it never has been okay and it never will be okay so just stop



The Tome’s Main Story: In the deep forest lies an ancient and powerful book that has been used by only the most powerful people of their species. The Book had been used to change the world and the environments for the better of life and its inhabitants. But one day, one of the group members had grown greedy of power over the book and they made a whole part of the land just for them self. The others had stopped the power-greedy man from further destruction on the land and life and they sealed him into a stone statue in a hidden place, never to be seen again. The others had realised that they must seal the powerful book away so it could never fall into the wrongs hands ever again, so they built a temple and they put the book into a unbreakable stone inside the temple. Legend says that if one of the most powerful people of their species tries to open it, it will react and the book will belong to them. But who could it be? One Person From Five Species Will Have A Chance To Gain This Incredible Power.

~The Tome~

Would You Guys Like It?

ok but 5sos are just 4 aussie idiots writing relatable songs that sometimes have a message so deep, it makes you cry & they’re just living their dreams & even vic fuentes has said he doesn’t understand why they’re so hated by some of you miserable fucks bc they’re so sweet & they literally don’t do anything to anyone. so why the fuck do you feel the need to bother them? they are them, they are my babies and they are one of the few good things that some of us fucking have left in the world, don’t fucking ruin them for us bc seeing them broken was never supposed to be a fucking part in this. they try and be such good people, honestly and the ones that hate on them have absolutely no fucking right to. people teaching your children"haters gonna hate"—stop! that’s the reason it’s become okay to hate someone, but it should’ve never been deemed as okay to lower someone’s confidence and make them feel like shit.


okay, so this is starting to get SUPER tiring. Nate smokes, okay. He smokes, so does john, so does sammy, most likely they all do. (johnson not so sure, but he has a lyric in a song that hinted it.) Does nate post snapchats of him smoking a lot? yea. Does he rap about it? Yea. But not all the time. People saying that the fact Nate makes videos of him smoking weed is bad because he has ‘younger fans’ i’m sorry, but he never made himself to be a ‘kid artist’ even in the song ‘like that’ he cursed and made a sex reference. He never set himself out to be someone who makes songs for kids under the age of i don’t know maybe 13??? Nate has probably been smoking for a while, and he won’t stop just because he’s getting bigger, I’m sorry. But for all the people that are annoyed by it, get over it. That’s who nate is. Focus on his music, and not his personal life so much if you’re annoyed by it. Unadd him on snapchat, unfollow on twitter i don’t know. But tweeting him ‘stop smoking’ or making a big deal about him making snapchats of him smoking isn’t going to make him stop!! You’re wasting your breath. And just because Nate posts video of him smoking on snapchat, doesn’t mean some 9 year old who shouldn’t even be watching his snapchats in the first place will go out, and smoke herself. Nate never signed a contract to become the new parent of his ‘younger’ fans, and change his whole lifestyle to appear cleaner. Let Nate be Nate. And if you don’t like it, oh well.