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While in Barcelona / Tom drabble

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland and special guest Tessa Holland

Warning: nudity (visual)

Request -  Can you do 68 and 70 with Tom? I feel like it could be really funny and cute.


70 -  “Oh. I guess I should put pants on then.”

The elevator dinged as it arrived to your floor, you headed down the hall swinging your room key thoughtlessly around your fingers as you went. It was early when you woke up so you headed to the hotel’s gym for a morning pick-me-up. Your boyfriend, who had been up till well past 2 AM, was fast asleep when you left. As you unlocked the door to your room, it was quiet as you stepped in. Guessing that your boyfriend was still fast asleep, you headed to the shower as quietly as you could. 

You quickly stripped out of your sweat-soaked clothes and got into the shower, washing your hair and body from the grime of the gym. It took you only roughly 15 minutes to wash away the smell of sweat from your hair and body, and you wrapped a towel around your body and walked out of the bathroom, the warmth of the hotel suite following you everywhere. you assumed Tom, your boyfriend, had left the heat on all night. You knew how cold he got in the morning after drinking, he’d be shivering for hours. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! If you weren't busy can I request Damian x reader who ends up as a big sister figure and dick gets jealous with all the time they spend hanging out? Please and thank you!

omg I totally did not mean for this to be so LONG but my imagination was like “I got u anon” and I gotchu babe! 
I really like this! 

Title: Roots

Theme: brother sister bonding

“Damian, I thought you were going out with Dick?” You asked, pausing in the doorway to see the youngest Robin hard at work in his sketch pad. “What happened?”

Damian didn’t even pause, continuing his lines. From what you could deduce, it was a nature scene of some kind. “If you must know, Grayson cancelled. Said something came up.”

Scowling, you figured that that something was named Jessica, a girl your friend had been prattling on about for a week. Entering the room, you sat on the couch next to Damian, reaching down to pet Titus. You let the silence engulf you, looking out the window as the sound of Damian’s pencil angrily scratching against paper filled the room. As much as he hated to admit it, he really did look up to the first Robin quite a bit.

You took in Damian’s appearance; sneakers on, laces tied, coat on the edge of the table. Dick must have just cancelled on him, and you shook your head at his tastelessness. Attempting to be tactful, you turned to Damian and carefully proposed an idea. “It is a nice day out; what if we took Titus for a hike? Greenland park is only 15 minutes from the city, and fresh air will do Titus good.”

Proposing outings with Damian’s animal posse was always the best way to go; he loved them more than anything. You observed out of the corner of your eyes as the furious pencil slowed to a stop, Damian glancing out the window. You held your breath.

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I work in one of the buildings that Riddler sometimes lights up with all those green question marks. My coworkers and I finally found the green lightbulbs, took them out, and switched them all so that the next time Riddler tried to light up our building with a question mark, it shined the word BUTT instead. #OnlyInGotham #KeepingItClassy UPDATE: He snuck back into the building to fix it, and we let him... but we're totally gonna change it back. It took him 15 hours and us only 45 minutes.

BTS reaction to their S/O having a dance related injury

Since I’m injured (permanently), why not do something based on what happened to me before :)

I fucking hate my teacher for making do something we both know I couldn’t do.


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anonymous asked:

Uhm...hi! First of all, I love your blog so much. You are definitely deserving of all the love you get and deserve even more. I was wondering if you could possibly write how the chocobros would react to their S/O obsessing over a baby (that isn't theirs, maybe a family member's or stranger's) I'm sorry it isn't much to go off of

Hello Darling, thank you so much! I enjoy the love that I get, and also have room to give and get more!  Children are…well they’re a gift from above…



“Are you pouting?” You giggled, holding the fourth Princess of Duriya, as you sat in the guest chair aside your fiance.

“No.” Noctis scoffed.

“She’s a natural.” Regis replied standing alongside the child’s mother.

“Are you certain that you don’t mind, Princess?” The child’s mother called, worried about offending you as you held her child.

You glanced to the three elder sisters ranging from 5 to 10, than to the baby curled so nicely within your arms and the bosom of your dress, “I don’t mind, she’s such a good baby.”

Regis chuckled fondly, “So long as your daughter is within my daughter’s care, everything shall be fine.” He replied with a wink, at your overly large smile. Regis loved seeing that smile beam on your face since he first started calling you Daughter after Noctis’s proposal.

