it might not even sync up

can u imagine

- Got7 wolfing down Jin’s cooking
- Jackson/Mark helping them w cantonese/mandarin
- Tae and Jimin and Hobi enthusiastically teaching them satoori in return
- Mark and Jimin talking flips and acrobatics and making up new ones
- Yugyeom and Hobi exchanging dance tips
- JB and Namjoon understanding each other’s pain on such a level that their auras sync up
- Hobi feeling like he finally belongs surrounded by a group potentially even louder than him
- Jin and Jinyoung singing impromptu ballads they like
- Bambam requesting the highest of fives bc all of them are so sexy that people are gonna drop dead at the mamas
- Jackson greeting Namjoon with a hug and “dON’T DISS”
- Youngjae singing something and all vocal lines harmonizing as if by magic
- Yoongi making cheesy puns and finally feeling appreciated when Got7 screeches and his own squad just rolls their eyes
- Sending the maknaes on coffee runs who might return with a couple of salty americanos
- Jamming the hell out of their favorite songs at the top of their lungs
- Actually practicing and hip thrusting while making eye contact in the mirror and trying not to giggle

I love got bts

and tonight on “i’m a filthy sinner”

Title: Fireworks.

Pairing: GasterxGrillbyxSans
Rating: Oh you better believe no one under 18 is safe.
Contains: Voyeurism, Tentacles, Exhibitionism(I think it counts?)

AO3 mirror here

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Baby steps.

So I did a study from a piece of animation by Anita Gaughan. (Hers is on the right, obviously) Just trying to get a better feel for how to do movement in animation…everything I’ve done so far I’ve either been doing either completely out of my head or from video clips.

Even though it’s obviously less fluid than Gaughan’s, it’s still probably the smoothest, most believable movement I’ve made so far, so that’s cool.

tonycurtis replied to your post “also like,, okay,, i get that u ship it but uhh why are u SO…”

like honestly mcreyes isn’t even a bad ship as long as it’s like SUPER post overwatch and mccree is you know, in his 30s (even if the age gap is unfortunate and there’s probably going to be weird dynamics that make it perfectly understandable to be uncomfortable by and IM nucomfortable by it) but um. considering 80% of the userbase that ships mcreyes ships them when mccree is legally a kid is. HM suspect

EXACTLY like there is a huuuuuuge difference in that 20 year age gap when one is 30 and the other is 50 vs one is 17 and one is 37, because your life experience starts to sync up a lot more later on in life, but uh. i RARELY ever see current mcreyes. i might even venture to say i’ve NEVER seen it. it is always always blackwatch era mcreyes, and if the age gap weren’t enough, the factor that gabe is his literal actual superior officer just adds an extra layer of nasty to the whole dynamic.


Two leaders in bed seems like it shouldn’t work - too many opinions and directions might lead to confusion and frustration for any couple less in sync than these two. They complete two halves of one whole.
When one reaches out a hand, the other is there to take it. Their movements and looks at each other, even in public, tell a story of affection, trust, and pride in their partner. When Suho’s small stature fits perfectly into Kris’s long arms, Kris’s deep voice sends shivers up Suho’s spine.
His large hands, greedy on the back of Suho’s toned thighs pull his partner’s leg, one over his shoulder and the other around his hip as he tests Suho’s flexibility in their favorite way to get through leader meetings. Less talk, more tacit understanding of their different leadership styles.

- Admin J

Killian Jones's Mates For Life: Belle French

Please note this meta may contain vague but popular spoilers/speculations.

Now that Emma is no longer playing for team hero it is creating, or reinforcing, a lot of fun friendships and alliances that, given the possibility of a sacrifice made by a certain dashing pirate in the near future, might be pretty important in the storyline to come.

These newfound friendships make me very, very, emotional for several reasons and the family group dynamic lately has made me love this show even more than I thought possible. I’ve started to enjoy characters I never previously enjoyed. I think that a lot of that is because of Killian Jones and I wonder if that might be what the writers are trying to convey?

Emma is a force of divide this half of the season, no one is quite syncing up on the best way of saving her and there is a clear separation in the storytelling.

Killian’s actions seem to be the force that starts to unite everyone through these new and old friendships, and that’s pretty incredible considering where he started, and also incredibly interesting given some of the spoilers we have regarding unity and separation and Killian possibly working alone in later episodes.

Killian is a person who I don’t think actually likes to be alone. He surrounds himself with people at every opportunity. Even if he separates himself from them he still makes sure he is within a group or at least in a crowded, lively space.

There are very few occasions where we come upon Killian alone, when he wasn’t specifically told to wait somewhere (“Don’t follow me. Wait 5 minutes, get some fire wood or something”) or where wasn’t forced to leave to keep up appearances or go on a mission of some sort (Outrunning the curse for instance).

That’s is why the scene with the prostitute is even more poignant for me, because not only did Killian turn her down because of his love for Emma, he was forced to leave the group setting where he was much more comfortable and actually be alone with his thoughts (or he would have been if not for Ariel).

In flashbacks he is always in a tavern rather than on his ship where he enjoys spacious private quarters. He seeks out these taverns even if he happens to be drinking alone.

In Storybrooke, most of the times we see him, he is hanging out in Granny’s at the bar, or with the group in Charmings apartment, even though he has a separate location to call his own. Very rarely is Killian approached in his own space, when he wasn’t explicitly directed to be there.

