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look at this team! we’re gonna do great

I was in a local Con today and ohhhh I found some amazing artists there! Because Im obvious ML trash ofc I couldnt ignore some stuff which I found…..


So, I have a confession to make. @spinetrick made this adorable alien band groupie up for Ricardo, and now we’ve fallen down an OC shipping rabbit hole together. Sorry not sorry, but this is a thing now. Expect to see more art of the Punk Janitor and his smol orange muppet fan cropping up over the next while.

Lil’ Orange Buddy. Or just “Lob” for short.

You know the thing in Newsies fics where they call each other by their first name because they’re either serious or madly in love? yeah that’s really good


OC art from the stream. Some more art of Yolette and now introducing the “Shadow Cat”!

Bonus below (=ↀωↀ=)✧

OK so theyre (the powers that be or Warner Bros or whatever) are making another arthurian legend adaptation bc let’s be real, it was due for a reboot ?? ? anyway, i immediately look it up to see If they’re casting a merlin and Who will be playing them. and honestly, we’ve all, in the BBC Merlin fandom, kind of agreed upon the surname “Emyrs” for Merlin because he needs one, right? And even some other name somtimes, like whatever, but this is just sorely unimaginative,

 , Merlin Wizard, seriously, the big production company Warner Bros went with Merlin first name, Wizard second name,, im never going to feel guilty about writing a fic where Leons surname is Knight ever again


Well since I’ve been on a roll with Anti and Dark universe (and have a whole story if Id just write it all down lol) @fangsmagicandinspiration came up with a dark version for Ethan at @crankgameplays. Say hello to Corroded Crank!

He was made out of a botched summoning/creation spell, the two key ingredients being the blood of the pure (Ethan in this case) and material for the physical body (Rusted, Corroded metal in this case) and due to the metal already being destroyed, it corrupted the final result and now we have our poor metal friend who is constantly falling apart and is a little self concious about all of his useless bits and bobs and bad welding and such. His whole skull is cracked open but he usually covers his brains with a wig.

I tried to keep him creepy and corpse like considering hes still suppose to be a dark half for Ethan, but when hes all put together I still think hes pretty cute! I imagine he moves sorta like the FNAF animatronics, very heavy but twitchy and jerky. I hope you like him! Me and fangsmagicandinspiration (aahah i need to call you by a name bc thats a mouthful) always have the BEST brainstorming sessions! Such a good egg, good friend, good writer. Go check them out!!!

I see a lot of posts reminding me that Hunk needs to be appreciated and loved more as a character, but I personally get a good amount of Hunk on my dash. You know who I don’t see as often as I’d like? Pidge.

Give me more Pidge fanart and memes and headcanons. Pidge’s family, garrison Pidge, platonic Pidge friendships, Pidge ships. I don’t care, get it on my dash. Suffocate me with the Pidge love. She is the tiny sassy hero we all deserve

I had to write something about Wes Weston. I think I’m in love.


Wes looked up at the white clock that hung just above the whiteboard, its second hand going slower the longer he stared at it. He needed the bell to ring and he needed it to ring now!

He needed to talk to Danny.

He’d been desperate to talk to the boy since yesterday but settled for waiting until today to do it. Of course, Danny had been late to school (probably due to him fighting ghosts or something. Wes didn’t know. He didn’t stalk the boy’s every move just because he knew he was Danny Phantom) which forced Wes to wait until the end of the school day to talk to Danny.

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What are your opinions on Areana Serket?

hmm. good question in that it doesn’t have a good answer

on the one hand, i like her more than ~half of the dancestors, as she at least cares about something and makes an effort to be nice. i admire her intellect. she’s very good at what she does, regardless of what that is, which is chiefly why i suspect mindfang was among the better pirates in history. but on the other hand, she has a lot of issues with power.

her actions in the GO timeline, in particular, are why i don’t like her all that much. she makes machiavellian decisions and carelessly toys with others’ lives, but doesn’t have any real … reason for her brutalistic worldview except “personality.” she wants to make life better, in theory, but what lead her to this strict utilitarian calculus of believing in “kill X to save X+1″?

