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one of the reasons mental illness sucks so fucking much is because people around you can literally tell you again and again that they love you, that they think you’re cool and funny, that they support you in every way, that you’re talented or intelligent, and no matter how many times they say it you’ll always cringe and shake your head and say “no, no i’m not, really” but the SECOND someone says one bad thing about you, even just once. You believe it completely. 


I need help. Like seriously… I also need more voltron episodes, because I’ve already rewatched the 1st season like 4 times now.

I want this to be an Family AU series, I’ve got some more pages I’m working on, but I’ve got so much other life responsibilities to handle first.. so yeah, stay tuned? 


Hey ya’ll so I know you think this isn’t exactly what should be posted during a crisis like this. But I think it’s exactly what should be done. We need to calm down, we need to smile and laugh. Take in some deep breaths and laugh/cry it out.

We can make it through this.

@soulffles Oh, Im glad to answer it! (Just needed some time to prepare, hah). Part 1 just in case 

Time for dumb headcanons:

Firstly, I think he would be pure-blood, but, of course, its not a strong reason. Agreste family surely wasnt the Death Eaters, hah, but also wasnt supporters of their ideas, even being the most of them in the Slytherin House (maybe his mom would be in the Ravenclaw, for example).

Secondly, yeah, I guess, the most of us think than Adrien is more perfect for Hufflepuff house because of being the biggest cutie pie. But, whats funny, maybe because of this he also could be in Slytherin. How?

Too simple, huh? Well, Im not a big psychologist.
Actually, some mages and witches were strangely chosen in the Houses in canon (the best example is Peter Pettigrew)

That was the most normal reasons

Thirdly…. Well, green color suits him, lmao. (not sorry)
Fourthly, for me, it just makes interesting plot and also interactions with other characters

With Nino, for example

((Sometimes they make stupid jokes about it))

Okay, i can talk about Hogwarts AU really long time, so i need to stop. I hope, theres enough for explaining about Adrien being in the Slytherin (i know, theres not enought and my explanation is stupid) OKAY HE IS JUST LIKE SCORPIUS AND THATS ALL

Victor didn’t know how he had gotten to his current situation.  

“Grand Central Hotel, please.”

The cab driver clicked his tongue and typed the address into the GPS hooked up on the dash, before glancing over his shoulder.  “Need some help with your bag—er, your friend?”

Victor gave a guilty smile, trying to ignore the cramping in his lower back from the amount of deadweight slung over his shoulder.  The deadweight groaned lowly, one of its hands fisting in the front of Victor’s untucked dress shirt.  

“It’s alright, he’s just had a bit much to drink.”

As he eased Katsuki Yuuri, Japan’s top figure skater (and, evidently, Japan’s top pole dancer), off of his shoulder and into the backseat of the cab, Yuuri flung out a hand to grab his wrist, pulling him headlong into the cab with him.  Victor grunted, maneuvering his knees off the seat and reaching behind himself to close the cab door, all the while trying to ignore the warm champagne bubbles clouding his brain, the warm feeling of Yuuri’s hand around his wrist.  (The warm feeling of Yuuri that had been against his body earlier, as they’d danced.)

Yuuri slung an arm around Victor’s neck, already beginning to murmur sweet indecipherable nothings, and Victor cleared his throat awkwardly, meeting the cab driver’s eyes in the mirror.  The driver raised a single brow, and then, deciding not to make a fuss, shrugged.

“No vomiting.”

Victor nodded, trying to loosen Yuuri’s chokehold.  “Promise.”

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*sigh* so I was looking for a kpop meme that I saw a long time ago on google images when I managed to come across this picture here:

and obviously its supposed to be a “funny” relatable post for kpop fans. But its not relatable, or funny. It’s just gross. Just because you love kpop doesn’t mean that you need to adopt “new Korean-like habits” and btw, what the fuck does that even mean?? You think its cool to just pick and choose aspects of the culture to incorporate into your everyday life for NO REASON AT ALL?

