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hey!! I love your blog and your videos are so amazing! I was wondering what you think of each of the classes you're taking? like do u enjoy the subject do u think its difficult etc. Im taking similar classes so I was wondering about your opinions :P

Tthank you! 

  • AP European History - interesting subject, v difficult 
  • English 2 Accelerated - the class is fun but the material is pretty dull (thanks SpringBoard) 
  • French 2 - pretty easy and I like French but the class is slightly boring
  • Physics Honors - I’m really not that into physics I just need science credits tbh 
  • Precalculus Honors - v v hard (this class is legendary at my school for being difficult) but I like a challenge 
  • Yearbook - yearbook is great! join yearbook! p stressful but it’s fun! 

It really warms my heart to see people looking out for each other like this. Even if it’s all harmless, we must make sure what we do or say doesn’t make someone feel like they are in real danger or that they should not speak out against it. This is all for good fun, and if you don’t like it, then you have every right to say so. And we have every responsibility to respect what you say.

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If Sophie wanted to get tongues wagging over if she’s pregnant by wearing that dress, it sure did do the trick. Everybody, nans and average Tumblr fans, seem to think she’s pregnant. Nans are literally orgasming over it. I personally don’t think she is, I mean anyone would wear that dress and they would look pregnant. I guess we will wait and see.

Sh doesn’t speak, doesn’t work, doesn’t do charity, doesn’t like to even pretend she likes B, all she does is wear baggy dresses to bait ppl with ‘pregnancy’. That dress was picked for a reason. She has a lean body, she could wear any fitted dress, but she won’t cause playing sick games on people must be fun or something. How pathetic is that? Yeah, tongues ARE wagging, but what are they actually saying?

I don’t think she is pregnant, she never has been, so that’s easy for me. If they go for another PR pregnancy, that will, unfortunately, fall on the IW promotion so I will have to think that his PR team and he have given up on finding anything remotely interesting about B apart from that in theory he can repeatedly make a woman pregnant. As you said, we will wait and see, the DF hasn’t mentioned it, so it might only be a bait.

Sorry, but if you make a mockery of someone’s abuse you deserve death cause yous the devil. Some of the ppl here are so insensitive, it don’t matter if you hate a person, abuse ain’t right. And to make fun of someone’s trauma like that lmao. You must be devil filled, check yourself before you wreck yourself


so this older couple was in front of us at walmart and they were buying like six star wars lego sets (and im talking the big expensive ones) and my mom said “someone must like star wars” and the lady got so excited and they started talking about how much they love the movies and how they both saw the original when it was in theaters and how the love for star wars is on its third generation in their family and it turns out the couple were buying all those sets for themselves to do together and like

this is what star wars is. its supposed to be fun and exciting and light up your face at any age. its not supposed to be a dark, gritty game of thrones style re-imagining for dudes that still think theyre oppressed for being nerds. when they left the lady said to us “may the force be with you” and it was so sweet and it reminded me of why i love star wars 

I see y'all claiming to support mentally ill people while making fun of the homeless drunk who talks to himself.

I see y'all claiming to support mentally ill people while avoiding and making fun of the weird kid in your class who has too blank a stare, who speaks oddly or not at all, who comes to school with greasy hair in yesterday’s clothes.

I see y'all claiming to support mentally ill people while looking down on and making fun of unemployed and less educated people and adults who still live with their parents as if these people are personally at fault for not being able to fit into a system that wasn’t built with them in mind.

I see y'all claiming to support mentally ill people while going “he must be insane” when hearing about killings in the media, not thinking about how the faulty association between mental illness and violence aggravates police brutality and other violence towards especially visibly mentally ill people of color.

I see y'all. And I don’t like what I see.

Cultural Divide.

My American mother in-law sending me an email: Hey! Let’s do something, I’m going to the garden center soon, want to come?

Me: Oh cool that sounds like fun!

MIL: Yea! I want to finish making my fairy door in the garden this spring :)

Me, Scottish with Irish grandparents, shoving iron into my pockets and throwing salt everywhere: …great.


