it never happend

    '' Tea Party ''
Bts reaction to you being wiht their hoodie in bed with morning hair

Request:  Hillo! Can I get a fluff bts reaction of you waking up with no clothes on and bed hair??? That would be lovely

A/N: I changed it up a little bit. If I use the no clothes version, things will get smuttish really fast. So, imagine like his really big hoodie.


“Y/N, baby, why is your hair like this? It has never happend to me.”

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“Don’t stand up. Oppa will cuddle you however you look.”

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“You are only a little kitten, aren’t you? A naughty kitten you are.”

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“Morning hair makes me cuddle you even more.”

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“We can raise little birds in our hairs. Both are like nests.”

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“Who are you?! Why are you in my bed!? Baby, is that you? God, you scared me.”

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“Are you pulling a challenge here? I can beat you even in this section.”

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That Summer- Archie Andrews Imagine

I dont usually delve outside of the buttercream imagines but im thinking of making this multi-fandom so i hope you all stay with me 

word count ~ 626


Archie knew he made a mistake that summer.

He thought about it all day and all night. He knew if you found out he would lose you, but it was so hard to think about anything else when Mrs. Gundys hands were all over him. His mind would turn foggy and would lose sight of what was right. The only thing he could think about was her that summer.

You knew Archie well enough to know that something was up. his messages got short and he never called you anymore. You knew he was working for his father that summer and wouldn’t be available all the time, but when he canceled your Fourth of July plans with Jughead, you couldn’t ignore the feeling in your gut that something wasn’t right.

Archie didn’t know why he was so infatuated with Mrs. Grundy when he had all he wanted with you. Maybe it was the excitement that Mrs. Grundy gave him because he knew that she was off limits. Whatever it was made Archie feel guilty for what he did. He knew that once they went back to school things would be different between the two of you and he couldn’t change that.

You met with Jughead at Pops for any sort of explanation, but you got nothing whatsoever. He told you he has no idea why Archie canceled on them and that he wants nothing to do with Archie anymore. So you took it upon yourself to go and see him that weekend, little did you know it would be a huge mistake. 

You walked alone in the dark on the weekend of July fourth. the cool and calm air surrounded you. You knew that this may be your last chance to talk to Archie before school started so it was important that you talked to him face to face, not just the one worded text responses that you kept receiving.

In the distance, you notice a mint green buggy with the lights on. You were not usually the type to snoop, so you kept walking. Until you saw the two people in the car. Your boyfriend and your music teacher making out in a car.

To say you were shocked was an understatement. The feeling of sadness hit you like a tonne of bricks. It felt like someone had stabbed you in the back and was slowly turning the knife. It was hard sight to look at, the boy you loved making out with your teacher. So you ran.


Once school was back, things were different. You tried to act like the summer had never happend but every time Archie told you that he had a Meetingwith Mrs. Grundy, it broke your heart even further. He wanted to tell you, but the consequences would be to strong for him and he knew that.

It was all to much. No matter how much you loved Archie, you didn’t want to go through that pain. You wrote him a not and left it in the music rooms for him to discover.

While with Mrs. Grundy, he noticed a note under one of the desks. He read it and for once while he was with her, he snapped out of the fog and realized what he was doing.

Archie knew he made a mistake that summer. 

EXO'rDIUM In México

1. Junmyeon said we were on their top 3 concerts.

2. They remembered the song “Sabor a mi” but they just performed a little verse because EXO-L start to sing along with them.

3. During Transformer the sound stop but we kept singing and they kept dancing. However they decide to start all over again saying that this has never happend to them before.

