it might just blow your mind

does anyone else just think of katy perry and like, not feel anything? Like when you think of her your mind just blanks and all you feel is hollow wind blowing through your skull because she’s just kind of there, trying so hard but failing to leave even the most basic impression upon your psyche? might just be me

Here’s an idea, bear with me because it might be too radical, but a relationship between a bi woman and a man is still lgbtq+ representation because it is representative of a bisexual’s relationship, and bisexuals are part of the lgbtq+ community.

Fucking wild I know. I’ll let you take a moment to collect yourselves.

Realization that took me about 25 years: when Emperor Palpatine tells Luke “Strike me down with all your hatred, and your journey towards the Dark Side will be complete,” he’s not saying something deep about the nature of evil and the ease of turning into the bad guy.  He’s just making a last-ditch gambit to not get his ass lightsabered.  Luke’s kind of a sucker for falling for it.

Luke’s already decided violence is an acceptable tactic, based on the dozens of nameless troopers and pilots he’s blasted into subatomic particles, so why would the Emperor be any different?  Killing the Emperor isn’t going to make Luke a different kind of killer just because he killed someone with a visible face, and it’s certainly not going to make him start blowing up planets or torturing prisoners just for funsies.  Luke could have said “Strike you down? Don’t mind if I do,” done just that, and not only would the battle have ended the same way, his dad might have survived.

(And if Vader had survived, repented, and rejoined the Light Side, but retained his influence over the Imperial military, he could have saved everyone a whole lot of grief in the coming years.)

The point is, sometimes when your enemies say “You’re playing right into my hands!  The harder you oppose me, the more power I get!”, they’re actually just scared and full of bullshit.  Never forget to consider that possibility.

I’ve always loved writing since I was little. I love writing stories, articles, poems, but I never kept a diary because I think it made me feel obligated to write everyday. Every time I started one, the entry would turn out something like “went to the market today. I really wanted to buy a toy but just did yesterday. Anyway, I think Brittany lied to me about her dating Jem”

Then I started high school and, well, let’s just say I needed to get things out somewhere before I become my own version of 2007’s Britney Spears. A journal is actually a really great getaway from all the sickening routines. You get to be entirely you, and nobody will say anything about what you think and what you write. Not to mention it’s very therapeutic and helps keeping your sanity.

I know a lot of people who want to start a journal but are not sure what to write or where to start from. So that is why, ladies and gents, I’m here to give you a lil help on that matter.

1.       Be As Blunt, Angry, or Happy

You’re fighting with your friend and you think they’re stupid? Jot that down. You think your math score doesn’t do you justice? Write about it. You got a new set of Crayolas and are very excited about it? Write it down too. It does feel a little weird at first, I did feel that too, but trust me you would feel a lot better and relieved after you finish an entry. Remember, nobody’s going to read it so if you didn’t have the chance to punch that one friend in the face, do it now. Mentally. Better to stay out of jail, right?

2.       No Schedule Needed

You don’t need to write an entry every single day. I never do mine regularly, but I try to keep it at least once or twice a week to make sure that I don’t leave it way behind. However, DO NOT go through 2 weeks without a single entry, the longer you don’t write, the more you feel like you can go miles without touching it. This would beat the purpose of starting a journal in the first place.

3.       Get Creative

You can be as creative and wild in your journal! Find some inspiration from youtube, tumblr, or pinterest and splatter some paints. It doesn’t have to be neat or have a deep meaning, just do some art when you DO feel inspired. You can also attach some memories like amusement park tickets, postcards, stamps, and many other things.

4.       It’s Not Meant to be “Photogenic”

Or you can make it as photogenic as you want it to be. Just remember that not every single page has to be colorful, has lots of drawings and Shakespeare’s poems on it. You see these journaling accounts all around tumblr and think “how do they make it so artsy?”. I’m pretty sure even those accounts have silly drawings and memes somewhere between those pages. When you start a journal, some pages might only have words upon words on white paper, some pages might have unfinished sketches. Don’t (just) do it for aesthetic. Do it because it takes off your negative vibes and brings positivity toward you.

5. Just Start.

Seriously. The more you procrastinate, the more you’ll think ‘nah I don’t need it anyway’. The ultimate guide is to start somewhere.

Whatever you write down, they don’t have to be interesting or mind-blowing. Some people think their lives are boring and not journal-worthy. Well, I write about Starbucks’ caramel frappe and trips to the nearest market while all these people are writing about their freaking road trip to another planet. No lives are boring. There will always be something to write about. If you’re still having a writer’s block, then I gotcha. Here’s a list of things you can put on your journal:

-Dream you had last night
-Letters to somebody
-A letter to your younger/future self
- Songs you need to download
- Answer your own questions
- 13 reasons why. Ex: Why you should get over that one ex, Why you love your best friend, etc
- Things you’ve learned today ( I do this a lot. It’s a great way to self-exam)
- Favorite things
-Things you regret buying (also a great self-examination)
- New words + definitions
- Morning/midnight ramblings
- Reviews of books/movies
- What would you be doing in 10 years
- Write about your Hogwarts’ house or MBTI personality

This might not be a huge help, but I love sharing things and I find journaling to be very helpful for a lot of things.

Do you guys keep a journal? If so, what do you usually write about?

Some of you might have noticed something kind of funny about people.

Almost none of them like Treasure Planet.

And, considering I joined this fandom well over three years ago by now, this comes as absolutely no surprise to me – and chances are, if you’ve known about this film for longer than, say, a day, it fails to surprise you, too. I mean, we’ve all heard the reasons, haven’t we – valid though they are, it’s depressing to hear them, the millions upon millions upon millions of them. 

  • “Sorry, the sci-fi just wasn’t my thing.”
  •  “I liked it okay, but I can’t see myself ever watching it again.”
  •  “The animation was good, but I didn’t really like the rest of it.”
  •  “It was…sort of weird to me.”
  •  “It doesn’t measure up to Treasure Island.”
  •  “It just wasn’t my cup of tea.”

Or - and here’s the one that gets to me: 

  • “I just really didn’t like the main kid.” 

The words come across as pretty innocent - it’s just a matter of preference, it’s just their opinion, live and let live, nothing wrong with disagreeing…and there’s not. There’s really, really not. You can hate Jim Hawkins as much as you want. But you can look me in the eye and can you tell me why you hate him? Can you tell me why, exactly, that’s the argument I’ve heard the most out of any of them? Can you tell me why, in my 3+ years in this wonderful fandom, in the thousands of days I’ve now spent promoting the shit out of this film every chance I get, can you tell me why that argument is the one I find myself dealing with the most? Can you look at me and can you tell me why you hate Jim Hawkins? Can you do that? 

Because here’s the thing - I can tell you why I love him. And I got shit to back up me up. 

Let’s get down to business. Let me tell you why I love Jim Hawkins - every habit, every quirk, every mannerism, every virtue, and every flaw. Let’s plunge right in.

  • He’s kind.

Sure, you can roll your eyes if you want to, but honestly? Being really, truly, simply, genuinely nice is such a rare quality in the world, and Jim has - and displays - this quality in abundance. I mean, for one thing, bringing Billy Bones to the Benbow when he seems ninety percent sure the guy’s just crazy? Yet he takes a chance anyway, because the sailor’s sick, the sailor’s injured, it’s raining really hard, he shouldn’t be out in this in his state, here, give me your arm, let me help you, you can come in out of the rain and stay in my house for a bit.