like the obvious counterpart to this argument is “but you like vriska and/or terezi and they also make pretty shit decisions” and you’re right! i like them both even though they make pretty some shit decisions. in part because of it. not insignificantly because they make shit decisions and recognize they do, and what’s more, have reasons for their decisionmaking mechanisms rooted in their childhood or life experiences. vriska is caustic because she had to adapt that persona to survive her mother’s abuse. terezi is manipulative because of her experiences sentencing others to punishment, and her core ideal of justice, which justifies manipulation insofar as it achieves a just end – and she even demonstrates ethical confusion nearer the end of the comic regarding that! aranea is manipulative and occasionally cruel because she’s power-hungry and single-mindedly dedicated to being the one to kill the baddie, which, while not necessarily an unjust goal, isn’t grounded in anything we know about her past.

we’re not sure how similar aranea’s and vriska’s lusii were, so if we got more info on that – or more about Beforus’ culture, its system of ethics, how Feferi ruled it – i might sympathize with her more. but as it is, she faces the same difficulty as the rest of the dancestors, which is that hussie tossed them all into the narrative with a massive expodump and still didn’t tell us enough about their world.

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Shit, what about this: Yandere Dreadwing meets or sees Sierra, and is suddently struck by a future he never had. The one with a family, with a darling daughter. But he dosent want the rest of the world to corrupt his sweet beautiful sparkling, so he wagers with megatron to finally have her. As soon as he does, he pets her lovingly and tells her nothing will befall her, as long as her dear father is here. Sierra meanwhile is crying her eyes out, scared and flinching at Dreadwings soft touches.

Oooooooh!  I like this!  I like this a lot!  :)

As far as kidnapping “Deceptidads” go, Dreadwing would be one of the better ones.  He doesn’t get creepy the way Megatron and Knock Out do.  He just wants to keep his new daughter safe.  He really tries to be soft and comforting, but often comes across as more threatening and scary.  (He’s working on it.)  He’s probably the only one on the Nemesis (besides Soundwave) that is actually qualified to be a parent, albeit a bit of a strict one.   


Request: yes

paring: Damian Wayne x reader

request/plot:  not the hate anon here: I’m not a writer or I’d do this myself but maybe write her some hc or a mini thing of dick trying to cheer her up? (Whoever her fav batboy is i think it’s dick)-anon

A/n: I did it with Damian because she loves dami and Tim 

Word count: 822

warning(s): a little cursing and I don’t think this is good

Tagging my beautiful friend @batboysimagine who deserves all the love in the world! (I’m sorry I was going to make this yesterday but I’m trash)

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Nessian + "Could you just wait? Please just hold on a second!" (I'm going to keep sending these until it gets annoying also side note all of the prompts I'm sending seem to be very angsty. Hush, it's fine)

I live for the angst my friend, no worries. By the way, I LOVED THIS ONE.


“Illyrian Publishing, how can I help you?”

Nesta rolled her eyes at her own chipper voice, trying to pay attention to the person on the other end of the line.

“I’m sorry ma'am, Spring Court Publishing is no longer in this building … Well Illyrian Publishing bought them out … Yes ma'am.”

Nesta leaned back in her chair and sent a prayer up to whatever deity was listening to save her from this stupid job. It was her first day and this was her eleventh call from someone asking her for Spring Court Publishing.

Did no one read the papers anymore? Illyrian Publishing had bought them out two months ago after a huge scandal between the CEO and some government official.

Which was how Nesta ended up there working as a damn assistant when she had a degree in English.

“Just work your way up to the top, Nesta. They have positions opening all the time, but you have to start somewhere,” her sister Feyre had said.

Feyre’s boyfriend Rhys was best buds with the CEO of Illyrian Publishing, Cassidy, Chase, Connor… some name that started with a C, Nesta really didn’t care. Well when Rhys heard they needed a new assistant because the other one, some girl named Ianthe, got a little handsy with the other employees, Feyre insisted she apply for the position.

So here she was listening to some woman rant about how Spring Court Publishing published some of her favorite author’s books and Illyrian better do the same or she’ll file a complaint and blah blah blah.

“Yes ma'am, I understand … No ma'am, we haven’t gotten rid of any of the authors previously taken care of by Spring Court.”

“Excuse me,” a male voice spoke suddenly over Nesta’s shoulder.“

“Gimme one second,” she told them without turning in her chair. “No ma'am, I can’t give you any information on when that particular author’s next book will come out … Well quite frankly ma'am I highly doubt Spring Court Publishing ever gave out that information either.”

“Excuse me,” the voice repeated.

“Could you just wait? Please just hold on a second,” Nesta snapped back at them, her temper rising. “Ma'am you are not entitled to any of that information but I’m sure if you … Well you know what name-calling isn’t going to get you anywhere!”

