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Like it's Real (1/3) Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom and Y/N are childhood best friends. So when Tom’s publicist told him to fake-date someone, Y/N seems to be the best choice. But will it stay fake, or will true feelings start to blossom?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: I’ll be posting the second part soon, and maybe even a third part. Make sure to keep your eyes open for it. And thank you for all the notes I received on my last fic. I love you all!

You were having netflix marathon when suddenly your phone blared the spider-man theme, making you jump a little.

“Hi Tom,what’s up?“you cheerfuly answered.

Tom had insisted you to set it as your ringtone whenever he called. He could be such a child sometimes.

"I was wondering if you would do me favor? A huge one?” he asked, voice wavering a little.

“Well I guess it depends” you chuckled. “What do you have in mind?”

“Could we maybe meet in my apartment? It’s quite complicated to be discussed over a phone.”

“Um okaaay. See you in a bit.”

Ending the call, you quickly throw on a t-shirt and jeans before driving your car to Tom’s apartment.

You spent the whole ride wondering what would Tom need you for. You can’t help but feel a little nervous because of how weird he’s being.

You rang the doorbell and after a few seconds, the door swung open to reveal Tom’s usual bright smile.

“Y/N!” He greeted, pulling you in for a hug. “Thanks for coming even though it must be super weird,” he chuckled nervously.

Entering his apartment, you asked, “What is this all about?”

“C'mon, we’ll explain it to you,” he told you, ushering you into his livin room.

“We? What do you mean we?” you asked confused. That is when you turned around to see Zendaya and a man sitting on his couch.

“Y/N, meet Zendaya and my publicist. Everyone, this is Y/N,” Tom announced.

Zendaya stood up and engulfs you in a hug.

“So this is he famous Y/N. It’s nice to finally meet you. Tom over there never stops talking about you,”

You threw a glance at him noticing a faint blush appear on his cheeks.

“It’s nice to meet you too. You did a great job on the movie,” you smiled to her before stalking off to shake the publicist’s hand.

You took a seat next to Tom, still clueless to what is taking place.

“So, care to explain?”

From the corner of your eye,you saw Tom taking a calming breath before speaking.

“I’m sure you knew about all the dating rumors of me and Zendaya.” You nodded, urging him to continue.

“There’s been so many of it that it started to make us uncomfortable. Especially Zendaya,” Tom explained before glancing at Zendaya for help.

“You see,” she began, “I’m actually dating someone else right now. It’s been a while now but we’re not ready to go public yet. We still want our privacy,”

Sitting quietly, you let the informations sink in.

“What does any of that have to do with me?” You questioned, clearly confused.

“Well, we’ve been discussing it for a while now, and we think having Tom fake-dating someone would be best,” informed the publicist.

“And we’re sure that no one can fit the role better than you Miss Y/N. With the dating rumours of you and Tom-”

“What?! There are dating rumours about us?” You exclaimed, looking at Tom with wide eyes.

Scratching thr back of his neck, Tom muttered, “There are only a few here and there. ”

“With all that, we figured it would be much easier,” continued thhe publicist. “After all, it’s not uncommon to find a pair of best friends turn into lovers.”

You were left speechless.

“You can sign here if you agree,” the publicist said, sliding a contract in front of you.

From a cheeky 12 year old to an adult. You’ve always seen Tom in no other than a platonic light. And besides, this is to help Tom, yo’re best friend. You should always help a friend in need.

“I understand if you don’t want to,” Tom mutttered, looking at his feet. “I know this is a hug thing to as-”

“I’ll do it,” you smiled, cutting him off. “I’ll sign the contract.”

Picking up the pen, you scrawled your signature at the bottom of the contract. You lifted your head to see Tom grnning widely at you before pulling you into a bone-crushing hug.

“Thank you Y/N! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He beamed.

“You’re welcome Tom,” you chuckled into his shoulder.

Zendaya’s hug came next. “ Thank you so much Y/N. I owe you big time.”

“We should start immediately. I think tomorrow would be great!” The publicist said, springing to work.

“Are you free tomorrow Miss Y/N? You guys could go on a date and let the paparazzi take a few shots.”

“Sure, I’m free the whole summer,” you assured him.

You’re both excited and nervous for tomorrow but again, what could possibly go wrong?

im gay because i always got the rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream


“It’s one of these moments where you see Alex, one by one, having to cross this road and see how people react,” Leigh says. “She hasn’t seen him in over a decade and, ‘Guess what? I’m gay!’ It’s great. His reaction is so wonderful. It’s a great, sweet, endearing moment: ‘OK, I’m being accepted for where I am.‘”

Um… okay Chyler, but have you seen your own face in this scene…..?


