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What did you think of the new episode? I think it's my favorite of the season, maybe of the series. The silliness and the references might have been a little overboard, but it was totally worth it to see Rainbow's emotional side.

While I outwardly flinched over the “Winter is coming” line since the show is normally better at keeping its pop culture references more varied and less focused on the current trends, otherwise I liked the episode just fine.  It was a really creative way to address the issue of a pet’s death (as close as the writers are able to approximate since there’s no way they could actually kill off a pet), and I think that’s a good sort of lesson for kids to have.  There aren’t a lot of shows that would approach such an emotional issue and I think the episode handled it well.

A lot of folk have been criticizing the level of silliness or how extreme Rainbow Dash’s emotions were in the episode, but I don’t mind them at all myself.  On the meta side of things, Rainbow Dash was being worked through the Kübler-Ross model in rapid succession, so it’s understandable that many emotional shifts would seem rushed in a 22 minute cartoon.  Additionally, the zaniness of Rainbow Dash’s antics while she was in the “bargaining” phase trying to stop winter and sabotage the weather factory help to soften the overall weight of the episode.  Imagine if you’re showing this episode to a child who is in the process of, or has just, lost their pet to disease, age, or accident.  Isn’t it better to give them something that can hopefully get a giggle out of them?  Finally, in-character, Rainbow Dash has always been a wild bundle of emotions and strong reactions.  Seeing her rush through so many so quickly was a little jarring, but it never really seemed out of character for her.

Additionally, none of the other characters ever scolded Rainbow Dash for her extreme emotions or made her feel bad for having them, which I think is important.  They all acknowledged that Rainbow Dash was going through a hard but inevitable problem, and that she was reacting poorly but understandably.  Tank is Rainbow Dash’s first pet, so this is the first time she’s had to encounter the possibility of losing a beloved pet.  Children will also be in that exact same situation themselves, so it’s good that the episode shows that it’s alright to work through those emotional phases and that one is not wrong or bad for feeling them.  I also liked the bit at the end with Twilight and Applejack: Twilight taking a strictly logical route and not being bothered by the situation itself so much as its impact on her friend, and Applejack “crying on the inside” showing that she does indeed fully sympathize but prefers not to outwardly express it.  That goes to show that it’s alright to express concern or one’s own emotions in different ways beyond just venting.

So, all in all?  A good episode.  It had a distinct message it was trying to convey and I think it it did it rather well given the target audience.  It had great animation and expression with the characters, lots of fun references, the “Winter Nuke” was feckin’ hilarious, there was a fun song for Rainbow Dash’s first solo number in the series, and it also ran my favorite “MLP Who’s On First” style of gag with some background Ponies.  On top of it all, there was legitimate character development not only for Rainbow Dash, but also Fluttershy!  I have no complaints.

okay so i’m trying to talk about my time in turkey for theschuylersisters so i might as well share it with everyone!! i hope you don’t mind, elana

my favorite days (i can’t pick one) were in kapadokya. that place is magic and i climbed EVERYTHING and there is so much to see! you’d think there could be only so much beauty in any given place but it seemed infinite. there were so many things to see. we were hiking and we saw a church cut out of the rock? just a random church? they’re everywhere? there are THOUSANDS of them? like? i felt so happy and adventurous and excited! it was amazing.

my favorite word was pide because i LOVE pide. but also: teşekkür eredim, ürgüp, beyazıt, beyoğlu, üsküdar, soykırımı (weird. i know. i dont like the meaning but the SOUNDS), pencere (sorry for any mistakes i made)

Dear anonymous,

By entering the ask box of your favorite artist/blogger, you are entering their playground. The fact that you can see it in public space does not change anything about that.

Perhaps you are going anonymous because what you have to say might be considered rude and/or mean. If this is the case, don’t do it at all.

If you want to ask for ‘more of X’ that is a thing that you could do. Maybe the person behind the ask box is willing to do so, maybe not, that is their decision. Do not ever try to make it yours.

If you want to say that they have to ‘stop doing Y’, don’t. It is not your decision, and it is definitely not your place to ever ask for such a thing, even if you hate ‘Y’ with the power of a thousand suns.  If it truly bothers you that much, unfollow the blog and move on.

