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Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina and in The Late Late Show with James Corden 

“I cannot take credit for any of that,” said Oscar. “[It was done] by a choreographer who had won Mr. Disco in the U.K. in the mid-‘90s, so he knows his stuff.“It was about twice as long originally,” Oscar said. “And in the film it’s cut to about half.

allaboutthefandom  asked:

NESSIAN PLEASE 65: why did someone just tell me they ship us because I ship nessian and ur an amazing writer :)

You are far, far too sweet. I am LOVING how many Nessian requests I’m getting, drabbling for them is so much fun. Apologies if this is a bit messy, I’ve squeezed it out whilst on Placement so it’s unedited. Hope you enjoy, it was a riot to write!

To request further prompts for any ACOMAF pairing/character, find them here. Always Open.

Nessian - Modern! AU, TV Stars AU - Prompt 65

Comic Con was not Nesta’s natural habitat. Swarms of sweaty, overexcited people bustling about everywhere, always enthusing and exclaiming and squeeing. As someone who considered it a sign of weakness to express anything other than cold disdain, she could not even begin to comprehend this species. The ‘fandom’ as Lucien, their PR manager, had called it.

She supposed she ought to be grateful that she was part of such a cult phenomenon. ‘A Game of Courts’ had been a gamble, her very first project as an actress and it involved full frontal nudity, endless travelling, and a five-year minimum contract. Rhysand, the visionary behind the show, was a remarkably persuasive man though. A foolish dreamer if ever Nesta had met one, but in his case, chasing his dreams had paid off. And now people wouldn’t stop telling her how much they loved her.

“You’re such a bitch,” A girl dressed up as Nesta’s character screamed during the meet and greet. “I love it!”

“Oh my Queen, High Lady of the Illyrians, Warrior from the Cauldron!” A man wearing a sculpted chest piece to give him fake abs had trouble breathing as he shook her hand. “You’re welcome to destroy my self-worth any day.”

She did her very best to smile politely and thank everyone for their support. Most of the rambled gushing people spilled over her was sort of coherent. References to the shows she would nod at respectfully, and every salivating comment about her tits could be filed away for ego-stroking purposes whenever she saw online derision about the fact that of all the Archeron sisters, she had the smallest bosom.

One thing came up time and time again, however, that sounded like complete nonsense to her. Though it pained her to show her ignorance, at the end of the meet at greet, she turned to Cassian.

The male beside her was loving the attention, as she knew he would. Women swooned before his bare chest, some even daring to ask to touch it. However, all apologized and shied away when they spotted Nesta’s icy glare. She would not tolerate them inflating that arsehole’s ego any further, thank you very much.

“Would you like a little sit down, Cassian?” Nesta asked with a sugary sweet simper and a smile. “It must be awfully tiring, holding up the weight of that enormous head.”

“It is damn hard work,” Cas said, stretching out like a cat fresh from sunning himself. “Good thing I’ve got such incredible upper body strength to support it.”

Rolling her eyes, Nesta lowered her voice. “Though I consider you a meatheaded jock and a moron,” always open with an insult, that was her policy when dealing with egomaniacs, “you probably spend enough time googling yourself to know the answer. Why did someone just tell me they ‘ship’ us?”

Cassian blinked back at her. “I don’t recall boats ever being relevant. Not with winnowing existing. And given how we both have wings, I just don’t see why everyone keeps referring to ships.” She shut up the second she realized he’d broken into a deliciously smug smile. She pushed up onto her tip toes and placed a delicate hand upon his shoulder. “I swear to god Cassian, if something patronizing comes out of those over-defined lips of yours, I will end you.”

“My dearest Nesta,” Cassian said, his voice soft and low and far, far too dangerous. “Allow me to show you what that question means. You see all those fans queuing over there, watching us?” He nodded to the hoards of awaiting fanboys and girls. “See how they’re quiet now? Well, listen to what happens when I do this.”

With one hand he caressed the curve of her cheek, and with another he drew her closer by the small of her back. She would later adamantly deny the way her heart raced and her cheeks flushed as she gazed back at him, though fifteen different camera phones caught the incident and would later upload it to be immortalized upon youtube. Denial could do little to erase how she leaned closer when he bowed his head to kiss her.

The hall around them devolved to chaos. Shrieks of ‘Oh-My-Gawd!’ And stranger still, ‘The ship has sailed!’ erupted from the gathered crowd, and iphones flashed in a display as impressive as Starfall itself.