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 11]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

[Benjamin Cook asking David Christmas-themed questions]

BC: Which gift from ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ would you most like to receive this year?

DT: If the pipers piping were Billie Pipers, then obviously I’d go for that. But that would be quite creepy. It’s got to be ladies dancing, hasn’t it? I mean, there’s not really much contest. Five golden rings you could flog, if they were really nice. But I don’t think you’d get much for them.

BC: If there were five of them, they’re unlikely to be top-notch quality.

DT: Well thought through. I mean, all the others would just be irritating, frankly. And dirty. Colley birds? French hens? Yes, you could eat them, but then you’d have to murder them yourself. I don’t want to do that at Christmas. That’s far too much effort. I want a shrink-wrapped turkey from Sainsbury’s. No, ladies dancing - much better. They can come and dance in my Christmas parlour.

BC: What’s the worst Christmas record of all time?

DT: Ooh jings. No, there’ve got to be some terrible ones, haven’t there? Well, anything by Cliff Richard. Mistletoe and Wine? It’s got to be Mistletoe and Wine. That is a heinous piece of work, isn’t it? My mum likes it. She likes everything by Cliff Richard. But she is wrong! It’s saccharine, and repulsive, and when all those kids start singing at the end, you just want to murder. It’s horrible.

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moral support (jughead x reader)


Pairing: Reader x Jughead

Word Count: 1,141

Request: Jughead imagine where Y/N is proundly a deeply sexual being but despite Jug being ace she falls for him and he likes her too but is worried he can’t give her what she wants but she doesn’t care and fluff and stuff?

When you strode up to Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and Jughead who were standing by a cluster of lockers, Veronica’s jaw playfully dropped open wide in a smile. “Girl, your legs look amazing!”

You giggled, “Thanks!” You were proud of your outfit today, meaning you were also proud of your body.

“Seriously, though, you made Reggie’s entire group stare. Must feel weird,” Betty laughed also.

“No, it actually feels pretty good.” You winked, opening your locker.

Kevin nudged your shoulder. “As good as the bassist from the Foals?”

You laughed as you took a binder out of your locker. “Oh no, nothing will ever compare.”

“The bassist from the Foals?” Jughead asked, arms crossed, leaning against the locker behind you.

“She never told you?” Veronica asked.

Jughead’s expression changed to one you couldn’t mark, uncrossing his arms and putting his hands in his pockets “I— Well—”

You closed your locker and rested a hand that wasn’t cradling your binder on his arm. “It’s okay, Juggie, I just figured since you were asexual and all, maybe you wouldn’t want to hear about my… sex life.”

“Well, I mean it’s not like— I can still hear about it.” Jughead explained defensively. “Every ace is different. For me it’s just… not a big deal.”

“That’s kinda…” Kevin tilted his head, speaking slowly.

“It’s fine!” You interrupted, grabbing Jug’s hand with your free one, pulling him away from any further interrogation. You knew Kevin was going to say something along the lines of weird, or freaky, and you didn’t want Jughead thinking he was anything like that, because he wasn’t. “Gotta go guys!” You called back, already halfway down the hallway.

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you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game

Afterward (Week 4)

Warning: R-rated for more sexual situations, kids. 

Originally posted by prisonbreakgifs

The family therapist Sara found had a bunch of fancy credentials after her name, but insisted Mike call her Dr. Kate. She shook his hand first, adjusting her jovial greeting to match his solemnity at meeting a new person. Watching the interaction, Michael had to give her credit for knowing what she was doing. They talked all together first, in a living room sort of configuration he figured was supposed to feel non-threatening or familiar.

Dr. Kate began by asking Mike how school was going. “My dad picks me up now,” he supplied. A box of toys sat on the side of the couch, and he began piecing together LEGOs.

“And how’s that going?” she asked.

He searched the box until he found a flat foundational base, then fitted a series of blocks on top of it. “Mom already asked me about that. I said ‘good’.”

Dr. Kate didn’t give him a pass. “It must be weird though, right? Your dad back, after hearing so much about him all your life?”

Mike pondered this. His jaw clenched slightly the way Sara’s did when she felt tense. “He is super important,” he finally conceded.

“Who? Your dad?”


Michael started to contradict this, but Kate silenced him with a hand. Mike didn’t notice, looking carefully at Sara over the top of his LEGOs, which now formed a tower. “Especially to my mom.”

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Jakob Chychrun - Naked fun

Originally posted by ryanhartman

Number 63 with chychrun? - “I really would’ve liked it if you told me your parents were coming to town.” - “I really would’ve liked it if you put underwear on before coming into the kitchen.”

