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Why do we always see Frisk or Chara ? We want some Asriel !

I have a LOT of drawings for him and the sketches are finished– I just need to render them;; the **second one was the one I accidentally overwrite from last year //cries

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Hello Tink, how are you doing? :) I was just watching old Destiel scenes, and I came across the confrontation scene from episode 4x22, and Cas says: "I see inside you. I see your guilt, your anger, confusion..." Which makes me think, Cas can see these emotions and recognize them inside Dean, right? Which means, maybe he can see in later seasons the love Dean feels. The question would be, does Cas recognize this love is romantic and directed at him? I'd love to know your thoughts. :)

I think this is something lots of people throw ideas around on, so please do add to this as this is just my opinion if I’ve missed something!

For me, Cas doesn’t try to read Dean on purpose these days, he respects his privacy. However he clearly could if he wanted to and this was brought up to us on purpose when Ketch told Cas to read his mind and he did - something that seemed to make Dean a little uncomfortable may I add.

I think Cas does know Dean’s feelings up to a point but Deans feelings are COMPLICATED. They are a whole hoard of all over the place. The overriding point being that although he loves Cas he probably is desperately trying NOT to, to hide it and repress it even from himself, for his own reasons, of which the most prominent being that he doesn’t think he deserves love, he doesn’t think Cas is capable of loving him without breaking himself (that scene with Kevin in s8 is so important to show this, that Dean thinks loving him would break Cas, and then in 12x12 Cas says being with Dean has changed him and there he is - breaking and DYING in front of him, it just CONFIRMS this for Dean, no wonder he still won’t say anything and just… is a MESS). Plus the whole “he’s a dude” thing. 

So well, this was the list of issues before season 12, it’s obviously changed now though over this season and there are so many less obstacles than there used to be in his mind after this season and 12x22′s culmination… hence why Cas had to die in 12x23 *sigh*.

Therefore I think Cas does kind of know, in a way, but it is so complicated that it is not clear (don’t forget that as an Angel his understanding of love is not simple and his emotions are also dulled, so sheesh how strong is his love for Dean given how blatant it is already how wrecked he is in s12…). I head canon that Cas only realised that his feelings towards Dean were LOVE when he himself became human in s9, and that was a whole heap of painful, so he may not think it is a good thing for Dean to love him back EITHER.

They both kind of know how the other feels, of course they do, they have to at this point, Dean knows what Cas did for him and how he did it all for him in the early days, how he has offered repeatedly to die with him so he wouldn’t be alone… But they both think the other would be better off NOT loving them so they don’t bring it up, thinking it would be best for them if it just went away, but it DOESN’T because they freaking love each other despite EVERYTHING and URGH.

On top of this he needs Dean to address the issues within himself rather than forcing him to face them by just flat out telling him he knows, that would anger Dean and make him feel violated rather than it being a positive thing… Cas knows that Dean needs to deal with stuff within himself, HE KNOWS THAT 12x22 NEEDED TO HAPPEN YET HE DOESN’T KNOW IT HAS BECAUSE HE DIED IMMEDIATELY.

So it just is a big circle of love and pain and feeling rejection and always wanting to protect and have good things for the other while not fighting for it for themselves, even though precisely doing that would help the other…

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Also, they’re a bit busy, apocalypses and all… ;)

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ok so i think a lot of the jefferson/whitewashing stuff probably comes from the way you draw his hair! in your art it comes of lighter and less ringlety, more curls. i think that might be what anon was talking about! maybe look at some references because to make it more accurate? (no hate btw)

the first pic on your blog tagged “thomas jefferson” (it’s jeffmads) looks more true to real life! -anon on daveed’s hair

oh yeah mean like.. the colors i used ?? :0 bc in the image u were referring to, i made tjeff’s hair more black instead of dark brown bc i was experimenting

lmao i have to admit dark brown isnt very accurate tho thats true, thank u for telling me 👌 👌 the next time i draw tjeffs or laf ill color it black instead, or at least ill make it less brown or more black (lowkey rly hate how i drew his hair here tho eeeugghh)

here’s a doodle i did just now, tell me what u think!! :O

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You maybe know me, I often ask you about stuff. You clearly know, that I love your art, because of you I love Spy x Sniper but after you posted an answer with Heavy and Medic, I love your art and blog even more! *\(^-^)/*

Oh, but of course x) Thank you so much, this really means a lot to me! And I’m glad to hear you enjoy my drawings even more now ≧◡≦ ♥

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Starmora + 5

5. Things you didn’t say at all

There were a lot of hidden meanings in the things Gamora said or did, and Peter had gotten pretty good at deciphering them. For example, use of his full name meant she was impatient; he’d figured that one out pretty early. “Star-lord” was for when she felt like teasing him.  

