it no longer seems that intimidating

- Draco scrubs the skin on his arm viciously every time he showers. The skin is always red and marked by scratches. He tries so hard to get the mark off of him. He wants to feel clean again.
- George can’t look in the mirror anymore. Not without remembering Fred. He smashes all mirrors in their home. He cuts his hair, he dyes it.
- Neville sees Nagini in his dreams. But in his dreams it reaches Ron and Hermione before he does.
- Harry has multiple wands all around his house hidden in places that only he knows. Beneath his pillow, beneath his bed, under the couch. Just in case.
- Hermione’s boggart is no longer failure.
- Draco and Blaise are afraid of fire.
- Someone accidentally calls George “Fred” once. No one knows who starts crying first.
- Headmistress Miverna Mcgonagall is fierce, powerful and kind. All first years are intimidated and amazed, she seems untouchable. However some nights she roams the school hallways and remembers every student she lost, every life that got taken away too soon, every soul that left them too early.
- Harry suddenly can’t stay in very small rooms. He feels trapped, his throat starts convulsing and his eyes sting.
- Hagrid still feels the weight of what he thought was Harry’s corpse in his hands. It haunts him.
- Hermione, Ron and Harry had gotten so used to spending months having one small meal per day that sometimes they forget they’re supposed to eat.
- Harry rolls in his sleep once and hits his forehead against the night stand on accident, when he wakes up with pain on his forehead his heart sinks and his whole body freezes. It isn’t until he sees the bruise that he’s able to calm down. Because Voldemort isn’t back.
- Ron dreams that he’s back in their tent, traveling and hiding, he’s changing the radio stations and he hears Ginny’s names as one of the victims.
- Molly always has “where’s Fred?” on the tip of her tongue, at all times.
- Harry spends the year post-war discovering who he is, what he loves, other than the Boy-who-lived and the Savior-of-the-Wizarding-World. Because there are things he never had time to think about, never had time to experiment, never had time to experience. Sometimes he wonders if coming back had been the right choice, because it hurt so bad on some days that he couldn’t take it.
- When Teddy is sad or scared and he’s crying, Harry tells him stories and shows him pictures of his parents, it’s then and only then that he calms down and his hair goes back to normal.
- Harry pulls back to himself when the date of his death nears every year, his friends do everything in their power to bring him out of it.
- Draco and Harry have talks about the war some nights, both saw what Voldemort was capable of, Harry in his dreams, Draco in his home. Both understand.
- Luna is quirkier and weirder than ever before. She always does everything in her power to lighten up the mood in the room when the silence is bitter and mournful. It’s like she can’t stop shifting and smiling and nervously twitching and saying random facts about things no one has heard of before. Everyone knows it’s her way of coping, of staying positive. So no one minds. It’s comforting.
- Harry gets the sudden desire to travel all over the world. Sometimes Ron and Hermione come with him, others he goes alone, once Neville joins him. Draco does too.
- Draco starts writing, he writes thousands of words on some nights and none on others. He’s good at it, too.
- Harry always, without fail, looks for Sirius’ constellation. He visits his grave too, tells him how things are going in his life, how he’s coping, how he isn’t.
- Hermione getting a tattoo of blooming pastel flowers on top of her “mudblood” scar, because she’s alive, many her friends are alive and she wants to remember that.

And maybe not all is well, maybe they have scars time cannot erase, but they’re together, their hearts are still beating, so it’ll be okay. They’re going to be okay.

deal | pt 1 (m)

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,366 

part two 

Eyes like ice, cold and calculating narrow over the rim of a wine glass. Soft lips press to the polished glass, the crimson complimenting tan skin. If it weren’t for the soft dent between his brows you would have assumed he had not heard you. He takes his time allowing the wine to caress his palate, eyes closed as he savors the taste.  As always, he makes you wait until the wine glass is drained of it’s dark contents. You ponder on the taste, if it is bitter upon his tongue much like his words.

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ainahsatsuki  asked:

Can I ask for a HC were in MC was a student and it was her first day in her senior year in college and her new profs were the RFA members + V + Saeran. It was her first time meeting them, but the members already saw her more than once.

We didn’t make these romantic, only because we felt it could be a little problematic with the whole teacher/student thing. But we hope you still enjoy them! 


  • You enter some elective literature class on the first day
  • You’re not to psyched about until the professor walks in
  • He was dazzling. Quite literally.
  • Not to mention there was something enrapturing about his voice
  • You were dazed until you heard him call your name and ask a question
  • You thought nothing of it until you realized he hadn’t done attendance
  • So how did he know your name?
  • You keep quiet and wait until after class to ask about it
  • He reveals who he is and that he’s seen you  around but wanted to surprise you
  • He tends to quiz you a lot in the chatroom, which can get on your nerves
  • But at the same time, he’s like an encouraging brother to you and your studies
  • About midway through the semester, you realize he’s pretty relaxed when it comes to assignments and grades with you
  • So you confront him about it and ask him to treat you normally–no matter how close you were
  • He agrees…and he’s definitely not easy on you in class anymore
  • So many questions


  • You got to your biochem class a little early on the first day
  • He looked so young that you mistook him as a student
  • You start up conversation and ask if he did the reading assigned by the professor in the middle of break
  • He says he did, but you start complaining about how stupid it was
  • You quietly fade out as you observe his face
  • Is he glaring????
  • The majority of the students get there, and you just blurt out “Why is the professor so late?”
  • Then he stands up and writes his name on the board
  • You are mortified
  • It gets worse when he starts dropping inside jokes from the chatroom throughout the lecture
  • You don’t want to confirm anything, so you just kind of dash out once class is over
  • Later, he comes clean in the chatroom, saying he recognized your name on the roster
  • He’s laughing about it but you’re so embarrassed
  • He reassures you it’s fine, but is really happy he succeeded in messing around with you a bit


  • Normally, a public speaking class should not be this rough
  • But for some reason, your professor is super strict and seems to be ever harder on you
  • When you get home after two weeks of a rough start, you can’t handle it anymore
  • You start venting about it in the chatroom
  • When you go to your class the next day, your professor comes up to you
  • “MC, I didn’t mean to make your life so difficult. It’s just that I see your potential, and I don’t want to be slack because I know you.”
  • It hits you and recognize Professor Kang is none other than Jaehee Kang
  • You’re super awkward about it, and even avoid her in the chat
  • She’s a little sad about that and talks to you personally about it
  • You learn to take on her challenges instead of running away
  • You grow a lot under her, and even after the class is over, she becomes your mentor


  • On the first day of your 400 level business course, you’re a little intimidated by the professor
  • You sit in the back to avoid being obvious, but he still seems to pause a little longer than necessary when he gets to your name on attendance
  • You think nothing of it until he pulls up his laptop onto the projector
  • There, blatantly, is a picture of Elizabeth the 3rd as his background
  • You stay quiet though you kind of get the gist
  • But it obviously doesn’t help as he picks on you constantly
  • This often leads to arguments in the chatroom outside of class
  • Finally you realize he’s just really trying to help you and pushes you because of what he sees you becoming
  • When he sees you’re especially struggling with a concept, he’ll assign extra assignments to help you through
  • To repay him, you often intervene when he has technology issues
  • Which is a lot
  • Most of the time, it involves the vending machine
  • He’s also that professor which needs help putting the slide show on full screen


  • Like with Yoosung, you thought he was a student who also happened to be early with class
  • You ask though, and he says that he’s not a student
  • You assume he’s the TA, and he doesn’t correct you
  • After a few minutes, he asks if you can set up the podium while he organizes some stuff on his laptop
  • You start asking him about the professor and he responds that “he’s super chill” and “he’s up to date with the memes”
  • Feeling a bit mischievous, you say you wish you could play a prank before the professor got there
  • He shrugs and tells you to go ahead
  • You say you’re going to have a song blast when he opens up his powerpoint, he suggests Allstar by Smash Mouth
  • When class finally starts and he introduces himself as the teacher, you’re really embarassed
  • But he’s really relaxed and even hums along when Allstar starts playing
  • Jokes aside he’s a brilliant teacher
  • Later in the chat, Seven asks how your day went and you start gushing about your super cool Computer Science professor
  • He waits until you’ve exhausted your praises before telling you that he recognized you and that super cool awesome professor was actually none other than himself
  • MC has logged out of the chatroom


  • You’re late on the first day of class
  • You rush in and find a seat, but the room is only full of young people
  • You breathe in relief, “Oh good. The professor isn’t even here yet.”
  • He clears his throat from his corner and responds, “The professor is here, and he’s marking you as absent.”
  • It’s a rough start as he’s super strict throughout the class
  • But you can’t deny that he’s not good at teaching coding and various computer languages
  • When you get out of class, the messenger gets hacked again and you receive a text from “Unknown”
  • “I didn’t realize you were so sassy…”
  • You realize right away that Saeran was your professor
  • You don’t mention it to any of the others though, but you continue being respectfully sassy throughout the semester
  • Your classmates wonder how you became the teacher’s pet with someone like him


  • He walks in a little late
  • But nobody minds because he starts handing out chocolate for everyone
  • His syllabus is colorful and color coded for easy organization
  • Nobody even feels stressed as he starts outlining the advanced photography course
  • You don’t notice anything different about him, as he treats all the students equally kind
  • It takes a few weeks for you to find out
  • All this time, you knew him as V in the chatroom
  • When he finally reveals his real name, you recognize him as your professor
  • You find yourself wanting to get to class a little earlier just to talk to him face to face
  • Also, you might have developed a little crush on him over the semester
  • But you know it’s nothing serious,so you stay quiet and admire his blessed facial structure from afar 

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It's a's a plane... it's a dumbass!!

I have been debating this post for the past few days, but just decided to do it and get it over with. If for no other reason, it will make me feel better, and may help some of you too!

Aside from the current mood that is surrounding Shippers ( and some quite understandably and with good reason…they know who they are and have my unwavering support!), I am trying to figure out why any of us want to continue fanning at all based on all of the horse poop I have been reading lately. The fear and intimidation some have felt is very real, so I am not diminishing that one bit. If anything, I am royally pissed that trolls and scumbots have the ability to do this to anyone, and especially to anyone here. But, that is not what this post is about.

