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Apologies to @nijiru, @agentpiku, and @legrandfoyer for this part. I didn’t mean for it to take such a dark turn but after I started, I just couldn’t stop! I hope you still enjoy it anyway. This is the final part to The Beast. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Pleeeeease make a third part… ❤❤

I think you did a great job on that second part of “The Beast” :) I feel like you even made room for a third part if you ever wanted to on how Loki and the readers relationship would evolve from there.

Aaahh I loved ‘the beast’! …  It would be great to see more of them if you ever decide to do a part three :3

‘The Beast’ (Part 3)

Part 2

It had been 3 years. Though still not accustomed to the idea, Thor had accepted his brother’s rule and obeyed it. However, at your insistence, he was made a member of Loki’s council, with the deciding vote on any ultimatums. There were matters of delicacy that could be discussed with honesty and fairness as a result.

“The council thinks that you should be looking to take a queen,” you said as you accompanied his majesty through the corridors.
“They would think that,” he snarled. It was his one gripe with his role. He’d intended to abolish the need for marriage to remain part of the monarchy – it was exceedingly unfair – but other issues had taken priority.

“I know your opinions on it,” you smirked, turning a couple of pages on your clipboard, “but I’ve drawn up a list of potential candidates anyway. I think with some careful evaluation we can find someone that the people would approve of, with enough political experience and wisdom to benefit the regime.”
“I’ve seen your list,” Loki snorted and you raised a cautionary eyebrow, warning him to watch his tongue. “and whilst I agree with the suggestions, I can think of another who better fits your criteria. The people are familiar with her already too.”

“Fine,” you said, releasing the paper and returning your focus to the notes on top. You had other business to attend to, and you studied the notes for it as you spoke. “I’ll make the necessary arrangements for you to pitch your suggestion to the council. The sooner we get this in motion, the better.”
“I agree,” Loki said as he lowered himself onto one knee, “but I’d prefer to actually ask you first.” Your eyes remained focused on your clipboard, your finger moving down the paper.
“Yeah, sure, I’ll let you know what I think about her” you said, completely oblivious. “I’ll get Thor in the loop too so that he can give his judgement. He’ll appreciate that.”

You continued to mutter to yourself about details of this and that as you left Loki on the floor, completely absorbed in your clipboard. He rolled his eyes and eventually stood up. Perhaps he’d try again later.

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*woah this feels like the first day in a ~new~ school (!!!)*

hellooooo, my friendos! i’m grexy (not my real name though), 15-year-old senior student, and i have decided to make a studyblr bc you, guys, inspire and motivate me so much♡ (thanks!!!!!!) now, i’m coming out of my shell ;; yay!

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  • aspiring journalist and/or psychologist hehe
  • a pessimist
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  • deepest secret: i’m elizabeth swann-turner (; SHH!!
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my vacation will come to an end and i really can’t wait to start another academic year so, come with me to go the distance!! (;


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There’s lots of productivity apps out there so I decided to make a series featuring apps I’ve tried and tested for the past week. They will be tested on an iPhone but I will link to Android versions if I can. Feel free to message me your app suggestions!

What is it: a timer which motivates you to stay off your phone by keeping a tree alive.
Free or Paid: FREE
Effectiveness: 4/5

  • Timer: 5 minute blocks ; a “tree” is awarded every 25 minutes
  • Ranking System 
  • A “Farm” featuring all your success and failures
  • You can still play music even though by going on the phone you “kill” the plant

Overall Rating: 3/5 this is a really good app, it works well although at first it can be a little confusing to use. It also. It motivates you to keep off your phone although after awhile the effect may ware off. 

Download: | Apple |

hello there! my name is max(ine)!! im 15 and a hs freshie :-) i made this blog to get my life back on track since im expecting a heavier workload next semester! i’ve been following the community for a while and i’ve come to realise that seeing all these posts on my dash really does make me motivated, and i’m excited to have a place to finally store all the lovely posts i see on my dash and to maybe post some of my own stuff as well!! to make things more convenient though, i’ve made this a side blog to my main blog so that’s where i’ll be following people and liking posts too ^^ aside from not studying (½ jk) i also enjoy doing design stuff n dancing n playing my guitar :-) wahu!

so yeah that’s all !! shoutout to the blogs that have kept my dash filled with studyblr love and that pushed me to finally make one of my own :-) @katsdesk @cmpsbls @studyign @studyaesthetic @studyplants @academicallys @academla @getthat90 @studiix

p.s do u guys get it it’s am bcos academyeon ha hahah ha ha ok bye




No lie though this blog and the art style is what drew me back into the Once-ler fandom and motivated me to re-do my once-ler once I saw him on my dash board. So I guess, thanks Mute Mod!

This was some fun practice!! Hope you guys like it! :D! I had a lot of fun making it! I might draw more Once-lers in the future!]]

I finally found the time to upload a chapter in between the 11 other things I’ve got going on right now. One would think I’d spend my summer doing things I can put on my CV… but instead I’m recording a fanfiction podcast and writing fanfiction. Whoops! Either way, enjoy this chapter, my darlings!

The fifth part of The Tower was awesome, omg! I love how you compared Loki’s mind/emotions to a pond, that was amazing.

Can you tag me in the tower? There aren’t nearly enough Loki Fics and yours is truly amazing.

Can you please tag me in the next parts of The Tower? Your writing is So o amazing! I love it!

‘The Tower’ (Part 6)

Part 5

Amid your dreams, you felt a sudden pressure on your chest that was heavy as an anvil. It felt like a paperweight on your lungs, thinning each breath and making it exponentially harder with each inhale. Slowly, as you came around though, the anvil’s weight was alleviated and your respiratory abilities bettered.

The world was murky and a deep, dark crimson. Something about the bitter taste in your mouth and the ache in your jaw indicated that you had slept intensely, and for quite some time, though you couldn’t count the hours at the moment. You managed to pry your eyelids apart despite how they protested and in your attempt to sit up, you felt a small pain in your leg. Lifting your skirt, you examined your wound to see that it looked-

-remarkably well.

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2016 is almost over (thank god) and I decided to make a follow forever to show my appreciation for the 1.7k amazing people who follow me, like my edits, and continue to support me everyday. I love each and every single one of you very very much. I joined tumblr in 2012 and I honestly can’t believe I’m still here. I’ve made so many great friends along the way that I will never forget, even though we don’t talk anymore. My blog has changed in many ways over the years, but it would be nothing without all of your love and support. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been posting a lot more gifsets/edits recently. Before, I was really insecure about them and I did not have the motivation to make them. Recently, I’ve felt a lot more secure and I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to like/reblog them. You are my motivation, so thank you!  I made this follow forever as fast as I could since 2017 is quickly approaching. I also turn 21 in a week, like WAT. I KNOW I forgot a lot of amazing people in this follow forever, so please forgive me. Also, please remember that I’m always here for you and stay strong. I love you all!! <3 :)


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