When she said “you’re an idiot,” she meant “you’re cute and that annoys me.” “I guess this isn’t the worst song” was code for “if you ask me to dance to it, I’ll say yes.” A simple “Peter” and a squeeze of his hand when he was upset meant “I’m here for you.”

He didn’t know what she meant when she said ‘that’s the stupidest plan I’ve ever heard.’ She insisted there was no subtext to it, but there obviously was. He had the best plans.

Certain looks that she gave him had their own meanings, too. She had an I’m about to kiss you look and a you should probably stop talking look. There was also an I wish we were alone right now look; that was one of his favorites.

There was just one look he couldn’t figure out and it was really bugging him. She gave it to him in all kinds of different situations: in bed, when they were just talking, at the table, after a mission, etc. It was a serious look and usually fairly intense… kind of similar to I’m about to kiss you and sometimes accompanied by “you’re an idiot.”

It didn’t mean “I love you,” because he’d already identified her look for that – a soft, sweet smile that made his insides turn to goo. He didn’t think it had to do with anger either, because he knew when Gamora was angry – she’d never felt the need to be subtle about that.

Then one night, when they were all out at a slightly seedy bar, he finally got it.

“Another round!” Drax shouted at the bartender, who nodded politely.

“And make ours a double!” Rocket instructed. He and Drax were having the same competition they had nearly every time they drank: who has the highest tolerance? It was a surprisingly fair match, considering Rocket’s size.

“Hers is a water,” Peter said, jerking his thumb over at Mantis. They’d decided it would probably be best to cut her off after she slapped the counter with one hand and then laughingly told it that it was “feeling very dizzy.”

“His, too.” Gamora pointed at Groot, who was standing on the counter inside the remnants of another glass of water he’d already soaked up.

“Another one?” Peter asked. “Don’t make yourself sick.”

“He’s a growing tree,” Gamora said indulgently.

“He’s gonna grow sick if we let him drink too much in one sitting,” he muttered.

Then he turned when he felt a tap at his shoulder.

It was a pink girl, standing very close. “Hi,” she said with a smile, sliding one hand onto his shoulder and another on the counter in front of him. “I’m Brit.”

Before Peter got the chance to pointedly introduce her to his kickass girlfriend, Gamora introduced herself – by reaching over and stabbing Brit’s hand with a fork.  

“Uh…” Peter said, right before Brit started screaming and Rocket started laughing his ass off. He hardly noticed, though, because Gamora had just turned to him and she was giving him that look and all the sudden he knew what it meant:


“Holy shit,” he breathed. He was probably giving her his own I wish we were alone right now look, but they kind of had a situation at the moment.

“We better head out,” Rocket said through his cackling. “Security’s coming!”

They all hopped off their bar stools, Gamora scooping up Groot. Brit was still screaming her head off, even though the fork was like barely in there. Peter considered apologizing, but then Gamora turned to her and said, with a completely straight face, “nice to meet you,” before running for the exit.

Peter couldn’t help it – he burst out laughing, even as they all scrambled to avoid the security guards. Gamora grabbed his hand and gave him a that was kind of fun look, tugging him along. He grinned through the entire escape.

Damn, but he loved this woman.







I’m so happy and excited right now, you don’t even understand. I kind of feel accomplished right now? I mean, there still a lot left to be done, but I’m also proud of you guys for sticking with me and bearing with me through this long wait. I know a lot of you are excited to send some stuff in and I can’t wait to respond to them! Just wait a little more, we can do this!

I’m going to sleep now, so good night everyone! I love all of you! 

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I just want to thank all the mods from this blog for answering all questions respectfully and informatively, and and squashing people down for not understanding something about ace or allo or anything and everything in between and right side out. Thank you. I hope you all have a nice day. (•ө•)♡

Thanks! It actually does mean a lot to me personally to hear this, it’s always a little stressful especially when I have to tell someone that they’re misunderstanding something or bringing an unhelpful attitude to their understanding. I try to approach everything from a position of understanding and community-building while also not letting things slide when they’re important and it’s really nice to hear that we’re hitting that balance.