4. Junmyeon said we were crazy, but then he said EXO were crazy too.

5. They promised to return on their next tour.

6. They said to the upper zones that they look like little stars.


#do you ever just feel really sorry for graham? #because i do every day #and the worst part is that this has never ever been acknoledged by anyone #or mentioned in the show #it’s like it never happend #but it did #and it was the worst #it’s been 5 seasons and i’m still not over it #never over it

Tmnt time line in ryhme

In in the year 1984

came comic book heros like never before 

teenage mutant ninja turtles by eastmen and laird 

but for the turtles popularity the two men where not prepared 

In 1987  to 1988 

something happend that was really great 

For that was the year of first turtle cartoon series season

it was a big hit and for good reason

1990 was the year 

the turtles where first braught to theater 

as you probable know 

the movie made dow

So the exectuctives did choose 

tmnt 1991: the secret of the ooze 

the sequal was fair

but i wish it stopped there 

cause Tmnt 3 1993

is something that you cannot unsee

meanwhile the turtles series in 1994 

something went wrong for sure 

the art style looked real crude

they fought this weird bug dude 

the art style flipped 

and the writers tripped 

and shredder was barely around

so its likely it was going in the ground

theres no way you can defend

thats where the 80s turtles series ends 

1996 is where we go over seas 

and we have a turtle reboot made by the japanese 

on paper the idea looks swell

but in reality these two things dont mix well

IN 1997 a live action turtles series was made 

sounds good but its a facade 

for you realise soon 

its silllier than the cartoon 

Venus de milo the one the creators call a mistake 

repitiles dont breast feeds so there probable fake 

1998 things go from strange to stranger 

when the turtles go to space with the power rangers 

and that was the last we saw of the franchise 

until it attracter a pair of 4kids eyes 

Than came turtles 2003 

good for you good for me 

the fandom loved it and loved how it went 

as it focused more time on character developement 

the turtles where outrageous 

the fandom was contagious 


never looked better

but it happend as we feard 

2006 things started to get to get weird 

suddenly the turtles are in the future 

splinter gets stuck in a competer 

theres a whole bunch of shredders running around 

 ans theme song with truly evil sound 

2007 theres a film called tmnt 

didnt work out well you see 

the film was made for the 2003 turtles fans

 so the fans of the 80s couldnt under stand 

it made fans of the orginal furios 

and it took itself too seriuos 

the turtles forever in 2009

It went over well and fine 

a crossover of diffrent turtle adaptations 

but sadly the 80s turtles didnt get the best representation 

still to turtles fans thought it was real fun 

thats when people thought it was the end of the turtle run 

for years the franchise had been gatherd dust of the shelf 

that was until nick rebooted it in 2012

and it was definatly worth the wait 

because the show turned out great 

great balance of comedy drama and action 

and the fandom had a great reaction

2014 then the next tmnt movie was invested 

tmnt fans where interested 

you can tell they where probable disapointed 

when found out the which director was appointed 

yes it was micheal bay 

the hack with the nack as they say 

no he only worked on aq few parts 

but you can tell its his by the  farts 

the fandom wasnt found of the turtle designs 

the actor choises made writers look out of there minds 

its a real agitater 

the only good scenes was in the elavator

2016 came out of the shadows 

wasnt exacly by pros 

but the probs are the same i think we already know 

no lets go back to the nicalodean show 

2017  here we reach the final nick turtles season 

i have to admit its pretty pleasing 

the turtle went though space and time 

and they have stopped lots of crime

brotherly love and forgiven mistakes 

gloriuos battles and painfulll heartbreacks 

but theres no need to pretend 

the tmnt 2012 is coming to an end 

But thats no the end of our turtle teen

theres a reboot planned for 2018 

will it be bad? will it be great ?

i dont know well have to wait 

(( hey guys i really enjoyed making this , and i hope you enjoyed reading it if you didnt sorry, if i just talked any junk about an adaptation you liked please know this was a joke, if i got anything wrong let me know too im a big girl i can handle it, okay bye  love you …………..think i need a drink of water ))

Why are you acting as if nothing happend between us?”
“Because I don’t know how I’m supposed to act. Something like this never happend to me and I’m completly new to this whole thing. So I act like you’re just some friend. Maybe I’m scared of your reaction, maybe you even like me, but there’s still the possibilty that it never meant anything to you, so I’d rather ignore my feelings and treat you like any other.
—  What I would say to him if he ever asked (via ifallthethingswerereal)
The Serpent and the Mouse

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Character: Neville Longbottom

Prompt: (Requested)

Neville tumbled down the steps of the Gryffindor Tower in his usual state of constant panic, mumbling under his breath and constantly apologizing to those he ran right into, his cheeks flushed a deep rose.

