets really loud… you know the ones
  • speaking of dex sometimes when he and nursey are fighting someone will start filming and then roll their eyes at the camera
    • one time their fight ends in them furiously making out on the couch
    • they’re all scarred
    • the rest of the team (all of them, they have to use a selfie stick) roll their eyes and shake their heads 
  • another series where it’s just tango asking questions into the camera
  • whenever bitty’s in the kitchen baking someone will run in and start blasting beyoncé to get bitty to drop everything and dance
    • holster: *walks into kitchen*
    • bitty: holster I’m not putting this down the cream has to be whipped continuously or else it won’t hold
    • holster:
    • bitty:
    • holster: *starts playing partition*
    • bitty: goddammi-
    • holster: FOR THE VINE, BITTY, F O R THE V I N E
  • going to the murder stop and shop and striking weird poses in the aisles
    • nursey is a Pro at this
  • when jack comes to visit there’s always at least one vine of someone saying “is that jack zimmermann?” directed to a random object before it pans to jack just staring at the camera
    • ransom: *points to lamp* OH MY GOD IS THAT JACK ZIMMERMANN???
    • jack: *looks to the camera like he’s in the office*
  • whenever one of them sees another across campus they’ll whip put their phone and start yelling the others name while zooming in on them
  • someone films bitty talking one time and he manages to say y’all 4 times within 6 seconds
    • they go around the team and everyone just looks at the camera and says with the most serious face “y’all”
  • when shitty comes to visit someone from the team films him just slowly losing his clothes
  • whiskey and tango makes vines of them lip synching in the car (with whisky driving, and tango in the passenger seat)
    • songs range from I look to you by whitney houston to love is an open door from frozen to wake me up by evanescence
    • sometimes one of the frogs will join them and they’ll have choreography and everything
    • its impressive 

anyways so this got out of hand but my main point here is that the entire smh are meme loving fucks that laugh at their own vines

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What are your study group sexuality headcanons?

this is the question I dream of getting every time something appears in my inbox skgljslkjdgslkhdg

  • annie is a lesbian. full stop. she’s a fucking lesbian and that’s canon.
  • britta is bi. no str8 girl dresses like that are you Kidding me
  • abed is gay… every time we see him pursue a woman he’s playing a character or he’s in competition with troy or it’s to appease the rest of the study group or it’s to appear “normal” eyes emoji (also he straight-up says “girls like me bc let’s face it I’m pretty adorable” but he never says “I like girls”)
  • troy is bi. self-explanatory
  • jeff is pan, probably (if they’re hot he wants them, who cares abt gender? but idk if he’s put enough thought into it to actually call himself pan)
  • shirley is bi, I think? … just try 2 tell me there’s a heterosexual explanation for how much time and effort she puts into trying to bond w britta emotionally
  • frankie’s a lesbian, also self-explanatory
  • elroy’s gay I think but I also haven’t watched season 6 in a while
  • pierce was racist and now he’s dead :^)


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My favourite treats -
3 nakd bars
2 nature valley bars
A Cadbury bar
A Kitkat
An Aero
Mini Eggs
2 yoyo bear rolls

My favourite hot drinks -
6 hot chocolate sachets
4 different sachets of tea
A packet of standard tea

Self care -
A hand warmer
A packet of tissues
Plasters (Disney princess of course)
A bath bomb
A face mask

Books -
Peter Pan (the BEST book for distracting)
A notepad


okay close ur eyes………….. let me take you inside my Wildest Dreams video idea close your eyes okay so imagine a balcony with sliding glass doors and the dim sound of the ocean paired with the wind the sliding glass door opens and all we see is the bare feet of a woman (Taylor but we don’t know that yet but we do bc it’s the Wildest Dreams video by Taylor Swift LMAO…) and as soon as the doors open you can hear the gravelly sound of a man on the radio and he talks as you watch the legs approach the railing of the balcony before panning up “okay folks looks like the sunset will be coming in at 6:24 PM (I tried fuckin google average sunset times in Summer BUT IT WOULDN’T TELL ME SO I’M GUESSING HERE LMAO IT DOESN’T MATTER!!) and we’ll be seeing a lot of oranges and yellows….” and we see Taylor’s face…and she doesn’t look particualrly happy but not particularly sad either just kind of like this is her routine now and this is what she does hair blowin in the wind you know and then the beat comes in………………………….. we get some shots of the damn ocean waves at sunset big white letters W I L D E S T D R E A M S and that’s pretty much as nailed down as I have it lmao but the concept is throughout the verses and the choruses we see her having a grand old time with some dude and they’re at the beach at a bonfire party, and they’re driving down the interstate, and they’re IN the ocean makin out (during the bridge lmao ofc…ofc…) but the common denominator is ALL of these memories are at sunset and then when the bridge dies down into “Say you'l remember me…” we come back to balcony Taylor and it’s a zoom in on her hand gripping the railing as she watches the sunset and then…a hand covers hers..RIP…and there’s just this moment where it’s like tehy’re looking at each other and they’re both smiling and she’s mouthing along to the song and it’s rly beatiful and we’re all awww and then “even if it’s just pretend…” when we zoom out we see she’s alone again like he was never damn there to begin with and then when we come back to all the aforementioned scenes, she’s alone in all of those as well like the ENTIRE time it was just her…WILDEST…DREAMS…. the ending of the video is just her walking back inside at the end of the sunset damn………this gets me lmao I truly think this was my best video idea of all damn time

Was Jupiter Ascending a bit trashy?

