it needs something tho and idk what


keith: yeah man it was weird like once i started like talking about like those things you think abt inside your head but dont tell other ppl? i just kinda gushed it all out idk what happened

hunk, genuinley mortified: ok first, their called feelings, second, do you need like, a hug or something dude?

summaries i wrote to help me remember each eurovision act
  • israel: dudebro #1 singing forgettable song
  • poland: boring wedding dress power ballad smh who cares
  • belarus: hipster vegan couple tongue on stage
  • austria: dreamworks chumbawamba dude
  • armenia: three witches from macbeth but sexy
  • netherlands: obligatory inspiring self-love song (still good tho)
  • moldova: everyone needs a fake saxophone at their wedding
  • hungary: very traditional very nice very hungarian
  • italy: gay gorilla???
  • denmark: suspicious australian girl
  • portugal: beautiful, chill, half-hair ponytail
  • azerbaijan: skeleton chalkboard horse ladder
  • croatia: personality crisis
  • australia: hello cutie what you doin later
  • greece: gay water men and their mama
  • spain: upbeat cheekbone surfer dudes
  • norway: murder your mental issues w/ techno
  • uk: welsh mermaid with PIPES
  • cyprus: something about gravity idk it was kinda boring
  • romania: yodel rap bitches
  • ukraine: punk guys wearing... hospital gowns?
  • belgium: booooooring
  • sweden: middle aged boy band
  • bulgaria: fuckboy in training
  • france: yawn, but a yawn that reminds me i am gay

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No pressure at all, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Google Feud video! I love your analyses so much, thank you!!! Personally, I loved it

thanks for the lovely way you asked this :’) wow you’re so sweet. i really did enjoy this video so much! got so many messages from people saying they found it really significant and ground-breaking in the level of flirtation and openness that dnp exhibited. i sort of disagree (i mean, halloween baking as well as some of the first few vids of gamingmas are going to be hard to top at least in my opinion, as far as flirty and sexual bants are concerned). but there were still some great moments here and couple genuinely thought-provoking ones. 

instead of grouping my thoughts into larger categories this time i’m just going to paste my notes here basically unfiltered bc my night sort of got derailed and i didn’t have time to turn this into something more coherent. but i feel like all of my opinions (probably more than i would share regularly) are covered here and there were so many good bits to discuss ahhhhhh: 

  • ‘google e’ bants: dan being rude af and phil finding a positive interpretation is this just persona-driven bants or really how they are idk anymore
  • the macaroon bants: thanks @ phil for knowing the difference between macaroons and macarons. dan’s voice was very natural and he seemed genuinely surprised they were out of the biscuits. phil says he ate all of them. again, something that on a macro level could be like a phil trope™ but seems like,, that’s just genuinely how he is. phil shutting dan up with a gentle shush. dan immediately falling silent. all of this is too good. also phil said it’s the last macaroon in “our house” and ik that’s old news but it doesn’t make it any less sweet to hear it.
  • phil automatically dragging dan for the dini spon “are we having plugs right now” it was so INSTINCTIVE he didn’t even miss a beat i was literally like :O ? ? ? ??? damn. and also i was v interested in dan’s retort about phil sponning merch? because ??? the merch is both of theirs? this makes it seem like it’s usually phil’s decision to advertise their merch at the end of videos and that’s FASCINATING to me because phil is also the one who seems to take the most initiative with sponning merch in live shows, with posting about sales and new stuff on twitter, with updating us on anything to do w their ticket sales and whatnot during the tour. so it frequently seems that phil has more interest in this more business-y side of their ventures but it was surprising to hear this subtle sort of confirmation of that fact from dan in this way
  • why was dan so insistent on typing?? ? like? what about that warranted all the sassy eye rolling and the “this guy is such a need.” also. he definitely said “need.” it didn’t sound like he had been on course to say “needy” but just cut it off prematurely. but then there’s a jump cut and i automatically imagined phil making fun of him for the word flub and goading him to finish the thought and there were probs some gross “you know you’re a needy bf u spoon” bants that we will never get to hear #rip
  • dan getting things wrong and IMMEDIATELY GOING ON RANTS ABOUT HOW THE GAME IS OBVIOUSLY FLAWED AND WRONG AND BULLSHIT has there ever been anything so typically dan (and phil respectfully trying his hardest not to call him out for how dumb his guesses are like bless him,,, tbh. “does it hurt to pull out hairs” dan wyd). it’s so captivating to me how consistently dan displays this need to never be wrong or mess up on things that he feels he should be good at and so when that happens here, he automatically blames the game instead of admitting that his guesses are kinda shit (though he does admit it one time when phil gets michael jackson and jordan, but that seemed more like an acknowledgment of how good phil is and that he’s bad in comparison, rather than bad in an absolute sense lol.
  • phil happily/comfortably saying “have sex” and “penis” and not being too weird about the word “bondage” all in one video. good. progress. 
  • MORE bAby TALK I WANT TO DIE? (phil guesses “how to raise a baby” and instead of just letting it go he immediately goes into the side comment about “how does anyone actually know how to raise a baby by the way? .. do you just learn it from mother nature?”) how many videos in a row are they going to talk about babies, mention babies, discuss the difficulties of raising babies??!?!?!?!? i’m having a hard time just chalking it up to coincidence at this point, i really wonder if they’ve been correlating the discussion of not being ready to have a dog to the discussion of not being ready to have children anytime in the foreseeable future??? i mean idk why they’d even entertain the idea at this point in their lives but it’s just weird to me that it’s come up sooooo much on dapg recently
  • dans cute flirty mocking and weird faces at phil throughout… 