The person behind her laughed lowly and she growled at them without turning.

“Look ma'am,” Nesta all but shouted into her headset, “You aren’t going to bully me into finding you any information about when your next werewolf erotica book is coming out, so either send an email to your author specifically or learn to wait, but don’t call back! Thank you, have a nice damn day!”

Nesta ripped her headset off and slammed it down on the desk before putting her head in her hands and groaning.

“Well it looks like you’re having a great first day,” the male voice spoke up again.

Nesta lifted her head and swiveled slowly in her chair with an expression that any sane person would be running away from.

“Can I help you?” She spat, briefly noting that the man leaning casually against her desk was handsome as hell with deep golden brown skin and wavy brown hair that reached the nape of his neck. He was dressed nicely in slacks and a button up with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. His eyes were hazel and bright, matching his shit-eating grin.

“I just wanted to come and say hello,” he said brightly, obviously amused by her annoyance. “I heard it was your first day and thought I’d meet the new girl. The new, very beautiful girl, might I add.”

Nesta’s bitch face did not waver.

“Hi,” she deadpanned.

The stranger only grinned wider.

“So I take it your calls have been less than exciting so far.”

“Wow you’re really observant. You should become a detective.”

“Nah.” He shook his head. “I’ve got the best job in the world.”

“Well lucky you,” she mumbled. “It must be nice to get a degree and actually work in the job you want.”

“Oooo,” he sing-songed. “Do I detect some bitterness?”

Nesta only rolled her eyes.

“So I take it you haven’t dreamed of being a desk secretary all your life.”

“No. I want to write. And edit. And actually have a real job at this damn company but noooo, Feyre says I have to work my way up from the bottom. I had a perfect 4.0 GPA and now I’m at this damn desk answering calls from stupid people and I have to pretend to be chipper all the freaking time!”

Nesta only realized her voice had escalated when she felt everyone’s eyes on her in the lobby. She gulped, only to look back up at the stranger and see him still smiling down at her as if she were the best thing he’d ever seen.

“You know you and Feyre don’t resemble each other all that much,” was all he said.

Nesta blanched.

“You know Feyre?”

“Oh yeah. She’s dating my idiot best friend for some reason.”

Nesta just looked up at him, her eyes widening as the puzzle pieces slowly slipped into place. If he knew Rhys and Feyre, and Rhys said his friend was the CEO of Illyrian Publishing and hence how she got this job, then…

“Oh fuck me.”

“I’d love to. But let me introduce myself first. I’m Cassian.”

New Year ‘One-Shot’ ;)

Taehyung and Jungkook - ‘Smutty, dirty threesome’

i need more of your bts smut otoke. please a smutty dirty threesome with taehyung and jungkook do you think i’m a bad person ? because I think I am


OH MY GAWD! I dont know if youre taking requests for it but this last one got me so worked up I cant even stay still!!! OK, please make the second part with hobi please please please hes my ultimate bias of all and I saw him lookin and and and and ok 

AU: We’re still warming up… :P

‘Because Taehyung got his turn, and now I want mine.’

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

It had been two days since you’d seen the boys.

The minute you’d realised you were lying naked between jungkook and Taehyung, being stared at by 5 other pairs of eyes, you’d scrambled up from the bed, grabbing your dress and legging it from the room. You hadn’t bothered to look back as you’d paused at the front door to slip on your dress and shoes, before bolting outside, leaving the door wide open as you’d ran back home.

There had multiple missed calls from Tae and some stupidly sweet, apologetic ones from Jungkook over the past few days, but after you’d sobered up that night, youd felt disgusted at yourself as each feeling, each look and each sound from both men had crept into your mind whilst you were trying to fall asleep each night, squirming alone in your bed as you’d try not to touch yourself.

It was just as you were about to go to bed on the third night of solidarity, that a knock had sounded at your door and you’d frowned, wondering who could be calling for you at 1am.


If he hadn’t have called your name, you probably wouldn’t have answered the door- although the fact that he had called your name also set you on edge, but just the thought of the maknae being alone outside at 1am in the morning had you quickly lunging for the door and flinging it open, mouth dropping as you see him hunched over, clothes absolutely soaked from rain and teeth chattering away.

'God! Jungkook why are you here this late? Come in, quick! I’ll get you some towels.’ you say, reaching to grab his arm and pulling him inside, shutting the door hurriedly before jogging away to get some towels.