Author’s Note: I’ve seen this one going around and I made it a little different. Enjoy! -Julianne 

Jakob was nowhere to be found and he even left his phone home. Weird. Shrugging, you though he must have just gone to the store to grab something, forgetting his phone.

After the wild night you two had you wouldn’t blame him for forgetting. Smirking to yourself you walking into the bathroom and began the shower. Once the shower was hot enough you climbed in.

“Who’s in the shower?” Jakob’s mom asked as she walked into the house with her suitcase.

“Y/N.” Jakob grinned like a schoolboy as he walked over to the coffee pot and turned it off. A habit you had. You always forgot to turn it off when you it was empty and often time it ended up smelling like burnt coffee for a while.

As you began to dry off you began to smell the smell of burnt coffee. “Shit.” you mumbled to yourself. Without thinking you dropped the towel on the ground and raced out the the kitchen. Only to find it was already off. That’s when you saw that you were not alone.

“OH MY GOD.” You said once you laid eye’s on Jakob and his parents. Jakob being the man he was stood up and stood in front of you shielding you.

“Nice clothes, babe.” He joked. As he walked you towards the bedroom.

“I wish you would have told me your parent’s were coming into town.” You said as you got dressed.

Once you were dressed you and Jakob made your way back to his parents.

“I am so, SO sorry Mr. and Mrs. Chychrun your SON did not tell me you were coming or I would have ran out in a towel to shut off the coffee maker.” You said still red.

“Oh don’t worry honey. I’m sure Jakob know’s what it’s like to walk in on someone naked.” His mom joked.

“MOM!” Jakob yelled. “I didn’t know dad was naked and I wish to not see it again, please!” He said making everyone laugh.


Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! Game - My Fair Lady!? + Yufuin En’s Pyjama Extra

aka the tragedy of Gero Akoya (I’m not even kidding. If you are an Akoya fan you will shed tears here. You have been warned)

As a side note, there’s going to be another extra story campaign later on this month and it’s a good thing I held off on posting this in the hope that new information would come because !!! WE ARE GETTING A NEW CG/STORY THINGY WITH A CAST TALK :DDD 

Anyway, today’s translation is brought to you by Yufuin En’s pyjama story. With this, I think they’ve all been translated!

You: I’m a little tired today……

Yufuin: What’s up? It’s rare for you to not be lively. I won’t laugh or mock you, so why don’t you tell me? Ahh…….it’s a bunch of things, huh. When you’re not happy, somehow I get depressed too. Here, try and smile a little. That’s right; that’s the face. But there are times when it’s overwhelming too, hey. If you have a good sleep you’ll feel better tomorrow…….That’s just me, you say? What’s this; don’t make fun of me when I’m taking the trouble to comfort you……Ah, but now you’re smiling properly. I’m not making fun of you. I said I’m not!

In this way, the night grew long.

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Cure for the Ache


Promptis Fanweek - Day 1: Ten Years Later

“I’m sorry, Ignis.  It must be weird knowing… that I have a family now,” Prompto said, though they weren’t exactly the words he wanted to use, since Noctis’ name hadn’t even made it into the sentence.
“You’ve no need to apologize.  Noctis never would have wished for you to be alone.”  Of course, Ignis would pick up on his true intentions.
“Yeah. I know.  Still…” Prompto said, slowly, hands twisting around each other uncomfortably. “I can’t help but feel guilty.  Every time I think of him, I feel guilty.  And to be honest, that’s a lot of the time.”  

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Well Ain't This Rich

You know sometimes Jeremy really wondered how he got into these situations.

Jake was out of town for the weekend, something about needing to visit his parents, and Michael was visiting family, which left Rich and Jeremy completely alone. And Jeremy was honestly ok with being alone for the weekend. He’d sit in his room and play video games, watch por- I mean tv on his laptop, and try to annoy the voice in his head. That was until Jeremy got a text from Jake. He seemed pretty worried, apparently Rich had gotten sick and there was no one to check up on him. He asked Jeremy to look after him for a bit, saying please about every 3 words. Jeremy agreed, and that’s when his peaceful, introverted weekend became this mess.

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anonymous asked:

I remember when Artem and Jenna were doing their contemporary season 22 when her and Val were "dating", that dance was super sexy and they were all over each other. In the red room you could see Val stopping by to watch for like 5 seconds before leaving and he wasn't doing anything at that time so he could've easily watched it fully. You could tell he was really uncomfortable watching them, I mean I would beuncomfortable too if thatwasmy "girlfriend". Artem was literally on top of her at the end

Artem is so sexy!!! Even though it’s their job… must be weird.