when he guesses puppy based on phil’s guess of kitten and he makes this face:

then later makes this face:

  • in case anyone was in any sort of doubt, dan flirts like a fuckin five year old. 
  • the effort taken to clarify to anyone who still has any doubts that dan’s ‘anger’ and aggression in dapg vids and especially in competitive dapg vids is completely played up for the purposes of entertainment/comedy. the most interesting thing about this is comparing it to past instances of dan engaging with this topic. most recent was yesterday’s live show when he read out a message that said he was kind of mean in the quickdraw vid and his instinct was to mock them by going “oooooooooohhhhhh was i?” in the most sarcastic, biting tone i’ve heard from him in a while. it reminded me forcefully of the iconic vyou answer about him being mean to phil, when he was like “no. i’m not mean to phil, i’m never mean to phil. … this may not have occurred to you .. etc. etc.” and he’s super condescending and annoyed. on face value, it seems like in the little bit during today’s vid when they’re discussing it, he’s a lot chiller about it and he’s laughing as though to brush it off as just being humorous, even though clearly in the past it’s a topic that has annoyed or upset him. which actually brings me to the thing i found most fascinating about this scene: the JUMP CUT before it, and the sort of FORCED way in which phil says “chill out dan” which gives dan the cue to clarify the whole situation. it seems like a bit that was clearly planned/scripted based on these little details, which makes me wonder if something about the bants that precede it (when dan is making those cute mock-y faces at phil and is like ew i don’t even want the “crummy macaroon”) reminded dan of these comments about him being mean and then he brought it up to phil and asked if they could discuss it for a min before moving on. it seems likely to me that something like this happened, bc the exchange seems really disjointed from the scene before, idk!!!!!!! and if this is what happened, it just cements to me that as casual and amused as dan seemed while talking about it here, it’s clearly something that STILL UPSETS HIM otherwise he wouldn’t’ve randomly remembered it and asked to clarify it to the audience, and idk something about that makes me feel v warm like dan literally won’t tolerate people actually believing he’s angry at phil or mean to him even tho .. it’s obvious .. and poor boy really doesn’t need to go to all this effort to confirm that :( he’s cute and good :(
  • phil seemed to get mildly flustered by dan’s proximity when he’s all like “a bird? a bIRD?” bc he then just gets all high pitched and forgets grammar and goes “chickens is there so yeS that is a very popular question” like honey that barely made sense but ok u tried ur best
  • not even that important but it made me happy: dan reads “how to raise a boring girlfriend” and phil says “stop being mean significant others” and a few years ago phil the Heteronormative Icon would’ve most certainly said boyfriends there and he didn’t, he used a gender neutral term, and i felt years being added onto my lifespan
  • when dan says “blood pressure, they’re basically the same thing, i’m terrible” what the fuck is he talking about? is he saying that “raising an adult” whatever the hell that means, and raising blood pressure are basically the same thing? i don’t .. understand… i replayed that so many times and i still don’t get it
  • “kidnapping your senpai” comment. literal gold. the way dan looks at the camera then pointedly at phil. he wants us to have this one. your efforts have been recognized and much appreciated dan. dw.
  • “i don’t like screaming that often,” says dan. hm.
  • “what the fuck are you doing with babies and duct tape you creepy fucking weirdos,” says dan and i am having incredibly violent flashbacks to 2011-2012. like he literally sounds straight out of 6 years ago and it’s a bit wild.
  • and then obvi. the feeding scene. when they first showed the macaroon at the beginning i literally KNEW that it would only end in feeding (or, as a possible but less likely second option, the loser eating it before the winner can get it). so i was thoroughly unsurprised that it happened. once again, the thing that interested me was the CLEAR jump cut in the scene. so dan first says “i don’t want it. no phil! it’s the dan versus phil board. here we go,” and his hand with the macaroon starts moving towards phil’s mouth, and then the jump cut happens, and it’s like dan has started the feeding process OVER, bc the angle is totally diff, the framing is totally diff, and this time dan is giving the camera that weird stare:
  • INTERESTING. so to me this means they once again paused the scene to talk about what they were going to do, and they ended up doing something that was nearly an exact duplicate of this scene from the nov. 24 live show last year where dan feeds phil chocolate and hams it up big time for the camera and phil is basically like, “what are you doing” and dan verbatim replies “i’m feeding it to you” and idk it makes me wonder what their motivation is (or, i assume, *dan’s* motivation, bc it was dan’s idea in the live show to do this) to just redo this exact exchange for a wider audience?
  • to me that scene in the live show was a big step towards them acknowledging the sort of (romantic) things they obviously know the audience wants them to do and for them to tacitly tell us that maybe once in a while they will actually start to do them but not without a healthy accompanying dose of sarcasm and teasing us for being such trash that we could possibly get excited over something as banal as them feeding each other. it seemed like a BIG step to me at the time bc i was like, ok, here’s them basically telling us that they KNOW us and they hear us and they acknowledge that their boundaries on camera have been very strict and forced and they’re gonna start making some efforts to change that, but like also, we (the audience) won’t get off scot free in that transaction bc we deserve to be made fun of a bit too, for caring so much about such simple and objectively unexciting things. it’s ‘fan service’ to the extent that it is an acknowledgment of what the audience wants to see and of the fact that they have been holding it back for some time, but it’s genuine and brave in the sense of them showing us that they may take these steps and bend some boundaries now from time to time. and it seems like they HAVE to do it this way, with all the sarcasm and blatant stares into the camera, and either vocalized or implied “giving the people what they want” comments, in order to not ACTUALLY LITERALLY be accused of baiting/fan service. think about the tricky position they are in where even if they want to loosen boundaries and act more natural, literally everything they do gets scrutinized and becomes fodder for people to accuse them of faking shit in order to gain views. it seems the only way to stave it off is to make fun of it themselves and jump out ahead of that criticism. all in all, the exchange in this vid seemed to me like they made a conscious and somewhat premeditated effort to communicate something very similar, but this time for their dapg audience of 2.6M rather than the limited live show audience of some tens of thousands. that seems significant. i want to keep thinking about it forever

