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I feel like whenever intense mishalecki happens, Jensen almost always steps up his cockles game and is super close/flirty with Misha. Kind of like marking his territory you know?? So you'll see Jared and Misha being close and you'll see jensen react to that, cut to Jensen being all up in Misha's space and laughing and giggling and making eyes at him and basically showing the world 'HEY LOOK AT THIS FLIRTY DYNAMIC WE HAVE' god he's such a disaster. Don't you think?

Jensen is literally the most competitive person on the planet and can’t take any kind of joke ever. Case in point, the Mario Kart tournaments. Look at his fucking face. Misha and Jared are like, “Hey! This is fun and casual!” and Jensen is like, “I WILL DESTROY YOU, I MUST WIN.”

He most definitely tries to “win Misha back” in these instances, lol. He has to Win, even if he’s the only one that thinks this is a competition. 

Misha: You know that the way I feel about Jared has no effect on the way that I feel about you, right?

Jensen, blushing, scoffing: Pft, yeah, I know! Whatever! It’s fine!!1! (It is not fine.)


characters/relationships: keith/shiro
rating: T
words: 5.3K
Lance couldn’t pry his eyes away from the fight below. In all their time as paladins, he’d never seen Keith fight like this. He was fighting like his entire being hinged on this, like he wasn’t sure if he wanted it to. Swallowing down the lump of uncertainty in his throat, Lance flinched as Keith took another fall. And another. 

This was but a fraction of what Keith must have faced at the base. Yet as he exited the red lion, with Shiro’s sombre expression following him, that endurance was swept aside in favour of something else.

The team. The mission. The news. Lance couldn’t swallow the small sound slipping from his lips.


Suddenly the simulations dropped, and from the side of the room stepped out someone impossible. Takashi Shirogane. Gaping, Lance pressed a hand to the glass, diving forwards to get a better look. Shiro. It was Shiro walking towards Keith and it was Shiro Keith initiated contact with, drawing the black paladin into his arms.

“Kolivan, is that really-?”


I saw a comment by @keith-and-shiro-were-dating on a lovely piece of art here thinking about this and got straight to work! It was SOOOOO hard to keep my mouth shut about this piece, I was actually bursting because i was just really excited about writing it hahahha. hope you enjoy, Gabby. 

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So I asked you guys what you would like me to do for my 1K celebration and creating a hogwarts houses page got the most votes! I really love this idea so hopefully a few of you will join! (I’m also really curious as to what peoples houses are all the time!)

Hopefully this is a fun little thing to do and you can find fellow bloggers in your house and make some new friends! 

I will be tagging all messages I get about this as ‘1K Celebration!’ so blacklist that if you don’t want to see them!

Yeah, it’s been fun but now I have to go
Life is way too short to take it slow
But before I go and hit the road, I gotta know-
When can I see you again?

Was I the only one who REALLY wanted them to hug in the most recent episode? In any case- my first big MML fanart! Full disclosure, when I was doing Vinnie’s lineart I couldn’t stop listening to Burning Love by Elvis…must be the glasses.

He’s hugging Milo and spinning them around in victory! So proud of Milo.

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Hi I just read your headcanon about the reader and James having an argument and he accidentally shoots sparks out of his wand and the reader flinches and I was wondering if you could write something similar with Sirius (considering his abusive childhood)?

why must you hurt me in this way???? but of course i have headcanons for this bc somehow i’m always better at coming up with sad and angsty things??

