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Lance and Asul, from the klance fic Gold Dust

Always Been You || Jack

Request: Could you please do an imagine where Conor brings Y/N back from a show he’s done and she ends up becoming a solid member of buttercream and her and jack develop a almost dating relationship, and everyones routing for them and they finally get together

Dialogue requests 3 jack pl👍😊


It’s funny how life takes its own turns. One day you took your younger sister to a Conor Maynard concert and meet and greet and the next thing you know, Conor Maynard’s number is in your phone. Within a week, you already had plans to meet him for coffee.

The two of you hit it off immediately, but only as friends. Conor actually told you that you’d be perfect for his brother, Jack. You brushed him off, telling him you weren’t looking for a relationship. He shrugged but still invited you over to meet Jack and the rest of their friends. They had plans to stay in and have some drinks and play some games, so you agreed to go.

You were somewhat nervous to meet Conor’s friends. You dressed in leggings, a flowy cream colored tank top and a maroon cardigan and did your hair and make up simply. Part of you felt like you should bring something to Conor’s, like beer or food or something, but you had no idea what to do. So, you decided against it and got in the car to head to Conor’s.

“That’ll be (Y/N)!” you heard Conor yell when you buzzed into his flat.

“I’ll get it!” someone else called. You held your breath as a boy with blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a big smile on his face opened the door. “Hey, you must be (Y/N).”

“That’s me,” you smiled.

“Well, come on in,” he said. “I’m Jack, Conor’s brother.”

That’s when you knew you were screwed.

As time went on, you became somewhat of a solid member of the squad they called the buttercreams. You went out with them nearly any time they were all together and you even appeared in videos for their YouTube channels. You told yourself you’d have to thank your sister for begging you to take her to see Conor live.

You were set to spend another day at the Maynards/Pieters’ flat. Now caring less about what you wore when you spent the day with the boys, you threw on some leggings and a shirt of Jack’s you had once taken, then headed out. Your hair was up in a messy bun on your head and you hadn’t bothered to put on any make up. The boys assured you that they had no plans to head out, so you didn’t bother to dress up any better. You considered putting on some perfume, but you liked that your shirt still smelled faintly of Jack, so you decided against it.

When Conor told you all those years (yes, it had been about two years) ago that you were perfect for Jack, he wasn’t lying. You and Jack clicked instantly. You fell for his smile and his laugh and the way he licked his lips when he was concentrating on something. You fell for his suggestive sense of humor and his secret love for cuddles and his not so secret love for you playing with his hair. Things remained strictly platonic between the two of you, but you so desired for there to be something more. Most days, you thought he did too, but if you hinted at it, he brushed it off. It left you hopeless.

You got to the boys’ flat and was immediately let in. Conor pulled you in for a hug as if he hadn’t seen you only two days before. “It smells good in here,” you said, pulling away from Conor’s hug. “What’s for dinner?”

“Pizza,” Conor said. You smiled and went to join the rest of the boys in the living room. You sat beside Jack who gave you a smile and pulled you close to his side for a hug.

“Nice shirt,” he said sarcastically.

“What, this old thing?” you said back. “Thanks, I’ve had it for almost a year.” Jack just smiled and rolled his eyes at you, then handed you a plate for pizza.

Once you all ate your fill of pizza, you were lounging around chatting. Jack was sitting on the ground with his legs out in front of him and his back against the couch. You had your head in his lap, your hair fanned out behind you. He was braiding it, then taking it apart, then braiding it again. You occasionally looked up at him, but always looked away before he could catch you. “Let’s play a game,” Joe said, clapping his hands together.

“Like a game game or a drinking game?” you asked with a laugh.

“What do you think?” Caspar said back. Everyone laughed as Conor went to go grab some liquor from the kitchen. “We could play some never have I ever.” Everyone agreed, so Josh went and got the game and brought it into the room. You sat up and got comfortable beside Jack.

“So it’s a shot every time we have?” you clarified.

“Yup,” Josh nodded, opening up the box of cards.

The game started off fairly lightly. Never have I ever had sex in public. Never have I ever had sex while my parents were in the house. Never have I ever walked in on someone in this room masturbating. “Oh, here’s one,” Caspar laughed, reading the card in his hand. “Never have I ever used a common household item as a sex toy.”

You felt your face heat up but didn’t move to take the shot. “Hey, we’re playing honest here,” Mikey laughed. “I see a red face over there. Shot it, (Y/N).” You groaned and reached forward to pour yourself a shot.

“What!” Oli laughed. “Spill it, what did you do?”

“It wasn’t recent,” you said defensively. You downed the shot before confessing. “I still lived with my parents so it’s not like I could get a vibrator sent to my house.”

“What’d you use?” Joe asked, still laughing.

“I don’t think that was the question,” you said, not meeting your eyes with any of the boys.

“Did it get you off though?” Conor asked with a smirk. You rolled your eyes, your cheeks still very hot.