ahhhhh i’m sorry this is immense but like, who expected anything different???? what a gr8 vid, they keep giving me so much to think about. and they keep UPLOADING. JFC. it’s crazy! god bless the 2017 rebranding which seems to be all about flirting and softness and touching and phil being assertive and dan being petulant and both of them following through  more than i ever expected on their promise to re-commit and focus more on making youtube content. dnp r the only thing saving my 2017 lol <3 


Character design of my OCs for my portfolio

click for better quality

Things I want to write but am too tired atm:

- Wolfstar time travel AU
- Sirius asking Remus to move in with him
- Wolfstar proposal let me repeat WOLFSTAR PROPOSAL HOW HAVENT I DONE THIS
- Johnlock Sherlock coming back in a non canon way (aka FLUFF and get together)
- Sirius writes Remus a love letter and it’s awful but Remus loves it
- Sherlock overworks himself and John has to literally force him into bed… or with Wolfstar

I need to wake up.

BTS Reaction: Their Daughter Keeping Her Boyfriend A Secret ~

Jin: He’d be hella surprised. Probably a little annoyed she didn’t tell him sooner. “Seriously? You know you can tell me anything.” But once he meets her boyfriend, he’s fine with it.

Suga: I could see him being like “I already knew.” She’d probably say “how!? 0.o” “Your my child. I notice everything.” “What do you mean. You notice everything?” “You spend extra time getting ready… even tho you already spend to much time. Your always giggling at your phone.” “…” “I wanna meet him”

JHope: It would probably have been at dinner or something family oriented. One of her siblings probably ratted her out. JHope would like choke on his food “excuse me?” 21 million questions would start popping out. Once her mother would intervene He’d say that they need to meet.

