it never made it into the movie

for real though, can we talk about Rosie?

How SICK is her life going to be? I assume that she will be frequenting 221B, hanging with her dad and Sherlock. A little girl with the moral compass of John Watson and the deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes. 

A little girl who spends a lot of time with the landlady, watching rubbish TV and hearing about the “glory days”, laughing with Mrs. Hudson but never really understanding the levity of her past.

A little girl who picks up the fashion sense of Molly Hooper, and so wheres cute sweaters and ponytails whenever her hair is long enough. Molly takes her on shopping trips and to movies and the one time they had to stop at the morgue to help Sherlock and dad with a case, Molly made sure all the bodies were put away before she came in.

A little girl whose best uncle is a police officer and very keen to protect her. Greg even lets her run the sirens every now and then when he gives her a ride here and there.

A little girl who is given extra biscuits by that fuddy-duddy with the umbrella that comes around to yell at Sherlock and dad every now and then. Mycroft always manages a smile for her, though.

A little girl who is quick and smart like her mother and is loved so much by the people that loved her mother. Rosie Watson is going to have a good life.

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Rogue one goes first! R1/4/5/1/2/3/6/7. Flashback starts after 5 when luke finds out Vader is his pa.

See, that’s my dilemma though, DOES Rogue One go first? 

Temporally it makes sense, but R1 carries a lot more emotional depth, I think, if you’ve seen at least A New Hope, because it references the earlier films in very specific ways. Did I know that Darth Vader built his castle on top of the place where Obi Wan Kenobi once threw him into lava or whatever? No because I never saw the movie where Obi Wan Kenobi throws him into lava or whatever, I had to pick that up later – that kind of thing. 

And Rogue One also isn’t the best film to introduce one to the Star Wars universe because it references a bunch of shit we’re already meant to know, like the Force and the Empire and the Rebellion. I think honestly you care less about the Rebellion and about the sacrifices made in Rogue One if you don’t go in knowing what those sacrifices ultimately will mean, and also if you don’t know more about the Rebellion. Because in Rogue One, the Rebellion does not actually come off in a great light a lot of the time tbh. 

Being real, I had context for those so this doesn’t really matter, but I’m enjoying considering the theory.

Also literally the only reasons I gave a damn about Jimmy Smits was a) Jimmy Smits is fucking amazing and b) I osmoted who Bail Organa was from tumblr. Without tumblr I would not know Jimmy Smits is Carrie Fisher’s dad, and that adds a lot of depth to his appearances.

Given all that I honestly think 4, 5, 1-3, R1, 6, 7 might be the best order.  

- On a late Sunday night, Andrew casually rests his head in Neil’s lap for the first time
- With permission, Neil runs his fingers through Andrew’s hair
- They sit quietly while watching some movie the foxes insist they see
- Neither are really paying attention. In all honesty the cats wrestling just under the TV seems more interesting than the film
- Neil hums softly every once in a while, caught up in sleepy thoughts
- Andrew is limp with calm and tiredness
- He focuses in on Neil’s quiet murmurs, eyes growing more heavy with each sound
- Distantly– almost out of body– Andrew thinks about how much he trusts Neil
- How this trust has made him weak
- But how Neil would never take advantage of that weakness consciously
- And as Andrew slowly fades into a dream, he thinks: I’m safe with him
- Meanwhile, Neil is still playing lightly with Andrew’s hair
- Breathing coming slow and drawn out
- Of course, being Neil, he can’t help but stare
- How the light from the TV casts purple shadows and blue highlights across Andrew’s face
- Something in Neil’s chest clenches tightly when he realizes Andrew is sleeping. By no means is it a bad feeling
- His mind wanders again
- Never in his wildest dreams did Neil ever imagine having this, let alone a future
- As a college freshmen, he couldn’t think of what he has now. There was no possibility for them
- For morning kisses and late night cuddles. For pointless and long conversations and carefree laughs. For solid trust and unspoken love
- Without realizing, Neil’s eyes grow heavy as well
- Feeling warm and happy– so, so happy– Neil slips into unconsciousness

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How Would Boys react to you fangirling over character from game/movie/book/TV series?


  • Nate completely understands your pain. He loves reading and when he gets a good book he honestly gets wayyyy to invested in one of the characters.
  • If it seems interesting enough he’ll ask you about the series and watch/read it. I don’t think he’d be all that interested in playing a game unless you made him do it. 

  • He secretly gets way more into the series and characters than you do but you just never know until he’s flipping out over the death of one of his favorites.


