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Hello! We can’t believe how this blog just BLEW UP the past few weeks since we started it! Seriously, we still can’t get over it! It’s gotten to the point that we have to stop taking in asks for a bit so we can take some time to clear what we got so far (so sorry if you have a message to send to our inbox heh).

Hope you all are having a great day and we’re really glad you guys like this au!!

[Also just a heads-up I’m going on holiday for the rest of the year so really sorry if some of the questions don’t get answered for a long time! -Eggy]

my “coming to Zutara” story

I knew when I started watching A;TLA that Zuko and Katara didn’t end up together, because my besty got me into the show by making me watch the s3 series finale. Excerpt of that conversation:

him: ur really gonna like this show. watch it with me plz
me: Nah. The eyeballs on that protagonist are way too round and cutesy. Is he riding a giant dustmop? I am an adult. Hard pass.
him: no really, it’s such a good show, the bending is based on real martial arts styles *goes on about it*
me: Meh. This is a lot more whimsy than I’m willing to embrace for the sake of our friendship. Too silly. Not doing it.

And then it happened. 

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Me: “Bioquake is neat, but Fitzsimmons is clearly canon, and Daisy can get a boyfriend any time she needs to, hopefully one who won’t die.”

Agents of Shield 5.03 Episode Description: “Daisy decides she will rescue Simmons, even if she must risk everything to do so.”

Me: “…someone get this woman a single girlfriend, stat.”

Ashley found herself unable to move, paralyzed because of fear. After several long deep breaths her shoulders slumped slightly, and she could that while her legs felt like twigs, she could walk if she took it one step at a time. Ashley decided here that she liked the other sort of fear better, the kind with stupid decisions and adrenaline rushes and hormone filed bravery. “Hello?” She yelled over the roaring chaos happening all around her. It sounded broken, and not right. “S-someone, please?” It was too loud. To loud to think, to move, to breath. She needed to find somewhere else.