He had woken up late that morning, and was about to late for his Potions class, of all the possible things he could be late for it had to be Potions.

It was known to almost anyone with a working pair of eyes and ears that Professor Snape had a strong dislike for any of the Gryffindor students. But he seemed to take a certain kind of additional joy in tormenting Neville anytime the opportunity arised.

When Neville managed to work up the nerve to open the large wooden door that lead into the Potions classroom, his shoulders slumped and his head meekly gazed to the other students already seated.

“Enjoy your little morning stroll, Longbottom?” The deep and stern voice of Professor Snape called out from his desk, his dark and cold eyes staring straight at him.

“Uh…no, sir,” Neville said quietly as his hands tightly clenched his textbook, trying to calm his nerves. “I slept in too late, sir.”

Snape hummed lowly, his bony fingers tapping on the dark wood of his desk. “Assigned partners for the year have already been chosen, but because of your sudden lack of keeping the time, I’ll just have to place you myself.”

Snape looked on at the rows of desks until his eyes landed on you, sitting at one of the seats closest to the windows, and a large and queer smirk spread across his face. “Why don’t you join Miss (L/n)?” He asked in an overly enthusiastic tone.

Neville was about to rush to his seat, but he saw the emerald tie standing out against your grey sweater vest and he froze still, his eyes going wide.

“Have you lost the ability to walk as well?” Snape snapped. “To your seat, Longbottom.”

Neville sluggishly moved to the seat beside you, shyly sitting down and trying to make as little noise as possible.

Your gaze was still firmly planted in the thick book you were reading, you hadn’t looked up from it once or noticed his sudden presence.

Neville swallowed nervously and his hands fumbled in his laps, for whatever the reason, his eyes glanced over at you every so often and his cheeks felt warm.

“You don’t have to look so nervous you know, I’m not gonna snap on you.” Your voic came from beside him, eyes still focused on the words on the pages.

Neville jumped whenever you addressed him, his head slowly turned to you. “O-Oh!, yes right.” He choked, trying to compose himself.

You sighed unhappily, taking a few seconds to glance at the frightened boy who tried to distance himself as much as possible from you.

This always happend.

You never understood why.

Sure, Slytherins didn’t have the most fabulous track record when it came to friendly or good wizards, but that didn’t mean all of you were total gits.

Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived, was once a Slytherin. Andromeda Lestrange was one too, and she ended up all right.

At least that’s the sort of thing you told yourself whenever you got particularly saddened by the house you’d been given.

Your parents didn’t seem to care that much.

Your mother was an easy going Ravenclaw, who was one of the most creative people you’d ever met. And your father was a humble Hufflepuff who could always make you smile. They both actively told you how wonderful of a person you were and that your house didn’t solely define you.

And it didn’t.

You got along with everyone that crossed paths with you, even Draco Malfoy was pleasant with you and you’d only spoken to him a handful of times.

But you were a sweet person, who knew how to make others laugh with your clever remarks and witty banter.

“Did you hear the assignment?” You asked him, closing your book and turning to him.

Neville shook his head, setting his potions book on the work table and waited for you to go on.

“It’s simple really, just a sleeping draft,” You told him, taking his book and flipping to the correct page.

Neville watched your finger trace down a line over the ingredients, and you hummed whenever you reached the end.

“Would you mind getting these from the cupboard? I can get the cauldron ready.” You offered.

Neville’s head tilted a millimeter and he blinked, he’d never spoken to so softly and kindly by most other students, let alone a Slytherin.