When you return, he’s stood just where you had left him, the chattering having quietened slightly and the violent shaking of his body having reduced with the heat of your apartment. He reaches for a towel the minute you get to him, but you move them quickly out of his grasp.

'You need to take your clothes off first, I’ll put them in the dryer for you whilst you warm up and dry off.’ you explain, seeing a flicker of something cross his gaze, and you end up chucking the hood back on his jacket and peeling it off for him, beginning a pile as you go for the hem of his shirt, getting it half way up his chest- trying not to oggle his toned stomach, before you realise he’s just stood watching you, arms raised as he waits for you to remove his shirt, but other than that, he makes no move to help you.

'Jungkook-ie, why are you here?’ you murmur quietly, adding the shirt to the pile and then taking a step back, your eyes telling him that he had to take his own trousers off.

'Because you wouldn’t answer my messages.’ he replies, still not making a move as he watches you, head low so that he was looking down at your slightly shorter stature.

'If you really wanted to talk to me, you could have just come around earlier, why are you here at 1am?’ you ask, confusion clear in your voice, despite the fact that his gaze was telling you exactly why he was there.

'Because I had to come when no-one else would follow me.’ he says, like it was the most obvious thing in the world as he takes a step towards you, and you instinctively take a step back, sucking in a breath as you look up to see his eyes narrowing where they were glued to you.

'Because Taehyung got his turn, and now I want mine.’ he growls, taking another step towards you and this time he manages to grab you before you can back away again, his grip on your wrist tight, although it loosens when he’s sure you wont move again.

'You’re getting water all over my floor.’ you point out, trying to focus on something else, anything else, except the way his abs were tensing every time he took a breath, shoulders heaving in sync with them, trying not to focus on the growing heat that began to pool between your legs as you thought back to the night 'Taehyung got his turn’.

'It was a mistake Kookie, it wasn’t meant to happen! We were drunk.’ you insist, trying to fight the growing arousal that was washing over your body in waves, your legs trembling as his hand travels up your arm fingertips grazing over your collarbones and up your neck till they were just barely brushing across your lips and you sigh against them, whimpering slightly at the lust in Jungkook’s eyes, the darkness that had over taken them, telling you that he wasn’t listening to your excuses, having already seen and heard the way you were keening for him.

'Do you touch yourself when you think about that night?’ he asks, voice lilting as his eyes burn into yours and you have to rub your legs together to ease some of the arousal, whimpering with the movement and bringing Jungkook’s attention to your actions.

'I’ll take that as a yes.’ he smirks, pulling you closer to him, the hand that isn’t holding your chin immediately delving to between your legs, pinching your thighs to make you part them and you almost buckle to the floor with the movement of your dead legs, reaching up to grab his shoulders quickly, a hand sinking straight into the hair at the nape of his neck and pulling, extracting the most delicious groan from him that goes straight to your core.

'I wont do this unless you give me your consent.’ he murmurs in your ear as his fingers brush over your lower lips through your thin bed shorts, and your lips curl up slightly at the lesson you had taught him- always get a girls consent before you do anything.

'You cant build me up like that.’ you breathe, staring up at him with daggers for eyes, mouth hanging open slightly as you try to buck against his hand.

’…And think I wont want to- after i’ve spent the last 3 days getting myself off to the thought of you fucked out in that chair…wondering what would have happened if it was you instead of Tae.’ you whisper, teasing him to get a reaction at this point, desperately needing some friction against your swollen clit.

When he hears the other boy’s name slip from your lips he bounds into action, instantly pressing his fingers into your clit, crushing his lips to yours to swallow your gasp, his kisses angrier than Tae’s, using more teeth as he pulls at your lips, swiping his tongue in instantly, twirling the muscle with your own as he rubs aggressive circles into you, your shorts being soaked, but from the way he was grinning into the kiss he didn’t give a shit.

'Tonight, you’re mine.’ he hisses, hands leaving you for a second, causing you to whimper in front of him, before his hands are on your ass and he’s lifting you into the air, making you wrap your legs around his waist as he pushes you back into the nearest wall, pinning you there as his thumb goes back to stimulating your core, moans rolling off of your lips and onto his. You feel his wet, cold hips pin you to the brick as his hands go to your t-shirt and you squirm under him, the feel of his rain soaked jeans making shivers race through you at the feeling of them against your core and backside.

'Take your jeans off.’ you moan, arms raised above you as he breaks apart the kiss to remove the flimsy cotton t-shirt, hands quickly moving to your breasts and teasing them, reminding you of the other night, and you cant help but flick your head back against the wall arching into his touch.

