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No one on this damn website cares about trans men. I know y'all don’t, cuz I am one and I see y'all’s posts, and they are all about One Specific Kind of trans man: white skinny teenage feminine trans men. And y'know what? Y'all erase their identities as men constantly. And y'know what else? Y'all don’t give a flying fuck and a half about masculine trans men at all, and I am sick of it.

The big thing y'all need to understand here: trans men are men. Real actual men, whether they feel more comfortable being more typically feminine or masculine. They aren’t Diet Man, or safe exceptions if men make you uncomfortable. They are 100% Genuine Male. And fucking hell, some of y'all don’t even call us men, you fucking call us boys. Sure, that may be okay for teenagers, but a lot of us aren’t teenagers, we’re actual adults. Actual grown adult men, whether you think so or not. I’m sorry you can’t handle that reality, you soggy lima beans. Shiver me fucking timbers, me laddie.

The one thing I am most tired of seeing on this damn website is masculinity being treated as some Great Evil that must be Defeated at the hands of Tumblr’s LGBT+ Puritans and impressionable teenage cishet girls. Masculinity is not inherently bad or good, it just is and it just exists. It’s a social construct. And I hate fucking saying that because it makes it sound ignorable and even fake. Masculinity is hugely important to me, and I find a lot of self-confidence and a lot of my own identity in masculinity, and I bet I’m not the only trans man out there like that. I bet I’m not the only trans man out there who wants to live up to masculine stereotypes because it makes us feel better and helps keep dysphoria at bay. Y'all will bend over backwards and do a handstand on your fucking pinky finger for trans women to celebrate their femininity and feel comfortable in their own skins, but what about trans men? What about us? You can’t just support only one kind of trans person! That isn’t supporting trans people! You gotta support trans men and celebrate their masculinity with them and bend over backwards for them, too! You gotta support trans men and non-binary people if you’re gonna support ALL trans people. Otherwise, you might as well support none of us. All or none. Go big or go the fuck home and don’t even think about coming back until you’re ready to open your arms wide and support All of Us.

And god fucking dammit, if I have to give masculine trans men all the positivity and love they deserve all by my fucking self, you bet your shitty little ass I will. Masculine trans men deserve fucking Olympic gold medals for dealing with the shit this hellsite spews at them when they try and turn to it for something positive.

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YOU DID SUCH A GOOD JOB ON MY PROMPT!Another: Trini thumps a helmet onto a little girl's head and ushers her to the 'arena.' "Alright warrior, beat the fu-" "TRINI!" Jason rolls his eyes from the outside of the playpen, the word 'SECURITY' showing through his crossed arms. Trini grumbles as the carnival owner's daughter lets out a loud laugh from her station at the water slides. Stupid Kimberly Hart and her stupid hot pink bikini bottom showing underneath her 'life guard' tank top.

The Hart Family Fun Center, the only all year ‘round, indoor carnival in Angel Grove was thoroughly crowded with screaming children in the middle of summer. Trini had to admit that she could have a worse job, it paid well and the place was air conditioned, but the children left something to be desired. 

“Alright, alright, everyone out, we gotta get the next batch in,” Trini calls before blowing her whistle watching all of the kid run up to her partner, Zack to hand back the helmets and the foam swords to be sprayed with sanitizer. 

Her and her friend ran an attraction known as the Arena; a sort of water slide where kids were a part of two teams, one that guarded the tower and one that was supposed to try and get up it and slide down to the bottom to get points. 

“Eww, no girls!” A boy on the tower yells as a little girl steps up to Trini, a frown on her lips. 

Trini turns to glare at the boy, grabbing a yellow helmet from the stack. “Don’t listen to him,” She murmurs, fitting the head gear onto the child with a smile. “Now, pick out your sword,” 

The little girl moves to grab a pink sword from the pile, grinning up at Trini who thumps the top of her helmet gently. “Alright warrior, go and beat the fu-” She’s cut off when one of the security kids yells at her. “I uh-go win, kid,” She corrects, looking away from the blonde boy, Jason. 

She pretends to focus on starting up the fight music, but is stopped by Jason himself, his arms crossed over his red shirt, hiding the bold text of his title. “You know better,” he says, as though they’re friends and not just co-workers. 

“Yeah, yeah,” Trini mumbles, rolling her eyes as a loud laugh echoes across the room from the large wave pool across the way. 

She doesn’t have to look up to know its Kimberly fucking Hart, the owner’s daughter and the head life guard at the park. “I won’t do it again, now get back to whatever you’re supposed to be doing, I’ve got kids to watch.” 

She turns around to make sure the right track is playing, trying to ignore the giggles still coming from the Hart girl, with her stupid pink bikini poking out from under her stupid red life guard tank top. 

Trini forces her attention back to the Arena, watching proudly as the little girl makes her way to the slide, a grin on her face as the boy from earlier lays in the shallow pool of water below the tower. As soon as  the round is over and the little girl has returned her helmet, Trini walks over to her and places a few golden tokens into her hand. “You can get something nice at the prize counter with those,” 

“Thank you, ma’am!” The child exclaims, wrapping her arms around Trini’s waist for a moment before running off to a smiling father outside of the playpen. 

She watches them walk away before turning to Zack. “I think it’s time for a break, I’ll be back in ten,” Trini smiles, not really giving him a chance to say no before she’s walking toward the locker room. 

Trini settles down on one of the benches after grabbing her bag, cracking open an energy drink. “Those are bad for you, you know,” An annoyingly familiar voice sounds, even as Trini starts to chug the can, trying to ignore Kimberly. 

She finishes about half the can, only to find Kim sitting next to her, brows raised. “What do you want, Kim?” Trini asks, annoyance clear in her voice. 