I am truly baffled why people in our part of the community cannot seem to enjoy SC and the reason we came together any longer. Maybe I am a little delusional, but since I am one of the perceived few people who see pictures and tweets and think positive thoughts instead of automatically descending into “Spot the Swiffer mop”, or “I Spy bad roots” ….I truly don’t get it!! SA has been a gold mine as far as I am concerned, but for whatever reason, people are turning it into the worst game of Clue ever invented. As far as I am concerned, the goodies we have seen from them have been quite fun, and it is one of the prime reasons the other side is ramping up the doubt through anon’s and asks. My hat’s off to the folks that answer these ridiculous people, and I won’t do it because I have neither the time, nor the patience for such idiocy. I love those who take them down with the witty responses, and wish more would do just that!

So, if I might offer any suggestions….think about this….next time we get a pic of them hiking, how about enjoying it instead of questioning every thing about it. This last round was crazy…“ is Sam with them, is he planking somewhere else, is he on another peak, did Cait not hike with Sam” is Sam’s dick on the peak?? see where I am going with this. Based on Cesar’s IG, and the fact that a group went hiking, and Sam’s own post said he was at Table Mountain answered the question for us….so, WHO THE HELL CARED about those other questions??? They went hiking together….WHEEEE!!!

My point is sometimes we need to take our collective heads out of our own asses and enjoy the fanning experience. Instead, we are becoming our own anti’s, and as I have said a zillion times….I will NOT do their work for them. At the end of the day, this is a TV show, and these are two actors, and two people that will probably never be my BFF’S, nor will I exchange Christmas cards with. But, I will be damned before I let anyone decide or prevent me from enjoying what I came here for, and that includes ourselves. I am not a rainbows and unicorns type of person, and compared to the real issues of the world (London, bullying, doxxing..the list is long), this is escapism entertainment at best, and we should treat it as such.

So, find your joy where you can, snark where you need to, and stop waiting for the sky to fall. I for one am sitting on the Lido Deck in the sunshine, lamenting the plight of some of my virtual friends, yet toasting and bragging about how great our ship really is. And ,watching my SA duo work, hang out personally and continue to contribute to the narrative that has been written for three fucking years, and continues to be written to this day. We just need to pay attention. Fake blondes, wannabe BFF’S and wankers need not apply!

SAIL ON SWEET SHIPSTERS!! Love to you all!❤❤❤

Fake – Part 2

Part 1

Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Word Count: 1473

A/N thanks for requesting part 2! Here it is ❤ I never actually mention in part 1 the girl’s name… but she’s called mina in this


Baekhyun was so surprised at your swift departure that he couldn’t utter a single word. It was too late, you’d already left, the library door slamming behind you. Mina stood in front of Baekhyun, who was still situated in the bean bag, icy eyes following you as you left. A smirk toyed at her lips.

Baekhyun suddenly felt different, unsure and slightly nervous. The whole situation’s atmosphere had abruptly become intense, fierce, sharp. Everything that was to unfold depended on Baekhyun, and him alone. Your lack of presence meant you were no longer there to support him. He felt slightly lonely, your exit affecting him more than it should.

Something felt far away inside him, distant. His connection to Mina didn’t feel as clear, like someone had tampered with his carefully thought out plan. He had looked at Mina before with a schoolboy crush, and although now she stood in front of him, eyeing him up while he had full access, it didn’t seem to bloom into anything more. If anything, Baekhyun felt a protective barrier towards you, his friend, after her intimidation had led you to fleeing the building.

Baekhyun shook his head slightly, as if trying to rid himself from this new, foreign feeling. He finally had a chance with Mina, you had gone through so much to get him this far. Baekhyun almost felt like he couldn’t let your reluctant work go to waste, as if it would be letting you down. I might as well try it out. Baekhyun thought to himself. Maybe the unknown feelings would vanish then. Giving himself an excuse to carry out the process he had planned, Baekhyun allowed himself to connect with Mina for the night. Although a small voice in his mind warned him this experiment wasn’t to end in the way he had originally thought.

You felt numb. You regretted ever agreeing to the stupid idea. Obviously, it would only end up in tears and a cracked heart. Refusing to allow yourself to witness the flirting and the fall of your fake relationship, you’d escaped the library as fast as possible. Now, you sat in your bed, wrapped up in covers with messily tied up hair and black lines running down your face. You decided to watch crappy rom-coms on your laptop as an attempt to divert your mind.

A couple of movies later, you heard a click at your door and watched as Baekhyun let himself inside your room. His eyes found yours. He stood in the door frame, leaning against it and stuffing his hands inside his jacket pockets. A glance at the dark makeup sinisterly running from your eyes sent a stab of guilt to Baekhyun’s stomach.

You pulled your laptop screen down, leaving only the candlelight next to your bed as a source of light in the room. You noticed Baekhyun’s hair was wet, it must have been raining outside. His lips looked plump. You tried to stop images of Baekhyun and Mina flashing in your head, building a brick wall in your mind.

“I’m sorry.” Baekhyun finally spoke. You didn’t reply, only wiping a tear that was threatening to spill down your cheek. “I’m sorry for being so blind about everything.” Baekhyun said, staring at the ground. “I’m confused about how I feel and… It’s all different. Everything is different.” He looked up to meet your gaze. You nodded. “And I’ll be honest: things did happen with Mina.” But she needn’t know what things happened, Baekhyun thought to himself. “I love our friendship,” he paused,” the way it is, but there are definitely feelings I need time to fully comprehend.”

You still didn’t reply, only nodding. “Okay well… I guess I’ll see you around.” Baekhyun lifted himself off from the doorway and turned around. With one last look over his shoulder and a half-smile, he left.

You let yourself burst into tears again. He was being so confusing. Did he just mean he needs time to fully come to terms with the fact that you loved him? Or did he feel something too? None of it made sense. You tossed to your side and crawled into a small ball, letting the arms of sleep carry you away.

Baekhyun walked home staring at the ground, thinking about how that couldn’t have possibly gone any worse. Not a single word from you. He’d rather you’d screamed and shouted at him, demanding him to leave, than treat him with silence. He was struggling to admit that getting to act as your boyfriend had opened doors for him. His moments with Mina hadn’t come close to how he’d felt when you had kissed him, and you two were acting then. He couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel when it wasn’t a one-sided love, when both of your emotions beamed as brightly as each other. While hoping the new, unknown feelings would have disappeared while being with Mina, Baekhyun discovered they had only grown stronger.

A few days had passed without a word from Baekhyun. No messages, snaps, and you hadn’t even seen him around in person once. You felt miserable inside. Even though you managed to get on with your work and attend lectures when needed, you couldn’t help but feel broken inside. This was it, an end to your relationship.

Hope had glimmered in you for the first couple of days, the sun had shone radiantly while you’d waited expectantly for a call, a text, Baekhyun to throw himself next to you on a bench as he often did. But you’d ended up seated alone. You had masked a smile on and played pretend, acting your usual self around your other friends. You’d never have thought that acting for one evening with Baekhyun would have meant you’d need to carry it on for another few days.

You despised yourself for agreeing to go along with his silly game. He wasn’t even with Mina now as far as you knew, and you’d both thrown away your valuable friendship for nothing. You wish you’d continued out his apartment door, leaving him behind after announcing his idea was crazy. The both of you would then have made up as you always do, and you’d be friends again. You’d be fine with that, if it meant you’d have to live with a love that brewed only inside you, then so be it. As long as he was in your life. You damned that moment you turned on your heel and returned to Baekhyun, agreeing to play the role of his girlfriend.

It was a Tuesday, all hope for rekindling your friendship with Baekhyun was plummeting, and you were suffering alone as you made your way home. As you twisted through the corridors to your room, you stopped suddenly and pulled your earphones out. Baekhyun was sitting with his back leaning against your door, his slim legs stretched out on top of one another on the floor. In his hands lay a bouquet of flowers. He tilted his head up to see you and smiled.

“Hey.” He greeted softly. Your lips parted in shock, rendering you speechless for a moment. He heaved himself up, sighing gently and came to stand in front of you. He pressed the flowers into your hand, causing you to lose your balance slightly and take a couple of steps backwards. Red, pink and white roses.

You couldn’t help but beam back at Baekhyun, before throwing your arms round him into an embrace. Whether he was back as a friend or boyfriend didn’t matter right now, you were just glad he was here. He nuzzled his face into your hair and sighed. Maybe it was relief. You hadn’t shut him out; you couldn’t. And he hadn’t either. You drew back, still beaming from ear to ear.

“Wow, being given flowers really does make someone’s day.” You declared.

“Yeah, I… I had some time. With my thoughts.” Baekhyun said.

“Okay.” You said quietly.

“I mean… I’m not sure how you feel, but I know that I do. I know for sure.” He rested a hand on your cheek, looking as if he were struggling with what to say next. You eyed him expectantly. Leaning in, he whispered, “can I?” You gave him the slightest nod, before he pulled you forward so your lips met his. The plastic encasing the flowers crinkled, pressed between the two of you, but all you could focus on was Baekhyun. He moved softly against you, with more passion and sincerity than the night in the library. It had been fierce, a battle between love, friendship and jealousy, but now you purely shared adoration towards each other.

This was real.

anonymous asked:

46, 93, 98 Yoongi pleaseeeeeee

I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Yoongi x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “If they find out, I’ll kill you then myself.” + “You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!” + "Where are your pants?”

Summary: Every time you go to work, you look out the window and see your classmate, Yoongi, jumping a fence and disappearing into the darkness. One day, you decide to follow him. To put it simply: shit hits the fan.

Word count: 1.3k words

Originally posted by rapnamu

You leaned over the counter, the used bookstore almost completely empty. The clock near the cash was a few minutes behind, but it was nearly seven o’clock. You knew that soon, if you looked to your left, you would see your mysterious classmate, Yoongi, leap over the fences across the street.

Every time you went to work, which was three times a week, you would see Yoongi appear and disappear into a shroud of darkness in nearly seconds.

At school, Yoongi had a bit of a dangerous reputation. No one actually knew if the rumours were true, but Yoongi’s standoffish behaviour and dark appearance didn’t help to dispel them. During your uneventful shifts, you often imagined what Yoongi could be doing.

You wondered if you were overthinking things, and this was just a shortcut for Yoongi to get home. But sometimes your mind wandered, and guiltily, you questioned if Yoongi was up to something dangerous. Drug deals? Vandalism? Gang stuff?

