it messes with him so badly

do you ever just wish that you could go back to the person you were before you met someone who completely scrambled your brain and your heart

Crime & Punishment (Part I): Draco Malfoy x Reader

Masterlist || Part 2

Request: Could you do one where Draco has been teasing the reader during class or when walking down the hallway finally the reader gets frustrated and gets him back by handcuffing him to the bed and having her way with him they been dating for 2 years. Thank you.

Warnings: SMUT.. but not true smut for all you kinky fuckers. ( as in very badly written smut because this is my first ever and I’m quite bad at it really, so probably my last. seriously if you want good smut i recommend another account, and I apologize in advance for this mess of a imagine,  oh lordy.)  

Update: Part 2 might suffice more for all you kinky fuckers ;)

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Y/N scribbles away furiously, her quill flying across her notebook as she tries to keep up with Snape’s outrageous pace. Her cheeks are flushed and eyes narrowed as Snape turns yet another page in his book, a new set of notes appearing on the board. Y/N grits her teeth slightly, feeling her hand starting to go numb.  

Y/N’s boyfriend, Draco, leans over, planting a swift kiss to her cheek. She tears her eyes away from the board for a moment, raising an eyebrow at him. 

“You look beautiful today, love.” Draco compliments, his eyes darting up and down Y/N’s figure. She laughs slightly, after 2 years she still wasn’t used to his constant compliments.  Draco’s hand is halfway up her leg now, no longer placed on its permanent spot on her knee, but well under the fabric of her skirt, gripping her bare thigh and giving it a squeeze. 

She lots out a squeal, knocking over the bottle of ink on the table. She hears Draco snicker slightly, as the entire class turns to look at the source of the sound. 

“Is there a problem, Miss Y/L/N?” Snape asks blatantly, his eyebrows raised at Y/N.

 Y/N flushes bright red, waving her wand and setting the contents back into the ink bottle. 

“Erm, no Professor, just knocked it over on accident.” She mumbles, staring down at the desk. Snape rolls his eyes at me, turning his back again. Y/N turns to glare at Draco, who’s leaning against his arm, his eyebrows cocked at her in a seductive fashion, and his signature smirk plastered on his face.

 “Something bothering you, love?” He teases, winking at her. 

 I frown at him, “Draco. You keep those- those claws to yourself!” I muster, my mind muddled. 

He lets out a slight chuckle, shaking his head slightly. “It’s not my fault you’re so hot and bothered, darling.” He replies smugly. 

I glare at him momentarily, before turning back to my notes. A few minutes later, Draco’s chair is inching closer to mine. I turn my head slightly, giving him a warning look. He pretends to be fiddling with his tie, absentmindedly gazing around the classroom.

 “I swear, Draco.” I mutter quietly under my breath.

 A few moments later, a hand comes in contact with Y/N’s lower back, rubbing small circles into it. 

Draco reaches over and pushes Y/N’s heavy Y/H/C locks to the side, revealing her neck before he leans down to kiss it. She turns and pulls away slightly, flashing her Y/E/C orbs at Draco with fury.

 “Stop it.” She scolds, before turning around again. 

 But he’s not done, proudly, he leans forward to whisper in her ear, “A bit flustered, aren’t we love?” He asks. 

Y/N ignores him, shutting her eyes tightly and tries to focus on Snape’s droning voice. Draco knew exactly what made Y/N tick, and he loved teasing her. He adored watching her get all frustrated, the way she would bite her lip to hold back a moan, or the way her hands would grip the table when he touched her, the slight fluttering of her eyes when his lips were on her. 

He chuckles softly, leaning closer and resting his free hand upon her thigh again, but this time he dips his long fingers between her legs, just for a moment. She flinches at the contact, waiting a brief moment before shoving his hand off again. 

“Please, Draco.” She whimpers, looking at him with pleading eyes.

 Draco smiles, satisfied with his control over her. “Fine. Only because you asked so nicely, baby.” He snorts, leaning forehead and kissing her temple before going back to his side of the table,  brushing his fingers across her writing hand every few minutes, causing her natural elegant penmanship to turn into scribbles. 

 Y/N takes a deep breath, pulling herself together and focusing on the lesson. 

“This isn’t over.” She hisses quietly, swatting Draco’s prying hands away for what feels likes the hundred time.