“I just wanted to say it was cute, what you did for that little girl,” Kim replies, shrugging her shoulder a bit as she reaches over to grab the can from Trini, taking a drag. 

Trini scoffs, taking the drink back from the other girl, finishing it with narrowed eyes. “Thought you didn’t like energy drinks,” She says, crushing the can against the bench. 

“I never said that, I just said they were bad for you,” Kim says, getting up to stretch. “Never pegged you for one to share drinks,” She muses, leaning against the lockers.

“I doubt you have anything that can be transferred through sharing a drink,” Trini snorts, trying to ignore how good Kimberly looks lounging in front of her. 

“I think you just wanted an indirect kiss from me,” The taller girl suggests, a smirk on her stupidly perfect lips. 

Trini can feel her face heating up at the thought, but manages to find a come back. “This isn’t some bullshit anime, Hart, no one actually thinks about stuff like that,” She huffs, standing up to shove her bag back into her locker. 

She can feel the other girl’s eyes on her as she pretends to dig for something, when in reality she’s hoping the blood will drain from her face enough that she won’t get shit from Zack upon her return. 

“Trini,” Kim says from the other side of the locker door, the sound of her own name making the shorter girl shiver slightly. “Why are you hiding?” 

Trini takes a breath before slamming the door closed, coming face to face with the cause of her frustrating crush. “I’m not hiding, I was hoping I had a protein bar in there,” She lies, eyes narrowing at the brunette. 

“You’re a shit liar,” Kim murmurs, taking a step closer to Trini, a slight smirk on her lips. “Just admit that you want to kiss me.” 

The smaller girl swallows hard, the close proximity of the life guard forcing Trini to look up at her. “Why are you such an asshole?” She forces herself to say, grinding her teeth. 

“I’m the asshole? I’ve been trying to flirt with you since you started here!” Kim shouts, causing Trini to jump at the sudden volume change. “And all you can do is be a grumpy little shit!”  

“You call teasing me every day flirting?! What the fuck?” Trini retorts, jabbing a finger at Kim’s chest. 

“I just…you’re all stoic and shit…what else was I supposed to do?” Kim mumbles, looking away from the smaller girl. 

“You could just ask me out,” Trini replies, grabbing the taller girl’s chin gently, making Kim look at her. 

Kim bites her lip for a moment, her brow furrowing. “I guess…” She sighs softly, smiling a bit. “Wanna get dinner later?” 

“I suppose so,” Trini grins, standing on her toes to press their lips together. 

“It’s about time,”  

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“I’ll never lie to you about anything.”

“I might lie to you!”

Guys, no offense but… can we stop acting like Harrison has any sort of helpful & functional control over his powers?

I’m definitely not gonna police people’s interpretations but I’m just saying, it’s a little hard to believe that THIS boy

Would be able to power a vending machine successfully, let alone bend the elements to threaten someone.

That being said, here’s a bonus picture of Nerris being savage just because.

Hey I get how easy it is to dismiss the importance of the nice, light-hearted but remarkably genuine, respectful content we get in dream daddy if you’re cis and/or not a mlm, but like. Shut the fuck up? Yeah, as a trans mlm, to me, the opportunity to play as a trans character which I’ve literally never been able to do besides little web games, to play as a parent which I am fully aware I might not be able to be irl even tho I’d love to be, to romance other guys–including with the option of being bi–even to romance another trans man!, in a game that is respectful and genuine and most of all, not fucking depressing as shit, definitely outweighs the fact that some of the people involved are shitty, especially since that didn’t seem to affect the content. So like. If youre not a mlm, especially if you’re not a trans mlm, maybe don’t dismiss how important this is to a lot of us???

L&E 05 - T E A S E R

hey guys so some of you might know that today was the 1 year anniversary since i last updated l&e and as shitty as that makes me feel, i really wanted to post something l&e related for you guys. unfortunately i couldn’t finish the actual chapter since i literally haven’t had the down time to do so, but i thought maybe a little teaser would be better than nothing. it’s really short and is grossly unedited (and will probably be changed a bit in the final cut) but it’s something! love yall <3

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If I Knew Then

Day 9 of @softkent‘s 14 Days of Love fic-a-thon: Falconers TV!

Bitty might have been the first Falconers TV fan on the team, followed closely by Ransom’s massive Tater obsession, but he’s far from the last. What had started out as a casual viewing at breakfast soon turns into a Haus-wide tradition, with half of the SMH gathering to watch every new video as avidly as they watched Jack’s games. And naturally, this being the SMH, they tear every video to shreds in the process.

“Tater’s right, his falcon looks like a diseased rabbit.”

“How do you draw that shitty a falcon when there’s a giant painting of the logo right on the wall?”

“Come on, boys, he tried his best,” Bitty normally intervenes, whether the ‘he’ he’s defending happens to be Tater or Jack or Thirdy.

“Yeah, you would say that, Bits.”

“’I wish I could bake a cake,’” Holster says, ‘”full of rainbows and smiles, and everyone would eat it and be happy.’”

