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A break from the foot fetish (ew) i know Shiro was a really good student and was like loved by all his teachers and he must have been such a responsable kid. But. All i can imagine is legendary frat boy too like. I can see him doing a keg stand, play beer pong and have those weird dude competitions to see how many push ups you can do while someone sits on your back. Like let him have fun pls. He's still mr cool pilot but i wanna see him in the college phase chugging vodka and jumping into a pool

oh my god. Oh my god yes. it’s like you went and pulled out the on thing I absolutely needed to talk about. Give me frat boy Shiro. I need Shiro playing beer pong and crushing empties in his hand and wearing cargo shorts and a backwards cap and saying things like “‘cha bro” OH MY GOD THIS IS SO DUMB AND SO FUNNY AND GOOD AT THE SAME TIME WTF

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Hey there cuties! Well, that time of year is upon us again where we forget about school and responsibilities and we have fun like there is no tomorrow! Who’s excited for spring break because we know we are!!! Hence, Ansana and I are so thrilled to present to you the Spring Break Awards, because who doesn’t love escaping reality and heading to the beach?! 


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Fun fact for exclusionists: calling ppl plants and robots is in fact dehumanizing and just bc it's done to aces and aros a huge amount of the time doesn't make it any less bad.

they act like that stuff’s removed from any context, any stereotypes or prejudices or forms of oppression we may experience for other parts of our identities. They also act like us often not appreciating such comments means we must think a single crappy comment makes someone oppressed

It’s just such bullshit and dishonest and also yeah I just don’t want to be dehumanized in any form I don’t think that’s too much to ask lol. Like it’s not oppression that some shithead in this mess once told me to “shut up you fucking plant” or something but it sure is dehumanizing and interacts with other forms of dehumanization (and oppression) I experience?? It’s for sure just really nasty

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wow, people must be really scarping the barrel for rping with you, leave it to better people

((SCARPING?! What is this ‘scarping’ of which you speak? Seriously, it sounds like a load of fun. 

And yes, I am perfectly aware that there are infinitely better people out there than me. But you know what, I’m still going to be eternally grateful that people actually give me and my blue haired lady the time of day.

You can take that attitude of yours and shove it, however. - Mun x))

new idea: hell chess
  1. all the basic rules are the same like playstyle wise
  2. trash talking is encouraged
  3. you get as much time as you need but if you look away from the board your turn is over
  4. the referee is yelling everything like a sports announcer and you cannot complain
  5. you can take one of your pieces from the board and throw it at your opponents head but you sacrifice that piece
  6. you have to name the king and queen something

fun additives to make the game unique:

  • a. close your eyes and reach into a bag of about 48 chess pieces to pull out your sixteen pieces. whatever you get is what you play and you must follow the rules of those chess pieces. if you get four queens good luck. if you get no queens good luck
  • b. the referee can decide to throw in as many checkers pieces as a time as they please, as long as equal pieces are distributed to both players. the players are now not only playing chess but also checkers on the same board.
things i love about Hunk
  • can cry at any time, any place (relatable) 
  • hides behind shiro when scared
  • “kick me as hard as you can” “what no, we’re friends” 
  • goes through his friends stuff just for fun 
  • thinks about food 24/7 
  • “i’m a LEG” 
  • must touch everything
  • low key sarcastic af 
  • needs to stim when he gets nervous
  • talks to himself in the 3rd person 
  • is super petty when he doesn’t like someone (also relatable) 
  • even more petty when he’s right about something 
  • “time to feed the beast” 
  • is Lance’s hype guy 
  • naruto headband 
  • this screenshot: 
heathers songs summed up in one lyric
  • beautiful: i look at all these kids ive known all my life and i ask myself: what happened???
  • candy store: shUT U P HE ATHER
  • fight for me: well woah you can punch real good
  • freeze your brain: theres a 7-11 right there
  • big fun: dang dang diggity-dang-a-dang
  • dead girl walking: i decided i must ride you till i b r e a k you
  • blue: oh no oh no no no
  • our love is god: i worship you :)))))
  • my dead gay son: i lOVE MY DEAD GAY SON
  • seventeen: yeah we're damaged
  • shine a light: who wants to share what's in their heart :))?? no volunteers?? fine ill start-
  • lifeboat: well who made her captain,,
  • shine a light reprise: die alone die alone die alone die alone-
  • kindergarten boyfriend: so ill build a dream that i can live in and this time im never waking up
  • yo girl: now you're truly a HEATHER
  • meant to be yours: vER ON ICA OPE N THE O PEN THE DOOR PLE AS S E
  • dead girl walking reprise: yeah well he's wrong about a lot of things
  • i am damaged: say hi to god
  • seventeen reprise: if no one loves me now then someday someone will

im losing my mind thinking about kara danvers dabbing nonstop. she sees someone do it in a video and is immediately like “that looks so fun and hilarious i must do it all the time.” she does it so much that alex bans it. she brings in a rogue alien and j’onn’s like “good job, supergirl” and her immediate response is to dab. alex screams from across the deo “I SAW THAT”

some quick ideas based off @pepplemint ‘s soulmate name tattoos au where Allura has a soulmate tattoo that says “Takashi”:

1. The tattoo is written in Altean symbols, and Shiro catches sight of it one day when they’re training. They’ve all learned a bit of Altean by that point and Shiro thinks he can sorta read it, but it looks like it says ‘takashi’ but he’s not sure? So he thinks it must be an Altean word with similar pronunciation and he casually asks Allura what the word is and what it means. He’s thinking this is gonna be fun and hilarious, she’ll tell him what the word means and he’ll tell her how much it sounds like his name, it’ll be cute maybe he’ll tease her a lil bit about having his name tattooed on her arm…

But when he asks Allura gets all sad and shy and eventually tells him: “It says Takashi. It’s the name of my soulmate. All Alteans have their soulmate’s true name tattooed on their skin, but of course my soulmate must have died with Altea… Shiro are you alright?” becauSE SHIRO.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING does he tell her? should he say something? does she even want him as her soulmate?

Bonus: Shiro tries to think of a way to tell her that doesn’t come across as creepy or forward and he can’t think of anything and after about three days of agonising he just blurts out in front of the whole team “My name is Takashi Shirogane!” and everyone’s like ‘dude…… what?’ and now ALLURA.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING because SHE SECRETLY SORTA HOPED

2. The tattoo is written in kanji, and Allura obviously can’t read it, so she just assumes her soulmate is an alien of some kind. When she meets the Paladins and Shiro, she ~secretly hopes~ he’s the one but nope, they all speak English and Pidge’s laptop is in English (she checked) and she’s never seen any other language from Earth so OH WELL GUESS THAT’S THAT

Then one night she’s sitting up late with Shiro and they get to talking about different Earth languages, and it’s news to Allura that Earth still has SO MANY languages, and Shiro starts talking to her about Japanese. And about learning English and Japanese as a child, and how Japanese sounds and how it’s written. He starts telling her about Japanese writing systems and how it’s written downwards and she’s so cute and fascinated that he just picks up a scrap of paper and goes “here, i’ll show you” and writes his name in kanji. And he shows her and says “that’s my full name, Takashi Shirogane”.

And Allura’s looking at it like… this looks HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR. So she takes the scrap of paper and asks really shyly: “can i keep this?”. Shiro just thinks it’s adorable of course and says ‘yeah keep it’ and that night Allura goes back to her room and lifts up her sleeve and with shaking fingers holds the scrap of paper up to her tattoo and IT’S THE SAME.

The Descendant & Attraction

The opposite of the ascendant, the descendant rules what type of person we are attracted to, the characteristics we look for in a s/o, and can even go so far as to determine what kind of relationship we may have.

Aries- Aries descendants are attracted to aggressive, confident, fun-loving people. They like individuals who are blunt and direct with their opinions, but not to the point of impoliteness. (They are, after all, Libra ascendants.)

Taurus- They tend to be drawn to people who are set in their ways, loving, and sensual. Also may look for individuals with a bit of money. The type of person to go after a doting sugar daddy.

Gemini- Intellect! Mental stimulation! These people want a strong mental connection with their lovers. Depending on their venus, they may get bored easily in relationships, so interesting, multi-faceted individuals are a must.

Cancer- They want an emotional lover. Depending on both their moon and venus, they may have a lot of emotional needs for their s/o to attend to. Kindness and compassion are sought after.

Leo- Leo descendants want a partner that shows them off. Confidence and individuality are a must, and generosity is appreciated. They’re interested in creative lovers who are loyal and will be extra attentive.

Virgo- They’re drawn towards well kept, stable partners. Tend to look for people who are caretakers and often give to others. They look for analysts and people will a clear, decisive head on their shoulders.

Libra- Libra descendants are attracted to intelligent, charming people who know how to maneuver social situations. (This is me, and my gf is smart as all hell, and has a way with words that is incredible.)

Scorpio- Goes after the bad boy/girl. Drawn to secretive, “deep” lovers. Interested in people who are magnetic, possessive, and sexual. Likes very intense relationships.

