it meant to be a birthday present but arrived today

Take My Hand, Take My Whole Life To


This was it the day was finally here, finally being eighteen, meant that he and Elliot’s wedding day had arrived, He’d awoke in his room at his parent’s. He and Elliot had a place they would be moving into, it was one of his birthday presents from his soon to be husband, but for ease he’d spent the night in his old room, surrounded by familiar things and memories of his relationship with Elliot. rubbing his eyes he slid on his glasses and yawned. He’d had two outfits made, just in case it was a Cherry day, the dress that hung in the closet would get use at some point, but today was most defiantly a Christopher Day. Taking a few moment’s he sent a quick text

[Text: mon amour Elli <3] See you soon handsome husband to be , Love you Always xxx

After taking a shower he headed down stairs wrapped in a dressing gown and greeting his parent’s with a kiss to the cheeks, they would be helping him get ready, they knew a lot more details then he did, Chrissy had only had to get hos outfits made, Elliot and their parent’s had done the rest. “ Papa, Parent’s i’m so nervous”