it means so much to her that jane likes the gift

Michael Cordero was The Best example of a television love interest, and i mean that so so genuinely.

in s1, i wanted to love Rafael so much. he was hunky, suave, and the obvious pick. but Michael? Michael snuck up on me. Michael took me completely by surprise in the best possible way.

he was sweet. he was genuine. he was kind, and gentle, and supportive.

and, in the most wonderful way, Michael Cordero loved Jane so god damn much.

literally all he ever wanted was for her to be happy. all he wanted was for her to be loved and feel loved, and he gave so much of himself to her. he raised a child that wasn’t his like his own. he supported Jane’s journey to chase her dreams with so much passion and encouragement and kindness and he was, in every possible way, the sort of character who makes you want to be better.

Michael Cordero was a gift and i’m so happy we got to watch his character flourish, and i’m so lost as to how i’m going to move on from this.

Jake English likes to fight, and likes the Brobot.

TW: Physicality, Discussion of Physical combat

So, like. It’s long past time I wrote about my favorite character in this webcomic.

Jake English is the best and most interesting character in Homestuck, and it’s pretty tragic that barely anybody knows it. This is partly due to Jake’s narrative and personality being one of the most understated and subtle in the comic, but it’s also due to a Fandom Narrative building up around him that unfortunately  paves over a lot of Jake’s most unique and interesting character traits.

Let’s try and rediscover this diamond in the rough as we wait for the game that will largely center around an alternate version of him, yeah? Here, I’m going to debunk some pretty common misconceptions about Jake, what he likes, and what he dislikes. 

Brawls, Wrestling–Scrums and Whatnot. And the Brobot.

Let’s put it plainly: Jake English likes fights. A lot of the discourse surrounding Jake’s relationship with the Brobot seems to ignore this, or implies that the Brobot, like, Ruined Fighting for him somehow because it was outside of what he initially envisioned when Dirk sent it:

A point commonly further backed up with this quote Jake gives Jane: 

There’s a few issues with this interpretation. Jake’s initial negative reaction is his very first encounter with the Brobot, and his quote with Jane is one he delivers as a passing remark. And by simply comparing Jake’s actions before and after the Brobot is sent, we can tell Jake really wouldn’t rather deal with the monsters.

Before the Brobot is sent, when Jake is 13, he explicitly avoids going outside:

Which is easy to link to being afraid of the monsters, since Jake complains about them himself…

And has no problem going outside three years later, after the Brobot is sent. To some extent, this can be put down to Jake’s increased experience and competence. But…

That clearly doesn’t account for the entire shift, since Jake does indeed need the Brobot to save him. I’ll come back to that later, but really, we don’t even need to do all this backwards story introspection to decide what Jake Really Feels. It would be easier to just listen to the guy himself. 

So yes, Jake complains about the Brobot to Jane in one passing remark…while he’s still dancing around the tangled web of his relationships with Jane, Dirk, and Roxy. A period of time when Jake, by his own admission, is thinking very much about what other people think and not entirely being honest with the people around him. 

What does Jake say when he is being honest, though? What does he tell John in his letter, which Jake wrote when he was 16, after 3 years of dealing with the Brobot?

What does he tell Caliborn–who’s opinion he doesn’t care about–after entering the session, after 6 months of dating Dirk?

And what does he tell Jane about the Brobot when he’s actually being honest with her–which he’ll CONTINUE to do for six months, complaining about all of Dirk’s myriad issues and shortcomings as a romantic partner…without ever once bringing up the specter of physical fear or discomfort?

Wait, hang on. Let’s zoom in on that one, that one’s important:

Woah. Is that Jake conceptually linking the Brobot…to the thing he was most consistently excited about for the entire comic? Interesting. Wild. What could it mean. It would almost imply that after spending three years with the thing, he doesn’t really hate the experience of having it in his life. 

Again, Jake is no stranger to complaining about Dirk over the course of their session–he complains to Jane endlessly about him, as well as to Erisol and even Caliborn a little. (Though never Roxy, hmm…I wonder why…(I know why and I’ll get to it in another post.))

But he never really complains about fighting or about the Brobot in general, and his general attitude towards fights seems to be changed absolutely not at all whatsoever–right up to [S] Credits.

And he ultimate views Dirk as a figure of comfort and safety, so much so that he trusts Dirk with protecting him even more than he trusts Grandma or his own powers–after all, even after Brain Ghost Dirk tells him that he wouldn’t need him if he unlocked his hope potential, Jake still chooses to simply make Brain Ghost Dirk real rather than doing anything on his own when he wants to feel safe:

So yeah, I find the idea that Jake was bothered by the Brobot on any meaningful level pretty hard to square with the avalanche of counterevidence that is in the canon. The Brobot was an imperfect gift, but Jake still ultimately enjoyed it.  

Jake English likes to fight. Plain and simple. This is weird to a lot of people, and that’s fine, but it’s not actually that uncommon.

There’s plenty of sports that center around fighting or come with the risk of physical harm, like boxing, martial arts, etc. I’m a longtime fencer, and I genuinely liked going without protective padding and getting bruised from the sword impacts. Physicality appeals to some people. 

Jake’s love for fighting established, feel free to join me tomorrow and we’ll take on a smaller issue. A tighter one. 

I’ve written an obnoxious amount about Dirk, but seeing how quickly I was able to put that Dirk post out, I decided I’d like to use the next couple days to put out similar smaller posts about the other Alphas–Jake, Roxy, and Jane, In that order.

I’ve got at least two more posts of Jake in me before we move on to Roxy, and I should be putting out at least one of these posts a day–the next one’s already pretty much written, so I may post it early in the day tomorrow.
Hopefully, by doing this I can help people understand just how tangled and complicated the tangles of mutual hurt and mutual love are in this group of friends, and why I love this severely underrated group of Homestuck characters.

If you enjoyed this post and think others like it would be interesting to you, well–stay tuned. If you have a counterargument or you disagree with this post, feel free to respond and I’ll do my best to get back to you. I enjoy testing my ideas so long as we’re all nice about it.

Keep rising. 


Day 7

Imagine Being The Volturi’s Secretary

For My Followers

Part 1

Signing up for a shady secretary job is one thing but said shady job actually being offered by vampires is another thing.

You’re not a skeptic and you’ve never exactly valued your own life very much so you took the job.

You quickly find out that the Volturi value your life about as much you do.


“Your job here is to organize the schedule, pass messages onto the masters, welcome us as we come in, say farewell as we leave, do anything we ask, and collect the mail. You are not to open any mail you must pass it onto the masters. You are not to interrupt when the doors are closed, and you are not to divulge the secret. You can continue living your life in town but you’ll find you won’t have time to return to your social life. You will call members of the guard sir or ma'am and the three kings master,” the tall beefy guard explains as he leads me through the old castle. His name is Demetri and he seems annoyed at being given the task to play tour guide.

“Yes sir,” you reply. He grunts and leads you to a nice mahogany desk.

“This is your desk,” he says and gestures for you to sit. You nod and sit down at the desk. There’s a set of pens and pencils on the desk in a straight line and a mac computer. You fold your hands and look up politely at your red eyed boss. “You are to be here at seven sharp every morning and you leave at three unless instructed otherwise. You may have days off if you request them a week in advance. Any questions?”

“None sir,” you answer politely and smile. Demetri rolls his eyes and stalks away. Once the blonde vampire no longer watches you scribble down all the rules he said and place them in the top desk drawer.

You may not value your life but you value work ethic.

So begins your first day as the Volturi secretary.


You quickly learn names and abilities of all the guard except who don’t seem that bad at all. Of course they’re all horribly frightening and don’t care for you at all but they aren’t rude.

You’re good at your job and you assure to follow all the rules laid out. Even though your job is easy you never slack off in your free time. To keep busy you start hand making a calendar for the Volturi. Each month has a guard member or two sketched out on it while the three kings stand as the cover.

Your main task is organizing fake tours for Heidi to lead so the Volturi can eat without suspicion being raised. Though the screams haunt your dreams you manage to stop flinching every time a tour comes through.

Other jobs include scheduling trials for vampires who’ve broken laws, planning parties, handing on letters, sending gifts to friends of the Volturi, and anything else that is asked of you. Once you had to learn how to fishtail braid so you could braid Jane’s hair.

Overall you’re not happy, you ever are, but you don’t hate your job. The pay is nice and it keeps you busy.


“(Y/N)!” Jane snaps and you instantly bounce to attention. The blonde vampire is storming up to your desk with a murderous look on her face.

“Yes ma'am?”

“A trial is scheduled for the day of my and Alec’s birthday!” she hisses. “We were supposed to have a ball.” Jane is furious and looks ready to kill.

“I’m sorr-”

“I know it wasn’t you! You keep track of the birthdays ritualistically.” It’s true you have all the birthdays written down and you always plan something if the particular vampire cares about their birthday. “I want to know who told you to put a trial over it!”

Jane is glaring viciously and her hands are clenched.

“Mr Demetri requested it,” you answer calmly.

“I’m going to rip his head off,” she growls. “Thanks.” You’re stunned, none f then has ever shifted blame from you to another member of the guard, and no one has ever said thanks.

“Your welcome but ma'am, is the fault not mine?” you ask curiously.

“It’s not because I know you were ordered explicitly to follow all orders. I also know Demetri is mad because I stole his favorite cloak,” Jane replies curtly and then storms off.

You wonder silently if they’ve started to like you.


“Dear (Y/N) I wonder if you could help me choose a table cloth for Jane and Alec’s party?” Aro inquires with a sickly sweetness. He called you into the throne room for this express reason apparently.

“Yes I can master,” you say and walk forward. Your heels click on the granite floor loudly, too loudly.

“Never wear heels again (Y/N) they are intolerable,” Caius demands.

“Ah but sweet (Y/N) looks so delicious in heels,” Aro muses. “Felix, and Heidi certainly think so.” The referred vamps immediately hiss and scowl. You feel your face heat up in betrayal to your mind.

