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“Lar’s Head” Preview WARNING SPOILERS


You guys… the leak was right. Lars actually died… wow. Steven revived him with his healing powers:

And he turned pink.

Lars now also has powers like Lion’s- his hair is a room that can be entered:

This gives more insight to the origins of Lion. Lion must have just been a dead lion, Rose revived it and it turned pink and its mane became a room that could be entered and have stuff stored in it.

EDIT: By the way, Steven revived Lars with his tears, not his spit. And apparently this is different, hence why they brought an organic life form back from the dead and why his tears had no effect on Amethyst’s cracked gem because they are not for healing, they are for reviving organic life.

Shiro and the Black Lion meta: “You Saved Me.”

I’ve been wanting to write this meta for a while, because after season 2 came out I’ve seen a lot of people characterise the Black Lion as disloyal or fickle, and I don’t think this is the case. I think the Black Lion is extremely loyal to Shiro, and very closely bonded to him; and I think she probably hates Zarkon as much as Shiro does. That might be a strange conclusion to come to after she literally spat Shiro out in the season 1 finale, so let’s break this down a little bit:

If you leave aside the incident in 1x11, the rest of the show portrays the Black Lion and Shiro as very closely bonded. In 1x02 Shiro is the only Paladin who’s able to do the nosedive exercise. At this point he’s been piloting the Lion for like… a couple of days MAX, but he’s able to bond with her to the point that he can see through her eyes. So far, we haven’t seen any of the other Paladins pull this off. The Lion/Paladin bond is a two-way thing - we see that clearly with Red and Keith - so we have to assume that this bonding moment is not just down to Shiro’s calm focus. It’s also coming from Black.

You can also see Black’s willingness to bond with Shiro in 2x07. Shiro goes down to the hangar, sits in the Lion, and goes: “Work with me. What do I have to do to strengthen our bond?” And the Lion is like: “YES BONDING! ALRIGHT! LET’S GO!!” She immediately powers up and whisks Shiro off on a spiritual journey. She invites Shiro to see through her eyes, and shows him her history and how she was made. Shiro asks ‘what do I have to do to strengthen our bond?’ and the Lion’s answer is 'you need to understand my history and where I come from’. And again - we’ve not seen any of the other Lions do this. Shiro is the only Paladin whose Lion has opened up about their past or told their Paladin this kind of visual story.

None of this is consistent with the characterisation of the Black Lion as disloyal. It certainly doesn’t seem like she mistrusts or dislikes Shiro, right? If anything, she seems positively eager to open up to him.

Which brings me to my theory about the Black Lion: I don’t think she’s fickle, or contrary, or lowkey still into her ex. I don’t think she likes Zarkon at all, or misses him, or wants him back as her Paladin.

I think she’s traumatised.

More under the cut, because sweet quiznak did this get long:

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Shiro is in the Astral Plane Theory

OK so I recently re-watched the Space Mall episode and then I saw this scene here

At the very end you see Zarkon dropping Shiro and there seems to be this purple energy/light coming his body. Zarkon looked as if he was trying to kill Shiro by destroying his body with his energy, but since the Black Lion interrupted, it only looked like his plan worked half way. Although, that must mean that Shiro most likely has a part of Zarkon’s energy within him and is probably tied to that plane now too. (Considering the fact that it was created by Zarkon in the first place)

But the most important part of this is that that’s not Shiro’s actual body, it’s a separate one that is tied to his original. 

So as we all know, Shiro disappeared after their fight with Zarkon

It was around this scene when he pretty much over exerted all of his energy to defeat him after putting his bayard in the slot

What we have to keep in mind is that, even while fighting, Shiro managed to pass through the astral plane as well and retrieve the bayard from Zarkon, pretty much meaning he can go through there whenever he needs to if you think about it. 

But while Zarkon was defeated, his physical body was still there (as we saw at the end of episode 13), but Shiro’s wasn’t. He completely disappeared. 

I feel like he purposefully over exerted so much energy in the end so that they could get the final blow at Zarkon, pretty much sacrificing himself. Except, he didn’t in a way, instead either he did this or it happened automatically, but his physical body was most likely transferred into the astral plane.

So not only is his manifested body there, but his physical one is too, and I think he did this in means to save himself so that he wouldn’t die during the fight, but so that they could also defeat Zarkon too. 

