it means a fist but also sweets that are baked too hard

Fairy Boyfriend

I got to do a commission for the wonderful, the amazing, the talented @trash-chan-art. She wanted a small boy to go along with her Halfling Rovil that I fell in love with.

   People come from far and wide to sample your produce. You’ve come into money you never expected all because of the fruits and veggies you grow. People say they’ve never tasted tomatoes so good, peppers so sweet. You’re all too happy to sell them at a good price too. There’s only one thing that bothers you. You have no idea how.

   You’ve always tried gardening and have always come up with the same results. Dead plants, Withering vines. Mealy fruit. Worm and bug infested produce. Gardening has never ever worked for you. Until now. Somehow your plants are lush and green. Your garden is the envy of all your friends and neighbors. You’ve had dignitaries pay you bags of gold for all your peaches. You want to answer people’s questions about your secret. But you don’t even know the truth yourself.

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Can’t Help Falling in Love with You- Please Don’t Leave Me

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is sick with cancer , Tom comes home after an interview to their son Jaxon crying.. 

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Dad Tom, Cute Fluff,Adorable,Sad

Word Count:2,500+ Hella long sorry 0.0

A/N: REQUESTS ARE OPEN :,) Look at my post about it to submit to me.

[Reader’s POV]

“Look over here!”

“Are Tom and you going to split?”

“Does he still love you even though you’re sick?” Your eyes stung with tears as you heard that.

  Thankfully your bodyguard pushed them away. How could they ask you if Tom still loves you. You’re married to him, it’s death till you part for fucks sake. Yet death does seem close cause that’s If the cancer doesn’t kill you first…

  Heading home from my chemo treatment session I close my eyes. Your body felt very weak since this morning. Tom’s mother was watching Jaxon till my appointment was finished. His parents have been a huge help since your diagnosis. Nikki also taking wonderful photos of Jax for you.

  A speed bump makes you cringe from the pain. Pulling Tom’s beanie further down so it doesn’t fall off. It was a little difficult adjusting to your no hair lifestyle. Tom would kiss your head every morning saying “you’re beautiful and it’s just hair.. It will grow back” His support helped you through the hard parts of your illness.

“Mrs. Holland, we’re almost to your residence.. Are you feeling alright?” Illianna your chauffeur asks.

“Y-yes” I say with a small smile. Holding the puke bag in front of you. I could feel bile rising to my throat. Swallowing the liquid before it could surface. It was embarrassing to puke in public and especially in front of people. You’d rather do it on your own.

“We can drive back to the hospital if we need to miss” Her eyes look at you in the rearview mirror.

“N-No I promised to be home after my appointment, Jaxon is waiting for me” A small smile pulling up on my lips. You spent more time with Jaxon ever since your cancer started to progress. Spending time with him was your main priority. The doctors say you’ll make it but your body doesn’t feel like it.

“You’re a wonderful mother miss, don’t listen to them” her statement making me smile, I felt like an awful mother being weak.Illiana is a lovely and sweet but also a woman you didn’t want to make angry. Her driving was quick but slowed whenever there was a bump. You were thankful she did that because the speed bumps hurt your body so much.

  The car pulls up to your home stopping by the driveway. Slowly moving my purse to my lap I open the car door. By the time my door fully swung open Illiana was waiting for me with her hand extended. I thanked her as I grabbed her hand as she helped me out of the vehicle. Her hand giving me support as I walked towards the house. Tom’s mom opens the door with Jaxon on her hip. His little smile reminding you of Tom making your heart melt.

  He reaches out towards me once I reach the front porch. Holding my breath as I held him, the aching in my body rising. I press a kiss to his forehead carrying him inside. Nikki tried convincing you to set him down.

   Refusing because you would look weak if you did. Jax needs affection from you, you don’t know when your last moments with him will be. The thought of leaving him alone scared you. If you died you don’t know how Tom would react either. Tom was your everything,and Jax was your reason to get up every morning and fight your sickness away.

“Mumma I want to show you what we worked on today!” Jaxon smiles up at you excitedly. His eyes shining ,the twinkle reminded you of stars.

“Of course my little star, show me what you did” Setting him down on the ground I watch as he takes off. Taking a deep breath in I walk a little faster to catch up with him. A hand wraps around my wrist causing me to look.

“Take it easy love, you should be resting after your treatment…” Nikki looks at you with concern written in her features. You hated seeing the way people look at you like that. It makes you feel weaker.

“I’ve been at the hospital all week.. I just want to see him” your voice cracks a bit. I hated feeling this way. Being stuck in a hospital and trying to be a mother is so hard. Missing moments with him was the worst. You didn’t let Tom bring him to the hospital while you were there. If Jax saw you connected to tubes and beeping you were afraid he would get scared.

“Him seeing you fighting is what’s good for him, don’t you let those stupid paps say anything to discourage you.. My son’s wife is a fighter, Jaxon seeing you fight is going to be an inspiration to him I promise you” her arms pulling me into an embrace. She smelled like the cookies that they must have baked.

“Thank you Nikki” a smile coming up to your lips. She kisses my forehead before helping me into the kitchen.

“Grandma and I made cookies an- and we did a puzzle too!” He points over to the table showing a puzzle of Spider-Man. You’re surprised he didn’t do the one that Robert made. It was one of Iron man holding a sign saying “Best Godfather” on it. He is so extra, but it’s amusing.

“Jaxon, now you be careful with your mum.. Your daddy has big news for tonight so we’re going to celebrate” she explains while kneeling down next to him. His eyes sparkle a bit with excitement.

“Does that mean you’re bringing cake grandma?”

A laugh escapes Nikki as she kisses his forehead “ yes I will bring cake, you’re just like your father.” Her hand ruffling his brown curls.

“Thank you for all your help today Nikki” I say picking up Jaxon. Loving the way his arms immediately wrap around your neck.

“Get some rest love for tonight, see you later pumpkin” she blows a kiss to Jax before closing the door behind her.

“Mumma ‘m tireddd” Jaxon rubs his eyes with his tiny fists.

“Okay love let’s head upstairs” My eyes shifting towards our staircase. Looking up them they seemed so much longer in my mind. You can do this.. Do this for Jax.

  Heading up the stairs holding him close to your body. Taking a deep breath you slowly ascend the stairs. Halfway your legs start to get shaky. Normally Tom is the one to carry him but he’s currently at an interview. Jax’s small puffs hit your neck signalling he’s asleep.

  Finally reaching the top of the stairs I let out an exhausted sigh. Stumbling a bit but catching myself on the railing. Jaxon stirs but relaxes again. “Thank God” you whisper heading towards his bedroom. Opening the door slowly slipping in cautiously not to wake him up.


“Shh baby, go back to sleep” I whisper setting him into bed. His arms still locked around my neck. Grasping his tiny hands I unlock them from behind my neck. He lets out a little sigh as you tuck him in the covers. Brushing his curls out of his face you stroke his cheek with your thumb.

“I love you so much my little star” I whisper as a tears falls down my cheek.The door opens more making my gaze drop. Tessa walks in towards Jax’s bed. Her head peeking above the covers to sniff him. Turning in a circle after quietly laying down next to his bed. Pulling your phone out of your pocket taking a picture . A grin appears as you look at the photo.

  Once in your bedroom you head towards the bed. It looked so comfortable the longer you stared at it. A content sigh leaves my lips once my body lays down. Crinkling fills your ears making you sit up. Looking around where your head was there’s a piece of paper.

Hey beautiful wife of mine,

I left the TV on, my interview should be on after you settle Jax down for the afternoon..

I love you and can’t wait to see your gorgeous face tonight.

-Love Tom xx

Ps. I love you more before try and say I love you more.. HA :)

  A laugh escapes my lips as I look up at the TV. They just cut to break so you pull out your phone. Quickly sending him a picture of Tessa and Jax. Your phone dings shortly after it being sent.

Wonderful Husband:

Look at our little human. We did that babe! Oh Tess what a sweetheart ! Gotta go babe I’m on in a few xx

“Mumma I had a nightmare!”Jax’s crying grabs your attention. Getting up fast and heading out the door.

“Jax I’m Co!… coming”I gasped out as the room swirled around making the hallway look like a funhouse mirror. I tried grabbing onto the staircase only to fall against it hitting my head. My vision going blank and into darkness.


[Tom’s POV]

So how’s the life at home Tom?

“Jaxon has formed a bond with Tessa, she’s around him more than me now” I respond with a little laugh. The audience laughs along with me.

“How’s your wife doing though? She’s been in and out of the hospital..”

 Zendaya places a hand on my shoulder. Did he seriously have to ask? I could feel my nerves building up because I tried not thinking of her sickness. I just think of her as my loving,caring,quirky and beautiful wife. Looking up I give a small smile, I know she’s watching the interview she watches them when she can.

“She is taking life like a champ, I know it’s hard for her when I’m away as well. I’m so blessed to have a loving wife like her. Our son is going to grow up full of love ‘cause of her.. If you’re watching this, I love you! Give Jax a kiss for me”  I blow a kiss to the camera making the audience go “awww.”