“Yes, okay, it got me off,” you said. “Next question please.”

“Oh, here’s a good one,” Josh read, “Never have I ever fancied someone in this room.”

The boys all let out ooo’s and you were sure your cheeks were stained red. All of the boys knew of your feelings for Jack. Obviously you shared them with Conor and, well, word just sort of spread. The group was lousy at keeping secrets, but you were grateful they could at least keep this one from Jack. Well, until now. “Honesty is this game’s policy,” Josh said again. “No one’s here to judge.” You sighed and reached out to grab the bottle at the exact same time that Jack did. You looked at him to see that he wouldn’t bring his eyes to lock with yours. So, you picked up the bottle of alcohol and poured each of you a shot. When he finally looked up at you, you smiled.

“Cheers?” you said.

He let out a short laugh, though his smile didn’t reach his eyes, “Yeah, cheers.”

Once you all decided to end the game, it was getting dark outside. The boys, unsurprisingly, offered to let you stay over night. You obliged, then said goodbye to the other boys who decided to get Ubers home. You liked spending the night at their flat and they knew you didn’t like catching Ubers late at night when you were alone, just in case you got a pervert as a driver. “Am I sleeping with you?” you asked Jack.

“Sure,” he agreed.

“Do you have a clean shirt I can wear?” you asked. He nodded and the two of you went into his room. When the door was shut, he walked over to his closet and pulled out a t shirt and handed it to you. You thanked him and went to the bathroom to change into the new shirt. You stripped yourself of your leggings and took off your shirt and bra, then slipped the new shirt over your head. When you went back in Jack’s bedroom, he was already laying in bed, scrolling through his phone. You needed to talk to him. You needed to get your feelings out now while the topic hung in the air.

You sat cross legged on the bed, staring at Jack. “Can we talk about it?” you said quietly.

“We don’t need to,” he said. “I know you like Conor and I-”

“Wait, what?” you said, stopping him immediately. “Conor? You think I like Conor?”

“Well, yeah,” he said, sitting up and looking at you with confusion. “I’ve always thought that.”

“You’ve got to be joking,” you said. “I mean, I know boys are stupid but this is like a new level.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Jack,” you laughed. “It’s you I had to take the shot for.”

“Me?” he scoffed. “No way. What about when you first came here? And all the private talks you have with Conor?”

“It’s not about Conor,” you laughed, pressing your hand to his cheek. “It’s about you. It’s always been about you.

A small smile suddenly spread on Jack’s face. “Are you winding me up?” he asked.

“No,” you laughed. “I’m not winding you up. Why do you think I steal your clothes all the time and sleep in your bed and cuddle you when we watch a movie and, well, literally everything else?”

“I don’t know,” he said, almost embarrassed. “I guess I just never thought about it.”

“You’re so thick,” you laughed. He laughed too and your heart did a flutter. Everything about Jack made your heart feel warm, but that laugh just about killed you.

Jack’s face relaxed quickly and he placed his hand on your cheek. The two of you brought your faces close together, not letting your lips touch quite yet. Your noses were brushing against each other and your lips were only centimeters apart. Finally, Jack couldn’t wait any longer and he pressed his lips to yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed his head closer to yours. The cage of butterflies in your stomach erupted and you couldn’t help but smile beneath your kiss. Jack’s hands held your waist tightly as if he never wanted to let you go. You both eventually pulled away, but your lips were still brushing against each others, like neither of you wanted to pull apart completely. “You think they were planning this all along?” Jack asked with a smile. You knew he was speaking of his friends.

“I know Conor wanted me to date you the minute we met,” you said. “I suppose the others just started rooting for us too.”

Just got tinder about a week ago, swiped pretty exclusively for a few days and got a decent amount of matches but nothing really came of it.

Fast forward to 3 days ago and I matched with a girl that I desperately wanted to super like but couldn’t and I was ecstatic when I saw that I matched her, proceed with almost non-stop messages into getting her number only to find out that she was flying up to Northern California to go back to school in a little under two hours.

Continued to text until her flight took only for her to immediately text me after she landed and resume our conversation, we have exchanged snapchats and continued texting/skyping/snap chatting every waking moment.

I really didn’t think anything would come of downloading and using this app but I seem to have proved myself wrong with this girl since she is planning on coming back over summer break! I am not expecting anything crazy to come of it but i’m having high hopes until I find a reason to not have them anymore :)

anonymous asked:

I work part-time at my college's bookstore and we get our schedule emailed to us a week in advance. Well, I never got this week's schedule and since it's only my 3rd week I was worried. I called 3 days in a row to ask about it and kept getting told "we'll call you". Apparently "we'll call you" means that I'm on-call this and not officially scheduled. It took 3 days for someone to tell me this when I was thinking that I was gonna get called back or fired for no call/no shows. FUCK

Just when I thought OUAT couldn’t be a bigger joke…they proved me wrong.