“Hey, Y/N,” your supervisor called, snapping you out of your reverie. “Suzy wants to go home early, so can you take your break now?”

“Yeah, sure,” you responded immediately, not really caring. You stepped out from behind the cash register to make way for your co-worker and made your way to the employee room in the back of the store.

Once you were in the small room, you reached for your locker and retrieved your hoodie. Throwing it over your uniform shirt, you quickly made up your mind. You were going to follow Yoongi to figure out what was really going on.

Quickly, you made your way out of the story. Taking the back exit, you found yourself in an alleyway shared with a few other nearby stores. The sun was beginning to set already, casting dark shadows in between the buildings.

As you approached the main street, you stuck close to the wall in case Yoongi was near. Just as you reached the front of your building, you caught a glimpse of a small-framed boy with bleach blond hair swinging his body over the tall, chain link fence across the street. He landed gently on his feet and continued quickly, soon becoming lost in the darkness in front of you.

Gulping, you stood rooted in place for a few moments while you considered if following Yoongi was really a good idea. But eventually, your curiosity got the better of you, and you ran across the street to where Yoongi had slipped away.

The closer you got to the fence, the more daunting it looked. It was higher than you anticipated, and you wondered if you’d be able to climb it at all.

Inhaling deeply, you grabbed onto some chain links and jammed your right foot into another. With a mighty heave, you managed to lift yourself up. Foot by foot, you slowly ascended the fence, the metal links clanging loudly against the poles supporting it as you moved. Yoongi made scaling the fence look much easier than it actually was.

Eventually, when you reached the top of the fence, you were coated in a sheen sweat. Straddling the top, you glanced down at the ground, which seemed miles away. Unsure of how to disembark, you recalled Yoongi’s effortless jump over the fence.

The drop was far enough to look like it hurt, but not enough to break any bones.

Awkwardly, you repositioned your body so that your legs were dangling over the edge. With a muffled scream, you let yourself fall. Something snagged your right leg, and you heard a loud rip as you tumbled to the ground.

You landed unsteadily on your feet, quickly losing your balance and falling to the pavement. Groaning in pain, you pulled yourself back up.

A cool breeze tickled at your thigh.

Looking down, you realized that your jeans had been torn from the knee through the waistband, the denim dangling uselessly around your leg. Cursing underneath your breath, you grabbed the torn ends and pulled them together to salvage your decency.

Lifting your gaze, you realized you were standing in a dark alleyway leading in many other directions. You had no way of knowing what was waiting in the obscurity, but you had come this far, so you weren’t going to turn back. Plus, you weren’t ready to tackle that fence again.

Quietly, you began walking, the sound of your footsteps loud in the silence around you.

As you progressed, you could hear something faintly in the distance. Increasing your pace, you followed the sound. Eventually, it became louder, and the high pitched noise resembled something of the cries of an animal.

Concerned, you broke into a light jog and followed the source, which led to a narrower alleyway. The meows of what sounded like kittens was nearly deafening now, but the sight that greeted you was even more surprising.

Yoongi sat in the middle of the alley, his bodies covered in kittens, and a bowl of milk beside him. He gazed down at the small animals around him, smiling softly as the stray kittens nuzzled against him.

You couldn’t help it–you burst out laughing.

Yoongi’s head whipped up, his mouth growing slack as he saw you.

“Y/N, w-what the fuck are you doing here?” he spluttered, plucking the kittens off of him. Yoongi jumped to his feet and approached you, but he no longer seemed intimidating. You wiped away tears from your eyes. “Did you follow me? The fuck?”

“I can’t believe this,” you cried, falling into another fit of laughter. “This is so weird. I thought you’d be doing drugs or something, not nursing kittens. Man, everyone at school is so wrong. You’re a huge softie, this is hilarious!”

“If they find out, I’ll kill you then myself,” Yoongi growled, staring down at you with a menacing expression. He was still coming closer, and you backed up instinctively.

“Shit, Yoongi, I’m just joking!” you gasped. “You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!”

A soft meow interrupted you, and you looked down at your feet. One of the kittens had approached you curiously and was sitting beside your shoe, looking up at you. Your heart melted at the pink-nosed kitten, and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Where are your pants?” Yoongi asked, his voice tight. When you looked down again, you noticed that your ripped pants had slipped down, and your pants were circling around your ankles.

“Oh my god!” you screamed, reaching for your pants. The kitten scampered away, startled by your shouting. “Look away! Close your eyes!”

Even in the dim lighting, you could see Yoongi’s cheeks turn red. It was futile, but you held your ripped jeans up, trying to keep the torn fabric together to hide your underwear. Faintly, you could hear Yoongi snickering.

“Shut up,” you snapped, your cheeks heating up. “We’re even now. Everything that happened here stays here. Deal?”

“Deal,” Yoongi agreed. “Can I open my eyes now?”

“Whatever,” you sighed. Kneeling down, you reached your hand toward the kittens that were slowly crowding you and Yoongi. “These kittens are so small. How long have you been taking care of them?”

A few weeks later, Yoongi approached you at school and quietly disclosed that the kittens were old enough to adopt. He offered you one, and you accepted eagerly. Later, he explained that he couldn’t keep any of them because his parents were allergic.

The other kids at school were shocked to see you and Yoongi talking, but you paid them no mind. You became much closer as time went on, bonding over your shared parenthood over Yoongi’s favourite kitten.

And if Yoongi used the cat as an excuse to start talking to you, well, no one needed to know.

- Girl in Luv

The fence thing sort of happened to me before. I jumped off a truck and my pants got stuck on something and ripped ALL THE WAY DOWN. I also grabbed onto a broken chain link once and gashed my palm open. Moral of the story: don’t jump fences or other things. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! This request was so much fun and I’m sorry I wasn’t creative enough to think of a weirder scenario :( As always, thanks for reading!

In The Arms of Another

Modern AU

Lafayette x Reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 2122

Warnings: Swearing, cheating, slight angst

A/N: Hey I felt really bad about not posting for a week, so I’m editing a second imagine for today rn! I know this wasn’t exactly a request, but I took it as one because I’ve wanted to right something like this for a while. I hope you have an amazing day or night!! I LOVE YOU CUTIES!!

Request: Hi! So I really love your work– it’s amazing, really! But I was wondering: in the Lafayette fox “A Year of Memories” I believe, there’s a scene of angst where Lafayette thinks you kissed Jefferson?? I tried looking for it but didn’t find it. I’m sorry if I’m being a bother but could you link it if it’s already written, and just floating around? If it’s not already written, and just a wip, I understand. I hope you have a good night/day! -Anon

“This is gonna be so fun!” You exclaimed, dragging Laf up the steep hill.

“I know, that’s the tenth time you’ve said that.” Laf chuckled, making you scoff.

“You’re exaggerating. I said it seven times at most! Besides, can you blame me? It’s finally spring! We can finally have a nice picnic and just enjoy the sun.” You grinned, causing one to form on Lafayette’s face as well.

“Eh, I don’t really enjoy spring that much.” Laf said sarcastically, causing you to roll your eyes.

“You’re lying!” You huffed, slightly out of breath from finally having climbed the tall hill.

“No it’s true! Compared to you, spring is nothing, mon cher.” Laf smirked, putting an arm around your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your temple.

“That wasn’t even smooth. I’m very disappointed in your attempts at flirting.” You said, pushing yourself out of his loose grip.

“Wow, maybe I won’t go back down to the car and get us the drinks out of the car now.” Lafayette shook his head, laying out the picnic blanket he had been carrying.

“No! It was smooth, I promise. I’m practically swooning!” You protested, placing a kiss to his cheek.

“Fine, I’ll go get the drinks. Don’t start eating without me!” Laf exclaimed, wiggling his finger in your face before he began to walk down the hill.

“No promises!” You called after him, hearing him chuckle as he made his way back to the car.

You couldn’t stop the wide grin on your face. You didn’t understand how he could have such a power over you. Then again, you sometimes forgot how you had him completely wrapped around your finger.

You began to take things out of the picnic basket and place them on the blanket. You didn’t hear someone come up from behind you. When they placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, you couldn’t stop the horrified screech that left your mouth.

“Wow! It’s just me!” Thomas said in between bursts of laughter.

“Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to get back here so fast.” You shrugged, not looking back at him as you continued to unpack the basket.

From behind you, Thomas furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He then remembered the small bun that his hair was pulled up in. His eyes lit up with an idea and a smirk made it’s way on his face.

“I am very fast, mon amour.” Thomas said, the french accent almost a little too thick.

“No need to brag, babe.” You laughed, still not looking up from your task.

“Kiss me?” Thomas asked you, the smirk still on his face.

“You know you don’t have to ask, Laf.” You smiled, letting Thomas pull you in for a kiss.

The kiss was more rough than you were used to. Lafayette would only kiss you like this if you were alone at home. Never in public had he shoved his tongue harshly against your own. Starting to feel slightly uncomfortable, you pushed back against his chest to escape the kiss.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” Laf screamed, pulling Thomas roughly off of you.

“Laf?” You asked in confusion before looking between the two of them. Dear god, you had just made a horrible mistake.

“Thomas, why are you kissing (Y/N)?” Laf growled, staring down Thomas with more hatred than you could ever imagine Laf having.

“Uh…well…” Thomas stuttered looking for a way to get out of the mess he had created.

“I could kill you right here and no one would know.” Laf threatened, his voice getting lower and quieter.

“Well, Laf I wasn’t the only one doing the kissing. You did see (Y/N) kissing me back right?” Thomas chuckled nervously, trying to direct the attention away from him.

Lafayette’s expression faltered for a second. No longer did he seem scary and intimidating, but a man who was lost and heartbroken. After staring at you for a few seconds, Laf turned back to Thomas and gave him a hard right hook.

“Oh my god!” You shouted, having heard the crack come from Thomas’s nose.

Laf turned to look at you before shaking his head and storming off. You chased after him, calling his name but he didn’t even flinch. He was acting as if you weren’t even there. Luckily, he waited for you to get in the car before flooring it back to your apartment.


“You kissed him…” Laf trailed off, tears streaming down his face.

“It’s not like that Laf, listen to me!” You cried, trying to get him to pay attention to what you were saying.

“What do you mean it’s not like that? That’s what happened, you kissed him. Am I not enough, (Y/N)?” Laf choked, a sob fighting it’s way to come out of his throat.