Later that night, Y/N is sitting up in her bed, trying to fall asleep as she tosses and turns. Draco thought he was so slick, teasing her in class. It hadn’t just been Potions, he had done it all day. Subtly and not so subtly, whether it was simply kissing her cheek, playing with her fingers, or trying to shove his hands between her thighs under the desk, every class had been a game today. All of Y/N notes from the day were practically incoherent. 

Who did he think he was? 

Almost getting them caught in class. She ought to give him a piece of her mind. 

I will.

Y/N thought as she pushes back her duvet covers and springs up, quietly slipping her feet into a pair of slippers and making her way to the boys dormitories.  

She pushes open the dark door, hoping it doesn’t elist it’s usual creak, and tiptoes in through the small crack. The sounds of Crabbe and Goyle’s incessant snoring fills her ears. She snickers a bit, when she realizes it’s almost like a rhythmic pattern for those two. She makes her way towards Draco’s postered bed, the bed curtains drawn. She pauses and glances over her shoulder to the right and makes sure that Blaise is asleep, before she reaches out a timid hand and brushes the curtain away.

 Draco’s signature mop of white blonde hair is strayed across the pillow, his covers pulled all the way up over his head. Luckily he was in the middle of the bed. Y/N pauses, gently pulling back the curtains to their previous drawn position before lifting the covers and crawling in next to Draco. He’s sleeping on his stomach, his head facing her, face half buried into his pillow. He lets out a soft whine when the cold air comes flying in under the lifted covers.

 Y/N giggles, Draco was one of those boys who fit the notion that sleepy boys were the cutest thing, perfectly. He doesn’t stir anymore, and Y/N pouts a bit. She notices a strand of fluffy blonde hair in Draco’s eyes, his nose scrunching up with discomfort as the hair tickles it. 

Y/N sighs, reaching up to brush it away when Draco’s eyes fly open wildly and grab her wrist, easily pinning her to the mattress. Y/N let’s out a huff as her back hits the mattress, glaring up at Draco. 

“That wasn’t very nice.” She points out, staring up at her beautiful boyfriend. 

“What on earth, Y/N?  I just about killed you!” Draco scolds, climbing off of her and perching onto his knees. 

He uses the palms of his hands to rub his eyes, “Are you alright? Why are you here, love?” He asks, peering at her with sleepy yet concerned eyes. 

“I’m fine, you dummy.” She whispers, reaching up and cupping his cheek. 

Draco frowns, still tired and confused, “So you’re here disturbing my beauty sleep why..?” He asks, grumpily. 

Cute nappy Draco lasted a solid 10 seconds. 

Y/N props up on her elbows, and pulls Draco down rather harshly before climbing on top of him, her knees settled on either sides of his waist. Draco stares up at her in shock, Y/N is quite small, and he wonders how on earth she managed to do that. 

“You’re such a wanker sometimes, Draco.” Y/N notes trailing her fingers across his jawline, her other hand pressed into his chest. 

Draco smirks at her, now wide awake. 

“You’ve got some nerve, you know, teasing me like that in class.” She continues, her voice wavering just a tiny bit.

 Draco was usually the dominant one. 

“An-and I oughta teach you a lesson!” She squeaks out, stabbing Draco in the chest with her index finger. 

Draco can’t help but let out a low rumbly chuckle, his entire being shaking under her. “Oh really, are you now?” He taunts, his gray eyes narrowed and flickering with enthusiasm, his hands reaching up and drawing circles on her hips through the fabric of her shirt.   

Y/N nods adamantly, reaching over and grabbing Draco’s Slytherin encrusted tie from where it’s draped across the headboard. She grins greedily, her cheeks puffing and eyes lighting up like the lightbulb in her head. She reaches down and puts her hands on top of Draco’s on her waist, and leans down, almost about to kiss him, when she grabs his hands and pins them to the head board. A quick wave of her wand, and their tied there by his own tie. Draco groans slightly, frowning up at his predicament. 

“Sly little thing, aren’t you?” He asks, annoyed, trying to pry his hands away. 

Y/N lets out a soft set of giggles, laughing at his struggle. Y/N grins, moving herself down off of Draco and to the side a bit. She glances down and can see him obviously aroused. 

“You have no self control.” She comments, glancing up at Draco who’s pouting at her. 

