it might fall apart

Stan hugs him tightly but carefully, treating Ford as if he might fall apart at any moment. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that he might. He quivers like a leaf and makes no move to return the hug. Stan wouldn’t expect him to.

Another drawing inspired by @embulalia‘s fic. I’d illustrate every bit of it if I could. I mean it. 

Did anyone else notice the way McCoy’s hands were shaking when he was climbing out of the ship after it had crash landed. It’s only there for like a second before he pulls himself out, but it’s there.

This is the man who is afraid of dying in something that flies. He’s flown this alien craft and has actually survived to see land again. But there’s no way he’s doing all right. Cause like, this here, these things that are happening, are like his worst nightmares coming true. 

Then Spock pulls himself out of the ship, with a piece of pipe in his side, and McCoy stops trembling. 

Instead of falling apart though, which realistically he could and might have, he pulls himself together because he’s a doctor and there’s someone that needs his help. I feel like this just sums up Bones’ character perfectly. All the shit he puts up with, and let’s be real there’s a lot of shit, he puts up with because he couldn’t stand to think of any of his friends getting hurt or dying when he knows damn well he can put them back together.


ot3 moodboards ||  damelux modern au

everyone knows that ben solo and poe dameron have spent most of their young lives in love. so it’s no surprise that as soon as ben moves back home after graduating from college, poe proposes to him. the only (huge) hiccup is that the man they hire as a wedding coordinator is perfect in too many ways for both of them. he’s stunning, completing and complimenting their existing relationship in every way. what starts off as casual flirting escalates into more and they realize over the course of just a few weeks that everything they thought was set in stone might be unraveling, falling apart and coming back together in an entirely new and frightening way. the big question is: will hux have them. (fic coming soon, with @mob-lake)
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But Maggie had told her that they should be friends, and there’s a reason for that, too – Alex needs to find her feet, wade out into the water, and maybe in a few months’ time when everything isn’t so shiny (she’s really come to hate that word) and new, they can revisit what could have been if Maggie hadn’t shut her down that day.

That move is up to Maggie, though, because Alex can’t stand to have her heart destroyed all over again.

For now, friends is enough, even though it’s torture. It’s torture being around Maggie, so close and yet feeling so far – they don’t touch, not really, Maggie careful to keep her distance and Alex willing to let her because she thinks if she feels Maggie’s hands on her skin she might fall apart. It hurts when she catches the way other women look at her whenever they’re together, and Maggie, bless her, doesn’t flirt back with them even when there’s a spark of interest in her eyes that tells Alex that she really, really wants to.


the foxes dreamcast ⇒ ashley moore as dan wilds

Dan got up and crossed the room to give Neil a careful hug. She didn’t hold him like Abby once had, like she thought he might fall apart without her support. There was a muted ferocity in the fingers that bit into his arms and he could feel the tension in her body where she leaned against him. This wasn’t comfort; it was something protective and defiant. She was staking claim over him as one of her team.

Soulmate AU where your world floods into color when you first see your soulmate. One meeting, Grantaire shows up drunk and is ensnared by just how beautiful the world looks when he’s looking at whoever is giving the speech. he can’t quite pinpoint how it’s different, but he knows that everything has changed. 

For Enjolras, however, nothing is different. He looks at Grantaire and he sees disappointment, sometimes anger and sorrow but he never truly sees Grantaire for what he is because Grantaire is always drunk and Enjolras simply cannot get him to be serious. 

As the revolution goes on and is getting less and less successful, Enjolras is scared and confused about what might happen to him and all of his friends. Everything is falling apart around him and he’s backed up into a wall by the national guardsmen. He hears a shout from the back of the room and suddenly the world bursts into vibrant colors. He can see the blood on the street below him and the paleness of his skin, and finally, for just a moment, he can see Grantaire.

Reyna met Annabeth at thirteen years old. She braided Annabeth’s hair and painted her nails.

Reyna had already been through so much, and she was about to go through so much more. She’d had a hand in choosing what she wanted to do after leaving Puerto Rico with her sister Hylla, but Annabeth, at thirteen years old and desperate, forced her into situations she couldn’t control. 