Have the doctors said any-”

“I think you’ve asked enough.” Zendaya says bluntly holding her hand up silencing the interviewer.

I didn’t mean to-

“This interview isn’t about your nosy questions pertaining his sick wife it is about the second and third Spider-Man movie..” she looks at the man annoyed. Her hair is flipped over her shoulder staring at the man with a glare.

The audience was dead silent.

“That was really unnecessary and insensitive” Jacob crosses his arms over his chest. I felt like a kid who’s parents were sticking up for him.

So sorry Mr.Holland, Let’s get on with the movie questions” he fumbles nervously with his cards trying to find the one he wanted.


  Walking to the front door I get my keys out of my trousers. Unlocking the door I head inside. Setting my keys on the hook next to the door. A blur passes by causing me to look up. Jaxon stands in front of me crying, tears pouring down his cheeks. Ripping my headphones off I toss them onto the ground. Kneeling down in front of my son placing my hands on his cheeks.

“What’s wrong buddy?”I ask looking over his body for any injuries. Why was he crying?

“N-nightmare an-and I called for mum-mumma and she did-didn’t come then s-saw she was on th-the floor and w-would’nt wake up!” my heart stops for a second once he finishes the sentence. Standing up I rush up the stairs taking bigger steps to get up there faster. The closer I got to the top I could see her body on the floor.

“God babygirl please wake up, what the hell happened?Wake up darling please” I beg shaking her body. Her face not stirring from the motion I was causing. Lifting her body up I carry her to the bedroom. I heard Jaxon still crying downstairs. The sounds of him crying and the situation that’s happening made my heart pound harder.

“Fuckin’ hell please please wake up love” I whisper setting her on the bed. Going closer to her face I listen for breathing. Feeling her light breath made me sigh in relief. Getting up from the bed I get a washcloth getting it wet. Folding it after I squeeze the excess water out. Quickly heading back to the bed I place it on her forehead. Lifting her head I place a pillow underneath it. Climbing onto the bed I hold onto her body.

  Praying quietly that she’ll wake up, tears falling down my cheeks. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. Looking at her chest rise and fall slowly Jax comes into the room trying to hold Tessa but failing. Tessa jumps onto the bed laying next to her feet. I help Jax up and he lays in between us.

After thirteen minutes she finally spoke “T-Tom? Where’s J-Jax?babe, wh-why are you crying?”

“Y-You were unconscious for I d-don’t know how long cause Jax can’t tell time and I got ho-home later than normal” my voice shaky as I tried hiding tears.

“I’m f-fine Tom I think I just got up too fast is all” she gives me a small smile making my heart ache. She’s not fine, she tries to be so strong when she’s this way. I take her hand giving it so many kisses.

“Darling, there’s a fine line with being fine and this happening..” I press kisses to her face after removing the cloth from her head. She tries to protest but Jaxon interrupts.

“Mumma wh-when will you get better?” Jaxon asks tilting his head. His cheeks and nose were red from crying.

“Hopefully soon baby, I’ll let you dress yourself for daddy’s surprise tonight okay?” Jax nods with a smile following Tessa out of the room once he’s let off the bed.

“C’mon babe, I’ll go put the kettle on” Her lips press against my cheek as she sits up. Slowly she stands grabbing a beanie off of the side table. Pulling it on she looks in the mirror fixing her outfit. Turning to the side she re-zips her dress. My gaze dropping to the floor. I almost lost her. I could have lost my everything.


Tom Holland

Thomas Stanley Holland

Looking up I see her looking at me with a small smile. Standing up I head over to where she stands. Wrapping my arms around her waist. Her body flush against mine.

“I love you darling, please don’t leave me..” I whisper holding her head against my chest.

“I love you more” she whispers humming against my chest.

“Well I love you most” I whisper lifting her up and carrying her downstairs. Her head laying against my chest. I could feel her smile against my chest. Once downstairs I set her down as I get the kettle ready.

“I love you more though” she tries to argue looking at my walk around the kitchen.I pause looking back at her with a smile.

“Not a chance darling, not a chance.”

Kiribaku Week Day 5: Firsts

aight, so. this is like a day late haha. i’ve been agonizing over this fic since day two but writers block and insecurities are Nasty. but i finally finished! better late than never? *nervous chuckle*

First time holding hands

Bakugou Katsuki is a petty asshole, put mildly and kindly.

Not that Kirishima thinks Bakugou honestly cares in the slightest about what his friends and classmates and the general public think of him, or say to/yell loudly and repeatedly at him, so long as it doesn’t imply any sort of comparison where he’s at the tipping side.

His conviction, his total and utter self-belief and self-reliance—it’s something Kirishima actually admires a great deal if he turns the other cheek on all the aggressive huffing and puffing. Which coincidentally Kirishima does a lot, these days, quickly and with a blush, donning the heavy air of somebody caught red handed.

Analogically, though, Bakugou Katsuki is a flammable, foul-mouthed gas contained within a frail and easily offended material reinforced with a fragile ego and fists made for pounding, and everything else around him is the flame. He’s a fuse on the verge of bursting at any given time and burning everything with him.

Logic (Kaminari, Jirou) would say ursuing him with his heart on his sleeve is stupid, heinously self-sabotaging, and wrong, just wrong, are you crazy? But enthusiasm (Sero, Ashido) responds with a green light, a thumbs up, and tips on the art of wooing.

Kirishima, with the easy grin of somebody basically unbreakable in the face of explosions, compromises by promising to call if things go awry.

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Fantastic Beasts Characters When They’re Angry

Inspired by a conversation I had with @questionboxjuliet and her ideas are in bold. Thank you Juliet <3 . I apologise if this turned out to be out of character for anyone!

Newt Scamander:

  • Newt is generally a quiet, non-confrontational person. He’s infinitely patient towards his creatures, but not so much to humans. Let’s not forget he’s socially awkward as well.
  • What angers him the most are usually uneducated sweeping statements about how all creatures are dangerous and dumb and useless, and that they’re nothing more than Potion ingredients or hunting trophies.
  • He tends to hold it all in until a particularly stupid remark sends him over the edge, but even then, his rage is quiet and he’ll shoot a scathing remark that renders the person spluttering and speechless, then he’ll leave.
  • He’ll immediately find refuge in his suitcase with his creatures. He’ll go about his chores with gritted teeth and tightly fisted hands, and his creatures will immediately sense that mummy is angry. They’ll behave particularly well for him, even his Niffler, and tending to his babies slowly soften tense lines and soothes his anger. He’s smiling gently at everyone again once he’s spent a few hours in his suitcase, but they now know better than to think he’s nothing more than a soft, harmless man.

Tina Goldstein

  • Tina is a generally, a nervous, somewhat anxious woman who follows the rules as though her life depends on it. She doesn’t get angry often; more often than not, she’s exasperated by the people around her, like Abernathy who likes to pretend he’s her superior or Queenie who always sneaks off to Kowalski’s bakery without telling her.
  • There are two modes to Tina’s anger. The first is when she’s angrily disappointed in someone. She shuts off during this time, and she’ll spend the whole day quiet, not speaking to anyone. Her colleagues know better than to annoy her, because she’s radiating this icy cold aura that scares everyone. The newer recruits don’t go near her during this time. 
  • The second mode is triggered when someone does something so spectacularly foolish, she can’t help but yell at them. This is very rare, and usually happens when someone either demeans her for being a woman, or when someone fucks up during a mission and nearly kills her or another Auror because their ego was too big. She literally explodes; her colleagues describe her anger as an erupting volcano, and she wields biting remarks as skillfully as she wields spells in a duel. Her target never has the chance to retort, most of the time, they’re hanging their heads in shame or they’re just trying to placate her. No one ever tries to intervene, are you fucking mad Abernathy? 
  • Tina usually walks off her anger, and she furiously paces about, taking deep breaths and trying to cool her head. Queenie usually finds her, feeling her anger from miles away, and she offers her dark haired sister a slab of her favourite chocolate. The two sit quietly without words, nibbling on the chocolate and eventually, Tina gives her sister a small hug and she goes back to the office. She gives a small awkward smile to everyone, and they know she’s ok now, and work goes on like usual.

Queenie Goldstein

  • Queenie is someone no one ever expects to see angry, and they don’t ever see her angry, because she’s worked hard at being all smiles and softly spoken words, and she works her frustration off at home.
  • The blonde never says anything about who or what makes her angry. Instead, she bakes. She bakes everything and anything, accompanied by soft, soothing music and their apartment smells of flour and sweetness and warm butter; the complete opposite of anger.
  • When Tina emerges from her bedroom, senses filled with baked loveliness, she sees the entire kitchen absolutely flooded with baked goods. There are cinnamon buns in the drawers and chocolate fudge in the fridge. She thinks she even sees some apple strudel peeking out from on top of the cupboards. Tina is always in awe at how destructively productive Queenie is, and terrified because she knows just how much it takes to make her sister as angry as she is, furiously baking. But Queenie, dear, sweet lovely Queenie only smiles at her and offers to make coffee. They eat whatever pastries they can for breakfast, and because they have a good hour or so before work, Queenie persuades TIna to go on gift-giving trips, baked goods in baskets and boxes. They visit nearby orphanages and give the hollow eyed children all the pastries they can eat. Tina also reminds Queenie that they need to visit Credence, and if Queenie’s anger hasn’t sated, seeing the sad boy light up and stuffing buns and cakes hungrily softens her. Even in anger, Queenie is a light that never ceases to give.