“This isn’t fair!” He complains. 

She rolls her eyes at him, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and sitting on her knees. Her pajama shorts have ridden up her thighs in all the commotion, and she can feel Draco’s eyes on her bare skin. 

He whines, arms unsuccessfully pulling at the knot of the tie. 

Y/N grins, tilting her head slightly, “Struggling there, love?” She says, perfectly mimicking Draco’s earlier snide tone from class. 

“This isn’t funny. Let me go.” He growls, now all too serious. 

Y/N can see the lust in his eyes, and she’s almost ready to claim victory, almost. 

“Not just yet, love. I believe I suffered a lot more than this.” Y/N notes, reaching over and straddling him again, her one hand flying over the fabric of Draco’s pajama pants. She let’s out a slight laugh when Draco moans, her hand grazing his erection.  

Crabbe’s snoring stops momentarily, casing Y/N hand to freeze. It picks up again after a single snort.

 “Sh, love. Wouldn’t want to get caught now, would we?” Y/N teases, raising an eyebrow at Draco. 

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, you let me out this instance, or I swear to god-” Draco begins, his eyes shut tightly. 

“Shut up, Draco.” Y/N says, crashing her lips onto his.

 Draco’s hands squirm even more, and Y/N grins greedily against his lips she knows all he wants to do is put his hands on her and take her right there. She moves to the side, peppering kisses along his defined jawline, down into his neck. 

“Think you’re funny, do you? Let me down, I want to finish this.” Draco growls, frustrated and bothered. 

“Mhm, I’m hilarious. Don’t you think?” Y/N taunts, sitting up and dipping her fingers into the waistband of Draco’s pajama shorts. 

“Sorry baby, but I’m in charge tonight.” Y/N responds, pushing down his shorts all the way.

 “Fine. Fine, just hurry up, I want my turn too.” Draco concedes, rolling his eyes at her.  Oh boy, does she. Her dainty hand wraps around his hard on, gripping it tightly and giving him a hand job just like she knows he likes it.

Eventually, Draco gets tired of being restrained, flinching away every time Y/N tries to touch him.

 “No. Let me go.” He says simply.

She frowns, “Fine. You big baby.” She mutters, grabbing her wand and releasing him. Not a moment has passed and she finds herself on her back again. 

“My turn, princess.” He taunts, his long fingers trailing down Y/N’s long legs and back up again. Draco’s lips are attached to her neck, surely leaving hickies here and there. Draco slips a finger into her,  a loud moan exits her mouth. Draco freezes, his eyes wide as he quickly reaches up and covers her mouth. 

“Sh, darling.” He cooes, leaning down and resting his forehead against hers. His fingers resume their previous movements, and Y/N whines again a few moments later when Draco starts to pull her shorts off. 

“What? Am I hurting you?” Draco whispers, his actions coming to a complete halt. 

“No. No, it feels good, but Draco, we’re going to wake them up.” Y/N mutters, her eyes still shut tightly. 

“No, we’re fine sweetheart.” Draco coos, hushing her and leaning back down.

“No, Draco, d-don’t.” She mutters, her train of thought flying out of her mind. 

Draco growls, pulling away. “You’re just going to tease me than?” He spit out. 

Y/N sighs, suddenly cold from the loss of contact. She frowns, squinting up at him, “You really thought I was going to let you fuck me with your roommates right there?” She counters, a  smart smirk hinting on her lips. 

Draco rolls his eyes, collapsing next to her with a loud groan, “This was your plan the entire time, wasn’t it?” He asks.

 Y/N smiles, “Mhm, you better think twice before you tease me me in public again, Mister Malfoy. Stop pouting, it’s not like you didn’t have any fun. ” She says, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. She moves to leave, reaching over and grabbing her discarded shirt. 

“No. You’re staying here. You owe me that.” Draco mutters, sitting up and wrapping his arms around Y/N from behind, bringing her back. 

“Draco, I can’t stay.” She whines, her eyes fluttering shut as he presses stray kisses to her neck and shoulder. 

“Yes you can.” He growls, biting on her shoulder.

 “Fine.” She hisses, swatting him away.

And that’s exactly how Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle found them the next morning. Y/N’s head tucked under Draco’s chin and his arms tight around her, the discarded tie laying on the floor by the bed.