  • Castiel is just confused asf. He thought they were a real person and then he sees its a book/game?? Whats so special about a fake person?
  • If its from a TV show/movie then he’s actually low-key jealous. What’s so geat about them when you have this hunky guy right in front of you, hm?

  • If its a book or a game he could care less but if its a show or movie he’s definitely going to be watching it just to see what all the hype is about. He secretly ends up loving the show btw


  • Lysander finds it pretty amusing, how much you care about these people that you’ll (sadly) never meet. Especially if it’s a made up character. He’ll ask about it though, and he will always listen if you wanna rant about that character.
  • He’ll gladly watch, read whatever series the character is from just to make you happy, and then he’ll talk to you about them.

  • He’ll buy you things that deal with that character or series. Maybe a shirt, or one of those cute little jewelry items that say the character/show’s name.


  • Armin is probably one of the only guys that can understand just how important fictional characters are. He’s read so much fanfiction and cried over so many deaths of game characters. No judgement from him.
  • He’ll listen to you fangirl over them, and then watch the series. If its a book though, good luck getting him to read it. Unless it’s got magic, action, violence, or gore he doesn’t care too much. He’d probably read it if it were fantasy or like a zombie apocalypse or something.

  • He buys you fandom merch from online websites. The kind that you realllyyy want but you’re too broke to get. He understands the struggle.


  • Kentin is jelly af. Who is this person and why are they just so important to you?? Are they a threat to his relationship with you? You’d have to clarify with him that it’s just a character or else he’s internally freaking the heck out.
  • Even after you clarify that the person isn’t real he still gets super grumpy, especially if it’s an actor because then that means you find someone other than him hot.
  • He’s gonna reluctantly check out whatever series you’re obsessing over and then get really pissy at the fact that he actually likes the series.

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I think for me I liked the whole episode because of how super twisted it was (i really like dark stuff) and the way sherlock had to deal with all these different emotions, truly i thought it was done well, but the fact that he and john never confessed their feelings or even said i love you to each other is absolute bullshit. there was nothing like that and it made me pissed that there was all this build up for nothing. it ruined the episode for me and now i'm mad again :(

The thing to me is the twists were not new to me. I t was heavily ripped off from Saw, The silence of the lambs, The Ring, Shutter island,It, James Bond movies etc.They just added a bit of touch here and there. And totally killed of Garridebs in the shittiest way possible. I am not impressed with the writing and there was no character buildup. 

But I am absolutely glad that some enjoyed the episode.I am glad for you. I really wish I could enjoy the ep too.

And all the build up from the previous episode for nothing. What a wasted opportunity.

I think everyone has that one made-up Hollywood movie scene in their minds that defines who they are, and what they’re doing. It’s a very personal thing, that scene, so we don’t talk about it with anyone else. But it’s there alright, and if you manage to shake it off, you only get a different movie scene in its place. For me, my scene involves a character I made up.

An old man, with sagging skin and a white stubble. His eyes are almost blind, his teeth are mostly gone, and he wears a tattered hat as explores the innards of an ancient car in his backyard. He never acknowledges visitors, but he always replies if you speak to him. Okay, let me just fast-forward through this part.

“Kid,” he says, his voice raspy like old people do, “Be fast. Be faster than god. Faster than life. So fast that nothing else seems to exist. Burn out of existence, kid. Don’t just die like a bug. Burn out of existence.”

I nod, and in a different version of this story, I also half-smile in a cocky way, and turn around. The camera captures my back (or maybe my front?) as I walk away from the backyard. That’s my determination you can feel flowing out of the screen and into your bloodstream. It feels empowering. It makes you want to get up and do something. It’s downright inspirational.

Well, it is for me, any way.

So I swerve, and I drift, and I press on the accelerator to go faster. The world around me starts to melt, but there’s no time for freeze frames. Have you seen pictures with motion blur? Even in those pictures, you can tell that there’s something that is being blurred. I go so fast, there’s no time for that.

I dodge the slower cars, and I ram into my opponents, flipping them off out of the window and not even slowing down for the finish line. Finish lines are for losers. Anyone who races for the line is a poser. And I live in a world full of posers.

I’m not the good guy.

It’s something that occurred to me one day as I passed a sixteen-wheeler. I’m not on a noble quest. I’m not even charismatic, or handsome. I’m just stuck in a loop of build-up scenes, without any actual pay-off. There’s no drama. No tears or blood, no sacrifice, no revelation.