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William Nylander - I’ve Been Waiting (Requested)

Originally posted by leafbabies

A/N: Enjoy guys!

Word Count: 1.3K

Warnings: None 

Request: Where your Alex best friend and you fall in love with William.

“You should just tell him you have feelings for him,” Alex said as he finished taping up his stick. You watched as he methodically checked over his job before looking towards his brother. Will was on the ice shooting the puck at an empty net waiting for his brother to hop on so they could do some drills together. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” you answered as you knelt down to tighten your skates. 

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Crushing on You Pt. 1 ( Park Woojin )

Author’s Note: I’m sorry I took so long just to upload one part lmao I kept getting distracted by updates or getting up to get food whenever I went to write. Anyways, this is gonna be a 2 part scenario bcuz its pretty long so I hope u enjoy this. also sorry if the ending felt a little bit rushed i really wanted to finish part 1 so i could upload lol

Character: Park Woojin

Genre: Fluff :-)

Word Count: 4,449

Summary: Highschool!AU and Non-Idol!AU where your childhood friend Park Woojin has a crush on you and your brother Kang Daniel helps him confess his feelings to you.

Requested Scenario!!!

Part 2 is uploaded!

Originally posted by oneironaut12

“YAH Y/N! HURRY UP OR WE’LL MISS THE BUS!” Your brother’s voice yell from downstairs. You stood up late finishing up homework that was due today since you procrastinated watching variety shows for the past couple days and you were attempting to not look bad in a short amount of time. “I KNOW I KNOW I’M COMING!” You yell back at him, slamming your door shut behind you with your bag in your hand, running quickly down the stairs, almost slipping on the last step. “Can you be any slower?” your brother teased, giving you a mocking smile. “Shut up Daniel. I just woke up late.” you say, smacking his arm as you walk past him to get your shoes. “I saved you a banana since you spent all your time doing your makeup.” he said and placed the curve of the banana on your shoulder where it would lay like a weird shoulder guard. You were too busy trying to put your ridiculously hard to slip on shoes and grunted as thanks. “Wow I don’t even get a proper thank you. Rude.” he said and opened the door and walked a couple steps forward, turning back around to look at you still putting on your other shoe.

A familiar voice near the gates of your house calls out to you as you were shoving your foot into your shoe. “Y/N did you wake up late again?” You look up to see your childhood friend Woojin waiting outside the gates, Daniel greeting him with a low high-five, followed with a friendly chest bump. You rolled your eyes at the lame greeting he had with your brother, finally getting your foot into your dumb shoe and hopped up to dust off your uniform. You walked out of the house, shutting and locking the door behind you. As you walked towards the two boys that were bickering, you grabbed the banana that Daniel placed on your shoulder and started eating it with a blank expression. 

“You look like a gorilla.” Daniel snorted with a huge grin on his face and immediately got hit by you. You glared at him before continuing to eat the banana and Woojin stepped back to let you too walk out from behind the gates, the three of you walking down the road to get to the bus stop. “How come you got no sleep? Did you watch too many variety shows again?” Woojin teased, laughing a little when he looked down to see you giving him a “shut your mouth” kind of stare. He couldn’t take the glare seriously since one cheek was slightly filled with the banana that you were eating and you smacked him lightly on the arm. 

You sighed and threw the banana peel in a nearby trashcan. “No it was the negative effects of watching too many variety shows. I didn’t do any of my homework until last night.” You say and stretch your arms up, letting out a long exhale. “How do you even watch variety shows for 5 days straight?” Daniel said and looked at you with a weirdly judgmental face. “Yah, I don’t judge you for watching a kids show don’t judge me for watching variety shows.” You retorted, glancing at Woojin who was laughing at the sibling bickering. “It’s not a kids show! You know damn well that everyone loves Power Rangers.” He huffed and nudged you to the side a little too hard (poor baby forgets his own strength sometimes), causing you to lose balance.