Was it extremely silly and ridiculous?

Should it have been called Jupiter Descending?

Do I care?

It was mad and messy and fun and I spent the entire film with the hugest grin on my face. If I were 6 or 9 or 12 it would have destroyed my soul and consumed my life. But as a so-called ‘adult’ it just makes me supremely happy. Yes

thedamsnackshop  asked:

Saigenos ehehe

Oh hello doll! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Some things that haven’t yet been animated are included, so maybe read with caution if you haven’t read the manga!

1. I love that in many ways, Saitama makes Genos more human. When Genos first appeared, he was calculating and cold. He almost even blew himself up to kill the mosquito lady with only a simple apology to the professor. Since meeting Saitama, he has felt admiration, anger, frustration, happiness, jealousy. Saitama’s existence is something that has opened up Genos’ world a little bit, introducing other things to live for aside from revenge.
2. Just as Saitama has made Genos more human, Genos has the same effect on Saitama. It’s often repeated that Saitama doesn’t feel much emotion anymore, that he’s bored of the world because he is too strong. I think Genos’ appearance in Saitama’s life served as a trigger for change. Compared to the beginning, Saitama is now surrounded by people (in the manga)- he has friends, allies, people who know him for his true strength. And all that happened after he met Genos.
3. Genos serves as the bit of rationality that Saitama lacks sometimes. The fact that “You didn’t know you had to register to be a hero?” started Saitama’s real journey is just precious.
4. I LOVE THEIR DOMESTIC LIFESTYLE god Genos is such a freakin housewife please save this precious cinnamon roll. 
5. Saitama humbles Genos. Though he doesn’t look it, Genos is only 19 years old. There has never been an existence to remind Genos of that… safe to say with all the shit he pulls (walking around blowing shit up, self-destructing to take down a single enemy, charging any enemy head on, TRYING TO DESTROY A GIANT METEORITE BY HIMSELF god this child) he doesn’t remember that he isn’t invincible. It isn’t until he meets Saitama that he is put in his place sometimes, and I think that is necessary so he doesn’t place himself in life-threatening situations like he did when they first met. 
6. Just the sheer amount of adoration Genos has for his teacher… is just… so adorable. I die every time Genos gets over-protective with that dead pan face of his. And of course, Saitama doesn’t want his protection (not with hero-scores nor with badly produced figurines nor with enemies) but that won’t stop Genos from trying!

Pan - Chapter Seven

AU Peter Pan Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: This chapter is a bit longer. We’re getting into the good stuff now. I have a whole thing planned that I think you all will like :) Just need to find time to write it. Thank you all so much for liking this story. You have no idea how much it warms my heart to write about my beloved Pan and have people like it :D

CHAPTERS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 6.5

Neverland had lost its sparkle well before he ever left. He’d stopped noticing how green the forest were or how the black waters of Mermaid Lagoon swirled with the blues of the Never Seas at its mouth. But watching Jane’s face as they laid on the boulder overlooking the lagoon he saw it all again. Her hazel eyes shimmered like stars as she rested her head on her hands to watched the creatures basking below in the sun.

“They’re beautiful Thomas.” she mumbled without taking her eyes off of them.

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Roommates? Or More? (Ch. 5 Figuring It Out)

TITLE (Of Fanfic): Roommates? Or More?

TITLE(of chapter): Figuring It Out


AUTHOR: potternerdworld

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Actor!Tom (before the Avengers)

GENRE: Romance, Drama

FIC SUMMARY: Tom and his flatmate Ava (OFC) have been living together for quite some time, and both have feelings for each other that they don’t express for their own reasons. Then Ava finds herself single and the two struggle through the beginnings of a possible relationship. Told from alternating perspectives (This one’s Ava’s POV)

RATING: M (for later chapters)

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I really just want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for the past 2 months of not updating. I am so so soooo very sorry. I honestly have no excuse, I just got a little timid about my writing and didn’t quite feel confidant enough to post it. I’ve recently read a lot of amazing fan fiction, and I felt like mine paled in comparison, so I couldn’t muster up the courage to submit. Sorry! Also, I do in fact know that I am completely changing the timelines for this story. They in no way resemble the actual chain of events of Tom’s life in 2008/2009, but I have taken the creative liberty to make it fit my story rather than making my story fit his timelines. Again, sorry, and I hope it doesn’t bother you too much! No real warnings this chapter, but if you do wish to give me feedback, I would love you forever. Seriously, I really want to improve and I need your words of advice to do so. p.s. If you are still interested in reading this after 2 months of neglect then bless your beautiful soul and know that my eternal thanks are yours.

you probably need a refresher after the 2 month accidental hiatus, so here are:

chapter onechapter twochapter tree, and chapter four


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