And what about the time he met that half-mad robot on Treasure Planet and, despite the fact that BEN blatantly oversteps his boundaries a good ten times (”Will you let go of me?/Stop touching me!”/Will you quit hugging me?”) or so within the first five minutes of their introduction, despite the fact that he is very obviously unhinged from all that time alone, despite the fact that BEN is loud and attention-drawing and the word stealthy isn’t in his vocabulary, despite the fact that he’s putting the captain and the doctor and himself in peril by doing so, Jim allows BEN to come with him - all he needs is to hear about the robot’s century of solitude, his loneliness, his desolation, and he just drops everything and says, “If you’re gonna come along…”  

And don’t even get me started on the deleted scenes - such as the one where he offers to fix this child’s scooter, even though he and this kid have never met before, never even spoken to one another, and yet he offers to fix this scooter because aww the kid’s sad let me fix it for you.

 Because, beneath that black jacket and that dark scowl of his, Jim has a huge, huge heart and it’s there and it’s evident for anyone willing to look. Because Jim just legitimately cares about other people, and there’s no ulterior motive, he doesn’t ask for compensation, he doesn’t expect anything in return, he just genuinely likes helping others. 

(And as I don’t happen to have an image on hand for the child’s scooter bit mentioned above, have a few bonus pictures of times when Jim was nice) 

Comforting a frightened Morph despite the fact that his life is in the most immediate and intense danger

And how about the time he lets a pirate - the leader of a mutiny in which he was supposed to be killed - walk the fuck away from him because he believes there’s good in Silver

Don’t get me started on this kid and his kindness. Don’t. Get me started.

  • And he’s smart.

I don’t mean passing-his-finals-with-flying-colors oh-haha-that-was-a-total-seat-of-my-pants-test can’t-believe-I-pulled-through-with-a-B I-was-pulling-answers-out-of-my-ass kind of smart.

I mean completely, incredibly, off-the-charts, blow-your-mind brilliant. He might be failing his high school classes, but it’s certainly not due to the challenge; he doesn’t put any effort into his work because he just doesn’t care. I mean, we even hear Sarah state that he built his first solar surfer when he was eight. So let’s let that sink in for a second.

This kid 

was no older than that when he built one of these

Just let that sit a minute. He built one of those gizmos 

when he was eight fucking years old. Hell, I’m not one hundred percent sure I understand them now, and he was eight and he understood them so well he could make them. (Sure, he ultimately uses it to cause trouble and ride straight into restricted areas, but it still makes him pretty brainy.) 

And not to mention, when Silver tries to teach him how to steer a skiff, he doesn’t even let the guy finish his sentence before he starts powering it up. Despite the other’s best attempts to stop him, Jim ignites the engine and sends them whirling straight into a comet. He fucking steers a boat - with limited knowledge, considering Silver didn’t get a chance to teach him everything - he steers a boat into a comet, and rides that comet to its end and does it without ever missing a beat, without ever throwing himself or his companion out of the boat, without ever messing up or getting hurt or hurting Silver or anything, just gets the hang of it right off the bat.

And at the end of it, all Silver says is, “If I could maneuver a skiff like that when I was your age, they’d be bowing in the streets when I walked by today!” 

Oh, and did I mention he powers up a century-old crashed boat in sixty seconds? No? Well, he did that, too.

Oh, and he also made another solar surfer, this time at fifteen, out of the useless parts of their failing ship while the planet explodes around them.

And, when said surfer begins failing, threatening to send him plummeting to his death in a raging river of lava bubbling and frothing beneath him, he keeps it going - literally rams it into the wall, striking it against the metal surface until enough friction occurs to power the thrusters again, and he does this all in the space of thirty seconds.

Oh, and he figured out where Flint’s trove was hidden before anyone else, just based on the fragmented bits and pieces he’d picked up from other people

And did I mention yet that he was the only one who could open the map leading to the planet? 

There were people thirty and forty years his senior trying to figure it out

and he figures it out in seconds

  • And he’s brave

Remember when he casually faced down a whole crew of pirates three and four times over, all in the space of twenty-four hours? 

And how about the fact that he refuses, at great risk to himself, to open the map for the pirates - until Silver threatens the captain and the doctor? 

Or when he’s fixing that hundred-year-old boat we discussed earlier, and tells BEN to leave without him if he can’t get away in the next five minutes? 

Oh, and when the star Pellucid goes supernova on their voyage and the hands are sent to secure the solar sails, not only does Jim immediately ascend, no hesitation

he also spots Silver, who followed him there, fall from his perch, and literally fucking throws himself down onto the wood and hauls the cook - who, to be honest, has a good hundred pounds on Jim and probably almost took the kid down with him, and definitely dragged the kid closer to the edge than would be advised - back up to safety. 

And later in the film, he receives an order from the captain to scout ahead and find them a better place to hide - and even though the pirates were spotted seconds earlier, circling the skies in a longboat, Jim expresses no hesitation, simply obeys.

And, oh, uh, you remember that solar surfer we talked about earlier, the one he constructed as the planet bursts into flames and burns down around him? 

Yeah, here he is riding it through the fires and eruptions and random debris, here he is casually risking his life to save everyone else, most of them being pirates who would have loved to see him dead.

Yep, don’t mind him, he’s just saving everyone else. He might die doing it, but damn, he’s doing it anyway.

But wait. I did promise to discuss his flaws as well, and, so far, I haven’t been making good on that promise, have I? 

Fear not, for Jim Hawkins is far from perfect and it’s time for us to explore the reasons why.

  • He’s impulsive

While most readily refer to this as a “Mary Sue trait” and “not really a flaw” , I can’t help but disagree; if we consider it an undesirable trait in a real person, why on earth would we think it little more than a cute quirk in a fictional character? Believe me when I say, Jim’s consistent failure to think before he acts is not a charming little thing - it’s a flaw, plain and simple. 

For all Jim’s kindness, for all his bravery and unfailing ability to think fast on his feet, he is impulsive as all hell.

Like when he, in his first meeting with Silver, throws out several thinly-veiled accusations - showing his cards, playing his whole hand right off the bat on the off chance that his opponent might show his, too. 

Unsurprisingly, of course, Silver does not rise to the bait - meaning Jim revealed everything to the man who will later become his enemy, in a sense losing the only advantage he really held, whereas Silver lost nothing and now has additional information to help him on his way. And all this could have been avoided had Jim just kept his mouth shut. 

And that time when he attempted to eavesdrop on a couple of the other hands cause he thought they were acting suspicious 

But it’s not long before they notice him and immediately shut up - meaning Jim has now given his suspicions away to four different people, four people whom he suspects. (Five, if you count Oxy and Moron as two.)

Or how about when they find that map we talked about earlier, and when he opens it up and realizes it leads to Treasure Planet, his first thought is to follow it? Like, this could be anything. A trap, a red herring, a fool’s errand, and Jim just throws himself headlong into it because look there’s a slim chance it could be treasure let’s go right now! 