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Compatibility - DIY

I’ve gotten 90k asks in my inbox at some point or another asking about, rather specific, compatibility. So, I’m gonna show you what I do when I look for compatibility, so you understand why I may not answer them:

First, look at both of your charts.
Lets say this is you and your sweetheart:
Leo Sun (10 degrees), Aquarius Sun (6 degrees)
Gemini Rising (2 degrees), Sag Rising (0 degree)
Cancer Moon (2 degrees), Cancer Moon (28 degrees)
Gemini Venus (4 degrees), Pisces Venus (6 degrees)
Cancer Mars (0 degrees), Aries Mars (28 degrees)

First, look at all the degrees in which they’re around 8 within each other.
Sun-Sun, Venus-Venus, Mars-Sun, Mars-Venus, Venus-Sun and Moon-Moon, Moon-Mars and Venus-Mars.
• Sun and Sun are Opposition, because on the wheel they’re direct opposite of one another. This is both good, and bad. It’s a powerful placement, however, it comes with plenty of stress and strain. You have to work through this.
• Venus and Venus are Square. This also brings lots of stress, and isn’t as powerful as an Opposition. This is an obstacle you have to overcome. Most often, people will take this placement as “Not Compatible”.
• Mars and Sun are Inconjunct. This means they have nothing to do with each other, and therefore often cause problems. If Actions/Sex and Ego aren’t connecting, this often creates a dynamic of a couple where one person’s needs are being met, but the other isn’t. It’s very one sided, sexually, and when it comes to PDA. This would also be considered “Not Compatible”.
• Mars and Venus are Trine! This means they’re good for one another, understand one another, and mix well. This is the most compatible aspect, so keep at it. (This is even more compatible if the Mars is in the more feminine person’s chart and the Venus is in the more masculine).
• Venus and Sun are also Trine! While this is good, you’ll notice that the ego of Aquarius is being served quite a lot, and Leo’s… isn’t. While this is a good aspect to have in most couples, in this particular couple it may *feel* nice, but overall it can be toxic for Leo, simply because their Mars is already giving up so much. This would seem compatible, but isn’t, solely due to the needs of this Leo in particular, for others, this is considered a compatible aspect.
• Moon and Moon are Semi-Sextile! Yep, you heard me, not Conjunct. 30 degrees (+/- 8) makes a semi-sextile, which isn’t very powerful, but it does have it’s benefits. This adds some understanding and thoughtfulness that the conjunct may not have had. This is very compatible.
• Moon and Mars are Square. This has a lot of inconsiderate nature to it. They (Mars) often do things without consulting Moon, and it usually hurts them to some degree. This is very manageable, if you have the right Mercury sign aspects. This can also be difficult when confronting them (Mars) about relationship issues, as they may feel attacked. This is incompatible.
• Venus and Mars are Sextile. This is a positive aspect, and this helps out a lot. You’ll notice there is already a Mars and Venus (Trine) aspect. How can this couple have these planets connect in these ways? Well, the Mars and Venus talks about the Actions of Leo (Cancer Mars) and Venus of Aquarius (Pisces Venus). This is talking about Leo’s Venus (Gemini) and Aquarius’s Mars (Aries). This is also compatible, and having two seriously positive interactions between both makes it great!

However, on a whole, would you say these people are Compatible… or not? See, the line gets a little blurry when you look at it deeply, and this is only between personal planets, not even delving into each others Houses or Outer Planets and their affects.
Not only that, but this alone took me 15 minutes. Imagine how long it’d take for me to do a full reading? While I love you guys appreciate me to the level you do and trust me to the extent to ask if you’re compatible, I simply cannot be answering them without running myself into the ground.

Need your loving (Tom Holland x Reader)

Request: So this isn’t a request but I was listening to ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5 in the car this morning and I couldn’t help but think about lip syncing that to Tom in front of the whole cast of Civil War just to embarrass him c: So cute when he blushes xx / Anytime! But also my mind took I turn when the lines “Yeah I want that red velvetI want that sugar sweet Don’t let nobody touch itUnless that somebody’s me I gotta be your manThere ain’t no other way'Cause girl you’re hotter than a southern California day” LIKE IMAGINE KNEE SLIDING ROCK N ROLL STYLE IN BETWEEN HIS THIGHS LIKE HE"D BE SO FLUSTERED AND JUST AWWW / Okay so remember awhile back when I sent an ask about singing Maroon 5’s Sugar to Tom and him being all flustered and knee sliding to him and aw… Could you pretty please do an imagine on that? THANKS LOVEYOUUU by @cassatron-castiel (it doesn’t let me tag???)