'If they’re bothering you that much, Y/N, take them off yourself.’ he breathes against your neck where he had began to leave dark hickies, and with the suggestion you’re loosening your legs from around him, whining at the loss of friction, but eagerly unfastening his button and zip and beginning to peel the denim from his skin, the dampness making it slightly harder and you begin to get frustrated, finally getting them down after a minute or two and going to stand back up, when you feel his hand on the top of your head, forcing you to stay down.

'You can finish what you started the other night whilst you’re down there.’ he growls, hooking his thumbs into his boxers and pushing them down his legs, although you take them from him before they’re barely over his ass cheeks, ripping them to his ankles and licking your lips at the sight of his arousal inches from your face, standing proud as it arches towards his stomach, showing you how turned on you were already making him.

You dont waste a second before you’re gripping him, relishing in the short whimper he lets out, before flicking your tongue over his head, body practically vibrating with need when he moans loudly, his head tipping back at the feeling of your mouth on him. When the first drops of pre-cum ease out of him you lick them up instantly, savouring the taste of him in your mouth- he tasted just the way you thought he would- before mixing it with your spit and dripping it back onto him, rubbing it into his length and getting lost in the low moans and the quiet 'fuck’’s that he lets out, his fingers easing themselves into your hair and pull you to him, his hips thrusting weakly as he silently tells you what he wants.

You dig your nails into his thighs warningly, preparing yourself mentally before taking him fully into your mouth, closing your eyes as he hits the back of your throat, moaning around him as you feel your juices drench your legs, with the action and hearing him shout above you, stringing out a groan as you continue to ease him into your mouth until your nose was brushing his stomach, not being able to move as you resist your gag reflex.

'Fuck, Y/N!’ he groans, hand gripping your hair tightly as he holds you in place, the muscles of his stomach clenching angrily as he resists his orgasm, pulling you off of him when you press your tongue flat against his underside, tracing each vein to tease him into giving it to you.

'You’re such a fucking tease.’ he pants, glowering down at you as you sit grinning up at him, spit dripping from your mouth as you continue to pump him.

In the blink of an eye he’s hauled you over his shoulder, turning and dropping you onto the sofa, hovering over you as his hands grab at your shorts, tugging them quickly down your body and chucking them behind him, quickly going back to looking down at you, hands grazing over your chest as you pant in anticipation, clawing at his shoulders to try and bring him down against you, your hips bucking up subconsciously when he lowers himself enough so that the tip of his member is brushing over your core.

'Kookie, please!’ you whimper, leaning up to press kiss after kiss on his chest, sucking bright red marks onto his neck as you writhe beneath him, groaning when he remains hovering over you.

'Tell me i’m better than Taehyung.’ he whispers, hand squeezing hard at your breast, making your groan and arch up into his touch, eyes almost rolling back into your head with need.

'What?’ you ask, the haze of lust having covered his words as you squirmed beneath him, wrapping your legs around his waist and bucking into him, feeling his length slide between your folds and whimpering with the feeling, suffocating the cry that tries to leave your lips.

'Tell me i’m better than-’

'Jungkook! I knew you’d be here-’

You growl angrily at whoever had burst into your door, prepared to scream at them to get out as you unwrap your legs and sit up, but once you catch sight of Hoseok stood in the doorway, you scrabble into Jungkook, grabbing a pillow from behind you to cover yourself as you close your eyes, willing him away.

'Get out!’ Jungkook shouts, the tension hardening his body getting the better of him as he shouts at the older member, narrowing his gaze as he looks over, but he should have known that that would have been a mistake.

'Oh, Jungkookie…you know not to talk to your hyung like that….especially when you promised to invite him to your next ‘get together’.’ Hobi responds in a mocking drool, swinging the door quietly shut behind him as he begins to make his way over to the two of you, lifting his shirt over his head as he does so.

'Its my turn- hyung.’ Jungkook growls, his arm going around you possessively as he pulls you behind him, eyes keen on Hoseok.

'And yet…I am your hyung, so if I want something you have…I can take it from you.’ the older boy says, his tone of voice growing darker and darker as he comes to stand in front of you, eyes pinned to you as he rips the cushion out of your grasp.

This was a different side to Hoseok than any you’d see before. When he was performing, chatting, or actually wearing all his clothes, he was kind, gentle, and funny, among other things. But now, with him stood before you, looking like a wild animal about to stalk down his prey, you couldn’t help but imagine what those dancers hips would feel like snapping into yours.