- Regina needed 3 seasons to get her son’s trust back
Poochie does it in 1 ep after he tried to kill him few weeks ago (Do you expect me to believe that a character that took SEASONS to forgive his own mother forgave Poochie in 45min????)

- Regina/Rumple have a father/daughter relationship
They make out

- Henry has 2 moms
He never spends time with them but only with the one who abandoned him + her boyfriend

- Swan Queen are friends
Everybody hugs and kiss as long as they’re hetero but SQ can’t (THIS IS CALLED HOMOPHOBIA, JUST FYI ADAM AND EDDY)

Their favoritism for h00k is ridiculous, it ruins the show cause it makes fun of every other character’s journey.

I’ve never been more angry & disgusted by a show. OUAT blatantly anti adoption, mysoginistic & racist.

I’m mentioning the anti-adoption message cause I’ve already counted 3 C$ fans saying this episode proved that “REGINA IS NOT HENRY’S REAL MOTHER” in the last 5 minutes in Adam’s timeline.

The day OUAT will get cancelled I’ll throw a party.

The only positive thing: Lana and Bobby had more chemistry in their pinkies than C$ in all their make out sessions. I guess it takes good actors to sell an improbable ship.


Day 4 of Cykesquill Week: Haircut!

I can’t make it in time for the previous days, but I can at least get Day 4 on time!!! 

I like (some) of my lines better than the colouring so you guys can get that too LMAO.

Simon’s look inspired by Prince Jinwoo of Winner (check them out they have absolutely amazing music and talent like no joke they’re perf <3)

Tease (m)

Word Count: 3,613

Warning: Jungkook Smut

“Please, Y/N. Just one more time,” he begs, and that’s the only trigger you really needed.
You groan, opening the door fully so he can come in. He doesn’t get a chance to do that himself, though, for you grab him by his tshirt and pull him inside instead. You lean into the wall, pulling him closer to you. “One more time? You fucking liar,” you sneer before throwing your hands around his neck to kiss him.
He isn’t prepared for the moment your lips collide, making him gasp so that you can move your tongue in. That in turn makes him put your hands on your face with force, almost hurting you with how tightly he holds your wrists.
“God, I missed this,” he mumbles, looking you in the eyes as if he’s never longed for anything this badly. 

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52 Stories in 52 Weeks // Week 4

Week 4: A story about three siblings
Stilinski Triplets AU (Teen Wolf x The Internship x The Maze Runner crossover)

Her brothers were the worst.

She decides that from a young age because she’s the only girl in a family dominated by men. And the men in her life felt the need to protect her very existence with each step she took.

Her father is the sheriff in Beacon Hills. The only daughter of a cop? Of course he would threaten any guy not related by blood with a .45 and a shovel if he got too cozy with her.

The eldest of her brothers is Stiles. Spaz extraordinaire, too smart for his own good, too sarcastic, and always brimming with comebacks. Other than their father, he’s the most protective of her. If somehow she managed to fly under his radar, he’d track her down easily, stalk her and her dates. If their father couldn’t threaten the guy, Stiles could with the family’s bat. Of course, the threats didn’t seem too impressive when it was Stiles.

Next was Stuart. Deadpan, sarcastic, forever on his phone. He was always the one to rat her out to the rest of the family. She couldn’t even have a burn phone because Stuart knew his technology and he knew her too well. If Stiles knew all of their dad’s passwords, Stuart knew hers. She had no privacy all thanks to him.

Finally, there was Thomas. He was the sweetest out of all her brothers, but still just as overprotective. He was the most athletic, mostly into track, which meant that if she tried to run, he’d easily catch up to her. While her father and other two brothers were hell bent on preserving her innocence, Thomas was the one who was focused on her well-being. He was always making sure she was okay, not catching a cold, adequately warm, that everything was in order before she graced something with her presence. If he wasn’t overprotective, he was just overbearing.

She loves her brothers because that’s undeniable. But as she stares at the scene in the kitchen, she hates them in that moment.

She had been doing a chemistry experiment with Liam for their class. She laid out eight glass jar caps on the island bar, each filled with a different powder and methanol. She and Liam were watching them burn a different color in awe, and the grin they flashed at each other was the first thing that Stiles saw.

And then proceeded to freak out.

Which pulled Thomas and Stuart into the room.

And caused Thomas to pull out the kitchen’s fire extinguisher (that she made their dad install due to one too many accidents) as Stiles tried to smother the flames with the blanket from the couch.

Now the blanket was black and charred, Liam somehow had a black eye, the extinguisher lay empty on the floor, Stuart was on the phone with the fire department, and her seething.

“I swear to god,” she growls. Her head whirls for the closest thing she can use as a weapon, and spots a frying pan on the stove. She holds it up for her brothers to see. “I’m going to kill the three of you.”