  • You and Sirius wouldn’t be the type of couple to have fights a lot
  • usually you just playfully make fun of each other and talk things out totally normally if there is something that’s bugging you
  • but because you’re so chill with each other 99% of the time, the 1% of time when things are not chill is like a hurricane hitting and the few big fights you have are really bad 
  • this one happened after he came home from an order mission looking like he’d been on the receiving end of a Slashing Curse
  • he said it was no big deal and you had a huge row about how casually he treated the war, as if he was invincible, which scared you because you couldn’t bear the thought of losing him
  • and he accused you in turn of not being dedicated enough to the Order, and that it was people like you who were preventing Voldemort’s defeat because his opponents’ inaction only made him stronger
  • “well at least I’m not risking my neck every damned day as if it wouldn’t matter to anyone if i died!” you’d shout back 
  • and he’d lose it and start yelling about how “oh, well maybe I shouldn’t go then! maybe I should stop trying to protect my friends, stop fighting all together! yeah, that’s it, we won’t have to worry about each other if we’re all murdered in our fucking beds!”
  • You’d be standing on opposite sides of the room screaming yourselves hoarse about it and thank merlin your house was fortified with silencing spells otherwise the whole street would hear you
  • You’d get so upset because you love him so much it hurts and that’s why you’re so angry, because how could he act so reckless like his life didn’t matter??? and god damn it he can be so hotheaded sometimes and all your energy would boil up until you accidentally send a small vase flying across the room
  • Sirius ducks just in time and it shatters on the wall behind him, but he doesn’t stand up straight afterwards because suddenly he’s eight years old again and his mum has just thrown a plate at him for helping an old Muggle man cross the street
  • you’d let out a muffled scream and clap your hands over your mouth because you’re so terrified at what you just did and you’d rush to his side tripping over your words as you try to explain it was an accident, and is he okay, and you are so sorry
  • but he would shove you away, shaking with anger and also with fear and anxiety 
  • and for the next couple of hours neither of you would say a word to each other and he’d practically avoid you, then finally leave because he has to go for a ride on his motorbike or something to clear his head
  • Accident or not, that vase smashing above his head was all too familiar and it shook him to his core because of all that he’d been through as a child
  • when he finally does come back three suspenseful hours later you’re still sitting on the couch in the same spot with your knees pulled up to your chest and he can tell you’ve been crying and just glares for a second but then you slowly get up and walk towards him
  • and you tentatively reach out to him because you don’t know if he wants to look at you let alone let you touch him, but soon enough he pulls you into a crushing hug like it’s the last time he’ll ever get to and you’d stay like that for what feels like hours until you’ve both silently said everything to each other through that embrace
  • And from that point on you agree to be a lot more open and understanding of each other’s motives and feelings and it doesn’t make the war any easier to accept but at least now there’s no topic you can’t work through

Shoot I always make these so angsty I’m sorry!! Hope this is kind of what you were looking for!

Cait :)

So heres my take on this Dream Daddy discourse

In the almost 4 hours of streaming, I’ve only played 2 dates, there is enough good rep to more than make up for one bad ending that wasn’t even used. Like, I actually get to play as a trans dad???? Finally??? Heck just playing as trans????? This is the first time I have EVER got to play as a trans character. And it’s not even fucking played for laughs! It’s a whole damn game about GAY ROMANCE. With diverse dads not just white twinks! It’s actually fucking fun! 

Like, you are aware nothing will ever be perfect right? You realise that you can react to problematic content without going “you must NOT play this EVER” like…. how the fuck are you expecting people within our community to be able to make content for people like us if you are holding them to wildly different standards to every other creator? 

And sorry but a bad end in a VN does not make it a bad game i mean come the fuck on. 

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I see that SC stuck to their usual pattern of shippery goodies before taking out the trash. As a book and S1 fan, Starz have done the impossible... They have succeeded in disenfranchising a group of loyal fans who stayed even after being subjected to bullying and doxxing for more than 12 mths. Only in Hollyweird! And as to Sam & Cait, I'm now completely bored by their immature games. I have zero fucks to give about them. I cared once as they seemed different from the usual self-absorbed actors.

So have you seen Game of Thrones? 😀

Fun factoid. Dwarfs, little People, imps, achondroplastics, whatever you like to call them, of the male variety have normal sized cocks. Surely I can’t be the only one to have wondered this after seeing the show, so I feel I must share in case you guys did not know and ever wondered.

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You have super weavy hair! You must have been a red-head in a past life. Also, hot body -.^ I really like your cosplay. I can't even imagine how long it must have taken. I hope you had lots of fun!

I was a red head as a baby, does that count? If you mean the blonde that is a wig hehe. My hair is REALLY short right now. Thank you! We had a blast! Here’s hoping we don’t get the Comic Con blues too badly.

Chill time at the Tower of London must be like…the greatest thing. Like, imagine everyone taking a break from military drills and piling into that little room, firing up the generator and enjoying whatever CDs, DVDs, hell maybe even VHSs they could scrounge up. Ed probably put on the Lord of the Rings trilogy for Sam and The Kid at some point because even though it’s long he knows how much it means to them. Just.. everything being chill for once and these poor children getting some well deserved fun and relaxation.