I mean, there’s just no room for doubt: Jim is super impulsive, and that’s not a good quality to have. Sure, it gets shit done, but cautious people get shit done too, and they probably get it done better because they’re not making snap decisions every 2.5 seconds.

  • And Jim is selfish

Sure, we all love him. Well, some of you hate him, and some of you love to hate him, but the sentiment stands; we all love Jim, but you can’t love somebody for too long without noticing his flaws. And Jim has his flaws. 

And it’s especially obvious in scenes like this 

where we see that Jim was just out on a joyride while his mother visibly struggles to run the inn by herself. 

It’s obvious he uses that solar surfing hobby to escape, to distract him from his problems after a tough day, but this, in turn, suggests that he feels his problems at the moment are more important than Sarah’s, and so puts himself before his mother.

And he makes things harder on her than probably anyone else in her life, going out and getting in trouble all the time and bringing the police to her door 

Not only is this probably really bad for business, it’s also likely embarrassing and obviously upsetting for poor Sarah - yet Jim offers no apology, offers almost nothing beyond the words, “Mom, it’s no big deal!”  

And when they open the map and realize where it leads, Jim jumps on the chance to leave Sarah

Not just their lonely little planet, but Sarah, he wants to leave her. And though his intentions here are honorable (”We could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over!” / “I’ll make you proud!”) it still fails to completely sugarcoat the fact that he left her there, lured away by the promise of adventure. 

Because Jim is selfish. 

  • He’s touchy, and defiant as all hell.

Sure, this is a flaw. Sure, it’s not a great quality to have. Sure, it holds him back more than anything, and it probably gets him in more trouble than it’s worth - but I still tip my hat to Disney for introducing this flaw at all. It has been proven in the past that children with absentee parents - particularly boys with neglectful fathers -  tend to become obstinate teens with no regard for authority, and I’m just so proud of them for doing their research on that one. 

Admittedly, however, this quality does cause him more trouble than it’s worth. I mean, he makes himself an enemy out of the scariest alien aboard in the first five minutes, all because he has to have the last word.

As a matter of fact, when I think about it, Jim has single-handedly gotten on the bad side of every one of these pirates on board this ship, with the obvious exception of Silver, and he does it all because he is just that feisty.

On the other hand, however, his pluck is the first thing Silver notices - and likes - about him. It’s obvious that while the pirate captain plans to work the spunk out of him, he can’t help but respect it, too.

Like, for instance, on Treasure Planet, when Jim refuses to allow Silver to leave without him 

there’s an instant where Silver looks like he’s about to argue 

and he could, he could just hold the captain, the doctor, or even BEN at gunpoint, and chances are, Jim would likely obey just to spare those he cares for. Despite the fact that Silver is clearly the one in power here, he gives into Jim’s demands - because, even if he doesn’t like it, Jim’s defiance is something he can respect. They may be enemies now, but Silver recognizes and respects that Jim makes a worthy enemy.

  • And let’s not forget that he’s stubborn.

Seriously, once he’s found something to fight for, he’ll fight for that, and he’ll get it, no matter what it takes, and there’s nobody in the world that can change his mind. If he gets it in his head that he wants to do something, if he gets it in his head that he should do something, he’ll do it, no matter what. 

And in some cases, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means he has a strong sense of right and wrong and knows the difference between the two, and will do what he believes to be right, regardless of what other people say. He has a moral code, and a strong one, at that, and he rarely deviates from it. And this is actually a good thing when, say, there’s a treasure-hunting pirate captain attempting to bribe him into betraying the captain and the doctor and handing over the map. 

And, when this fails and Silver resorts to trying to frighten him into submission, the kid doesn’t even blink. He can’t be bought, and he sure as hell can’t be intimidated. 

Of course, this isn’t always a good quality to have; while it does make him more resistant to tactics such as temptation, it also makes him inflexible and, in some cases, extremely resistant to change, even when that change would be for the better. 

But that iron will has another advantage. 

  • It makes him hardworking.

Whether it’s as trivial as swabbing the deck, or as enormous as seeking out a legendary treasure trove, if Jim sees the point in a task - if he sees, for himself, why it’s worthy of his time - he will put his all into it, no questions asked. So though most would call him a delinquent, and while the robo-cops on Montressor outright tell him that he is a loser

Jim is actually extremely industrious and capable - he just doesn’t always show it. But it’s there, if you know how to look.

Like when Silver leaves him with this huge pile of dishes in the galley

and he just picks up his brush and keeps right on going 

and in fact, is so determined to finish up that damn stack that he ends up falling asleep in the galley, head resting on the pot in his hand

but the dishes around him are gleaming.

Or how about when he was failing at school at the beginning of the film, and by the end, he has graduated from the prestigious Interstellar Academy? 

Can you imagine how much work it must have taken to get himself into that Academy? I mean, how long did it take for him to pull those grades up, to convince others he was really serious about this, and can you imagine how much work it took to get through the Academy once he got there? But Jim got there anyway, and he did graduate, and he did do all that amazing stuff, and he did it because he works hard. 

Oh and remember

  • He was lost

Though by the end of the film Jim is high-spirited and confident, we know from the beginning that it wasn’t always so. His father’s absence left a hole in him, a hole he felt it was too big to fill - a hole that left him feeling worthless and rejected, it left him feeling angry and defeated, and it left him thinking he wasn’t good enough. It left him with a strong, deep-seated fear of abandonment, and more than that, it left him searching - searching and searching and never quite finding the missing piece he so desperately needed. 

Jim felt he had no future; Jim felt he wasn’t worth a future; Jim didn’t really know where he was going, and that’s the kind of relatability I’ve come to expect from Dreamworks. I don’t go into a Disney film expecting to find real characters, so this came as a pleasant surprise.

And something else I’ll probably never get over

  • Jim is sensitive 

So, this one actually sounds funny. I mean, I just said earlier how selfish Jim is, right? How he’s always putting himself before Sarah? Yeah. That whole argument still stands. It’s just that Jim isn’t all selfish, all the time. Can he be selfish? Yes. Extremely. Is he selfish? Sometimes. But he’s also, as mentioned before, a genuinely nice person. A person with honest empathy. His instances of self-absorption don’t cancel that out.

Now, while most define a sensitive person as “one who understands and feels for others” - and while Jim certainly does that, too - we’ve already tackled that. We’ve talked about Jim as a compassionate and thoughtful individual, and I’m not here to talk about it again, though I could.

No, there are drawbacks to feeling for others, and I’m here to talk about them.

I mean, Jim cares about other people - Jim feels deeply for people, deeply enough to welcome complete strangers into his house and offer lonely individuals a place at his side, Jim just feels for people even if he’s never experienced their hardships for himself. And if he can feel so strongly for strangers, if he can look upon a person he hardly knows and want to help ease their pain, if his heart squeezes upon seeing others’ suffering, how much do you think it hurts when he experiences his own? 

His father, for example. An indifferent, neglectful parent, the heartache they cause, it would sting even the most impervious - but for somebody as thin-skinned and tender-hearted as Jim, it absolutely devastates him. And when the man finally gives up on his family, leaving behind his wife and their eight-year-old, it just tears the kid apart.