 Except, what I also find interesting is this scene here (this most likely isn’t true, but I was just thinking)

If Shiro is in the plane, he’s going to need someone to save him right? And I personally think that will be Lance and Keith somehow. 

Now I’m not trying to randomly insert Klance in here, because if you actually watch the scene ^^ I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but almost all of the stars there are white. Then there just happens to be a few random red stars and only one blue star which is what I showed in the gif. 

This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I feel like those stars are a symbol/sign in some way. Keith is the red star and Lance is the blue star, possibly predicting something? 

But hear me out here as well, Shiro says this

Except, who has commanded and piloted the black lion before?

It was Keith, to save Shiro just like he’ll possibly have to do in the future. They have the strongest connection to each other, which is probably why the black lion responded to him in the first place. (Also because he’s related to Galra, so that could be why too)

Also, the black lion must be connected to the aestral plane as well considering that it used to belong to Zarkon. So I have no doubt in my mind that once Keith somehow figures out where Shiro may be, he won’t try to somehow use the lion to get to him. (He could also use his lion as well, but this is just a possibility)

Then this is where Lance comes in

They’ve already saved Shiro before in the begginning of the show, that I feel is really important. And then there’s this

I’m not sure how it will all tie together/play out, but somehow, after they’ve overcome a few obstacles I honestly think those factors will be very important. 

They already saved Shiro, they’ve validated that they make a good team, and then those two red and blue stars just happening to be side by side together like that in the aestral plane, almost like they’re trying to tell us what’s to come?

I do not think any of those facts are coincidences, but that’s just my take on things. 

VLD Theory: Altea and the Alteans

Alright, so,, we all know that there are a few plot holes and a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the Alteans and the Galra. Like: 

  • If Alteans are such a peaceful species, what requires them to have training droids who are not only set for Altean child combatants, but whose child setting is enough to take down 5 garrison-experienced humans in less than a minute flat? 
  • Why build Voltron, the most powerful weapon in the universe, in the first place, especially if during the time of its construction, the Galra and the Alteans were at peace?
  • How did the war even start? It’s not like the Galra and the Alteans had a distant kind of peace–they worked together to defend the universe. Where did that go?
  • How deep does the connection with the Galra even run? We know that they were close enough to create Voltron together, and that its creation wasn’t a secret kept between just Zarkon and Alfor. Allura even refers to a time when she traveled through Galran transportation hubs. Just how far back do they go?

Well I think I picked up on something within the new info given to us in season 2, and my thought process while answering all these questions relies strongly on this speculation. So sit back folks because this is gonna be a Lot.

They key to all of this is that I believe that in season 2, during Shiro’s escapades in the Black Lion, the destroyed planet we see is none other than Altea itself.

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Voltron Meta: Lion Switching as a Plot Device

Since it seems increasingly likely that we will get Lion Switching in season 3 (i.e. Keith piloting Black, Lance piloting Red, and Allura piloting Blue, as they did in Old Voltron) I thought I’d take a moment to address how this might work.

I’ve previously stated that I’m against any permanent Lion Switching, and I stand by that. I don’t think it would work narratively, for a number of reasons - not least of which is the fact that it would require Shiro to be permanently removed from the role of Black Paladin and either written into a diminished role or written out of the show entirely. I don’t think either of these choices fit with what the show has done with his character, and they would be disappointing steps to take in light of how important Shiro is as good representation of a traumatised, mentally ill character. @radioactivesupersonic has a great meta {here} about why it doesn’t make sense to kill off Shiro, and many of the same points apply to the question of removing Shiro as Black Paladin and replacing him with someone else (even if he doesn’t actually die, and instead takes on a lesser role).

To my mind it doesn’t make sense to spend two seasons building up Shiro’s bond with the Black Lion, even going so far as to have Shiro battle Zarkon in Voltron’s infinite void for control of the Lion… and then just get rid of Shiro and put another Paladin in his place. It negates much of the bonding he has done with Black, and renders his storyline a dead end. It’s narratively more satisfying to see Shiro’s connection with the Black Lion play out across the course of the show than it is to see another Paladin in the Black Lion on a permanent basis.

[this seems like a lot of trouble to go to just to get replaced is all i’m saying]

That said, I’m not averse to the idea of a temporary Lion Switch because I think it opens up some opportunities for interesting storytelling, and that’s what I want to get into below.