“How can they stand the sound?” Caius mutters but everyone disregards him.

“Oh hush brother. Now (Y/N) tell me which table cloth is best?”

You choose the red one which pleases Jane and Alec.

On your way out you purposefully take light steps to cushion the sound.

“Aro this girl has been here for months when will we kill her?”

“Caius we also discussed turning her.”

“We always say we’ll turn them but we never do.”

“This one is different.”


“(Y/N) will you come to our party?” Alec asks suddenly appearing behind you. You squeak in surprise and whip around to find Jane and him looking at you expectantly.

“If you request I come then I shall sir. Unless I’m indisposed,” you reply nicely.

“What do you mean? What could possibly make you unavailable. You have nothing to do outside this job,” Jane remarks bluntly.

“Ma'am the only way I would miss your party is if I was dead. In my line of work I understand that my death could occur at any moment.”

Jane and Alec both stare in shock and then a certain emotion you couldn’t figure out.

Before you know it Jane grabs your arm in a bruising grip and roughly pulls you to the throne room.

So it’s finally happening, your death.

Someone to Stay - AU

Previous chapters

Chapter 9

Claire tossed the newspaper aside, sighing in frustration.

Joe had stuffed the copy in her locker, attached to a Post-It with a question mark and a heart drawn on it. It was a daily gossip rag, featuring a picture snapped at the restaurant before Christmas. Jamie was featured at an angle, smiling at Claire, and then a smaller picture beneath that showing Claire’s face for all to see.

The article labeled Claire as Jamie’s new squeeze (God, who even used that word?) and included accurate details of her work and past. She guessed it wasn’t that hard to Google. She ran a hand through her curls, and with the other clutched at the chain around her neck until she touched the ruby ring, for comfort.

She felt her privacy had been invaded, obviously, but also that protective bubble they had formed around them, separate from Jamie Fraser the rock star. This was reality seeping in. It was relatively harmless, but still…

Claire sighed again. There was work to do.


“I wish you didn’t have to go.”

The room was dark; a faraway streetlight cast a glow through the window so their features were faintly outlined. Jamie gave a brief laugh, and his hand never stopped tracing patterns on her back.

“I ken how ye feel. On the one hand, I would like nothing more than to stay wi’ ye. On the other, there’s the second thing l love most – music.”

“The second, huh?” Claire kissed his shoulder and snuggled in closer.

“The writing, composing, working with my mates… it’s such a part of who I am. I’m blessed many times over.”

Claire made a small noise of agreement and held him closer to her. There had been a couple more pictures Claire and Jamie walking around London. She had taken to wearing thick woolly scarves to wrap around the lower half of her face, obscuring most of it from view of the constant, clicking paparazzi.

Her flat and Jamie’s had become a sanctuary away from curious eyes who sometimes believed that because Jamie was a public figure, they were entitled to touch and scream at him. And that because Claire was dating him and therefore ‘hers’, she deserved vitriol and hatred.

Was he worth it too? The small inconveniences? Joe had had hospital security escort her as she left work. She plainly ignored the photographers who regularly camped outside her building. She refused to take calls from various morning shows who wanted to interview her or get her opinion on various celebrity topics. She got hate e-mail from spurious accounts and the occasional mean glare from random strange women.

Yes, she would do it all again in a heartbeat.


“Call me when you land.” Claire swallowed against the lump in her throat as she gripped the front of his jacket.

“Ye ken I will, Sassenach.” Jamie wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his forehead against hers. “I’ll be back before ye notice. We’ll talk every day. We’ll both be busy as bees, and time will fly by. Dinna fash, alright?” He bent his mouth to hers and lost themselves in each other, ignoring the blaring airport announcements and the racket of other passengers awaiting flights.

Claire held him tight, a small thread of fear weaving into her heart. She didn’t know why she felt so emotional, so clingy – she who was usually so practical and sensible. Perhaps because her heart understood how much it stood to lose if Jamie ever left for good.

Jamie gave her discreet pat on the bottom, making her laugh, and the somber mood was broken. He kissed her nose with a whispered I love you and shouldered his carry-on backpack. Claire crossed her arms, holding herself as he walked down the gangway. Jamie turned and waved, then marched around the corner out of sight. Until three weeks.

One minute down – 30,239 minutes to go.


“What makes it go faster, Sassenach, is that I had many song lyrics written down. We’re here fine-tuning and coming up wi’ music to accompany them,” Jamie said, his face crystal clear on the screen.

“I’m glad,” Claire replied, sipping her coffee one-handed as she held her phone to video chat with him; she was still in her robe and pajamas, enjoying a rare morning off from the hospital. “What else have you been doing?”

“No’ much. We’ve been out to dinner a few times, me and the lads, and yer friend Geillis and Rupert are really something, let me tell ye.” Jamie wrinkled his nose and laughed.

“I hear that too. She’s been texting me a lot the past week.” Geillis had been thrilled to be in the same city with Rupert for once, and both had been out and about frequently. Rupert was not as high profile as Jamie, so reporters and paparazzi seemed to leave them alone. Geillis had, however, been discussing Claire’s new public persona frequently via phone, asking her how she felt about it and offering much-needed reassurance.

“And ye, mo nighean donn?”

“Work. Study. Work. Study. Medical school is hard, but I love it,” Claire said happily, nestling into the corner of her couch. “I’m preparing for my next class this afternoon, and I have a lot of notes to go through.”

“Then I won’t keep ye. It’s good to see ye, hear yer voice. I miss ye. We’ll talk tonight, aye?” Jamie grabbed his own phone and seemed to be walking down a corridor. Claire recognized it from pictures as the recording studio.

“Of course. I look forward to it.” Claire smiled coyly and drew a finger down the edge of her robe, past the ring on its chain, following it with the camera on her phone until she heard Jamie gasp.

“So do I, Sassenach,” he growled as Claire pulled the phone up and blew him a kiss goodbye.


Claire was focused at the hospital that weekend, intent on helping out an immigrant family whose child had been admitted with a fever. They spoke little English, and Claire had made it her personal mission to help them navigate A&E and support them through this uncertain time.

She was nervous about an upcoming test in her biochemistry class, wanting to do well and prove herself to her professors. She was scheduling study time between her work hours and days off, even using her break time to peruse her textbooks and notes frequently.

So Claire didn’t notice the looks and whispers some of the other staff were giving her, particularly the female nurses. No one had spoken to her directly about any problem or incident, so she ignored it for the most part. Until Dr. Abernathy approached her at the end of her shift.

She wound around her neck a beautiful blue, red, and green tartan scarf; a gift from Jenny in Fraser colors. She was about to step outside when Joe called out.

“Lady Jane? Do you have a minute?”

“Sure,” Claire said, confused. “Is it a patient? Should I change again?”

“No, it’s—personal. Please, LJ, come with me.”

Claire was instantly alert, sensing tension in Joe’s tone. Perhaps she had made a mistake in one of her charts. She started going through a mental list of her patients and their care as she strode briskly next to Joe down the hall to his small office.

Dr. Abernathy let her in first and shut the door firmly behind him and sat in his swivel chair, facing Claire. She sat down herself and gripped her purse, still confused as to what was so urgent.

“Claire, I asked the staff not to mention anything since I overheard the talk in the hospital lounge, because I thought it would upset you,” he began.

“Upset me? About what?”

“I suppose you haven’t seen it. I’m sorry, Lady Jane.” Joe sighed.

Claire exhaled in a huff. “Joe, I don’t understand it. Seen what? All this drama—”

Dr. Abernathy reached into a drawer and pulled out a folded newspaper. He flattened it out with the briefest hesitation on the desktop so Claire could read it.

Jamie Fraser, lead singer of The Clan, caught in secret rendez-vous with famous French pop star Annalise de Marillac.

Imagine your mate Alec finding you sleepwalking for the fifth time in a week. Being concerned, he takes you to Carlisle to determine if something is wrong.

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“This is the fifth time, (Y/N)!” Alec snapped as he gently tugged you away from the wall, grabbing the sheet of paper. “What is this?” He frowned at the familiar scribbles that had just been cleaned from the walls three days prior.
“Are they doing it again?” Jane said from behind him.
“Sister, I think I need to take them to Carlisle, surely this isn’t normal!” He had asked you what they were before - you had no idea what they were when you were awake but often enough you’d get up, still asleep and continue before you wake up or someone stops you.
“Alright, we’ll go in the morning and take Demetri and Felix with us. Should we wake them?”
“No, i’ll get the back to bed and get their stuff ready.”
“I’ll contact Carlisle immediately.” Jade nodded

Carlisle looked at the papers, Alec had gathered from your many nightly sessions. “They only do this when they are asleep?”
“Yes, they don’t know what they are and quite frankly we don’t know either.” Alec explained putting his hands on your shoulders. You were quiet and sitting in front of Alec. You were nervous, what if something was wrong?
“I believe they are calculations of sort…” Carlisle said as he glanced at two sheets of paper. “Do they do this strictly on paper?”
“No, the other night it was all over their bedroom walls. Top to bottom with no section untouched.”
“Edward!” Carlisle called and Edward appeared in the door way.
“Son, would you have any idea what this is?”
Edward tilted his head, looking over Carlisle’s shoulder.
“It looks similar to algebra…very complex algebra.” Edward squinted at it. “But not all of it. I can’t be sure.”
“It’s a mix.” Carlisle said, his face contorted in realisation. “There is some algebra but there is also some DNA things in here… I can make out some of what they were-(Y/N)…how long have you been trying to figure out neurology of vampires?”
All the vampires looked at you. “Ummm, never.” You frowned.
“Do you have a interest in it?”
“Well yeah, I think its crazy how the human functions change when turned into a- why does this matter?”
“I think we’ve found a trigger but we still need to figure out all of this and figure out whats happening in your brain to get up and calculate this in your sleep.  What were your grades like? How was mathematic and science growing up?”
“I couldn’t do math that well, and science had it’s ups and downs - never had a great strength in it.”
“Yet, here you show high intelligence beyond your consciousness.” Carlisle smiled, the curiosity flared in him.
“We’ll monitor your sleep and get some brain scans.” Carlisle turned to the Volturi. “If you don’t mind, I need to take (Y/N) with me for the brain scans and i’ll bring machinery back here to monitor her sleep. Would that be alright? They’ll be gone for a few hours.”
Alec nodded, “Do what you must.”
“(Y/N) how much sleep did you get last night.”
“None, I hate planes.”
“So can I presume that i’ll get a scan of when you’re awake and i’ll let you sleep for a bit to get another scan?”
You nodded. “I’m down for that.”