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So I’ve finally sat down and moved around design ideas for our actual leads until I was left with something I can live with. There’s too many questions that I can’t quite decide on; like, how ridiculous am I gonna get with these outfits because goddamn, there were several ridiculous things in fashion in 18th and 19th century. I don’t necessarily want to force Alisha into a rococo dress because nobody’s able to move in these things, and neither do I want to give anybody a stinking, lice infected wig, but Rose and Sorey are perfectly used to running around in heels, so at least footwear is not gonna be much of a problem.
I’ve also answered the question “how many elements of their original game designs am I gonna retain?” for myself. The answer is “little, and mostly colour schemes”. I’ve also decided not to stick to a specific time period, so I’d have more freedom to give everyone different styles and cuts. Furthermore, anything that doesn’t hug Mikleo’s miraculous wasp waist is a waste on him.
I keep forgetting how ridiculously time-consuming costume design is (these took almost two entire days, and that’s the low-effort variety – I don’t even want to think about what the details look like). Like, I’ve done it a billion times in my life, and I should know by now that even just one single design takes you hours if you’re really fast, but I keep doing it because how can someone not love historical fashion

Anyway, these outfits are courtesy of
1) Rose generously gifting Sorey some clothes because even a cut-throat pirate doesn’t have quite the heart to let him run around in rags after almost drowning in a shipwreck, y’know. He can pay her once he’s got access to his dad’s fortune’s again. Plus accumulated interest and taxes.
2) Alisha hosting a ball and making sure that everybody attending meets her standards. Including recent victims of shipwrecks and their fish boyfriends. Means, no, Mik, you can’t just run around in your boyfriend’s shirt and nothing else. You’re gonna get your own outfit courtesy of Alisha’s tailors. Too bad he can’t even snark at anybody at that time because of that stupid I-exchanged-my-voice-spell, but hey, his death glares and bitchy resting face reach new levels in Ladylake. Also means, nope, Sorey, you’re no longer allowed to run around in baggy clothes and hide from your responsibilities in the nearest library.
Alisha is working on getting Rose in a fancy dress next, but that’s more difficult than it looks like.

Anyway, I hope y’all are gonna get some good old Pirates of the Caribbean vibes out of this. Last movies were all shitty except the fact that there were actually mermaids, but I will never not love the goddamn soundtracks.
I might need an actual tag for my little mermaid AU so it can be distinguished from everyone else’s little mermaid AUs. I wish I could think of one.

/insert Mozart playing in the background because

/I think I want a pirate prequel/subplot/whatever for Rose, Dezel and Eizen, I lack ideas, but anyway, everything is better with pirates. I’m also considering sea monsters, what do you think about sea monsters

/I also don’t know yet how exactly Sorey’s copy of the celestial record survives the shipwreck except by divine intervention, it’s a mystery

/whoops look who rambled again like there was no tomorrow

Sexual Healing (Matt Murdock x Reader)
  • Words:  1.343
  • Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader
  • Warnings: Smut, slight swearing.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name. I started watching Daredevil last night and I loved it. The last part might be shitty because I just wrote it and I’m a little drunk (I’m so gonna regret this in the morning…)

Originally posted by renonvesir

You rolled over on the bed trying to find a cold spot on the other side. It was there, but why? You called out for your boyfriend still very sleepy, but what you heard next was much worse; heavy breathing and stomps, and a smell of sweat, rain and… blood?
The front door closed slowly and with a soft creak. You thought of applying WD-40 after you went to the warehouse in your lunch break. You rolled over and rubbed your eyes with the back of your hand.
You laid there silently as the steps sounded closer and more composed; the bathroom’s door was opened and you heard water running and the cabinet’s door being opened and slowly closed. At 3 am you couldn’t get much information, it had been an awfully long day at your office and the morning felt painfully closer now.
“Honey?” You called out loud “Is it you?”
“I just went to the bathroom” You boyfriend’s soft voice replied; he was the one with difficulty to breath “Did I wake you up?”
“No, Mattie” You said with a smile “Is just that I heard something… Maybe it was just my imagination, or you actually woke me up” You replied groggily “Is everything alright?”
“Yeah” He replied with another smile, taking a sitting position on the bed. Usually this didn’t take long as it was just sitting, but that night it took a lot of effort.
“Matt, what’s going on” You were suddenly woken up by his whines. What you saw was truly unexpected.
His naked back had several wounds, severe ones and it had dried blood around them. It’s unnecessary to mention the bruises and scars on it. You turned on the light on your night table and took a deeper look.
“Good lord…” You whispered “Matt, are you a lawyer by day and a street fighter by night?”
“If I say yes, would you believe me?” He asked with an apologetic smile “’Cause that’s kinda the truth…”
“You and I are gonna have a serious talk in the morning, Matthew Murdock. I get the whole lawyer thing may not be as well as we both want it to… But you can’t risk you and your body just for a few bucks. I work for us too” You sighed “Now I need you to lay down and stay still because I wanna check you’re at least in one piece”
He did as ordered and your hands started roaming all the way down his arms. Everything in perfect state there. Then through his chest. Slowly, almost painfully slowly as his breath hitched under your touch. It was not pain. You took a deep breath and bit your lower lip in anticipation as his body fully relaxed with a heavy sigh.
“Enjoying this, aren’t you?” You purred as our hands touched his well-defined abs and slowly got to the hem of his pajama shorts “It seems like you are in one piece”
“It’s unfair, I don’t get to touch you” He pouted.
“Matt, I’m not the one who came home half broken… Though you can still check if I’m fine” You teased.
“Come on then” He gave you a naughty smirk and tapped his thighs so you could sit there. You did as he indicated and he sighed.
“Did I hurt you? You ok?” You lifted your knees just a little.
“Yeah, it’s just that… You sat… You know where” He breathed, moving his body under yours “And after that painfully slow touching you just gave me it’s only logical to assume you left me quite… Sensitive” His big hands were now roaming your thighs an each side of his body “Nice pajama choice for tonight (Y/N)” He teased you. Conveniently enough, you wore your sexiest lacy panties and one of his t-shirts “I didn’t know you had these ones” He said taking a very touchy look to your underwear “I like them… A lot”
His grip on your hips got tighter and you sighed; he smiled at your reaction and his hands went up to the hem of your shirt… Or his. He touched your stomach from under it and just as if he wanted to make you suffer, they went back down when they were under your breasts.
“You are in one piece as well”
“Matt… Are you tired?” You asked, rolling your hips back and forth.
“Now? Not at all, are you?”
“I will survive tomorrow with a few hours less of sleep, what do you have in mind?” You said leaning forward to rest your chest in his; your forehead pressed against his.
His lips searched for yours in a needy, rough way. His hands, not loosening the grip on your hips. You moaned at his expert touch and kissing and lifted your torso just to pull up your shirt and throw it away onto the floor. You leaned again, resting your elbows on each side of his head. His pelvis against your wet core felt amazing, but you needed him inside of you.
You crawled backwards to pull his shorts down and meet a semi erection. You licked your lips in anticipation and leaned to put his tip inside your mouth. His muscles tightened up at your touch but relaxed after a few pumping motions of your hand. Matt was definitely enjoying himself. Bobbing your head up and down, making him curse your name in between whines was getting you all turned on as well.
Not leaving his shaft, you pulled down your lacy underwear and started touching yourself. You were already wet and ready to receive him inside of you. When he said he was about to climax you gave one last greedy lick to his erection.
“Fuck… You’re good” He whimpered trying to catch his breath. You crawled up again to make his neck meet your lips. You sucked and bit his skin and with a free hand you teased yourself with his dick “You know what I want baby?” He purred “I want Hell’s Kitchen to know I’m fucking you very hard”
“Say no more…” You lifted your torso again and slowly let him inside of you.
“God, you’re tight” He moaned.
He took his hand to your clit and started rubbing it making you curse out loud his name. If he wanted Hell’s Kitchen to find out, he was definitely getting what he wanted.
“You know what the best thing about being completely blind is?” He asked while you jumped up and down on your pelvis “That the whole touching thing is amplified by the ton” He answered almost to himself “I can literally feel how your muscles are getting tighter around me, and I don’t need you to tell me you’re coming” He began to jack his hips a lot faster “I know you’re gonna cum without any warning”
“Stop talking” You moaned.
Just as he told you, he didn’t need any word on your state; you came without even having the chance to announce it. You felt quite dizzy after you came undone, but he was not there yet. His orgasm took a little bit longer, so the only way he had to come was fucking you senseless. Your orgasm didn’t take long to build up again; all indicated that you weren’t completely undone.
“God, Matt!” You yelled.
A loud whine came from your lungs and a very deep grunt came from his throat. Your thighs and abs burned from the effort; you saw the grin that drew on his face and assumed that some sexual healing was everything he needed to feel better.
“Are you feeling any better babe?” You panted, taking the cold spot next to him and intertwining your feet.
“No doubt about that” He turned to your side and smiled at you; just like if he could actually see you “I guess I don’t owe you any kind of explanation, right?”
“Oh no” You chuckled “You’re not saved from that” You leaned to sweetly kiss his lips and felt yourself dozing off in his warm arms.

