it might change by tomorrow - but now.. i am happy


Billie Piper

-As alwaysI do have a step by step for this one so if anyone’s interested just ask:)

oK so my school vacation ends…. next wednesday then i’m back in university since i’m applying to a new job and i’M SO HAppy. i manage to get to work for a new company and earn more to pay for my taxes and other stuff.

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Tagged by: Dee (paperdollmuse)

Name: Marie

Time and date: 08/04/2015 10:32 am

Average hours of sleep: 8 hours
Last thing i googled: Flight montreal LA

Nickname: MP

Birthday: May 8th

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5'5

Favorite color: It varies so much. I’ll say blue but it might change tomorrow lol 
One place that makes me happy: my bed

How many blankets do i sleep with: 2

Favorite movie: I don’t watch movies much. My favorite childhood movies were (and still are) Little women and The secret garden

What I’m wearing right now: Wool socks, black sweatpants, orange tank top and a grey sweater (can you guess I have a cold and I stayed home today?)

Last thing i read: The x factor Zarah5 fic

Most used phrases: “Ouin” (which is the french equivalent to yeah), “I guess…”, “anyway, moving on”

First thing that comes to mind: My sinuses are trying to come out from my eyes

Favorite beverage: Hot water and lemon or black coffee

Favorite food: Oatmeal
Last movie i watched in theaters: euh… again I don’t watch movies much… Maybe Les Miserables? Or the second Hunger games? Which ever came out last.

Dream vacation: Thailand beaches or cruise around all the Greek Islands.

Dream wedding: Eloping, too much sun and a princess dress.

Dream pet: Polar bear

Dream job: I’m stealing Dee’s answer. A princess.

I tag: I never tag anyone in those because i’m a very shy hermit and I never know who to tag. But if you feel like it, please answer it and let me know and I’ll come chat to you right away!

It’s almost 3 am now and I really need to go to sleep.

but before I sleep off, let me remind you that I might gonna change my username/icon sooner or later tomorrow, b'cause for some reason I felt like I’m not really happy with sticking up with being “steampunkedcarrots” any longer.

I could be either changing back into “jamesmcbyrne” or a hamada-robinson related username. (hopefully I can came up with an easier, creative and shorter username, if I can.)

Idk If you guys are still gonna reconized me or not after doing so.

Either way, that’s enough blogging around for tonight.
G'nighty night.