it needs a break

Lena Luthor was spotted holding hands with Kara Danvers in Whole Foods Market yesterday afternoon. A source tells us Ms. Luthor was insistent they enter the store, ‘she lured Kara there by promising her Chinese for dinner and herself for dessert.’ It sounds like these two gal pals have quite the wholesome relationship.
—  The Hiatus

I guess I’m back?

I know I said I didn’t know when I’d be back and it was a semi hiatus but I just wanted to apologize for leaving, I wasn’t in a good place mentally two weeks ago and I left unexpectedly and it wasn’t really fair of me leaving out of the blue without a word (besides what I put on my blog…..). But I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m getting better and I really appreciate that my friends and all of you are supportive, I’m glad to have people like them and you around.  Everyone who has been there for me and even stuck around this long is amazing. So again, thank you, I love all of you and I hope that all of you have a wonderful day.


You can’t just tell someone you love them and then backtrack! You can’t just tell someone that they play with the blood, and that they’re gonna be a great conductor and then just throw them in a shark tank way before they’re ready. And beyond that, you just can’t tell the orchestra that they’re your family and then just fucking leave them.

There is a distinct difference between caring for someone and carrying someone.

Know the difference.

You are allowed to let people down when they are too heavy.

You are not a bad person because you have limits.