A/N: I had so much fun writing this and it only took me 15 minutes! I hope you like this! :) x 

You lied on Tom’s bed, reading a book as he studied his script. Music was playing on the background, a Spotify playlist on shuffle.
You closed the book, which you had read multiple times, and stared at the ceiling.
‘’I’m bored’’ you told Tom, looking at him.
He looked back at you and laughed softly before returning his attention to the stack of paper in his hands. You rolled your eyes and hummed softly to the music, getting up to turn the volume up and change the song. Sugar by Maroon 5 started to play, making you jump out of excitement. You whispered the first verses, walking to the bed, an idea forming in your mind.
‘’Cause I really don’t care where you are,’’ you started, making Tom look at you, a frown on his forehead, ‘’I just wanna be there where you are and I gotta get one little taste’’ you sang with a sensual tone in your voice.
He blushed as you got onto bed on your knees, softly sliding onto him. He put the papers aside as your legs got between his, his hands moving to your waist, softly shaking, indicating you he was nervous and feeling shy about the situation.
‘’Your sugar, yes please’’ you whispered. ‘’Won’t you come and put it down on me?’’
He run his hands up your body, soft gasps escaping his mouth as you kissed down his neck. You removed his t-shirt, leaving a small hickie on his chest.
‘’Don’t let nobody touch it,’’ you whispered into his lips, ‘’unless that somebody’s me.’’
You kissed him softly, the kiss turning heated as it went on. He removed your t-shirt, only breaking the kiss to get it off your head.
‘’Yeah, you show me good loving, make it alright’’ you continued. ‘’Need a little sweetness in my life’’ you finally said, his lips attacking the soft spot on your neck.
He looked at you, his hair messy and his eyes full of lust, although an adoring and funny look on them.
‘’I guess I’ll have to make you bored more often’’ he whispered, making you laugh before kissing him again.

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Their Little Stars

“You betrayed me.” Draco said as he sat in front of her, slouching.

“What, when?” Hermione asked as she sipped from her ‘Mummy <3’ cup.

“Last night.”

'Mmkay’ Hermione thought.

“In my dreams.” Draco slightly pouted.

“Oh, what did you dream about this time?”

Silence was met in the kitchen as Hermione raised her brows. Before she asked once again, a happy shriek came bouncing from the hall to the stairs.

“Mummy!” A voice giggled out.

“In the kitchen.” She called out.

“Look, look, my hair is pink.”

They look towards their daughter to see her once blonde curls turn into a bright pink and a large smile on her face.

“Cassie, my love bug, look at your beautiful hair.” Draco playfully weeped.

“Draco, Cassie just did accidental magic you know that right and all you care about is her hair? She’s 5 and that’s an age where Lyra and Scorpius didn’t reach until they were 7.”

“But Hermione, her hair.” Draco frowned and ignored what his wife had said to played with his youngest daughter curly pink hair.



“Mum, Dad, morning.”

“Scorp, Lyra did you both sleep well?” Hermione had asked as she got three cups out of the cupboard.


Hermione poured three cups of orange juice in glasses that had a Scorpius constellation, 'Cassiopeia Malfoy’ and 'L.M’

Now a few months ago, Cassiopeia had the idea to start drawing her art on the white walls. From small scribbles to large lines from her room to Scorpius finding large blue swirly mess in his room. It wasn’t until he shouted “Cassie” out loud and Draco came running in, shoving the door with his wand in hand.

“What happened? Why were you shouting?”

“Dad! Look at what Cassie did to my room.”

“Scorp, we can get rid of her art easily. Just a bit of lil scrub here and there and we-”

“Scrubbing?! Dad that’s muggle work.”

“Hey, nothing wrong with scrubbing like a muggle.”

“We’re magic dad. You’re magic. Can’t you just get rid of it.”

“Scorpius, I’ve did some bad things in my younger years of life and it gave me a huge regret.”

“What did you do?”

“I made bad choices and I was very lucky for everyone forgiving me. But it wasn’t easy.”

“Is this some kind of a lesson?”

“Well aren’t you becoming cocky.”

“Daaaad.” Scorpius winged.

“All I’m saying is that you should forgive Cassie. I’m sure she didn’t mean it. She was just expressing her art.”

“You call this art? They’re just squiggly lines. Have you seen the living room? The kitchen? What will mum say when she comes home and sees her "art”?“

"Wow. You’re right. Okay don’t tell your mother that I cleaned with magic. She’ll have my head.”

“Why are you so scared of her anyways?”

“Son, you have not seen her in her angry moments and I swear I’m sure you don’t want to see it.”