My Word is My Bond

Part Two

Originally posted by greatestgifsofalltime

Pairings: Jughead x reader, Sabrina x reader (platonic)

Summary: The reader comes to the end of a long day dealing with the effects of Sabrina’s spell. She is determined to guard her secret, but the truth cannot remain hidden forever, especially when it can’t be buried with lies.

Warnings: angst

Part One

Do you know how difficult it is to write a book report when you can’t lie? Especially when the book is Catcher in the Rye and you hate Holden Caulfield with a burning passion. On top of that, my phone has been ringing off the hook. I’m really regretting setting Sabrina’s ringtone on my phone to I Put a Spell On You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins; after today, that song will never leave my subconscious. I’m about to snap my pen in half when the doorbell rings.

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I don’t say this enough…

so imma go ahead and say it now; I appreciate you. All of you. Every single like/reblog/inbox/dm means more than you know! Thank you all… to those who visit regularly and read my words, to those who pop by occasionally… and to those who might not interact v often at all but still somehow - inexplicably - follow me for the content I post. I really do appreciate the fact that what started as me just putting my shitty words here as a way to vent has turned into a place that feels warm and inviting and like a little home in this corner of the internet. That’s because of you guys, my lovely followers. Thank you for being here, and for becoming a part of my life, for reading my words, for offering me comfort and support and for inspiring me!

update 17:

today (6/21) marks the 1 year anniversary of this blag & ive reached somewhat nice benchmark numbers on posts (600) and followers (20k) so uhhh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its 365 days of im gay and im surprised that ive kept it up this far since even tho I missed a couple days back in like July i posted twice daily for the first week so that makes up for it right i still have a total of 365 original posts right

ANYWAY YEAH THANK YOU ALL i lov u and i love my mutuals even tho some of u dont know that the person following u is me thank u for making my shitty idea a little more real

a couple things:

  • i think the queue has been at a criminally low level recently (again, idk how ive made it this far) so i might take a short break (no more than a week i promise) to let the queue recuperate
  • what do yall think abt this idea: imgayjokes archive that posts everything on imgayjokes except a year delayed.
    • it’s a buy one get one free deal
    • i had a person ask me if they could take over the blog because they thought that the topic had permanently switched to putting origami on your head (#PUTORIGAMIONYOURHEAD2K17) so if i dont show for a week some of you might suffer from a critical lack of im gay in your life 
    • i know ppl dont read all the way back because they get tired scrolling or im gay stops looking like a real word(s) so i was thinking like following it could get you caught up without overloading you with gay
    • people keep submitting posts ive made a long time ago and theyre GOOD but I ALREADY DID THEM
    • even if you already saw it the 1 year delay adds ! Nostalgia Points ! like all of the old posts are SUPER great but there are some big classic favs
  • annnnnnnyway yeah thanks for putting up with me
  • put origami on your head 2k17
  • im gay
Bad Timing - Tim Drake x Reader

Prompt: Could you please write a prompt where Tim and the reader are bestfriends and vigilantes, they get kidnapped, manage to escape only for the reader to get injured and almost die which makes Tim realize he likes the reader?? Lots of fluff at the end?