“But I liked it when they did the thing X for fandom A! And I really don’t like they turned to do the thing Y for fandom (A to infinity).”

If this is the case, the same answer applies. You need to move on. There is no reason whatsoever to try to kill the joy anyone is having in their own space and in their own time. Even if you hate it with the power of a thousand suns. It is not your time, not your space and definitely not your decision. 

“But person P is doing exactly what person Q is asking!”

That’s their decision and theirs only.

As you may or may not have noticed, people tend to inspire each other *all the time*. I’ve seen the most marvelous art as reaction on fanfic and vv., fanmixes based on either and also vv., people doing word wars and enjoying fandom in all its facets. The key here is that all sides are enjoying what they are doing. 

What are you bringing to your fandom?

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Do you think you will always have a soft spot for S1-S3 Stelena? I think I might because Dobsley chemistry.

I LOVE the Dobsley chemistry. It’s wonderful. I’ve already answered this question before, so I’ll just copy and past an excerpt. :)

Actually, to be honest seasons 1 and 2 are my favorites. As much as I hate Stelena now, I actually am able to watch those seasons and think “They were so cute when they were together.” There was a long time (approximately 2 years) that I was unable to watch any Stelena scenes and not get pissed off knowing how much heart break was headed Stefan’s way. However, now that I’m confident that Stefan is going to find contentment (if not happiness) at the end of his story I am able to compartmentalize those Stelena years and look at them as a part of his journey. So instead thinking “Stefan, get far far away from her! She’s going to rip your heart out and crush it!,”  when I watch seasons 1 & 2  I now think, “Aw yes. Stelena was fun while it lasted, but there is something even better for Stefan out there.”

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Why didn't you like the way Brock was treated in DP? Please give some instances...

I can’t really give instances because it’s not just instances, it’s his DP run as a whole. He was in the background almost constantly while Ash and Dawn got the spotlight–which wouldn’t be bad per se since Ash and Dawn were the stars and Brock was the sidekick, but he often felt so irrelevant that he might as well not have been there and the main difference in the group dynamics would have been that Ash and Dawn wouldn’t have had anyone to cook for them. The DP group is my least favorite because it never really felt like a group, the dynamic wasn’t really Ash-Dawn-and-Brock to me, more like Ash-and-Dawn-(oh yeah, Brock too). He got some good episodes, but when the focus wasn’t specifically on him he was mostly just useless and stale.

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I have a female character who's black and a lesbian; she doesn't have as much of an arc at the beginning of the series, but is developed more in the prequels near the end. At some point in the middle of the series, I plan to have her die as an important part of her best friend's character arc. Do you think this would get me accused of unfortunate implications? (She isn't the only queer character or person of color.)

Erm. Well, I can’t say it’s my favorite idea in the world. If you could get the same effect in some other way or without killing her, it might be better. But ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether you can pull it off in a manner that makes it feel true, honest, and doesn’t make her feel like a token woobie character that’s just there for you to feel sorry about. (Sorry if that’s a little blunt… it’s just a general commentary on writing in general and nothing to do with your particular idea.) 

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Not the same anon but it's ridicoulis how people send you hate. I like your blog a lot and Delena is my favorite ship from the beginning of the show. Spread love anon who send hate to this blog, instead of hate. Accept the ships from others and ship your own. So easy is that.

Oh thanks for this anon!! When I saw I had another message I thought it might be more hate, but this made me feel a whole lot better!! :)

I agree, that’s what my friend scienter just posted about :)

my mom said she’d get me things when she can for my phil collection

i’ve never actually had a collection go anywhere before, i usually just had like one or two things when i’d try to start one and they just sat there and i never got anything to add to it

and then i lost interest and it just died

or it never lived in the first place

but i feel like phil will be my favorite thing for the rest of my life and i am excited

even if i stop listening to his music and i stop making gifs of him, i will never get over how great he is and he will still be my favorite and he will be the first one i think of when anyone asks what my favorite band or artist or actor or person is, even if i’m obsessed with somebody/something else at the time

my phil things will never leave my shelves/walls

-impromptu trip to Japan

-much aesthetic.