As a matter of fact, it hurts Jim so deeply that it takes him seven years just to realize that it wasn’t his fault, or anyone’s; his father’s rejection caused him so much pain that he is well into his adolescence before he can even begin to accept that he’s gone.

But this isn’t just one instance; it’s not merely a festering childhood wound, no. Jim takes the slightest slip-up straight to heart - and upon believing he caused Mr. Arrow’s death, he spends what appears to be hours beating himself up for this perceived failure. 

And ultimately, he might have continued indefinitely had Silver not intervened and comforted him.

And of course, less than twenty-four hours later, Silver tells his bloodthirsty crew - and, unwittingly, an eavesdropping Jim - that his attentions were all for show, that he had to be nice to the kid to keep him from suspecting the crew of anything shady, he had to win the lad’s trust or risk his suspicion…and Jim really believes it, and, in fact, is so hurt, that he appears to take a moment to swallow back tears. 

Jim is just so easy to hurt. 

And to be honest, it’s great; it makes his empathy for others more believable - after all, if his own wounds have left such obvious marks, who’s to say another’s tribulations won’t win over his sensitive heart? 

And, hey, hey, don’t forget

  • He’s just a kid

I mean, he’s doing all this awesome shit, he’s building solar surfers

 and saving lives

and working his ass off and being super kind and impulsive and defiant and selfish and everything, he’s doing all this, and he’s only fifteen years old. Like. He’s fifteen. He’s not even an adult yet. He’s not even of legal age. He’s just casually amazing at fifteen, but what do you think he’ll be like in five years, ten years, twenty?

As Silver says, he really is going to rattle the stars.

Now let’s review before we go: 

  • Jim is kind.
  • Jim is smart.
  • Jim is brave.
  • Jim is impulsive
  • Jim is selfish
  • Jim is touchy and defiant as all hell.
  • Jim is stubborn
  • Jim is hardworking.
  • Jim was lost.
  • Jim is sensitive
  • Jim is just a kid

Just please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don’t ever forget Jim Hawkins.


We are wasting it, we are enjoying it, we want more of it and sometimes it flies: Time - the most precious thing we have. 

I’m sure you have said and heard the words “I don’t have enough time for that!“ plenty of times. Here’s what I think about it: it’s to 100% avoidable. Time is an illusion. We always have it when it comes down to it, and today I’m sharing 5 tips on how to make this thesis a fact

  1. Prioritise and make it a necessity. Take reading a book or going to the gym as serious as going to work or doing the groceries.
  2. Include the things you want to do in your time schedule and more important: Exclude the things you don’t wanna do. Saying “no” can be hard, but as long as you make your decision about opinion instead of feelings, nobody will get hurt in the progress and you’ll benefit.
  3. Don’t stress out about things before you actually need to do them. Enjoy the time you spend on something you like, and when it comes to the less funny part, give it your full attention and get it done.
  4. Chunk your “to do’s” down in one hour time frames (the amount of time our brain is able to focus on one thing). That way you’ll take it step by step and provide overwhelm.
  5. Our best friend: flight mode & “do not disturb”. You won’t believe how much your phone and especially social media is slowing you down in getting things done (even subconsciously). Get all kind of distractions out of your way.

My favourite tip is #1 though - it works so good. You know why? Lets do a little experiment

You tell yourself every day that you’re too busy with “important” things and don’t have the time to tidy up your room. You’ll eventually handle it until one day where you need to be at an appointment at 6 am - and suddenly can’t find your keys. You spend 35 minutes panically turning your room upside down until you finally sight them under your pillow (how did that even … ?) - anyways, the point is: You just spent 35 minutes. 35 minutes you were sure you wouldn’t have. You might be super stressed and late (what could’ve been avoided by making tidy up your room a priority) but the necessity of you needing your keys in order to leave the house made you having the time you were not supposed to have. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Therefore, time is nothing but an illusion and the quote

“I don’t have time” really means “it’s not my priority.”

is on point. I hope those tips will help you get the most out of your time and achieve everything you want to. For more, check out this video.
You’ll hear more from me soon gorgeous, xx

EXO Reaction ~ Accidentally Moaning While They’re Giving You A Back Massage

Request: Ok, so this is pretty much the opposite of my previous request. XD May I please have EXO react to massaging your back to get all the knots out after hard day when you unexpectedly moan REALLY erotically? XD Thanks!

A/N: Ok we gunna post a few things, I’m gunna update the masterlist and clear out any requests we aint gunna do then requests MIGHT or MIGHT NOT reopen (depends)


“Well, well… I wasn’t expecting that but I’m certainly not complaining…” *feels overly achieved for turning you on with just his hands on your bare back*


“That… What the hell was that…” *Litro takes a few moments to realize that you moaned out of sexual pleasure* “…Can I have a turn?”


“Well I don’t have that good good for nothing, now how about I show you how to blow it like a flute?” *Very badly suggests sex through his songs*


“How about we fix those knots later, I got some other ideas in mind” *Internal scream for adorable and innocent Kim Jongin*


“Just when I thought we were going to have a relaxing evening, you woke the SuDaddy in me” *Goes down on you heavier than his money on bank scales*


“Oh my goodness why, Jagi…” *Both of you young horny fuckers get turned up like a furnace*


“I’m going down in the history books for what I’m about to do to you, just you watch y/n…” *almost tears his gucci off his body in one quick motion*


“After that little stunt you’ll be seeing the stars of the galaxy tonight… My style” wink wonk


“Oh damn, you legit thinking what I’m thinking… Because I’m thinking of Netflix and Chill” *Smirk smirk*


*You don’t get anything but constant eyebrow wiggle from this kid and a sudden background music of ‘What U Want’ and ‘Lose Control’ playing from his phone*


“I knew I was good with my hands Jagi but I didn’t know I could make you shake the whole building with one moan by giving you a back massage” *Will tease you all the fucking time for this*


“Honestly, I just wanted to treat her to a normal and relaxing night in but no. What does she do? Moan as sexually frustrated as the beagle line is, I can’t fucking deal with this shit. One relaxing night, just one and she gave me the most noticing boner ever.” *Is ashamed, pissed and just generally doesn’t know what the fuck and how the fuck to feel*