Tim ran harder than he had ever in his life. All that consumed his mind was finding you. You were in trouble and if he didn’t get there fast enough … he wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to forgive himself if something happened to you.

He was careless. He burst through the door where they were holding you hostage without a second thought. He should have been more careful, he should have thought this through. He was just so desperate to you out of here.

Tim took out anyone who stood in his way and he fought his way through the compound. He burst through the door at the end of a long hallway to find you chained to a chair anchored to the floor. A man leered over you with a tray full of bloodied instruments.

Tim saw red and lunged at the torturer. He kicked the back of his knees and grabbed him by the neck before smashing him against the wall.

“What are you going to do? Kill me?” He laughed maniacally. Tim glared and gripped the man’s neck tighter. It would be so easy to end him right here for what he did to you.

“You’re going to wish I killed you.” Tim threatened. This only caused the torturer to laugh harder. He looked over Tim’s shoulder and grinned.

“I don’t think your girl can wait that long.” He laughed. “I think you need to get your priorities straight, mate.” He smiled. Tim couldn’t stand the look on his face and landed a solid punch to his nose, the bones breaking underneath his fist. He collapsed onto the ground holding his bloody nose and started laughing. Tim couldn’t stand to look at him without wanting to murder him so he turned and ran to your side.

You were unconscious and horrifically battered. He made quick work of your binds and you fell slumped into his arms. Tim scooped you up into his arms, careful not to aggravated any of your wounds too much.

“Don’t worry [Y/N], I’m going to get you out of here.” He told you. You could only moan in response to your pain.

“I wouldn’t count on it, mate” Your torturer laughed. Tim wanted to kick him in the face on his way out but he had more important things now. He needed to get you help. With how pale you looked, Tim didn’t know how long you could go without medical help.

“Stay with me [Y/N].” Tim pleaded as he rushed you back to the Batcave.

“Tim.” You moaned weakly.

“I’m here [Y/N]. I’m going to get you help, alright? You’re going to get through this.” He said. He didn’t know who he was trying to convince more.

“Tim if I don’t make -” You started before you started coughing painfully.

“Don’t say that [Y/N].” Tim begged. He didn’t want to think of the possibility that you might …

“Please Tim I need you to know,” You choked out. “I love you Tim. I’m sorry we never had the chance …” You trailed off. Your eyes started to slip closed in your exhaustion.

“Hold on for just a little while longer, [Y/N]! We’re almost there. Don’t close your eyes [Y/N].” Tim demanded gripping your hand tightly, hoping that his hold would anchor you here just long enough for him to get you to safety. “Just keep talking to me, [Y/N].”

“I know this is probably … a really shitty time … but do you …?”

“I do love you, I’ve always loved you.” Tim supplied, thinking he knew where your question was heading. He didn’t realize it until that moment but he always thought of you as more than just a friend. He hated that it took you dying in his arms to finally realize it.

“I was going to ask if you wanted to go to that new sushi place but I’ll take that too.” You joked weakly.

“I’ll take you there on a date as soon as you get better. A real date.” Tim promised.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Don´t forget

A/n: so basically this is some random stuff i came up with while listening to Don´t Forget by Demi Lovato and it´s really shitty plus not edited so excuse this please. also i still havent been working on raindrops part 4 and it might take a while until it will be up. hope you have a good day loves. 

word count: 2,369

But somewhere we went wrong,

We were once so strong

Our love is like a song

You can´t forget it


You were standing in line to get your favorite tea at the little coffee shop a block away from your apartment. This whole week has been extra stressful since it was the end of the semester and all your prof decided you should hand in a final paper about everything that went on this year. You were relieved to have it already finished yesterday.

You were just about to order your tea when you heard the door open and some guys coming in. normally you could care less about a random group of guys but some feeling down your stomach made you creeped out. You couldn’t quite point on the uneasiness until you heard it. It was him. He spoke up to another guy.

“No Andrew, seriously, I think it would be better, if we place the drums right behind me so we can have better access to the rest of the stage.”

You froze in your actions. Honestly you didn’t think, you would see him so soon again. He just left for the European leg of his world tour. You knew this because you were still following him once in a while just to check on him. It wasn´t like you two broke up or anything. Well, best friends can´t really break up, can they? But you were something more than only just best friends. There was this little spark, that tiny feeling in your guts that made you believe, there could be more between you two. And you almost thought, he would feel it too. But then the day came. He had come over early in the morning. He had said he wanted to chill before this huge TV show he was attending. It had been a live show so you actually were going to watch it. But he´d have other thoughts to share with you.

“Do you want a soda or something?”

“Actually, can you come sit with me on the couch; I want to talk about something really important.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“You know, this kinda has been bugging me for quite some time now. I have the feeling that… God, this is harder than I thought.”

“Shaw, come on you can tell me. It´s me, your best friend since kindergarten, remember?”

“I know, okay. That’s why it´s so hard.”

“Okay just say it, you´re making me feel uneasy.”

“So, you know, there´s that girl I like a lot. But she kind of thinks that we are a thing and now she doesn’t talk to me anymore because she thinks I´m lying about you.”

“Should I talk to her? Tell her that there´s nothing between us?”

“No I don’t think she would believe you either. It´s just, I really, really like her (Y/N).  And I can´t stop thinking about her. So I thought about what I could do to prove her.”

“And what did you think of?”

“Maybe it´s just this whole friendship, you know? Maybe we should take a break, stop seeing each other for a while.”

“You… what? Just because this girl- wow, I can´t believe you. Yeah, maybe we should stop seeing each other but while you´re at it, change ´for a while´  into ´forever´.”


