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Hi, ganbare admi-san \(^^)/ GoM, Kagami, Takao, Imayoshi and Teppei reactions if they found out that their gf is a fujoshi...

Watching too much Hunter x Hunter and Makai Ouji must have made me weird, I imagine William and Dantalion skipping in a field of flowers or something. Not sorry at all. Sorry, only 9 characters! Continuation of this  

Kuroko: He had expected it, seeing the way you hid your smile quickly when you saw him interacting with the other GOM members. He only hoped that you didn’t pair him up with anyone weird.

Kise: Shock was his first expression that showed on his face. It wasn’t really surprising as he had seen yaoi manga under your bed, but hearing you admit it made him freeze.

Midorima: If yaoi manga wasn’t bad enough, he had to deal with your daily gushing about different shippings. It creeped him out having to hear you talk about how wonderful it was to have him with another member of his team.

Akashi: He didn’t understand why you liked it even after reading your manga, and warned you not to pair him with anyone younger than him if you had to ship him with someone else.

Murasakibara: He found you amusing, and when your eyes gleamed at having one of the boys in the team getting closer to the other, he was there to explain to the team that you were simply fangirling. 

Aomine: Momoi was a fujoshi, and he had years of dealing with her fangirling. Being chill about it, he even told you to talk to Momoi about different shippings.

Kagami: Not being able to say anything without stuttering, he asked if you had paired him with anyone else. The way you grinned confirmed his deepest fears, and he groaned loudly.

Takao: It was amusing, and he teased you about it. Purposely standing really close to Midorima and creeping the other out, he watched you stare at the both of them, mouths open.

Imayoshi: Chuckling, he ruffled your hair. He had found it suspicious when you started observing the others really closely, hearing you admit it made him congratulate himself on being right.

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​I was at the Bryan Stars in 2013. I was a little bit anxious because I didn’t know what to expect or anything. i only knew 2 bands and of course, Bryan. I’ve been watching his channel since when he was wearing brown shirts and standing outside of tour buses. I never actually thought I’d get the chance to meet him unless I somehow bumped into him on the street. But I was so excited to meet him that when he poked his out of the curtains to look at the line outside the venue. I literally screamed and pointed and then hid away because I was so embarrassed. He was so tall and at first I was a bit shy and my friend and I stood like a few feet away. She was trying to talk me into finding the courage to say hi and then he just looks at me and comes over and says hi and I was so happy. I hugged him and talked with him and gave him a shirt I made for him. He is exactly how I thought he’d be in person. Awkward, funny, extremely tall and really down to earth. I met the other bands but ended up having a really emotional talk with Joel Faviere and my heart must have skipped out of my chest when he told me he remembered getting a letter from me. It was the best was to start off summer last year and the tour was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It wasn’t youtubers and band mates. It was just people coming together to sit down and talk and play some good music.