Percival Graves

  • While many people expect Percival to be a man constantly plagued in anger, he actually tends to be a very calm man with good control over his emotions. The misunderstanding comes from his stoic nature and his tendency to speak no more words than necessary. They think the frowns on his forehead are signs of a foul temper, and that mistakes mean a tongue lashing from the formidable Director. This is a more frequent belief among the newer recruits, or the more incompetent Aurors who grumble loudly about the terrible person Percival is, just because he pointed out their mistakes and demand more from them.
  • Certainly, there are heavy lines marring his brow, and there’s a perpetual frown on his face when he’s working, and of course he chews his subordinates out if they screw up; what boss doesn’t? But the lines are there because he fights every day to keep wizarding America, especially his people and their families safe, and the frowns are there because he’s thinking of ways he can better, stronger, faster. They’re more signs of a heavy thinker rather than a man with foul temper.
  • Of course he gets angry sometimes. Often this happens when he knows his people can do better than they’ve done, that they can give more than they’ve given, but even then, his only expression of anger is to give them a stern talking to. The only times he’s ever extraordinarily angry is when careless mistakes that can cost lives are made and the person who screws up refuses to admit that they were wrong. When this happens, he calls said fool into his office and the door remains locked for an hour and no one can hear anything that’s going on. When the unfortunate soul emerges exactly an hour later, they keep their heads down and refuse to speak to anyone, and the next time they’re on the field, their movements are sharper and precise, and they don’t repeat their mistakes ever again.
  • Percival is a fair man; any frustrations he feels from his work are never taken out on his subordinates. When he feels as though he’s about to burst at the seams, he leaves the office in a flurry and takes solace in one of the numerous training rooms MACUSA has. He spends several hours there and works off any pent up anger and frustration by dueling the combat dummies. There are two activities no one knows he engages in. The first is fencing, a habit he’s picked up from his grandfather who trained him in the sport since he could walk. The precise, controlled movements help him regain control over his emotions, and the sweat he’s worked up leaves him feel refreshed and energized. The second thing is meditating. It’s not surprising really, when one thinks about it, because Percival has always maintained a very calm and collected front that comes from the mental exercise that meditating has given him. Really, the breathing exercises he’s learned from meditating is the only thing keeping him from strangling some of the incompetent Aurors. So they really should be thankful.

Jacob Kowalski

  • Jacob is generally a jovial man. But he was a soldier, something people tend to overlook. He’s a good man who tries to make people happy through his baking or his kindness and he’s rarely angry. But when he sees people being unkind or mean to someone, that’s when he feels the anger rises. He always has to keep himself in check though; sometimes when the anger is too great, he thinks he’s back in the front lines and he’s seeing people killing one another. He takes deep breaths and thinks of his grandma and how she’s always told him that baking makes everything better, and the red subsides enough for him to calmly confront the person who’s hurting someone else. People usually laugh in his face because really Mr, what are you going to do to me huh? Smack me with your belly? Strangle me with your mustache?
  • Jacob’s a strong enough man that he does the only thing he can: walk away. He helps the person who’s been pushed down or beaten or had their purse snatched, and he walks away even though his fists are clenched tight because he wants to punch the jerk so bad, but he walks away because he’s the better man. 
  • He goes home and he bakes, because that’s what he knows best. He bakes his grandma’s special apple strudel, and he scoops out a generous amount of ice cream to go with the strudel, and he sits in front of his grandma’s picture. He tells her, between bites, that he wishes people were kinder to one another, and his gran’s eyes are twinkling kindly at him which makes him feel better. The warmth of the strudel is in belly after he’s polished it off has him whistling again. There are days when a gorgeous blonde visits his bakery, and if he’s in a terribly bad mood then, seeing her bubbly smile and her soft “How are you honey?” makes him think that the world isn’t that bad after all.

Credence Barebone

  • Credence has learned from a young age that he doesn’t deserve to feel anything other than grateful, because Ma took him in when no one wanted him, and she’s fed him food that he doesn’t have to scavenge the rubbish for. When Ma lashes him, sometimes he thinks he can feel rage bubbling in him and the guilt washes over him because he’s just an ungrateful monster no one loves. There are always reports of destruction in the city after.
  • When the man who wears Percival Graves’ face lies to him, Ma is dead so Credence doesn’t have to feel guilty that he’s angry, and so for the first time, Credence is free. He siphons all of his anger into the Obscurus that gurgles with glee, and the darkness slips all over him and he welcomes the darkness like an old friend. It’s a blessing when he’s soaring over New York and destroying everything just because he can and he will.
  • The first time Credence feels anger is also the last time he feels anger. When the Aurors blast him with their spells, the anger turns to fear and then to acceptance. He dissipates with a sigh because no one can hurt him now; not Ma, not the Aurors, not the Shaw man who called him a freak, not even the man he thought he could trust. When he finds himself in an empty alleyway, whole and unharmed, the anger has faded and the only thing he feels is excitement because he’s Credence Barebone and he belongs to no one. When the ship he boards sounds the horn as it leaves the port of New York, he thinks that it’s the sound of freedom, and he leaves his anger behind.

crayonsurpapier  asked:

So just saw your blog post about Jack's interview any head canons of Bitty as a hockey husband sitting near all the other hockey wives?

I sure do!! (if you haven’t, i would read the interview head canons here first)

  • To start, we have to go back a bit. Because Jack and Bitty chose to remain hidden for four years and, like it or not, that has had an effect on their relationship. BUT don’t worry- it was not a bad effect. It was not easy or simple and there was a strain, yes, but it did lead to one key fact that Bitty is actually very grateful for:
  • He has built up a life independent from Jack. They realized early on that Jack goes completely heart-eyes around Bitty and so while Bitty has obviously met all the Falconers, he is not best friends with them. He does not attend all Jack’s games (he attends a few, but only when he can grab one of the boys from Samwell and make it into a group-thing because he doesn’t really want to sit alone in the stands); he does not keep his weekends free to go out with Jack and the boys; and he does not actually move to Providence the moment he graduates.
  • Instead, Bitty moves to Paris (it was a hard decision and he misses Jack but Jack wants him to follow his dreams and for once not worry about the cost and actually, when Jack visits him in Paris, they are able to be a little daring so…). He apprentices under a baker there and then when he does move to Providence at this 4 year mark, Bitty opens his own bakery and he’s glad he’s not out as “Jack’s boyfriend” because when his business flourishes, he knows it’s because he is good at this, not because people are there to gawk at Jack’s Zimmermann’s boyfriend.
  • The point is: Bitty has created a life apart from Jack. He has his own friends (around the world now) and his employees at the Bakery turn into his little family, each with their own problems that he helps with and he takes some of them to the Falconer games and, gradually, they probably are told about him and Jack (or figure it out) but their favorite part of watching the Falconer’s play isn’t watching Eric Bittle go heart-eyes over his boyfriend; it’s watching their sweet, even-tempered boss scream obscenities at the opposing team and go on rambles about ridiculous calls and they had known their boss was a hockey player but it is still a thrill to see him in his element. 
  • Of course, the plan is always to come out to the world and they both feel ready and it is awesome, it’s better, honestly, than either of them let themselves dream (and look, bitty isn’t going to turn down the boom in business either because that means he can give his whole team raises!!) so they do it and they are happy and–
  • And the Providence Hockey world gets ready. The team (who has met Bitty before and were probably at least a little in the know, same as bitty’s friends) is ready to finally see (and chirp) their captain for being so happy, and the fans are ready to go to battle for the player that brought them the cup, and the wives and girlfriend’s are ready to welcome Bitty so fucking hard. They are going to prove that they are not homophobic and that they are the friendliest people on earth and they are going to go out of their way to treat him no differently that the others. Eric Bittle is given a free pass to the inner circle of Hockey Wives.
  • Jack and Bitty come out midseason (after the Falconer’s secured their playoff run, before the actual playoffs because why not?) and the world is ready and so it’s a bit of a disappointment when the first game after the announcement, Bitty doesn’t come. 

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Tickle Fight Sex

Warnings: i’m not gonna put this here anymore because when am i not writing about sex

Member: hazza

Side Note: i’m feeling feelings i didn’t want to feel

“Get back here, (Y/N),” Harry calls, chasing after you as you race down hallways, around tables and through doors. You giggle and glance back just in time to see him trip over the chair you’d put in his way. Frustrated, he leaps up and meets your eyes, a devilish grin on his face. 

He lunges after you and you squeal, making a quick getaway. You look behind you again when you don’t hear Harry’s socked feet chasing after you. You look forward too late, running right into his arms. He hauls you over his shoulder and brings you upstairs to your bedroom. 

