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I'm afraid to have sex. I don't have a good appearance, I mean i have pretty hairy parts on my body (armpits cunt and legs) and if I shaved my armpits, they're not have a good color. I have stretch mark on my butt and they are not smooth, they have black dot. Ah i'm so ashame of myself

No no no, you should don’t feel ashamed of your body, darling. Having hair is natural and even dark armpits. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” body. I think that once you learn to love and feel comfortable with your body and how it looks, you might not be as afraid to have sex. 💕

-Admin Lana

I LOVE HAIRY GIRLS!!!!!!!! i don’t mean blonde peach fuzz hairy (i do love you too but) I MEAN THICK COURSE BLACK HAIR ALL OVER YOUR BODY!!!! hair on your upper lip hair on your belly hair on your legs hair on your arms hair on your back i love it all!!!!!!! you aren’t gross or unsanitary you are beautiful and it’s okay to love your body hair!!!!!! this is for my trans girls my girls of color this is for all of my beautiful hair-tastic girls who’ve been shamed for it, i lvoe you

Still have a lot of the medical markings on but here’s me at 8 days post top surgery with the fantastic Dr. Mosser! I have to keep these dressings on my nips but they’re healing nicely. Scarring is also a load better than I expected! Could not be happier and can’t wait to be back at 100% 😊 (and no longer be bloated 😪)

Meaning of the ML names
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The one who rises to make the bread.
  • Adrien Agreste: The word "agreste" is French for "rustic".
  • Nino Lahiffe: "Lahiffe" means "the descendant of the hero"
  • Alya Césaire: Alya means "scarlet" in Slavonic while Césaire is a French variation of Caesarius, derived from Caesar, believed to mean "hair" or "hairy" in Roman, therefore her name means "scarlet hair" which Alya has. Also, Aimé Césaire is a famous poet from Martinique where Alya is from.
  • Chloé Bourgeois: Chloé means "young green shoot", possibly hinting that Chloé will grow into a better person? Bourgeois relates to the middle-class which discords how Chloé acts as a rich girl who is better than everyone else.
  • Sabrina Raincomprix: Sabrina means "legendary princess" in English, "from the border" in Italian and "from Cyrpus" or "the river Severn" in Latin. "Rien compris", which sounds similar to "Raincomprix", is French for "understands nothing". The surname could also relate to the comic Asterix where there are many puns and wordplays, like in all these names.
  • Mylène Haprèle: Mylène is a contraption of the names "Marie" and "Hélène", meaning "bitter" and "moon" respectively. The meaning of Haprèle is unknown, I assume (I may be incorrect) that it has ties to the English surname "Harper".
  • Alix Kubdel: Alix is a French variation of Alice, meaning "noble" and is also a variation of the name Alex, meaning "defender of man" but I have no idea what Kubdel could mean.
  • Lê Chiến Kim: Kim is a diminutive of Kimball, a Welsh name meaning "warrior chief" and "le chien" is French for "the dog" while "lé chiến" is Vietnamese for "pear war" according to Google Translate. "Chiến" means war and "Kim" means gold, therefore also referring to the golden war
  • Ivan Bruel: Ivan is a Russian variation of the name John, Bruel is a variation of "Breuls" meaning "marshy woodland". Patrick Bruel is a singer and Ivan makes music and sings.
  • Max Kanté: Max means "greatest" and Kanté is possibly related to Kant, meaning "edge" or "corner".
  • Nathaniel Kurtzberg: Nathaniel means "gift from God", Kurtz is German/Jewish surname meaning "short in height" and the suffix -berg is common in Jewish surnames and means "mountain".
  • Rose Lavillant: Rose means "rose" or "flower" but I can't find anything for "Lavillant".
  • Juleka Couffaine: Juleka could be a variation on the name Julia, meaning youth or beauty, "Couffaine" sounds like "coffin", perhaps pointing at Juleka being goth-ish (I don't have a lot of information about Juleka's name).
  • Lila Rossi: "Lila" is an Arabic name meaning "night", "Rossi" is an Italian surname meaning (the plural) of red, "Lila Rossi" = red night.
  • Aurore Beauréal: In French, the Aurora Borealis is called is called "aurores boréales", which is a weather phenomenon, hence Aurore being Stormy Weather.
  • Penny ROLLING & Jagged STONE: (The) Rolling Stone(s). Also Mick Jagger and Jagged.
  • me: *claps at Thomas for all the hidden puns and meanings*
Incoherent reactions to chapter 140

Well so that happened

Why would Touka leave flowers at Shinohara’s bedside? I am confused.

So six hours have passed… Urie Hide Marude Matsuri where you at the 24th ward needs you 

“His skin was as glossy and supple as ever” so was his hair

I mean my hair and skin don’t look that good after hours working on them much less six hours after getting shot in the head

A mention of Dragon???? 

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This panel of 0 squad has me like

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Until you remember that one of the members is dead one is about to be undead one is out for food and the other five are locked in a battle against each other 

Tsukiyama telling Kaneki “no” is my aesthetic

Except this is the one time Kaneki should listen to his gut instinct and reconsider a decision he made 

NAKI (I’m guessing Miza too)


I’m glad you learned a few new word Naki because I don’t have words right now like at all

I’m glad one of us is having fun Naki

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Brb, if you need me, I’ll be here ugly crying  

(I actually think Naki’s death is absolutely beautiful though but right now I’m going to burrow in my sad mole house)

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I love your baby headcanon stuff! Could you write one of Gabe and/or Reaper? I just love your work.


