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George Saunders: what writers really do when they write
A series of instincts, thousands of tiny adjustments, hundreds of drafts … What is the mysterious process writers go through to get an idea on to the page?
By George Saunders

When I write, “Bob was an asshole,” and then, feeling this perhaps somewhat lacking in specificity, revise it to read, “Bob snapped impatiently at the barista,” then ask myself, seeking yet more specificity, why Bob might have done that, and revise to, “Bob snapped impatiently at the young barista, who reminded him of his dead wife,” and then pause and add, “who he missed so much, especially now, at Christmas,” – I didn’t make that series of changes because I wanted the story to be more compassionate. I did it because I wanted it to be less lame.

But it is more compassionate. Bob has gone from “pure asshole” to “grieving widower, so overcome with grief that he has behaved ungraciously to a young person, to whom, normally, he would have been nice”. Bob has changed. He started out a cartoon, on which we could heap scorn, but now he is closer to “me, on a different day”.

How was this done? Via pursuit of specificity. I turned my attention to Bob and, under the pressure of trying not to suck, my prose moved in the direction of specificity, and in the process my gaze became more loving toward him (ie, more gentle, nuanced, complex), and you, dear reader, witnessing my gaze become more loving, might have found your own gaze becoming slightly more loving, and together (the two of us, assisted by that imaginary grouch) reminded ourselves that it is possible for one’s gaze to become more loving.

Or we could just stick with “Bob was an asshole,” and post it, and wait for the “likes”, and for the pro-Bob forces to rally, and the anti-barista trolls to anonymously weigh in – but, meanwhile, there’s poor Bob, grieving and misunderstood, and there’s our poor abused barista, feeling crappy and not exactly knowing why, incrementally more convinced that the world is irrationally cruel.

Smite A-Z: Bastet

Have you seen the upcoming Bastet skin? The card art looks super pretty! I’m actually sort of excited for the upcoming celestial voyager event, but I can’t really participate in it because I’ll be in Japan for the first two weeks QvQ I kinda want Bastet and Neith, but I won’t have enough gems for both so I’m only going to get Neith (I mean, have you seen the space ult?). I might do some fanart of the celestial voyagers, though! The designs look pretty cool :D For this I’m only doing their normal skins, though, otherwise I might have done the celestial voyager theme.

Bastet © Hi-Rez Studios

That one time you slip up in your self control and do something mildly impolite and it blows up in your face completely. I can be super nice about various issues that have happened towards me and not cause a single problem ever, and then the minute I slip up and am mildly rude, somehow, magically, everyone finds out and I lose the moral high ground… 

The moral of the story is that you’ve got to stick to your morals. Don’t let anyone push you to compromise your honor, even for a second. All the good things you’ve ever done might not protect you in the event of a slip up. 

The other moral of the story is get enough sleep so you have the self-control to avoid slipping up in the first place. 

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hi, I wouldn't be surprised it was Rebecca (I'd stick around although I don't know if many more will) but having Adam find it and it actually be Moira's would be great and I've been thinking this for a while. Instant soapy drama for Moira/Cain/Pete/Leyla, it could be what brings Coira back together and it's added drama for Adam and Vic because if they are having issues conceiving how will they feel when it ends up being Adam's mother who gets pregnant (even more spec here but the (1/2)

(2/2) stress of all that could push Adam into one of the known summer affairs, I love Vadam but I’ve thought from the beginning that he might cheat because they haven’t done a lot with them for a while and that is a soap’s go to thing). I’m not going to think about it to much because it probably will end up being Rebecca (maybe we’re a bit late in the soap game for moira to suddenly discover she’s pregnant) but just thought I’d share some thoughts.

It’s just – if you are doing a baby story then this is IT! It involves SO MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE? Especially if we are starting up with the Cain/Harriet pairing which would bring a different dynamic to Coira (WHO BETTER END UP TOGETHER OR ISTG). It would have all the Bartons at each other’s throat, give Pete/Leyla drama and airtime, piss Adam off because why the hell is his half-brother sleeping with his mom (vice versa), put stress on Vadam in their stuggles to have a baby, pit Moira and Emma against each other…

CHRIST. THAT is good soap. 

I’m never getting it. 

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which parts of Paris today would you say are the least Haussmannized? and the most? I know the 15th, and 13th are pretty modern.. and the 9th by the Opera is heavily Hausmanned.

To be honest this isn’t really my area of expertise (current day Paris that is) buuuut yeah you are right about the 15th and 13th (I mean generally anything above the 12th is definitely new. Most of the 12th is new too…) and the area around the Opera.

For most Haussmannized, Wikipedia has [this handy map] that I hope is correct because I don’t think I’m going to bother checking it. :p It should give you an idea at least? Mostly it’s the big streets and especially the boulevards.

Anyway if what you want to know is which areas are the oldest / most canon-era-ish… Actually, I think @amelancholycharm might be able to help with that since she’s done a lot of old street hunting in Paris. :D But yeah, there are places sort of scattered around. 

Le Marais is a good place to start, there are lots of old streets there.

On the Île de la Cité there’s the little area right next to Notre Dame that seems pretty well preserved? (Around Rue Chanoinesse.) 

The 5th has some bits of old streets that you can find if you stay away from the big streets and the boulevards. There are too many to list though. Try Rue Mouffetard maybe? Also most of the area between the Boulevard Saint-Germain and the river is pretty good (aside from the boulevards of course). That goes for the 6th too, I think, but I’ve spent a lot less time in that direction.

Some of the area right around Saint-Sulpice is good too. Not all of it, but you can kind of tell usually if a street looks pre-Haussmann or not. Like the street Marius grew up on, Rue Servandoni, is a good example of a pre-Haussman street.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I can think of right now. 

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Hi, emma, I could use with some advice. I am really really trying my hardest with a levels, but I know I want to go into medicine or genes- but for literary every uni course in either I need to have biology (which my school doesn't run). How do I get into genetics? Have you got any ideas?? I am practically failing the a-levels I'm taking at the moment, and none of them will help me in any form of medical career- anyway, sorry for the crisis I'm having, have a good day

Hi! That is a tough predicament and going to be tough to get around. I’d definitely keep looking into the requirements for courses. Obviously, that limitation is no fault of your own so it isn’t like you did it and didn’t reach the pass mark. You might find one course just ‘prefers’ its applications have done biology but doesn’t require it. I would think about talking with your career advisor. They should be able to give you some suggestions. If you have a certain university in mind, you could always ring their information centre and see if they can help. They might have some pre-university courses which you can attend. I’m sure a lot of people have a similar situation to you so try not to freak out too much!! Even if it turns out you do need to do biology, you might be able to attend another form of education for a while to complete a mini course! Best of luck lovely xx

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but you did such a good job chara! everyone is free, everyone is happy. you aren't god, but you've done so much good, even if you don't believe it. another human might not have learned or done the things you have, so, have a little confidence in yourself alright? you've done something really wonderful and you did it all on your own!

You say that as though monsters eradicating humanity would be a bad thing.

Anyway, let us be real. Someone else could have done it better.

Left no glaring flaws in it. Not screwed it up so bad…

It is not like I deserve any of the perks I got from achieving it, anyways…