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anonymous asked:

Lance for forgetting everything temporarily


You can read this with slight klangst if you want! 

Lance groaned as he lifted his head off the ground, everything hurt and Lance slowly looked at his surroundings. He was on some sort of planet, that definitely wasn’t Earth, and he stared at the giant Blue lion that was laying a couple hundred meters away from him. 

Is that a giant lion? Judging from where I’m located and the lion is located I must have come from inside that ship? Lance attempted to stand up but pain consumed him and he fell right back down on the purple grass. What type of place has purple grass?

Lance laid in complete silence his head throbbing and his muscles screaming out in pain whenever he moved them slightly. After a few minutes of Lance attempting to remember how he got in this situation he heard someone calling his name. 

“Lance? Lance? Are you okay?” A low panic voice came through Lance’s helmet and Lance groaned in pain from the noise. 

“Keith calm down, Pidge has the Blue Lion on our scanners, he can’t be far from her.” Another low voice came over Lance’s helmet and Lance threw the helmet off his head. Everything was too loud and Lance didn’t know who these people were or how they knew his name. 

How do they know me? I don’t recognize them at all, and what the fuck is a Pidge? 

Lance felt his heart race increase when he saw more giant lions fall down from the sky. Lance had no idea what they were but they landed next to the Blue lion and were those people coming out of them? Lance could barely keep his eyes open and he eventually let sleep consume him just as he heard footsteps get closer. 


About a week later Lance fell out of the pod and was immediately caught by Hunk. 

“LANCE! You’re finally awake!” Hunk hugged his best friend tighter, ignoring the confused sounds Lance was making. 

Lance felt like he couldn’t breathe and used all of his strength to push back against the person who was hugging him. “Get off me!” After what felt like eternity the person let Lance go and he slumped to the floor. 

Lance looked around the room and saw six strange looking people that were looking at him like they knew him and that he was crazy for pushing that guy away from him and screaming at him. 

“Lance are you alright?” A ginger haired man with a huge moustache approached him with concern in his eyes. 

Lance looked at the man who was speaking to him. “Who are you?” 


Lance was sitting what was apparently his bedroom with the man he now knew as Coran. He was escorted here after a raven haired boy started to scream and the man who hugged him broke down crying. 

“So you are telling me that you don’t know any of the people in this place?” Coran questioned as he stared at Lance intently. 

Lance shook his head no, “should I?” 

“Yes, we’ve been living together for a few months now. You knew Hunk and Pidge back at the Garrison. Shiro was your hero and Keith was your rival.” Coran counted off his fingers as he listed the different thing Lance should know. 

Lance was destroying his brain thinking about what Coran was saying but everything seemed like new information. “I’m sorry, I just don’t remember any of it.” 

Coran sighed and stood up from where he was sitting. “Stay here, I’ll get you some food and we can discuss ways to jog your memory.” 

Lance watched the older man exit his room and placed his head in his hands. I don’t know what I should know. Who are these people? Why am I with them? What purpose do I serve with them? Lance kept his head in his hands and stayed in his room even when he heard the same raven hair boy yelling down the hallways and other people telling him to calm down. 

I really liked this idea tbh 

I may write more if people want! 

I hope you like it! 

Sorry this took so long!!!

Thank you! 

The New Gems

Okay so I’ve kept track of all the new gems shown so far:

There’s the two Zircons (the gem laywers, blue and green)
The Rhodonite fusion
The Rutile twins
The Padparadscha Sapphire (i love her the most so far)
The Morganite who Rhodonite worked for
And lastly, the Fluorite catipillar…thing of like six gems, was it?

Lars? Is he… a gem hybrid thing…now? His heart isn’t beating regularly though and he’s not hungry… and he can do the hair thing like Lion…



Omg ahhh!!! Who shattered Pink Diamond?!! I can’t!!! Ahhh get off of commercial Steven Universe!!! I need to see what happens next!!!! Gimmie the next episode while you’re at it!!

(Tbh part of me wonders if her Pearl did it? Pearl and Rose Quartz biggest secret? They shared [most of] everything??? But WAIT, Rose’s sword CAN’T shatter gems, Bismuth said so! So was it really Yellow Diamond like it was implied?? Shook rn)

But guys! Imagine this!

