it must be Damian Wayne Wednesday

Clearly, I used a simple muscular contraction to move my liver out of the way of the blade.

This might be the most Batman thing you’ve ever said, Damian.

Nightwing #20, bringing conclusion to a ride through Dick and Damian’s old days and villains. And it’s pretty satisfying. Dick, influenced by Hurt’s chemicals, sees a vision of monster Damian’s death would turn him into, only for those visions to be invaded by his own memory of Damian and all potential he sees in him. We get an end to Hurt and Deathwing, with some cryptic words about something coming. Seeing what is happening in the main Batman book I’m amused by the idea that Doctor Hurt, a Morisson character, knows about certain Moore character coming. We get a small conclusion to the baby scare and then extremely heartwarming moment between Dick and Damian. Good conclusion to a story must have for fans of Dick and Damian and fun read especially for the fans of their time as Batman and Robin under Morisson.