“Laf, Thomas had his hair pulled up in a bun. I was too focused on making sure the food hadn’t spoiled to actually look at him. I thought he was you!” You exclaimed, trying to make him understand what happened.

“You don’t need to lie to me, (Y/N). Thomas is a good man, I’m sure he could make you happy.” Laf sighed, turning to walk away from you.

“Laf, you’re not hearing what I am saying! I would never just kiss Thomas, he looked and was acting like you! I didn’t know!” You yelled after Laf as he walked away.

“It’s okay, I’m not mad…I just wish it hadn’t ended this way.” Laf said softly, not looking back at you once.

“Lafayette.” You whispered, crying as he slammed the door of the apartment.

You wrapped your hands around yourself, stumbling over to the couch where you began to sob uncontrollably. You had no one to blame for this, but yourself. If you had just been more careful than you wouldn’t have made the man you love walk out the door.


Laf tried to silence the sobs crawling up his throat as he left the apartment building and began to walk towards Alex’s apartment. He had trusted you and you had betrayed him. He could physically feel his heart breaking down into small pieces. Each of those shards stabbing his chest repeatedly.

Two images in Lafayette’s mind appeared again and again on his walk. The first, was you kissing Thomas Jefferson passionately, as you would usually kiss him. The second, was your heartbroken face as he left the apartment. Both of them caused him an immense amount of heartbreak. He didn’t know who he was hurting more by leaving. Himself? Or you?

He finally reached Alex’s apartment that he shared with John and Hercules. He knocked, tears still running down his face as he impatiently waited.

“Lafayette?” Alex asked, his tired eyes looking worriedly over Laf’s red and blotchy face.

“Hey dude, I need your help.” Laf said, pushing past Alex and into the apartment.

“Why are you here at midnight?” Alex asked, following Laf into the living room where John was sitting.

“(Y/N) kissed Thomas.” Laf stated, both boys snapping their heads to look at Lafayette in shock.

“Oh Laf, dude I’m so sorry!” John exclaimed, standing up to wrap Laf in a comforting hug.

“Why would they do this?” Laf’s voice cracked, not fighting the sob that was crawling it’s way up his throat. “I love them and if Thomas makes them happy than I can support that, but why did they have to hurt me like this?”

“Did you ask (Y/N) why they kissed him before you left?” Alex asked, pushing Laf to sit down on the couch next to him.

“They said it was a mistake and they thought it was me! How could you confuse me and Thomas!” Laf flung up his hands in the air in frustration.

“Well…I sometimes get confused when you let your hair down or he pulls it up…” John said cautiously, hoping not to upset his friend more.

“Jefferson did have his hair up, but they should still know the difference! They have been dating me for months now!” Laf sniffed, taking a tissue from the box sitting on the coffee table.

“What exactly happened?” Alex questioned, wanting to know the full story and not just bits and pieces.

“Okay, so I took (Y/N) out to go have a fun little picnic for dinner. I left them at the top of the hill to take the food out while I went to get our drinks from the car. When I came back (Y/N) was kissing Thomas Jefferson! I ripped them apart, punched Thomas in the face and then stormed to the car with (Y/N) following right behind me.” Lafayette told a shortened version of the story.

“This could seriously be a huge misunderstanding. Why don’t you go back home right now and talk to (Y/N). Figure this out together and listen to what they have to say.” John suggested, Alex nodding in agreement.

“You want me to just be okay with (Y/N) kissing another man? You want me to be okay with them cheating on me?” Laf asked in disbelief.

“That’s not what we’re saying! It’s never okay for someone to cheat on you, but (Y/N) is not the type of person to cheat. It’s obvious that they love you more than anything, everything they do shows that. They get pretty focused on the simplest tasks, they probably weren’t paying attention. Just, hear their side of the story before jumping to conclusions. And I mean actually listen, not be blinded by your anger to hear the truth.” Alex gave Laf an encouraging smile.

“You may be right.” Lafayette sighed, feeling slightly stupid for jumping to conclusions without listening to you. “I’m sure that (Y/N) is asleep right now. I will go home in the morning and talk to them about it.”

“Okay dude, you are totally welcome to sleep on the couch.” John offered, standing up from where he sat and stretching.

“Thanks man.” Laf nodded in appreciation. “Where’s Herc?”

“Oh, he left a little bit before you came. He said it was an emergency.” Alex shrugged, slightly defeated from not getting more details before the man had left.

The front door to the apartment opening silenced the three men’s conversation. They could hear quiet sobbing coming from the entry way. The three exchanged worried looks before rushing to where they thought they’d find a crying Hercules. Instead they were met with Hercules holding you tightly as you cried.

“(Y/N)?” Laf asked in shock at the state you were in.

You were in your sweats instead of the nice outfit you had worn for the picnic. Your hair was a complete rat’s nest. Your eyes were red and puffy. Your cheeks were tear stained and had pieces of your hair sticking to it. You were a complete mess and it broke Lafayette’s heart even more than when he had seen you kissing Thomas. The worst part was that he knew he was the reason that you were feeling like this. He was the reason you had completely broken down.

“I’m so sorry Laf! I thought it was you, I swear! I would never purposely hurt you like that. I love you. I love you more than anything!” You cried out between hiccups, Herc rubbing your back in soothing circles.

“Oh (Y/N)!” Laf swooped you up in his arms, trying to dry the never ending pool of tears leaving your eyes. “I should have listened to your side of the story. I didn’t mean to hurt you either! I love you too, mon amour. Please stop crying!”

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, putting your arms around his waist and digging your face into his neck.

“I forgive you.” Laf whispered back to you, pulling your shaking body closer to his.

Laf kissed the top of your head as you tried to calm your crying. Lafayette silently scolded himself for not listening to what you had to say. He never wanted to cause you this much pain for something that was an honest mistake. Now Thomas on the other hand…well the next day he would be getting a lot of bad karma for taking advantage of you. Laf and the boys would make sure of that.

“Can we go home?” You asked, finally had regained your composure.

“Of course.” Laf smiled, grabbing your hand in his and letting you lead him out of the apartment and back down the street towards your own.

Even if you had an argument that night, Laf was just glad to be going home with the one he loved knowing they felt the same for him. He was glad to be going home with you.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips on writing characters that are intimidating to other characters?

There are lots of things that people typically find to be intimidating:

-Height. People who are tall, or at least taller then you tend to be intimidating, mainly because they have to look down at you and you have to look up at them.

-voice. Deeper/lower and louder voice tend to sound much more threatening to us then a voice that us softer/ higher pitched and quieter.

-style. Typically we see people who wear darker and sharper and ‘unusual’ clothes as harder to approach then someone wearing bright, happier colors in a simple or nicer style. The girl in the leather jacket and combat boots is stereotypically more intimidating then the girl in the yellow sundress. The guy in the sweater vest usually looks more friendly then the guy in work boots and a flannel.

-'superior’ qualities. Naturally many people find someone who is more attractive, rich, skilled or more intelligent then them as a little intimidating. All though it’s not as obvious as it once was, many people still fear the metaphorical good chain of society.

-word choice. When talking to someone the way they phrase things can make a world of difference. Longer, more complicated words being used frequently in the conversation can sound intimidating, especially if the other person doesn’t fully understand said words. Using simple but strong word choices have the same effect.

-Confidence. Having a lot of Confidence tends to be seen as a threat, especially if we are facing off against someone like that,or if we ourselves tend to lack in confidence.

-age. Large age gaped tend to feel intimidating. When you’re a child, adults seem so much bigger and more terrifying. The reverse is just as true. Adults are intimidated in the face of children if they don’t know what they’re doing/ are inexperienced with kids.

In conclusion. There are many things that can be seen as intimidating. It all kind of depends on the person. I personally am not easily intimidated. It takes quite a bit hard to scare me. Like wise, I know many people who are very, very easily intimidated. We are mainly intimidated by what we ourselves are not. I am decently tall, therefore others who are tall, even taller then me,I don’t find them intimidating. However I am not very confident in who I am and what I do, and therefore I am very easily intimidated by those that do have a lot of confidence. It all depends on your character.

Love gives your enemies a perfect target



Paul x imprint!reader

Warnings: Swearing

Request: “can u write a paul imagine where he imprints on the reader but doesn’t tell her but since it’s so obvious, some vampires kidnap and torture her to get back at him and he saves her and it’s super angsty and paul being a mess and a fluffy end? thanks!”

Hope you guys enjoy this, I will get Part 2 up soon! xoxo

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You May Not Believe Me..

Hello chingus. It’s admin Hui, here witH A JEONGHAN SMUT. I got this idea when I couldn’t sleep, and also b/c there isn’t enough Jeonghan smuts in the world. I mean, who couldn’t love this evil angel?

Group: Seventeen

Genre: Smut w/ a fluffy ending.

Word count: 1655

Warnings: getting bias-rektd by this baby

Pairings: You x Jeonghan

Enjoy~ ♥

I awoke, though it was barely past twelve. My numerous phobias – once again – were encased in a nightmare. I tried to forget the nightmare, but I kept shuddering just by simply replaying the images in my head. Still, I absentmindedly started towards my safe place: Jeonghan’s dorm. Everyone else was dead asleep; tomorrow was their free day. Of course, it would be spent sleeping and eating.

Knocking on the door, I hear a soft hum on the other side. I am sure Jeonghan had been expecting me, considering I hadn’t asked to sleep with him for a while.

In the beginning, it was innocent, backs facing each other. But now, my insides stirred with anticipation and excitement as to what he’d do to me.

I twist the knob quietly, and the room is illuminated by the pale moon entering from his window.

“Cannot sleep? Or something else?” Jeonghan’s cheeky smirk seems brighter than the moon, but I shake my head.

“Nightmare. But, I wouldn’t mind for the latter.” I say, settling beside him. Instantly, his hands go to my waist, and lifting me up and setting me on his lap.

“Let’s sleep.” He mutters, nuzzling his nose into my neck, his breath hot against my wanting skin.

I let him lay down first, following soon after. Our fronts face each other, and soon, I feel his hand grope my thigh, lifting it above both of his legs. My breathing stops, my heart racing. I knew he did this with other girls, that he knew what he was doing to me. Yet, I still can’t seem to stop wanting to feel him inside me, though it hasn’t happened.


Soon, I let my hands run over his features. Unlike the other times, I plant soft kisses where my hands go.