Like the fuck?? What are you bowing for? Bowing is mostly a custom in East Asia (maybe other places too I guess) but unless its a common practice in your country, what are you bowing for? Wow u can bow ur so koreein! Oppa cant w8 to bring u to hiz mom! Just stop.

You think its cute to sprinkle the language around whenever you want to? You think its cute to just accessorize it for no reason? And don’t even try to use the “but why are their english lyrics in kpop songs?” bc it’s literally not the same. If you pick up the phone and say 여보세요 chances are, the person on the phone will have no clue what you just said, so I don’t have the slightest clue why you are doing it. STOP.

*tries not to scream* :) :) :) Hey sweaty :) :) :) :) Not all Korean guys are kpop idols :) :) :) Not all Korean guys LOOK like kpop idols :) :) :) :) Not all Korean guys ACT like kpop idols :) :) :) :) Not all Korean guys want to spend time with racist, ignorant, fetishist who only claim to “like” them simply because they are Korean and fulfill their disgusting oppa fantasies. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

*actually screams this time* !!!!!!!! Whhhhaaaattttt???? 

1: If you are a native english speaker and you “dont realize” (sure, Jan) that your speech patterns have been altered into that of a non-native speaker simply because you are into kpop, then you need help. Seriously.

2: Using the term engrish to make fun of idols who spend time working hard to learn your language, but can’t shake their korean accent, is disgusting and incredibly racist. You should be fucking happy and supportive that they are risking embarrassment to publicly speak a language that they aren’t fluent in, but yet you are making fun of them for it. Yeah, oppa definitely wants to marry you.   

I was gonna do more but I’m tired of this and I’m tired if y’all. If you know someone like this, check them immediately, If you are the person who is like this, then you need to work on loving yourself.  

I dunno if it would be out of character for Newt, but I think it would be funny if he can’t help but talk about and describe Tina and the first time she meets Theseus no introductions are needed because Theseus is like, ah, yes.  I would know those eyebrows anywhere.  Newt spent a good 30 minutes on them alone.

A Pop Culture Come Out:
  • <p> <b>Jack:</b> Maman, Papa, i need to tell you something. Me and Bitty, we are toge-<p/><b>Alicia:</b> Yo, Jack, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but me and your dad have one of the best relationships of all time! One of the best of all time!<p/><b>Jack:</b> Wait, what?<p/><b>Bitty:</b> ...*whispers behind his hand* its a beyoncé reference honey<p/><b>Bob:</b> It means we know about you guys, son. We wanted to accept him in a way that shows we care<p/></p>

is there anything better than kon messing around with tim by using his ttk. 

tim’s trying to fix his hair after they go flying, and the second it’s in order, kon uses his ttk to mess it up again. 

or, tim’s half asleep and kon’s busy playing a video game or working out, but kon distractedly moves stuff around just to mess with tim. like, shuffles his coffee cup around and tim is constantly like “i know i put it down here, i just know it” meanwhile kon is just grinning from the other room waiting for tim to catch on. 

or, kon taps tim on the shoulder with his ttk and tim falls for it every single time. 

“not right now kon im–” 

(kon, from across the room) “sorry, honey, did you need something?” 

“…very funny.” 

or, kon manages to shut off tims alarm almost every single morning. its not like hes trying to sabotage tims job its just that his body literally has a defense mechanism against loud noises, he cant help it?? 

anyways i love how silly they can be as a couple and i love that kon loves his ttk 

Please fire me.  I think we all know working retail sucks, with rude customers and high expectations when you’re just one person.  But when you’re desperate enough to work at Dollar Tree of all places, you know it’s bad.  (And yes, you “funny” customer, everything IS INDEED a fucking dollar.)

My job description is basically “cashier first, stocker second”.  But apparently no one told me I was also a janitor, a babysitter, a shrink, and the brains behind the manager who can’t think for himself half the time.  Okay fine, I’ll clean up your crap that you’re too lazy to put back in its original spot that’s two feet away from you.  Fine, I’ll watch your kid for a moment if you need to use the restroom.  I’ll listen if you really want to tell me about the shitty day you’ve been having prior to coming to my register.  Okay manager, I’ll handle the customer for a few minutes while you back me up on the register.