It was about eight at night when you got back to the Cullen home.
“I’ll get the scans tomorrow morning Carlisle told the Volturi. Now these,” Carlisle knew he’d have to explain how he’d monitor your sleep since he saw Alec’s unease with the daunting looking machinery. “will be attached to various places of (Y/N)’s head with a gel - they’ll need to wash their hair to get it out. This machine has needles that will draw their brain wave activity.”

You were all set up and sound asleep. Carlisle’ had pinned up flat wallpaper-which he determined you’d use if you got up. Then he could just tear it down. The Volturi guards sat beside you, Alec closest. Alec watched you sleep soundly as the scratching of the needle and your breathing was all that was heard.
“It’s fascinating to see how active a brain can be when in sleep.” Demetri said and Felix nodded in agreement.
“It has became more active than the average sleep pattern…But not by much, nothing concern-” The needles moved rapidly, the lines becoming more erratic and zigzagged. You slowly sat up.
And they’re up.” Felix said as Carlisle quickly dropped a black marker pen into the desk drawer in the opposite part of the room. You took a moment to steady yourself before slowly walking forward, your head slightly drooped. You grasped the marker and moved back toward the bed.
Alec began quietly to protest as you began to climb the bedside table. “No, we can’t let them do this, they’ll fall.”
“No one here will let them fall! You have my word, don’t wake them.” Carlisle rushed, his hand out in a ‘stop’ motion. You shakily stood upright, your head slowly moving up to look at the top of the wall. You took off the cap and began to scribble. Carlisle peers around to look at your face. “Their eyes are open, but glazed over…” “They always are.” “This looks like an extreme form of sleepwalking. I’ve never encountered this sort but doing things actively whilst asleep is known.” By a few hours, you were still at it and had covered the whole room. “They are conscious of when they have ran out of space.” Carlisle noted to himself quietly as you clipped the pen lid back on, sat it in the open drawer which you then closed and went back to bed.

Three hours later, it was eight in the morning and you yawned, rubbing your eyes. You looked up to see black smudges on the wall behind you. You then glanced to the other walls seeing the markings. You sat up, turning your head. The smudges turn into scrawled markings that replicated the other walls. You glanced to Alec then Jane before turning to Carlisle. “Don’t worry. Everything is okay. It was impressive to watch.”
“You stood on the bed and everything. If he was human, Alec would have had a heart attack watching you.” Felix said in attempt to lighten your mood.
“How are you feeling? Are you feeling like you haven’t slept?” Carlisle asked “Actually…I feel like I slept quite well.” Carlisle nodded.
“That’s good to hear. I must go and collect those scans but as I can see so far, I’d determine that they are alright, nothing causing harm.”
Alec nodded. “That’s good -”
“But we’d rather be sure.” Jane finished. Carlisle nodded before heading out the door.

Within an hour Carlisle was back.
“This is remarkable!” He gushed as he pulled up the scans on his laptop. “Now this, is a scan of someone (Y/N)’s age. This one on the left is awake, this one on the right is asleep. As you can see, different parts are activated. These shades of yellow show high activity, this is normal, the greens show normal activity. This is a perfectly healthy brain, this person has no physical or mental conditions.” Carlisle tapped a key and two new scans came up. “This is (Y/N)’s awake. As you can see it’s nothing out of the ordinary.” He tapped gain. “This is theirs asleep.”
The Volturi let out quiet gasps. Alec’s grip on your shoulders tightening.
“These red sections show a massive amount of brain activity being used. This would give anyone the impression that they were older and would lead to possible investigation. I can determine right now that this is not a matter of harm, their is nothing wrong with them but Alec, you have a remarkable mate.”
“What does all of this mean?” You asked.
“It means, that you’re accessing high intelligence that shouldn’t really exist. Yet here you stand, you’re a medical mystery. This makes as I previously said, a remarkable human and this could develop into a gift in your change.”

You went on to have a child with Alec before your change.
Your daughter turned out to be the same and would often get up but it was mostly drawing. When she had asked Alec why she kept getting up and not remembering, Alec sat her down to tell her. “Your mother did the same thing. My, did she surprise me.”
Your daughter smiled at the thought.
“Your mother is incredibly intelligent and she showed this when she was human. She could never remember just like you.”
“Now mummy is super smart!” She grinned and Alec ruffled her hair. “That’s correct, precious. Maybe when you get older, you will be gifted too. I’m quite certain of it actually.”
“Will I get in trouble?”
“Sweetheart, you can’t control what you do when you’re asleep. We won’t punish you for such things. Embrace it sweetness, it can’t hurt you.”
Your daughter wrapped her small arms around Alec who gave her a light squeeze in return.

For the unbelievably talented and awesome person that is @dresupi. Happy birthday once again! Sorry it took me so long to give you your gift.

Part 1 - Darcy

When Darcy Lewis first sets foot in the Avengers compound, she isn’t sure if she made the right decision in tagging along with Jane. Knowing Thor is one thing but being around a dozen gifted people and impressive former SHIELD agents can be damaging to a person’s ego, especially one as average as Darcy.

The first few weeks, she tries to keep out of everyone’s way, preferring to stay in the lab with her scientists and only going out to explore at night when she thinks everyone’s asleep. It isn’t exactly dread that keeps her from seeking out the supers and introducing herself to them. She’s more worried about saying something stupid in front of them and then regretting her blunder for the rest of eternity.

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Random Musings of the Day: BatB AUs

Aka, the Victorian!AU and the Modern-Day Royals!AU that nobody asked for!

Let’s start with the Victorians:

  • Partially inspired by Robert and Cora Crawley’s backstory on Downton Abbey and this post/book recommendation by @je-suis-em-jee: “A Scot in the Dark” by Sarah MacLean. 
  • Also a result of my frustration over other such AUs that insist on making Belle a maid under Beast’s employ (she’s not Cinderella folks; if you want to do the respectable-but-still-under-your-employment-route take a queue from Jane Eyre and make her a governess to Chip or something), and don’t consider the historical background and social consequences for said actions (to be fair there would still be scandal if a gentleman married his governess, but less so than if he ran off with the maid. Also maids weren’t considered to be educated ladies whereas governesses were, and that bought them some respectability). 
  • Anyway, rant over; let us move on!
  • Setting: London, England c. mid-1880s.
  • Isabelle “Belle” Prentiss is the daughter of famed society painter Marcus Prentiss. She has recently come into an impressive fortune on her mother’s side, as her uncle had no children of his own to leave it to. Great news, right? Wrong! Because said uncle left a condition in his will that she must marry to secure her inheritance, and if not the money will pass to some distant relative. In spite of the recent Women’s Property Acts of 1870 and 1882 that allow women to maintain their own property, Belle has to be legally married to obtain the money in accordance to the will. No exceptions. 
  • Normally Belle would say the Victorian equivalent of “fuck you!” and move on (she’s not going to marry for the sake of money, thank you very much), but the problem is….she needs the money. Business has been bad for her father and now he’s taken ill, which means bills have been piling up. To make matters worse that cursed libertine Captain Grayson Lockwood (Gaston) has been making unwanted advances towards her, and has placed her in a position that will leave her in disgrace unless she marries him. It’s bad enough that she even has to consider marriage to save her father, but to Grayson!? Uggh. He’ll never treat her with the love and respect she craves, and will likely try to take control of her inheritance, of this she is certain. What’s a girl to do?
  • Enter His Grace Adam Beaumont (Beast), 9th Duke of Sheffield and master of the dilapidated Balmore Castle. He’s been subjected to a series of high society scandals in his youth, and suffered from an accident a few years back that left him visibly scarred on the left-side of his face. The society to which he rightly belongs might pander to his face because of his name, but behind his back gossip, and baseless rumours about a violent, monster like nature start to spread. Mothers hide their daughters rather than put them in his path as potential wives. Better a live Countess than a savaged Duchess (paraphrased from @romancingthebookworm). These rumours, combined with his quick temper and reclusive nature has earned him the nickname “The Beast of Balmore.” And the sad thing is, Adam has started to believe it. 
  • He’s also land-rich but cash-broke and needs to marry a wealthy heiress to secure the estate for the next generation, else he lose his family’s legacy forever. So he makes the trip to London to mingle amongst the hypocrites of the aristocracy, a society he once so loved, to find said bride.
  • Fate brings our Beauty and Beast together and they….get on as well as two dogs in a bear-baiting ring. 
  • All joking and terrible first-meetings aside, Adam makes a deal with Belle: marry him, help him secure the financial future of Balmore and she can maintain her inheritance, provide for her father, save her reputation and never want for anything ever again. 
  • How can she say no to that?
  • ….Actually, she almost did, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and hey, at least he’s allowing her to keep some of her autonomy. That’s certainly more than what Grayson was offering. Besides, there are no better offers coming her way.  
  • So a secret wedding is hastily arranged and there’s a great deal of muttering about this (there are some particularly salacious rumours that go along the lines of: “My word, what’s going to happen when a Beast takes a bride, wink-wink, nudge-nudge?”), and Belle leaves London as the Duchess of Sheffield to live with her new husband that she barely knows (and is slightly intimidated by) in this crumbling, far-off castle in the Peak District away from any traces of civilization. 
  • But when she actually gets to Balmore, Belle is pleasantly surprised to discover a house that, while in need of repairs, is full of unexpected beauty: decorous rooms, fine galleries, gardens hidden behind stone walls, a library filled with more books than she could ever read in a lifetime.
    • An incident occurs three weeks after her arrival in which she and Adam get into a huge row and she storms out of the house, hitching up her her chosen horse Philippe and heading off into the storm. She rides, faster and faster into the hills, wanting to get away from that gilded cage she’s forced to call home, to get away from that man, that Beast, when she’s suddenly set upon by wolves. She manages to hold them off until Adam arrives, who had followed her out, being more familiar with the surrounding woods than she, and helps her, but also gets injured in the process. She helps him back to Balmore and tends to him, whereupon she finds his scars and learns more about his accident and the cruelty he endured at the hands of his father. It’s not the beginnings of love, or even friendship, but it’s an understanding, and Belle begins to see him in a new light. 
    • Afterwards, while reading to him as he recovers, Belle brings up Romeo and Juliet, and dismayed at the thought of a wife whose tastes are so limited Adam brings her to the library for the first time. The look of joy on her face fills him with such warmth, a strange sort of pleasure through her own pleasure, and he gifts it to her on the spot. That is when the true turning point of their relationship occurs. 
  • She makes friends amongst the household staff: kindly and motherly Mrs. Potts, the housekeeper who always has a fresh pot of tea on hand, and her sweet son Chip; Cogsworth the Butler, who despite his stuffiness keeps the place orderly and is an asset to Belle when she inquires after management affairs; first footman Louis Meir (nicknamed Lumiere) who keeps everyone’s spirits up and knows how to put on a good show; the French maid Plumette, who becomes Belle’s lady’s maid and closest confidante, helping her adjust to the demands of her new position.
  • Things between her and Adam are still a bit awkward, but gradually the barriers begin to break down as they start to spend more time together, bonding over books and Shakespeare, and taking walks in the gardens or going for rides. Slowly, slowly the monster she initially saw is replaced by a man with gentle blue eyes and an inquisitive mind; one whose emotional pain is as evident as the scars on his face, but not so deep to mar the beauty of his soul. 
    • Other bonding activities include: private dinners, dances, a fancy ball where Belle dresses up in an 1880s bustle version of her yellow ball gown (actually that was one of the reasons I set it in this period. You can’t deny Belle’s dress would be a GORGEOUS as a bustle gown, especially with the design and pleating on the back), and a moment where Adam comforts her during a thunderstorm because Belle. hates. thunderstorms.
    • As for possible sexy-times…..I’ll leave that to @je-suis-em-jee and @dereksprettyboy (I can’t write smut to save my life; they’re so much better with that kind of thing). 
  • Within the year they are truly in love, and things have never been better for the estate or for each other. 
  • They have a second wedding the following spring, followed by a proper honeymoon traversing France and Italy. 