My fingers land on his prominent cheekbones, and I let my lips make gentle contact with the smooth skin. Jeonghan hums in satisfaction after I kiss his temples, cheeks, forehead.. just about anywhere except his lips.

I let my fingers touch the soft, pink skin.

“Kiss me.” Jeonghan whispers, his eyes closed, though the command was clear.

“What?” I say, even though I know I heard him.

His free hand goes to the back of my head, and I feel warm contact of his lips on my own. My eyes widen, but I let my lips move freely.

The kiss soon turns heated, with Jeonghan turning his head slightly. We pull away, gasping for breath.

“Have you ever French-kissed someone?” Jeonghan asks with a sly grin, knowing the answer.

“No..” I say shyly, pressing my lips together.

“That’ll change. Listen, I want you to open your lips, not wide, and just push your tongue out a little.” Jeonghan’s hand unlatches from my thigh, knowing that it’d stay there. Obeying him, I parted my lips enough for him, and let my tongue rest father at the front of my mouth. His hand cups my cheek, the pad of his thumb rubbing against the skin.

He nears me, and I soon feel something wet and warm press against my tongue. Jeonghan provokes me into moving, his soft tongue dominating my own.

I let a gentle moan slip through my lips, and opening one eye, I see Jeonghan smirking down at me.

My hands run through his body, and I feel Jeonghan’s fingers ghost over my own body. Every section that he touched felt like it was lit on fire. I pull away, seeing as we’re both panting, gasping for breath.

Jeonghan’s hands go to the hem of my shirt, and looks at me. He knows I have never gotten this far with anyone, much less have had sex.

I nod, getting onto my knees to help pull the shirt over my head. My hands grab at his own black shirt, and he smiles sweetly, before letting me tug it off. My eyes bulge at the sight of his beautifully-toned body; slim, yet the muscles on his stomach were prominent, his arms lean, but not ridiculously muscular. I start at his jaw, placing a kiss right on the square. I let my lips wander, feeling Jeonghan’s hands grip at my waist, my core directly on top of his member, which feels partially hard. I start going down his neck, nipping kisses, until I hear a lewd moan escape from his lips. I stop for a second, but then bite and suck on the place that lets his moans become slightly louder.

His moans.. they’re almost musical; light.

Before I have the chance, he turns us over, pinning me down to the bed. His lips go for my collarbone, where I’m very sensitive. I try to muffle my moans, but Jeonghan looks up the instant I don’t release the sound.

“(Y/N)-ah, you don’t have to hide that you like it. Who cares if other people listen? We know everyone is asleep, baby.” His hands slide to my waist, his thumbs rubbing patterns of any sort into the flushed skin.

I mewl out soft moans, and feel Jeonghan’s erection grow harder with each one. His hands go behind me, to my back. With his nimble fingers, he unclips the piece with ease. I feel my core throb with each second, my mind fuzzy.  

He nips small kisses at the rosy buds, erected with pleasure. He trails kisses down my torso, landing at the waistband of my sweatpants.

“Tell me what you want.” He whispers against my bare torso, looking up at me. I want him, and I’ll express it.

“You. I don’t care how, but I want you in me.” I say, sitting up and holding onto his face.

“Are you sure? I don’t know if I can give you everything from this point on.” Jeonghan starts, and I know what he means. Commitment. A relationship. I don’t care. I’m sure I’ll regret it later on, but it’s more than likely that he will too. He was all about one nights, one try. Only if you were good enough you could go again. My heart tugs at me, but this seems best.

“I’m sure. I promise.” I stick out my pinky, and he wraps his longer one around mine.

“Then, we begin.” He barely finishes before my pants and highly expensive panties are torn off and discarded. His own sweatpants are discarded along with his boxers. His member stands tall, and I’m almost a little intimidated. I lay back down, and Jeonghan’s hands go on either side of my body. He lowers his head, kissing my forehead.

“Tell me if it hurts.” He states, and I feel his head press against my core. The feeling alone sends shivers down my spine, making me wrap my arms behind his neck. He enters slowly, and I feel something rip, and a sting follows soon after. Jeonghan’s sweet lips kiss all over me, trying to distract me. Once he was completely inside, I felt full, filled to the brim.

One he started thrusting, carefully, the pain went dull. But soon, I understood why people did this.

“Wow.. you’re so fucking tight princess.” Jeonghan growls in my ear, and my heart pounds against my rib cage.

The feeling turns into pleasure, and soon, the slow pace isn’t enough.

“Faster.” I pant, my hands unlatching and instead gripping at his broad shoulders.

Jeonghan speeds the pace up, and my moans grow louder, my curses unfiltered.

“Ah, shit Jeonghan. Don’t stop.” I let my fingers claw at his back, and Jeonghan lowers his head, his lips pressed on my own. We move slowly, Jeonghan’s hips snapping harder and faster, angling himself. He hits my sweet spot inside, and I nearly scream from how amazing it feels.

My body trembles lightly as I feel something collect in my abdomen, turning into a knot. A thin layer of sweat covers Jeonghan, making him glisten deliciously.

“Hannie, I think I’m close.” I pant into his mouth, and soon, the knot snaps violently, sending me to grip and claw at Jeonghan’s back, nibbling at his shoulder as strong waves of pleasure nearly make tears collect in my eyes.

I feel Jeonghan’s shoulders shudder, and his elbows nearly buckle from the strong hit of his release. Warm and thick spurts of his come shoots in me, but I do not falter. Ya boi’s been taking birth control for nearly two years now. Jeonghan obviously knows this, along with a few other people.

Jeonghan collapses beside me, his arms wrapped around my waist, his face buried into my neck. I grab the blankets, and pull them over us, cuddling beside him as he falls asleep.

I think for a bit, how I’ve known Jeonghan nearly my entire life. Since the 4th grade, to be exact. I know everything about him, as he does me.

But what I don’t know is what he spurts out in his dream.

“(Y/N)..” He whispers, and I hum, as if expecting him to reply.

“I love you.”

My face flushes. I know he doesn’t mean that.

But I let myself sleep while smiling, because, deep down, I know he means that.


The next morning, I awake to an empty spot beside the bed. But, then again, it was Jeonghan’s dorm we.. did things in. However, as I turn, I see a note with hastily scribbled hearts, along with words.


              I know you may not believe me for what I said. Maybe you still think I’m just someone who wants to sleep around. But what I said last night is true. I know you like the back of my hand. I love you, (Y/N). Every time I was with someone else, only you is who I wanted. Please meet me outside later. It’s my treat.


              Your little Hannie. ♥”

It was a Choice

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

Post 5x14 fic about what may have been going through Felicity and Oliver’s minds just prior and after that magnificent scene in the lair. Also available on AO3.

Felicity sat in front of her computers. She is suppose to be running searches to help track down Prometheus but all she can think about is what she and Thea discovered about Susan Williams.

When Thea arrived yesterday it was like a breath of fresh air. Felicity had been alone most of the day. Lately she felt like she was alone all the time. Thea and she had developed a special bond in the last year, especially since Laurel’s death. As the only two girls on the team they stuck together.

Felicity understood fully why Thea chose to leave the team but that didn’t mean she missed her any less. So when she arrived she had to admit she was a little too happy to see her. And then Thea told her about Susan asking Oliver if he was the Green Arrow. She had felt her world tilt a little. No. There was no way she would let Susan hurt Oliver. Just no.

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A shade too dark - implied reader x decepticons TFP

The life of an online artist was slow. Painfully slow some might say, and with the constant war that was going on people were too focused elsewhere to be looking around for an artist to hire. The transformers ever since they had come into the public eye had been gaining a lot of attention and people weren’t sure it was a good thing, mixed opinions surfacing all over the web space you had made your home. Personally? you welcomed them- even the less than noble ones. Any picture you could find was another reference image for the hundreds of folders you already had because after all it wasn’t every day aliens appeared from the sky and announced their presence for the whole world to see.

Your constant drawings and doodles had gained notice in the community, fawning over the sketches and doodles and downright fangirling over any finished paintings you did- though some were less than happy when they noticed there were a lot more of the Decepticon artwork than there were Autobot. Anon hate was swiftly sent to the trash, where it belonged. You could appreciate problematic characters without genuinely liking them and no grey face would tell you otherwise. It was a few days after you had posted a speedpaint video of a transformer allegedly known as Shockwave when a commission came in at last, effectively ending the dry period of no funds.

The person had no avatar, no content on their blog and their username was beyond generic but their request was incredibly precise with the addition of reference images that were downright incredible. No blur, good lighting- and the pay was genuinely good. The commission was negotiated in less than half an hour, a full body painting of this mech she hadn’t seen before in red and yellow. Happy to be of service, the commission was completed and the client was more than happy to pay for your services- multiple times actually. This one person seemed to have an excessive amount of love of your art and funds to keep commissioning work. It became common place for at least a sketch a day to be done to the delight and smug satisfaction of this mysterious customer.

After a month of this back and forth, another joined in. Similar profile, this anonymous source requested a jetfighter looking mech in a fully rendered background, all angular and intimidating with crimson eyes that pierced through any shadows that lingered around his face. This particular buyer seemed more picky with certain things, wanting to get it absolutely perfect but ultimately was impressed with the finished result, becoming another regular. It wasn’t as frequent as the other, but the commissions this particular client requested were always grand, and quite expensive.

At this point you had become the go to artist online for all transformer commissions for a particular set of people, no longer drawing any of the Autobots. Everytime someone complained about that though, another person seemed to start paying to see another Decepticon drawn. Shockwave and soundwave were next, asking for more technical drawings than the others.

At this point you didn’t question the buyers and their anonymous natures, communication between each one being unique in its own way. It was when you started livestreaming the drawing process that little semblances of jokes and friendships began to form. The stream consisted mainly of 2 people under their known commission aliases. Knockout, and Starscream. The two would bicker back and forth between who was better, others occasionally popping in to silently watch the show and observe how the art was made. You had become rather fond of them all after 4 months of knowing each and every one, on talking terms with seemingly all of them.

Then for awhile, all went silent. Commissions hit a pause and communication went blank, not a single message shared between them even between knockout and yourself who was always online the most. Days went by…

A single email surfaced, containing a very specific request. A single portrait of the Decepticon leader, Megatron, full colour and effects with a dark background. The reference images attached to the document were haunting in the most curious sense. The payment had already been sent by the time you even pulled up a blank canvas on your computer, deciding that tonight was not a streaming night. Whoever this was had an overwhelming air of importance to them, and deserved full attention.