Sansukh Re-read Ch.3

The days passed slowly. Two Dwarves who had died during the Battle of Five Armies (as they were now calling it) bowed to Thorin upon meeting him, and at least another six punched him square in the face. His grandfather patted his shoulder consolingly.

“You should have seen this place after Azanulbizar,” was all he said.

Can’t blame either group of dwarves, really.

In Erebor, there was a funeral. Thorin watched as they laid the Arkenstone on his cold, dead breast, wrapped his parchment-white and stiffened fingers around the hilt of Orcrist, and sealed his body and those of his nephews in the tomb.

Bilbo cried bitterly the whole time.

As the white stone passed over Fíli’s rent and rigid corpse, Thorin covered his mouth with his hands, pressing them so fiercely against his bloodless lips that he could feel the shape of his teeth beneath. With a savage curse he closed his eyes and fled that sight.

I feel bad for Thorin during this, for many reasons. One of them, though, is because it must be extremely weird, watching your own funeral. And, of course, he blames himself for Fíli and Kíli’s deaths and so watching their funerals was almost impossible for him. No wonder he goes to see Gimli next.

Work was proceeding apace on the Mountain. Everywhere he looked Thorin could see the devastation caused by the dragon and the echoes of his folly. Even as the Kingdom slowly began to rise from mourning, Thorin could barely look at his living companions without seeing the light of the gold-sickness that had once danced in their eyes. No-one had been as thoroughly lost as Thorin himself, of course, but he had dragged them all behind him into his madness nevertheless.

To see the guilt and grief in their faces made his own grow until it felt like a stone chained around his neck.

Thorin’s guilt issues, let me show them to you. With how much he’s blaming himself here, is it any wonder that it takes him decades to finally start accepting that not everything that goes wrong is his fault?

Ori was out of his sickbed as soon as Óin gave him permission, though a racking cough continued to plague him. He immediately began to help Nori with relearning to walk. The former thief was sullen as he clattered about their rooms. With each of his arms looped over the shoulders of his brothers, he winced and cursed with every rattling step until finally he roared with anger and resentment. Ori stood his ground, all his shyness and uncertainty burned away in the fires of battle. He faced his brother’s rage calmly until Nori had exhausted himself, and then helped him back to his chair. Dori made pot of tea after pot of tea, lips white and stiff, before carefully plaiting the drained and silent Nori’s red-brown hair back into its elaborate braids. Then the Brothers Ri held onto Nori’s hands tightly until he felt able to cry.

The brothers Ri are some of of my favorite dwarves in the company (only Bifur beats them out) and this paragraph illustrates why I love them so much. Nori is stubborn, trying to get back to normal as soon as possible and not really dealing with his feelings about the injury, nearly in denial, really. Then, he moves onto the anger stage, ranting at Ori and Ori just takes it, lets his brother get it all out because he knows it’s what Nori needs. Dori is there in the background, making tea and taking care of Nori’s hair, and then he and Ori are there for Nori when he finally accepts it and mourns his loss. No matter what, they’re there for each other, and I love that about them.

“Hobbit,” said Dwalin, and cleared his throat loudly. “Not sure if anyone’s said this t’ you at all.” Then he bowed before the astonished Hobbit and said, with all sincerity;

“Thank you.”

“Aye.” – “Thank you, laddie.” – “We can never thank you enough.” The rest of the company also bowed low. Bilbo looked upset and flustered.

“No, you mustn’t,” he said, and he wrung his little hands. “No, please, my friends…”

Balin rose and winked at Bilbo. “Khazâd-bâhel.”

“Oh, for goodness’ sake,” Bilbo snapped, and mopped at his eyes with one of his new handkerchiefs. “Dwarves! Overdramatic, the lot of you! Oh, I am going to miss you all dreadfully.”

Goodbyes are always hard. This is both tear-jerking and a bit amusing, with Bilbo trying to call the dwarves dreadful and overdramatic and everything else, but unable to hide that he’s going to miss them so much. He didn’t expect this when he set out on his adventure, he didn’t know what to expect really, and now he’s leaving and he’ll miss his friends. (And Thorin.)

“I’ll be through in a year or two,” Glóin promised. “I’ll be travelling back to Ered Luin to collect my family. Bombur too. We’ll stop by. Don’t forget!”

With a leg-up from Dori, Bilbo crawled astride his pony. “I’ll lock up my dishes specially,” he laughed. “Farewell, my friends! Write as often as you can!”