And now the Modern Royals:

  • I don’t have this one nearly as well-thought out, other than it has a sort-of ‘Princess Diaries’ vibe to it. If anyone wants to add on please do. 
  • The Beast is His Serene Highness Jean Mathieu Yvain François Adam de Montmorency (once again, with the exception of the last bit, is curtesy of @je-suis-em-jee), Sovereign Prince of Bergerais. Bergerais is a fictional European Principality situated between France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany (you get the idea), and one of the few that managed to survive the chaos of two World Wars and the general upheavals of the twentieth century. 
  • That being said, the Princely Family doesn’t have the greatest reputation at the moment; it’s one rife with scandal and intrigue caused by Adam’s father (and later through him), but now that he’s ascended to the throne it’s time for him to clean up his act. 
  • Isabelle “Belle” Dubois comes into the Prince’s life one way or another (college? a high society event? she gets hired as tutor/governess to his younger brother Chip? or as a new addition to his PR team? IDK) and as typical of all BatB stories they don’t hit it off immediately
  • But shit happens and they become friends, then they slowly begin to fall in love; then Adam proposes and Belle has to adjust to life as a future Princess Consort in the twenty-first century with the aid of Plumette, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, maybe even Madame Garderobe, and maybe special guest appearances from other Disney Princesses. 

sophiedarting said:Could you do what dating Alec from twilight would include? Thanks!

A/N: Thanks so much for requesting, sweetie! Of course  I will! I really enjoyed writing these! It’s been awhile since I’ve made a Would Include! I hope that you enjoy that in which I have come up with and thanks so much for your request! - Admin Kat 💟

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Alec Volturi Would Include:

- Definitely being a vampire! The Volturi DON’T value human’s or their lives, and only consider them to be the main factor of their diet. I don’t believe that Alec would have the self-control to have a human mate; He would most likely snap and accidentally kill or turn them.

- Loads of teasing! Especially if his lover is a big grouch like his twin, Jane. He’d like to tease them in all sorts of ways… *wink* *wink* *cough* *cough*

- No, like forreal, you’re going to get teased alot.

- I believe that even though he’s the light-hearted one of the twins, he would genuinely be very pleasant around his partner: It would just be the natural thing for him to do, considering how happy they would make him.

- They would have to moderately get along with his twin sister, Jane. She’s a big part of his life, but he wouldn’t blame his partner if they didn’t. He can’t fight who is his true mate really is: So Jane and yourself would have to make due and find a way to get along or just avoid each other.

- “He’s mine!” you and Jane would shout in unison, each tugging an arm of Alec.

- “Well, I didn’t ever think that the pair of you could ever agree on anything, or the fact that you both are that close to reply in unison.” he’d jeer.

- “Shut up!” the pair of you would squawk.

- It wouldn’t matter to Alec if you didn’t have a gift, you’d be just as precious to him without one: However, if you did have one, he would be fascinated by it, - no matter how inconvenient it may be -. If you could make it snow indoors or make icicles from water, he would beg you to show him over and over again, - much to the annoyance of Jane and the others-.

- Also, going back on the note of having gifts or not, Alec would not tolerate anyone speaking vilely over you or mistreating you (unless it was Aro, Caius or Marcus, as they are the leaders), and would certainly give them and earful or use his gift on them. No one and I mean no one, hurts you!

- Also, you would surely have to be a member of the Volturi.

- He would hate having to be away from you on Volturi guard business, but would surely make it up to you when he got back. Felix and Demetri regard him as a “lost puppy” without you, and even his twin agrees!

- Hot and rough sex; particularly if he’s jealous or in a bad mood: Other times, he’s quite adventurous and dominant. He’s never really submissive.

- If anyone hurt you, know that his sadistic side would emerge, he would most certainly use his gift on them.

- “You’re mine.

- “I love you more than anything.

- “Just be careful, okay?

- Demetri and Felix sometimes flirting with you because they know that it get’s under Alec’s skin.

- Alec always having to keep you close to him because he needs that contact.

- Being incredibly important to him and a HUGE priority.

- Know that you’ll ALWAYS be protected. Nothing’s ever gonna hurt you. Ever.

- Jane teasing her brother on how love sick he is.

- Alec bringing out the best in you and ensuring that you get a good place in the Volturi.

- If you were accustomed to animal blood he would tease you but certainly wouldn’t tolerate other’s teasing you. He would help you adjust, ensuring that you’d be stronger.

- If you were struggling with the Volturi life, Alec would surely make it easier for you, but he’d too feel that pain and anxiety when the pair of you are apart.

- Know that this is eternal love and Alec would love you wholeheartedly.

- Loads of cuddles and make out sessions.

- Being the Volturi’s power couple: Everybody’s ship!

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

Tis the Season

Title: Tis the Season
Pairing: StilesxReader
Warnings: Smut
Summary: Y/N is sick of waiting on Stiles to make a move so she decides to give him his Christmas gift early.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

“Are you carrying around a Santa hat full of Mistletoe, Stiles?” I asked, my brow raising slowly as I stopped in front of his locker. 

The boy glanced down at the hat bundled up in his hands before grinning up at me with an enthusiastic nod. “It is. There’s candy canes in here as well.”

I continued to look at him with my brow raised, trying to hold back the fit of giggles. I had been dating him for a few weeks now, I guess it wasn’t entirely serious. A few dinner dates here and there, a peck on the cheek and once on the lips. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was worried about making me feel awkward or if he just liked to take things slow. It was sweet, but a part of me was worried he didn’t see this becoming anything series. 

“So, can I ask why?” I giggled, smiling at his happy facial expression. 

“Because it’s Christmas time!” He paused and then opened the bag so I could look in. “Take a candy cane and help me put the mistletoe up above all the doors in the school. It’ll be fun.”

“I knew there was an actual reason behind this.” I smirked, reaching in to grab a candy cane and some mistletoe. “Let’s go put up this mistletoe.” 

The rest of our study period was spent running down hallways with a stapler and a hat full of mistletoe while we hid around corners from teachers. When we put up the last piece of mistletoe I tossed the hat on Stiles head and pointed up at the doorway. “Kiss me.”

He glanced up with a nervous grin before nodding softly. “Well played, Y/N.” 

Originally posted by lovablecouples

He ran his hand over my cheek slowly before dipping down to place his lips against mine. The soft flesh moved lightly against my own before he pulled back and all too quickly it was over. 

Stiles golden hues looked me over a small smile on his face. “Let’s get back to class.” 

I nodded quietly, letting him turn around to head back first, a frown etched on my face as I walked behind him. Was he avoiding giving me an actual kiss?

When we got back into study hall I slid over to sit by Allison. “You okay, Y/N?” 

I sighed, running my hand through my hair. “Yeah…No…I don’t know. Is Stiles trying to not kiss me?” 


“He hasn’t like…actually kissed me since we started seeing each other.”

Allison raised a brow. “Actually kissed you?” 

I nodded. “You know…like…tongue, lust, intense make out sessions that lead to more…” 

Suddenly a new presence scooted over to the conversation. “Okay, just because Stiles can’t hear you, doesn’t mean I can’t.’ Scott raised a brow. “And if you must know, he’s not avoiding you, he heard from Jackson that you like to take things slow and he might have said you’re a virgin.” 

I furrowed my brow. “That jealous asshole.” I grumbled. “What in the world is Stiles doing listening to Jackson?” 