You gasp as his hand reaches out to grasp your breast, eyes moving mockingly to Jungkook who was just sat there, gaze burning holes into Hoseok as the older boy’s arm wrapped around your ribcage and he settled onto the sofa behind you, pulling you back against him as he got comfortable.

'However, I’m feeling nice.’ he says, a smirk evident in his voice as it rumbles out from his chest that’s pressed into your back, making you squirm, and you steady your hands on his thighs that are resting either side of you.

'So why dont you have the bottom half and i’ll have the top.’ he murmurs, before you feel him lick a hot wet stripe up your neck, blowing over the damp skin after and you shiver harshly against him, nails digging into his jeans and you open your legs without a thought, shouting out when you feel Jungkook’s fingers instantly delve between your folds- trying to turn your attention back to him, and you throw your head back against J-hope’s shoulder, tensing around the madly thrusting digits between your legs when a hand wraps around your throat, not tight enough to cut off air, but tight enough to hold you in place, to let you know who was in charge.

'Fuck her Jungkook…show her who’s boss.’ Hoseok jibes from behind you, his hand that isnt clamped around your neck, moving to pinch at your nipple, making you Keen and pant as you squirm against him, being stopped by Jungkook’s death grip on your hips, causing you to look down and you see the anger and frustration at his hyung on his face as he stares at you, before you feel him fill you up in one sharp thrust.

You cry out, turning your head into Hoseok’s chest to try and muffle your sounds, but his hand on your neck forces you to look up at Jungkook, seeing him smolder down at you as his hips snap into yours, devouring the ache from his length stretching you and making you moan his name again and again, the word falling from your lips like a mantra.

'Fuck, you look so good like this Y/N…’ Hobi murmurs behind you, his lips descending on your neck and replacing his hand as he nips and sucks at your skin- stimulating you, his now free hand slipping down your body to your clit, pinching and rubbing deliciously as he works you in time with the Maknae, causing the coil in your stomach to begin to tighten, your nails that are embedded in Hoseok’s thighs raking down his jeans to gain more purchase, the growl that leaves the older boy’s throat making your walls clench around Jungkook.

You’re tipped over your edge by Jungkook’s brisk thrusts co-ordinating with Hoseok pinching both your clit and your nipple simultaneously, the scream that you let out being smothered by Hobi’s fingers as they delve into your mouth, the slight taste of your cum on them making you moan as Jungkook continues hammering into you- but the sight of you blissed out, choking on Hoseok’s fingers finishes him off and he collapses on top of you as you feel his seed spill into you, clenching around him at the feeling and reaching up to grab hold of the older boy’s hair, silently and weakly asking him to remove his fingers from your mouth, which he does, allowing you to moan loudly as his fingers ghost over your body as you come down from your high, soothing the electric tingles that seem to be running riot all over your skin.

You look down wearily at Jungkook, seeing him bent over, his face buried in your stomach as he presses sloppy kisses into your skin.

'Thank you.’ he whispers, the words so quiet you think that you were imagining them, but when he looks up at you shyly, expression showing how sated and blissed out he was, you know you heard right and you cant help but clench your walls around the emptiness where he used to be, moaning quietly in reaction.

'I think I should be saying that to you…you were the one who walked all the way over here in the rain…’ you pant, still trying to gain your breath back, when you’re interrupted by Hoseok’s hand moving to your neck once again, forcing you to look at him and see him staring down at you with dark eyes filled with lust and expectation.

'Now, its my turn-’ he says, just as your door is flung open once more and Taehyung’s flushed face appears, chest heaving with his pants where he had obviously ran there, eyes darting to you and his lip curling when he sees the position you’re in.

'I hope you haven’t been having fun without me.’


I’m a total name nerd, so I just gotta point out that Beatrice means “she who brings happiness”. Like, this entire series revolves around misery and yet the mother of the three unluckiest orphans and the object of all of the depressing dedications has a name that doesn’t just mean she’s happy, it means she makes those around her happy and I dunno, I just love that. And I don’t know if Daniel Handler is even aware of this and I know that’s not why he chose the name but still.

PSA: Kids love Reaper. I cosplayed Reaper for Tracon, and never have I ever got so much attention from kids. My favorite was when a kid at a bus-stop waved at me, and I waved back, and his mother said “Look, he’s not scary at all”. Ma’am, the kid wasn’t scared, he was delighted. I felt so loved.