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I'm black an though I love Moana (It was a great film and I am a huge Dwayne The Rock Johnson fan, I can't help but feel slightly jealous. I mean, I just wish there was a film with a leading obviously black (because Kida is usually used to counter this) female lead that wasn't an animal for most of the film. The gifs with Moana's hair and just her being awesome are great and I would just love to have a black character to fangirl over too. Am I a bad person for feelint this way?

Aww omg no, you’re definitely not a bad person for wanting better black representation! Let’s be honest, Disney having the first and only black female lead in their canon be an animal for 80+% in her own movie was unfulfilling and disappointing to say the least especially for those of us who’ve waited so eagerly. 

They could have done the same story without turning Tiana into an animal especially since her transformation wasn’t ever needed in the first place (she’s not like Kenai in Brother Bear who was transformed to atone for the revenge killing of the bear or the vain, selfish Kuzco in The Emperor’s New Groove who is turned into a llama + eventually learns compassion + respect). Her only “fault” is working hard to achieve the dreams?? 

So from one black fangirl to another, I understand 100% where you’re coming from *hugs*

  • Me: *looking at pictures of El Diablo on my phone and crying*
  • Mom: *glancing over my shoulder* Who's that? Is he from that movie?
  • Mom: But look at all those tattoos. No, that one- *points at Captain Boomerang in the background* That one looks like a nice boy.
  • Me: *visibly cringing*

Am I troyesivan yet?


this adorable nerd though, could she be more excited…? total swiftie [x][x]

Stop saying the guy in the Nashville movie theatre shooting/incident today was dangerous simply because he’s been committed before.

Fuck. *I* have been committed in the past, and yeah, there are so many variables as to what can/will get you committed that just that doesn’t mean you’re a dangerous person by default. 

The mental health ‘system’ in Tennessee is so broken that they’re totally ok cutting people off meds they need if deemed ‘too expensive’ or ‘not preferred’, public clinics have backups that can last 8+ hours during a ‘mental health crisis’, actually getting therapy when you need it can take a fight that takes months, you can literally go into a clinic and tell them exactly how you’re going to kill yourself and be turned away as ‘not serious’ enough. (I know this from experience.) The state, and to be honest most states, don’t really give a shit about mentally ill people until something ‘happens’ to/with them.

(Sidenote…shoutout to my amazing, but in private practice psychologist, who, for 11 years now has been a savior to me when I was in both the public clinic system and the ‘private’ system as well. That man deserves a fucking medal of honor for helping me navigate the clusterfuck that is the Tennessee mental health system.)

And finally….mentally ill people are more likely to be hurt by others than the other way around. 

Too aro for this shit

I can’t deal with clingy alloro people crying about having to be apart from their romantic partners for 3 seconds today

By the end of this letter, Tony had never felt so ALIVE.

Or aroused.