Before Draco can clean the mess, Hermione came home to find the walls coloured, she sighed and dropped her things on the couch before going up to her daughters’ room.

“Cassie? Sweetheart? Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Mummy? Why doesn’t anyone like my art?”

Cassie heard the conversation with her Daddy and brother, she frowned. Hermione could see her tears before Cassie can do a tantrum, Hermione stopped it.

“Cass, not everyone will like what you’ll do in the future. But don’t let that stop you for doing what you love. for now, you can keep your art work in secret, so that one day you can show it to others.”

“What can I do?”

“How about tomorrow I’ll get you a book that you can place your art in.”

“Won’t that finish easily?”

“I’ll charm the pages so that it’ll be endless.”

“Hmm, okay”

“Well tonight how about we do some crafts?”

“Is it my turn already?”

“Of course. Last week it was scorp and now it’s yours. What do you want to make this time?”

“Cups. With daddy, Scorp , you and Lyra’s name.”

“And yours as well?”


“Let’s get to it then.”


“Crafts again? Why can’t we do something else.” He said as the family started to gather around a small table in the living room.

“Scorpius, we each have our own things we like. Lyra and her books, you and Quidditch and Cassie with art.”

“Yeah Scorp. Just because you can’t draw doesn’t mean you can put your hate on cassies hobbies.” Lyra also included.

“I can so draw.” He stated.

“Yeah little sticks.”

“Now we have 10 cups. Two for each of us. Here is how it’ll go. One cup you can make for yourself and the other we’ll pick names from a hat and whoever has one name does a cup for that person.”

“What if Scorp gets mine?”

“Hey!” Scorpius somehow felt offended.

“Lyra, I’m sure Scorp has some fantastic ideas for your cup. Okay, now we’ll take turns on getting a name out of the hat, Cass can go first.”

Cassie placed her hands in and took out a small piece of paper.

“What does it say?” Lyra eagerly asked.

“Who have you got sweetheart?” Draco leaned over and questioned.


Next was Lyra’s turn. She opened the folded paper and it read 'Daddy’

The hat was passed in a circle, Draco got Scorpius, Hermione had Lyra and finally Scorpius ended with Cassie.

“Now we get to keep these cups forever. So don’t do anything mean, be nice.”


The family got into their work. Hermione finished Lyra’s cup and sat back to watch everyone’s face so focused into their cups. She smiled at her youngest, Cassiopeia Jean Malfoy had the likes for art, everyone had thought since she was a daddy’s girl, she would live for quidditch, it was a surprise when she was into art.

No one from the both side of the family had artistic tastes. But since Cassie started to smile as she used one of Hermione’s lipstick to scribble on the bathroom floor, Hermione took the chance to change her room from a pale green to white with the walls charmed.

The charm was simply put as whenever Cassie would draw in the walls, a few days at most, her art would all transfer to a medium sized drawing book. She had told Cassie this after she came in crying that she walked in on the house elves cleaning her room and her art was gone.

She was taken back to the real world when someone stated “done”. It was Lyra.

“You can give it to daddy when you finish your other cup Lyra.”



In the end, it took the family four hours to finish their crafts weekend. Everyone gave the cups to each other.

Hermiones cup said 'Mummy <3’, Scorpius’s cup had a drawing of his constellation, curtesy from Draco. Lyra had 'Lyra Narcissa Malfoy’ with books drawn stacked under her name, Draco had “My #1 Dad’ and Cassie’s cup had 'Cassiopeia Malfoy’ with paint brushes on the bottom of her name.

Then they all showed their other cups. Draco’ written on his cup was 'Daddy Malfoy’, Lyra had written her initials 'L.M’

Scorpius had drawn a large golden snitch and in the middle had his name 'Scorpius Malfoy’, Cassie wrote her name 'CASSIE’ in capital letters and used different colours and Hermione had 'Hermione. M’

"These cups look lovely.”

“Number one dad huh?” Scorpius asked as he saw his dad’s cup being proudly held by a proud Draco.


“Daddy’s girl.”

Before Lyra could retaliate, Hermione looked up at the time and gasped.

“Oh my. Look at the time.”

On the wall, the clock displayed the numbers 10:45pm.

“Let’s clean up and get ready for bed.”

“Can you read a story again tonight?”

“Well alright. What’ll it be tonight?”

“A Hogwarts one.” Lyra and Scorpius said.

“And you my little love bug?” Draco asked Cassie.

Silence was met and he asked again.