Harry throws you down on the bed and starts to tickle you. You scream and try to wriggle away but his hands are relentless. They’re all over your stomach and you can’t control your laughter. 

You face is red and tears are falling from your eyes but Harry still doesn’t let up. “Have mercy, Harry, you’re killing me!” you scream. He just laughs evilly, kissing your neck as you try to push his wiggling fingers away from your tummy.

“It’s a lesson you have to learn, babe,” he whispers in your ear. You’ve started trying to kick him off you but he’s unfazed. “I mean, how dare you eat the last chocolate chip cookie." 

You’re wheezing now, uncontrollable laughter falling from your lips. You reach to your left and grab a pillow off the bed, whacking him with it. While he’s distracted you move out from underneath him and hit him again. He playfully glares at you, grabbing the other pillow and hitting you with it.

You stand on the uneven bed and hit Harry over the head, messing up his long curls. 

You two are giggling hysterically, jumping on the bed like five year old’s and whacking each other with pillows. Feathers are flying everywhere and the situation you’re in looks like a scripted movie scene. And you want to be the winner of this particular take.

But sadly, you’re no match for Harry’s pillow fighting skills. He hits behind your knees and you go down, sending feathers flying. Harry laughs and falls to his knees on either side of your hips. He spits out a feather that got caught in his mouth and you bite your cheek to keep from smiling.

You pout because you lost and you watch as Harry’s eyes darken with lust. He leans forward and kisses the tip of your nose. "Better luck next time, love,” he whispers. “Maybe that’ll teach you not to steal the last cookie. Maybe next time you’ll think before you act." 

"Yes, mom.” You grin when you get a rise out of him and he fake laughs. 

Shaking his head at you he nibbles your jaw, kissing his way along your neck. You smile and arch into him, twirling your fingers in his hair and getting a low moan out of him. 

The next thing you know, your shirt is gone and so is his. And then all your clothes have been thrown across the room and the two of you are left giving each other eskimo kisses completely naked. Harry brushes his nose against yours, then kisses you sweetly. 

He slowly enters you, making you gasp at how good it feels to have him fill and stretch your walls. You’ll never get used to how big he is or how well he can take care of you. Harry waits for a moment, making sure you’re comfortable before moving. 

You arch your back when he pushes back into you and he leaves opened mouth kisses on your chest.

 "God, you’re moving slower than my grandma,“ you murmur into his neck.

"Maybe I’m punishing you for eating the last damn cookie,” he mumbles grumpily, but picks up speed. 

You moan a breathy moan before saying, “give it a rest, Styles.” A loud moan now when he slams into you. He grabs a handful of feathers and sprinkles them over your face, making you giggle. “I’ll bake you some later, okay?.” You bring his face down to yours and rub your nose against his. He smiles and is about to say something when he hits your spot, your moans loud and uncontrollable. He’s sliding in and out of so effortlessly now that he’s gotten you all worked up and dripping.

He kisses your forehead, nose, lips, chin and the column of your throat before moaning himself, all conversation forgotten. His thumb traces your bottom lip and then  kisses it, still moving at a speed that’ll bring you both there any second now.

Your legs tangle with his and your feet brush something soft but scratchy. “Did you forget to take your socks off?” you ask and Harry bursts into giggles, his thrusts becoming slopping because of his laughter.

When he finally stops laughing at his stupidity, his hand slides down your body to your heat, rubbing fast circles. You arch your back and go to grip the sheets but instead get a fistful of white feathers. You shove them into Harry’s face, making them stick because of the sweat on his forehead. 

You start laughing again until his thumb adds more pressure. “You look like,” moan, “that,” moan, “scary monster,” loud moan, “guy from,” you thrust your hips into his, “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer.” He hisses through his teeth something that sort of sounds like a laugh but also sounds like a moan. He shakes off most of the feathers and starts to move faster, wanting to get there and reach both your highs.

He bends his head and sucks on your sweet spot, making your hips thrust upwards again. Harry growls  into your hair and moves his thumb in quicker circles. You bite your lip hard before going over the edge, calling out his name. You’re shaking and the way you clench around him makes Harry come too. He rides out both your highs before pulling out of you and falling beside you on the bed. 

You’re laughing because Harry reaching his high with feathers all over him is a pretty funny sight to see. Harry narrows his eyes at you and throws feathers your way. 

You roll over and rest your head on his chest, tucking your face into his neck. “Even covered in feathers, you’re still pretty,” you mumble.

“Even with a mouth filled with the last cookie, you’re still gorgeous.” Harry kisses your temple. You roll your eyes at him and his narrow into slits.

You’re not ready for his hands attacking your tummy again. You try to squirm away but there’s no where to go. There’s no more pillows left to protect you from the tickle monster you call your boyfriend.

X-MAS DRABBLES: Baking With Yamamoto~!

Your outfit

“AH!” You couldn’t help the squeal that escaped your lips when a pair of arms wrapped around your midsection. The response was a chuckle in your ear, followed by a nuzzling that had a shiver tracing down your spine.

“T-Takeshi! I’m going to make a mess if you keep distracting me!” You couldn’t hold back the laughter when his long fingers trailed down your sides, tickling you slightly.

“I’ll gladly eat any batter that lands on you.” He said, caramel eyes flickering with mischief as he pressed a kiss to the shell of your ear.

“You’re impossible!” You laughter continued, until you noticed that the batter you had been mixing had ended up spilling messily on your apron. Smiling, you wiped the batter from your apron to flick it on to his crinkled nose.

“Hey!” He chuckled, retracting from your embrace to rub the batter from his face.

“Hey yourself! Didn’t you say you were going to help me? We need these for the party! Here I am covered in batter, slaving over a hot stove while you’re trying to waste time!” You complained, dramatically putting the back of your wrist on your forehead in faux exasperation.

“Oh, I’m so sorry madam. How may I assist the hardworking chef?” He rolled up his sleeves, his smile not once faltering.

“Just grab me that flour for now, I think I’m a little short.” You said, eyeing the batter that was just a tad too liquidy.

Nodding, he turned and reached into the cabinet. As he did that, you scanned him. It was one of the lazy days you’d come to love, waking late and taking advantage of the fact you had nowhere to be. You’d taken advantage and grabbed a pair of his boxers and one of your white t-shirts, tugging on an apron to shield yourself from any escaping ingredients. Yamamoto followed suit, wearing a pair of sweatpants with front pockets and a tight t-shirt, which showed off his hard muscles and nice, rounded ass. Honestly, it’s like he tried to seduce you on purpose.

Once he grabbed the flour, he turned to you. He quirked an eyebrow when he noticed your eyes on said butt, but a smirk was all your received when you looked back up. That is, before a wicked shimmer flashed through his eyes.

You didn’t even have time to defend yourself.

Quickly thrusting his hand into the paper bag, he flicked his fingers at your face, successfully dusting the white powder all of you. “That’s what you get for checking me out, [Name].” He taunted, pristine white teeth flashing as he laughed.

Gasping at the turn of events before narrowing your eyes, you scanned the immediate area for anything that would serve your cause.

Your eyes caught the batter in the bowl just as his did.

“Oh no, not the-”

Too late.

Yellow cupcake mix slid down his face, dripped from his hair, and caught on the eyelashes of his now narrowed eyes. “Oh, this means war.”

Before you could even move, he lunged at you, a handful of flour contained in his fist. He successfully tackled you, making you land gently on the ground before he sat up. He chuckled darkly, eyes glittering in both amusement and victory. You cried out when he released the handful of flour over you. It landed on your hair, your face, and torso, eventually . The apron you’d worn in an effort to prevent mess on your clothes was useless, caked in as much flour as the rest of your body.

“Do you surrender?” Yamamoto’s hands came down, clamping you in place so you couldn’t run away. “I’d hate to have to tickle you.” He warned, voice full of mirth at the silly threat.

“N-No! I surrender! I promise! Now let me get up, you’re dripping all over me!” You laughed breathlessly, the batter on his head dripping onto your red cheeks. When he moved to tickle you, you felt a lump in his pocket press against your thigh. “Either your competitiveness has turned into some kind of fetish or you have something in your pocket.” You wise-cracked.

Yamamoto chuckled before climbing off, crossing his legs and resting his back on the island as he wiped the batter residue from his face. “Ah, you weren’t supposed to feel that. It was supposed to be tonight’s surprise. I didn’t know where to put it without you finding it, so I stuck it in my pocket.”

“Tonight at the party?” You got up, crossing your legs as well. Reborn had called all of you earlier in the week, saying that he was hosting a little get together for the Vongola and it’s allies. Not one to show up empty-handed, you’d decided on taking a few baked treats for everyone to enjoy. You and Yamamoto had also figured that presents weren’t needed this year, considering the fact that you both felt you were happy with what you had.

But, you should’ve figured he’d buy you something anyway.

“You got me a gift?! I thought we’d promised not to do that!” You gasped, eyes trailing to his hand which was now moving around in his pocket to fish out the object. When it came out, it held a square box.