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what is your favorite character of josh's?


I want to say Skip Gilchrist?? Bc he’s so eccentric and fun ⭐️He’s Josh’s creation and is basically a childish and amped up version of himself. (HIS NAME IS SKIP FOR CHRISTS SAKE) He’s good natured but causes so much trouble and is just so cute and funny hnnng

BUT THEN THERE’S LEFOU who is so much fun to watch, very levelheaded & a lil bit sassy and so different than any character Josh has ever played

WOZNIAK I love Josh’s portrayal of Woz with a burning passion like WHST THE FCK MAN he brought me to TEARS

And RYAN I’ve got a soft spot for him bc he’s so smol but also respectable and I feel bad for him

YOU GOTTA LOVE GIGI (he must be protected and/or stopped)


Ok there are just too many curse you for giving me a crisis by asking such a question


One: You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as you live.

Two: You must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain.

Three: Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignficant , and you must never forget about your friends who loved you.


This isn’t goodbye. Not for good.

The journey is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. We’ll go on more adventures together. We may find others to keep us amused, we may start to create for other characters, but…

“Even if I can’t see you, I’ll always be looking your way.”

That’s a promise, no matter how far I’ll go, there will be none to captivate my heart like you…

Fairy Tail.

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man i feel bad for angus this episode like he doesnt remember lup he didnt have those memories of her. hes the worlds greatest detective who can piece information together pretty well but the confusion of “what the heck i didnt cast that- WHY IS THERE A SKELETON - he has a SISTER - MY MACAROONS.” must have been a fun journey for him  

4 Types of Unhealthy Mother-Daughter Relationships

1. Bosom Buddies: This is where the mother wants to be her daughter’s best friend. The relationship is usually warm and close, and the mother prides herself on always being there to emotionally support and advise her daughter. Communication is open, honest and real – which can start to feel threatening as the daughter gets older and wants to erect appropriate boundaries. In this type of mother-daughter bond, the mothers lives vicariously through her daughter and find it hard to discipline appropriately (as she’s too enmeshed with her daughter’s life).

2. Boss and Subordinate: This is where the mother wants to dominate and control every aspect of her daughter’s life. She’s always giving her opinion, making demands, and requiring her daughter to follow her rules, or live up to the expectations she has set. She’s also rigid, harsh and may lack empathy. Although the daughter may comply in her younger years, she is quietly resentful and will likely rebel – either strongly and loudly, or in a more passive way. She may feel she must be “perfect”, have low self-esteem and fear rejection and judgement by others.

3. Rivals: This is where the mother sees her daughter as a rival or threat so she’s always in competition with her. Thus, instead of seeing each other as completely separate people, and allowing each other to simply be themselves, the mother and daughter are constantly comparing themselves to see which one is thinner, smarter, prettier or more successful in life. This is usually done in a fun-loving way, and the bond they share is understanding and strong. However, it can lead to a feeling of not being seen, valued and accepted as they are – and unconditionally.

4. The Role-Reversal Relationship: This is where the mother expects her daughter to be there to support and bolster her. She has no concern for her daughter’s needs as her focus is ensuring her daughter nurtures her. This is clearly unhealthy as the daughter feels abandoned, and grows up feeling neglected and used. As a child, the daughter’s learned she must sacrifice herself and only think others, and their needs and preferences. This can lead to being a doormat, and to low self-esteem.


translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :) 

Host: Hi, welcome!

Henrik: *introduces himself with a handshake*

Host: You have a really firm handshake.

Henrik: I’ve got a kinda clammy hand, I’m walking around with a double jacket.

Host: Yeah, but you look really cool though.

Henrik: Thanks. Likewise.

Host: Skam is over now.

Henrik: It is.

Host: Fy søren…what are your thoughts on that?

Henrik: Fy søren…Or fy faen?

Host: fy, fy faen… what are your thoughts on that?

Henrik: It’s kinda bittersweet. If you get what I mean. Because it’s something that largely belongs to being young, so it’s fun to be able to go into the adult life finally, because I’m a little older than the rest of the cast. So I feel like I can finally become an adult and start taking some responsibility.