“Love bug? Cassie?”

“Looks like she’s exhausted.” Hermione giggled seeing her youngest sleep on her daddy’s shoulder.

“I’ll set her in. You go with the twins.”

As the three left the living room, Draco carefully climbed the stairs to Cassie’s room. On the door there’s a Cassiopeia sign and underneath another sign that was written, CasSIe. It was from when she started learning how to write, he was so proud of it he wanted to put it on the fridge to show it off. He smiled as he opened her door, looking at the large flower on the wall next to the bed she had drawn disappear.

He laid her down and covered her with the blanket. Before leaving, he bent down to kiss her hair.

“My little star, I love you. ”

Draco looked back to the little Malfoy sleeping peacefully on her big bed, also seeing her pink hair magically disappear to the identical blonde on his own head.


It took only 15 minutes to get each twin soundly asleep before Hermione went to her own bed.

“What story did you tell them this time?”

“One about how Harry made Dumbledore’s Army and how we practised making patronuses.”



“The twins will go to Hogwarts next year.”

“I know.”

“It’s too fast.”

“I’ll miss them too. But they’re excited to go and we’ll make sure that they both write to us.”

“Lyra will be in Gryffindor and Scorpius in Slytherin.” Draco stated, yet his face is etched in worry.

“What are you worried about?”

“Scorp’s going to go straight to Slytherin for sure. But it’s Lyra I’m worried about. She has your brains and nothing of me, she practically looks like you, except for her eyes.”

“You’re worried she’s going to Gryffindor? I was in Gryffindor.”

“If she gets into Gryffindor, I’m positive she’s going to befriend one of Weasley or Potter’s pawns.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

The Are you kidding me right now? Your Hogwarts years has been nothing but dangerous from start to finish.”

“Draco. He’s gone. There’s no danger and Lyra will be fine.”

“I trust you, Hermione. I really do. But if she does go into Gryffindor, one of their pawns is going to steal our daughter and fly into the sunset with her.”

“Well aren’t you thinking that far into the future…Listen to me Draco, She’s only ten. Plus from eleven to thirteen years old, girls don’t think about boys at that age. Now please stop this constant worrying and let’s go to sleep.”

“I love you.” He sighed.

“I love you too.” She leaned down to kiss him.



The Adventures of Mr. KitKat

Pairing: Damian x Reader (Friendship). 

Summary: Damian is turned into a kitten and found by reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1116

 A/n: Hope you enjoy this. I’m thinking of making this a series but I’m not so sure yet.

Frustrated, that was the word.

Damian Wayne was certainly feeling frustrated. What started as a normal night of patrolling soon turned into a nightmare for the youngest son of Batman. Damian didn’t know how it happened or why it happened, well….. maybe he did know how it happened but admitting it was a little bit embarrassing for him.

He had just stop a mugging in crime alley, the usual thing of everyday: stop the mugging, beat the criminal and call the police, nothing interesting or at least it was until the man he just saved from said mugging turned against him. He took a gun out of his jacket and aimed it at Damian. Now, this was a shock for the boy wonder but what happened next was certainly stranger. The mugger, that just a second ago was on the floor took advantage of Damian’s shock and did something unexpected. The low life criminal threw something at Damian, some king of powder but more heavy than it, the weird object smelled funny and felt hot on Damian’s skin. Damian was certainly not proud of being caught off guard, he was already beating himself for not acting fast enough and on top of that for not realizing that the mugging itself was just a charade.

 All this happened in less than a minute.

 The two men who seemed to be working together ran away after throwing him the stuff, if Damian wasn’t feeling so tired he would have chased them. But that was not the case, Damian was tired and angry. Two common low life criminals had manage to evade HIM, a trained assassin of the league of assassins and Batman, that was outrageous. He would have continued the rambling inside his head if it wasn’t for the tiredness that took over his body, he fell into the floor head first and butt up.

 “Father will find me “he thought

And just like that he fell unconscious.

 It only took him 15 minutes to regain consciousness, but those 15 minutes felt like hours for the youngest Wayne

 Damian stirred a little and with his eyes still closed he thought how his father would react to the past event. “He will be disappointed, I am disappointed” and more so because I went patrolling on a school night. “He will be furious”

 He did not want to open his eyes, so he decided to take a few more minutes of sleep before confronting his father, and with that Damian decided to snuggle closer to the blanket he was sure Pennyworth must have put on him. “Father did find me” Damian thought

 “But, wait a minute”. Damian started thinking

 The manor does not smell like piss and his bed does not feel like a hard rock. Alarmed, Damian opened his eyes, and he was welcomed to a terrible sight, he was not back home but on the floor of an alley. It was still dark so not much time must have passed he thought.