“All hail the High Lady of The Illyrians!” Someone bellowed above the mayhem.

“Commander Cas has got the mooooves!” Another whooped, punching the air.

“That, my dear,” Cas whispered, breaking from the kiss to look back at her, his touch upon her cheek remarkably gentle, “is what it means when the fans say they ship us.”

"Drunk History, vol. 206" - Kurt/Blaine

(inspired by the best idea ever)

In which Kurt gets drunk AF and tells the story of how he and Blaine got together, because Chris’ tweet was the first thing that popped up on my phone this morning and I couldn’t stop seeing it

~1800 words | AO3

Elliott has never heard the story of how Kurt and Blaine met. He’s heard the story—rather, both stories—of how they got back together, but he has no knowledge of that original, fateful moment. He realizes this when he’s knee-deep in margaritas and shots with Kurt, a mess of limes and salt strewn all over the coffee table next to a bottle of Jose Cuervo. So, he asks for the story.

It should be said, at this point, that Elliott can hold his tequila better than Kurt can.

“Just start from the beginning.”

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Wrong Name

FIRST OF ALL CONGRATS ON GETTING THE JOB!! Also I was wondering (if I’m not bothering!) if you could do a Dan imagine where he’s dating a girl and he accidentally calls her Y/N and he later finds out he’s alway liked Y/N as more than a friend? you’re an amazing writer and thank you in advance if you do it!

Thank-you so much Hun and I’m so sorry this is terrible! Worst ending ever :( xxoo


“No no no no NO!” I yell as Y/n over takes me in mario kart, taking first place just before the finish line.

Y/n throws her arms into the air, a big grin on her face as she enjoys her victory.

“You cheated”

“How the hell did I cheat?” Y/n questions

“I don’t know… But if you beat me you definitely cheated”

Y/n laughs at me before laying across the sofa, her head on my lap. I run my fingers through her hair, moving bits from her face as she stares up at me.
I can’t help but admire how gorgeous her eyes are, sparkling as she smiles.

“Dan?” She asks, her voice soft


“I’m hungry” she states and I can’t help but let out a breathy laugh.

“Okay, I’ll get us something to eat” I say before standing up and heading to the kitchen.
I can hear y/n’s feet padding along behind me so I decide to stop suddenly in my place.
Y/n’s body hits the back of mine and she groans.


“What?” I tease as she tries to push me forwards.

“Moooove! I need food.” Y/n whines

“Okay, okay”

I begin my search through the kitchen cupboards pulling out all sorts of food before moving to the refrigerator.

*ring ring ring*

I pull my phone out of my pocket and look at the caller ID. I read my girlfriends name out loud before pressing answer.


“Hey babe! You should come over, I finished work early!” My girlfriends cheerful voice sounds through the phone.

In all honesty I wanted to continue my evening hanging out with y/n, but I hadn’t seen my girlfriend in a week.
I looked across and noticed that y/n already had her shoes on and was collecting her things.

“Okay, I’ll see you in thirty minutes. Bye”

I hang up and look over at y/n who is now standing by the door.

“I’m sorry”

“There’s no need to be sorry Dan. She’s your girlfriend, she comes first. Have a good time and I’ll text you tonight” she says with a smile.

I walk over and give her a tight hug, I breath in her sweet and warm scent before releasing.

“See you later” I smile sadly.


The evening with my girlfriend goes by rather uneventfully. We spoke about work and watched movies in the living room.

We had dinner, leaving us both very full.

“I ate too much” she whined as she lay her head on my lap, just the way y/n had done earlier that day. I can’t help but focus on the way her eyes just don’t sparkle the way y/n’s do.

I smile down at her as she smiles up at me. Her smile isn’t like y/n’s… When y/n smiles her whole face brightens and it’s just so contagious. Wait, why am I thinking about y/n?

I’m pulled away from my thoughts when my girlfriend sits up and straddles my legs. I lean in and give her a quick kiss on the lips, but as I pull away she reconnects them in a more heated way. She begins to trail her lips down my neck and starts to rock her hips back and forth, grinding down on my clothed crutch.

“F-fuck, y/n”

“What?” She asks, leaning back and staring wide eyed.
As I look at her I realise what I’ve said, and that’s when I know…

“Are you serious!? Y/n?” She questions, her facial expression angry

“I’m sorry..” I mumble. There’s no point in pretending I said something else.

“Just leave. This is over” she says as she climbs off of my lap and points towards the front door.