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They are renovating the apartment next to mine. ಠ_ಠ 

It sounds like they’re breaking through the wall every second now. I can’t sleep because of the deafening noise (and the ungodly heat) and all my tired brain could think of was putting Kuroo right in my place making him suffer…

Sorry babe.

that messed up anatomy and perspective though… ugh…

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Hux being so ashamed of his daddy kink and Kylo loves it. Loves making him squirm every time Kylo reminds Hux to call him Daddy. Loves giving out his punishments because Hux is so eager for them, but also burning up with shame at how badly he needs them.

Yes yes YES YES YES. Kylo has Hux bent over the desk, three fingers working deep into his body, lube dripping down Hux’s thighs and making a complete mess of him. Hux is hiding his face in his hands, but Kylo can tell from the tips of his ears that he’s blushing like mad. He leans in, smirks, whispers, “You’re being so good for daddy, sweetheart. Your pretty little hole is so ready for my cock, isn’t it?” Hux only whines and nods to Kylo smacks his ass with his free hand, growls, “Use your words,” until Hux moves his hands and gasps, “Yes daddy, I’m so ready for your cock, daddy.”

And Kylo sees how each word eats at him, burns him with shame, and he loves it.

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number 2, with Finn Balor? ^.^

(A/N): I hope you enjoy. :)

#2 “Don’t you ever do that again!” 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d take it so badly. It was just a joke.” Your voice threatening to crack, but you’re able to maintain your composure.

“A joke? A fucking joke? I hate when people mess with my stuff, especially my Legos!” He’s so pissed and you can’t understand why. You just hid away a piece of his Lego set, trying to mess with him, but it went sideways and he completely lashed out on you.

“It was a fucking joke, Finn!” Your voice rises as you are failing to control your anger.

“Then don’t joke with me anymore!” He snaps harshly, his face hard as stone.

“Fine. I won’t bother you anymore. Don’t worry.” You mumble, leaving the living room, headed to your bedroom where you start packing your stuff.

After half an hour of crying and packing, you finally finished and headed to the front door. You stop at the living room, where Finn is laying in the couch.

“Is this another joke, (Y/N)? I thought I said –“ He starts speaking once again harshly, not even bothering with your read and puffy eyes.

“No, this is no fucking joke. I’m leaving. Hope you’re happy now.” You snap, tears falling freely from your eyes once again.

“What? No! Don’t leave. I’m… I’m just having a bad day and I took it out on you.” He replies, looking shocked, sitting on the couch.

“No. I don’t care. I’m leaving. I’m done. I can’t take this anymore.” You manage to whisper through tears.

You find the courage to turn the doorknob and head outside, leaving Finn sitting on the couch, completely stunned with tears in his eyes. He knew this was his fault. He’s been taking his frustations on you when you were just trying to help.

“I love you. I’ll give you time, but I won’t let you go.” Finn yells as soon as he reaches the front door.

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honestly the whole "baby" and "good boy" messed me up so badly cause i had just re-read a fic of yours this morning, and to see it happen in real life was insane. god bless


Bless you, Don Saladino. Showers of good fortune upon your house.

(also, is this just a thing? does EVERYONE just default to treating Seb like their good boy, sweet kid, baby, etc? does everyone know that praise kink is THE best way to motivate him, so now it’s just like a thing, on set, at the gym, and so on…? is this like some sort of real-life amazing poly erotica novel, like, Two Three Eight Doms for Sebastian?)

idk how i could have fucked up something this badly. i just wanted to redo that drawing, and i’ve drawn him so much i know how to draw the face very well, but all the paint ruined that. i hate this so much. i know i’m being harsh on myself, but i can’t paint for shit.

Painting stuff IRL is hard, but not impossible. Keep trying!

–Mod R

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How does MCU Tony Stark embody the worse of the MCU?

My biggest problems with the MCU films is that they’re overall a mess of plot holes, badly done worldbuilding, and to much focus on white male characters. 

In a way, Tony Stark as he is now, embodies all of this. He’s the white male character within the franchise. Yet, as a character Tony is horribly inconsistent, and morphs into whatever the plot needs him to be when he transfers over into a movie. 