 But something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong.

 He was not covered in a blanket but on a very familiar red suit, His suit.

 Now. That was bad

 He was suddenly too small for his suit. With a lot of effort, he managed to get out of his suit.

 Just to realize that not only was he small, but he was also covered in fur and standing on four.

 He had a faint idea of what was happening, but admitting it sounded foolish.

 Damian decided that the best action he could make was call Batman.

He was ready to do so but stopped when he heard something.

 “Mom can we drink some cocoa when we get home”

“I don’t think so Y/N it’s already late and you have school tomorrow”

 “But, mom”

 Oh No.

The voices where getting closer

 What would they think of a cat sitting on top of a robin suit?

They could steal the suit and find out Batman identity, he may be a cat now but Damian was no fool.

He took the suit and boots with his mouth and faster than he could, hid it behind a dumpster. It was hard and maybe he ended up with a sore mouth but it was necessary.

“Look mom, a kitten”

 “Meow” what!?!?

 Damian was startled he may have not been as fast as he thought. This plebeian picked him up from where he was hiding, hurting his belly in the process.

 “Y/N, be careful with the animal, you don’t know what kind of diseases it might carry”

 “But mommy it’s just a kitten, it won’t hurt me”

Getting tired of having his belly squeezed as a lemon, he decided the best thing to do was to escape the barbarian that was holding him.

 “Ouch!! He scratched me ”

Damian took advantage of this and went back to his hiding place, he could here the child and mother arguing from his place.

“Let’s go back home, Y/N, I’ll clean your scratch and then if you’re good I’ll give you some cocoa” he heard

“But mommy, it’s cold, something might happen to the kitty, he could die”

 “What are you trying to say Y/N?”

 “Can we take him home, please”

“MEOW!!” What!!. He would not go home with this foolish child he would rather fight the joker than that.

 “No, it’s a stray cat” at least someone has a common sense Damian thought

 But the child was right, it was indeed a cold night, winters in Gotham were always cold. Oh how he longed to be back home drinking tea while listening to Grayson’s incessant talking.

“But, mom it’s just a kitten”

 “No, buts Y/N, that cat already scratch you, it’s late we won’t get a cab in here. Common Y/N ”

 The women took her bag and walked a few steps ahead of the child, Damian was already getting comfortable in his corner, when he feel the same pain in his belly as before, the child, no, the girl was picking him up again and brought him close to her mouth.

 “Don’t worry Mr. KitKat, I’ll keep you safe from winter” Y/N muttered to him.

 And with that she put him inside her black coat, Damian resisted the urge to scratch the girl again, but the inside of the coat was warm and he was tired.

“Y/N” he heard the women shout

 “I’m coming mom”

 What an impulsive girl Damian thought. Hiding a cat inside her coat when the mother didn’t want the cat. Well that’s not my problem I’ll just focus on getting home, and with that Damian fall asleep without knowing that it would take his family weeks before actually finding him.

It's The Little Things // 11:38 PM

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Featuring: Tom Holland

Warning: fluff

Prompt: you’ve had a long hard day and were upset over small things. Tom, being the most caring boyfriend, knows just how to cheer you up.


The door clicked shut behind you as you headed into your condo. The lights were on in the living room when you walked through, your boyfriend was sitting on one of the couches. He turned his head to smile at you as you threw your work bag onto the floor with an exaggerated sigh.

“Long day?” He asked, watching with a furrowed brow.

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” You answered. Your day consisted of many people, too much vomit, and multiple different spill mishaps.

“Why don’t you go have a hot bath? I’ve got dinner cooking.” Tom said, reaching his hand over to you and pulled you in front of him as he still sat on the couch. Your lips were in a pout as Tom dragged you over.

“I guess,” you sighed, looking down at your boyfriend. His eyes wandered from your hands, that were entwined with his, up to your eyes.

Tom stood to his feet swiftly, reaching your height and kissing you. You laughed softly against his lips. You weren’t expecting him to kiss you, especially right after work. Knowing that you smelt mostly of bodily fluids and chemicals. (You worked as an RN).

