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Ok -cracks knuckles- modern au where shiro lost his arm at a young age and has grown up with it. He takes this as an opportunity to teach others how to cope with loosing a limb. He meets Lance, a young man fresh from the hospital and he’s lost one of his legs.

Lance absolutely hates it, and so shiro is the perfect match to help him through this time of his life. Lance develops a massive crush especially since shiro has patience with him that no one else has shown.

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You just know when the relationships going to be good when Katie gives her co-star that sad love-sick puppy look.

Ahhh yes! The beautiful and famous Katie McGrath Puppy Heart-Eyes. Let’s take a look at a single example, shall we?


Yes, I would say you are correct. Uh-oh anon… Did you just inspire my next Katie gif set?? I think you might have!! Let the heart melting begin!

struggling w/ wanting to plan an animation project but not having a good song to go with it @-@

This post by @kasadilla11 gave me an idea I would like to float. While I intended to leave this blog as a static resource, the latest episode suggests The CW is not aware that part of its consumer base is extremely dissatisfied with their product. 

Would there be interest in a more formal, organized letter writing project, wherein people could email me their letters, and I would print them out and send them en masse to The CW? Perhaps with a deadline near the end of May, before new scripts for S3 (hopefully) will be proposed? 


Bruce Wayne/Batman successfully recruiting Barry Allen/The Flash into the Justice League

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you forgot the fact he blames everyone but himself for his mistakes. like when he guilt tripped clarke into thinking it was her fault he murdered an army because she left him alone

I mean…that was part of the gaslighting but yes, he never takes responsibility for anything. Ever. What part of any of this are we making up? I’m confused…