it opened all kinds of doors for young actors

A Lovely Night (1/3) [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: What happens when Lin’s path and yours cross while trying to make it into Broadway?

Word count: 1,481

Warnings: Alcohol mention and… That’s pretty much it. 

A/N: Guess who juut watched La La Land and it’s obsessed with it? That’s right, me and @hamilbye​. Inspired by the soundtrack we started writing our first fic together and we are loving it! We hope you guys like it too. PS: listen to the La La Land soundtrack while reading this! haha <3

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“C’mon  [Y/N], you need to go with us!” Natalie was at your bedroom’s door, wearing her sparkly dress with amazing heels. She stared at you as you hid your face with one of the pillows placed on your bed.

“I don’t wanna!” You answer, the voice muffled by the pillow.You sat up and Natalie entered the room, sitting by the end of the bed. “These parties are full of people with egos that wouldn’t fit in the same room if they had to.”

“That’s Broadway, love. You want to make it here, and for that you need to know the right people. There’s someone in that crowd worth your time and effort.” You eyed her like you didn’t believe a word she said, even though you knew there was truth in her statement. “Now grab that pretty dress you never used and put some red lipstick on, we’ll wait for you.”

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