Stiles balks. “We were just protecting you!” he yells.

“From what?! A harmless science experiment?!”

“There were flames! You could have gotten seriously hurt!”

“The only one that got seriously hurt was Liam!” She gestures at her classmate’s grimacing face and the swell of purple that was slowly getting darker.

Stuart shrugs. “I have a video to prove that Liam put you in danger and deserved to be hit in the eye.” He holds up his phone. “I already called dad so he can take Liam’s statement in almost killing you.”

She circles the island bar with the frying pan in hand. They were twisting the story and making it more exaggerated the more they opened their mouth. “Stuart, give me your phone.”

“What? No!”

Thomas eyes her warily and nods when he catches Stiles’ eyes. He grabs her, shoving her away before hastily grabbing Stuart and running off. Stiles takes off in the other direction as Thomas yells out, “Run!”

She ends up running after Stiles, a murderous intent in mind.

They really were the worst.

I’ve been busy making shit cartoons for money, this is something I’ve been doing when I have a bit of free time at work so I don’t go out on a killing spree starting with my friends at work.

I think I made some shading mistakes and I obviously forgot that Poison used a chain, not a belt, but eh, if I get obsessed with that I will never finish this.

Damn, man, it tooks me like, 3 weeks of only using my free time (when I had it), I’m tired, I just wanna show you my not-bad-but-also-not-really-great coloring skills I am training here.

Eh, anyway, what you guys think? I think it’s not bad, but I sure need to sharpen my coloring skills.

Also, sorry for not posting a bunch here, but yeah, work. And I don’t have a working scanner.

Sorry =U

I hope you all are ok anyway, bye =V

Update on the next video and the other next video.

Just finished editing the Queer History video and it should be up by the end of the week. It’s on numbers and representation, and despite being five minutes, it took like 20 hours of editing.

And now, Are They Gay… so I see yall want Sterek. Since school and the musical are consuming my life, I will be busy until winter break. Although I’ll try to watch Teen Wolf, we might get another Merlin situation, where it takes like 3 months to even watch and write the thing. But I think that was only because school. I’ll binge Teen Wolf during winter break, and if this video takes too darn long, I can always do a less strenuous Are They Gay video (aka not on a tv show but on a series of movies wink wink) in between. Movies usually take less time that TV shows. But my priority will be Sterek.  Okay thanks for sticking by, and yeah!

Did I ever tell you guys about the time Sam pouted behind a lamp in the corner all day the day after the flower dance, because I asked Sebastian to dance at the year 3 flower dance instead of him? It took me all day to find him and then he said this…

And the only thing I could think of happening next was this…

Yup…..I have a head-canon that when Sam gets jealous he gets clingy. I’ve always thought he was a little of the needy type of husband but that’s just me. Don’t worry, I’m still working on prompts as well! I was supposed to start my morning shifts this week, but they switched around two of my days so we’ll see when I’ll get into a sort of schedule for things.

My inbox is always open for prompts of what I should draw Sam doing! Don’t worry if I don’t answer your prompt! I’ve seen it, I just like to keep them in my box so I don’t lose it later! Click HERE to sent a prompt!

Naughy Man - Part two

Summary: You and Dean haven’t talked for over a week after that steamy meeting, what’s gonna happen when you meet him again?

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Claire (OFC), Stephy (OFC), Gadreel.

Words count: 2316 words (whoops)

Warnings: none, just madness in the beginning, then fluff.

Author’s note: Finally the second part! I’m sorry if it took me too long, I was busy with school!

Feedback is always appreciated! <3 Enjoy! and if you wanna get tagged, just ask :)

Catch up: PART 1

Originally posted by darcia22

A week had passed since the steamy meeting with the most gorgeous man in the whole world.

Dean hadn’t called you, not a text, nothing. So you started to think that maybe he realized you weren’t the right girl or that you were ugly, who knows, the only thought of rejection made you feel sick and sad at the same time.

So you gave up, not thinking about him (actually, trying not to think about him) and carried on with your boring and sexless life.

You decided to hit the shower, shave, wash your hair and do your make up; you had to go to Claire’s, it was her birthday and you wanted to be the first one to wish her ‘happy birthday’. As much as she was crazy and all, she was your best friend, the sister you have never had, she was always there when you needed her, especially in the dark period of your life where everything seemed to be worthless, your life mainly.

But now it’s not time for that, you had to pick a cute but casual outfit and head to your friend’s house.

You decided to wear a grey top crop with a tie on the front, a blue and red flannel, black jeans, converse and you were ready to go.

Arrived at Claire’s, you parked your car nearby and walked to the front door, holding a present behind your back. You knocked a few times before the door swung open, it was opened by Claire, a wide smile plastered on her face.

“Hey Y/N-“

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!!!” you screamed and hugged her with your free arm.