10 ‘Huge’ Spoilers from US Weekly
  1. That baby is definitely coming. “We will see a baby” King said. “That story line is really one of the most out there story lines we’ve done”
  2. But also: The baby story line will blow your freakin’ mind. ‘Remember how King said in the paragraph above that the story line is “out there”? Let’s just say you should take her word on that.’
  3.  Toby is dead — or is he? Keegan Allen assured Us that Toby dies in that car crash at the end of the first half of season 7. But we’re going to go out on a limb and assume he’s pulling our leg.
  4. However, two major characters will indeed kick the bucket. King might have dreaded the idea of calling Allen to tell him his character is dead, but she did have to make that call to at least two — and possibly three! — cast members who play popular characters that get killed off in 7B. 
  5. A.D. is definitely not who you think it is. Tyler Blackburn claims about A.D., “You’ve never met them.” Say what?! He then clarifies, “You kind of have. When you see it, you’ll understand what I’m saying.”
  6. Wedding bells for Haleb? There will definitely be two weddings in 7B — one happens earlier in the season, and the other takes place during the finale. Benson says that Haleb will “100 percent” have a happy ending at the end of the series.
  7. Emison forever — right? Shay Mitchell (Emily) admits that it “would be satisfying” for Em and Alison to end up together, but she also thinks it would be fine if her character remained single.
  8. Say goodbye to Ms. Nice Mona. “She will definitely be in the thick of things — she’s going to try to help the Liars figure out what’s going on and solve the puzzle of who is A.D.,“ the actress says of her character. "You might see a little of darker Mona come back.”
  9. Ezria will always be Ezria. Ian Harding (Ezra) says that the pair will have a “rocky road” in 7B, but he also reveals that his character and Aria (Lucy Hale) will be getting quite hot and bothered at some point. He says of one upcoming 7B scene, “It will be the sexiest in history. I read it, and I was like, ‘Are we on HBO?’ But no, we’re on Freeform, also known as Freebase.” He adds that the same episode has a particularly gory scene, and when he read it, he thought, “There’s no way that’ll pass because it’s so bloody.”
  10. That finale will give you what you want. Except when it doesn’t. King is confident that the finale will give you what you want — but not necessarily what you think you want. “I’ve realized with the Mona reveal and the Toby surprise and the Charlotte reveal, there’s this fine line — hopefully I’ve learned from all of those — but there’s a fine line of people wanting to be surprised, yet not totally, completely surprised,” the producer tells Us.“They want to be a little bit right,” King continues about the show’s fans. “Somebody said recently, 'You always do the twist on the twist — that’s what makes your show different.’ This one has, I think, the biggest twist-on-the-twist we’ve ever done.”

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What’s your favorite dan and phil moment/video? Mine, personally, is the entire new baking video - truly a blessing.

I am like actually unable to answer this question. there are just SO MANY???? every video is a blessing. every moment is my favourite at the time of watching and then the next one I watch is my new favourite. instead I’ll just give you a minuscule list of underrated moments:

- dan helping phil take his skate off (idc how much we died this will always be underrated)
- “phil you little shit… he put that because he knows I’ve done it” (and just dan mentioning him every chance he gets when he’s not there and when it’s unnecessary)
- “you loved it… you wanna do it more.” “…….alright.”
- “are you excited to spend twelve hours on a plane together? we can play ispy!” *cue dan getting flustered and blushy*
- getting eyelashes off each other’s faces on MULTIPLE occasions
- “did you ever doubt your dream will ever come true?” *cue dan doing whatever the fuck that was*
- “get over it… get over it… he likes a festive drink…. get over it”
- “I think I’d be quite sad if you died…. and then I’d just be awkward for the rest of time. might as well kill us both.”
- *dan blowing into a moose’s asshole* “I hate phil.” *phil’s disappointed “shoulda seen that coming but ur still a menace” look*
- “we should have a mind meld me and you”
- “yeah, yeah, I know what you mean… somehow.” and “I love that I know you well enough to know when you’re doing an oyster sound.”
- “yeah, um….” *dan turning towards him to give him his full attention* “cool story phil.” *dan’s loudest hyena cackle ever*
- phil calling dan up on stage at the boncas what the FUCK
- every single moment of the best friend quiz and the newlyweds game (“friend test”)

okay if I don’t stop here it’ll go on forever. so yeah basically my favourite moment of theirs thus far is that one from 2009 until now.

Dream A Little Dream

A Bucky x Reader / angst, fluff

A/N: This is a rewrite of one of my fics, from my SPN blog called Beautiful Dreamer. If you want to read it, you can find it on my SPN masterlist. It’s always been one of my favorites and i think it works for Bucky as well. This is my first rewrite ever! Let me know what you think ♥

Word Count: 2,197

- language.
- scary scenery.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

When Bucky Barnes walks into a room, he demands attention. Not the ‘look at me I’m so attractive’ type of attention, but the ‘fuck with me and I’ll literally kill you’ type of attention. It’s intoxicating and disgustingly arousing, something you’re not even close to being used to. Your entire life had consisted of working at your family’s diner, busing and waiting tables for measly tips that couldn’t even buy you a box of tampons. Your life had been painstakingly boring, until that one unforgettable day your entire life changed.

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Underneath the cut is a guide to WHAT BEING EXTREMELY WEALTHY IS LIKE. I did not write this. I saw this on reddit. It is cut into net worths. I just figured it would be helpful for some of you since rich characters are popular. This guide splits it up in an understandable way! Please like/reblog this guide if you found it helpful!

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As a person with Complex PTSD, there are certain characters who also have C-PTSD who YES, they behave badly, but I’m not certain if people understand why.

I don’t mean this in terms of “This person/character was abused, therefore it excuses their actions” I mean this in terms of “This person/character was abused and they literally DO NOT KNOW another way to behave”.

Especially since fiction tends to have virtually no therapists.

Here’s the thing.  When you’re a kid - and a teen - still in that Learning How To Be A Person stage of things, if your parents/caregivers around you are abusive assholes?  That’s your primary frame of reference for modelling “How are people supposed to react to this?”

How are you supposed to react if someone does something that hurts your feelings - even accidentally?  How are you supposed to react if someone wants you to do something you don’t want to do - even something that might hurt you?  What’s the appropriate way to express how you feel about ANYTHING?

Abusers also tend to isolate you as much as they can, so you probably haven’t been exposed to Actual Sane, Reasonable People very much.  There’s a good chance that if you have any extended family, THEY don’t want to be around EITHER because your abusive parent is awful.  (Assuming they’re not also awful - which is also a thing that happens, especially in cases of intergenerational abuse.)

It doesn’t help that - even if you’re TRYING to, you just really don’t know how to handle a situation - it can end a lot of friendships because you didn’t know how to interact or how to handle feelings.

If someone’s being kind, is it a trap?  It MIGHT be.  It was the way you grew up.  Where’s the catch?  What do they WANT from you?

Teachers rarely see “this kid is being abused at home” they see “This kid is disruptive/withdrawn/weird”.

Maybe you blow up at people when you’re overwrought - nobody’s ever taught you how to calm down (and learning how to calm down and process feelings IS a learned skill, nobody’s born with it) or taught you constructive things to do with your feelings, and you still have PEOPLE HURTING YOU at home, so you’re pretty stressed out most of the time.

Maybe you get clingy to an extent that someone is uncomfortable - because HOLY SHIT, A PERSON DOESN’T THINK I’M SCUM, because you find that person and you latch on like an octopus.  For some reason you can’t FATHOM, they think you’re worthwhile.  Getting possessive of a person is not healthy, but you don’t know another way to be because you’ve never had or seen a healthy friendship modeled.

That’s another problem.  When somebody has been told they’re worthless and a burden for their whole life, a person giving them even a little affection and praise can lead to a situation where you would do absolutely anything for them.  It’s one of the reasons it’s so easy for a person from an abusive home to fall right into another abusive relationship (not just romantic/sexual relationships - ANY relationship where you’re being taken advantage of).

And you go with it because you might not even see yourself as someone who is worthy of existing as a person who has value inherently because you’re a person.

Maybe you’re afraid to set boundaries because “What if this person who likes me STOPS liking me because of it?” which can lead to resentment because they can’t read your mind, and then one day it gets to be too much, so you blow up over it.

