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Lyra lied out of NECESSITY. She lied to prevent her brother from being KILLED.

Maggie lied to PROTECT ALEX FROM EMOTIONAL STRESS. She lied to help her partner cope with her new identity and ensure that her coming out experience wasn’t miserable like hers was. It was a SELFLESS lie.

Mon-El lied for CONVENIENCE. He lied because he was fully aware that the DEO would throw him in jail if they knew his true identity. He lied to PROTECT HIMSELF FROM BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS COWARDICE AND LONG HISTORY OF SELFISH CRUELTY.

Stop comparing their lies and pretending that they are the same. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

“I don’t feel bad for Cass… she did this to herself.”

First of all, it’s not her fault for wanting to play the game and fight for the people who would be a number for her. She knows this house is run by Neda + Bruno and Cass is not someone who could be controlled therefore Neda and co. are against her.

Ika’s personal hatred for Cass ruined Cass’s game… she pretended to be her friend and ratted everything she said to Neda and co.

Gary ruined Cass’s game too because of how emotional he is. If he didn’t blow up and exposed her plans to the house… Cass would’ve been in a better spot.

Cass just came out of her season and came in with the biggest target on her back being known for how conniving and cutthroat she is. She doesn’t have immunity to rely on or at least one person who she can 100% trust. This’s why she fought hard for Dallas and Demetres. And what is also sad is that Demetres completely abandoned her after she saved his life. 

If she does leave this week, as a fan of hers I’m still proud and I know she did her best but the odds were against her. And she should take how everyone is threatened by her as a compliment (the girl can’t even win a comp and they’re still frightened of her).

She’s a BB legend no matter what happens.

some part of tumblr is like “ belle fell in love with a beast. “ it’s not realistic and i’m sitting here like and cinderella rode in a pumpkin, had a fairy god mother, talked to rats, snow white practically died because of a poisoned apple, sleeping beauty pricked her finger with a spinning wheel… rapunzel has magical glowing hair, ariel was best friends with a fish and gave up her tail to go find love. jasmine had a pet tiger and rode on a magic carpet…

do you know what that’s called? it’s called fiction and you know how you enjoy it? by having an imagination.

Don’t change for a guy. NEVER change for a guy. I can not stress this enough. No guy is worth that. Find the guy who enjoys you and your flaws. I promise you that person is there and you will feel a whole of a heck of a lot better that he adores you for being yourself. Besides, why would you want to change your unqiuely amazing personality for a guy who has the personality of a coqui frog(loud and undiscernable from the millions of others around him)? Keep on glowing babies
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Sam rubs his hand over his face. What the hell just happened? How did he go from the one doing the dismissing to the one being dismissed? Sam’s not used to this. He knows how a mind works. He knows how to make sure he never has to be anyone but the one saying goodbye. What is it about this Bucky fucking Barnes that made him slip?

When Sam Wilson’s called to help solve a series of crimes in the small town of Brentonwood, Indiana (pop: 4,736) he expects to do what he’s done hundreds of times before: explore a new town, meet some new people and solve the case. What he gets when he meets Bucky Barnes is so much more than that.

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