Don’t repost my art

Hey, I’ve been getting a lot of asks from people to repost my art on instagram and facebook, and the answer is no, please DO NOT repost my artwork.  

I have a twitter and a tumblr, and you can retweet and reblog those original posts that I make, but I would not like my work reposted.  Even if you give credit.  Even if your account is very popular.  

If I don’t post my work to those sites it means I don’t want them there.  

If you wish to translate my comics into other languages, that is an exception, but you still must ask for permission and it must still only be posted on twitter and tumblr, no other sites.

Thank you.

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You mentioned her inconsistencies in explaining her lovelife and album inspiration. And admittedly I agree cause I've also noticed the inconsistencies. I mean if I put thought into it maybe it'd make sense, but it really doesn't. Even the interview she did where they asked the motivation for her songs, and she said its all hypothetical or fantasy. I believed it at first but now not so much. I agree with you though, a lot of it doesn't make sense.

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cisco lost barry, caitlin, and HR, almost died like 3 times, and fell down the stairs in one episode. what did my boy ever do to deserve this?? but hopefully this means we'll see a lot more of cisco and wally and cisco and iris

The show is really dropping the ball by not having Wally work on shit with Cisco, that’s the most logical potential friendship on this show. 

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do you think that archie and veronica will last?or will archie will just date other people?

i do think that they’re going to last. producers seem to think healthy, stable, series long relationships are boring, so they might date other people at some point– but i really think they’re setting up veronica and archie to be each other’s main love interests. what i mean is, in a lot of shows, there will be a couple that breaks up and goes on to date other people… but they always seem to find their way back to each other. and you always get the feeling that their other relationships just don’t measure up to what they had with each other. a good example is pretty little liars; aria, hanna, and spencer have all dated/hooked up with a number of people, but they always found their way back to ezra, caleb, and toby. they were each other’s main love interests throughout the show. no other relationship quite measured up, and i think that’s what they’re going to do with varchie

the way that they wrote the first season, having archie and betty get together would a) be horrific character regression for betty, b) make archie impossible to root for (he’s supposed to be our hero, remember?), and c) ruin the friendship between betty, veronica, archie, and jughead. i can’t believe that they didn’t know what they were doing digging themselves in a hole like that, so it must have been intentional. they wanted to shut the door on b*rchie and the romantic BAV triangle. from their comments about how important the friendship between the core four, and betty and veronica specifically, are to them, i’m guessing that’s why. a smart decision, honestly. pitting betty and veronica against each other over a boy a lot of people already aren’t fond of would be a terrible idea. that brings me to the fact archie did dip his fingers into so many honey pots this season– i think that they wanted to play up that playboy, womanizer side of archie from the original comics for awhile before having him settle down with veronica. for starters, it’s a nod to those original comics, but then it also shows us how serious he is about veronica. all of these great women (except grundy) were interested in him and yet he could never invest himself all the way. until him and veronica were finally able to get together. i believe it was cole that said riverdale is its own entity, but he thought, out of all the comics, they drew from the mark waid and fiona staples adaptation of the comics the most. it’s my understanding that in mark and fiona’s version of the comics, archie is all about veronica and is completely happy with her. the “love triangle” in them is purely archie and betty adjusting to not being the only/most important people in each other’s lives anymore…… ring any bells? 

[ soooo after much careful consideration ( and a little persuasion ) i’ve decided to make my return here by sorta restarting this blog if you will?
basically starting over to what it originally was: an ask blog.
of course that doesn’t mean i won’t be roleplaying through here! BUT before i left i found myself dedicating a lot of time into my posts and basically making it my top priority - so i pretty much burnt myself out.

with that being said, however, i don’t mind doing short threads here and there / maybe continuing the old ones i never replied to before i left ( which i think are almost all smut threads, ~no surprise there~ and that is if said rp partners are still here of course ).

but uh, yeah, anons and such are welcome again! 🙏 ]

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I get what you mean! I love even and isak and I love seeing gifs and pics of them on tumblr but after episodes that focus on sana I like to see info and stuff about sana! I do however get why there are still so many posts about isak and even since they are getting quite a bit of screentime om the show in season 4 and they are incredibly cute together!!!! And weren't there a lot of noora+william posts during season 3 as well?