-cherry blossom selfie


-proposal theories??

-cuddly rainy studio ghibli museum picture

-matching coffee aw,

-5am wedding venue favorite?????

-“lol must have faved it in my sleep gonna keep it just cuz,” Dan u little shit

-apparently as of April gay marriage is ok in Japan??

-I’m not saying they’re getting married


-they might be getting married

-and that’s what you missed on glee


Person of Interest rewatch » 1x23 Firewall
“We got a new number: Caroline Turing.”
“Oh, she’s a lot prettier than Fusco.”

Lil Steven-Lapis-fusion (blue lace Agate), lil older!Steven n Lapis bein happy, lil Steven n Lapis bein sad

My one and only requirement for the ending of Steven Universe is that these two end up okay, maybe even somewhat in each other’s vicinity so they can help each other recover from all the bs they’ve been through

and please try not to drown the child again, Lapis, that’s counterproductive

[The] Hospital is an interesting place isn’t it? All roads lead to the hospital. You’re born here, you’re sick here, we get well here. All these big dramatic moments and the hospital just gobbles them up. Do you think a hospital has memories? I bet it does. I bet when I walked in it thought “oh, you again, you’re the little boy who broke his leg in 1966, hello old friend!”. Woah, a talking hospital, that would be cool.
—  Niles from Frasier, 8x10 “Rooms with a View ”
This is the day I mourn for Grey’s Anatomy.

Bear with me, friends. I might not be able to post book-related stuff today because of the emotional stress the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode gave me.

All my favorite characters are gone.

You got George O’Malley (dead).

Then Izzie Stevens (not dead but gone away).

And then Lexie Grey (tragically died).

Oh and let us not forget about Mark fucking Sloan (also dead).

They also took Addison Montgomery away.

And the one I can’t accept, Cristina Yang (also not dead but still off the show)

And now.. Derek Shepherd?? 

I’m just going to wait for the season finale..


I know it’s not Shonda Rhimes’ fault but I don’t know what else to pine for in the next seasons.

With Glee ending last month, Chris Colfer closed a chapter in his life.

Luckily for his Gleeks, the 24-year-old wrote a whole book to enchant them – and PEOPLE has the exclusive title and cover reveal of his latest novel, The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms.

The fourth installment in Colfer’s bestselling fantasy series for children, Beyond the Kingdoms finds brothers Connor and Alex embarking on new adventure and promises to unearth secrets from their past.

“I’m just so excited for the fans to see it. I think it might be my favorite cover and my favorite book so far,” Colfer tells PEOPLE. “Brandon Dorman, who is my illustrator, is an absolute genius, and he blows me away whenever I get sent his art.”

Beyond the Kingdoms hits shelves July 7. In the meantime, here’s what Colfer has to say about The Land of Stories, Glee and what’s next for his career.

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i thought since i ain’t really up for making something big for 4/13 i might as well just make a little john gif masterpost including some reverse demonstuck john and punk john. he is my favorite homestuck character and such a joy to cosplay as, and considering i am p sure this is the last 4/13 when homestuck will be unfinished, i just wanted to express how thankful i am for this stupid cosplay and webcomic and for how many people it has lead me to meet. this stupid webcomic has made me so happy and i am so glad that it exists. happy birthday john, i hope you have a good one <3

9000+ Followers, Holy Bejeesus Batman!

I can finally use this gif/reference on a personal level:

Thank you to everyone who’s chosen to follow me! It blows my mind that over 9000 people find me interesting enough to follow this blog, whatever your reason may be <3 (Oh yeah, and just to throw this out there, DragonballZ will ALWAYS be my favorite show on the planet; my first slash fic I ever wrote was Trunks x Goten, and I was 12. It’s STILL up on, and it’s some of the funniest shit ever, namely cause I was fucking twelve lmao)

To those of you who are new here and haven’t been following me for long, here’s some info that might be helpful :)

“Following OhCaptainMyCaptain” 101…

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