However, if you’re going to take all the shit from the party aisle and shove it into the empty cavity on the shelf specifically made for bread, get out of my store.  If your child won’t listen to me after I’ve told them 4 times to stop pulling the balloons out of the corral, you need to put your child on a leash.  If you’re going to blame me for your shitty day and take all your frustration out on me, then I WILL make myself the reason you’re not in control of your own damn life.  And manager, for the love of whatever you believe in, do your fucking job as a manager and not talk to your wife about moving to Florida in *certain time frame*; stop bullshitting on the side-lines and help me on the register when I need it.

Don’t argue with me over something coming out to $1.06 because you didn’t think to bring change with you for tax.  Don’t argue with me when I say we only do exchanges and that I am not authorized to do full refunds.  And especially don’t argue with me when your card declines and you don’t carry cash.

And I swear, if you come into my store, and I have a small line of two people, and you want a new line to open because you woke up late for work and you’re too damn impatient to purchase a single bottle of water, I will gladly step away from my register to hand you an application so you can ring up your own fucking water, you impatient, sweaty, suit-and-tie dickweed.


I’ve been feeling pretty bummed out this entire day for no real reason so I doodled this comic. Idk, it seemed cute and funny in my head.

For context, Magical Hero Fi seriously injured Mobster Ghirahim to the point where he needed to be hospitalized for several weeks. She felt so bad about it that she visited him at the hospital everyday and paid for his medical bills. Needless to say Ghirahim caught the feels for her during this time.

Sam Witwer, Colin O’Donoghue, and Josh Dallas on the set of OUAT - July 12, 2016 [x]

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Kenma and Kuuro like each other. They flirt and others notice. Kuroken are too shy to say anything about their blossoming relationship.

It’s sweet, considerate Shibayama that finally speaks up. “Should we… say something?”

“No,” everyone else immediately replies. They’re done with practice for the day, taking their time cleaning up and changing. Their captain and setter is in the corner of the clubroom, pretty much lost in their own world as far as the rest of the Nekoma Volleyball Club can tell.

“It’s kind of cute they think we won’t notice,” Kai says in that mild way of his. 

“It’s kind of annoying how they fill the room with metaphoric cherry blossoms whenever they lock eyes,” mutters Yamamoto. He’s still upset over yet another failed confession last week.

“Ah, but it is sweet how they stare at each other when they think we’re not looking,” Inuoka says. 

“They’re doing it now,” Shibayama observes.

They all glance over with varying degrees of stealth, not that it mattered. Kuroo is resting his gaze upon Kenma, his observant eyes soft for once. Kenma is pretending to be busy with his phone, a small blush on his cheeks and glancing up every so often at his best friend. They don’t even seem to realize they have an audience. It’s painfully sweet to watch.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Yamamoto,” says Yaku. “The cherry blossoms. Are suffocating.”

Yamamoto shakes his head. “I’m gonna tell them,” he says, and Fukunaga nods at his shoulder.

“Tell them what?” Lev says, finally finding the right hole in his shirt to poke his head through. 

“That their flirting is way too obvious and they should just admit they’re together already.”

As soon as the words come out of Yamamoto’s mouth, Lev’s eyes widen comically. Kai closes his eyes with an air of sagely resignation, Fukunaga physically hides his face with his jacket, while Shibayama and Inuoka both wince. Yaku lunges forwards, but he’s too late.

Somehow managing to fill the clubroom with that innocently curious, unfortunately loud voice of his, Lev goes, “Kuroo-san and Kenma-san are dating?”

And the couple in the corner finally clues in that the whole team is still there, both of them turning red at an impressive speed. Nekoma Volleyball Club has never suffered a silence more awkward.

Lev runs extra laps in the next practice.