it only gets more depressing


Jeb Bush defunded Planned Parenthood and now Florida is one of the worst states for women’s health

In 2001, Gov. Jeb Bush cut $302,843 for family planning services for poor women through Planned Parenthood in Florida. Now, 25% of women in Florida are uninsured. More than 20% of women in Florida report being in fair or poor health. 20% of Floridian women have no access to a personal doctor or health care provider. And the stats get only more depressing from there.

Am I the only one on here who's bothered by all these depressing quotes and stuff?

Like I feel like it glorifies depression and suicide and also like it’s a way for teens to pretend they’re grungy and unique… I really hate it!

Even worse when people take quotes from tv shows and movies and take them completely out of context to make them depressing!

I don’t want to see a whole bunch of pictures talking about suicide, I want to be uplifted and happy. These grungy quotes only help to make people feel more depressed because they get so caught up in that kind of thinking. It’s just horrible.

So, I think I’ve reached that point again where I just hate everything I draw (seriously, how do you hair…). This really sucks because I know the only way to get over it is to draw more, but it’s depressing to hate everything you make. Ah the eternal vicious circle of art…

Still, I forced myself to finish this one. I love Nayru. Oracle of Ages was my first Zelda game, this is quite nostalgic. Maybe I’ll find the courage to draw the other two.

dontwannadancewithnobody  asked:

how can you create an entire language when i can't even pass my french test? :((((

For starters, I could pass your French test. (Because I took French.)

Listen, you don’t need to create languages. It’s just a fun thing to do. :) If you don’t have fun doing it, then don’t worry about it; it’s all good.

What you should do, though, is learn every language. Seriously, we’re only alive once. ONCE. That’s insane! Growing up playing video games has saddled me with the understanding of what it would be like to have multiple lives and get the opportunity to redo things. Anyone who plays video games intuitively knows what that’s like. It hasn’t changed anything about human lives or how we live: it’s just made us more depressed about the fact we get only one of these things. It’s not like you can back to an earlier save point and see what it’d be like to work on a cruise ship for a summer: This is it! It’s now or never! You’re not going to get another opportunity to learn Xhosa. The time is now! And you’re a human: You can do it! It’s within your capabilities! Any human can do it! Isn’t that awesome?! DO IT! PUT THE BERRY IN THE LITTLE BASKET AND SQUISH IT!

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