“Uh…sure.” He said, tripping slightly on his stool as he made to get up from it, moving to the students supply for ingredients.

True to your word, the cauldron was already bubbling whenever he returned to the table.

“Do you want to handle the ingredients?” You asked him as you started to organize the various bottles and jars.

“I would offer, but I’m afriad I’d ruin the whole thing.” He said shyly as he tugged at his sleeves.

You gave him a small smile. “Do you have difficulty with potions?”

“A little, yes, if I’m being honest,” Neville replied, suddenly feeling more at ease when he saw your smile. “I’ll follow the instructions just fine, but then something happens and it all gets ruined.”

You started to grind up some lavender, not bothering with the textbook instructions. “See that’s the misconception a lot of people make,” You began as you let the crumpled flower fall into the boiling water. “It’s a bit more than following the book, you have to understand the intent behind what you’re doing and try to go with what feels right.”

Neville scoffed slightly, his eyes watching you curiously as your hands moved to and fro. “Well I can tell you getting a puff of smoke in your face certainly doesn’t feel right.”

You laughed, picking up your wand and making small incantations into the cauldron. “It’s take a bit of practice and time,” You told him, moving your gaze to meet his. “I could help you if you want.”

Neville felt the back of his neck get warm, for a whole different reason this time though, and he nodded his head. “I’d like that a lot, thanks.”

You placed the lid of the cauldron on and held your hand out for him. “My name’s (Y/n), by the way.”

Neville grinned and shook your hand. “And I’m Neville.”

A few minutes passed and you raised your hand for Professor Snape to grade your work.

He lifted the lid and placed a small vile into the liquid, nodding approvingly whenever he saw the sheer purple color of it. Snape lifted it under his nose and a small, almost sincere smile was on his face. “Excellent work as usual, Miss (L/n).”

And with so much as a nod to Neville, Snape strode away to yell at a pair of studets flinging beatles at each other.

Neville felt the air finally escape his nose and he looked at you in a sort of state of admiration. “You’ve got to be the only student he likes, I could’ve given him the best potion he’s ever seen and he’d still deduct me on points because I couldn’t tell him eight uses for nightshade.”

You snorted, beginning to clean up your workspace. “Perhaps, but he’s always been somewhat nice to me. Dad says I have that kind of effect on people.”

“I can see why.” Neville said suddenly, until he realized how it came across and he instantly when pink.

“I-I didn’t mean that in a weird way or anything, I was just trying to compliment you and-”

“Thanks.” You said simply, looking at him kindly. “First compliment I’ve gotten from a Gryffindor that’s for sure.”

Guilt immediately overcame Neville as he thought of how rude he must have seemed earlier, he deducted you probably got that kind of treatment a lot.

Recognizing the look on his face you shrugged your shoulders. “Don’t worry about it, happens all the time.”

“I still feel bad though, I probably seemed like a right proper prick.”

“One of the nicest pricks I’ve ever met.” You told him as he laughed.

“Tell you what, make it up to me and help me with my herbology essay?”

Neville’s eyes lit up brightly, and you could see that were a lovely shade of hazel, a kaleidoscope of darker hues.

“I’d love to.”