“He didn’t believe him at first, but he also didn’t want to move to fast and make you mad so…he’s waiting for you to make a move, so he knows it’s okay.” Scott whispered before glancing behind his back to see Stiles raising a questioning brow. 

Allison glanced over at me with a grin on her face. “What’s that look for?” 

“Make a move.” 

“What? Like…like how?” 

She giggled, glancing up at the bell rang. “Don’t know, do something fun. It’s the Christmas season, make it a gift.”

I stood up from my seat as Allison walked out of the class. I glanced over my shoulder slowly and watched as Stiles shoved his stuff in his bag, the Santa hat still on his head. For some reason a rush of confidence rushed over me. I stood up slowly and made my way over to Stiles. 

“Are you busy tonight?” I asked, leaning my hip against the desk. I watched as Stiles eyes lifted, landing directly on the curve of my hips for a moment until he looked up at me. 

“N-No…Not that I’m aware of. Why?” He stood up slowly, swinging his bag over his shoulders. 

I grinned, making sure it was as flirty as I could manage. “I have an early Christmas present I wanted to give you…Can you come over at eight? My parents have a Christmas party tonight.” 

He swallowed lightly, nodding. “Sure. Yeah. Of course, I can do that. Yeah, so…so eight? Tonight?”

“Eight tonight.” I smiled, leaning over to kiss his cheek, my lips lingering by his ear. “Bring the Santa hat.” 

I bit his earlobe and giggled as his knees practically buckled under him. 

“Santa hat. Yeah. Okay.” 

It was fifteen minutes to eight when I finally had everything set up. I decorated my room with Christmas lights and some garland, I even bought a red and white lace lingerie outfit and completed it with a red bow wrapped around my chest and my waist. 

I had no idea where this came from, but I was going to go with it. If Jackson made Stiles think I was some plain jane prude, I was going to make sure he learned just how much fun I truly could be. 

I texted him quickly to tell him to come in and head up too my room. The last thing I wanted to do was answer the doorbell in lingerie and have it not be him. I couldn’t remember how many times Isaac had come over for something like eggs or sugar when he used to live next door. 

The sound of the door opening and closing made me toss my phone to the side onto one of my beanbags. I laid across my bed, my hip jutting up, one hand in my hair, the other across my stomach. 

A few moments later the door knob to my room turned and opened slowly. My eyes caught his facial expression as soon as he walked in and caught sight of me. His Adam’s apple bobbed nervously, eyes wide, mouth open. He couldn’t even talk. 

Slowly, I rolled to the side and stood up, walking over to him as seductively as possible. “Merry Christmas, Stiles.” 

He shuddered, eyes casting over every inch of visible skin. “M-Merry Chr…Shit…Y/N…?” 

I giggled a bit, nodding. “Would you like to open your gift?” 

I wasn’t sure what came over Stiles, it might have very easily been exactly what came over me earlier today. Pent up sexual frustration and raw need for contact. Suddenly, his hands flew out, gripping my sides just at the top of my hips, he spun us around and pushed my body with his against the door, making sure it shut tightly behind me. His lips connected instantly with mine, hands roaming up my sides until he reached the bow at the front of my chest.

He parted from the kiss, breathing heavily as he pressed his entire body against my own. “What–Are you sure?” 

I grinned, reaching my hand up to tug his down, pulling the ribbon of the bow with it, untying it instantly. “Don’t ask questions, Stiles. Play with your presents.” 

Stiles outright groaned at the words that fell from my lips, I could feel him harden against my thigh. He reached forward, both hands instantly taking my breasts and rolling them upwards, thumbs tweaking my nipples. 

My lips parted in a soft moan, back arching off the door as he continued to play with my chest. The feeling sent sparks and shivers through my entire body, my hips tilted up pressing against his own, pulling another groan from the boys lips. 

His mouth found mine again, encasing the plump flesh within his own, teeth practically clashing from the pure passion and gruffness of the kiss. A single hand removed itself from my breasts, choosing to cascade down to the second bow above my hips. 

“Tell me, Y/N,” Stiles murmured against my lips. “How naughty have you been this year?” 

I grinned, nipping his lower lip and sucking the plump flesh in between my own. “Would you like me to tell you…or show you?”

As I spoke, I slid my hand down and ran it across the front of his pants, my fingers toying over the zipper. 

“Fuck…” He breathed, tugging the second bow off of me “Show me. Now.” 

Stiles gripped my hips, hoisting me off the floor and shoving me back up against the door. His hips pressed up against mine, to pin me against the wall. His hand reached in between u as he let a single digit slid against the folds of my wet heat. 

I shuddered, moaning softly. “Wouldn’t this be you showing me how naughty you are, Santa?” 

He grinned against the skin of my neck, nipping it roughly. “You can show me later. I need to touch you.” 

I opened my mouth to respond, but all that came out was a loud moan when he suddenly slid a finger into me, curling it against my walls. Arching my back off the door, I bucked my hips up almost instinctively, craving the friction of him moving that digit within me. 

As if he read my mind he began to slid his finger in and out, adding a second soon after. Each time he moved against me, I moaned, the sounds only gaining in volume when his thumb rubbed against the sensitive nub at the top of my heat. 

I could feel my body building up as he increased his pace, a familiar knot in my stomach that felt like it was about to burst at any moment. My eyes shut tight as he continued his assault, fingers moving rapidly within me, his mouth nipping and kissing from my neck to my chest. As his lips suddenly wrapped around my nipple, teeth grazing ever so slightly against it, I broke. 

My whole body was on fire, hips bucking to get as much friction as possible, my head felt like I was falling and I wondered for a split second if I truly ever moaned that loud before.

After I calmed down, I opened my eyes to see Stiles wide eyed as he stared at me. His fingers pulled back and I almost got worried that he thought I was crazy for how loud I had just gotten. Those worries disappeared though when he finally spoke and broke the silence. 

“That was honestly the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” He panted, his breath raspy as if he’d been holding it that entire time. 

I shuddered, but gave him a light grin, my forehead beaded in sweat as I caught my breath. “Stiles…” 


“I need you to fuck me. Right now.” 

Once again, I earned myself an out right groan from the boy as he spun us around and laid me onto the bed. 

He made quick work of his shirt, climbing on top of me, hips lowering to grind against my bare ones. “Take off your pants.” I whispered, my hands running over his chest. 

“You don’t have much patience, do you?” He grinned, glancing up at me, a small laugh falling from his lips when he saw the flustered and frustrated look I sent him. 

“Pants off. Now.”

He smirked, sitting up to undo his belt. “Yes, ma’am.” 

I kept my eyes on him as he stood up, quickly tugging off his jeans as well as his boxers. His eyes smoothed over my body with a nervous smile. “Y/N, you’re so fucking gorgeous.” 

I grinned and sat up, placing my hand at the back of his neck. I tugged him back on top of me, my legs wrapping tightly around his waist. We both moaned when his member slid up against my entrance. 

“Are you ready?” He asked and suddenly, he looked worried. 

“Stiles, I’m not a virgin. Now please…” I pushed my hips up. “Forget what Jackson said, I don’t like to take things slow. Fuck me fast.”

“Fuck…” He whispered, groaning as he slid his hands down to take my hips in them, lifting me up against his own, his member aligning at my entrance. It only took a moment for him to press into me, his hips flush against my own as we both let out a satisfied breath. 

It took us both a moment to adjust to the feeling, neither of us wanting it to end too suddenly. After a few minutes he pulled back, snapping his hips forward once again, burying himself in me with a groan. 

I moaned, my back arching as one of his hands slid from my hip to the small of my back, his digits pressing into the muscle as if he was supporting my weight to make it more comfortable. His other hand stayed firmly on my hip to hold me in place as he continued to move his hips, increasing in pace just long enough to see me on the brink of exploding before stilling himself completely, watching with a grin as I tried to calm myself and not give him a frustrated glare. 

He began moving again with a light chuckle, golden hues keeping my gaze before he leaned down to capture my lips. 

He kissed me roughly and deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth like a dark cavern, I moaned into the kiss when he suddenly pinned my hips to the bed, his own driving into me rapidly. 

That pressure built up once again and I half expected him to stop just before I could reach that high point, but this time he kept going, breaking away from the kiss just as that knot snapped so he could watch my face contorted in pleasure, my body reeling against his own. 

He never slowed down his pace until my walls tightening around him made it to hard for him to keep moving that fast. Still, he didn’t stop his movements, his mouth opening in a groan as he pressed his forehead to mine, his fingers dipping into my skin while he came to his own sexual high. 

After a moment, Stiles collapsed next to me on the bed, both of our chests heaving as we caught our breath. With a grin, Stiles turned on his side, his hand reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, leaning forward to place a kiss against my forehead. 

“That was the best Christmas gift I’v
e ever received.”

anonymous asked:

What other fics are your faves/masterpieces?

Oooh grayface! You ask the hard questions.

I struggled with answering this over the last couple days for a couple reasons.
FIRSTLY - as I tried to compile the list, I got caught up rereading a bunch. I’ve spent the better part of three days either refreshing my Instagram to flail over lilicole at Coachella, or rereading old favourite fanfics. Total time!suck. lol.

Also, like I’ve said in the past, I read A LOT of fic. Like, I think I was several thousand fics last year (Completed and WIPS) on top of the 53 original novels I read for my goodreads challenge in 2016). I read a lot of fic and honestly, I *like* most of the fics I finish because if I hate something or it doesn’t give me joy, I’m not going to continue reading it. (As an example, just recently, I stopped reading a fic by a friend of mine - not because it’s terrible writing (because it wasn’t) or because I don’t love my friend (cuz I do - she’s talented and wonderful and kind and every good thing) - but because every update of the story was giving me anxiety and literal rage at the characters to the point where I was unproductive in real life because I was so mad. Fic is supposed to be fun - even angsty and emotional fic - so I literally had to unsubscribe and take a step back a bit. I still love her, and will read other stories by her - just not that one anymore. It’s a complex thing. So, there’s that.