Host: What are you gonna do now that you’re an adult then?

Henrik: I’ll probably start studying and stuff.

Host: Must all grown ups study?

Henrik: Not at all, but in my occupation one really wants to learn techniques and gain some experience.

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Sugilite: What was Sapphire’s deal?

For a long time since the reveal of Ruby and Sapphire, I’ve been seeing posts that (jokingly or not) suggest that Sugilite’s behavior, as a Fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst, was the result of the rambunctious Ruby and Amethyst dragging Sapphire along for the ride.

I kinda get why people say that, because obviously both Amethyst and Ruby are prone to anger and sometimes lack filters and coping mechanisms. Meanwhile, Sapphire seems so calm and in control. Surely Sugilite was mostly Amethyst and Ruby getting carried away.

But y’all have seen “Keystone Motel.”

“This will pass. She’ll eventually just burn herself out.”

Sapphire, when she’s upset, pretends to be above it all, ignores others’ emotions while denying the effects of her own, and even resorts to shaming those she loves when she’s not happy with their behavior. 

She can be callous. Cold. 

Sapphire is just as responsible for everything that went on with Sugilite as Ruby and Amethyst were. 

Now here’s the thing. Fusions can feel like they’re one being–especially when they get used to being fused–and though they’re “a conversation” and “a relationship,” they’re also capable of functioning like a single consciousness despite that they technically can never quite be “individuals.” So I do hesitate to pick apart “what comes from which Gem” when examining Fusions’ behavior. However, much like you can analyze the traits of a child and surmise which parent they “get it from,” you can sort of do that with Fusions. But there’s another element you have to keep in mind when you do this.

A manifestation of the fusers’ influence on each other.

Guide to the Crystal Gems is the source of this tidbit–a canon source authored by Rebecca Sugar. You don’t really see the “influence” aspect discussed explicitly in the show, but this implies that Fusions aren’t just what their components are, but what they inspire in each other. What they think of each other, what they expect from each other, what they want to be together. What they bring out in each other, regardless of whether that element is usually part of the individuals.

Look at Smoky Quartz. Before they appeared, Steven and Amethyst had just had an arc with a competitive and self-deprecating tone which led directly to forming Smoky for the first time. They literally fought each other over who was the worst, had a discussion of not living up to what they were supposed to be, and aired their grievances over the proper path to improvement.

“Us worst Gems stick together, right?” “That’s why we’re the best.”

Amethyst and Steven literally formed their collective identity based on their low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. They play it like a big joke, of course, cracking puns and offering distractions, but when Sardonyx presses them during their second appearance in “Know Your Fusion,” Smoky heaps on the self-abuse.

“I guess zero plus zero equals zero. They say two wrongs don’t make a right–I guess I’m living proof that that’s true! I’m just one big super-wrong good-for-nothing dud with a yo-yo!”

Delivered with a smile. 

Supposedly it’s a common trait of youngest children to be the comedian of the family–if you’ve spent your whole life feeling like those who came before you have won all the awards, done it all before you, and met stratospheric goals before you even found your feet, you might feel like there’s no point in performing well, so you joke about it and poke fun at everything, including yourself. Amethyst and Steven have both spent a lot of their lives feeling like the youngest child who’s a bit of a screw-up with whom everyone must be patient. Smoky doubles that feeling, and when they start to feel inadequate, out come the self-deprecating jokes.

Sugilite is more complicated because she’s a three-Gem Fusion, but I’d like to first refer to my “How Fusion Relationships Work” post and assert that Sugilite is far more a relationship of Amethyst and Garnet than she is a relationship of Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire. If Sugilite were to internally argue with herself the way Alexandrite did in “Fusion Cuisine,” you’d probably hear Amethyst’s and Garnet’s voices, not Ruby’s or Sapphire’s. I could be wrong, but I think Sugilite is better understood as Garnet and Amethyst’s Fusion. Therefore, to find out what comes from Sapphire and what comes from Ruby in Sugilite, it makes more sense to pick apart where their traits feed into Garnet first.