Pidge is just chilling in the castle, typing away on her computer and doing whatever it is she does during downtime, and she’s so focused on the stuff in front of her that she doesn’t hear Green come in and all of a sudden there’s this huge freaking piece of tech that gets dropped in front of her and she’s like “hOLY SHOOT-” and just about has a heart attack right there. But once she gets her heart rate back to normal, she realizes that it’s something she could use to help track down her family or help in their fight against Zarkon  and she looks up and sees Green staring down at her, tail twitching and eyes bright. Because it found its paladin something it wanted and it is Very Proud of Itself! Take the gift, small human! 

And Pidge just smiles and tells Green what a good kitty it is.

This happens with the rest of the paladins; each lion somehow finds something to bring back to its paladin that they wanted. Eventually, no one is surprised anymore when the lions bring stuff into the ship.

I’m writing a meta/theory about yellow glowing eyes in Voltron and what they mean, and I just realised that we see the Lions’ eyes glow yellow a lot, especially when they’re bonding with their Paladins. However, the only Paladin we’ve seen whose eyes have glowed yellow in response to a bond with the Lion… is Shiro.

Assuming the bond between Paladin and Lion is mediated by quintessence, i.e. “it is a mystical bond that cannot be forced” and “the quintessence of the pilot is mirrored in his Lion”… Shiro must have some kind of special affinity with quintessence for his eyes to glow yellow when he bonds with the Lion. There must be something special about him that causes his eyes to glow yellow like that, because we’ve never seen the other Paladins do it.

Bonus screencaps real quick… Hunk bonding closely with Yellow in the Ark of Taujeer:

His eyes are normal, but the Lion’s eyes are yellow:

Pidge bonding closely with Green in Greening the Cube, when she healed the Lion:

Her eyes are normal; the Lion’s eyes are yellow.

And finally, Shiro bonding closely with the Black Lion in the second frikkin episode of the entire show:

For that matter… we’ve still yet to see any other Paladin successfully see through their Lion’s eyes. Shiro’s ability to bond with Black so quickly and so closely, to the extent that his eyes glow yellow just like hers, seems to be a special ability. An ability that likely links to quintessence, given everything we’ve seen about how the Lions work and how they bond with their Paladins.

So yeah I’m not saying Shiro’s ability to do magic/manipulate quintessence is canon but… we’ve literally never seen any other Paladin do this. So uh… IT’S CANON.

{handy index of all my Druid Shiro theories and my other metas/analysis/theories}

Lion Roars and Toxic Swirls

This is the second chapter which is again written by @teddyandgriffin and me. So here goes


The tension in the room was thick enough to cut with a knife, Lance could feel the angry glares directed at him. He tore his gaze away from the Black Lion to face them head on.

It was even worse with direct eye contact. Lance did his best not to flinch or hide behind Hunk, he was the…leader…now. He had to act like one. He had to stand strong in the face of adversary.

The anxiety was building in his stomach. That was, until, he heard a quiet snickers from just behind him. He turned, surprised someone could laugh in this situation and was even more surprised at seeing that it was pidge, he raised a questioning brow in her direction.

“ Maybe it’s Kaltenecker who’s the new black paladin. Can you imagine? The cow as the leader of Voltron” she laughed, Lance felt the tension in the room lessen slightly in response as everyone processed what Pidge had said.

Lance let out a breath of relief, thank quiznak for Pidge. He flicked his gaze across the room, hesitant as to what he should do…As his eyes settled on Coran he received an encouraging smile.

Lance nodded to himself, he’d dismiss the team for the day and call a meeting for tomorrow. That should work, they couldn’t expect too much of him after being this curveball, right? He paused.

Lance shook himself out of it, he had to be decisive, “Um, I think we could all use a breather for a bit? We could regroup after lunch maybe?” Mierda, that wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

But it seemed to be acceptable as Pidge and Hunk flashed him smiles and wandered off. Keith and Allura stormed out more than simply leaving.

Coran gave him a reassuring pat on the back before leaving him alone in the room with the Black Lion.

Lance gulped.

He still couldn’t quite understand why Black had chosen him out of everyone else, especially when more capable people like Allura and Keith were there too.

He stood there for a few minutes lost in his thoughts, until he shook himself out of his stupor and truly saw the imposing figure of the Black Lion a few feet away from him.