Getting Into An Argument w/ Mark
  • omg third post of the day
  • look at me go
  • yall r probably super tired of me already lmao
  • i have one more requested that i would like to do for today
  • well
  • maybe three idk leave me alone
  • i just have no chill lmao
  • shoutout to the anon who requested this <3 btw
  • and let’s start this
  • let’s go ~~
  • so, u and mark have been in a relationship for like three months or something
  • you were still knowing each other but so far it was perfection
  • what more do you expect from this angel i mean
  • he’s just such a soft and sweet creature i’m-
  • so arguments never happend, never ever
  • and if the do it were only stupid jokes between you 
  • never an actual argument, not even once
  • so, yeah, going to the story
  • i don’t feel like mark is a jealous person at all
  • he’s just to nice, we seriously doesn’t deserve him he’s too perfect
  • he really really trust you but well
  • i feel like, if there is a random guy who keeps hugging his girlfriend and looking at her in ways only he’s alowed to he’s going to get angry
  • and he said once that when he’s angry the first thing he do is calming down, right?
  • so while you and this uknown person who was being too nice to you keep hugging and talking he was internally trying to calm himself
  • he was like
  • “mark, relax, that idiot-i mean that guy doesn’t know you are his boyfriend”
  • “it’s normal, you haven’t been dating for that long”
  • “she just forgot to tell him, they have been talking for.. ten minutes, and sh-she forgot to tell him that y-you’re her boyfriend”
  • “even though you’re right by her side”
  • he was going crazy believe me
  • and once you ended your conversation and gave your attention to mark again he was SO serious
  • “sorry, baby, he’s just an-”
  • “let’s go to the dorms y/n, right now”
  • damn, he looked angry as fuck and it was SO weird
  • but you kept silent and followed him to the 127 dorms
  • you saw all the memebrs reactionand all of them were just as surprised as you
  • even donghyuck loked scared of him
  • and when yall started “talking” damn he was like other person
  • he was really jealous and he wasn’t even trying to hide it
  • and he wasn’t screaming at you or something, but his voice was higher than it usually is
  • and same thing with yours
  • “mark, can you listen to yourself and realize for once that everthing that you’re saying is bullshit? do you think i’m cheating on you?”
  • “do you think i’m stupid? because, no i’m not, you didn’t even told him i was your boyfriend!”
  • “i was going to introduce him to you but he kept talking and-”
  • “yes, you said that already and i don’t care, listen to me”
  • shhhhhhhhhhhit whhattt jfhsh
  • oh boy, you were angry now
  • “you’re so childish, mark! go ask donghyuck for cuddles now, oh no, better don’t i don’t want to get jealous over your friendship”
  • and you were already walking to the door to get the fuck out of there u know but nope
  • “i’m not fucking done y/n”
  • and he grabs your wrist and turns you around
  • at everything passed really fast
  • your first reaction to his action was to cover your face with your arm to protect you
  • and that shocked him, leaving him in blank
  • “d-did you actually though t-that i was going t-to hurt you?”
  • “n-no y/n.. i-i would never..”
  • he never experienced something like this and he wasn’t sure how he should response to it
  • he lets go of your wrist and when he looks at the mark left by his hand he falls on his knees
  • “i-i’m sorry y/n, i-i’m so sorry”
  • you sat on the floor by his side and let him place his head in your lap while you rub his back to comfort him
  • this is so angsty i’m
  • “i’m sorry, mark. i don’t know why did i act like this i-i am really sorry”
  • he sits by your side and take the tears out your face with his thumb
  • “i promise you i’ll never would do something like that to you, baby, never, i’m so sorry”
  • you hugged him
  • “i know, and i trust you and i love you, i really do, please believe me”
  • you broke the hug and kiss him sweetly, still apologizing
  • “i love you too, y/n”
  • i wish this was an scenario it would be so dramatic
  • btw, i made a scenario ver of this too
  • you can read it here
  • and tbh i like that one a lot more lmao

Okay but do not think about Malia Tate visiting the graves of her sister and her mom. Do not think about Malia telling them how sorry she is and how she wishes she could turn back time and make sure the accident never happend. Also don’t think about Malia going to the grave and telling them about a boy she met, Stiles Stilinski, who makes he want to be human again, that she made a best friends, Kira Yukimura, who is adorable but really awkward. Or about her proudly telling them that Lydia and her are making progress, that the redhead seems to hate her a little less. Or Malia going to the graves after Stiles and Lydia get together, to just cry about it, because her best friend is out of town, Scott is Stiles bestfriend and she can’t talk to Lydia about.

‘I know I should’ve let go of the idea of us being together when he broke up with me, but he promised me he would never leave me!’ The young coyote tells her mom and baby sister with tears streaming down her face.