Fighting pirates and monsters. Scrounging for food. Hylla leaving her to join the Amazons. It all happened because of Annabeth. She would have stayed on Circe’s island resort without Percy and Annabeth showing up and making things fall apart. She might even have made a good sorceress.

Instead, Reyna joined the Twelfth Legion. Became praetor. 

Everyone knows the middle. Reyna sees Annabeth again and asks her to take a walk with her around New Rome.They talk about fathers who hated them, fights they’ve won and lost. Reyna is the first person Annabeth trusts to meet the other members of the Seven in Greece, and Reyna returns that trust so fully that she flies across the Atlantic at Annabeth’s request alone. 

Everyone knows the end, too. Annabeth’s mother Athena grants Reyna her cloak to  protect her in battle, the final piece in uniting the camps. A Roman wearing the cloak of a Greek goddess. 

It ends with Annabeth and Reyna, but it began with them too.

It was an accident. Newt knew how to handle animals, how to make them gentle and pliable, but when it came down to it - they were still wild. And sometimes they got spooked. The lessons about who stays out of who’s territory in the case had been established between the animals themselves, but it was sometimes necessary for Newt to come between them if there were potentially to be a life-ending fight. Some of the animals in the case were just part of his living ecosystem - food for the fwooper, breeding colonies to make his life a little easier caring for these creatures. But he couldn’t let some fights play out - or his whole case and the enchantments in it might fall apart. He currently had an ice drake in the environment previous owned by the obscurus; once again, a creature rescued from poachers.

Unfortunately, the drake had rather a prediliction for attacking the erumpent. This would never end well - Newt had no choice but to act. And so he’d moved between them, wand at the ready - and taken the toll for his brave action. The drake was back in it’s enclosure, as was the erumpent, but Newt was losing blood fast from the four gashes that had torn his clothes and his skin both. His mind pushed for him to get help before he passed out, up the stairs, shutting the case and staggering into the real world as he splattered blood everywhere he stood.

papa gâteau, pt. II

speaking French between the sheets…

Summary - Ashton Irwin is a French speaking, rich businessman, and it’s (Y/N)’s birthday, so why not take her to fucking Paris.

Word Count - 10.5k 

Contents - daddy!kink, and, well, sex. 

Author’s Note - i have no chill. Excuse my French grammar, it’s not perfect. Also not my gif, but isn’t it great? 

Enjoy! Xx

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part one

“There you are, babe,” He wrapped an arm around your waist as you found him, back by the furniture. “Thought I lost you for a second.”

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skipingschool  asked:

jotakak for the ship thingy

  • who is more likely to hurt the other?: on accident? I feel like it’d be Jotaro, just because Kakyoin is the least strong or burly in the friend-group. I mean, even I accidentally used to hurt people a lot cause my bro fist bump things were way stronger than I expected and I’m a weak fuck. Otherwise I feel like they wouldn’t really even be in a position to hurt each other. Not after that first meeting
  • who is emotionally stronger?: I feel like they just deal differently. Jotaro bottles his freak outs up if he has them, so in the moment he might deal with emotional issues better but on the long run it’ll mess with him. Kakyoin might start falling apart in stressful situations (like with Death 13) but he’ll solve the issue relatively quick and moves on
  • who is physically stronger?: Jotaro 
  • who is more likely to break a bone?: Kakyoin 
  • who knows best what to say to upset the other?: Jotaro but he sees no reason to 
  • who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?: Kakyoin, but it’s more likely he does it out of politeness and actually makes up for it later when he actually calms down more 
  • who treats who’s wounds more often?: I feel like Kakyoin is the kind of person who has bandaids and stuff on his person just in case, so he insists even if Jotaro didn’t even notice whatever it is
  • who is in constant need of comfort?: I don’t think either of them is 
  • who gets more jealous?: Sometimes Jotaro is a bit miffed because Kakyoin gets along with people so much easier than him, but he doesn’t really think anything will happen. Kakyoin is sometimes a bit irrationally jealous about random things but he never even had friends before so he’s not that good in figuring things out
  • who’s most likely to walk out on the other?: Jotaro is more likely to go “fuck it” and leave to cool down or let Kakyoin cool down if need be, just because he doesn’t need that ‘drama’ in his life
  • who will propose?: Boy I don’t know
  • who has the most difficult parents?: Jotaro has the most messed up weirdo family who all have wildly clashing personalities, Kakyoin is a messed up weirdo child who is loved by confused parents… so… both family lives are a bit difficult but ok 
  • who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?: Kakyoin sometimes wraps Hierophant’s tentacles around Jotaro’s hand
  • who hogs the blankets?: Neither 
  • who gets more sad?: Kakyoin  
  • who is better at cheering the other up?: Kakyoin
  • who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?: Also Kakyoin
  • who is more streetwise?: Jotaro
  • who is more wise?: Kakyoin
  • who’s the shyest?: Kakyoin
  • who boasts about the other more?: Jotaro but he does it subtly so usually it takes a while for people to catch on how highly he thinks of Kakyoin
  • who sits on who’s lap?: I doubt Jotaro would fit in Kakyoin’s lap so…