I have absolutely been a complete asshole to people - friends, even, or potential friends - because I was trying to figure out how you are supposed to handle human interaction when I didn’t know how to set boundaries properly or say “This thing you are doing is bothering me”.

Even if you know “What my parents did was WRONG, so I should do something else”, well, what then?  Throw a dart at a list of EVERY POSSIBLE REACTION to a situation?  Knowing “not this one specific one” is not as helpful as you might think.

Not to mention there are people who will DESPERATELY deny that what happened to them was abuse.  Nobody wants to feel powerless, and admitting you were a scared child involves feeling powerless again.So, can anyone guess which character is on my mind?
Their S/O Have A Split Personality

requested: @orangettetwins : The main Creepypasta members having a split personality s/o? Please and thank you.

Thanks Darls for requesting, hope this is what you were looking for. I accidentally forgot to save it the first time so I had to re-write everything XD


Well, Liu has a split personality disorder so Jeff would be slightly experienced with this. He might not give two shits about his brother sometimes but he tries his best not to blow up when your other personality comes into play. Your boyfriends got anger issues but he tries his hardest to control it, he knows it’s not your fault for having a split personality. He might just take his anger on someone else…

(Examples include)

BEN Drowned: 

Ben is very chill with you having a split personality, he doesn’t mind you having it and thinks it’s cool that you have a uniqueness. He’ll kiss you and tell you that you’re great both ways to make you feel better about yourself and hope it works.

(Can I take a min to say how amazing this cosplayer is?) 


Eyeless Jack: 

He doesn’t really mind. Split personality or not he doesn’t find that a problem in the relationship. If your other personality goes off at him then he’ll just leave until you’re done and once done so he’ll just shrug it off knowing that there isn’t much he could do and it would be useless to get upset. He won’t bring up the subject unless necessary although he won’t say much about it. He loves you for the way you are. 

Laughing Jack: 

He’ll just laugh it off. But he gets annoyed if your split personality is rude or being arrogant then he’ll just come off as annoyed and when you’re normal self comes back he’ll just laugh it off as nothing happened. He knows you’re not in control of you whole personality and knows what it’s like to feel unloved and he’d never make you feel the way he did. 

Ticci Toby: 

Toby loves you for the way you are, he feels that you could both relate to the subject of having something you can’t control; you with your split personality and him with his tics. This is one of the reasons the pasta’s ship you both. He might get slightly scared of your other half if goes crazy and tries his best to help you out when you need it. You both talk about your split personality on a daily basis.


Masky will try to help as much as he can. He’ll be there when your personality snaps and will try his best to helpful. He normally knows what to do, however, if more help is needed then he’ll simply ask for Hoodie’s or Slender man’s assistance. He knows you’re not in control of your own personality disorder and will try his hardest to make sure you can get through it and know that he is there for you.



At first, Hoodie has no bloody clue what to do when your split personality snapped. He rapidly ran to Masky and Toby begging them to come help. After a while, he knew what to do to keep you from snapping. He’d try to remain calm when your other personality comes to play and tries his hardest not to snap back. He will ask about how you’re holding up when it’s just the two of you; asking questions such as “How’s it going” or “Anything I can do to help?” He wants to make sure you’re happy but is sometimes a tad clueless.

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Anonymous said: The recent fic is so cute btw! can you do one w/ cheerleader y/n +jeff everyone knows about them. A cheerleader is still making subtle moves despite y/n politely confronting her and jeff politely brushing her off. Jessica + Sheri are y/n’s support when it gets toxic in practice/games. Justin & Zach is also friends with y/n bc of jess and knows the situation. Once the jocks are together and some cheerleaders approach and the girl is at it again. Justin helps by passively trying to make her stop.

Author’s Note: Can you tell I was in a foul mood when writing this? I skipped passed polite and went straight for the jugular. Sort of o.O I’m so sorry, anon. I really shouldn’t let my moods get the best of me.

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“Alright, girls, that’s it for today. Great job!” Sheri applauds you and the other cheerleaders on a job well done. 

Everyone’s tired and sore, but the workout over learning a new routine feels good in a way that really shouldn’t and leaves everyone smiling. You and Jessica bump shoulders as you sidle up to one another, linking arms and skipping over to Sheri.

“Hey, Sheri-berri, we still on for tonight?” You ask.

“I don’t know, Y/N, are we?” She smirks. “You’re the one who always cancels when Jeff shows up.”

“Which is like.. all the time,” Jessica grins.

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Dating Min Yoongi

Originally posted by jeonbase

• This boy is my bias, but sadly I can’t see him being all that lovey dovey

• Considering the fact that he previously struggled with mental issues, you would need to be patient with him whenever he has his moments

• He wouldn’t be that big on PDA

• He would engulf himself in work throughout most of the day’s hours

• He would probably get a little annoyed if you randomly latched onto him

• Granted, you are his s/o so he wouldn’t neglect you

• He’s not big on PDA, but he wouldn’t mind harmless hand holding

• Since you’re there for him during his moments, he would be there for you as well

• He’d be a little awkward, not knowing what to say or do to comfort you

• But he’d realize that you need a shoulder, and he’d gladly give that to you

• While his working in the studio, he’d want you there with him

• Even if you fell asleep, he’d want you there

• Speaking of sleep, be prepared to be his personal pillow

• He’ll nap on your lap

• Your shoulder

• Your chest

• Thighs

• If his head can lay there comfortably, he’s taking a nap

• Sleepy Yoongi is a clingy Yoongi

• Sleepy Yoongi is also a grumpy Yoongi

• If you were in public and you hugged or kissed him, he’d probably react like the gif

• But we all know he loves this

• If you rapped to on if his songs and you sound good, be ready to see that gummy smile of his

• If you sound bad, be ready for those savage comments


• I’m stating the obvious, the boy’s tongue technology

• See he more than likely meant it for his rap skills, BUT let’s not rule out any other possible meanings for that tongue technology

• I honestly feel like he would voice his moans

• Like he’s always making random sounds and moans in daily activities, who says he wouldn’t moan like that in bed?

• He’s definitely a switch. I refuse to listen to anyone who says otherwise

• You could either be in bed with fluffy Yoongi or Savage Yoongi, you never know


• Y'all wouldn’t argue for the simple fact that he would walk out

• Should he stay, I feel like he would let you speak

• Now depending on which Yoongi you’re arguing with, his reaction could vary

• Fluffy Yoongi would be upset but have clear judgment

• Savage Yoongi would blow up and would probably make the situation worse

• But regardless of what Yoongi you’re arguing with, if he realizes he’s in the wrong, he’ll make it right

• Now if you’re in the wrong, he will say something to you, Fluffy or Savage, he’s saying something

• I feel like he’ll more than likely say it bluntly


• Get your mind out of the gutter, we already discussed that

• When it’s just you and Yoongi, I feel like he’ll be so playful

• He’s throwing pillows at you

• He’s dancing around like a fool

• He’s singing (horribly I might add)

• Making random faces

• Cooking with and for you

• Never letting you go to sleep with him telling you how he feels about you

• You’ll have conversations with him

• Some deep

• Some pointless

• Yoongi will have some trouble, but he’ll try his best to be the perfect guy for you

- Sariyah

paxthefox  asked:

How do I write a badass fight scene? I’m having so so much trouble please help. Thank you, I love you. 🖤

I was BORN to write this post.