And then there is the fact that I like a lot of fics that I wouldn’t call MASTERPIECES but… I *liked* them. It’s hard to know what crosses that line into epic awesomeness. I generally bookmark my particular favourites but again - does that mean I think they’re all MASTERPIECES? What does being a MASTERPIECE entail? And maybe there is fic that I absolutely am over the moon about - that other people wonder “What’s the big deal?” There are several favourites of mine that could be like that.

And what if a fic is short? Most Masterpieces are usually Tolstoy length, aren’t they? Sometimes. But sometimes they’re short and perfect and speak to me RIGHT NOW (before more canon makes them suddenly AU) but reading them after isn’t as gut punchy. And sometimes they start as AU and yet they’re still freaking spectacular.

And I hate to throw even one more wrench into the problem - but here’s another: I’ve been around fandom in general for a LONG time. Like 12 years. 12 years where I was really active in fic writing/reading/reviewing/betaing/reccing etc. That makes for a LOT of different specific fandoms. Are you interested in the fics I fell in love with 10 years ago when all I read was Draco/Ginny? Or what about my Sherlolly love? Or Hiccastrid? Or Gendarya? Or Violate? Or Shenny? Or Reylo? Or most recently Bughead? Like - I have a lot of favourites that I read and reread over and over again in all of those fandoms.

And what if a MASTERPIECE is a fan favourite? Does it HAVE to be a fan favourite? Maybe it was written by a BNF and maybe it wasn’t. I was accused of BEING a BNF once (which is laughable - as I’ve mentioned in posts before, I’m a collector of BNF friends - I don’t claim to be one myself) - but does that colour whether I think something is a MASTERPIECE or not?

Does my opinion even matter for that matter?

One last thing before I actually give you a mini list of just a FEW of my favourite “Masterpiece” fics. As I’ve said, I like to collect writers. It’s kinda selfish of me - but I like to surround myself with fandom friends who have so much talent that the metaphorical room is thick with it. Probably because I’m only a mediocre writer myself - but I sure do know how to fangirl people who deserve praise. So, sometimes I love an author so much that every thing they write is a Mastepiece to me. How can I choose when everything they write is so perfect?

You see why this is a SUPER tough question?

ANYWAY - if you got through that, you deserve some links. Remember, some of these will be in fandoms that you aren’t into, greyface. But I hope one or two of them catch your eye. I loved each and every one of them.

And if you’re a writer, and I’ve loved on one of your stories with comments and praise and yet it’s NOT mentioned right here - that doesn’t mean that in the eyes of “Jandy Salmon” it’s not a Masterpiece, it just means that I had so much to choose from and such conflicting feelings about which/how many to share that it didn’t get mentioned. But remember, I’m sincere in every review I leave - and I try to leave at least fangirly squeeing on like 95% of the stories/chapters I read (which is a freaking lot). It’s been a while since I posted fic, but I /still/ receive reviews that make my heart happy and I think being actively engaged with reviews helps build connections with the authors I love.

Right? Okay Right. Here’s the list of just a FEW of my favourites (fics that I would probably call MASTERPIECES) that I read over and over again because I love them THAT much:

Jane Austen

The Effect Series by Shem (Kitty Bennet/OC, Lizzie/Darcy)

Everingham by katharhino (Fanny Price/Henry Crawford)

Mansfield End by Ione (Fanny Price/Henry Crawford)

How to Train your Dragon

Simple Gifts byEcoutez (Hiccup/Astrid)

Game of Thrones

Not Today by ebmordecai (Arya/Gendry)

Pretty much any (Jaime/Brienne) fic by SigilBroken but especially these two series’:
Honour Thy Regard
In this Light

Sherlock (Sherlolly)

Longer Than the Road That Stretches Out Ahead by sunken_standard

In the End by Lono

The Deaf and the Blind and the Color Red by Solshine

The Falling by Petra Todd

The Full House by Emcee

That 70s Show (Hyde/Jackie)

Hyde’s Long Way Home by MistyMountainHop

Sky High (Warren/Layla)

Why Villains Have A Better Life By  KFD

It Just Takes Some Time By Half-elf

The Office (Jim/Pam)

Oracle Mom By time4moxie

In My Life, I Love You More By bluelimit

Laugh this Life with Me by shannanagin

Big Bang Theory (Shenny)

the paladin protocol by spaceanjl

miles to go (before i sleep) by medusa20

& light is only now just breaking by allthingsholy

the road ahead is clear again by notalwaysweak

Doctor Who (mostly Ten/Rose)

Chaos Verse by earlgreytea68 (The whole collection is AMAZING)

Welcome To Your Life by cenowar

Life As You Know It by cenowar

Battlestar Galatica (Lee/Kara)

Alone Time by alissabobissa

Any and EVERY Starbuck/Apollo fic by hackaddict  (Freaking MASTER of BSG fic)

Harry Potter

For our allotted time is the passing of a shadow by florahart (Cedric/Hermione *whut?*)

Under by Tudorrose1533 (Draco/Ginny)

The More is My Unrest by Arabella and Jedi Boadicea (Draco/Ginny)

American Horror Story (Violate)

Sucker Love by Tjoek  *Incomplete but still a Masterpiece*  

You have been Weighed by Shootingstella

Then anything written by @lolableu (who also writes awesome Divergent fanfic btw), GrayGlube @whatwouldflorencedo (also awesome GoT fic), ScarletWoman @feelavalanche (also started one of my fave Veronica Mars WIPs), and OhYellowBird @ohhyellowbird (also wrote a freaking AMAZING Reylo fic too). These girls are my Awesome Nerds - my Lunchtable girls and I love them. There is no higher praise than that. Read them.

Veronica Mars (Dick/Mac)

Sinclair-Mackenzie  by BIFF1

Mercy on the Undeserved By LVfangirl

Star Wars (Reylo) - probably the hardest section to choose from - because I’ve literally read over 1000 fics in the last year and bookmarked nearly 100 which I *liked/loved*.

Firstly - read anything by diasterisms (kylorenvevo) - especially
Ghostwalks (Gin and Fog) (there are only like a dozen stories so I’m serious when I say read them all. *waves fangirly flag*

when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire. by ohyellowbird (told you she’d show up down here)

Forms by Trebia  (a fandom staple)

Isolation by TearoomSaloon

Sky Marked Souls by AnonymousMink

On a White Horse by ms_qualia

Ahgh - there are just so many Reylo fics. This is definitely not a definitive list. Read terapid, corariley, and perrydowning too. I promise I love SO many and all of you writers are freaking brilliant.

OKAY - and lastly Bughead (Riverdale). It’s still new for me. Most of my most favourite fics aren’t finished yet. Like, I hope you’re reading these future masterpieces - that aren’t finished - but are DELICIOUS and if we’re all very, very good - maybe the authors will love us enough to make sure they get finished: (these are just a few of my very faves - I don’t usually rec WIPs but these are just really freaking good!)

tell them we sold out by thedeadsea33
(FIGHTCLUB AU - and it freaking WORKS! Juggie is perfect here.)

I’ll Wait for You by AGirlNamedWhiskey
(UNDERGROUND RACING AU - and it also freaking works! Jughead’s wink will KILL you in the very first chapter. The author also writes a fic named Space and Time which is also brilliant and should be read.)

Chiaroscuro by formergirlwonder
(Noir! And it’s amazing! I swear this was filmed in black and white)

lost and found by @lusterrdust
(Future Fic - and it will make you emotional with it’s perfection.)
(Also - read all of lusterrdust’s stories. They’re amazing. All of them)

Bizarre Love Triangle (Series) by @ficmuse 
(First fic is complete and it’s fabulous and campy with cool music and a HEA. Currently Story 2 is WIP but intense and potentially angsty. Hold on to that HEA, friends.)

Not Quite Shakespeare (Series) by Taeyn
(GORGEOUS. I wish there were 10 times as many stories in this series)

Hoping For Dandelions by HeartIconography
(SUPER Delicious slow-burn. The SlowBurn is killing me)

Break Free and Run (Series) by sylwrites
(Seriously - every story gets better and better and better. College AU.)

1971 by shingekinoboyfriends
(1971 AU perfection - the mystery has just gotten started!)

—– And lastly. These Bughead fics are complete and perfect and could and should be read as Masterpieces right now!

Softly Glowing from Within by formergirlwonder

So Talk by zombiekittiez

Four Times Before the First Time by slantedsunlight

Return (An Emo-rock-tale story)

Foreword: Ok so this story has been a bit difficult to make.

 Big thanks to the people who helped me out throughout the creative process and story ideas, thanks to the others who helped me track down the necessary info in order to make this, and a special thanks to @emo-rock-tale and @sai-shou for being patient with me when i asked for the correct information on the subject I needed.

Rating: E10+ (mild use of profanity and violence) 

Overview: An old acquaintance finds the Emo-rock crew, though it may not be the homecoming they expected. Or wanted. EDIT: based on content that is no longer canon.

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Bullet Points: The Fog Clears

A Wondrous Place-part 6 (part 1-5 here, here, herehere and here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. When the scene opens Emma is sitting watching Regina and Snow shoot pool with the Vikings. 


I mean I get that she said she wanted to be distracted and didn’t want to talk about Killian leaving but at this point she could get more support in a crowd of strangers than she’s getting from Regina and Snow.

At the risk of repeating myself, the contrast between the Regina/Emma/Snow interactions and the Killian/Jasmine/Ariel interactions is both striking and intentional.

Emma is on her own here. Facing an emotional maelstrom and just trying to hold on. (more on Emma’s state of mind a little farther down)

2. “I tried to write my own story but it just kept coming out with talking animals and canned morals.”

Even though in retrospect we know the bartender wasn’t really Aesop this is a nice little piece of foreshadowing to the troubles of an author coming in the next episode.

Well done!

3. Aesop/Gideon carefully crafts his tale of woe with his relationship to mirror Emma’s and evoke an emotional response from her. He’s manipulating her and in her current emotional state she’s not clear headed enough to see it.