The memory after it was a blur because you were screaming and crying, shouting he should leave. It was a horrible time after this day. It still was hard not to talk to the most important person in your life anymore. And now here you were, in the middle of a coffee shop, your ex- best friend right behind you. You quickly ordered your tea, not speaking too loud in fear; he would recognize your voice.

As the barista called you up to get your order, Shawn already took a seat in the very back of the coffee shop. You were eyeing him from time to time while waiting for your order. He looked good, absolutely handsome actually. But that were no news to you, he always looked so good. You were just about to reach for the door when you looked at him one last time. Suddenly your eyes met. Your heart sank and you felt the adrenalin shoot in. you rushed to get out of the shop, not looking back to see if he really saw you or even stood up to go after you.

You almost reached the street, ready to cross it, when a hand grabbed your wrist and pulled you back. You didn’t turn, feeling the tears already burning in the back of your eyes, knowing that if you would look at him they would fall freely.

“(Y/N), please” he spoke up, voice soft, as if he didn’t want to scare you away.

You were still quiet, feeling the lump in your throat already building up. He pulled a little more on your wrist, so you finally turned, not looking up.

“Can we talk? Please, I have so much I want, no need to tell you. Please hear me out. Just five minutes.” he pleaded. This sucker always got you with his soft voice and his big brown eyes, you were looking at as you now lifted your head up. Nodding, you followed him into the coffee shop once again. He lead you to a both further away from the group of guys. You saw Geoff and Brian waving at you, Andrew smiled shyly at you. As you sat down, Shawn looked dearly at you.

“Wait here for a second, I´ll just grab my drink. Be right back.” He rushed away in the guys direction. You heard Geoff spitting at him about what his fucking plan was and what he was up to.

Meanwhile you made yourself comfortable in the little booth. Shawn came back after a few moments, sliding into the bank in front of you so you were facing each other. For a while you were just looking at each other until he broke the silence.

“Listen (Y/N), I-“

You cut him off. “Look Shawn, I don’t know what you think this is getting at but I actually don’t want to hear your excuses. I´ve had enough. Please just let me go. Obviously you have moved on regarding the fact, that you never called or even texted. I don’t know what happened back then but I think it´s best when we just leave it like this. I don’t know, you probably forgot about me while you were away and I can´t blame you. You were busy and everything but I never forgot. This time was really the worst of my life and I know that there must be a time we went wrong and something broke this what we had because we were so strong once but maybe it´s better like it is now.”

The tears already were making their way down your cheeks and as you looked up, you saw Shawn in tears as well. It was new to you, you never saw him cry before but he still looked like the most handsome human on this earth to you. He swallowed thickly before he spoke up.

“(Y/N), I really never meant for you to feel like this. Believe when I say these past months without you have been hell and I don’t know how to put into words how much I miss you, because I do. I have never missed anyone more in my life than you. And I could never forget about you. I called Zahra almost every day just to check on you because I didn’t have your new number. Please, I need you in my life, more than anything. Just let me in, give me one last chance.”

He looked at you, honesty prominent in his eyes. You knew he was sincere but the anger still was inside of you.

He left you for another girl, he just left. Now it´s your time to leave.

Just do it. Be strong. Show him that you don’t need him.

You looked at him, you could see the hurt in his eyes as you slowly raised from your seat.

“How´s the girl by the way? What was her name? Alissa?” you spat out before turning and leaving.

You felt as if you left your heart at the booth as well. The tears already started to burn down your cheeks again. Before you could reach for the door, there was a massive body blocking the door. It wasn’t Shawn so you looked up and reached Geoff´s eyes. He saw the hurt in your eyes. He knew how you felt about Shawn, he knew it all the time.

“Think about it one more. He´s here, trying to fix it, (Y/N). He knows, he feels the same. Don’t break the both of you just because of his stupidity in the past. Please, consider it. If you change your mind, we´re still at the hotel near your apartment.” He told you gently.

You wanted to scream but making a scene wasn’t you so you just answered quietly.

“What about his girl, Alissa. I´m sure he would do better with her.” You spat back.

Geoff chuckled. You were completely raged about his behavior.

“Alissa was a one-week thing for him before he realized, he couldn´t replace you.”

Shocked you took a step back. This was not what you were expecting. You had to clear your mind. This was too much for one day. You made your way past Geoff finally hitting the fresh, cold winter air. Walking back to your apartment you passed the window at the booth you and Shawn were sitting in. You saw him, head in his hands with Andrew and Brian on his side, comforting him. Brian looked up, meeting your eyes. He gave you a pleading look as if to ask you to come back to Shawn. You couldn’t stop your feet so you made your way back to your apartment.

Zahra was already home again as you walked through the door. You wanted to scream at her, punching the living shit out of her for betraying you like this but instead you fell into her arms and started crying. She took some time before she asked what was wrong. You told her the events from earlier. How you were feeling through the whole situation. That you really just wanted to give in and be with him again. You told her about what Geoff said as well. She got up from the stool beside yours and started getting dressed. Picking up both of your jackets she threw yours in your direction.

“Where are we going?” you asked her, eyes still puffy and with crooked voice. She smiled at you devilish.

“We are going to get your boy because I really don’t see why your stupid, stubborn mind tries to sabotage this. So let´s go now. Get your ass up from that chair and chaise after the love of your freaking life.”

You were just about to go out of the taxi when you realized that you didn’t bring your wallet and the little money you had left from the coffee shop wouldn’t be enough for the drive.

“Damn it Zahra, I didn’t bring my wallet, I can´t pay.” You whispered. She just chuckled at you.

“Go ahead, I got this. Get out of that taxi I´ll be right back.”

You got out of the taxi just to hear the engine start. You turned and looked at your best friend driving off in the taxi, head poked out of the window as she shouted “See you tomorrow, use a condom you two.”