Listen.  I know how you feel.  Fight scenes are so, so hard to get right, but they happen to be one of those things I really love and am really good at writing, so…you came to the right person?  Maybe?  That’s a hard maybe because I’ll have to see if I can put my process into words.

That said, let’s try to break this down.

Now the two things I think that make fight scenes hard to write is because A) you are describing almost every movement your two (or more) characters are executing and B) it’s hard to do that in a succinct and exciting manner without boring your reader.  I think if you can do them right, though, then you have your reader on the edge of their seat, able to visualize each manoeuvre with the same clarity that you did.

  • Before you even start writing, have one or two manoeuvres that you want to include.  Use those to try and build the scene in your head beforehand.  A good 30% of the scene I come up with as I write, but it comes easily as I write from one point to another.
  • When you get to the writing itself, try to vary the sentence length, leaning towards shorter sentences*.  It gives the illusion of a fast moving scene and it forces you to get across what’s happening without being too wordy.
    • *This can also be achieved with liberal use of commas and semi-colons!  (ex. “She blocked with her blade, angled the weapon, and shot” or “ She cocked her gun, shot again” or “Pop, hiss, a beam of light cut through the cloud beside her.  Screams followed, then cut short; her team had not escaped.”)
  • Try to use short words as well.  At the same time, though, don’t get repetitive.  Each sentence should be unique.
    • Important: don’t let grammar rules hold you back.  If that sentence fragment helps your flow, then who’s gonna stop you from using it?
  • To help keep fight scenes interesting, show your character’s personality.  You don’t have to have banter (although if your character is the type for it, I highly encourage you add some in because it makes for a lot of fun!) but have your character show who they are in how they fight.
    • Spiderman’s fights are a GREAT example of this.
  • Another thing to keep in mind: you should put a lot of thought into HOW your character fights and with what.  Does your character use guns?  Fists?  Knives?  Are they afraid to get hit and avoid it at all costs, or do they take blows with ease and fight on regardless?  Are they cocky and thoughtless?  Careful and intelligent?  How do they feel about the fight?  Are they confident about winning, or unsure?  Is this a serious fight for them, just another day at work, or something they find fun?  These questions can help make your scene unique and interesting instead of something your reader skips over with a yawn.
    • Additionally, keep your characters’ strengths and weaknesses in mind while they’re facing down.  Depending on their fight style, your character might be poorly matched up, lending to a losing battle.
    • Example: While I was going over why I couldn’t come up with material for a certain fight scene, I discovered that the problem was that my one character is a solo fighter by virtue of her abilities, and in this particular fight scene she was supposed to fight something with an ally.  There was no way they could fight side by side without it being a disaster, so I had to re-work the entire scene.
  • Use your environment!  Get your fighter to throw sand in their opponent’s eyes, smash plates over their head, stab them with a pencil (I’ll never forget that scene in John Wick (both movies have GOOD GOOD fight scenes, check it out!)).
  • Try not to make the fight too long.  If your characters are humans without any special enhancements, then they aren’t going to be able to fight for too long before they are in serious need of a break, ESPECIALLY if they’re accumulating injuries.  Keep within the realms of reality; your readers will only suspend their disbelief for so long.
    • I highly recommend you check out the fight scenes from Atomic Blonde.  The fighters become EXHAUSTED and it gives the scene a delicious atmosphere of desperation as they try to take the other down while being on the verge of collapse.
  • Look at reference.  Whether you’re looking up sparring matches on Youtube or even watching fight scenes from movies (yes, I know, not usually realistic but still fun to watch!) anything goes, really.  Make sure you have the specs of any weaponry in use.  If your character is using bullets, MAKE THEM RELOAD.  That pause can be used as a life or death moment AND it keeps things realistic!  Really spices things up.
    • John Wick reloaded.  Not all the time, but like…enough to make it interesting.  I really like the John Wick movies.
  • Now that you have your fight scene and you’re happy with it, make sure you edit.  If you’re anything like me, your fight scene will go through a bunch of minor changes, adding in dialogue or removing and fixing confusing and vague sentences.
  • Which brings me to my final point: you need to wait.  Once you’re content with your scene, let it sit for a few weeks to a few months.  Yeah, that long.  Let it fade from your mind.  Don’t even think about it!
  • And then, when you finally re-read it, you’ll have forgotten your intention with the scene and actions.  Go through and fix the parts that are vague or confuse you; if YOU can’t figure out what you were trying to do there, chances are your readers won’t either.  Even if you figure it out after puzzling for a few seconds, that’s enough to pull your reader from the action and that won’t do.  FIX IT.

Aaaand that’s all that I can come up with at the top of my head, but if you want specifics about something or another, shoot me another ask and I’ll talk about it more.

EDIT: Also wanna add: music!  I usually listen to badass instrumental songs while I’m working.  Really gets you in the mood.

Take Your Time
Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt just gets it. 

I don’t wanna steal your freedom.

I don’t wanna change your mind. 

I don’t have to make you love me.

I just wanna take your time.

I don’t wanna blow your phone up. 

I just wanna blow your mind.

I don’t have to take your heart. 

I just wanna take your time.

Where She Went (Part 2)


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: daveed and reader were high school sweethearts who had a bad breakup, fate (and a well-timed cello concert) brought them together in NYC. they had a lot of catching up to do.

warnings: swearing, mentions of car wrecks and death, smut at the end because i’m still me after all.

word count: 6,459

a/n: ayyy it’s day five of the @hamwriters write-a-thon which is reverse POV day. this is a continuation of my lit day fic, linked at the top of this post, and i can’t tell u how to live ur life but it really would make more sense if you read that first. love u!!!!!!!! hope it was worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!! 

“Daveed,” you breathe. “Hi- I, um…I hadn’t really figured you’d come backstage.”

Daveed shifts uncomfortably, looking around the room.

“Yeah, well…I almost didn’t,” he admits, rubbing the back of his neck.

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Hugging in Overwatch

Soldier 76: We all saw his perfect hug form in the Hero short. He’s hard and cold on the outside, but Morrison’s a huge softy deep down who enjoys a little love. He could probably use a hug anyway, preferably from behind so you can get a nice feel of those glorious shoulders. Bet his jacket feels cool against skin. He’ll likely pull you in tightly and pat your head as a secret vow of protection. 

Reaper: Reaper desperately needs a hug, even if he’ll be put off by it at first. His form might not be solid enough to accept hugs but once you get past the leather and smoke, there’s some sort of soft concrete form to hang onto, no matter how off it might feel. He’ll be hesitant to hug back and will probably just give you a soft pat on the shoulder to let go. He’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the day.

Tracer: She’s just as eager to hug as you are, good luck getting a hold of her though. Tracer is the dog pile variant of huger, extremely dangerous and unpredictable as your feet are thrown out from you from her zipping into existence. Surprise hugs are the best hugs in her book, even if they sometimes involve the floor.

Genji: His body is cold but his heart sure isn’t. Genji really appreciates physical contact in his new form and his few organic parts get all fluttery from something as sweet as a hug. He’s a fan of the behind and around the waist types, chin resting on shoulder. He’ll even remove his face plate just so you know he’s smiling.