Oh, Bilbo, don’t you want to see dwarves tossing your dishes around your kitchen again? I’d have thought you’d enjoy it a second time. I enjoyed it the first time, but maybe that’s because it wasn’t my dishes they were tossing around :)

“Kill a goblin or two for me!” said Bombur.

“Oh, but don’t get too close!”

“Aye, and watch out for Trolls!”

“And giants!”

“And rivers!”

“And spiders!”

“And Elves!”

Out of all the things that Bilbo’s supposed to watch out for, elves are hands down the funniest. Not sure which dwarf said it (there are a few different options for which one it could be), but it’s hilarious nonetheless.

Thorin took a last look at their brave little Burglar to whom he owed so much. “Farewell, Bilbo Baggins, respectable gentlehobbit of Bag End,” he said half to himself. “Farewell, wise and kindly child of the West.” He drank in the sight of the curly head, the bold bare little chin, the small leaf-like ears, the shrewd eyes and sharp tongue, clever hands and large furry feet. “I am sorry,” he added, his voice nearly a whisper.

Bilbo abruptly stopped and faced the Mountain, and his eyes were bright with unshed tears. “Farewell, Thorin Oakenshield,” he said, his face lifting. “And Fíli and Kíli! May your memory never fade!”

They’re both talking to each other, and each thinks the other can’t hear them. And they’re both a bit wrong and it’s just…ugh, the feels.

Fíli nervously tugged at a moustache braid. “Frerin told me something.”

Thorin sighed. “Do I need to hit him?”

Fíli scowled. “Very hard. Repeatedly.”

I can get where Fíli and Kíli are coming from, it’d be hard to remember to refer to someone younger than you (in years lived anyway, he’s got them beat in years existing) ‘Uncle’, but I can see where Frerin is coming from too. If he hadn’t died, he likely would have been as close to Fíli and Kíli as Thorin is, and they likely would have called him 'Uncle’ sometimes too. Now, he’s got the chance to have that, and he still can’t, because Fíli and Kíli are technically older than him and don’t feel right calling him that…I feel a bit sorry for Frerin, but it’s amusing too, seeing how good he is at annoying Fíli and Kíli. I can’t really blame Thorin for placing a bet, I’d have been doing the same thing.

“Why did Mahal give you this gift?” Fíli said. “A gift that doesn’t even work?”

“I think perhaps it is because I shouted at him,” Thorin said thoughtfully, and a short bark of laughter escaped Fíli.

“You yelled at our Maker,” he said, and shook his head against Thorin’s shoulder. “You’re unbelievable sometimes.”

Only Thorin could yell at Mahal and get a gift out of it. I swear, Thorin’s one of his favorites.

“Hmm,” Fíli said, and pulled back to frown up at his uncle. “Who hears you?”

“Dáin does, now and then. Occasionally Balin, Dori and Glóin as well, and Dwalin quite frequently. And Gimli most of all.”

“Gimli?” Fíli’s mouth dropped open. “Our little cousin Gimli?”

“He’s not so little anymore,” Thorin said, raising his eyebrows. “The lad has more beard than Bofur, is broader than Nori and is most certainly taller than you, though not as tall as Kíli. I judge he’s over four foot six and has further still to grow.”

“I know, I know, but he’ll always be little Gimli with the terrible temper to me,” Fíli said, shaking his head. “Gimli hears you! Well, that is a shock.”

Okay, but imagine Gimli, when he’s finally old enough to pass on, and hearing Fíli call him 'little Gimli with the terrible temper’ and simultaneously crying (because he missed them so much) and being a bit embarrassed (I’m a dwarf lord! I helped save all of Arda! I’m taller than you are! You can’t call me 'little’ anymore). And Fíli just saying 'watch me’.

“I know that look,” Thorin said suspiciously. “That is not a reassuring look.”

That is a dwarf who helped raise these two and knows exactly how much trouble Kíli and Fíli can get into.

“Ah, Náli!” Gimli growled, and brought the handle of his own weapon up before his face. The clash was deafening. “You will have to do better than that! Dwalin would have had me defeated and mopping out the barracks by now!”

I have a feeling that, no matter how old Gimli gets, he’ll think of Dwalin as the greatest axeman he knew, even if he skill does someday surpass Dwalin’s.

“Aye, and rivers will run backward and Elves will live underground and Dwarves will roost in trees, Laín’s son,” Gimli retorted, rather rudely. Fíli and Kíli immediately broke out into snickers, and Thorin smiled despite himself.

Best insult ever! If more people in my life cared about the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, I would use this insult all the time.