  • Gabriel chokes up when he finds out like he is smiling and hugging you and kissing you and dancing around the room with you in his arms
  • He’ll grumble about it playfully but he will cook for you and go out and get whatever you’re craving if you ask
  • He has so so so many beliefs/myths about the pregnancy that he believes; the shape of your belly will determine gender, heartburn will mean a hairy baby, etc. You listen to all of them and try and follow them the best you can to make him happy
  • Gabe is so proud of you, like he isn’t one to outwardly brag about it but he will wrap his arm around you, squeeze you and puff up his chest when walking with you as if to say to the world look at this beautiful woman pregnant with my child
  • This man is brushing your hair and helping you bathe and massaging your feet and anytime you try and tell you that you’re good, he’s like hush, let me do this
  • He is so happy and excited but scared because he’s seen the world and he knows what it’s like and he is fiercely protective of you both
  • Angela is NOT allowed to see you or have ANY hand in your care

“Gabriel Alejandro Reyes you put me down right now”, you threatened emptily, trying to keep your brow furrowed as he carried you in his arms and danced around the room with you. But he was smiling and that made you smile and soon you were both laughing as he spun you around. You had asked for help off of the couch and it had turned into this affectionate impromptu dance.

“Oh mi amorcita”, he crooned in a playful song, slowing to a stop as he lavished your cheek in tender kisses, placing you down carefully on the floor. His hands didn’t leave you though, resting on your stomach and littering kisses on your forehead. “Mi mamita, mi reina y mi princesita.”

Your faced blushed in happiness as Gabe pressed a kiss to your forehead then your lips before bending to place one on your round belly. Three months left and you already felt like you were round enough but Gabe called you beautiful at every chance he got. He straightened up, taking your hand in his and pressing a gentle kiss against it.

“Hungry”, he asked you before pressing another gentle kiss to your palm again, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“Mhmm”, you answered, laughing quietly as he led you to the kitchen with him, helping you sit on the stool in front of the island.

“I’ll make you some plantanos maduros.”


  • He will doubt it if ever brought up but he cried at the birth, just the happiest tears anyone had ever seen
  • He has so many cute nicknames for the baby, most popular being princesita(Reyes=King, calls s/o mi reina=My queen, princesita=princess)
  • This man keeps a poker face but whenever the baby is sick or  collicky, he is a nervous, emotional wreck inside. He just wants to make her feel better
  • This man has NEVER cursed in front of his child. You don’t know how he does it because like…he loves his curse words but he is not going to sully those precious ears
  • His baby talk is legendary, like he is just the sweetest, soft talking man ever and if anyone says anything about it, he threatens to slit their throat in their sleep.
  • He sings quiet lullabies to the baby anytime possible/allowed

A la nanita nana, nanita ella, nanita ella
Mi niña tiene sueño, bendito sea, bendito sea
A la nanita nana, nanita ella, nanita ella
Mi niña tiene sueño, bendito sea, bendito sea

Fuentecita, que corre clara y sonora
Ruiseñor que en la selva cantando llora
Calla mientras la cuna se balancea
A la nanita nana, nanita ella

A la nanita nana, nanita ella, nanita ella
Mi niña tiene sueño bendito sea, bendito sea

Fuentecita, que corre clara y sonora
Ruisenor que en la selva cantando llora
Calla mientras la cuna se balancea
A la nanita nana, nanita ella

You watched with a small smile, listening to Gabe sing to Isabella from the rocking chair in the corner of your room. She had had ‘lunch’ and her big brown eyes stared up at her father, trying to resist the comforting lull of his voice. He began cooing softly to her, his large calloused fingers rubbing sweetly over her full, round cheeks.

“Princesita”, he hummed, placing a light kiss against her forehead, running his forefinger down her nose. This tricked her eyes shut, her blinks growing slower but not quite shutting all the way. He kept this trick up until her eyes shut all the way, smiling and pressing another gentle kiss to her forehead before carefully placing her in the crib on her back. “Te amo, my little treasure.”

He watched her for several moments before assisting you out of the chair, arm wrapping around your waist gently. He squeezed your hip as he led you out of the room, kissing you hard on the top of your head.

My fantastic new theory that has Tolstoy clutching his pearls

Think Pierre’s MOM is mysterious? Let’s take a look at Ol’ daddy Kirill. The man who died before readers got to know him, who isn’t featured in the musical. He whom I theorize to be the/or descendant of, Bigfoot’s lesser known cousin , BigHAND. That’s right kids.

How did I come to this conclusion? Let’s take a look at dear bewildered awkward Pierre

  1. Why else would his hands be so big?
  2. They say at one point in WP “he had Bezukhov blood in him” (to paraphrase) after he threw a fuckin marble table. What the hell does that mean.
  3. The boy is hairy and tall. Big Boy.
  4. Let’s think about the comet here. That wasn’t discovered until later. The human eye wouldn’t be able to see it.
  5. “But didn’t they say Kirill was one hot piece of ass?” Are you saying cryptids can’t be hot?

That concludes my BigHAND Pierre TEDtalk. I don’t think Tolstoy ever wanted me to know this…. ever since I started assembling this theory I haven’t known peace. My vodka seems to disappear. My notes have repeatedly knocked off the table and my cat sitting next to the mess blaming it on my cat leo? Low. Real low.

Sincerely, a BigHand believer who isn’t giving up yet.