I believe I stated before that Tony’s most consistent trait is guilt. In Age of Ultron he’s guilty so he creates Ultron without thought to the consequences. In Iron Man his guilt made him change his company and build Iron Man as a source of protection. In Civil War, his guilt leads him to blindly follow Ross, the Accords, and recruit a child to fight in his super battle. Because Tony keeps being used as Marvel Studio’s golden goose, his overall character suffers from it. He’s reached a plateau much like the MCU has because of formulaic storytelling and the reduction of actual character development. 

Tony hasn’t grown as a character anymore, just as the MCU hasn’t grown as a franchise. Currently the films sit at a very profitable and comfortable position because they go pretty much unchallenged. So there’s no real risks taken in regards to storytelling, instead everything is a big action scene, or team smash up, or introduction to a new character, or a hint at Infinity Wars. Tony, as a character, has remained stagnant since IM2 if I’m being generous. Just as the MCU has remained stagnant since Avengers (with the exception of Winter Soldier). 

Tony Stark, as a character, emphasizes everything that the current and released MCU films seems to value most: a profitable white straight male lead, witty/snarky easy humor, inconsistent storytelling, and easy profit. 

I hope this does change with their future movies, though I’m not comfortable putting all the burden on Black Panther it’s shaping up to be one of the best MCU films. I’m not interested at all in Spider-man, but the cast has a lot of strong players, and I’m happy for the inclusion of Tessa Thompson in Thor 3. So it’s possible the MCU is changing, I can only judge what they’ve currently done which hasn’t at all impressed me after looking at 13 movies all together. 

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Hello senpai!! In response to that ask about how badly it would screw up the ABC squad watching Saruhiko get tortured, what if this time it was Misaki-kun having to watch Saruhiko get tortured before his eyes? Generic right? XD

So maybe like there’s a Strain who wants vengeance against Yata and Fushimi in particular and ends up kidnapping them both. The Strain decides the best way to make Yata suffer is to have him watch helplessly while Fushimi is tortured. I think that would definitely mess Yata up some, like even if it was pre-reconciliation I think Yata would be yelling at the guy to stop hurting Fushimi and probably at some point would even be offering to take the pain himself, like anything he can do to just get the Strain to leave Saruhiko alone. Meanwhile Fushimi keeps mocking the Strain and doing whatever he can to keep the Strain’s attention fully on him because obviously there’s no way he’s going to let Yata be tortured in his place. I think Yata would feel really helpless too, especially when you consider that part of the reason he wanted to join Homra and get stronger in the first place was because of that time during the surprise party when he was too weak to save Fushimi. Now he’s got all this power but he’s still helpless, he still can’t save Fushimi when it counts and all he can do is sit there watching helplessly.

Then after Fushimi and Yata are rescued I wonder if Yata would have trouble facing him at first. I think he’d be really eaten up with guilt, thinking he should have been able to save Fushimi somehow (and to add to that too, maybe they get saved by Scepter 4 so for Yata it feels like not only could he not save Saruhiko but the Blue clan he hated so much was able to do it instead). Fushimi meanwhile is still totally screwed up himself from all the torture and especially post-reconciliation he’d be having self loathing spirals all over the place, assuming that the reason Misaki hasn’t come to see him yet is because Yata’s upset with him or blames Fushimi for not being able to rescue himself. When Yata finally brings himself to go visit Fushimi assumes that Yata’s here to tell him how weak he was and Yata’s like what the hell I was about to apologize to you for letting that happen. Fushimi’s all confused because Yata didn’t ‘let’ anything happen and Yata admits how frustrated he felt, because he wanted to be the person who always protected Fushimi and kept him safe and now Fushimi was hurt in front of him and there was nothing at all Yata could do. Fushimi’s all shocked that Yata felt this way and Yata just tells Fushimi how scared he was for Fushimi’s sake and how much he’s been worrying about Fushimi ever since and at some point there’s probably hugging and then they fall asleep curled together on Fushimi’s bed.