I gripped the wheel tighter and pressed on the pedal, and screamed in the car.

I broke off the circuit, and went off into the night, onto an empty stretch. The moon was out there, and I felt like if I drove fast enough, I could even just reach it. So I drove faster and faster, and my blood pumped harder and harder, and the little white lines disappeared, and I raced on the naked concrete until the under-construction bridge stopped abruptly, and I shot right off.

Burn out of existence.

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Yo where's all the angst coming from in Dick Figures from what I've seen there's no angst??? What? Is this canonically backed or a fanmade thing

In the movie was a sequence where Blue and Red fought, screaming at each other that they weren`t and never were friends. They made up in the end though.

Plus there is backed up that Blue has depression so that`s a thing.

Everything else is literally me and my friends being sadists.

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Since you're bored, I'm gonna ask you lots of questions. What's your favorite color? Ideal first date? Morning person or night person? What's your favorite meal? What's the best vacation you ever took? Best book you ever read? Movie that made you most emotional? Do you play any video games, and, if yes, what's your favorite? Do you play any instruments? Do you like to sing? Do you enjoy writing? Do you have hidden talents? Any languages you'd like to learn? The best thing to do with free time?

Lavender, ive never even been on a date so really any at this point, night, Big Mouth Bites at Chilis, went to Florida last year for my schools band; flirted a lot with the best partner ive ever had, maybe the Maximum Ride series (i dont read much), recently? Sing got to me, favorite videogame is probably either Smite or Pokemon, i somewhat play the piano/marimba, singing is literally my life(i made all stte choir:)), i dont really have any strong feelings for writing either way, hidden talents… i can clap with one hand?, id really like to learn pretty much any language other than spanish but i suck at learning them so, best thing? Hang out with close friends. Most common? Watching Netflix😂 honestly thank you this is what ive been waiting for

carrie fisher isn’t just princess leia. carrie fisher isn’t just an actress we all admire from a famous series of movies made a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. carrie fisher isn’t just another name on the list of shitty things 2016 has done to people i admire.

carrie fisher is a woman who struggled with addiction and mental illness and never sugar coated it - she spoke honestly, openly, about every ugly truth, and made me so much less ashamed of the things i struggle with in my daily life.

carrie fisher is a woman who fought back against body shaming and misogyny, against agesim, who looked at critics and said “yes, i am a woman who has aged, and had children, and struggled with depression and addiction and my body has changed, so you can just shut the fuck up and deal with it”, and it was absolutely beautiful.

carrie fisher is a woman who was placed in the role of “princess” but didn’t conform to the typical hollywood idea of what a princess should be. she’s loud, brash, crass, and unapologetic for being so.

she’s an idol and an inspiration and she’s a woman who saved my life many times just by being who she was and never shying away from it or feeling the need to say sorry. carrie fisher is so much and more and i cannot begin to stomach the thought of 2016 taking her away from me, from her family, from the rest of the world and those of us who love her so dearly.

i love you, space momma. we all do. keep fighting the good fight.

“he just left in the middle of an argument” dump him
“he rolls his eyes when I start to cry” dump him
“we never agree on what movie to watch and we always go with his choice” dump him
“when he’s mad he’ll stand up straight and tower over me” dump him
“his friends make me uncomfortable” dump him
“he didn’t appreciate the gift I made him” dump him
“I don’t like that he drinks every day” dump him
“sometimes he ignores what I said during sex unless I say it again” dump him
“he told me he doesn’t like it when I wear my favorite sweater” dump him
“he threw something when he got mad once” dump him
“he won’t yell but sometimes he’ll just stop responding until I stop talking about it” dump him
“he doesn’t want me to go to my friend’s parties without him, but he never wants to go” dump him
“he pouts and says his last girlfriend did it for him” dump him
“he plays pranks on me that I don’t like” dump him
“he doesn’t think my jokes are very funny and makes fun of me for it” dump him
“he wants me to wear more make up” dump him
“he got angry that I cut my hair” dump him
“he still hasn’t met my parents” dump him
“he talks about me giving him kids, but we’ve never talked about our future” dump him
“he whines that condoms don’t feel as good” dump him
“I like having a boyfriend, but I have to put up with a lot for this one” dump him (:


in which adrien & marinette attend a wedding reception and marinette notices how adrien looks at the bride and groom wishfully.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

//sorry for the lack of art lately! i’ve been swamped with work but i’ve been thinking about my whole wedding au and the events leading up to it….including proposal *stuffs my face in a pillow and screams while thinking about their proposal scene*