it needs tweeking


“MODEST needs your help” Comission

My financial situation is bad… i need to pay for food, pills and doctors :”(

I really apreciate any halp…and i will do my best with that drwings (if you can’t afford those i can make skatches for like 5$ )

comission inf:

  • I can draw you any character but you need to give me some references  (minimum 2 pictures and short personality description) (especially whan it is your oc)
  • i can draw nude ppl (if you want me to draw porn… you need to ask.. it depends)
  • i can draw anything you want (gore is welcome :))
  • If you are interested message me here (or on my e-mail:
  • peyment before i strart drawing (only via PayPal)
  • don’t be afraid of asking questions

reblogs are welcome (thay can help a lot)

thank a lot in advance :3



Omg, don’t make him choose ;A;

Well I ship Craig and Tweek a lot more together but hell yes for Crenny. It’s curious cause just a day or two ago I saw on my dash some headcanons for OT3 Creekenny and I just lost it, so I had to draw them together, amiright? Lol. Feel free to tell me more of your ships or headcanons guys, make me fall deeper in this trash I’m not even upset.