Also, Náli was pretty fair. Yeah, Lóni was the one who attacked when Gimli’s back was turned, after the fight was over, but Gimli also didn’t need to hit him in the nose. Lóni was already stopped because of the ale in his face, he should’ve let the teacher handle it from there.

“Hold that to your nose, I have to clean up all this ale.” Gimli eyed the mess and grabbed another cloth before hunkering down on his knees and beginning to soak up the spilled ale. “I’m not going to apologise for being good,” he said as he scrubbed, blowing a lock of fiery hair out of his eyes. “Neither am I going to feel sorry for a Dwarf who tried to axe me in the back! But a training partner with more strength and reach than me – now, that is of interest. You can get the recognition you crave so badly when you knock me on my back fair and square. What do you say?”

I gotta say, Gimli’s more forgiving than I am. I probably wouldn’t have forgiven someone trying to axe me in the back this easily. He’s got a point about Lóni being a good training partner, though.

“Is old Borin’s tavern still running then?” Kíli wondered, and then quailed at Thorin’s sudden dark look. Fíli gave a weak little laugh and hushed Kíli with a hand over his mouth.

“Just… an academic interest, Thorin.”

“Yes, never stepped foot in it ourselves,” Kíli said, muffled by Fíli’s palm.

“Or broke a table.”

“Or a lamp.”

“Or Borin’s teeth.”

“Lies and conjecture.”

“Must have been two other Dwarves that looked like us.”

“Yes, and with the same names. Imposters, no doubt.”

Thorin rolled his eyes to the ceiling and prayed for patience.

Fíli and Kíli trying to cover up for each other when they reveal something that they didn’t want Thorin to know is hilarious, as is Thorin’s reaction to it.

Gimli blinked, and then he shook his head sharply. “Surely I can’t get drunk from a few fumes,” he said to himself, and Kíli snorted.

“You’re not drunk, lad,” Thorin said, and shook his own head in disbelief. “We’re here.”

Gimli squinted, peering straight past Thorin. “Must be imagining things. I can’t be drunk and I do not think I am mad…”

Fíli smacked his forehead with his palm.

Thorin resisted the urge to do the same. “Not mad either, cousin. Mahal grants us this, that we can see you from beyond the mists. To me he gave a greater gift. Some may hear me.”

“I’m of Durin’s line,” Gimli continued, his brow creasing with worry. “I could be mad. I’m too young for it, though.”

“Steady,” Fíli said quietly, putting a hand on Thorin’s shoulder as he shook with anger and shame.

“You are not mad,” he said shortly. “Only very, very dense.”

This is hilarious. A bit sad for Thorin, because of the mad bit, but mostly hilarious. Anyone’s reaction would probably be similar if they thought dead people were talking to them, though, so I can’t really blame him.

“He was her brother,” Gimli whispered, and then he pulled at his vibrant hair. “Oh, I am such a fool! Of course my conscience would not let me rest until I had seen her. I lost my cousins, but she lost all she had left in the world. Not drunk, not mad, not tricked, but surely a blind and selfish fool!”

“He… he thinks you’re his conscience,” said Fíli blankly.

Thorin looked at him helplessly.

I laughed a bit here too, imagining Thorin with a little button that says 'Conscience’ and standing on Gimli’s shoulder like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.

“How’d a boulder-faced shrub like Glóin end up with a Dwarrowdam like that?” Fíli said, eyes wide.

“He was kind, honest and respectful,” Thorin said. “And he made her laugh.”

I’ve said it before, but I kind of imagine it as a Roger and Jessica Rabbit situation. Everyone was chasing after Mizim because of her looks, but Glóin loved her for who she was and won her over by making her laugh.

“I’m in love,” Kíli declared fervently.

“I saw her first,” Fíli snarled.

Thorin gritted his teeth. “You are both dead.”

Kíli gave him a wounded look. “That was uncalled for.”

What I really want to know is that, if Gimli played with Fíli and Kíli as often as they say, how did they never see Mizim or Gimrís before? Did Gimli just always go over to their place? Or did they just never visit each others’ homes? Honestly, I don’t care though, because this piece of dialogue and the previous one I talked about are more than worth it.

“Brother,” the lass growled. “I hope you have your axe on you, because after waking me you are going to need it.”

Me, whenever my brother’s loud early in the morning when I had a late shift the night before.

“Aye, and I called her 'Aunt’ and she bounced me on her knee, I remember,” Gimli said, and splashed water over his face. “If she does not wish to see me, then I will try again another time. She has been left alone all this time and so she must feel that she is alone. She should know that we think of her and that she is still cared for as a Dwarf, not just as the Regent of Thorin’s Hall. I am not her son or her brother, but I am family and I care. And I loved them too.”