You stepped back to give Tom a small smile. “I’m going to shower.” He nodded in response as you headed to the bathroom to wash away the days smell.

It took you only 15 minutes to feel somewhat clean. Then you headed out to the living room where Tom was no longer. Wandering into the kitchen, Tom had set the small kitchen table with your dinner set out. He turned to you as you walked in, giving you a small Tom Holland small.

“Hello, beautiful.” He said to you in his wonderfully rough, yet somehow soft, voice.

“Hi,” your own voice wavered. Seeing Tom like this always made you emotional. Given that fact that you were always emotionally unstable, your boyfriend made that more intense.

Tom made you nervous. But it was a good kind of nervous. He swept you off your feet and left your breathless in the best possible way. And he did it every day. No matter it being his adorable, groggy morning voice, to his sassy attitude when it came to choosing dinner plans. Tom Holland made you fall in love with him slowly, and then all at once. Everyday.

“Hungry?” Tom offered, pulling out your chair for you. Giving him a small smile, you took the seat. Tom sat opposite you and began to eat.

“How was your day, love?” He asked, watching as you poked at your food but didn’t eat it.

“Uhm. Horrible, honestly.” You snorted in annoyance. Something you usually did when you were cranky.

“Why’s that?” You knew Tom was just trying to help, and make you feel better. But him asking about your day only made you relieve every bad thing that had happened throughout the day.

“I don’t really feel like talking about it.” You answered shortly. Tom eyed you cautiously before continuing to eat his dinner. No more words were exchanged as the dinner grew on.

After dinner, Tom cleaned the kitchen up as you headed into the living room. The tv was shut off as you sat on the couch, clouded up in your own head, not realising that Tom came into the living room 10 minutes later. You watched silently as he switched the tv on and out in a movie. He sat down slowly beside you, like as if he moved any faster you would have bit him.

The tv flashed with movie previews before going to the direct screen play. Tom even more slowly wrapped an arm around your shoulders to pull you against him. You willingly rested your head on his chest as the movie rolled out to play, you recognised the music immediately as Descendants started play.

“Disney movies?” You inquired as you turned your head up to look at Toms face. He only smiled in return, leaning his head down to peck you on the lips.

“I’m sorry you had a bad day.” Tom said softly. You only snuggled closer to him in response. Perfectly content with the night that played out.

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Just dropping this here to show you something interesting.

I have been doing some animation experiments for the trailer that is going to promote my friend Ezelle’s amazing book “The Valiard Mansion”.

As you can see, it’s not a finished thing and there are quite a lot of frames missing towards the end yet, but it was in the midst of working that I suddenly really wanted to see how the thing would look like with twice as many frames. 

Going full 24 fps is something I never even tried before, I only occasionally mix a couple of frames at 24 fps speed into it when there’s a really quick movement within the animation. Lazy me always told herself that the eye wouldn’t perceive the difference anyway, now I’m pretty shocked about how much smoother the 24 fps animation looks.

It’s actually not THAT MUCH of an elaborate thing to do in a pencil test. Once you have your normal 12 fps test, you can just fill in additional frames between the ones you already have, it doesn’t require a lot of thinking, only a bit precision, and I think it only took me about 45 minutes to an hour 15 or something while doing the actual 12 fps animation has been taking me many hours to make.

However, I think in order to make it look good, you would have to clean up very carefully at that quick timing or the thing will flicker. Also, colouring the double amount of frames(that are almost identical to each other most of the time) would completely wreck my nerves. I don’t think I will go that far here, but I just wanted to share the two versions with you because I think it’s interesting :)


Request: Could you do a Peter Parker x female reader where they r dating and he takes a pic of her but she doesn’t like it and refuses to keep it and he gets all upset about how it’s cute and all that?

Requested By: @monstaal

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word count: 970+

Warnings: None

Tagged: @curlycals

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kristilynn  asked:

Not a "Fuck Customer" but rather a "Thank You Customer". Today our printer was not working and my boss was looking at it while I checked a guy out. The guy noticed she just could not figure out what was going on so he volunteered to check it out because he works I.T. so he's probably seen whatever it is. So not only did he figure out what the problem but he took 15 minutes out of his day fixing it for us. It's good to know that some customers are actually decent human beings.

Here that wouldn’t be allowed. If he broke it or it broke later the it department for the chain would charge the store for the repair and no one wants to risk taking the hit.