4. So let’s talk for a minute about Emma’s state of mind and how she got there. 

Leroy reported he saw Killian get on the Nautilus. He wasn’t being shanghaied. He wasn’t at the point of a sword. He was alone and appeared to be acting of his own free will. Emma has no reason to disbelieve Leroy and Leroy has no reason to believe the story goes any deeper than what he saw. There’s a whole lot of incomplete information here but none of it is malicious and there’s no reason for anyone to suspect the situation is anything other than what it appears to be.

The Nautilus is not a place of danger for Killian. There’s nothing about his going there that should raise a red flag. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It is THE place Killian would run if he needed to think and seek the counsel of a friend (Nemo) and the connection of family (Liam 2).

Emma is the one who told him if he wasn’t ready to trust her they needed not to talk for awhile. So in her mind she sees his leaving as him doing exactly what she suggested. Why should she assume there’s anything suspicious about that?

Her packing up his things and moving them to the shed is less about trying to get over him and more about getting some very painful reminders to a place where she doesn’t need to see them constantly.

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chocolatequeennk  asked:

“I think someone had a little accident with the finger paints." Please? :D

ooo gladly!  Hope you like it!

List of kidfic prompts here

Rose was grateful to her mum for minding Piper today when her team got called into work on their day off, of course, but the drive was so far from Torchwood HQ. She’d forgotten in the ten years since she’d lived here. Luckily, it was beautiful weather, and she and the Doctor had gotten off earlier than expected since they weren’t even supposed to be in today. Now it was time for some of her dad’s famous grilling and an afternoon relaxing in her parents’ spacious back garden.  

Rose frowned as she turned the handle of the front door of the Tyler mansion. It was locked.

“Must be around back already,” she said to the Doctor over her shoulder.

“Could just sonic it.” He flipped the device in the air with a lazy twirl.

“Or we’ll go to the side gate,” she countered. She had no patience left in her today, and she was already desperately hoping he’d volunteer to put Piper to bed tonight. Speaking of whom…

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emmy-belle  asked:

Let's say Charlie finds out what Bella and the Cullens really are, the Volturi step in and enforce that Charlie either must be killed or turned into a vampire. How do you think Charlie would be as a vampire? He's so human, so regular, so normal, that it would be extremely interesting to see him change into one. What are your thoughts?

He’d probably have some weaker form of Bella’s gift, in that Edward had said that Charlie was hard to read but not impossible.  Extrapolating that outward, like Bella could do, is a little harder, but maybe he’s like mental “static” or something? He can’t block people completely but he can make it harder for mental powers to affect those around him? Like Jane could still zap you, but the ‘signal’ gets weakened as it goes through Charlie’s static, so it’s not as bad?

As for how he would take to being a vampire… I sort of imagine he’d be practical about it like, well, it is what it is, and get on with his unlife as best he could. Probably wouldn’t bother him too much to hunt animals, since he was kind of an outdoorsy sportman in his human life (would the fish be afraid of him, though? Like, could he not go fishing anymore? That might be the source of his vamp!pain right there). 

Rosalie & Esme: I long for children!
Edward: My soooooul!
Charlie: I miss fishing :( :( :( 

It might complicate things with his friendships with the Quileutes, even more so than Bella. I mean Bella they sort of knew from her Charlie visits and her year and half of living in Forks, but Charlie they’ve known forever, he grew up with Billy, etc. There’s a stronger bond there that would be tested by vamp!Charlie although I think he’d sort of take this Seth approach like, this is dumb why can’t we just get along, “this enemies stuff is melodramatic nonsense. You wanna watch the game later?”

Oh he’d miss the beer, too. :( 

He’d be totally unimpressed with his beauty and strength and speed and just try to keep living his life as much like the one he was living before. He’s in a rut but he’s comfortable there. Maybe he gets into some international sports that air late at night because of time zone differences? 

Curator [Thomas Jefferson x Reader]

Length: 2796+ words

Genre: Fluff

AU: Modern Time

TW: Nada~

A/N: Alright, so I was on the ‘writing prompts’ tag on tumblr trying to find inspiration and get over my writer’s block, and I came across this prompt (below) and I was so freaking inspired! I worked all night on this- it’s like 6AM right now… but this was so worth it! I really like this one! 

Another groan escaped your lips, the frown on your face hasn’t left since you started your project. You stared at the collage of colour in front of you, covering what used to be pure canvas. It was unsatisfactory work- just like all the other paintings on your bed, creating a dump of canvases. With another frustrated grumble, you placed the canvas on the pile, glaring at it in hopes it would burst into flames so you didn’t have to see it anymore. Just then, an idea popped in your head. A small victory smile forming on your lips. You picked up your brush and dipped it in some black paint before crossing out your signatures on every one of your paintings, feeling a sense of relief wash over you. Once that was dried, you carried all 14 paintings to your car, deciding to keep only one- the first painting you ever felt satisfied with. Though, you didn’t have the same sentiments now, you held on to the memory of that feeling. You drove your car to the nearest thrift store from your campus, dumping it all there with the help of one of the volunteer. He was a quiet man who looked at your paintings with a slight interest. 

“You’re donating all of these?” he asked so softly you nearly didn’t hear him. 


“May I ask why?" 

You raised your eyebrow. Being in university known for their Law program meant you were always surrounded by rambunctious, loud-mouth, out-spoken- Wait, you needed to answer his question. "I just don’t like them anymore,” you answered truthfully with a shrug. 

“Did you paint them?”

“I did.”

“They’re beautiful,” he slips out, holding one up. 

“Thanks,” you managed to say before climbing in your car again. That was the end of that, or so you thought. You went back to your two-room apartment that you shared with yourself- a perk of being rich. Following your passion for art was another perk of being wealthy, your conscious chimed in. Guilt-tripping you for losing that spark so quickly in the program. You rolled your eyes, already hearing what your mother would’ve said if she saw you dumping out your paintings. Of course, your parents wanted you to pursue business or something along those lines, nothing too fancy, and then marry a rich, well-educated, prick-of-a-husband. Shrugging off that thought, you went back to your readings, the thought of your paintings far from the back of your mind. 

It was Thanksgiving weekend when you saw your painting again. You nearly had a heart attack when you saw it. You assumed it was the same feeling people had when they saw a ghost of someone they knew or perhaps just a ghost in general. It was at a dinner hosted by the Jefferson’s, a family friend. You stared at the familiar piece adorning the hallway that led to the grand dining room. 

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So I wrote a thing...

I don’t know what this is. I just had a wintershock scene in my head that wouldn’t stop and I just had to get it out. I kind of want to make it a multi chapter thing, but seeing as the only fan fiction I’ve ever written has been a OUAT one shot and now this, the task seems daunting. But anyway, hope y’all like it. God, this is nerve wracking. Unbeta’d, any hot messes are mine. 

UPDATE!!! This is now a multi chapter fic on AO3!


There were exactly three things Darcy Lewis was prepared to cheerfully wake up for: homemade French toast, Christmas morning, and sex of the mind-blowing variety (subpar sex was met with her usual post-slumber grumpiness.) Loud, insistent knocking on her apartment door at 3am was decidedly not on that list, so it should come as no surprise that she let loose a rather feral growl as she rolled from her bed to seek out the source of the knocking. Darcy grumbled and stumbled her way to the front door, a hint of murder flashing in her eyes, before ripping the door open with a startling amount of violence from someone who could be solidly categorized as “civilian”.

“What. Do. You. Want,” she spit out, her eyes slowly focusing on the two blurry figures crowding the hallway outside her door.


Oh great. Of course. Who else would be here to see her in all her grumpy, rumpled glory but Captain Gloriously Handsome and…was that? Yep. Yep. Captain Glorious and his equally attractive, if utterly terrifying, bff superassassin, the Winter Beefcake.

Jesus, whyyyyy?

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✒️My Narry Fic List 📜

Aka: Every Narry Fic I’ve Ever Written; Ever

Basically, this is an official masterpost of every Narry story I’ve ever written! And I will try and update it whenever I can/whenever I remember. I’ve been asked a few times now for a link to all the fics I’ve written and, while I do plan on making a page for them, I quite like the masterpost-thing because everything is organized and they’re all in one place. So here goes:



The CountdownLike the timer on the inside of his wrist, Harry has been counting down the days-hours-minutes-seconds until he meets his soul mate. But then Harry meets Niall. (7,136)

Once an AddictNiall’s an alcoholic. Harry’s into drugs. (20,700)

Home is Where the Heart is (And My Heart is With You)Harry has always been with Niall, has always gone where Niall’s gone. So flying across the pond and drifting across the USA with Niall really isn’t all that different. Until it is. (13,243)

Broken-Hearted BoyNiall has watched Harry get his heart broken time after time, again and again. Harry just wants someone to love him. But Niall has always loved him and now that he’s finally fed up with Harry not seeing it, Niall tells him. (11,446)

Chasing HappinessNiall is a popstar, gone to find his happiness in Hollywood and Harry is just his best friend back home. (4,461)

Like DriftingHarry’s like the equivalent of a drifter, traveling the world on his own – and Niall’s the boy he keeps leaving behind. (9,745)

Half a HeartHarry’s spent the majority of his life searching for his soulmate; the other half of his rose gold heart. When he’s 19, he stops – stops hoping and wishing and searching – because maybe his mother is wrong. And then he meets a boy – bright blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, brilliant smile – and it feels like he’s known this boy, this stranger, his whole life. (6,466)

Of Demons and AngelsHarry is one of the greatest Shadowhunters of his time. And Niall is just a boy whose life gets turned upside down by demons and angels. This is not only a story of Niall’s search for the truth about who – or what – he is; it’s also one of loyalty and love. (40,626)

Seventh Time’s a Charm - Harry’s sees a certain blond boy six times over the course of his life and the blond boy gets away every single time. And then Harry sees him a seventh time.

Domestic Bliss - A typical breakfast routine before school in the Horan-Styles household.