“I swear, it’s the only promise I’ve ever broken!” He smiled, eyes closing in mirth at your too-happy-to-look-annoyed expression. “Here, just open it now.”

“Are you sure?” You reached hesitantly for the box, ready to snatch your hand back if he changed his mind.

“Yeah, it actually works out. I’m sure you’d be angry if I gave it to you in front of everyone when you don’t have anything to give back.” He laughed at your pout. But you couldn’t help your inward smile, thinking about the box of baseball equipment in the trunk of your car. Looks like the both of you couldn’t keep your promise. But you weren’t about to let him know that.

“If you’re sure, then okay.” Grabbing the box, you snapped the top open. Inside was a necklace with a rain drop pendant which was a calming shame of blue, reminding you of Yamamoto in a way. Off to the side was a lightning bolt, adding a unique and fiery touch to the necklace. Needless to say, your jaw dropped at seeing it.

“I saw it in the window of this store and you just popped into my mind.” He explained, hand habitually rubbing the back of his head in a way that had you reminiscing of times when you were both teenagers and had just started experiencing the love you had today.

“Oh my… Takeshi, this is gorgeous… Help me put it on!” Your smile was blinding as you turned around, letting your boyfriend clasp it. The chain was cold against your chest, but the rapid beating of your heart distracted you from that.

Speedily turning back around, you didn’t hesitate to wrap your arms around your boyfriend. Nuzzling his nose, you smiled at the sweet glint in his eyes as he rested his calloused hands on your hips. You leaned forward and indulged him in a few kisses.

Or rather, a lot of kisses.

Yamamoto was more than happy to reciprocate, lean arms coming around your waist as you ran your hands over his hair and jaw. Giggling, you withdrew from the kiss to plant a small peck on his nose. When you pulled back, your giggling grew into full-blown laughter.

“What’s so funny?” He asked, his white teeth once again making an appearance as he stared at you adoringly.

“No reason… You just resemble a porcupine.” You said, laughing at what your wandering hands had caused. Now Yamamoto’s hair was sticking on its ends and unbelievably mussed, no doubt because of the remaining batter in his hair.

Chuckling, he stood up and drew you closer to his body. Cheekily sneaking a peck onto your lips, he rested his forehead on yours.

“Care to join me for a shower?”

“Hmm…” You pretended to think about it, your arms resting over his shoulders. “Well.. Since we’re done with the cookies and the cake… The cupcakes can wait a little longer I suppose. We’ll have to start from scratch since most of the batter is on the counter and floor anyway.” You smiled at him, squealing when he lifted you in his arms and carried you off.

You’d give him his present after the shower. If he didn’t distract you again, that is.

Christmas In Terrasen: A Throne of Glass Series Holiday Short Story (Part 1)

Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate no matter what it is, I wish you a Happy Holiday Season! My little Holiday gift to the world this year is a little short story involving @sjmass wonderful Throne of Glass series characters. I hope you enjoy it and have a safe and wonderful rest of the year!

P.S. I decided to divide this into parts considering it ended up being a liiiitle bit longer than I thought it would be. It also adds to the suspension lol. Okay. I’ll stop now.


Rowan Whitethorn had to admit, it was quite amusing watching his queen bustle about in a frenzy. She was busy ensuring everything was absolutely perfect for tommorow. Tomorrow was, in her words, the most wonderful day of the entire year. Christmas. 

“You know,” Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the Queen of Terrasen stopped to glare at Rowan. Hands set on her hips, lips pursed, tendrils of hair falling out of the braid she had haphazardly put together earlier this morning. 

And still, the only thing Rowan could focus on was how gorgeous she looked. 

“I really wish you’d stop looking at me like that and actually be of some good use. I’m running myself ragged trying to get everything together for tomorrow and all you’ve been doing is gawking at me. You do realize all of our friends and family are going to be here, right? I’ve never met your family before, you’ve barely even mentioned them but I feel as if I have something to prove to-” Her avalanche of words were stopped abruptly by Rowan’s lips meeting hers. 

She half-heartedly attempted to push him away, but when Rowan finally broke the embrace, he knew that his kiss had the intended effect. 

“Hey.” He gently lifted her chin and their eyes met. “You don’t have anything to prove to anybody. If I had known this would cause you so much stress I would have put up more of an argument when you insisted they come.” His fingertips trailed up and down along her arms. Aelin let out a heavy sigh and rested her forehead on his chest. 

“There’s still so much to do.”

“And I’ll help you. It’ll be the best damn Christmas anyone’s ever had. I promise.” She looked up at him.

“You’re turning too soft on me,” she teased him. “Although I must say I prefer soft Rowan to the Rowan I’d first met back in Wendlyn.”

He inwardly cringed. It still angered him to think about how he had treated Aelin in those first weeks back when he was nothing more than the biggest and most heartless asshole this world’s ever known. How he used to hurt her, both with his body and his words. The things he used to say to her…

Rowan knew he’d spend the rest of his immortal life being a completely different man and striving never to return to the one he used to be. The Rowan he was before he’d met his queen.

“I’m sorry,” Aelin apologized softly. “I didn’t mean it that way.”

He tenderly kissed her forehead. “I know. C’mon, we’d better keep going. Like you said, we have a lot to finish up on.” She nodded.

“I love you.” Rowan smiled at her before she leaned up to kiss him again.

“I love you.”


How the hell were they supposed to get all of this done by tomorrow? Aelin breathed in deeply through her nose, and let the air out slowly. It came out in front of her in a puff of smoke. This was not a time to stress. There were so many things to do. 

The music, the decorations, the food, the gifts. 

But there was one thing in particular that the Queen of Terrasen was most nervous about. Something big was happening. Something Aelin was not sure how Rowan-and everyone else for the matter- would react upon hearing it. She had been wondering if he knew for quite some time, but he has yet to let on that he’s aware of it, so she’s kept quiet. 

Although with Rowan, him keeping quiet could mean any number of things. 

“My Queen.” Another servant walked up to her and bowed lowly. 

“Yes?” Aelin smiled warmly at him. 

“The cook was unsure if you wanted the-”

“Both,” she politely interrupted him. “Tell him both. And also tell him to be sure he gets the sauce just right. Rowan told me that the dish is one of his uncle’s favorites. It’s a special dish that originates from Doranelle so it has to be-”

“Perfect,” the servant finished with a smile. “And it will be, Your Majesty.”

“Thank you, Lyanel.” He bowed again before departing. Aelin sighs, turning her face back up to where more than three-hundred and fifty of her best servants were decorating the palace and grounds. Even more were decorating the inside of her lavish home. 

Honestly, Aelin did not think that she would ever get used to this. Being a queen, having to care for her people, living in a place that was hers entirely. Indeed, she has lived here for nearly five years, but the feeling she gets when she takes a moment to step back and realize that she is in Terrasen. That she is home…

Finally deciding that her servants had everything in order and could handle it all without her looking over their shoulders like a doting mother, she left and headed back inside. 

Warm air and the enticing smell of baked goods…a chocolate cake by the smell of it, caused Aelin to shiver violently. She hadn’t realized how cold it was outside until her teeth began to chatter.

“Finally realized that you had no need to be outside overseeing every move while also freezing your ass off?” Aedion Ashryver, her cousin whom she loved dearly walked up to her and winked before flashing a smile. 

“You know full well that the only reason I’m freaking over all of this is because-”

“Rowan’s family is visiting. I know, cousin. Trust me, I know,” he paused, sipping from a glass of ice cold water. Aedion’s voice dropped so low, Aelin could just barely hear him. “Have you told Rowan yet?”

She swallowed. “I’m planning on telling everybody at dinner tomorrow evening.”

He must have sensed her anxiety, for he slung an arm around her and held her close. His chin rested on the top of her head, where he placed a kiss and then said, “Everything will be okay. Don’t stress about it.”

Aelin sighed and nodded. Aedion kissed her cheek before grinning.

“I’m going to go check things over in the food department. Ya know, make sure they’ve got the menu for tomorrow just right.” 

Aelin guffawed. “Translation: You’re going to eat just about everything in there.”

He winked again, turning away. “You know me all too well,” he called before disappearing.

A few hours later, Aelin was counting off a mental checklist. 

Food? Check.

Decorations? Check.

Guest Rooms? Check.

Gifts for everyone? Check.

Rowan interrupted her by taking her hand and soothingly rubbing the knuckles. 

“Relax, Fireheart,” he whispers. Aelin unclenched her fists, gradually relaxing at Rowan’s touch. “All this hard work will be for nothing if you don’t get some sleep.”

“I’m not tired.”

“That’s a gods-damned lie if I’ve ever heard one,” he chuckled, coaxing her to lie down. Aelin rested her head on the vast canvas that was Rowan’s chest and closed her eyes. “You’ve been up since dawn. You must be exhausted.” 

As if on cue, Aelin yawned. 

“Told you.”

“Oh shut it.” She snuggled into him, her head nuzzled into the crook of his neck. Rowan kissed her lightly on the forehead and lips before whispering a good night.