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Could you talk about how/if Maria is involved? her

yeah!! maria labib is a first generation north african gal, the young wife of a low-level employee in a pharmaceutical megalith. she kept a bag packed in the linen closet for a while but then james found it, beat her, and since then she’s been stuck with him along with her two daughters, lila and marwa. she meets alex in the lobby of the corporate firm he works for, they have the same masjid community - sort of, he doesn’t go regularly but he’s well known by reputation - so she sought him out hoping for pro bono divorce help.

that situation goes .. badly to say the least. but i’ll focus on her instead of the mess alex and james push her into! she loves her daughters more than anything, sings to put them to sleep. maria’ll do anything she believes will protect them, including step into the war paths of selfish, cowardly men. she had a lot of trouble learning english, and as a little girl she wanted to teach ESL. she’s also very artistic, used to keep a sketchbook before she got married.

i want a happier ending for her than the one she was destined for so it’s in progress! but this is a good intro to her as she currently exists in the au


Toby, Pauline, Mackenzie and Travis argue with a unicorn while Peculiarity attempts to keep the peace. They probably made up and forgave each other in the end.

I probably should have used thinner outlines, as it all sort of ended up looking cluttered. Or maybe there are just some problems with the composition. I could go back and fix it, but I don’t particularly feel like doing so as this took ages to draw anyway. It was really just a case of wanting to draw the apocalypse squad actually doing something and interacting, since I hadn’t done that yet.

Even though Mac would probably be closer to eye-level with the unicorn if he was standing on the ground, he is being held up by Travis for confidence. If the situation took a turn for the worse, angry unicorn magic could mess things (and people) up pretty badly. And really, I just wanted to draw Travis holding up Mackenzie to make him look taller.

Mail mess {Lindo & Hound}


He knew something was off since he first saw mail had arrived for him. besides the rent and bills, he really didn’t had any other reason to receive mail. He didn’t bough anything online, he wasn’t subscribed to anything and he certainly haven’t given his address to no one that would send mail. And less in the quantity that it arrived.

A look to the contents was enough for him to confirm his suspicions. What as all that anyway? Cooking magazines? 10 of them? all from this month? Who even subscribes to 10 different cooking magazines?

For the name written in the bags, it seemed to be a certain Lindo Tachibana. The number of the room was 322, which made him wonder how did they managed to mess it up badly enough to leavy it in the room 306.

So, he walked all the way down the hall to the door 322 and knocked on it, the package of ten (10) different cooking magazines under his arm. The door opened and laying an arm on the entrance he handed over the package.

“Your ten cooking magazines. They ended up at my place” he said as only explanation

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I see that you like voltron and the creator who works on it also coworked on Legend of Korra I hope you can watch it sometime!! It's soo good and I want you to like, be obsessed with it and then draw it I can see it now lol

i actually watched the first season of korra and got put off by the makkora ending lmao (and the whole mess around romance with him, korra and asami.), so i stopped watching before season 2 could start.

i think in general the romance in korra was badly done and baited a lot of shippers too hard. (bolin liked korra too, right? like, what was the point? what was the point of mako bouncing between two girls who were just gonna end up together in the end anyway? it annoyed me and unnecessarily damaged his character)

but i enjoyed avatar a lot and the fact that korrasami got endgame makes me happy. maybe one day i’ll pick it up again, but for now im not desperate to.

Here's a good reason SJW tumblr isn't good for you

So my best friend is a sweet guy. He’s so nice and caring and sensitive, but at the same time he’s masculine and plays baseball. He loves video games and anime and his dog Midnight. He likes cosplay and YouTube. He goes out and helps people and really cares about his friends. All around, He’s an awesome guy.

Now, over the past year I had started drifting towards being a radical feminist and SJW. This completely messed up my friendship with this wonderful guy. It made me think he was evil and that I could treat him badly because he was a guy.

I yelled at him and said really nasty things I would never have said to a girl. I treated him like shit because I was mad at him for being sensitive when I was being mean. And that was fucked up. I was being very emotionally abusive towards him because I HATED men. I HATED them.

And then, then after it was all over and he had blocked me… I felt like shit. I felt like shit because he had rightly said I was being a jerk, and I had reacted by tearing him down and just proving his point.

But because he was male, I don’t think I really considered him human or on par with females. I spent all day screaming about how men were sexist pigs, when really I was the sexist pig. This site made that okay, though, I felt completely justified in being an asshole to this guy because he was male.

That is the toxicity of radical feminism and social justice. I wonder why people don’t like feminism, I don’t even like feminism. It IS a male-hating movement and now I need to try to make up for hurting one of the nicest guys I had the pleasure of being friends with.

I’m sorry for being so sexist and horrible. I’m sorry for every post on this blog that has been sexist. I’m sorry that I let tumblr change me into someone I’m not.