Killian likes people, and watching people and that’s a large part of why he’s “quite perceptive” and why he can read them so easily.

He might not always interact with them, but he likes people to be around him, that much is clear.

One of the things that I really wanted for this season was for Killian to make a real, solid connection to the town and the people in it, and we are slowly but surely seeing these friendships develop or strengthen.

I would even argue that Killian, is the most unifying person this season and he might give up everything to protect these new elements to his life.

I wanted to examine and explore each of Killian’s relationships, one at a time because they are so, so important to me and I thought it might be fun, starting with:

Captain Book/Beauty -

I consider Belle Killian’s closest friend at this point, after Emma. It’s clear they have a bond, and even if their past is colored by vengeance and violence they have both moved past it.

Belle is one of the few people to exclusively call him Killian, and they openly and freely discuss their personal relationships and emotions with one another, and at the same time they have a casual camaraderie that I love.

If there is a situation in 5B where Killian might be in danger or in need of a rescue I think that Belle would be at the forefront of that effort. Or at least she should be.

She is also one of the keys to swaying Rumple for his assistance (assuming he still needs that extra push by then).

Belle is often on the fringe of the group, outside but not apart of it. She usually (sadly) takes the role of convenient plot device who has the needed answer or information at just the right time. She is not clear friends with anyone but Killian and Ruby (who is not here yet) and her positive social interactions with people other than those two are scarce and without substance if she’s not babysitting Baby Neal.

Killian is one of the few characters that talks to Belle as an individual outside of the larger storyline and plot.

This season she is still kind of in the background looking at books for most of her scenes, excepting those that involve Killian:

She educates him on the “TLK with a Dark One” mechanics, she drinks with him at the bar during a very crucial voiceover regarding Dark One motivations, she accompanies the group to Dark Swan’s house to investigate Killian’s locked door, and finds both Excalibur and evidence of a missing Rumple, she is even part of “Mission Fuck Shit Up” down in the Camelot dungeons.

Killian is not her explicit reason for being in any of these situations, and she’ll be more involved in her own separate storyline later from what we’ve seen, but from a writing standpoint so far this season it appears she is most active and involved during scenes involving either Killian, whereas she is more background, color commentary, in scenes where Killian is missing.

Belle also seems to be the most aware of the reality of her own relationship when she is near Killian. He was, after all, the main event that lead to the revelation that Rumple was not quite done with his pursuit of power.

Even as far back as S2 Belle was beginning to doubt Rumple was telling her the truth about Milah because of Killian, and he showed her a glimpse into Rumple’s truer, darker, violent side during their interaction on the Jolly Roger. Had he not shot her and taken her memories it might have planted a seed of doubt and forced her to think about her relationship slightly more realistically earlier on.

In all their conversations after they became friends, rather than aggressor/victim, Belle is more pragmatic about the problems in her relationship than she has been for the entire series, and it is only through Killian, so far, that we’ve seen that clear sightedness.

When Belle is with Rumple she tends to revert back to the enabling, all forgiving Belle she’s always been, but when talking to Killian we see her true feelings show through: she loves Rumple, but she recognizes there are issues with that love that need to be addressed.

Her conversation with Killian regarding True Love’s Kiss not working is a strong contrast in both tone and feeling to her conversation with Rumple on the floor right before the darkness takes over his heart.

Grounding her in reality is crucial for her character development throughout the season, for healthy development for her relationship, and these conversations help inform Killian’s actions as well.

I love that Killian can be that sounding board for her true feelings and I love that her voice of experience and knowledge are helping Killian to make better choices in his own Dark One situation.

I adore the Belle and Killian friendship a lot and I’m happy we’ve gotten more development with them this season and further proof that they are really and truly friends.

Next up: Hooked Queen
Conflicts Are a Good Distraction

Series: Kuroko’s Basketball
Pairing: AkaKuro
Rating: G
Word count: 1,000
Warning: None

For AkaKuro Week Day 2 (Vorpal Swords)

Summary: Kuroko is easily embarrassed with public displays of affection, even among friends, but an argument between Aomine and Kagami provide enough of a distraction for Akashi to kiss him. Hopefully.

A/N: Something small because man, I shouldn’t drink and then wake up a few hours later to remember I was writing something. Might be some errors since I didn’t have it beta’d this time.

“Damn it, Aomine! You were supposed to pass it to me!”

“Hah, as if Bakagami. Besides, I had the perfect chance to make the shot and I did so quit your whining.”

“We’re supposed to be working on teamwork and syncing our plays, Ahomine!”

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5 months

Okay guys, have any of us considered the fact that when we come back from hiatus, there’s a possibility that on The Flash, they will pick up immediately where they left off…because how couldn’t they? Unless they do flashbacks to how the black hole/ worm hole issue is resolved, but I feel like it would be too choppy. I think that some major changes will occur as a result of this thing and jumping right in to the repercussions of it without showing its evolution might make things disjointed.

The point is, what if there is no five month time jump and they pick up right where they left off? Does this mean that Arrow and The Flash will be out of sync, or is there a possibility that even the Arrow won’t jump five months (because there was that whole explosion)?

And if Arrow doesn’t time jump…we’ll see all of the olicity relationship goodness!

Just a thought. What do y’all think?

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