I feel like you can’t compare how people acted about Noora/Noorahelm/William in s3 was even remotely similar how people acted about Even x Isak this season. First of all most people watching skam back when s3 was airing were mostly new fans (myself included).

Also the fandom always putted Isak struggles/story in front of the converstation. Isak was the most important person in tag. People asking about Noora/Noorhelm/William never took away from Isak’s story. You didn’t go in the main tag and would only see people complaining about how little screentime noorhelm/noora was getting because it was ISAK’S season.

And frankly Evak hasn’t gotten that much screentime anyway if I’m being honest you know. The thing is how can a 5 second handhold (i know everybody was waiting for it) be more important than seeing sana actively trying to isolate herself. How is that more important than finding out about sana’s past. We don’t  get the past of our mains that easily. It was something that still haunts her and it’s kind of sad that wasn’t the main focus of that for the fandom

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Once F13 comes out will you still like dead by daylight? You're such a lovely presence in the fandom that it'll be sad if you leave

OF COURSE! I mean a lot of people will be just playing Friday the 13th so DBD won’t be so busy in my opinion as usual. 


ᴹᶦᶜʰᵃᵉᶫ @ ᶠ¹³ ﹕ ᵀʰᵃᵗ'ˢ ᶰᵒᵗ ᵐᶦᶰᵉ⋅⋅⋅⋅

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Im tired of the role-play word not paying attention to people like us who can't do good icons background and receive unfollow everyday when we're not here. yet you still get asks you've been away for long? fate fandom what a joke

i wasn’t gonna reply to this but you sent this like five times so dude i dont wanna sound like a little bitch who’s really nettled up but what

but honestly? i’m sorry that it’s happening. i’m aware that this is a common issue in the rp community and it shouldn’t be (supposing i understood correctly that you mean??? you’re feeling ignored????) the least we could do is find similar blogs. i know a lot of people who have basic af themes and dont even use icons and i also rp with them no biggie. what people should be looking at is the writing. if you’re trying to enhance your writing skills, that’s good. so long as it’s comprehensible i don’t think you should be ignored, although i admit that most blogs won’t cater to that because they have exceptional standards lmao

not to mention, if you’re following the popular blogs then set expectations to yourself? they’re popular so obviously they interact with a lot of people. i know it can get upsetting that you can’t somewhat initiate something with them but i think they would if they could. they just have a lot in their plate right now or they’re just busy. if they don’t want to interact with you, that’s plenty fine. go spread your circle. reply to opens in the #open rp tag. just make sure to read individual rules, i guess? although i don’t think anyone smart would tag their starter as open rp if only mutuals are allowed to reply.

and it’s not like i’m getting a lot of asks. i’m sorry if this caused a misunderstanding. the things i’m replying to are old asks. i could even provide you timestamps. you’d know that they’re sitting on my inbox for weeks now and i’m just a slow ninja turtle.

you’re welcome to come to me off anon. i promise i won’t judge. i can perhaps provide you tips on getting more partners? i can even refer you to my friends. i’m sure they’ll write with you. we’ve all been through the same phase and it’s normal for us to feel inferior or ignored just because others are receiving the attention we think we deserve as well.

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Am I the only person who thinks that Juliet posts on Andy's Twitter and Instagram? Idk whenever he says something about Juliet like "oh my loving wife I love you so much" and that stupid stuff, it sounds kind of fake and a lot of his other tweets don't sound like that if you know what I mean? Idk does Juliet have his social media passwords or something be I wouldn't be surprised if she did.

I definitely think she’s posted things about herself on his social media before. Even just small details [like emojis for instance] give it away. -N

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3. what’s your favourite colour?

red!! but i also love cute pastel colours and light purple!! 

7. favourite song you can’t stop listening to?

heckkk uhhh i love a lot of songs!! i rlly love music (hmu w/ music suggestions!!) so it’s hard 2 choose aaaaaa okay i’ll list a few of my favourites as of rn now!! this is by no means a complete list! there’s so many songs i’m missing!

Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish (Astronomyy Remix)

Slow Hands by Niall Horan 

Love Me by The 1975

Come Hang Out by AJR

80′s Films by Jon Bellion

Explore by Sundara Karma

10. what’s something that’s made you laugh recently?

my mom nd i watch this show about old celebrities travelling and it’s acc really funny lmaooo