In seconds, the steady thump thump thump of Rowan’s heartbeat lulled Aelin into an easy sleep.


Something’s different about her. Something Rowan can’t quite put his finger on, but he knows that there is something. Something is bothering Aelin and it must be big enough that she hasn’t yet trusted him with it. He won’t try to force it out of her, he knows that when the time is right, she’ll tell him. 

And he hopes she tells him soon because he’s going out of his gods-damned mind trying to figure it out. 

The following morning, Rowan sneaks out of bed. Leaving behind nothing but a kiss for his queen and a note, should she awake before he returns. Honestly, he expected her to wake as soon as he carefully moved her head from his chest to the pillow, but she stirred only a little before going still once more. 

In the middle of all of Rowan’s endeavors, Aedion greets him, coming from the direction of the kitchens. 

“What are you doing up this early?” Rowan raises a brow.

“I could ask you the same.” Aedion smiles, nodding.

“Let’s just pretend we didn’t see each other, yeah?” Rowan laughs. 

“Agreed.” With that, Aedion heads back for his room. His arms are filled with sweets he’s stolen from the kitchen. 

What seems like an eternity later, but is really only a few hours, Rowan goes back up to his and Aelin’s room. The time must be past ten, but all while Rowan was busy she did not interrupt him, so he assumes she has yet to wake up.

It’s just as Rowan steps foot into their bedroom that Aelin begins to stir. Her eyes open fully and he lies back down in the bed, already exhausted and the day was not even halfway through.

“Where were you?” Her voice is still groggy, and she takes Rowan’s hand, lacing the fingers together. 

Rowan answers vaguely, “I was just finishing some things up.”

A few moments of silence, a gasp and then,

“What time is it?” Aelin’s eyes widen in panic and she moves to get up, but Rowan’s hand stops her.

“It’s past ten.”

“Rowan! Your family will be arriving any second how could you-”

“I already took care of it.” Skepticism is more obvious in her eyes than if you had written the word in bright pink on her forehead.

“I don’t understand.” He sighs.

“I’ve been up since dawn assuring everything was going to go smoothly for today. No one has arrived yet, but I suspect they will be soon.”

“You…You really did all that? Why?” She was so emotional. Rowan hadn’t anticipated this.

“Because I know how much this means to you. And I also know that you needed to sleep.” He shrugged. “It’s no big deal.”

Her eyes filled with tears of happiness. “It is, though. Thank you, Rowan.” The tips of his ears went pink and he forced himself to look away from her intense gaze. 

A knock sounded at their bedroom door, and after a few moments of Rowan assuring his queen was fully covered, he bellowed, “Enter.”

A servant rushed in, a huge smile on her pixie-like face.

“Good morning, Your Majesties and Merry Christmas!”

Aelin smiled warmly. “Thank you. Merry Christmas, Annyleise.” 

The girl curtsied before saying in a rush, “King Dorian Havilliard of Adarlan, Lady Lysandra, Lord Chaol Westfall, and Lady Nesryn Faliq have arrived, Your Highness.”

“They have?” Aelin’s face lit up. “Tell them we’ll be right down. Thank you, Annyleise.”

“It’s an honor, My Queen.” She curtsied once more before she disappeared. 

Aelin hopped up from her spot beside Rowan, moving to her closets. Rowan sighed. He could already tell this day would be quite a long one.

Just a few moments later, Aelin walked out of the closet, clad in only a shirt. 

“Rowan,” she said with hands on her hips. “Will you please get up? There’s a lot to do today.”

“I will, I promise. But first,” he held his hand out to her, beckoning her to come nearer. She placed her hand in his palm and in a quick move, Rowan had her body under his. Their faces were close enough to share breath.

“I’ve got a feeling this may be the only time I have you to myself for today. The thought drives me crazy.” Aelin smirked.

“Oh does it?” She kissed the base of his neck, earning her a growl in the back of his throat. Rowan searched her eyes. “Is something wrong?”

Aelin visibly went pale underneath him and he began to panic. Oh gods. He was right.  “Aelin, what is it? Tell me.”

“It’s nothing,” she tried to play it off. “Nothing you need to worry about. Trust me.”

“You’re making me worry. If it’s something serious, I want to know.”

She looked up at him. “I’ll tell you later today, I promise.”


“Please, Rowan.”

He sighed in defeat and then nodded.

“Thank you,” Aelin whispered, kissing his cheek. She slipped from underneath him, going back to the closets and returning with clothes for him as well.

He put them on, and couldn’t help laughing when he did so.

“Very festive,” he commented. Aelin smiled sheepishly.

“Do you like it?”

“I love it. Will everyone be sporting this fashion?” She nodded and smirked.

“Whether they like it or not.”

With the both of them finally dressed and somewhat presentable to greet their friends, Rowan and Aelin exited their room. 

“You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

~End of Part 1~

Link to Parts 2 and 3 Here:

A Sweet Treat

My second Ford and Mabel one-shot! Feeling bad that Ford probably hasn’t had a proper sweet treat for more than 30 years, Mabel decides to bake some cupcakes for her grunkle. Ford decides to joins her.


It was a quiet day at the Mystery Shack. And quiet wasn’t normal for the Pines family.

Stan and Dipper had gone out to run some errands. That left Ford and Mabel alone at the shack. His niece was suspiciously quiet. Having nothing else to do, Ford decided to go quickly check up on her to make sure she wasn’t doing anything irresponsible.

As he walked down the halls, Mabel was nowhere to be seen. However, as he approached the kitchen, the sounds of feet moving about and clanging noises became louder. He entered, and was met with the sight of flour coating the entire kitchen table and counters.

Mabel hadn’t noticed that he had walked in, so he cleared his throat. Her head snapped up immediately. “Grunkle Ford!” She squeaked.

“What’s going on in here?”

Mabel looked down at her feet. “Weeeeeeeeell, I wanted it to be a surprise for you.” She looked up at him and beamed. “I’m making cupcakes! For you, because you’ve been gone for so long. I’ll bet whatever dimension you were in didn’t have Mabel’s Scrumptious Cupcakes!”

Ford smiled. “No, they didn’t. This is wonderful, but really Mabel, you didn’t have to go to all this trouble.”

“Yes I did!” The girl quickly rushed forward and wrapped her arms around her uncle’s waist. “I felt sad for you. You probably missed home a lot when you were trapped in the portal. So Mabel’s here to help make up for some of it!”

Keep reading

Hot and Cold


Word count: 2,000

Author’s Note:

Thank you, anon. I had way too much fun with this prompt. I hope you like it, and I apologize in advance for the cheesy-ness.

“Warm” regards,


“Here, I got you strawberry,” Dean said, holding out a popsicle. “Sam mentioned it was your favorite.”

Castiel hesitated before taking the popsicle, both flattered and stunned by this hazel-eyed boy who was too handsome for his own good. “Thanks,” Castiel mumbled and unwrapped his popsicle.

Sam had a curious look. “Cas, this is my brother, Dean. Dean, this is Cas.”

Dean held out his hand to Castiel. A warm, summer breeze blew threw the kitchen window, mussing Castiel’s already messy hair. He shook Dean’s hand, surprised to find it rough with calluses. “Sam’s said a lot about you.”

Dean smiled in amusement. “He’s said a lot about you, too. Funny how you guys have been friends since first grade, and I’m only now meeting you.”

“My parents didn’t let me visit other friends houses until recently.” He shrugged. “They’re pretty conservative.”

“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you.” Dean pulled a cherry popsicle from a box in the freezer and unwrapped it. As he wrapped his lips around the frozen, cylindrical treat, Castiel looked away, his cheeks heating. He caught Sam’s eyes just as they widened in understanding. The heat in Castiel’s face rose to a burning.

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thefreshestdaddy  asked:

Can you make a one-shot were peter maximoff is all sad and he wants lots of cuddles from the reader

I kind of  struggled to try to make it sweet and differentso Peter might be a little OOC … I hope you’ll like it.

Do you know that actually, in France, French Toast are called Pain Perdu, which literally mean Lost Bread? I didn’t. And  I was about to write Lost Bread which would have  been funny x’D

 Peter Maximoff aka Quicksilver wasn’t one to feel depress. He was too fast and sassy for that. But sometime, he would have a loss of energy and get all down. It wasn’t sadness of course. He was just a little tired that’s all.

 This lack of honesty with himself was cute but also quite annoying for you: try to cheer up someone who deny being sad and won’t tell you what’s wrong, that was much more troublesome than you could stand sometime. Fortunately Peter wasn’t really hard to read, and the stuff making him sad were often the same : first of all his father, then the fact that at 27 years old he was still living at his mum basement and… that was pretty much everything. He would also look down on himself when he didn’t run fast enough for important stuff but that wasn’t really sadness, just being sassy over himself and say stuff about how pathetic he was that was pissing you off.

  Making breakfast in the school kitchen, you were humming with Bonnie Taylor on her last single, A Total Eclipse of the Heart when you were suddenly embraced from behind by your  boyfriend who snuggled his face on your shoulders.