Slightly confused and fearful he took a few more steps towards Black, ready to attempt to connect with her, in order to bond. It didn’t feel quite right, and Lance felt himself glancing back at Blue.

Why did he have to be separated from her? Lance turned back, if he bonded with the Black Lion then they could get Shiro and Lance would get Blue.

Black’s barrier dropped as Lance took another step, and like that another presence seemed to seep its way into Lance’s consciousness.

But Blue’s didn’t leave.

The familiar feeling of Blue is what pushed him to take several long strides as he made his way to Black’s waiting open jaw. With a final pause Lance took a deep breath, and then he walked inside.

Keith and Allura faced each other in the training room, the displeasure clear on their faces.

Allura huffed, still angry at what had just happened in the hangers. Keith was not so quiet about his anger, “This is unbelievable, how could anyone, let alone the Black Lion, think Lance is better suited to lead Voltron? I mean you, I could understand but Lance, really?!”

Allura was quick to agree with Keith, “ I absolutely agree, surely the Black Lion must have made a mistake. There is no way Lance would have been chosen otherwise, as he’s the least qualified to lead.”

Keith and Allura thought momentarily about what could be done to keep Lance from leading Voltron to its untimely demise, until deciding, seemingly at the same time, that Lance must not be allowed to lead Voltron.

“If the others are blind to the damage Lance will cause as the head of Voltron, then we will have to keep Lance from truly leading ourselves” proclaimed Allura.

Lance felt Black surround him, her quintessence made him feel like he was in the eye of a hurricane. It was both familiar and alien, a part of him tugging at him to settle back into the warmth of Blue’s oceans.

He knew he would have to bond with the Black if he truly wanted to be able to form Voltron again. So he pushed the part that wanted Blue down, and continued further into the Black Lions head.

Finally, he reached the pilot’s seat. He hesitated, knowing that once he sat in this seat he would truly be the new leader of Voltron.

He took a deep breath and sat down.

A moment later Black was pushing him through space and time, Lance’s fears of not being good enough rushed through him as he remembered what Shiro had mentioned to Keith  that he’d overheard.

Black was going to fight for her. But Lance wasn’t as strong or smart as Shiro, he’d never win this.

Lance felt himself becoming frantic as Black settled down in a galaxy, he couldn’t imagine going against the brilliant paladins Black must’ve had in the past.

But as Lance stumbled out of her, his head twisting around anxiously, limbs flailing, there didn’t seem to be an opponent waiting to destroy him.

A soft purr caught Lance’s attention, he slowly turned to see the oddly comforting source of the noise. Lance nearly felt his heart jump out of his throat as he saw the Lions waiting for him.

With them in front of him he didn’t hesitate to run to them, to collapse amongst the multicoloured fur and let himself absorb a piece of each of their quintessences. Their purrs and encouraging words giving him strength.

He didn’t have to leave Blue behind as the Black Paladin, instead he merely found four new Lions to love.

Lance sat in the control room for a few hours after his moment with Black and the other Lions, he had to start making a plan, an outline of what was going to happen during his term as leader.

They needed to find Shiro, of course. But there was also the matter of strengthening bonds with the Blade of Marmora, finding Pidge’s older brother Matt and starting to cleanse the universe of the Galra.

And hopefully contact Earth.

Lance probably wouldn’t achieve everything before they rescued Shiro, but he had to try. Which meant he would need Pidge, a genius at strategy and technology, and Hunk, an amazing engineer.

There was also Coran who knew the most on intergalactic diplomacy, even though his information was a tad bit outdated. He’d be extremely helpful in reaching out to the Olkkari and other alien races who had promised to fight with Voltron.

Lance nodded to himself, he’d have to call them all down soon. Maybe he should give Allura and Keith some time to rest though, they didn’t seem to be very accepting of the Black Lion’s choice…

But she’d made it and now Lance had to do his best to make her proud.

OK, so I ended up getting a new phone. Very annoyed, but I need it for work. 

BUT — I got carded at dinner. Carded. As in, I didn’t look old enough to purchase alcohol. I haven’t been asked for I.D. in about 10 years! Whaaaa?

“Can I get a pina coloda please?” “Yeah, sure, can I see some ID?” “SHUT UP! Who put you up to this?” *uncontrollable squeal*