Rap Monster: Idk why but I picture him being super upset but in a weird calming way “Why would you keep this from me? Did you think I’d freak out? Tell you not to date? Forbid you to see him? Who is he? Where does he live? What’s his blood type?” “This is exactly why I didn’t tell you.” “Okay well. I need to meet him. ASAP.”

Jimin: He just jump right into the “Have you had sex? Are you using protection?” He’d be like hella extra. Once she says he’s embarrassing her “well your my spawn so I need to know. But invite him over for dinner.”

V: He already knew. I see him being like bffs with his daughter. He like helps her pick out outfits for dates and gives her good advice.

Jungkook: This bitch. Would probably have followed his daughter to the park she said she was going to “to meet a friend” of course Kook didn’t believe her and seen them making out. And when she was about to walk home he pulls up right next to her, rolls down the window and says “It’s time for the talk..” in a super serious Jeon Jungkook voice in which his kid would probably face palm and be hella embarrassed.

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Umm, this might be tricky but how would SnB's Sinbad and Magi's Sinbad try to flirt with a s/o who literally runs away when they try to flirt?


  • (Y/N) getting on Sinbad nerves. Why, would you ask? Because she constantly running away whenever he’s making move on her. The first few times that happens he was just confused, but right now he’s super frustrated. Are you tired of him? That’s impossible. The two of your are getting along good enough. But whenever he’s getting more flirty you just change the topic and find some stupid excuse. As time passed you didn’t even tried to excuse yourself, you just run away. So this time, after you decided to leave him alone one more time he started to chasing you. You’re too precious to him to leave this abnormal situation like that.


  • (Y/N) is definitely one of her kind. Even tho she got him, the king of Sindria, the King of the Seven Seas, she still constantly ignores him. At first it was comical, but after you run away, literally run away after he attempted to flirt with you he got angry. But Sinbad’s proud won’t let him do something about it. You are just a human, and you got your needs. You won’t run away forever. And once you’ll come back he will triumph.

San Diego is ways away from Hawkins. That’s all Max can think her first day unpacking box after box, load after load. Kind of a crappy looking town but for some reason gives her a freaky sense of peace, she can’t place it. Instead of raging traffic, its creepy silence, late night yelling and music and commotion is replaced with crickets; crickets, she’d never actually heard them herself.

Its better than living with that asshole, she still mentally winces at the bruise on her arm from the intense pulling and violent yanking from the man she reluctantly calls her father. Mom made the right choice moving us.

But then she stomps to her seat after introducing herself to the admittedly cool looking teacher Mr. Clarke in the expectantly dull looking Indiana classroom with eight eyes following her intentively. Weirdos.

Next thing she knows she’s sitting with the same weirdos at lunch, the goof with the hat and the other dork with the nice clothes laughing at like every damn thing she says. Dustin and Lucas. Geeks, but comforting to be around.

She learns that the small one, Will, isn’t what he seems, she can relate to his anguish, one shitty dad to another. She feels the weird need to protect him, but has a feeling one day he really won’t need it. He’ll be confident enough to love exactly who he is; he should.

Mike, the quiet one, remains a mystery to her, but solving those has always been her favorite thing to do. Something tells her though, he’ll open up when he wants to, she wont have to pry it out of the gloomy dope, not right now at least.

Hawkins is ways away from San Diego. But something tells Max she was meant to be here.

Is it just me?

I feel like when @ask-sadisticdark​ first started their blog it would go like:

Lovely(What they call their followers): Hello i am in need of care
@ask-sadisticdark​: Oh. *Gently and carefully cares a LOT*

And then as time went on it became more of:

Lovely: *Whispering* Hello i am in need of care
@ask-sadisticdark​: *runs in, possibly breaking something* Nononono *aGgresSiveLy cares a LOT* 

Me and Mae’s similarities
  • dropped out college on sophomore year (’m gonna be a two timer nao tho)
  • don’t like college
  • the SASS
  • like a mom to teenagers
  • talk to our Mommers the same way
  • “Something broke in my head.”
  • scared all the time
  • “She sure rectum.”
  • have the possibility to beat the living heck out of anything
  • pretty much meh 24/7
  • laugh before crying
  • the “best worst student”
  • “oof”

scourge / darkstripe is sorta dumb but im LOVE the idea of it ok i cant help it bc,,,,, god. god. how dumb how dumb but ODDLY cute

like tbfhh,,, imagine scourge realizing he has a crush, that he founds darkstripe attractive, that he ACTUALLY likes him, and he just

scourge: bone. bone i need. i need to tell you something, leader to second in command. please do not judge me.

bone: …u ok

scourge: u know . that dude, that dark tabby who kinda stinks a little bit??????/ from the forest??????? he has that crooked smile and he sleeps in trash bags, and-

bone: …..yeah i know the one. whats up

scourge: ilikehim

bone: huh

scourge: i fucking. i like him ok. i like him

bone: ……with all do respect sir, what the fuck.