“Woah hahaha, thanks sweetie but you didn’t have to-“

“Oh are you kidding me now?” you cut her off “Are you really trying to find some stupid excuse not to give you a gift? You’re basically my sister, and you always have my back so let me in and shut up” you said laughing.

“A- alright! Come in!” she laughed too, moving away to let you in.

The new house she and Gadreel bought, was amazing, it was all modern, you started to love it the second your feet stepped inside of it.

“Damn” you whispered, jaw dropping by the beauty of the house.

“You like it? This is actually Gadreel’s style, I didn’t like it at first but I gotta say it’s pretty good” Claire explained. “Alright let’s go to the living room, Gadreel is waiting us”

Once you arrived in the living room, you couldn’t believe what you just saw.

On the couch, right next to Gadreel, there was Dean, that adorable bastard who hasn’t dared to call you.

“Claire!” you whispered-shout, dragging her to the corridor “ You didn’t tell me someone was gonna join us” you said, nodding to the handsome guy.

“Oh right, I thought you wouldn’t mind… Last time you two seemed to get alone well” she said smirking.

“Yeah, we were getting alone, but things didn’t work out as I’d expected” you stated, lowering your gaze on the floor.

“What do you mean? Did he hurt your feeling? Oh man I’m so going to kick him out of my house, I swear-“

“NO CLAIRE!” you whispered- shouted again “He didn’t do anything, literally. He just didn’t call me nor texted me and I didn’t call him either so I gave up”

“Dang Y/N… I’m so sorry” she said, a sad smile on her face. “But y’know what? How about we get your revenge?” she smirked.

“Claire… I don’t like that look on your face, what do you have in mind?” you asked, concerned.

“Nothing that’ll hurt him the way she did to you but… It’s gonna be fun” she giggled.

“Alright, I’m all ears” you sighed.

“You just gotta tease him” she started to explain you “So that he’ll regret not looking for you these days”

“And how am I supposed to do that?!” You shook your head “It’s not gonna work, I’m not wearing anything sexy right now” you gestured to your casual outfit.

“And who told you such thing?” she furrowed her eyebrows “Here, let me”

She removed your flannel, adjusted your crop top so that it could show your cleavage, and she finally add some perfume on you.

“There you go, sexy bomb” she giggled. “Don’t you think you look hot like this?”

You turned to the mirror, eyeing you up and down, you noticed that she really had done a great job, complimenting her, you headed straight to the living room, swaying your hips a little bit.

“Hey Gadreel” you greeted your friend’s fiancé, and then turned your head to greet that sexy son of a bitch.

“Dean.” You smirked, moving to sit next to him, you crossed your legs and looked at him in the eyes, you were enjoying this so much, Claire was right, you needed your revenge.

“Uh… H-hi Y/N, long time no see” Dean said, completely eye-fucking you, his eyes travelled from your legs, to your cleavage, and finally your face, while licking his lips, he then dared to look into your eyes, smirking.

Damn it   you thought.

“Uh-hum” a clearing of throat interrupted your hot moment “Gad and I are going to the kitchen… make yourself home” Claire said, and drag Gadreel out of the living room.

You sighed, what the hell were you going to do now?

You heard he couch shifting, and suddenly, Dean was pressed up to you, a hand on your left thigh.

“So… how have you been?” he asked you, caressing your thigh up and down.

“Really Dean? After all of this time? You come here, thinking that you could trap me in that flirting way and manage to get me in your bed?!” you almost shouted, you were angry, so damn angry, he needed to know that he made the wrong thing by not calling you.

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry… It hasn’t been a great period for me lately… Family stuff and all” he removed his hand from your thigh, looking at the floor, not daring to look at you and realizing what he did.

“O-oh Jesus… I’m so sorry Dean, if I knew, I wouldn’t be asking you right now.” You lowered your voice.

You felt guilty, holy shit you just yelled at him, practically telling him he was a douchebag, and now here’s the truth. He didn’t do that on purpose, his mind was on something more important that you clearly understood.

“I feel like a bitch now” you said, mentally scolding yourself for your stupid behavior. You hands covering your eyes, great how are you gonna talk to him after what you have done Y/N? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then you felt a big, warm hand taking yours, moving its way to Dean’s lips.

He kissed your hand, light and sweet kiss before tilting your chin with his calloused fingers.

“Y/N, sweetheart it ain’t your fault, as you said, you didn’t know” Dean said, locking his eyes with yours.

“I know but still…” you stopped mid-sentence, you’ve never realized how green his eyes were, deep green eyes, full of hurt, you only wish you could help him through his moment, when an idea popped up your mind.

“Hey Dean, how about we forget about all of this and have a walk together? You up for it?” you asked him, squeezing your hand in his.

He intertwined his fingers with yours “Sure, that’s sounds like a great idea but… what about those two?”

“I’ll go talk to Claire, she’ll understand, trust me” you smiled and walked toward the kitchen.

“Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?” you asked your best friend, she slightly nodded and gout out of the kitchen.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” she asked, a worried look on his face.

“Well, first of all I wanted to tell you that I’m going, Dean and I are having a walk together and-“

“Wait, you two are hanging out after what he has done to you?” Claire cut you off, an irritated and angry voice.

“Yeah but it’s not what it looks like” you started, trying to calm her down “Dean has been having family issues, and he was so overwhelmed by those that he forgot to call me, that’s all. It’s my fault” you whispered the last part, guiltiness filling you again.

“Oh God Y/N, sorry I didn’t know… Of course you can go out, Gad and I don’t mind at all” she smiled.

“I’m just sorry it’s your birthday and I didn’t get to celebrate it the way I wanted to” you said, with a sad voice.

“Ahw no worries, you two can go, Gad and I were about to go watch a movie anyway” she replied.

You hugged her and greeted Gadreel, turning on your heels you found Dean right behind you.

“See you guys” he said and walked to the door.

You stepped outside, making your way to your car as Dean stopped you.

“Not gonna happen sweetheart, we’re driving with Baby”

“Baby?” you asked, perplexed.

He started to chuckle “Oh right, Baby it’s my car, you see that black Chevy Impala over there?” he asked you, pointing to the car.

“Yes, I love it actually… It reminds of my old man’s car” you told him.

“Damn, I could marry you already” he said smiling.

You two laughed, while walking towards the beautiful car.

“So, where are we headed to?” you asked.

“Dunno, have you got any place you’d like to be?”

“I was thinking a park, y’know, it’s peaceful there” you told him, looking out the window.

“Peaceful and… full of lovely couples” he stated, making a disgust face.

“I see you don’t like chick-flick moments, do you?” you chuckled.

“Hell no, not my thing, too much love” he glanced you for a split second.

Once you two arrived to the park, Dean laced his fingers with yours, walking you to the park.

This place was awesome, when the two of you got there, you found out there was a lake, and you sat there, looking around, watching kids playing and… also sweet couples kissing.

“Ew” you and Dean said in unison, when you realized that you talked at the same time, you stared each other and laughed loudly.

“Anyway let’s talk about you, that night I didn’t get to talk to you that much” Dean said, stopping the laughing moment.

“What about we talk about you since you’ve been pretty busy with your family? Is everything alright?” you asked.

“Uh not at all” he looked up the sky “My mom, she’s been uh- gone for a while and we were so worried about her that we started looking for her”

“Did you guys find your mom?”

“No, she called us saying she was fine and that she could handle herself but uh… y’know when someone says that it’s fine, you still are concerned” he explained to you. It was surprising how he has opened up to you, you barely knew each other and you could feel this strange bond between the both of you, you felt save with him.

“I know… Dean, look at me” you took his hand in yours, giving it a squeeze as to assure him he wasn’t alone.

“Everything is gonna be fine, I do know it. Maybe your mom needs a little time to herself, but I bet she’s gonna come back and be there with you” you smiled, never breaking eye contact with him.

“You’re so sweet” he said smiling.

“I’m only stating true facts” you said, winking at him.

“But” he started “you didn’t talk about you”

“Fair enough, what do you want to know?”

“Tell me about your life, whatever you want” he suggested, shrugging.

“Okay so, I grew up in Dallas, Texas… Then my family decided to move here in Kansas, for God knows what reason. I had to go to a new school, new friends, new people… It was hard for me to socialize with the others, I was a shy girl y’know” you stopped, feeling the tears starting to well up your eyes.

“But when my dad left us, things changed. My mom started to get drunk, hook up with random strangers, and yell at me saying that I was the biggest mistake of her life, that the only good thing would’ve been me gone as my father did, and that’s when I escaped from that terrible house. It was terrifying” you whispered the last part, tears starting to come up and stroll down your face.

“Hey, let’s just stop it right here okay?” Dean asked you, hugging you tightly.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, inhaling the scent of him, his body radiating heat, somehow managing to cool you down.

“Good Y/N, don’t cry anymore, I don’t like seeing you like this okay?” he cupped your face, his thumbs caressing your cheekbones.

“I’m afraid I’ll lose everyone, I know it’ll happen someday” you whispered.

“Nope, it won’t, ‘cause I’m not leaving you, that is so not gonna happen” he locked his eyes with yours.

When you finally stopped crying, Dean put his hand on your right check, kissing you.

This kiss wasn’t like the first one, this was fully of passion and want, it was also an assuring kiss, as per say ‘I won’t leave you’.

When you pulled away, Dean took your hand and drove you to your car.

“Thanks for the beautiful day Y/N” he said smiling, your hand in his.

“Thank you for listening to my dramatic situation” you said sarcastically, laughing dryly.

“No problem” he said winking. “Hey, wanna hang out next time? I promise I’ll text you first”  he laughed.

“Sure handsome” you leaned in and kissed his lips.