Reason #10000 why I love Gimli. A lot of the other reasons are from this story, although many of them are from canon too.

“You’re a good boy, my son.”

He squirmed away, batting at her with wet hands. “Mum, I am sixty-three soon! I am not a boy!”

She snorted. “You are such a boy, Gimli. I’ll find your clasps. I hope you still fit your engraved boots.”

I laughed a bit because I did this when I was a kid. Everyone would say I was a little girl, and I’d say, indignantly, that I was [insert age here] and so I was /not/ a little girl. Never thought I’d related so well to a sixty-three year old dwarf, but that’s part of the magic of this story. The characters are dangerously relatable, both canon and OC.

“You must have been fighting a thornbush. And those trousers don’t suit that tunic either. You won’t be able to wear it much longer, you know. Your shoulders are about to come through the seams.”

“Not my fault,” Gimli said defensively. “I grew too fast.”

“You ate too much, you mean,” she said, and he sent an elbow back into her stomach.

“I had to eat, I was growing!”

This is only a snippet of it, but I love all of Gimli and Gimrís’ bickering. Gimrís uses loving insults as a way to let her brother know she cares about him, and Gimli knows what she’s doing and goes back and forth with her and it’s just adorable, really.

“Where are we?” Thorin hissed, following closely behind. “I do not recognise this part of the Halls.”

“Don’t tell me you’re lost!” said Kíli.

Someone needs to make Thorin a map.

“Mining?” Thorin frowned. “His father is a Lord. He does not need to mine for a living.”

“Thorin, everyone worked, even you. You took on blacksmithing, I was a jeweller like Mum, and Kíli was a bowyer. No doubt Óin took Gimli into the mines; I know he still treats the miners now and then for their injuries.”

Thorin, dear, did you forget how much smithing you did over the years between Erebor’s fall and Erebor being reclaimed?

“Gimli, son of Glóin,” Gimli said with a polite bow. “I am here to see the Lady Dís, if she will.”

“The Lady sees no-one,” the Dwarf said shortly, and began to close the door. It stopped on Gimli’s heavy engraved boot, and the younger Dwarf gave the guard a pleasant smile.

“Announce me,” he suggested. “Perhaps she will make an exception.”

“Are you deaf, boy? The Lady sees no-one,” the guard with impatience, and kicked Gimli’s foot away.

“Perhaps I should make myself clearer,” Gimli said, still smiling. “Gimli of the Line of Durin, here to see his cousin, if she will.”

The guard’s sneer dropped like a stone. “I’ll announce you.”

“You do that.”

“All right,” Thorin said. “Now I believe the boy is related to me.”

If that didn’t make it clear, Thorin, I don’t know what would.

“She’ll see you,” he said. “But don’t expect her to be pleasant.”

“I don’t expect her to be anything other than as she is,” said Gimli with admirable calmness.

I love Gimli.

To the three children of Thráin, they had said, Mahal gave one a voice of golden thunder, one a voice of silver bells, but the third – the third had a voice of mithril and diamonds, more lovely than the voices of Elves and as pure as the snowmelt from the peak of the Mountain.

Another thing I love about this story? Sentences like this. It’s so marvelously descriptive, and it fits with the one voice we have heard (Thorin), and gives you a basis for how his siblings might sound.

Gimli blinked, and then he looked down at his hands. “You’re not my Aunt,” he said slowly. “You’re my cousin. And we… we lost some of our family. There’s just me and Gimrís and you, because everyone else…”

“Is dead,” Dís croaked, and finally looked up from the fire. “Everyone is dead. My whole family, but for cousins like you. My sons, my last brother, my One, my father… we were so proud, so strong. Well, Mahal has punished us for our pride, at least.”

“No!” Gimli blurted, and he took another couple of quick steps towards her. “Not everyone is dead!”

“You?” Dís laughed. It was utterly unbearable to hear. “Your sister? Balin, Dwalin, your father and uncle? You are not my family. We are relatives, no more than that. No, my family is dead and gone. The line of Thrór is ended.”

“They’re not all dead,” Gimli repeated, and he lifted his eyes to hers. “There’s you.”

She froze, and then sagged. “Me.”

Oh Dís! She’s so alone, and Gimli’s trying to make her see that she /isn’t/ alone, not completely, and that there are still people left who love her for who she is, not because she’s the princess, and who mourn Thorin, Fíli, and Kíli for who they were, rather than just the king and princes.

Gimli snorted. “Oh, Kíli’s hair.”