(GZtale belongs to @golzy)

Melancholy Ganz. We all know him by now.

A strong, badass, awesome skeleton who has devoted his whole life to protecting Ganz, his brother and close friend.

You may think he is fearless at first, that nothing can rattle him.

But you are wrong.

These are all proof of how fragile he actually is.

Yet he has to stay strong, to pretend he’s fine, to protect Ganz. To be a role model. Keep in mind that he has done this for more than a decade.

He might just fall apart one day.

But we won’t let that happen.

To Mel:

It’s ok to have fears and weaknesses.

It’s ok to cry.

You don’t have to act strong all the time.

‘Cause it’s ok to fall once in a while.

You’re not alone.

Someone out there really cares about you.

We’re with you.

Don’t give up.


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I'm scared that the fandom might fall apart now. Soo many people are jumping ship or withdrawing. I love this fandom so much. It feels so good to talk to people about my secret obsession that is Robron. No matter how bad everything seems right now: I still believe in them. And Robert is willing to confess everything. And it can only get better from here on. Please, stay onboard and don't give up as well.

One of the saddest things about this whole train wreck is what it’s done to the fandom. It’s hard to watch everyone be so upset, especially because I’m right there with them.

I’m not leaving completely but I don’t think I’m going to draw anything for the foreseeable future. Just don’t have it in me. It’s only been a day though so maybe my sadness will fade but for the moment I’m going to take that much needed robron drawing break I’ve been meaning to take since the end of inktober. Maybe I’ll go back to having a normal sleep schedule. Who knows.

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The other day I saw the episode where Zak gets scared by a donkey. I was laughing my ass off. The genuine fun he seemed to have, well, all of them seemed to have when Nick was still around is absolutely devastating to not see anymore. What do you think made Zak the douchebag he is nowadays?

lol I think it might be a few things. Maybe nick leaving, his personal relationships falling apart, and also his nose job seemed to happen around the same time. I think he just let “fame” go to his head.

So, I’ve been thinking. Naruto goes on and on about how Sasuke is ‘in the darkness’ (at least until he becomes a good little pawn of the system), and the more I think about it, the more I wonder if it wasn’t actually the other way around. Sasuke saw the system for what it was–a corrupt, abusive beast that could only function by being corrupt and abusive and might well fall apart if it ever stopped being those things–and he was the only one who saw it for what it was. He was the only one who saw that the system was intrinsically abusive, and that it needed to go. That doesn’t sound like someone who was ‘in the darkness.’ To me, Sasuke sounds like he was the only one who saw the light. It was everyone else in Konoha who was in darkness, the darkness of accepting a corrupt system of power as right and good and making life hell for anyone who didn’t toe the line. Konoha was in the darkness, and in forcing Sasuke to accept things as they were, they dragged him down into the dark with them.