> What is I-Lovelies?
> Ah, I’m Jimin
> I don’t know this term
> I-Lovelies is cute
> Are ARMYs A-Lovelies?
> I’m Ji-Lovely
> It doesn’t sound cute
> Both Chim-Lovely and Min-Lovely sound weird
> I’ll be Jimin-doongie/lovely
> Alright~ I’ll just be lovely
> The reason why I posted the English word “yippee” a while ago
> Is because its pronunciation is similar to “ippi” that ARMYs call me by haha
> I posted it because I was fascinated by it
> I’m lovely, you all are lovelies
> I’m in my room sitting on a chair
> I was dozing off earlier since I was sleepy, but I’m awake now and sitting
> This is fun because it feels like I’m chatting (in KKT) with you guys
> I need to go, but since you all are asking for a picture, I’ll upload one and leave
> You guys have lots of questions? I’ll listen to them next time, now I must go
> Sleep well everyone
> Heart

I-Lovelies (International Lovelies/외랑둥이가) is the nickname Korean fans made for Bangtan’s international fans. In return, international fans call Korean fans by K-Diamonds.

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The Mercury Signs

Aries: Isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. Sometimes they speak without thinking and this leads to interrupting people and heated arguments. They hold their morals/opinions in high regard, so save your energy and don’t disagree with them. If they have Earth Sun/Mars, they could be extremely critical, and observant. 

Taurus: A flirt, knows how to charm. Gets along with parents and older people very well because they come off as stable and mature. They are very relaxed and understanding. If they have a lot of fire influence, they may have a sharp tongue. Taurus mercury is stubborn, but very smart.

Gemini: A people person, a networker. These are the people get invited to all the parties somehow, its easy for them to make friends. They love to talk and can get really excited, they usually talk with their hands a lot. Gemini mercury is very smart, but since they’re air signs, their memory can sometimes fluctuate. 

Cancer: This mercury sign talks with emotion, and is very compassionate and understanding. Naturally tied to astrology and the occult, along with other water signs. Cancer mercury can read people well and have great intuition. Can be hot headed at times, esp. with fire influence. They are very sensitive which can make them act tough, defensive.

Leo: Just like any placement in Leo, this part of the chart shines with regal confidence. They talk with optimism and are great negotiators, usually very smart. They have strong emotions and when you attack their ego, they will lash out. Otherwise, they are generally laid back.

Virgo: Detailed and intelligent. Is able to have intellectual conversations with ease, almost like information from the universe is out-flowing through their mouths. They make great writers because they have an eye for detail. Likes to care for other people and likes when people come to them for advice. Can be withdrawn when discussing their own feelings.

Libra: A people person like Gemini, and such a sweet person. Knows how to charm people and generally means it. Can be fake but just wants to get along with everyone. Also, the mediator in their friend group. Always wants to go cool places with friends, a beautiful flirt.

Scorpio: Extremely intuitive, can have psychic abilities if the rest of the chart allows it. Great person to rant with, really compassionate when you build a friendship/relationship. Like Virgo, they are able to speak intellectually with ease. Their feelings can be hurt easily and don’t tell them something you don’t mean. 

Sagittarius: Entertaining talkers, philosophical and knowledgeable. A fun and laid back person at heart and wants to go on crazy adventures. Talks about their experiences. Can be a distracted talker and switch from topic to topic. Enjoys learning and enjoys challenging people in authority.

Capricorn: Speaks with old wisdom, like something was channeled through them. Argues with facts, and is very critical about what thoughts control them. Isn’t fooled easily and gets strong vibes from other people. Responsible and cautious, protects their loved ones. 

Aquarius: Extremely funny people, I love their outside of the box thinking. These people get along with anyone that isn’t high-strung and can have a little fun. Pranksters, the people whose laugh is funnier than the joke. Like Virgo, they can also have a hard time opening up emotionally, may have been really hurt in past relationships.

Pisces: Adventurous beings, esp with lots of air influence. Can be manipulative but will always be there for you even if they drift away for a little while. Go-with -the-flow personalities and are willing to talk about anything. Extremely creative. Escapist attitude but they must be careful what they escape in. Having a productive hobby is essential for any Pisces placement.