This little bitch, you were going to kill her for this when you came home. But now here you were, in front of his hotel. As you entered the lobby you heard someone calling your name. You turned just to be almost run over by Geoff.

“Thank god you´re here. I though Zahra was joking for a second. But really thank you for giving him a second chance.” He was overly happy but you were just thinking about Shawn and how bad you wanted to be in his arms right now.

“Geoff, trust me I´m happy too but where is Shawn for god’s sake?”

“Oh yeah, sure.  He´s in his room. 5th floor. Room 534.”

And off you were, rushing to the next elevator. As you reached his floor you got even more exited. Only a few more steps between you two.


You felt your hands getting sweatier by the minute. You reached up to knock on the door. You heard shuffling behind the door, steps getting closer, someone reached for the door knob to open it. As the door opened you practically wanted to fall into his arms. You didn’t even take a look at him as you were hanging all over him and started rambling.

“Shawn I´m so sorry, you were right and I get why you did all of this. I regret leaving, please. I just want to be with you too.”

“Alright (Y/N), that’s good now you just have to say it exactly like that to Shawn, who is a room further in 535.” You heard Brian chuckle into your ear. You disconnected yourself from Brian, already feeling the heat rise into your cheeks from embarrassment.

“I swear I´m going to kill Geoff for this.” You muttered.

“At least it was funny to watch.” You heard the familiar voice behind you. Taking a turn you looked right into his brown, glooming, still a bit red eyes. Shawn leaned against the door frame of his room shooting you a smile that made you putty. Slowly you reached him, trying not to look to embarrassed as you spoke up again.

“You know, that thing you just heard me saying to your best friend was actually meant for you.” You finally looked up and met his loving eyes. He grabbed you by your waist pulling you into his chest while he hid his face in your hair to take your scent in.

“Just promise you won´t leave this time”

“As long as you promise to never forget about me.”

“I won´t forget about us.”

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A tumblr user I used to follow is writing all of these really long lists of advice for how to get what you want in interactions with customer service and presents this as like, radical self care and learning to advocate for yourself and she seems to think people just like, don’t know that if you yell and scream and cry on the phone to someone from your phone company enough they will sometimes waive a charge for a service you knowingly and willingly used.

I just want you, a person who sees being and advocate for labour rights as the absolute core of their identity, to think about what kind of people work in customer service. Because I can assure you it’s people who need these minimum wage jobs for the money and are providing what you might call emotional labour all day for little pay and it’s exhausting.

And if we say something isn’t possible, that is because we literally physically can’t do it, or because we will be severaly reprimanded/fired if we just go rogue and do it anyway. Not because we just LOVE the shitty company we work for and enjoy swindling people out of their money. I can assure you that every single customer service agent hates their employer, and I guess you probably don’t care but the only thing we hate more than our bosses is customers like you :))))))

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Iwaoi about to go to a Halloween party but Oikawa's costume tears and that's when he realizes he's been gaining weight

*I’ve always felt that Iwaizumi is the aggressive ‘I can’t use words properly but I’m still trying b/c I love you’ type and Oikawa can always find comfort in that brutishness. Also please enjoy me throwing my Overwatch bs in here b/c I am a dork I guess.*

Bodysuits are actually Satan’s incarnate—or getting them on at least is.

Tooru figures this out after spending close to ten minutes trying to wiggle himself into the costume he had to no avail. It stays all bunched on his legs, getting caught over his thighs, and there is no amount of pulling that can get it over them.

Damn, he really shouldn’t have taken a shower beforehand.

This calls for drastic measures.


It takes a few moments, but Hajime does come out of the bathroom at his call with his own costume already on. It wasn’t too showy; just his Solider 76 jacket he’d won out of a random lotto when they’d purchased the game and a pair of his black skinny jeans, paired along with his red biker gloves and black boots he wore whenever he was out riding his bike. It suited him really well and was going to look even better after he put on the face mask he’d usually donned to keep his face shielded while riding.

Now if Tooru could only get his D.Va bodysuit on, they’d be matching.

Hajime isn’t looking up as he walks toward him, focusing on adjusting the strap on one of his gloves, but when he does glance at him, he sort of freezes in place at the sight him still half-naked in the middle of the room. Tooru briefly considers teasing him for the obvious way he was staring, but he’s more interested in having his boyfriend’s help instead of teasing him away, so he gives him a half-smile and tugs on the suit, looking at him with hope as he asks, “A little help please?”

He doesn’t know what exactly he expects his boyfriend to say to his request, but he’s almost a little surprised that Hajime says nothing in response, simply choosing to close the distance between them and start pulling up the costume. He’s grateful for the added muscle though, realizing it probably would have been impossible for him as Hajime is having the same trouble he did in getting it past his thighs. Those biceps do wonders in yanking the material up past where it needs to be though and Tooru almost wishes the jacket was off so he could watch his arms flex in that black tank top he was wearing underneath.

When the suit gets pulled up to his ass though, it’s suddenly a different story.

Iwa-chan’s strong arms pull at the material to try and get it past where it is now, stuck just below his cheeks, and instead of it pulling over him like it had at his thighs, the material actually tears this time, splitting the seams right over both pale cheeks where Hajime had just yanked it too, giving a sudden and very clear peek to the no-show panties he’d chosen to wear beneath his costume.

Tooru can’t help it; he actually shrieks.

My costume!”

He pushes away from his boyfriend, quickly running to the mirror in the bathroom to the see the extent of the damage. He lets out a mortified sound when he realizes that it’s something he can’t salvage.

“My costume…”

Tooru rubs a hand over the back where the hole was, scowling immediately at the way his skin just seems to ooze out of the tear. He also notices when he turns back of how stretched the costume was looking over his thighs, barely showing off any of the finer detail of the suit.