The ReawakeningHarry wakes up dead and then meets Niall. [Major triggers: thoughts of suicide, attempted suicide, suicide, death, car accident.]

Tiara Niall - Harry kind of really just likes it when Niall wears tiaras.

A Narry Thanksgiving - It’s Thanksgiving in America and all Harry wants a little help. Featuring: domestic!narry, daddies!narry and twins!Annabelle&Parker.

Bread Van - Niall feels claustrophobic whilst stuck in the back of a bread van during filming for their 1D TV Special and Harry is there to keep him calm, like always.

Narry: Tarzan AUFor my Tarzan!Harry, Jane!Niall prompt anon :)

Red and the Big Bad WolfNiall finds himself alone and a bit freaked out when he runs into the big bad wolf. Not everything, however, is as it seems.

Happy Birthday, From AfarThis is because I miss Narry and I’m pretty sure Harry misses Niall even though it looked like he had a ton of fun.

Oh, BabiesNiall and Harry want to have a baby. Aka, The Evolution of Annabelle and Parker. Loosely tied this fic called Future for those who wanted some background information on how Niall and Harry got Parker and Annabelle, which is where the twins made their debut.

Late Late, Narry -  This is a drabble thingy I wrote after The Late Late Show involving a sick!Harry, a slightly tipsy!Niall with a mention of those teeny tiny red shorts Harry wore.

Wrong Anniversary (or Not) - Harry and Niall fight about when their anniversary should be.

People Fall in Love in Mysterious WaysThe plan is fly to Dublin and be engaged by the end of the weekend. It’s not supposed to include a slight detour, a series of delays and a beautiful but brazen Irishman who changes, well, everything. Inspired by the movie Leap Year.

A birthday thing - Niall’s a bit drunk, Harry’s a bit of an idiot and, well, everything works out in the end anyway.

Your hand fits in mineFive times Prince Harry held the stable boy’s hand.

Boyfriend TagIn which Harry finally does the “boyfriend tag”, something Niall’s subscribers have been asking for for weeks, with Niall.

For your eyes onlyIn which Harry finally tells Niall how he really feels.

Underneath the Mistletoe - Harry gets kissed under the mistletoe by a complete stranger.

I come alive when I hear your voice –  Niall goes to London’s School for the Gifted because he can read minds, and Harry’s a boy with a literal heart of gold.

200 Letters – In which Harry finds a box of letters written by a boy who broke his heart, and this is the aftermath.

Puppy Love - Niall has a dog. Niall and Harry have a past.

Last First Kiss -

“I mean, unless you’re afraid of kissing.”

Niall narrows his gaze. “I’m not afraid of kissing.”

“You’re afraid of kissing strangers, then.”

“I’m not a fan of kissing strangers.”

Harry smirks, sticking out his right hand for Niall to take – and Niall can’t help but notice how big they are, his hands. “Harry Styles. Born in Cheshire, moved to London for school a few years ago and didn’t have the heart to leave. And now we’re not complete strangers, so what do you say?”

Niall looks from a hopeful, wide-eyed Louis to a somewhat smug, charming and definitely cheeky Harry Styles. He sighs. “Fine.”

the only truth -

Sometimes it’s heavy, and powerful, and emotional; memories that take his breath away, and make his heart race with desire. Memories of stolen cookies, and staying up all night because they had so much to say; of growing up too fast because families can be messy, and running away overnight just to get away, and lying on rooftops to be closer to the stars; of first crushes, and puppy love – and real love, and first kisses, and slow dances, and whispered promises, and…last kisses.

Other times it’s just the simple things. Easy things; hard things. Things like smiles, and laughter; things like shadows, and similarities in other real people; things like old band t-shirts he’d forgotten that he’d stolen, and boots found in the back of his closet, and a scarf he didn’t even know he’d had; things like his imagination running wild with the scent of a cologne he hasn’t smelled in ages.

This Town UPDATE! 

When Everything Comes Crashing Down UPDATE!

Niall groans, kicks the sheets off of his legs before pushing himself to feet and stalking towards his bedroom window. He opens the curtain, sighs when he sees Harry crouched on the other side of the window pane- But he opens the window anyway. “How many times have I told you not to climb up here?” Niall hisses. He curls a hand around Harry’s bicep and pulls him inside. “You’re gonna get hurt again. And since you’ve already sprained your ankle, you’re running the risk of re-breaking the bone and-”

He stops when he notices Harry’s ruddy cheeks and wet eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asks softly, a lump in his throat.

Harry opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

“Harry,” Niall says. This time his voice sounds just as panicked, and he feels it. “Haz, what’s wrong?”

“Z-Zayn,” he stutters, pausing to clear his throat.

Niall blinks. “What about him?”

Harry stares at him; looks lost and confused.

“Harry, you’re scaring me. What-”

“He was in an accident.”

Note: This is a WIP.


Series/Companion Pieces:

The Button Chronicles:

(Neither the first or second part has to be read in order to read the other because technically they aren’t connected as they’re two totally different stories. However, the third part should be read after either of the others as it can follow directly behind either one. I hope that makes sense.)

Her Human’s HumanButton isn’t quite sure what to make of the new blond boy in her human’s life. (6,473)

Common GroundHarry watches fondly as both his boyfriend, Niall, and his cat, Button struggle to find common ground in Harry’s life. (2,910)

Button, With ChildButton is introduced to an infant with grabby, sticky fingers and hate every second of it. Until, maybe she doesn’t. (Or, it takes almost exactly a whole year for Button to warm up to the newest addition in her family.) (2,950)

Give me a reason:

Give me a reason: not to leave

Give me a reason: not to hang up

Give me a reason: not to cry

Give me a reason: not to give up


Denial - Niall is in denial and Harry’s the boy who suffers because of it. Then again, maybe they both do.

Denial - Prequel - Harry walks - more like stumbles - the line between friends and lovers with Niall.

Denial - Sequel - Harry deals with the aftermath of his and Niall’s maybe-breakup. Niall is finally ready to come out with Harry.


EighteenEd listens — and is inspired — as the relationship between one of his best friends and his best friend develops and changes into something wonderful.

I have loved you (since we were 18)Harry falls in love with Niall long before Niall falls into him in return. [Inspired by One Direction’s 18 and companion piece to Eighteen.]


Diamond -  Harry’s a thief who gets his hands on the worldly famous Horan Family Diamond. Niall is just the boy who gets caught in the middle.

I’ll keep your heart safe - The sequel to ‘Diamond’ in which Niall and Harry find it difficult to navigate the ruins of their battered relationship - especially as new trouble threatens to ruin everything all over again.


First Words -  Imagine having something like ‘man I cant believe dumbledore died’ tattooed on you. imagine being spoiled for a book series that doesnt even exist yet. imagine worrying about this dumbledore guy your whole childhood while not knowing who he is.

I fucking hate love you -

“What do you mean they don’t know about me?”

Niall watches Harry shift, watches him loosen and then tighten his hand on the steering wheel, watches him bite at the inside of his cheek. He narrows his gaze when the brunette doesn’t answer, reaches forward to mute whatever pop song is playing on the radio. “Harry.”

“I mean- They know about you, they just don’t…know about you,” Harry corrects, offering Niall an awkward smile. His grip tightens, again, on the steering wheel.

“Forgive me if I don’t know what the difference is,” Niall deadpans. “What exactly did you tell them, Haz?”

Harry hesitates – and Niall can see the movement in his jaw, that Harry’s biting his cheek. A nervous tick.

“I swear, Harry-”

“That you were my friend.”

Niall blinks. “Friend?”

Harry sighs. “I-”

“I wasn’t aware you let your friends suck you off in gas station loos on the way to meet your parents for the first time. Did Nick get to do it too?”



30 Days of Fics ChallengeWrite a story a day for 30 days and 30 different word-prompts.

25 Days of Narry Christmas – Literally just 25 fics of Christmassy, Narry goodness for 25 prompts that are directly/indirectly related to Christmas.

A Very Narry ChristmasA joint challenge that Ryan and I made ourselves for Christmas 2016. Basically, here are 25 days of Christmas. UPDATE!




Birthday Sex



Drug Addict!Harry

Bloody Nose!Harry

I loved you first 

Shelter from Your Storm (Part 16)

Blindspot fanfic.

(Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 |  Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15)

So no, I’m not actually dead. Had a bit of writer’s block, courtesy of a bad head cold and then watching my country get flushed down the toilet. And it turns out that it’s surprisingly hard to get excited about writing Christmas scenes in late January. (Must remind myself to never, ever do that again.)

Thanks to everyone who sent me a note to prod me along. Y’all are the best! ::blows kisses::

Jane awoke slowly and found herself sleeping on Kurt for the second time in her life.

She was sprawled across him, her face snuggled against his chest, held securely against his heart by his hand tangled in her hair and cupping the back of her head. His other hand rested in the small of her back. Her shirt had ridden up during the night, and his palm was warm against her skin.

She’d never wanted to get up less.

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Mostly About Being Queer, And A Little Bit About Why Trying To Police That Word Is BS

Hey everyone, I know that this might seem like kind of an odd time to post something like this essay about my identity, given other real-life stuff, but I actually wrote it a couple weeks ago and just finished reading it over now. And I still want to say the things in it, so I am.

This is a long piece, about 6000 words.

All this is kind of a knot in my mind, so forgive me if it doesn’t come out like a 5-paragraph essay.

Right. I’m going to start off with sexuality. If you follow me you probably know I’m asexual. I didn’t know about asexuality until my time on tumblr, and I first noticed conversations about asexuality shortly after I created my blog, in early 2013. Luckily, this was during a time when the posts I saw were mostly either explanations of what asexuality was, memes and jokes about being ace, and posts stating clearly that the A in LGBTQIA+ (and other versions of the acronym that included the A) stood for asexual, not ally. The atmosphere I encountered at that time was highly inclusive. Remarks that aces shouldn’t be in relationships with allosexual* people, and suchlike, were met with wide rebuttal.

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