“See ya sweetheart”

“Bye Dean” and with that you left, a huge smile on your face.

It has really been a good day.

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When she came into your gym a week ago she was 5 foot nothing with arms like twigs, the regulars at the gym, both men and women, were willing to help her as they feared for her safety in using the equipment. Now standing at the other end of the gym was the same tiny women only she was not, you could estimate she was almost your height, 6'3 and with clothes barely hanging off of her frame. The people who were so willing to help her a week ago now glared enviously as she was curling weights that took them months of hard work to get to in only a week. She dropped them with a loud *THUD* “C'mon big strong gym jocks don’t you have any heavier weights for a little old girl like me?” She laughed and walked over to the bench press and loaded it as much as the bar could take. She got underneath the bar and lifted with a loud grunt, her face became red at the strenuous task, she did another rep, her already ripped shirt started to fill as her chest and breasts grew to stretch the fabric. When she was done her shirt was just the collar as her huge tits ripped clean through, her biceps now bigger than most men’s thighs, and reaching closer to 7 feet than before. She looked around the gym, the people around her stunned in silence as the amazonian woman strutted towards the squat rack. Her ass was already ample before she started a week ago, but now, you couldn’t even think of the right words to describe just how huge and fit it was. The woman started her squats and quickly grew bored as they became easier and easier, her thighs were larger around than people’s torsos, her ass only got bigger as it ripped out of the daisy dukes she had on. Approaching you, you had to crane your neck to a point where it hurt to look her in the eyes. “I would like to cancel my gym membership, I just don’t think there’s much you can do to fulfill my needs.“

Omega Pt. 5

A/N: So, there’s probably only going to be one more part to this. But I have another one I’ve been working on I’ll probably tease in a couple of days, after I finish this one. 

A/N 2: So, my dumb ass forgot to add the first part of the chapter, so I added it in. So if you have already read it, there’s more. 

Warnings: A/B/O, smut, lactation kink, slight non-con (heat), slightly protective Steve and Bucky. Cause why not. 

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Lauren didn’t sleep for long. Bucky’s hand had slipped down to the back of her thigh, his face inches from hers on Steve’s chest. Steve was awake, his fingers trailing the length of her spine, then back up. She stirred, shifting a little on his chest and he stilled his fingers, waiting for her to wake up completely.

“Bathroom.” She murmured quietly, and Steve lets her go, watching her walk to his on-suite, smiling a little.

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Stop blaming each other

I may lose some followers for this but I’m so tired of seeing SBs bash other SBs up here. There is a lot of survival sugar dating happening today. When I first started sugaring, it was because I got kicked out of my place, lost support from my family, and I had a tuition bill due in a month. Yes I took $200 per meet dates at first because that’s all I could get out of the men that were in my area. AND IT WORKED BECAUSE I MADE MONEY TO SURVIVE
I was meeting 3 guys a week for $200-$300 per meet, every week of the month.

Depending on the area you’re in can also influence how much the guys can actually give you.

I have been able to step my game up and find men who have a higher net worth, so therefore I receive more, but the SBs who are only able to get $200, you don’t actually think they don’t want more right? Like you don’t actually believe that they haven’t tried to get more?

Yes, I agree, if every single SB in the world stopped accepting $200 per meet, they would eventually have to put out more cash, but that simply is not going to happen. So please stop making girls feel bad for what they get. It truly breaks my heart every time I see it on my dash.
We are supposed to uplift and help each other. This shit is not easy or fun (in my opinion)
Instead, let’s try to help with negotiating tactics for later on or open them up to areas where there are more wealthy SDs

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badasspeirs(.)tumblr(.)com/post/157225016734/aksaklik-please-imagine-the-short-one-in-your this has luztoye written all over. -f

Hello sweet Frankie!!

I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to this, I took a short hiatus from tumblr this week, sort of a mental health break.

I have very bad news, and a little drabble for you, so I will get the bad news out of the way first so we can end on something happy.

On…Tuesday or Wednesday, I think? I came home from work, ready to finish up the prompt I’ve been working on for you for the last 3 weeks (ugh!) only to find that it had not been saved and I had no way to access it. So, after laying on the ground and staring at the ceiling for a while, I realized that I was going to have to tell you the truth and say that, unfortunately, that prompt fill is going to have to be postponed indefinitely, as, at the moment, I will just feel crushed to have to start from scratch. That doesn’t mean that I won’t try to start it back up again eventually, because it’s such a cute idea and I actually had expanded it out with them slowly getting together (and breaking apart…and getting together again??) during the rest of the wedding prep time. But for now, I hope you won’t hate me that I will not be able to fill that prompt for you anytime in the near future. I still want to hear from you, and you can always feel free to send me more prompts and ideas, or just stop in to say hi and tell me about your day! For prompts, please feel free to send them, but I am going to take a small writing break in March, as that is when the Big Bang is starting, and I will be making the finishing touches on my fic as well as reading everyone else’s fics, so prompts may not be filled until a little after March. I’m so sorry again that I made you wait this long just for your idea to not even get completed. :(