*has an online paper due in three hours*

aries: probably only has the intro done

taurus: low-key procrastinating

gemini: probably bitching about the subject

cancer: just stressed af and they’re overthinking too much while it’s a passing grade level tbh

leo: has to start on it

virgo: most likely done but reviewing every little detail before handing it in

libra: types one really nice sophisticated sentence but the rest is crap and they just don’t know what to even do anymore

scorpio: stares at the screen for an hour before actually finishing it up

sagittarius: low-key gives up but submits something in anyway

capricorn: already turned it in

aquarius: needs that one good last sentence but can’t think of one for an hour or so

pisces: cr ying while doing it

So I got to thinking. You know how Ezra says “Lothcat, Lothrat, Lothwolf, run. Pick a path and all is done.”

This is basically a nursery rhyme, or maybe even a legend or something in his universe. What if instead, this is foreshadowing to that particular episode with all the wolves? Like what if this is how he finds out what he is. What he can be capable of.

Like Ezra comes across a Lothcat, a Lothrat, and a Lothwolf. Maybe he IS the lothrat? Idk. Then maybe he has to run from the Empire, and at some point, he needs to pick a path. Once he’s done that, he’s found himself.

Idk, late night thoughts, my dudes. What do you think? Highly illogical, or slightly promising??

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What are your favorite romance novels? Contemporary or otherwise? I love your blog!

thank you! ok so here are some of my fav romantic books, i might have forgotten some but yeah, enjoy!!

  • addicted series by krista & becca ritchie. it follows an sex addict & alcohol addict who are childhood bestfriends & pretends to be in a relationship to hide their addiction from their families. it’s one of my all time faves tbh (mostly because of the characters) there are like 10 books but i promise it’s worth it in the end!
  • calloway sisters series by krista & becca ritchie. ok so this one belongs to addicted series too, (in addicted they r book 2.1, 2.2 & 3.1, 3.2) these focus on lilys sisters (rose & daisy) so if you don’t like addicted but i liked one or both of them, then i think you should check out this!
  • to all the boys i’ve loved before by jenny han. ok so this book is incredibly cheesy but it’s also really cute. & it got one of the best tropes in the world; fake relationship. so long story short it’s about a girl who, after having a crush, she would write love letters (more like goodbyes) to them but without sending them & then one day her letters gets send and the boys gets them. & it’s also gonna become a movie so yay!!
  • paper princess (the royals series) by erin watt. ok now, this book is problematic, cliche & can be frustrating to read but idk i liked it? like it did have a lot of drama, and it felt like it was one of those reality shows that are on tv (those u watch because it’s trash but entertaining) but it also had good moments like the royal siblings relationship & i rlly liked easton & ellas friendship after the beginning, so i’d say give it a chance if u can handle problematic stuff
  • kulti by mariana zapata. kulti is about a soccer player who had a crush on a v good soccer player, who ends up being her soccer coach. now this one got age difference so if ur not cool with that don’t read. but it’s a slow burn & i rlly enjoyed it when i read it
  • the wall of winnipeg and me by mariana zapata. this one is also a slow burner, even slow than kulit i think?? & it got fake relationship. so the main lady was assistant for an american football player who could be a dick. so she quits but then he comes to her place later & ask if she can come back. only this time to like be with him or something cause he needs to stay in the country & his visa is out (he’s canadian). tho give it a go cause it is rlly cute
  • one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus. ok now this isn’t really a romance book, bUT IT HAS SOME REALLY CUTE ROMANTIC PARTS OK. so this is one of my fave books this year. idk what to say without spoiling anything but it’s like the breakfast club meets gossip girl meets pretty little liars. or imagine tbc with murder that works too
  • the hating game by sally thorne. REALLY REALLY CUTE BOOK. enemies ish to friends to lovers. two people who works at the same office. they are competing for a new promotion. if lucy wins she’ll be joshuas boss but if she loses she’ll resign cause she cant work under him. anyway like i said it’s a really cute book & it has a paintball scene (flashback to 10 things i hate about you) 
  • everything leads to you by nina lacour. a really cute, soft & gay book. so i read this book last year so i don’t remember much but it gave me nancy drew vibes. anyway it’s rlly good just check it out plz
  • simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli. also a really cute & gay book. the main is having convos over email with a guy who goes to his school but he doesn’t know who he is (the guy doesn’t know who he is either). don’t remember much more but it got a happy ending and is rlly cute
  • the duff: designated ugly fat friend by kody keplinger. this one follows bianca who knows that she isnt the prettiest among her friends, but when wesley she throws her coke in his face. but her home life isnt the greatest either, & she needs distraction so she ends up kissing wesley. so this is more like an enemies with benefit kind of story? until they fall in love ofc. idk i just really liked it cause i’d relate to bianca, but also bianca & wesley r the cutest ok. (the book is 100% better than the movie)