Sardonyx and Sugilite are both Garnet Fusions. And Sardonyx and Sugilite have both shown an incredible capacity for showing off for Steven. We know Pearl loves to perform, but Sardonyx seeks to impress through grace and precision, while Sugilite is about power. That is likely a strong Amethyst trait–she REALLY wants to be strong, and she thinks Garnet is this incredible pillar of strength. Amethyst’s beliefs about Garnet and desire to be strong would feed into making Sugilite the powerhouse she is.

And Amethyst also has abandonment issues.

“What about ME, huh? I had someone who was always there for ME until she started hanging out with YOU!”

What was Sugilite’s apparent main complaint?

“You left me behind!”

She was left alone with no one to perform for, no one to encourage her or make her feel cool for being strong enough to take out all those pillars.

This seems like an awful lot of Amethyst, but what about Garnet?

“We don’t need to be careful. We just need to be huge.”

Get the job done, Garnet. Who cares about Pearl’s feelings? Who cares if there might be some speed bumps? It’ll turn out with the result we need, and that’s all that really matters.

Well, that’s some Sapphire there.

That’s probably exacerbated further when all the frustration and feeling of being left out was amplified by Amethyst’s perspective, and it’s all directed at Pearl. What might Sugilite be thinking about Pearl? “She’s to blame! She took Steven away and abandoned me! She called me ‘too much’ because she’s just too little! And now she wants me to unfuse just when I’m enjoying myself! She’s probably just jealous Garnet didn’t pick her instead!”

There’s a ton of feeling in there and not a whole lot of thinking. And feeling is something Ruby does extremely well. Meaning she does a lot of it, and she doesn’t think about the past or the future. Now is all she can think about, and her incredibly important, long history with Pearl and any future consequences are beside the point in the face of all that emotion. Sugilite feels hurt and angry and vengeful now. And she has a ton of power that this little Gem Pearl wants to take from her. She won’t let it happen.

But here’s something complicated. Ruby is emotional, but she isn’t selfish. She’s almost entirely selfless. I mean that literally, too–at the beginning of her life with Sapphire, she expressed that it didn’t matter if she was broken because there are tons of her. Even more recently in her life, in “Jailbreak,” she cared about what happened to Sapphire but had no thoughts for herself.

“Did they hurt you?” “WHO CARES??”

And if you listen to her rant about Blue Diamond in “Gem Heist,” Ruby still offers an onslaught of anger that has almost nothing to do with slights against her.

“She’s a shatterer! She yelled at Sapphire, she hates fusion and love!”

Hear that? Blue Diamond had specifically threatened to shatter Ruby, but she doesn’t say “she threatened to shatter me.” She just uses general terms about her being “a shatterer” before launching right into how Blue Diamond mistreated Sapphire and hates their union. And, going back to “Keystone Motel,” it’s more of the same from Ruby: she’s angry not because Pearl personally hurt her, but because Pearl disrespected fusion. Disrespected Garnet.

“It’s FUSION, Sapphire! What’s more personal to us than fusion?”

She’s so, so angry, but it’s on behalf of their relationship, not on her own behalf. She’s not mad at Sapphire for wronging her. She’s mad at Sapphire because this is about fusion. Without fusion, Ruby doesn’t even think of herself as worth something to be mad about. But the fusion she’s contributing to? Wow, nobody better EVER say anything against THAT, or insult it for ANY reason!

So, no doubt this is magnified in Sugilite.

“I AM myself, and I’m SICK of being split up!”

Amethyst’s respect for power, Ruby’s respect for fusion partnerships, and Sapphire’s respect for outcome over process all contribute to Sugilite’s motives. But Amethyst’s sullenness over abandonment, Ruby’s single-minded emotion, and Sapphire’s callousness make those motives manifest in a destructive way.

When Garnet is just Garnet, she has effective coping mechanisms most of the time, at least when it comes to losing control. But Ruby’s EXPLOSIVE emotion is very present in Garnet–we repeatedly see her punch first and ask questions later, or break things just because she’s pissed off. Sapphire’s soft-spokenness and withdrawal from full engagement are also very present in Garnet, and we see her withholding emotion or letting her overconfidence make her stubborn. But she’s balanced, and she carries leadership without cracking, and she rarely makes her problems into other people’s problems.