Hey yoh! I’ve recently reached 15.000 followers and wanted to host another giveaway to thank my lovely followers.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would be able to have another giveaway anytime soon because my finances are… not good. But due to a shipping f*ck up, I now have an extra Diavolo Super Action Statue figure by Medicos Entertainment (in-box and brand new). So that’s what I’m offering the winner of this little giveaway! Just the thing to get you in the spirit for Part 5!

Rules are the usual:

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  • Have fun and good luck! 

V editing skills to celebrate Ray’s route ~

Hi!! Read from left to right ~ // If you want to repost, ask me please! //  Fairy Saeran is an edit of the Cheritz 707 CG  
I’m sorry for being so innactive, I have too much work T__T 
I hope that you enjoy this short comic, it was very fun to do haha
V is a great photographer, so he must be good at using programs like photoshop (??) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).   

The Fifth House - The House of Pleasure

This is the fifth part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy!

To start off, the Fifth House is ruled by Leo and the Sun. So when we think of pleasure it’s definitely a bit selfish. We are searching for what makes us feel good in all aspects of life. It is in this house where we find out that what makes us feel pleasure is usually through our creative self. This is when we showcase our talents whether it be in the arts, music, writing, or any field in which our pleasures are demonstrated. There is also a sense of innocence in this house because what makes us feel good comes naturally; we don’t have to force it, it’s a talent or desire we were essentially born with. The innocence is shown because as children we are genuine in expressing what makes us happy, and as we become older we tend to suppress those feelings in order to enter adulthood and make a living. If we are lucky, we are able to make a living out of our talents. Furthermore, since we are discussing pleasure, this house also represents why we have children and procreate. As humans we want to keep creating different versions of ourselves, and having children is another form of that. Where sex is pleasure, having a child is the result. And from this we can learn about our romantic affairs, hobbies, creative pursuits, and children. In life we ultimately just want to do what makes us happy and how we go about searching for that happiness and awaiting the pleasurable result is represented in the Fifth House. 

Aries in the Fifth House: Always a natural born leader, this Aries is no different than the rest. In your pursuit of pleasures you are a go-getter. You want to be the first one to make a move and if anyone beats you to it, you get a bit turned off. This placement can be too firey for more sensitive types so if you scare people away this may be why. You will come to learn, however, that happiness comes within so you don’t need people’s approval anyway. But it is important to try and see other people’s perspectives and not act so impulsively. Your hobbies, talents, and indulgences are the type to keep you physically active and you usually like to ride solo. Your children may acquire these traits as well. Since Leo rules, this double Fire sign of Aries and Leo call for a courageous person who can use their leadership qualities for good or bad. 

Taurus in the Fifth House: A cautious bull, you are only willing to make investments if they are worth it. Once you figure out if they are worth it or not you are in it for the long haul and don’t half ass things. But you tend to treat your investments, both business and romantic, as possessions. In this placement, however, that can mean that you are giving too much. Your hobbies may become addictive whether it be gambling or over eating to feel a sense of gratification. Positive qualities are that you are loyal and stable in matters of love and you expect the same in return. You hate being rushed and want to be able to take your time when it comes to being creative. Your children may think you are too harsh on them or overbearing because you may be disappointed that they are not the same as you. The material world is usually what peaks your interest and this is where you seek pleasure. 

Gemini in the Fifth House: Pleasures come to you in more ways than one. Being monogamous and sticking to one routine is not your cup of tea. Your mind needs stimulation in the form knowledge in order to keep you around. What you do with this knowledge, however, is how you showcase your creativity. Activities like word games, puzzles, or trivia are your version of fun since you get to show off how much you know. In matters of love, you need someone who is entertaining and can keep you on your toes, otherwise you will get bored. This placement can be tied to the inventors of the world since Gemini is all about the mind and with it comes to creativity that can cause mental progress, like being the one who comes up with a good idea first. The dual personality of course can become a problem here and you must find a way to find a middle ground with your interests, where you satisfy both light and dark pleasures. Lastly, relating to children is easy for you since you have a child like spirit.