It was done after 3 days of none stop work, dedicating every spare moment to assuring it was just right- and the image was sent off into the void, anxiously anticipating a reply. The reply came less than an hour later, with a simple sentence that made your whole body shiver.

How would you like to become the official Decepticon artist?

OMG thank you thank you! This wonderful and I love it to death! Gosh reader inserts are my favorite things to read I just. I love everything about this. Thank you so much.

Just the beginning

Supernatural fic.

Pairings: (Currently none)
Word count: 2239
Sum: Reader suddenly in the bunker, reader can somehow see the true faces of Angels, Demons, and other creatures?!

Note: Just testing the waters, want to know what you think. First fic I’ve put up on the internet so be gentle, but honesty comes first no matter how hard. ~Thank you~

You opened your eyes, but your vision was blurry. You rubbed your eyes and blinked a few times, you slowly looked around. The area was well lit. As your vision started to clear a little you saw tall book cases, some comfy chairs and a few tables. In an open area of what you decide was a library you saw four men talking. You couldn’t make out what they were saying. You tried to move towards them, but suddenly felt your legs shaking, you could barely stand and you didn’t want to risk walking.

“Hello…” Your mouth was dry, your voice barely above a scrapping whisper.

One man walked past the others towards you. You tried to speak again, but to no avail. You felt cold, like you were out of place. The man came closer to you, the closer he got the colder you felt. You heard him say something, but your mind was hazy and you couldn’t hear much of anything. You reached out as your mind and vision started going dark. You shut your eyes as a sharp pain radiated from your stomach. You gripped your side as you felt the man’s cold touch grab your other hand. Your mind went dark and you past out.

A few hours later you came too on a soft mattress. You realized you were on top of the sheets as you sat up. Your side didn’t hurt, your mind wasn’t hazy, and you could see properly. The room was dim, empty shelves lined one wall, the other walls empty. A small dresser, small chest, and the door at the foot of the bed. You got up crawled to the end of the bed, stood and moved to the door. You opened it to find yourself in a cool hallway. Stopping you listened.

You could hear someone talking down the hall. You followed the voice which later became voices. You stopped at the doorway, leaning against the wall still inside the hallway. You listened.

“Chuck who is she? Do you know?” You peaked into the room to see the tallest man ask looking quite confused. You hid once more to keep from anyone noticing you.

“I should, but I don’t. I’m sorry.” You could hear the distraught in the man’s soft voice as he replied.

“Well what the hell we going to do with her?” Another spoke aggravated. Silence hung around the room.

You shut your eyes as you leaned your head against the wall. You hated cause others trouble. The hall got cold, but you stayed with your eyes shut. You felt a firm hand grab your arm and pull you into the room. Your eyes shot open, his hands were much too cold for him to be human.

“Look who’s listening in.” The man brought you into the room and let go as he felt you struggle under his grip. You staggered back holding your arm where his hand had been. You looked up at him. He had huge brilliant white wings tucked behind him. They were gorgeous. You looked into his eyes and stumbled back to the table in the room. Eyes widened as you stared at him. Looking into his glowing red eyes.

The sound of something rustling made you look over at the rest of them, but between them you saw a sweet faced man with a set of much smaller wings. They were black, and many of the feathers were out of place. Looking into his eyes you, once again, stumbled away from him though you were already far enough. You fell to the floor and slowly moved to back up against a wall.

The tallest man came over to you quickly and lightly grabbed your arm a look of concern on his face.

“Hey, hey you’re alright, that’s Castiel,” He hooked a thumb over his shoulder to point at the sweet faced man with the blackened wings. The man’s face now wrought with confusion. “My names Sam, that’s my brother Dean over there,” He gestured to a man with caring green eyes, but you could see that he was tortured and conflicted on the inside. He crossed his arms looking at you confused. “That’s Chuck, and that’s…” He paused moving his hand from the shortest man who had this glow about him that you couldn’t quite place, to the man who’d dragged you in.

“Go on Sammy, tell her.” The man’s eyes were an Icey blue, but when he said ‘her’ they flashed red again. His voice was sarcastic as if his name alone was going to scare you and he wanted to see your reaction.

“That’s Lucifer.” You brought your eyes back to Sam who grabbed your other arm to steady you as you twitched and fidgeted from hear his name. Lucifer smiled at you, knowing his name brought discomfort to many. His eyes flashing red once more before turning Icey blue again.

“You think you can stand up?” You brought your eyes back to Sam. You nodded and stood with his help, your knees still shaking a little. You leaned against the wall behind you.

“Why was she afraid of me Dean?” You heard Castiel speak to Dean coming to stand next to him. You spoke before Dean could answer, “I’m sorry your wings freaked me out a little so did yours,” You pointed to Lucifer. The room went quiet with shock, “But it’s your eyes.” You paused, “Castiel?” His name came out more of a question then you meant, he nodded approving of how you pronounced his name.

“Castiel your eyes are glowing blue and white, while yours are red. I’m sorry it just caught me by surprise.” You spoke looking from Castiel to Lucifer, who now looked curiously at you. “Don’t you guys see that too?” It was your turn to frown and look between, Sam, Dean, and Chuck. They all shook their heads except for Chuck. You took notice and stepped forward passing Sam.

You gingerly pointed at Chuck, “You see it right?” You stopped as he looked at you his eyes momentarily glowing bright gold. You froze and slid back to hide behind Sam’s build. Gripping his shirt. “You’re one of them?” Your statement once again came out as more of a question. Chuck shook his head and Dean gave an airy chuckle.

“Your eyes changed to a bright gold color though.” Sam and Dean looked over at Chuck. “Seriously?” Dean questioned eyebrows raised. Chuck sighed not knowing what to say. “She could be an Aspectura.” Castiel offered.

“Aspectur means sight in Latin doesn’t it.” You spoke coming to stand next to Sam who looked down at you. “Uh-yeah how’d you know that?” Sam spoke now more curious about your knowledge. “It’s a second language, but Aspectura I don’t know.” You waved off the question looking at Castiel now, trying not to look at his glowing eyes which seemed to be changing from the bright blue to a deeper blue. Now no longer glowing.

You heard someone move, but you didn’t want to look away from Castiel. You felt a chill roll down your spine, but you just waved it off in your mind. Your thirst for knowledge and curiosity gaining hold of you.

“An Aspectura is someone, usually a human, who can see the true faces of Angels, Demons, and other creatures.” Castiel casually told you, still frowning at you. Then you noticed that Sam had moved away from you, and the air had gotten quite cold. You saw out of the corner of your eye a glimmer of something white. You turned slightly and realized the Lucifer was only a few feet away from you, studying you. You hated it when people snuck up on you. Not moving from place, but rather turning on your heels to face him and put a hand on your hip you looked him dead in the eye.

“Got something to add Lucifer? Or are you just skulking?” It came out a little more snarky then you intended, but you couldn’t stand people trying to scare you. He raised an eyebrow and glared down at you. For some reason the flash of red in his eyes didn’t scare you, which just made you more concerned about yourself then anything. He towered over you, but he didn’t scare you, he was quite intimidating, but he didn’t frighten you as you thought the Devil should. Again causing you to contemplate your own sanity.

“I agree with Castiel that she could be an Aspectura, but we should put her to the test first. She could be of use.” He threw your snarky voice right back at you and moved to stand where he once was. Arms crossing in front of him. You’d regained your composure and no longer felt scared around these men. They all seemed to make you feel safe.

You turned back to Chuck, “You still haven’t given me an answer by the way.” You paused letting it sink in, “What are you?” You crossed your arms much like Lucifer had, but with a hint of your own sass. You saw Lucifer out of the corner of your eye, he looked impressed and quite intrigued by you now.

Chuck opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Sam. “He’s God.” You froze, realizing you’d just thrown sass to God. You cleared your throat and dropped your arms to your sides. You casually turned to Sam and Dean trying to brush off what you’d just done. “What about you two?” Sam had a smug look on his face, from watching you realize you sassed God, as you spoke.

“Oh no, were not a part of this freak show.” Dean started, but was silenced by the collective glares from the two angels and God. “No-uh were humans, but were hunters. We hunt down ghosts, vampires, werewolves, you know your run of the mill supernatural creatures. Among others.” Sam let out a relaxed sigh as he spoke. Your eyes glazed over as you took it all in. Silence hung in the air around you.

You let out a light laugh, “You know if it weren’t for being able to see their wings and their eyes I don’t think I would have believed you.” You slowly stopped laughing as you spoke. When you finished you took a breath then rubbed your eyes. Sam and Dean seem to have relaxed a little with you. You even managed to get a chuckle out of them.

“So what’s your name?” Sam questioned you lightly. You smiled realizing that you knew who they were, but they didn’t even know your name. “[Y/n], the names [Y/n].” You ran your fingers through your hair shutting your eyes, still smiling a little. A quietness fell over the room.

“Hello darling.” A deep, husky voice with a thick layered accent spoke from across the room. You opened your eyes smiling still. He was well dressed in a black suit and a long black jacket. You got to his eyes and froze.

“Um not to be rude, but what are you?” You were trying to be calm, but you’re shaking voice and hands betrayed you. “That’s Crowley, he’s a Demon.” You heard Sam’s voice, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him. In the blink of an eye Crowley went from being across the room to right in front of you. You panicked and ran to hide behind the nearest person. You gripped the man’s shirt tightly as you put your head against his back, not caring who you’d hidden behind. It wasn’t until a running chill went through you that you realized you were holding onto Lucifer.

You opened your eyes and gingerly came to your tip toes to see past his wings, and over his shoulder. Crowley’s eyes weren’t only black, but when you saw into his eyes it was like staring into a darkened pit that was ready to consume you from the inside out.

“Am I really that terrifying that you would hide behind Lucifer?” His voice sounded quite hurt as he looked at you.

“We think she’s an Aspectura, someone who-“

“Yes, yes I know what an Aspectura can do. Thank you Moose.” Crowley glared over his shoulder at Sam, who’d shut up, but look pissed off none the less. “Why don’t you come out here where we can all talk?” Crowley’s statement was directed at me though he was clearly glaring at Lucifer.