But when Garnet is part of Sugilite, emotion is streaming in from Amethyst AND Ruby, and neither of those Gems likes to think outside the present. If you said Sapphire’s future vision and composure is “drowned out” by such passionate energy, you wouldn’t be far off, but I think it’s more nuanced than that: Sapphire’s traits manifest differently. Amethyst respects the heck out of Garnet, and Ruby feels like Sapphire matters far more than she does. Sapphire holds a good deal of the self-respect in Sugilite–the part of her that thinks she deserves attention, dignity, and honor. There’s still some aristocrat in her. In Sugilite, that respect is up against an overwhelming amount of self-directed belittling and inadequacy. So you get someone who knows she should be respected but feels that she doesn’t deserve it.

Ruby and Amethyst may be the source of Sugilite’s fury and pain, but without Sapphire’s cold indifference, she wouldn’t have ever posed such a threat. Some of the most brutal aspects of Sugilite may have their roots in Sapphire.

about noora: omg she’s so pretty *-* pretty pretty white girl, looks a bit like julie and*m don’t you think?

about chris: oh…yeah…she…she looks like a funny girl! she must be great fun at parties!

fuck you julie, chris is gorgeous

The Transfer

The Transfer (m)

Word count: 9.4k

Genre/Warnings: language, angst, smut, dirty talk

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: You’re a sophomore in college who always runs away from relationships. That is until you meets Jung Hoseok, the South Korean transfer who shows you what a relationship can be. Although you know it’s wrong since he’s your best friends Jimin’s new roommate.

(Again this is my old story from my Wattpad (5sos version on there) but I wanted a Hoseok story and to finish this one.) Plus I was listening to Selena Gomez’s song, Bad Liar and yeah.

Parts: two

“Kook?” you yelled threw the apartment. You waited until he answered, “Yes Puddin’?” He yelled back.

“Do you need me to wash any clothes for you? I have a little more room in the washer!”

“Yes, one second!” You heard him shuffle in his room grabbing his hamper. He walked through the den and kitchen to the laundry room. “Thank you, Puddin’.”

“You know Jimin called me Puddin’ the other day,” you said taking his clothes out and sticking them into the washing machine.

“That’s my nickname for you!” He pouted, leaning against the door frame.

It was true, ever since sixth grade. You never wanted anyone to call you by your name for some reason. You thought it might have been some teen rebellion thing. So when you came to school one day with a Harley Quinn shirt on Jungkook took that as the chance to call you puddin’ and it just stuck. You two had been best friends since and now you were in college together. It was your sophomore year at the University and you loved it. Your parents had also found the two of you an apartment close to the school, so you could “stick together,” as your parents called it. They always thought you two would end up together but you two were too close for that. You loved Jungkook but you could never be in love with him.

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food truck au 2/??


Jack had one blissful week of texting Eric in peace before his teammates caught on.

“ZIMMBONI,” Tater shouted across the dressing room at the end of practice that day. “Who you texting that make you smile so big?”

In a scary sort of tandem, Ransom and Holster whipped around to look at him.

“Yeah, Zimmboni,” Holster parroted. “Who ya texting?”

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NCT 127 reaction to you falling asleep on them

rest of the reactions under the cut - kept as gender neutral as possible


Originally posted by dimplesjae

  • honestly he’d probably be running his fingers through your hair while you lay down on top of him while watching tv or something
  • it’d be a while before he even noticed you’re asleep
  • when he does it’s kind of startling because you’re so quiet?? wow amazing
  • “wow”
  • when he realizes he stops combing through your hair because what if it wakes you up or something
  • but then you stir and move your head a little higher up on his chest and he’s like oh
  • so he goes back to playing with your hair and braids it and stuff
  • have fun combing it all out when you wake up lmao
  • your legs and his are entangled and one of his hands is on your back and the other in your hair or behind his head
  • you’re basically flat on top of him
  • he doesn’t want to move too much
  • taeil is like… crazy afraid of waking you up because you must be s o tired and he doesn’t wanna ruin your much needed sleep
  • “ah they’re so pretty”
  • turns off the tv eventually because he’s watching you now and not even paying attention to it
  • wont make any noise honestly
  • eventually he’ll probably fall asleep to the sound of your breathing tbh
  • while you’re listening to the sound of his heartbeat

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