Cancer in the Fifth House: In order for you to enjoy the pleasures of the world, you will do so in a familiar way. Sticking to what makes you feel comfortable, like holding traditional values, is what is important for you. Your hobbies will be no different, you may enjoy things like knitting or cooking. As a parent and in relationships you want to provide and nurture. Towards your children you may find it hard to cut them loose and will hold on to them for as long as possible. Your maternal instinct will go insofar as trying to mother your significant others, which can be too demanding and might cause you to smother your partner emotionally. Very compassionate, your creativity will demonstrate how you feel, and you use your intuition to better paint a picture. In life you are not a risk taker, and you definitely shouldn’t start now, since you’re all about caution. You prefer to take your time and enjoy the good things in life with the right people otherwise why bother. This placement holds many feelings of nostalgia and although reminiscing is a beautiful thing, try and not get stuck in the past. 

Leo in the Fifth House: Finally we’ve reached the natural placement of Leo in the fifth house. Leo also rules the heart so you will have a larger than life type of heart and that is what is most admirable about you. When you are being creative and being given all the praise for it, that is your best shining moment. You are what they call “the life of the party” without even trying, so trust, you don’t have to do the most. Children inspire you because being around adults can shine you away from your light, whereas children bring out the life in you. However, you are good at discipling your children so you will make a great parent. When it comes to chasing pleasures you will do so in a flamboyant manner and will make love your greatest investment of them all. You want your partner to understand how in love you are with love since you expect a romance just like in the movies. Because of this you may be too dramatic and high demanding so in order for you to be happy you have to find someone who is willing to put up with that. This placement teaches us to never settle for anything less and to aim for the happiness we truly deserve. 

Virgo in the Fifth House: You find the most pleasure when things are done right.  Satisfying your pleasures, however, will not come easy since you are so keen on having things perfect. But remember…perfection rarely exists so stop getting caught up in your impossible standards otherwise you will never be happy. This type of mindset also applies to the people you choose to date and have sex with. If the person isn’t worth it you won’t even waste your time. Once you do find this person, however, they must still earn your love. Mental stimulation is important for you and you’d rather spend time on something that reaps higher rewards in the long run than something that is quick and easy. As for your children you will probably be the most strict parent of all since you are very critical of them too. You demonstrate your talents through your ability to plan accordingly and get shit done, but creativity does not always come as planned so allow yourself to be spontaneous. 

Libra in the Fifth House: As any Libra, you’re all about balance especially with work and play. You are a fair person and show this in relationships and your parenting skills. As for pleasures, you need the company of others in order to enjoy anything. If you find yourself lacking independence this placement can be why, but now that you know, you should try and work on being happy all on your own to help develop your personality. Basically you need the help of others to fulfill your pleasures but the problem is that in life we can’t always rely on others, this is one source of disappointment. Once you find true happiness within yourself, when you manifest this it into your relationships, this will call for beautiful marriages and long term romances. Without even knowing, however, you are always searching for a new crush and someone is always catching your interest. Very flirty your children will also share these charming qualities. 

Scorpio in the Fifth House: The way you approach your desires, romantic interests, and pleasures are very intimate and with high emotions. You feel things very strongly and seek pleasures with all the intensity you have. This makes you very loyal in relationships and are willing to do just about anything for your partner. Because of this you are possessive towards them and quickly get jealous if your standards of loyalty are not being met. You definitely come off too strongly but the right person will find this flattering. As a parent you will be overprotective because your children mean everything to you. There is a strong aura about you that has qualities of life and death, as if you’ve suffered everything there is to suffer. Thus, you can be bitter and cynical because you are very observant and see life realistically. You are a very deep person and want to get to know people’s psyches not just what’s on the surface level. When it comes to your hobbies you are quite obsessive, but one has any idea what these talents are because you keep everything a secret. 