To Thorin’s amazement, she laughed – rusty and unused, but a true laugh. “Kíli’s damned hair. I used to struggle with him every morning to at least get most of it out of his eyes. Mahal only knows how he ever aimed at a target through that curtain.”

“I feel I should be offended,” Kíli said.

Fíli gave him a sad half-grin. “The truth offends no-one but you, brother.”

“Don’t look at me,” Thorin added. “I remember the fits you had when your mother brought out a comb.”

Just everything about this. I love it. I’m with Kíli, though, I never have patience to do more than just brush my hair, and to pull it up into a ponytail on days I have to work.

“Gladly.” Gimli settled at her feet and launched into a tale of three Dwarflings and a hammer 'borrowed’ from Dwalin. Dís listened closely, and laughed at the terrible predicament the three found themselves in; at the clever plots put into practice that only compounded the problem tenfold; at Dwalin’s outrage when the hammer was finally recovered and the terrible injustice of the punishment (polishing every weapon he owned until it gleamed). Her eyes were glossy, but she no longer wept. Her hand remained on Gimli’s vibrant hair, and every now and then she stroked it absently.

I wonder if Dwalin remembers this story, if he ever teased Gimli about it when he got older (like when Legolas is around?).

“Gimrís said she would come with me next time. Would you like that?”

She blinked as though coming awake, and then she smiled. It was still tinged with her fathomless sorrow, but she no longer looked or sounded more dead than alive. “That would be lovely. How old is your sister now?”

“Fifty-four,” Gimli said with a shudder.

“Ah, the fifties. I feel for your poor mother, with two Dwarrows under the age of seventy in her home.”

“I am very mature!” Gimli protested, and Dís laughed softly.

“Indeed you are. Bring Gimrís, and I will tell you of the time my brothers and I stole Dwalin’s favourite toy Oliphaunt.”

Gimli choked on his breath, and then laughed loudly and merrily. “Aye, that sounds like a tale not to be missed!”

Everything about this, but especially little Dwalin having a toy Oliphaunt that Dís and her brothers stole.

(How I imagine a) UCLA Team Meeting
  • Miss Val: I want to know what each of YOU are going to do to make sure that we're not 15th in the NCAA next week. That is unacceptable for a team full of athletes this strong.
  • Angi Cipra: I feel like my leaps could be a little better.
  • Miss Val: You know, Hot Yoga improved Sam's active flexibility.
  • Pua Hall: I feel like it's harder to stay in shape when you're only working out 20 hours a week.
  • Miss Val: Adding hot yoga to your routine could help you stay conditioned.
  • Peng Peng Lee: Pressure sets used to help me prepare for a competition. Maybe that would help us stay calm when competing.
  • Miss Val: That must be a weird Canadian thing. Hot Yoga is very calming though.
  • Jordyn Wieber: It sucks that I gave up my NCAA Eligibility. What can I do as team manager to help?
  • Miss Val: HOT. YOGA.
  • Sam Peszek: Maybe I could--
  • Miss Val: No, no, Sam. You're already 100% perfect.

(Sorry no read more because I’m on mobile 😔)

Man I’d really love an AU in which Howard Stark is a good dad who loves and dotes on his only son. He didn’t die in a car crash because instead of going to the party he had dinner at home with his son who’s been studying abroad.

He caught on Obie’s double dealing and dealt with it promptly because he’s not blinded by his obsession to find Captain America - the expedition stopped long ago when he chose to focus on family.

Years and years later grown up Tony succeeded the company, started the expedition again so his dad and Aunt Peggy can find closure, and he found Capsicle.

After he’s defrosted, Howard didn’t see him right away because he was old and had a hard time traveling. Tony invited Steve to stay in the tower and they become fast friends, slowly inching to be something more.

Just when they were about to fly to Malibu to visit Howard, the Winter Soldier happened. Tony put on the experimental iron man suit, nearly giving his parents a heart attack, but they managed to apprehend WS together and foiled HYDRA’s plan.

Howard and son worked together to break HYDRA’s programming (via video chat) and long story short Bucky is slowly recovering and Tony is reconsidering renaming is tower Tony Stark Senior Home for the Temporally Displaced.

The three of them got closer and closer and a relationship became inevitable.

Tony’s birthday is approaching, and Howard & Maria thought it’s a good occasion to visit Tony and Howard’s old war buddies.

And even though Howard is beyond ecstatic to see his friends alive and well, his smile melted right off his face when he realized his friends are dating his one and only son.


Idk man I just want to see Good Dad! Howard being all protective of his duckling and giving a frankly terrifying shovel talk.

Must be weird that your friends are dating your son, even though said son is technically older than your friends lol