Okay! On to happier things:

Most days, Luz likes the slight height difference between Joe and him. He likes that Joe can wrap his arms around him, and rest his chin on Luz’s head, and Luz can lean against his hard chest. He likes having easy access to Joe’s neck, where he can leave soft kisses, and Joe’s shoulder’s, where he can leave small but sharp bites, causing Joe to make slight, surprised grunts. He likes it almost every day, except the days when he just wants to greet his boyfriend with a kiss, and Joe is either being stubborn and distracted, or smug and playful and Luz can’t quite reach up enough to leave more than a skewed little peck without Joe meeting him halfway.

That’s why, one day, he decides to put his smug boyfriend in his place. 

He hugs Joe in greeting, but when he reaches up for a kiss Joe’s mouth curves into a smirk and he raises his chin up just a little so, even on tip-toes, Luz can’t quite reach him.

“Aw, babe, looks like you’re just a little too short for a kiss today,” Joe falsely laments. 

Luz scowls and rests back down on his heels. He quickly steals him face into a pout instead and prepares himself to act fast. Joe is not easily taken off guard or manhandled, but Luz is fairly confident in the element of surprise.

They stand like that for a moment, with Joe looking smug and Luz looking sad and rejected, before Joe’s smile turns soft and he lowers his chin. When Luz doesn’t make a move to try to kiss him again, Joe starts leaning down to give Luz a kiss instead. Before he can, Luz tightens his arms, that are still around Joe, and throws Joe down onto the couch they’re next to. 

Joe only gets out “what the-” before he’s sprawled out on the couch looking shocked.

Luz raises his arms in victory as he looks down on his boyfriend. 

“Who’s the short one now, fucker!”

Joe barks out a startled laugh at that, and Luz can’t help but grin even wider. 

Luz only has another moment to bask in his victory, before he’s being pulled onto the couch as well. He lands with his knees on either side of Joe. 

Joe looks up at Luz and puts his hand on the back of his neck to drag him down to kiss him, but Luz stops when he’s just about an inch away.

“So, are you gonna stop using your height against me?” he asks, resisting against Joe’s pull.

“I promise, I won’t use my height to stop you from kissing me again,” Joe says, and is able to pull Luz in completely and kisses him for just a moment.

Joe pulls back slightly, his breath ghosting against Luz’s skin, as he softly adds “today,” before capturing Luz’s lips again.

It takes Luz a few seconds to realize what Joe’s said, but by now he’s not really willing to break apart to argue. 

He’ll think of another way to get back at him, but for now, he’s got a boyfriend to make out with.

Thank you for the prompt, dear! 

And again, I’m so, so sorry, please don’t leave me!

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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how long do your especially long animations/one gif take you to make? like, the gif of batter running to a spectre with his tie, how long did it take you to make from the lineart to the final product? your animations are simply INCREDIBLE and just baffling, its amazing that just one person can make them!

Hello! The “Frenzy” took around 1 and a half week to make. The first week mostly consisted on looking at references (youtube, the mirror) and trying to get things going smoothly with the sketching and tweening (I actually forgot that he wore a tie on that scene xD I inserted it when the coloring took place which was on the 2nd week)

Other animations, like the ‘Fake Orchestra’ took 3 weeks cuz’ I took forever on the running to Dedan gif and coloring.

It seems hard and long but if you really enjoy what you’re doing, it would only feel like a few days. And thank you! I might upload the scratches so you guys could see ‘em. UPDATE: Here ya go! I chose this cuz’ the others were too embarrassing xd

Day one

So first day of the russian squat program felt like it was off to a good start. 170x6x2 for back squats flew up like it should’ve. Only took maybe 45-60sec rest for the first 3 sets and took 2mins for the 4th set then back to 45-60secs. Im likin the russian squat. Gets you pretty aquanted with lifting heavy weight (80% of 1rep max) and then bumps ya up for the peaking phase In week 4 which I really like.

Finished up with 135x3x3 for front squats. I fucking hate front squats cuz I ALWAYS end up getting choked out by the bar when it slides on my shirt -_-. Those weren’t bad either though. Really focused on keepin the knees out for all squats cuz I know thats a problem for me :/. Kept volume low though barely touched 4000lbs

Lastly did some hamstring curls with a 40lb dumbell for 40x3x10 and that was it. Easy day maybe 45mins in the gym including change time.

Did some extra stuff for my warm up since I had to wait for a rack, gym was unusually full on sunday (probs tryna get that workout in pre-superbowl binge). Saw a dude squat 315 for 20 and then laugh and beg for death so that was a nice motivator lol.
But yea 170 no longer scares me and im really looking forward to regularly squatting 2 plates. Like thats gonna happen in 2017 and I am proud