“I really am sorry” I say quietly as I leave.


As I drive, I find myself heading in the direction of y/n’s house. Once there, I stand at her front door, too scared to knock.

What do you say when you realise that your in love with your friend?


Y/n’s voice scares me, I hadn’t even realised she had opened the door.

“I heard your car pull up… What’s going on?” She asks. I look up into her tired eyes, it’s clear that she’s been sleeping. She looks so gorgeous in her pyjamas with messy hair.


And how did I tell my friend that I had fallen in love? By taking her face in my hands and pulling her into the most loving and passionate kiss of my life. It didn’t feel like any other kiss I had felt in my life and what made it better? When she kissed me back.

Not Mandatory...Part 18

Alright, everyone.  You guys still with me?  This is the penultimate chapter, so I hope that you have enjoyed this journey!  Here is Part 18, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14 Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 19)

Over the next month and a half, Spencer had not only managed to educate you on the other elements of the Kamasutra, such as the health-and-wellness chapters or the marriage-and-commitment chapters, the two of you had managed to cross off 41 of the 64 sexual positions mentioned in the book.

Flopping down onto the bed, sweat pouring down your naked bodies, your hand migrates to your leg as you begin to massage the sore muscle.

“Well…” you breathe, your chest heaving as hickies begin to form on your breasts.

“Whoa…” Spencer pants, his hands trembling as his fingers creep along the bed to find your hand.

“Feel a little more experienced?” you ask, tilting your head over to him as you smile.

Definitely,” he groans, lobbing his head over to you as he smiles back.

“Ever hear back from the girl you met at the coffee shop?” you ask.

“Not yet,” he says, shaking his head.

Spencer had been so proud of himself that morning.  He had come hustling into work, making a beeline for your office before slamming your door shut and throwing his hands in the air.

“I gave a girl my number!” he had yelped.

“Aren’t you supposed to get her number?” you had teased, slyly looking up from your paperwork as a grin crossed your face.

“I did that, too,” he had said proudly, beaming as he took out the crumpled up napkin from his pocket.

“Whoa!  And it’s got all the numbers, too!” you had teased, earning a mocking glance from Spencer before leaning back into your chair and smiling broadly at him.

“I’m really proud of you, Spencer,” you had said.

And, once again, you felt the need to remind him.

“I’m proud of you, you know,” you say, squeezing his hand as a breathless chuckle falls from his lips.

“I know,” he says lowly.

Staring at him as you feel your cheeks begin to flush, you pull the blanket up over your body as both of your phones begin to vibrate.

Furrowing your brow as you roll over, your hand slamming onto your bedside table, you reach for your phone as Spencer reaches his arm out for his.

“Hello?” you both say in unison.

Looking over at each other, your naked bodies covered in the blanket, you hold your hand over your cell phone receiver as you mouth, “It’s Jennifer.”

“Coffee girl!” Spencer mouths back, a dopey smile crossing his face as he points to his phone.

“Yeah!” you silently say, giving him a thumbs up as he sits up in bed, the red lines on his bare back from your fingernails making you grin as you listen to J.J. chatter on about a girls’ night with wine and massive amounts of guy gossip.

“Just give me a time and place,” you muse quietly, getting out of bed as your right hand grabs your leg, your body limping over to the closet as you begin to rifle through your clothes.

“Alright, I can meet you in…30 minutes?” Spencer asks as your eyes flicker back to him, your hips playfully shaking your naked butt at him as he throws his hand over his mouth, stifling a laugh.

“Alright.  I look forward to it,” he says, hanging up the phone as he sets it on the bedside table.

“Get to try out some of your new mooooves?” you drawl, turning your head back towards him again and wiggling your eyebrows as you pull out a flowing polka-dotted-patterned dress, holding it up to yourself as you pivot and look into the mirror attached to the inside of your closet door.

“Oh, I like that one,” Spencer coos, getting up as the blanket drops from his naked form.

“And no,” he chuckles, searching around for his clothes, “it’s just coffee.”

“Well, then you might wanna shower,” you emphasize, “just in case you smell like me.”

“Good idea,” he says, scurrying to your bathroom and shutting the door.


Giggling with the girls as you all sip on your third glass of wine, your phone pings as fear creeps into your soul, hoping that no one is in need of you while you are buzzed.

Taking your phone out as you swipe the screen, you breathe a sigh of relief as you see Spencer’s name pop up beside a text message icon.