“Hi there.” You greeted him lightly, still cooking. “Slept well?”

“Yeah.” Peter sighed and just hold you tighter.

“I’m making pancakes and French toast for breakfast- and there are muffins in the hoven. Sounds good?”

 With a very low voice, his breath tickling you, he mumbled accusatively:

“You weren’t there when I woke up.”

“Should you really complain when I actually woke  up early because you don’t do your chores and  I have to made  them for you?”  You replied jokingly, stopping what you were doing to put your hand his.

 You turned your head to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek with a cheeky smile, and then get back to your preparation. It felt like Peter had decided to become your shadow cause when you were moving, he was following, still holding you without saying a word, just listening to your chitchat or humming, which proved you he was actually depressed. But you decided that for now the best was to let him do whatever he wanted, and in all honesty you were feeling really good in his arms so…

“How does it taste?” You finally asked, giving him a bite of pancakes to see if the baking was alright.

“Too good for those brats.” He replied, his chin against yours, and you could feel him smile. “Why do you make them pancakes anyway? Just give them an apple and get back in bed!”

“I wanted pancakes, so I cooked some! Plus I can’t stay in bed when you kept moving in your sleep, last time you literally pushed me from the bed!”

“Nope, you fell on your own, I would never push you… Okay maybe I did it but it wasn’t my fault, if you hadn’t tried to escape from my arms you wouldn’t have fell!”

“I was hungry! And it was hot as hell! You have no excuse!”

“There were snack in the drawer of the nightstand, and if you didn’t slept with a shirt you wouldn’t have had that problem.”

“I’m not sleeping naked.”  You enunciate categorically.

“I’ve noticed.” Peter replied sarcastically.

“Shut up idiot.” You retorted, half laughing.

 You turned back and jokingly tried to hit him with your fist and he stopped it without a blink, a cocky smile on his lips and an eyebrow rise like to ask what that was. You put your most seductive expression on your face and it just manage to make him laugh. You then hug him tight, snuggling your face in his chest and sighing contently. He closed his arms around you and you just stayed there for a while, just happy.

“You know.” You finally whispered. “In France, they call that Avoir du vague à l’âme.”

“And do they heal that?”

“It’s French, hon’. They solve all their problems like that”

  You stood on your tiptoe, cupped his face in your hand, and kissed his cheeks one after another, before giving a sweet long kiss.

good times never looked so good

           When Skye and Lincoln show up with about six bottles of different types of alcohol, Fitz knew he was in trouble. Evidentially – everyone else did too.

           Beside him, Mac let out a groan. “This is why Coulson and May should never leave the base with us, alone.”

           “What makes you say that?” Skye asked innocently, setting the bottles down onto the table, “I’m merely suggesting a friendly game of Never Have I Ever.”

           “Count me out,” Fitz said quickly, but Skye merely shook her head, a devilish grin on her face.

           “Nope,” she declared, “I covered for you last week with Coulson Fitzy – you’re not getting out of this one.”

           Fitz groaned, rubbing his face with both his hands, wishing there was some other reason that he could not drink alcohol and play ridiculous games meant for high school teens.

           “Besides,” Skye went on, popping open several of the bottles, “I’ve already got almost everyone to agree.”

           “Really?” Fitz looked at her incredulously; he didn’t think his other team members would agree to something like this.

           Twenty minutes later the whole gang is sitting in a rather large circle around the coffee table, the bottles of alcohol tempting them and a shot glass in front of each person.

           He was shocked when Jemma came into the room, nervously sitting down next to him and smoothing out her shirt. Ever since she had gotten out of the Kree Stone she had been nervous, only stopping her work to be with him or eat – even though she wouldn’t tell any of them (even him) what happened in there.

           “You’re joining?” he asked her, and she nodded.

           “Skye’s right, it might be beneficial to lighten up a little bit,” she said in a voice that was slightly too high, but he was just happy to see her out of his room or the lab.

           “Of course I’m right,” Skye declared, picking up one of the bottles and pouring an amount of liquid into each one. “And that’s why I’ll start.”

           “Of course,” Hunter muttered, looking down at his shot glass like he wanted to drink it already.

           “Alright,” Skye said, finishing serving the drinks and sitting back between Fitz and Lincoln. “Never have I ever… gotten divorced.” She looked smugly over at Hunter and Bobbi, who simultaneously groaned.

           “Bottoms up,” Hunter said, throwing back his shot with a sort of sputter.

           “Okay,” Skye said, “You next Fitzy!”

           “Never have I ever,” Fitz said, still slightly annoyed that Skye had made him play this damn game in the first place, “Hacked into a secure government network.”

           Skye glared, but took her shot. “You’ll pay for that one Leopold.”

           Fitz smirked.

           “Is it my turn?” Jemma asked, smiling nervously.


           “Never have I ever,” she said, biting her lip, “Well never have I ever sung in the shower.”

           They all sort of gaped at her, and she shrugged. Then, Hunter, Bobbi, Skye, and Fitz all took up their glasses and drank.

           “Really Hunter?” Mac asked in amusement.

           “Oh he’s the worst,” Bobbi said and Hunter rolled his eyes.

           “Well you’re not much better –“

           “And Fitz too?” Skye asked, and he shrugged.

           “He likes to sing Beatles songs,” Jemma said, and Skye raised her eyebrows suggestively.

           “And how do you know that?”

           Jemma sputtered, but she was luckily saved by Hunter who started his turn.

           “Never have I ever,” he said loudly, “had a date with a girl because I fixed her car.”

           He was glancing pointedly at Mac, but the mechanic and Fitz both drank. They all turned to Fitz in surprise, who went bright red.

           “What?” he asked, “Did you think I had no social life at all?”

           “Pretty much, yeah.”

           “Fitz was actually quite popular with the ladies,” Jemma said, and Fitz turned on her – the traitor. “He used to get so nervous before dates, I would end up having to do his tie for him and everything.”

           “Thank you Jemma,” Skye sang, locking eyes with the mechanic, “This is proving to be very beneficial indeed.”    

           Fitz rolled his eyes, “Oh please, like you’re going to remember this in the morning.”

           “Never have I ever,” Bobbi interrupted, tapping her chin thoughtfully, “Gotten a tattoo.”

           “Well shit,” Jemma said pleasantly, picking up her glass and throwing it down her throat. Everyone but Fitz looked at her in shock. Mac and Lincoln also downed their shots, but everyone was still staring at Jemma.

           “You have a tattoo?” Skye asked.

           “She lost a bet,” Fitz said, shrugging. “Loser had to get a tattoo.”

           “What is it of?”

           “You may never know,” Jemma said, leaning back on her palms and smiling. “I believe it’s your turn Mac.”

           “Never have I ever,” Mac said, looking around the group with inquisitive eyes, “Gone skinny dipping.”      

           “Fuck you too mate,” Hunter said, refilling his shot and swallowing it. Bobbi raised her eyebrows but drank her’s too. Skye sighed loudly, but downed her’s as well, and so did Lincoln.

           “You’ve been skinny dipping?” Fitz asked the inhuman boy, “But wouldn’t you just – I don’t know – shock everyone?”

           Lincoln shook his head, a sheepish looking grin on his face as he refilled his shot.

           “My turn?” he asked, tapping his finger against the floor, “Never have I ever – caused an earthquake.”

           Skye glared. “Nicely played Campbell,” she said, throwing back her’s.

           “Let’s see,” she said, smiling peevishly at Fitz, her voice already slurring slightly, “Never have I ever graduated high school early.”

           Fitz and Jemma both drank, and so did Lincoln. When everyone looked at him, he merely shrugged.

           “My parents pushed me hard,” was all he said in response.

           “Never have I ever,” Fitz said, “Had a one night stand.”

           Jemma, Skye, Hunter, Mac and Lincoln all drank. Fitz looked at Jemma in shock – there was something he didn’t know about his best friend.

           “Who?” he asked.

           “Mark Webbers,” she said shrugging, “He was just so pretty and symmetrical.”

           “What, you aren’t surprised by the rest of us?” Skye asked, and there was a definite slur in her voice now. Fitz shrugged.

           “Not really, I kind of expected it actually.”

           “Alright!” Jemma said, breaking in before Skye could punch Fitz (which looked like it was likely to happen.) “Let’s see, never have I ever – well never I have I ever, done drugs?”

           Fitz slowly raised his shot to his lips and drank. Everyone stared, their glasses untouched – except for Mac, who grudgingly lifted his to his lips as well.

           “It was a bake sale!” Fitz said in protest, “I thought they were just brownies, I swear.”

           They all turned to Mac, who shrugged. “I smoked pot on a dare once,” he said, “But it was nasty stuff.”

           “Don’t do drugs!” Skye chanted, leaning against Lincoln slightly, her voice slurring and her eyes bright.

           “Never have I ever,” Hunter grinned at Mac, “Knocked my best friend unconscious.”

           Mac shrugged, “I said I was sorry,” he said, taking a drink. Jemma did too, wincing with a sideways look at Fitz.