“Nope I’m good.” A confused silence hung in the air for a moment.

“Really? You’d rather be with Lucifer, with the Devil. With Satan!” His face was going red with anger, and he was really upset. You mulled it over in your head for a second. “What do you see when you look at him?” Crowley’s voice still sounded angry, but now he was curious.

“Glowing red eyes, gorgeous wings…” You trailed off. Now dipping down behind his wings once more. This time you lightly touched a feather closest to his back and you felt the quiet shiver run through him. Realizing the sudden effect on him you pulled back your hand, cursing your curiosity. “Yea, I think I’m good here with him. I can still hear you guys so I’ll just be quiet and stay back here.” You nudged closer to Lucifer’s back wanting him to shelter you from the Demon. You could practically feel the smugness, and curiosity coming off Lucifer. You knew it was going to be a long night.

Sleep Well

Cullen Rutherford X Demetra Trevelyan
Beware: wild fluff after this point

He sighed happily in his sleep and she had to restrain a chuckle, gently passing her fingers through his hair as she had done in the last minutes. Cullen could protest as loudly as he pleased when he was awake, but the truth was that he slept better when she caressed his hair.
Not that he didn’t like to have it touched by her during the day too, but he was ashamed if others were present, for he couldn’t restrain his pleased humming. And oftern others were always present, since for the Inquisitor and her Commander obtaining some privacy would request months of scheduling.
She traced paths with her fingers, from his nape to his temple, enjoying to feel his body heavily laying on the bed, his head on her lap.
Demetra bent slightly, kissing his forehead.
The dark circles under his eyes spoke about sleepless nights, and the stubble a bit longer than usual meant his hands hadn’t been steady enough to shave him properly. She pushed aside her worries, knowing he didn’t suffer from a withdrawal - or Cassandra would tell her, as she requested exspressly before leaving Skyhold for the Forbidden Oasis.
More probably, Cullen had pushed himself too much, working a lot, taking care of himself a little.
With her free hand, she framed gently his face, tenderly studying his features. In the occasions in which he was so peaceful during his sleep, he seemed younger. He resembled more the man she had learnt to love than the Commander who intimidated her at the very beginning, before starting to look beyond his frown and his personal shields. The wrinkles near his eyes almost disappeared, his jaw relaxed, his mouth slightly open.

He should laugh more, she thought pushing away from his face a rebel curl. He did laugh when they were together, though, but she just wished for him to have more and more occasions to do that. 
Demetra wanted for him to be safe and happy and free to laugh when he wanted to. To play chess more often and maybe adopt a Mabari - even if he would scoff at her that Mabari couldn’t be adopted, because of the bond.
To visit his family and find out he could still be part of it, because it was clear they loved him very much - his correspondence with Mia was more regular now, and the other two siblings had started to acclude notes for him. They seemed nice people who were sincerly happy to have him back in their lives.
To spend his free time reading all the books he wanted to, but didn’t have enough time for - except for the time he stole from what was meant to be time for food or sleep. But she did the same, so she couldn’t blame him.

She looked up at the night sky, the moon high there smiling back at her. It was really too late to be awake, and Demetra suppressed a yawn. Still five minutes, she said firmly to herself, knowing that probably she was going to look at him for a bit longer than that. Maybe it was a creepy or a weird thing to do. She wasn’t sure and she hadn’t dared to ask anybody for an opinion. It was truly too personal for sharing around, even during the quiet chats she and Cassandra had around the fire, in the camp, during their watch.
But Demetra did like looking at him in his sleep, and daydreaming a bit. Their relationship was fairly new, Maker, they started to sleep together just a few weeks before and she hadn’t imagined she would have loved seeing Cullen in such a private situation. Well, she hadn’t imagined a lot of things she would have liked about him and private situations. She silently laugh to herself, sensing her cheeks blushing. 
He sighed happily again, leaning against her soft belly, pressing himself closer to her.
She continued to caress his head gently, marvelling how soft his hair actually was, knowing the faint scent of the lotion he - abundantly - used to tame his curls would probably stick in her own fingers.
She smiled.
She was okay with that. More than okay.

At some point, Jack became aware of his daughter crying, and he blearily dragged himself out of bed before Bitty woke up too. There was no sense for them to be both up.

Annie didn’t let up when Jack leaned over her crib to pick her up. He checked her diaper and tried to feed her, but she still continued to wail. He bounced her around and took a few turns around the nursery, but her cries only escalated until Bitty finally came in. 

“Should we?” Bitty asked, still rubbing the sleep out of his yes.

“Yeah,” Jack agreed. “I’ll go. You go back to bed.”

Bitty shook his head. “No, I’ll come too.”

It was a familiar routine by now as they put on their jackets and pulled pants over their boxers. They efficiently buckled Annie into her car seat who howled through the whole thing even though they’d already done this twice this week.

Once the car started moving though, Annie finally stopped screaming at the top of lungs. She sniffled wetly a few times, but otherwise, she predictably quieted down.

“Wake me up in ten minutes and I can drive.” Bitty yawned. He’d wedged one of Annie’s blankets against the window as a makeshift pillow, and was snoring lightly before Jack even got out of the driveway.

Jack drove halfway around the block before the silence was too stifling, despite the quiet hum of the engine. He turned on the radio. He kept the volume low, mindful of the occupants in the vehicle, and settled on a channel that was playing something soft and slow.

After a couple of times of the neighbourhood, Jack pulled out onto the main streets. He was awake now, and he might as well keep driving for a little while longer.

He passed the garish, neon signs of stores that were lit even at this hour. The places that were so familiar during the day seemed intimidating in the dark of night. There was a surreal quality to it that Jack couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Jack glanced over at Bitty just as they passed under a street lamp, and for moment, Bitty was illuminated by the golden light in a way that had Jack desperately itching for his camera. He briefly entertained the idea of reaching over to grab hold of Bitty’s hand, but even asleep, Bitty looked exhausted. Jack didn’t want to wake him up.

It was a little after 3 am when Jack finally pulled back into the driveway and shifted the gear into park. He hesitated before finally nudging Bitty awake. If slept any longer in that position, he was going to screw up his neck.

“Is it my turn?” Bitty mumbled.

“No, Jack said as he carded his fingers through Bitty’s hair before smoothing it down. “We’re home.”

Bitty frowned, but didn’t argue as Jack got out the car and carefully unbuckled Annie.

After putting her back into her crib, Bitty hovered for a few minutes, just to make sure she really was asleep. He turned and kissed Jack lightly on the cheek. “Love you,” he whispered.

“Love you, too,” Jack replied fondly. “Come on. Let’s try and get some sleep before the sun comes up.”

Derek Hale One Shot / Blurb

Prompts: “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked" + Bed Sharing

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sort of sexual implication at the end? Also quite short.

Originally posted by writingempress

You watched the storm going on outside the large panelled windows, your knees tucked to your chest as you sat at the desk chair, a thick blanket wrapped around your body. You didn’t hear Derek come out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist as he walked to stand beside you, his arms crossed against his chest.

“It’s just getting worse,” he said, the wind whistling loudly outside and you could barely see through the street below due to the heavy rain.

You picked at loose threads on the blanket, “mmh, it’s going to be hell to drive in.”

Derek let out a humourless laugh as he began to walk towards the clothes he’d set out for himself. You raised an eyebrow, pulling the blanket tighter around you.


He shook his head, “I just think it’s funny you think I’d let you drive out in that. You can barely drive when it’s not raining, (Y/N). I couldn’t drive in this either.”

Derek pulled on his boxers from underneath his towel, knowing full well that he had an audience as he got changed. You’d now gotten out of your seat, walking towards him with your blanket pulling along almost like a cape. When you stopped in front of him, you pulled your angriest frown and did your best to keep your eyes from wandering down from his face.

“Am I supposed to just wait until the storm passes over? It’s nearly midnight and the news report said it wouldn’t break until mid-morning!” you said, trying not to seem flustered but he knew you were. He was kind enough not to laugh at your attempt to be intimidating.

Derek did his usual response – he shrugged.

“You’ll just do what most people will do. You’ll sleep and when you wake up, it’ll be over. Now go to bed, you get cranky when you’re tired.”

He picked up his t-shirt, pulling it over his head and you attempted not to seem disappointed that you could no longer sneakily ogle at his chest.

“You know,” you began, not being able to help yourself, “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.”

Derek smirked, beginning to walk back to the bathroom, “that can always be arranged, (Y/N).”

You had no idea how this happened.

You were laying on your side, fully aware of the close proximity between you and Derek and you tried your best to steady your breathing. He was so close – you could feel his body heat and hear his quiet breathing. You wondered if he was asleep, too scared to roll over and see for yourself. If you ever told Lydia about this, she would get annoyed with you for not taking the opportunity to make a move on Derek as she’d been pushing you for months to even just admit to yourself that you had feelings for him.

Lightening cracked suddenly outside, causing you to flinch at the sudden noise. You heard Derek hum to himself, signalling to you that he was awake and he shuffled closer to you.

“Relax,” Derek whispered in your ear, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you towards his chest, “it’s just noise. It can’t hurt you.”

Your breathing hitched as he used the arm wrapped around you to lazily trace patterns along your body with his fingers.

“It’s not the storm that’s making me anxious.”

Derek fell silent and his fingers stopped tracing patterns along you. Your body was covered in goosebumps and you let out a small gasp when he shifted your bodies. Now, you were lying beneath him – his hands resting on either side of your head and his face dangerously close to yours.

His lips ghosted over yours, a smirk coming to his face, “relax. I’ll take care of you.”

War of Love (Lafayette x Reader) Part 2

You watched the clock hit 11:55pm. Without thinking, you grabbed your father’s luggage filled with clothes and other necessities. You touched your neck, making sure the necklace your mother gave you still hung in its place. As you rubbed the diamond softly, you turned around, looking back at your jail cell one more time. It was the only “home” you knew for years, and a small part of you would miss the memories you and Sally made here. You turned back, closing the door softly behind you.

“Y/N? Why are you up so late?” You stiffened, your heart rate instantly increasing. You glanced out of the corner of your eye, and saw Thomas standing there in his purple robe. It was dark in the hallway, so you hid the luggage behind me, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

“I…wanted to get a drink of water, sir.” Right when you said it, you cussed yourself under your breath. You honestly couldn’t think of a better lie? Thomas pursed his lips, looking down at your outfit. After a few seconds, his eyes met yours.