McCree: Strong-Arms-McCree isn’t use to hugs beyond a firm shoulder squeeze, but giving him a full on bear hug is the best way to go and he’ll quickly return it by gripping you just as a roughly. His hugs are aggressive but loving and playful. If he’s got liquor in his system, he’ll give you huge, smothering hugs without any preamble. Sometimes kisses if he really likes you.

Sombra: Hugs feel kind of weird to her what with all the implants not making contact with something mechanical, though she supposes it’s fine. Also doesn’t like to get her hair ruined though she won’t hesitate if you go for it first. Try with a nice, soft hug around the waist and she’ll return it. She probably won’t even hesitate to kiss you if she’s really interested, just a quick peck on the forehead or boop on the nose. If you hear a faint typing noise, get away.

Pharah: When it comes to providing any sort of physical constant, Fareeha isn’t familiar with anything beyond a firm handshake and salute. She’ll be put off guard by a hug and engaging in one with her are rather uniform and stiff, as if she’s trying to get it just right. Overtime, she’ll become more comfortable and give you strong and supportive hugs around the shoulders with a warm welcome.

Torbjörn: His height might involve some crouching though it only makes it easier to fully embrace Torb in a hug. He’s small but bulky and can give some surprisingly strong and affectionate hugs to anyone in need. He is a father after all and loves some good old affection every now and then if he isn’t smothering his turrents.

Widowmaker: She’s foreign to any sort of warmth so hugs might catch her off guard. But if she does accept, expect a hug that’s as long and elegant as she is, taking full control and capturing you in a cuddly web. Her hair is very soft and the coolness of her skin is actually kind of nice. You might need to worry if her hands settle around your neck.

Mei: Just the sweetest, softest choice for a hug. Mei is a fan of the cold, but the warmth of being embraced is something she adores. She gets really into it though and will be dominating by the end, rocking you back and forth as she coos sweet things in Mandarin. She’s just a huge cuddle bug, really.

Junkrat: Yes, he may be insane but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve hugs. It’s the only time he’ll stand still, really, and he’s bound to get all emotional and bury his face into your chest like a shy puppy. His hair nearly makes your clothes catch on fire. Very sweet and clingy and will softly hum in bliss. You’re gonna have to pry him off yourself though if Roadhog doesn’t do it.

Bastion: With one hand and one gun arm and a huge, bulky body, Bastion is pretty bad at the whole hugging thing. Otherwise, he really enjoys them. But don’t worry, simply talking to him or laying next to his turret form is enough for him to get all beepy. Also pats on the head are appreciated. 

Hanzo: He’ll insist he doesn’t like hugging and certainly won’t be the first to provoke it, especially since displays of affection aren’t really his thing. Once you’re alone and comfortable, he might give you a quick but meaningful hug with his eyes closed and you just close enough to feel his beard against your skin..and breakaway as if it never happened. Don’t bother bringing it up, he’ll deny it. He doesn’t know you.

D.Va: Miss Song is actually quite affectionate with fans and won’t mind blowing kisses and giving out quick hugs if she’s asked. She’s small and bouncy but getting her to stand still is pretty easy if you ask politely. She’s smaller than most people so she’ll appreciate resting her head against your chest or standing on her tip toes to get in closer. Anything for her fans.

Orisa: “Would you like a hug” is literally one of her voice lines. Of course she’d love a hug! Similar to Bastion, she is rather large though her heart is just as solid. You probably won’t even need to ask her directly, just generally move in her direction with a sad face and she’ll sweep you up immediately for a comforting but not too smothering embrace. Be careful though, she doesn’t quite know her own strength. 

Zarya: She will hug you like big Siberian Bear, no? Zarya is an intimidating option but that strong body can be awfully plushy in the right situation. Zarya is the one who loves to dominate the hugs, surprising you by lifting you off the ground and swinging you back in forth. You’re not sure if this is a display of affection or her strength. 

Roadhog: Roadhog definitely knows how to hug and hug well. This will likely be a full on tummy hug, but he thinks its sweet and will lean down to wrap his big arms around you. Really easy to get smothered but it isn’t the worse thing ever. Expect really heavy pats on the back that knock the wind out of you.

Winston: He’s a scientist very fond of the science of affection. He’ll be put off guard at first but will laugh and give you a big, loving hug that has you buried deep into his fur. He smells like peanut butter and apologizes about it but you think it’s just fine.

Reinhardt: Hugs make Reinhardt feel energized, he thrives off affection. There’s a ten out of ten chance you’re much smaller than him, so know you won’t be taking charge of this one. Similar to Zarya, he’s all about sweeping you off your feet and throwing you around as if you weigh nothing. Don’t expect him to let go for very long, you’re gonna be perched on his shoulder for at least the next ten minutes as his little buddy.

Ana: As a mother, Ana knows plenty about hugging. She has a touch only a woman her age seems to carry, very soft and gentle and having a certain way of squeezing the sadness out of you. Kisses on the forehead and the most sincere compliments are bound to ensue. You might find candy in your pocket later.

Symmetra: Sophisticated and stoic, getting a hug out of Satya is a challenge. If you manage to get her out of her comfort zone to accept you touching her in such a way, expect something surprisingly sentimental and warm, even with the artificial arm. Has she been practicing? She seems to have this whole process memorized from the way to rock you back and forth, softly hum, and the perfect moment to let you go. You won’t see her face for a minute, but she’ll be smiling softly the whole time.

Mercy: Hugs are verified medical procedures, right? In a very kind and motherly fashion, she’s very fond of soft rocking as she rests her cheek on your head and says the nicest things. Angela’s favorite way to greet people actually is hugging though can’t always take part in it due to her professional environment.

Lucio: Much like D.Va, Lucio adores his fans and will embrace them in big warm hugs as quickly as possible. With the roller blades on, his speed will certainly be a benefactor to how much of a push you’ll be receiving from a charging collision. But you don’t mind, you laugh and he laughs and you feel so happy and whole just from the contact.

Zenyatta: Don’t hug an Omnic? Silly! Zenny loves hugs and similar to Mercy, he finds them to be a spiritual and healthy way to relieve stress. He’ll hug you all day if you want. He’ll let you rest your head in his lap. He doesn’t care as long as your comfortable and in harmony with the moment. 

Beautiful Dreamer

A Dean x Reader

A/N: This is my entry for @avasmommy224 ‘s Birthday Writing Challenge! I’m not sure what genre this is, it’s just something that came up when I thought of my prompt. I haven’t written much, so be gentle. Let me know what you think. I hope you like it, girl! Happy Birthday! ♥

Prompt: I dreamed of you. I dreamed you were wandering in the dark, and so was I. We found each other. We found each other in the dark.

Word Count: 2,056

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

When Dean Winchester walks into a room, he demands attention. Not the ‘look at me I’m so attractive’ type of attention, but the ‘fuck with me and I’ll literally kill you’ type of attention. It’s intoxicating and disgustingly arousing, something you’re not even close to being used to. Your entire life had consisted of working at your family’s diner, busing and waiting tables for measly tips that couldn’t even buy you a box of tampons. Your life had been painstakingly boring, until that one unforgettable day your entire life changed.

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