Just wanted to let you know the date went well.  Not my type, but the conversation was nice.

Typing back, the conversation lulling as the girls stare at you, you send your quick “I’m sorry” and set your phone down, looking back up as they all smirk at you.

“So…you and Spencer?” Garcia asks, bringing her wine glass up to her lips.

“No?” you question, furrowing your brow as your phone jumps again.

Another message from Spencer’s

How is girls’ night?

Picking up your phone as you type away, you realize what you are doing and toss your phone off to the side, stopping the message halfway through as you furrow your brow deeper.

“What are the rules for falling for a team member?” Emily asks, her eyes locked onto you as you snicker.

“There’s no falling.  Spencer had a request, and I’ve been fulfilling it,” you plainly state.

“Yeah…time and time again,” J.J. smirks.

“Because that’s what the nature of the request was,” you rebuttal.

“Wait…Spencer keeps asking for it?” Emily interjects.

“Oh, this I gotta know,” Garcia says, propping her leg up under her body.

“No,” you say, shaking your head, “just like you can’t talk about your cases in the field, I can’t talk about my interactions with the team members.”

“Makes sense,” J.J. muses.

“But no fun!” Garcia whines.

“Sorry, gals,” you say, sipping your wine as you hear your phone jump again.

“Oh, for the love of-”

Picking it up to send a quick message back to Spencer, you see Strauss’ number scroll across your screen.

Picking up the call as you lean forward and place your wine glass on the coffee table, you take a deep breath before putting the phone receiver in your ear, your finger up against your lips as you silently ask the other women to be silent.

“Hey, Erin!  What’s up?”

As the girls furrow their brows, you cover the receiver and mouth, “Not Hotch.”

Watching them all nod as you listen to Strauss on the other end, your expression sinks as you stand to your feet.

“I can’t honestly say that I’m in a position to drive, but I’ll have a cab bring me to your house,” you state.

After a few nods and a couple of “mhm”’s, you cut the phone call and stand to your feet.

Grabbing your purse in your hands as Emily stands with you, you see her grab your cane and hand it over to you.

“I can take you,” she says, grabbing her keys as she starts to heads for the door.

“Wait!” Garcia says, rummaging around for her purse as J.J. picks up her stuff.

“Wait…no.  You guys can’t come, that’s-”

“Maybe she just needs some girl time,” J.J. offers.

“Or maybe she just needs people to sit with her,” Garcia suggests.

“You guys, you don’t get i-”

“Just come on,” Emily presses, shoving you out the door as the other girls follow suit, “if anything, we’ll just stay in the car,” she muses.

“No, seriously, this is-”

“Y/N,” Garcia slurs, her hand coming down hard on your shoulder as you clench your jaw and flicker your irritated gaze towards her, “we’re taking you, and that’s the end of that.”

Sighing as you dip your head, you grip the bridge of your nose as you slowly raise your head up.

“Think of it as us protecting you,” Emily states as she opens Garcia’s front door, “I take you somewhere you need to be because you need a DD, and in return you don’t have to take a sketchy cab all alone at 11 o’clock at night on a random weekend.”

It did make sense.

“Alright,” you groan, hobbling slowly over towards the door as J.J. and Garcia follow suit.

“Besides,” Emily starts, “I can’t wait to figure out what “Erin” needs,” she says as she mockingly air quotes.

“Emily!” you roar as you make your way down the hallway.

Just kiddiiiiing,” she sing-songs, laughing to herself as she shuts Garcia’s apartment door and makes her way down the stairs.


• is the chorus teacher for Level 1 & Level 2

• it’s his first year and he’s only 23 but the school really needed a chorus teacher and if you heard seungkwan’s voice, you probably wouldn’t deny him either

• and like when he first began, all the teachers were telling him how the old chorus teacher specialized in piano and didn’t teach the kids how to sing at all, she only taught them how to do the vocal scale and what each note was called

• but no sweat. seungkwan saw this as a great oppurtunity to reboot the school’s choir

• and since seungkwan is so young, he actually knows the trends and is a hit with the kids……..he’s like their older brother or something

• like, the class LOVES him because he knows how to dab and how to do the naenae and how to whip and he’s all “lmao you guys I’m not that old, I graduated high school five years ago-”

• and he has an Instagram and the kids found him but seungkwan was like lmao no I’m not following y'all back until you graduate ok

• the guy is also a ball of sass and has the class wheezing whenever he tells them stories bc he’s juST SO SASSY 

• kids like calling him mr boo-yonce lol and sometimes they call him by his full name but then seungkwan is like you guuuuuys cmon you’re supposed to call me mr boo!!! 