“Do you think I am stupid, Y/N?” You stood rigid, praying with all your heart he didn’t guess your plans. Prayed that Sally was safe from him. Your hands shook as he edged closer.

“Taking a walk in the middle of the night isn’t smart, especially for a pretty, young lady like yourself.” You let out a sigh, then looked up at him. This time, he was less than a foot away from you. Because of the absence of light, you assumed that he couldn’t see the bag.

“I am sorry for lying sir, I needed some fresh air. I’ll open the shutters instead.” He stayed quiet, and you took this moment to release the bag, thanking that it was big enough to make just a slight creak. Thomas nodded, backing away from you.

“Don’t forget our plans at one, love. Keep the bed warm for me.”

The way he pronounced love, left a sour taste in your mouth. You smile at him, touching his hand softly. You knew this would convince him that you weren’t up to anything suspicious. But it still hurt your pride to do so. He squeezed your fingers, hard, and kissed your forehead. He then turned around and walked away, leaving you in the hallway alone. After a few minutes, you made your way through the house, and out the back door. The quarters for the slaves were rather far, and you had to run to get there in time.

When you knocked on the door, Sally opened it, her eyes scanning up and down. She quickly grabbed the luggage out of your hands, and instead, put a smaller bag there instead. You stared at it, confused. Sally put her finger to her lips, and gestured towards the people behind her. They were all sound asleep. She closed the door behind her, and walked a few yards away. Once you two out of earshot, she pointed to a hill.

“Every five minutes, a carriage comes n’ picks up soldiers for the war. Go n’ wait there for the next pick up.”

“But what about my clothes, I need th- ”

“Ya gonna to be a soldier, Y/N. They don’t wear dresses n’ panties. They wear their uniform.” You two heard shouting, and looked towards the mansion. The lights were on, and you heard things being thrown around. Sally gave you a quick hug, and pushed you towards the hill.

“You have to go, love. Before he comes.” The front door slammed open, and you saw the small figure of a man standing outside the door. You knew he was furious.

“I can’t leave you here, Sally. What will he do if he finds out? I won’t let anything happen to you.” You worried for her, and she frowned, staring at the mansion.

“I can worry about myself. Now go. Make sure ya don’t let anyone know you’re a woman.” She had tears in her eyes, the liquid making her eyes glisten. You bit my lip.

“I love you, Sally. I’ll come back for you.” Sally smiled, and nodded.

“I will be waiting for your return. Be smart, make me proud.” You turned and ran.

The hill had to be at least four acres away. You stumbled a few times, hearing shouting, and screaming behind you. You forced yourself to not look back, and continued. Once you were a few yards away from the stop, you pulled off my clothes, and wrapped a cloth around your body, making sure your breasts weren’t visible under the man’s uniform. There was a sharp knife in the bag, and you knew what Sally wanted you to do. You put the knife to your ponytail, and began slicing off your hair. When it was touching the tips of your earlobe, you knew the desired length was achieved.

You put the shirt and the slacks on quickly, and ran up to the stop. A few other men were there, and looked as you walked up next to them. You did not say one word, and they whispered together. After a couple of minutes passed, the horse-lead carriage appear. The man guiding the horses stopped next to you, and looked down.

“Are you men here to join General Washington’s regiment?” You all replied yes, and he pointed to the carriage, telling you to hop in. The men next to you whispered to each other excitedly, and you sighed, sitting alone in the corner. You hoped the man quickly continued on his way, so that Thomas couldn’t catch you. The man whipped the horse to go, and yelled back at all of you.

“Enjoy the ride, men. This is the last you’ll get for a long time!”


You all entered General Washington’s camp, the cart packed with men. You were squished between two men, sweating from the body heat. On the way, one of them sniffed you and questioned why you wore perfume. This time, you came up with a better excuse.

“I was at the pub all night, and took in some women to have last minute fun.” He laughed then, showing his brown teeth. You chuckled back awkwardly. It surprised you that they didn’t notice you looked like a female, and then you frowned.

Do you look that much like a man? You didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad about that realization.

“We’re here, men! I will introduce you to General Washington, and then you will be sent to your respective platoons.” You all replied “Yes sir” and were quickly told to follow him. You looked around the camp; men with dirt covering their faces, and tired bodies. When they looked at you guys walking by, their eyes looked empty, hope absent in every face. What did you get yourself into?

There were screams of pain in the distance, and it made you jump. One of the men next to you laughed at your reaction, bumping your shoulder.

“That’s what happens when you get shot. Are ya ready for that, pretty boy?”

“Silence, men. General Washington is approaching.” All of the side conversations ceased, and you all stood at attention for the general, awaiting his arrival.

The man that appeared in front of you was more than what you expected. You knew he would be intimidating, but the way he held his head high, staring down at you all made you feel smaller than you already were. He looked at each of you in the eyes. When his eyes connected with yours, it seemed that he stared longer than necessary. You tightened your fists behind your back, trying to stop the shaking that began to form again.

“Privates, from today, you are all fighting for the new colonies. There will be moments where you are feeling hopeless, or terrified, and there will also be moments where you feel triumph and satisfaction. What you are here for, is your business only. What I want to hear is that you’re ready to give your all in this fight. Are you ready?”

“Sir, yes sir!” You all said simultaneously, your heads up high. He nodded, looking at all of you.

“Now, I would like for each of you to introduce yourselves to the group. First and last name, then your occupation.”

Everyone went around, telling their names and work. Many were shopkeepers and farmers, and few were engineers and plantation owners. Once it was your turn, your looked up at General Washington.

“James Washington, tailor.” You stated, and he showed a small smile.

“Washington? Are we related, son?”

“I am sure we’re not, sir.” You replied. He snickered, taking one last look at you before letting the next name be called.

Once the introductions were over, you were separated into your platoons, and yours was closest to Washington’s tent. You walked in, holding your bag and uniform in your hands. The men in there were around a table, seeming to be playing a card game of some sort. They were rather loud, and you coughed, trying to make them notice that you were there. One turned to look at you.

His hair was straight and brown, pulled back into a short ponytail. He stood up, looking at you up and down. Once he saw the items in your hand, a smile formed.

“So you’re our new tent buddy?” He said, getting the attention of the other men. Another, with brown, curly hair in a hair tie placed his hand on the other’s shoulder.

“Alexander, seems we have a new bunk friend.” He smiled, and walked up to you. You noticed a field of freckles on his face. He held out his hand, and you put your stuff under your arm, shaking it.

“Nice to meet you, I’m John Laurens. But you could just call me Laurens, there’s too many Johns around here.” The man that was standing next to him walked up to you, and shook your hand as well.

“Alexander Hamilton, nice to see a fresh face here. These guys are too much for me sometimes.” Laurens hit him in the shoulder, and he laughed. The other two men walked up from their spot.

A darker skinned man with a gray hat on his head pulled you into a hug, squeezing the air out of you. You tensed up, hoping he didn’t notice something strange about your chest. He dropped you, and smiled.

“Hercules Mulligan. There ain’t a lot of Hercules’ around here, but call me Mulligan anyway.” He patted you on the back, making you cough. That guy must not know how strong he was.

The last man, stood tall over the others. His hair was the longest, the tight curls wrapped in a hair tie as well. His eyes were large and a deep brown, and when he smiled, you couldn’t help but smile back at him. You felt my chest tighten, and it seemed more good than bad. He nodded at you, holding out his hand. You shook it, and he grinned again.

“Bon après-midi, I am Lafayette, à votre service. (Good afternoon, I am Lafayette, at your service)” He spoke in half-French, and you smiled at that. My father taught you some French before he passed, so you knew what he was saying. You let go of his hand.

“Pleasure to meet you all, I am James Washington, a tailor from Virginia. I hope we all get along well.” They looked at you strangely, then looked at each other.

We open our next episode of Luna Lesbians with Sinead somberly reflecting on a previous life, one far removed from her current reality, one that yanks viciously at her heartstrings and–

Oh heya, look, we’re in another chapter! Chapter 12. This one became much easier once I learned that Xander exclusively follows the avatar and had oh so cleverly did this

Try to reach me now, Xander. (He never did, and Reina allowed a quick flight to the exit once the other chars gained good exp from the rest of the enemies). 

I don’t know if I’ve said it before but I absolutely adore Hinoka with Charlotte’s bow. Also that’s the lesbian look of death Laslow.

After the last battle Azura was ready to upgrade to a Maid!!! I’m sure Felicia is proud. 

Ah yes and now we get priestess Hana

And Hero Felicia. 

Also it seems like Azama and Subaki started a cult on the side and somehow ended up married out of it. Best wishes for them, I guess…

Oh…? The fourth time Kagero acts gay as hell at the beginning of a support…? Does that mean…? 

THERE IT IS!!!!!!!! Poor poor gay little Sinead finally worked up the courage to say something instead of letting the sexual tension simmer even longer!!!

Awwwwww, and Kagero accepts and closes it all out with a sweet line… Sinead wants all your protection, honey ;_; 

…Actually, she just wants you, in general. And you seem happy to oblige. 


In other news Camilla’s here…………… I must say, Sinead’s outfit makes sense now. Her cheeks match Camilla’s boobs. 

What’s that, in the distance…? A seeming image of beauty and grace…? Ah, she must be an apparition for such perfection can never truly exist in this world stop me people please this is getting out of hand

This chapter seemed intimidating at first but when I took it slow I was able to beat it on my first try. I don’t know why people hate on Rinkah so much, she’s so crucial to everything I do. 

Ahhhh look at the ray of sunshine!!! That makes yet another addition to our Sinead’s Sapphic Sweethearts!! Decorate everything in gay, honey… 

….Now that both Kagero and Sinead are fighters….. I don’t even want to know what goes on in this room, jesus. This episode of Luna Lesbians is rated PG-13.

AWWWWWWWWWWW ;_;   You’ll feel it soon enough, Reina, you’re going to have the brightest shining wife in the world. 

round of applause for badass astra-arrow Hana!!!~~~

Before the Luna Lesbian story continued it was time to pick up some kids, including the sisters Caeldori and Mitama, both oh whom are going to have a place on the final team!! Also my son, my son. ;_;

Various reclasses and the like were made, and you can check them all out under the “Keep Reading!” 

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