Today in my small town’s Facebook page, a mother posted that someone had drawn a swastika in the bathroom at our middle school. Her 10 yr old Jewish son had to come home today and say “I saw something awful at school, mom.”

A woman felt the need to comment, and I’m paraphrasing (very closely) here, “the swastikas were a sign of good fortune and well-being before Hitler and have an interesting history behind them. My friend owned a home that had swastika tiles and she left them up because of the positive history. We should teach the positive history of this! ”

You can try and tell me that the Jewish people aren’t being marginalized and attacked, but today, in 2017, a woman tried to argue for leaving up the symbol of genocide in a middle school bathroom in order to teach its “positive history”.

Today, a woman looked on the Holocaust and instead of feeling the immense and indescribable grief that my people and I feel, she felt that she could overlook it. That there was a “positive history” there, buried in the swastika. That somehow, the horror of the Holocaust was secondary to that “positive history”.

That’s the America I’ve grown up in. That’s the America I’m living in right now. It’s a time and place where a symbol of the outright mass murder of my people can be sugarcoated and watered down to a “symbol of good fortune”.

My grandfather used to say that in every single generation, the Jews were persecuted. My dad told me this growing up, and I never fully believed it. “Sure,” I’d think, “It USED to be that way, but we’re in the twentieth century now, in the United States. No one in America cares if you’re Jewish.”

The past few months have proved to me that that particular bit of family wisdom is all too true. First, Jewish cemeteries being ransacked. Threats on synagogues. Then, Nazis, marching in broad daylight by the hundreds.

Now, on a much smaller scale, a woman in my hometown thinks the swastika should be taught as a positive symbol in schools.

It might not seem like much. But it’s symptomatic of the larger problem, and the lack of empathy it demonstrates frankly terrifies me. I don’t know how to wrap my head around it. The lives of 17 million people, 6 million of them Jews, weren’t enough to be meaningful to this woman. They were such a minor blip on her radar that the symbol of their persecution and mass murder could be, to her, “positive”.

Compared to the immense, indescribable grief I (and my people) feel when faced with this potent reminder of the Holocaust, it seems impossible that she could be so unaffected. 17 million people. I can’t even wrap my head around that number, can’t fathom the machine of evil that could cause that kind of coordinated destruction. It’s easier for me to break it down– 3 generations of my own ancestors were killed. The population of their entire town, Zloczow, entirely decimated, down to every neighbor and family member. It’s easier for me to feel that grief, that deep personal loss.

Easier because, magnified by 17 million– 17 million families, 17 million ancestors, millions of towns just like Zloczow– and it becomes so vast and overwhelming a tragedy that it’s impossible to fully feel or comprehend.

And yet, there is a large population of people in the United States right now who desire nothing less than the propagation of the swastika. People in my hometown, people in my state. The ignorance that speaks to is staggering.

I think now is a time when politics– our only voice in the direction our country is heading– is immensely important. When things like this happen, it’s easy to say, “it’s not a time or place for politics”. In reality, politics is everywhere, in everything, and it’s absolutely vital in moments like these– defining moments that choose who we are as a country.

I’m not sure where to go from here, but it was certainly heartening to hear the voices of fellow community members (Jews and non-Jewish alike) speaking up. That’s what’s necessary. When people like this woman (because they will always exist) feel that they can say these things and that the community at large will be receptive, that propagates the ignorance until it’s not just one woman in one town– it’s a march, a rally, an election full of people swayed by perception of what’s the popular, acceptable thought.