I support equal rights and treatment for all people. I am no longer a feminist.


“ We need to talk. Seriously.” Dib would say, approaching Zim from behind. Part of him was upset with the Irken for thinking he could enter HIS home, after Zim had messed up as badly as he did. “No excuses. Sit.” He’d mumble, practically choking out a ‘please’, afterwards. Dib felt sick, his stomach tied in knots. But worst of all, he was HURT; staring ahead blankly, as he took a seat on the couch. He was so still, it was almost UNSETTLING. As if he was frozen in place.

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it's not a crush; i am in love with him. but i messed up badly & he's oblivious to how much i wish i could change it. anyways, he's absolutely flawless. he has dark, almond eyes. they're the most beautiful i've ever seen. his ears are crooked- ones higher than the other & his glasses on they lean a little because of it, but i love it. he's charming & charismatic. he has a way with words that you could talk of anything & absolutely get lost in it because he speaks with so much passion. 1/2

(Answer in pt 2)

-they posted that snap of yug shitfaced for what? fame? if so that’s real fucked up. they know damn well that can ruin got7′s career and image all together. i hope his “friends” know that they fucked up so badly. plus, in korea yugyeom is legal. he doesnt know much about america more than likely, so how is he gonna know that he isnt old enough to drink? 

-my thoughts on bambam saying the n word? i think he should apologize. it’s really messed up. he doesn’t know how harsh that word is. he should get educated.

-it’s not mark’s fault for this, it’s more his friend’s than him. so dont blame mark, he’s innocent. just bc they’re his friends and they showed their asses doesnt mean he’s responsible for their behavior. they’re all fuckin snakes. king cobras.

-last thing, dont fucking body shame yug. literally everyone has rolls. no one’s gonna sit down and have a totally flat stomach. so the assholes body shaming yug can get fucked.

joanbelmont  asked:

so, what direction would you like the RaC series to go after the reboot? a sequel of the reboot? continuing the original series? to tell you the truth, i personally don't think that the RaC series was in such a hurry to get a reboot,

( In my humble opinion I think rebooting the series at this time was a bad idea, they needed better writers since I don’t like how a lot of the characters were handled ( ratchet in particular ), and they messed up the canon p bad. I can understand people calling it a re imagining but like… a lot of the things were handled badly..

( Nefarious shouldn’t have been in the movie at all, or at least start with him as a robot or something.. and drek just felt overshadowed by nefarious so he felt pointless if not unneeded. The fact that Veldin was never a target like at all made me go ?? that was a whole conflict of the first game, and now we have Nef blowing up the galaxy because he’s bored. Going back to the writers I wish we got to know more about the rangers, the only one with “personality” was Elaris, and that’s because she plays video games and is a cheerleader aha. The art dirction for the BG characters made me cry, they could have designed so many cool characters but they go and recycle models from A4O hhh 

( I mean I’ve been a fan of the games for 14+ years and all I gotta say is it could have been worse. They did put love into it which I appreciate. It would be nice to see where this is going if not, have the next game be a squeal to Nexus

fuckface & me

before I had sex, it was all i could think about, wanting so badly to try it, so desperate to experience pleasure. so i met up with some guy I barely knew. he’s 3 years older than me so i thought he’d be so mature. the first time we ever hung out he took my virginity. we messed around in his room, i let him woo me. i guess that’s what i wanted, and at the time it was. he wanted to have sex and i guess i did too. i didn’t want to tell him no because honestly id been dying to. he went inside me and it hurt like most girls for their first time , he was done quick and i didn’t care too much because my poor vag could barely take anymore. but i still wanted to do it more. so I went over a couple days later for more sex. the second time turned out as lackluster as the first. the third time i went, i felt more comfortable with him. he wanted to try a new position so we did and he finished in seconds. i was so upset with him and made it obvious to him as i left. but it honestly wasn’t a big deal, i get it pussy is great and sometimes its hard to control. i tried to hit him up a couple days later on two different forums and realized he blocked me. i honestly have no connection towards him, he’s someone i probably spent a total of 3 hours with, i just wonder why he blocked me, what went wrong you know. i can’t blame myself i mean i didn’t really do anything wrong. i never imagined the relationship i had with the person i had my first time with would have been so short lived.