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Inuyasha: You and i may be nothing alike,but we are both half demons.That means in both of us there is a human heart and a demon heart, Naraku.
But you have betrayed that!!
We were both given the freedom to choose. To follow our human heart, or our demon heart and you chose to live as a demon ignoring all that was human in you. You chose to hurt others, and curse them with misery and suffering.

I love when making out with someone, it starts off with soft, slow kissing and maybe even a little pause every now and then just to smile. Then in 0.5 seconds, the intensity increases and next thing you know is you’re trying to pull them closer, but you physically can’t because you’re already body to body, your fingers are digging into their back and you’re breathing heavily while they kissing down your neck.

Just a little something for Pride Month

This is a list of my fav (canon) LGBT+ characters. Or any LGBT+ characters that pop in my head.

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Nitori (trans girl)

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Tomoyo (lesbian)

Justin (gay) *I would like to add that he’s a character in a children’s (or at least early teens I believe) graphic novel, and outright told the mc his sexuality. I remember buying this book from my Catholic school’s book fair lmao 

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Todd (asexual)

Jaehee (bi)

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Akise (bi/pan) 

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Isabella (trans woman)

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Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus (both lesbians)

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Yoshino (trans boy)

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Nishima (lesbian/bi)

Seiko (trans girl) 

Niles (bi/pan)

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George (bi) 


Another Kiss Meme

// new & improved kiss meme with extra feels courtesy of a planning session with @spiritmark

Send a number + a pairing = get a kiss!

  1. First kiss
  2. Painful kiss
  3. Sad kiss
  4. Desperate kiss
  5. Comfortable kiss
  6. Tipsy kiss
  7. Laughing kiss
  8. In the dark kiss
  9. ‘We might die tomorrow’ kiss
  10. ‘You nearly died’ kiss
  11. ‘We’re actually being kind of silly for once’ kiss
  12. A kiss that shouldn’t have happened
  13. A kiss we had to wait for
  14. ‘I don’t have the words right now so here’s a kiss’
  15. A kiss because I have literally been watching you all night and I can’t take anymore
  16. Teasing kisses on every bit of visible skin
  17. Hungry kisses on every bit of newly visible skin as clothing is slowly peeled away
  18. Kisses because I missed you and you really shouldn’t stay away so long
  19. Kisses because I don’t want you to go and maybe I can convince you to stay just a few minutes longer
  20. Kisses because everything hurts right now including being loved by you but you’re also the only thing that makes it feel better