Sagittarius in the Fifth House: The wandering spirit is willing to take any chance when it comes to chasing their indulgences. Once you know what keens your interest, or what you are talented at, nothing stops you form achieving and showing it off. You usually get what you want because of your fortune and luck. Any form of love affair with you will be a fiery, exciting adventure. With the amount of energy that you have, you carry a childlike behavior even in the bedroom, where you like to play games and see sex as a sport like an Aries. In the end you always want your freedom so your partners should understand that you need your space. Your relationships usually won’t last because you’re meant to date many people and learn from all walks of life. You understand the younger crowd so you don’t have trouble raising children. Very easy going you handle life with a carefree attitude, which leads you to emit happiness and positive energy. Life will throw its obstacles at you and because of how uplifting you can be, there is nothing you cannot endure.

Capricorn in the Fifth House: In life you will pursue your hobbies and interests in a hardworking manner. You like to work for what you deserve and this may be why you make money out of something you enjoy. Being spontaneous does not come naturally to you so you rarely act on an impulse. You tend to limit yourself from any actual real fun because you isolate yourself and prefer to be alone. In love you come off quite cold and reserved, but inside you are very emotional and sentimental. This placement is not the happiest because of how draining it may feel to never feel rest and be in a constant panic. Unfortunately you are not able to enjoy any quick fun because of all the restrictions you may apply. Falling in love will not come easy but when it happens you will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship alive, but, only work tirelessly if it brings you happiness. Otherwise you will find yourself more fond to the dependency of the relationship rather than the person. Capricorns are the father of the zodiac so you may raise your children very disciplined and be a bit of a hard ass so learn when to tone it down. 

Aquarius in the Fifth House: From the start, you are one that pursues pleasures that are out of the conventional norm. The people you have fun with are usually the odd and eccentric ones. The weirder your friend group is, the better. You are a very likable person and are up to date on the newest trends and coolest technologies. Very progressive, your romantic desires are fun loving and you aim to have no limits in your love affairs. The rebellious streak in you goes insofar to reach your children that you will have to discipline them at an early age and not give them too much freedom. You are never satisfied with the status quo so your creativity comes from constantly trying to break molds and seek change with your advanced thinking. Whatever catches your interests needs to be long lasting so that you can commit to it, otherwise, you will continue roaming free with no true incentive in mind. Overall, your pleasures are out of this world and it only takes the few rebel types to understand.

Pisces in the Fifth House: The empathetic nature of the Pisces is seen through the lens of pleasure in an enchanting way. Your love affairs are usually deep rooted and you seek a soul mate in every person that you date. However, you may slip and have a bad tendency to see God in your significant others. In return, you sacrifice so much of yourself to make them happy, but this only leaves you empty. Unfortunately with this placement, you are constantly dealing with some form of dissatisfaction and disappointment. This affects your romances, creative pursuits, and the way you raise your children because you may find it difficult to bring life into a world where you feel there is no silver lining. In order to survive you need to learn to love yourself, have confidence, and keep a strong aura. Pisces are always in search of an escape because the realities of the world are too harsh, but do not get caught up in abusing substances in order to achieve a temporary happiness. True happiness can only be found when we keep our faith in love, beauty, and the goodness of mankind. 

I don’t know why, but I just had a very random memory flashback while reading some of Jonghyun’s old tweets. Back in the beginning of 2010 I started to take Korean classes at university, and while it’s common that twitter/weibo/Instagram/etc. posts have an explanation on how they are written (the language used/style) these days, this wasn’t the case back then (or it was, and I just didn’t pay enough attention).

Anyway, I was a big fan of reading the ufos Jonghyun used to write occasionally, but being the noob that I was who had just started to learn Korean, I was always quite confused by the language he used in his entries and answers, and assumed they were typos.

I remember that one day I asked my Korean teacher about it before class because I was so fascinated by it (I was always the first one to arrive, because my way to university was quite long, so I tended to do some small talk with her).

Obviously, I didn’t mention any names, but she immediately started to laugh after I had written the different words on the blackboard, and said “Ah, this must be a very cute person, who wants to come off as extra cute!” and she went on to pronounce the differences for me and was like “Do you hear how cute it sounds if you say it like that?”

The way she explained it to me was very sweet, and I remember sitting there in class, just thinking

“Ah, Jonghyun must be indeed a very cute person!“ ♡