• and seungkwan has friends everywhere???? like he told the kids that he’s met people who the kids would know to be in Broadway and on TV shows

• the kids are in love with his voice too! it’s so strong and powerful, his students BEG him to sing and they snapchat and ig him bc he’s that good 

• and like, seungkwan doesn’t just sing for the school. one time he had to have a sub watch his class for three days because this cruise ship wanted him to sing omg

• brought back all his kids a souvenir: candy from Nice (:

• lmao anYWAY seungkwan is also the type of teacher who would enclose secrets to his kids like “you guys, don’t tell anyone but they changed the school wifi password and here it is-”

• doesn’t let his kids play on their phone though no they need to sing!!!! he lets them charge them though

• does fun singing exercises like one time he made them all stand in different places of the room and just moooove their hands like they’re painting the air to the music beats so they could feel the tempo

• loves hearing his kids harmonize and mash pit like…’s beauty and he is like a proud mom

• organizes concerts for them too and did a cultural theme bc his kids need to have a bigger world perspective

• teaches his kids how to do four-part harmonies to modern or timeless songs like flashlight or seasons of love

• ok let me tell you how you both fell in love

• so like… and seungkwan are both alumni of the school right? bc this school is too bomb to leave

• but seungkwan didn’t know was that you were here!!!! 

• so guess what his face looked like when he saw you entering the band room next door??? 

• and when he saw you he was all “wtf they look the same, still f r eaking good looking”‘and he’s speechless but you notice and do a double take and you’re like “sEUNGKWAN???” and he’s like “h-hey :D” and like its a mini reunion but seungkwan is just remembering how he used to have the biggest crush on you during senior year but never had the guts to confess 

• and guess what- y'all also live in the same neighborhood (; 

• but it’s good!! as the year goes, you two get closer

• and only the kids who come in at lunch have this vague sense that seungkwan and you have a thing bc seungkwan is hella good at masking his emotions when you come around during class hours to see if he had extra sheet music for your band class

• but one day after school you ask seungkwan if he wanted to grab a coffee before school and he was like !!!!!! “sure I’ll pick you up at 6:30?”

• and like the kids who stay in his room during lunch and talk to him know about how you and seungkwan are alumni buddies but other than that, his students have no clue

• and like you and seungkwan are always hanging out in his apt or yours and talking about your kids but like, every day he feels himself liking you again but is afraid to tell you

• so how did he tell you? he got inspired by his kids

• coincidentally, he had a couple in his class. a cute girl and boy, just juniors who were good at singing. and since it was prom season…….y'all know what that means: promposals!!! 

• and since her boyfriend had asked her out to homecoming, the girl decided to ask him to prom this time and she asked seungkwan if she could do it during class and he was like ofc!!!!! 

• and since this was the last day of third quarter, the kids had to do an acapella group song and her group did a love song and she presented her sign and seungkwan was like “if my kids can do it, so can i!!!!“ 

• and so scrapes up the courage to ask you if you wanted to grab a dinner and you’re like sure (: 

• and like, when dessert comes, seungkwan takes a huge breath and he tells you "I have something to confess” and in a rush, he just gives the whole truth: how he liked you in high school and how when you both graduated, he thought he had no chance but as you two work together and get closer, he’s starting to fall for you

• and you’re all “……seungkwan.” and you tell him about how yOU HAVE BEEN crushing on him too !! and like you think he’s cute and he’s so nice and talented and Seungkwans face is just ???? like y'all could’ve the high school musical couple omg

• and so lowkey you both have a relationship ((: 

• and one day, maybe forty years later, he’ll tell his class about his love story and his kids are gonna be like “omg it’s like high school musical 2.0” 

• pls let me date a seungkwan

Triptych; Chapter Eleven

CHAPTER 11 AAHHHH GUNS AAHHHH BAM AAHHHHH!!! Just like last time, the post that I used to help me write this story is right here! The other chapters are linked below!

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After Suga left, you were reluctant to do anything. To strip and put on a dress like this, to walk around in heels as tall as that, to face what you were going to face. You were fearing the worse, and anything could happen. He could have been over exaggerating, or even under exaggerating. You had no clue what was going to happen, so for the time being you had to follow the professionals orders and hope that you don’t die in the process.

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