Sagittarius- Interested in intellectual philosophers. Sagittarius descendants tend to go after travelers, or adventurous people. Most of their relationships may take place away from their home and be fleeting.

Capricorn- Here’s our other sugar daddy placement. They want an ambitious, stable lover who is able to provide for them. They want someone who’s strong and able to tend to their emotional needs.

Aquarius- Aquarius descendants tend to be attracted to people outside of the social norm. May goes after lovers who are strong spoken and opinionated that turn out to just be arrogant.

Pisces- Very confused when it comes to relationships and s/o’s. They’re usually drawn to people who are toxic and/or suffer from substance abuse issues. Want to “save” their partner.


Herbal candle DIY These are good for rituals, scent or the aesthetic of it. Perfect custom altar additions, made just the way you like it. What you will need: -candles or candle wax -herbs/flowers of your choice -a spoon -a heavy book -a clothing iron -parchment paper Optional; -essential oils -food colouring 1. The first thing you want to do is gather herbs and flowers to put in your candle, whether it be for a spell, or ritual or for the scent or aesthetic of it. 2. The herbs must be dry herbs, you can dry them yourself if you like. Pick the flowers of your choice (make sure to dry out any excess moisture) 3. To press/dry the flowers (or leaves), you must press them between two pieces of parchment paper in a heavy book for 15-20 minutes, and then to dry them, run a clothing iron over the paper, keep checking on the flowers to make sure they are not burning so that they do not lose color. Once they are stiff and dry, they’re ready to go. 4. You can use wax chips/blocks or you can melt up an old candle. (BONUS: match the color of the wax to your intent (or add food colouring)). 5. Optional: add essential oils, match the scent to your intent if you wish. 6. Then pour the wax into a glass or mould of your choice, holding the wick in place manually or with a clip until the wax is COMPLETELY DRY. 7. Once the wax is dry, remove it from the mould . 8. Hold an old metal spoon over a flame to heat it. Using this spoon press the flowers into the wax, pressing as deep or as shallow as you like and you can move wax over bits of herb/flower to create your desired effect. VIOLA! You have a goregeous looking and wonderful smelling candle, full of herbs with magickal attributes, which can be activated through lighting the wick. Happy witching ~ @indigo-amethyst

March Create A Sim Challenge

Since March 8th is International Women’s Day I thought it would be a cool idea to do a special CAS challenge for a whole month that focuses on awesome virtual women.

Here are 31 prompts for the month of March (but you can honestly do these at any time) to spark some sim making inspiration. Be as literal or abstract with these prompts as you like, the only rule is that all the sims you make must be women! This Challenge starts on March 1st, have fun & happy simming! 


shoot me an ask with any questions & use the hashtag #MarchCASChallenge so i can see all the wonderful sims you’re making :-) Special thanks to @wrixles for helping me with these prompts <3

I had the biggest urge to draw this while I was listening to this song Breath and Sound ;u; and I must say I quite like how this came out!
It’s been a while since I drew humans properly… and I need to draw them more! They are fun to draw!

Anyways, it’s Lance and Keith from Voltron: The Legendary Defender cuddling <3 klance ftw


Hey guys! I wanted to show some love to my amazing followers and and my love for Asagao Academy by doing a giveaway of some of my art! I’ve got asked a lot if i can sell stuff, but since i cant here is your chance to nab some prints and some art!

Prints can be chosen from any of the asagao drawings ive done, and the keychains will be your choice of characters from the game! and the custom drawing prizes can be up to 2 characters! ^^


1. Must be following me! 

2. No giveaway blogs.

3. All like/reblogs will be counted but be considerate.

Obviously make sure you have asks/ims open so I can contact you if you win.

The giveaway ends March 11!

Thank you all so much for the support so far it really means a lot! ;0;

Good luck and have fun! ^^

cool and fun concept fr allistics: dont make fun of people doing or saying weird shit just bc u dont explicitly know that theyr autistic

when u make fun of shit like infodumping or being passionate abt x thing, even if that person is a 100% certified allistic, ur telling me that the things we do are weird or okay to make fun of as long as ur not making fun of an autistic person specifically

respect not only us but how we act. when u make fun of behavior that is heavily linked to autistic people, even if that behavior is not coming frm an autistic person, u are telling me that u only respect how i act bc i am autistic

Look I totally agree that Moonlight deserved to win Best Picture, it was incredible and I was rooting for it to win, but I do actually think it’s really mean to make fun of the La La Land people, like I imagine that must have really sucked for them to think they won and mid speech be told they lost, so I’m not going to make fun of them for that, it wasn’t their fault so…