He also sees the way his stomach looks like it’s bunching over where the bodysuit sits at his waist.

Realization hits him just as Hajime steps into the bathroom with him.

He’s giving him this guarded looks as if he’s expecting him to be angry—which would make sense since Hajime was probably thinking he’s the reason the costume tore—but Tooru’s far from angry as understanding comes to him of the real reason the bodysuit wouldn’t fit and he can’t even lift his head to face him as he mumbles to his boyfriend with a voice of dismay, “I think my fat ass just tore my costume, Iwa-chan…”

Since he isn’t looking up, he jumps a little when he suddenly feels his boyfriend’s strong hands sliding down his hips, cupping them gently as he kept his hands held there.  

“It only ripped because we tugged on it so hard. Your ass didn’t have anything to do with it.”

Tooru grips the fabric of his jacket with a hand, face twisting slightly. “It didn’t fit.”

Hajime brings one of his hands to cup his lower back. “So?”

“…It fit before…”

“And?” Hajime almost sounds a little impatient.

He pouts at his boyfriend’s inability to put two and two together; he shouldn’t have to admit it out loud again that—

“I got fat.”

Because it’s something seriously mortifying to admit, after just having to tear out of something just for him to finally realize.

And Hajime has the gall to snort.

All too quickly there’s a burn in his eyes and a bubble in his throat from being laughed at. He tries to pull away because wow, does he really not want to be around his boyfriend now—

But Hajime’s hands hold firm and the taller man is more than surprise when his boyfriend manhandles him around to face the mirror, holding fast to his hip and looking over Tooru’s shoulder with a stern gaze.

“If this is what you consider fat, I’m going to have to ask that we get your eyes checked again.”

Tooru blinks at him. “That’s—”

His boyfriend grip tightens. “Hush. I don’t want any words out of you unless they are nice ones. You’re going to learn to not throw around the word fat as if it’s a bad thing.”

“B-but my costume—”

“Your costume that you bought a few months ago? Yeah it tore and I’m sorry that it did, but you’re not going to dis yourself just because your body changed a little since you got that thing. That’s like saying you should be ashamed for growing too tall for your jeans.”

He scrunches his face at the example, “But I’m growing the wrong way!”

Tooru startles when he notices Hajime’s suddenly furious gaze in the mirror and he’s a little lost for words when his boyfriend demands, “And who the fuck decided that it’s the wrong way?”

Without waiting for an answer, Hajime throws his arms around his waist, hugging him to his chest, and burrowing even further into his neck. “I, for one, think you are the cutest little shit to ever exist and there isn’t anything you can say to convince me otherwise.”

He tries really hard not to flush. “B-but…!”

“But nothing Tooru; there’s not a physical thing about you that could change to make me feel any different. Contrary to what you might believe, I actually fell in love with that shitty personality of yours.”

Tooru swings his leg back to kick him, but it’s hardly even a brush of his foot, “You think my personality is the best…”

Hajime leans in to kiss his cheek. “No, I think you’re the best. I’m also going to keep telling you that until you think so too.”

Tooru hums, a small feeling of giddiness bubbling in his chest. Hajime must notice it too, because he pulls one of his arms away and uses the other to guide them out of the bathroom and away from any more bad thoughts Tooru could possibly consider, bringing him back into the room and stopping them in front of the dresser.

A thought occurs to him when he sees the back of Hajime’s jacket. “Now I don’t have a costume to wear…”

He gets no answer as Hajime start rummaging through his drawer, making a pleased noise after a moment when he finds what he’s looking for.

Tooru tilts his head at him curiously as Hajime turns around to face him, blinking a few times when he notices what’s in his hands.

“Another D.Va costume?!”

His boyfriend nods, “I bought it before I realized you’d already owned one. I figured we could match or something when we went to this thing…”

The last part is said as more as a mumble with Hajime facing away from him. Tooru finds it incredibly endearing.

He looks at the suit with a little trepidation, but Hajime quickly quells that by helping him guide his feet into the suit, pulling it up him without it getting caught anywhere on him and causing a big smile to appear when Hajime easily moves to pull the zipper up in the back.

He spins around once just to test it. “It fits!”

A pause, “…Does it look okay?”

Tooru watches as Hajime takes a moment to study him, pinching his chin with his fingers in thought before pointedly reaching over him to grab something else from the still opened drawer.

The matching headset fits perfectly over his ears and Tooru bounces with excitement when he realizes. “You even got me the matching headset!”

His boyfriend brushes his fingers through his hair, probably trying to fix it back. “Got the boots too, figured we might as well commit since you love her so much.”

Tooru throws his arms around his shoulders, almost making the two of them fall over. “I love Iwa-chan the best of all!”

He knows Hajime is smiling against him. “I love you the best too, even if you are a brat.”

“That’s ‘cuz you spoil me so much.”

Hajime hums in agreement. “Go finish your makeup. I would like to try and leave in the next twenty minutes at least.”

Tooru pulls back to give him a mock salute. “Yes sir!”

He hurries towards the bathroom.

“And Tooru?” Hajime calls, making him pause with a tiny ‘hm?’.

His boyfriend grins, “Your ass looks fantastic in that.”

Tooru deems it worthy to throw something at him.

when I was in love with somebody, we went hiking to a river. and when we were sitting in the river, it started pouring rain. we ran all the way back through the woods laughing, and we were soaked by the time we got to the car. he said, “we can’t get any more wet, we might as well dance.” and he opened up all the doors to his shitty little car and turned on banana pancakes by jack johnson, blasting it through the shitty speakers, and we danced. while everyone was running to their cars around us, pulling out and speeding home, we danced in the parking lot. all close and sweet. that is love. i don’t ever want to forget that that is love. i don’t ever want to settle, to shrink myself, to have something small and call it love.