           “I mean,” she said, “I didn’t directly knock him out, but I led him to Coulson who – well did the punching for me.”

           “Bobbi’s turn!”

           “Never have I ever,” Bobbi said, with a smug look at her ex-husband, “Dressed like a girl for a mission.”

           “I thought that stayed between us,” Hunter whined, swallowing his shot. Jemma and Skye automatically turned towards Fitz, eyebrows raised. He grudgingly took his.

           “I think we need to hear this story,” Mac said, and their was even a slight slur to his voice now.

           “Uh – I don’t think so,” Fitz decided, “Like Bobbi said – it was for a mission.”

           “You made a very pretty girl,” Jemma said, patting his knee.

           “Never have I ever,” Mac declared, “Slept with my best friend.”

           They all stared at him in horror, except for Bobbi and Hunter, who took theirs straight away. At one point, Fitz supposed, they must have been best friends, and obviously they had slept together since they were married at one point.

           No, it was the fact that everyone but Mac took their shot.

           “What?” Skye shrieked, pointing at Fitzsimmons, “You two SLEPT TOGETHER?!”

           “What about you?” Fitz countered, “Because I’m pretty sure that you didn’t sleep with me or Jemma – so who was it Miss Skye?” he leaned forward, and maybe his voice was slurring just a tiny bit.

           He noticed the way Skye and Lincoln were now definitely leaning away from each other, eyes focused on anything but each other. Fitz leaned back with a smile.

           “I knew it,” he gloated to Jemma, “I mean c’mon.”

           “But you and Simmons,” Skye said evilly, “I mean, you haven’t slept with me Leopold.”

           Fitz and Jemma both went bright red.

           “Well you and Lincoln slept together,” Jemma said, sticking her tongue out at the hacker. “Although I do think it’s sweet you two are best friends and sleeping with each other now.”

           “Okay!” Lincoln said, breaking off any future arguments, even though he was still bright red, “I mean – well now that – I guess we all know  -“ he stuttered, and Skye glared. “Anyways, never have I ever made Bobbi angry.”

           “Oh hell,” Hunter muttered, “Someone should give me five shots.”

           Skye knocked over her shot glass as she leaned forward, staring straight at FitzSimmons. “Never have I ever,” she said carefully and slowly, “Hid a relationship from Skye.”

           They both drank. Skye, who was obviously a little more than tipsy at this point, hollered, pumping her fist in the air.

           “You owe me twenty bucks Lincoln!” she crowed.

           “You bet on us?!”

           There now seemed to be a battle between him and Skye. Fitz leaned forward, locking eyes with the hacker.

           “Never have I ever,” he said, “Gotten so scared during a horror movie that I peed my pants.”

           “Fuck you Leopold,” Skye said darkly, taking her shot and slopping most of it down her front. “You were the one who said it wasn’tscary.”

           They all laughed, everyone either tipsy or leaning towards drunk. (Fitz secretly thought that Coulson would not be pleased to find most of his team with hang overs the next morning.)

           “Never have I ever,” Jemma said, “Answered the door in only my underwear.”

           “You’re supposed to be on my team!” Fitz protested, but took his shot, and so did Skye, Bobbi, and Hunter. “That was one time!”

           “Never have I ever,” Hunter said, cracking his neck. He was probably the least drunk, even if he’d had the most shots. “Gotten in a serious relationship with someone because it was cover.”

           “Still so bitter,” Bobbi muttered, downing her’s. “Let’s see, never have I ever, called my ex a hell beast.”

           “What were you saying about being bitter?” Hunter asked.

           “Never have I ever fixed a plane that was about to explode,” Mac said, his eyes on Fitz.

           “Technically Hunter did that,” Fitz said, his voice definitely slurring and his mind wandering a bit. Still, he took his shot.

           “Never have I ever –“ Lincoln looked down at Skye, who was now snoring gently against his arm, “Well fallen asleep at playing Never Have I Ever is one.”

           “How many shots did she have?” Jemma asked curiously.

           “More than she could handle,” Fitz giggled – giggled.

           “Okay,” Hunter said, “I think we’ve had enough of this game. Mr. Grumpy pants over here is giggling, and I’ve learned far to much about all of you.”

           “Likewise,” Lincoln said, gently nudging Skye awake, “Not to mention we all have to be up early so May and Coulson don’t suspect anything when they get back…”

           They all groaned.

Just Desserts (Pietro X Reader) request

I’m going to apologize about a million times in advance for how long this is-I got really carried away and im so so SO SORRY. I WRITE SO LONG ITS A PROBLEM I KNOW. ;-; 

Anyways, this was a request from justang6-I kind of went off the prompt a bit and I hope it’s ok, I’m sorry if it’s not quite what you had in mind! I probably shouldn’t write at three in the morning but oh well!

“Could you do a one shot of the reader living with the avengers, and she is cooking dinner/ desert, and Pietro comes to help, but licks the batter of the brownies and throws flour; a big mess occurs and Steve comes in laughing, suggesting take out? Much fluff please:) “

Anyways, enjoy! :-)

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Fitness Plan

Hey guys so I decided to share some of the work outs I do and what food I eat :). This stuff may be different for everyone and I just wanted to start by saying I don’t think going healthy and losing weight means “eating less” I think it’s just eating the right foods don’t be so focused on calories focus on if it’s good for you! I myself went into depression from weight gain and many people wouldn’t think the amount I gained was a lot but to me it was the most id ever been and I felt awful and it hit me hard. I never wanted to go out and I just felt so disgusted with myself I was always crying and just awful. I thought eating little to nothing would help some days I would have a apple a day or maybe one muffin for the whole day. But I got rid of those bad habits and now I feel so much better with myself and I noticed how bad I felt when I ate only once a day. Trust me it’s not the way! Another important thing I wanted to say was don’t keep looking at the numbers on the scale I myself have this problem but I’ve realized I don’t need a goal weight I need a goal body!! You can weight yourself but don’t be so focused on that you can be 130lbs of fat but then be 130lbs of muscle and look so much thinner. The number isn’t everything! I myself want to see results in 2-3 days of eating right and exercise but it doesn’t come that fast. But once u see results you are so happy and soon the pounds she’d faster and faster!!! Okay enough of my blabbing haha

exercising is 40% of the work but eating healthy is 60% you can lose a lot of weight just by changing your diet! Also something very IMPORTANT is that once u start to workout you lose weight yes but you’ll also see the numbers on the scale going higher that’s only because you gains muscle which is heavier than fat but muscle takes up much less space which makes u look thinner and muscle is healthier than fat.

• chicken (baked or grilled)
• fish/sushi
• brown rice
• zucchini fritters
• baked beans
• steamed veggies
• salad

I usually eat a piece of chicken (size of my fist) with a side of steamed asparagus or broccoli or spinach

For lunch I have a salad with maybe some chicken bites if I’m really hungry and my salads consist of spinach, mixed greens (they Come mixed in the store) tomatoes, cucumber, and u can add more stuff and for sauces that are low fat and healthy there are very good vinaigrettes and balsamic vinegar

• oatmeal
• yogurt parfait
• egg whites
• cereals: honey bunches of oats or kashi or Special K are the healthy choices with almond milk or organic milk

Everyone’s gets hungry and wants snacks so here’s some healthy alternatives
• Greek yogurt (I like chobani)
• kale chips (home made u came look online for how to make them)
• rice cakes
• cliff bars
• fruits (my favorite)
• smoothies (for smoothies any fruit mix you prefer with almond milk)
• peanut butter w/apples
• dark chocolate (to satisfy your sweet tooth) I cant think of any for now lmao I’ll add more when I think of them.

WORKOUTS: Okay so this is just for me I just wanna say I’m not a professional I just do what I feel is good for my body. So everyone thinks counting how many miles you do and running super fast is how u have to be in order to lose weight but that’s all false. You don’t have to be an Olympic runner the best way is to run at your pace even if you are slow because the more you run at your pace the longer you could go running. Don’t base your workouts only on how many miles you do base it on how long you run. I usually run for 30-40 minutes depending on how long it takes me to do my 3 miles and then I do 20-30 minutes on the elliptical on fat burner mode. I go at my pace (I’m not very fast). As long as you are running slow or fast u burn fat and calories and you sweat!! You lose more calories jogging and running longer than u do sprinting for a short period of time. As time goes by the more u become better at running and can run for longer periods of time! So I run on my arm days and my ab days but never on my legs bc it will overwork them and u can injure yourself I also don’t run the day after a leg day so I made one of those days my full rest day (u need one rest day to let your muscles relax) and the other an arm day without cardio.

I work different muscle groups different days of the week. I have two arm days and two leg days and two ab days!

Arm day:
•Arnold (that’s what online calls it): dumbbells 12x sets: 3
•triceps kickback: use dumbbells 12x sets: 3
• bicep curls: use a barbell 12x sets: 3
Using machine:
•tricep extension: 12x sets: 3

Leg day:
•squats (do as heavy as u can) 10x sets: 3
•lunges: (two dumbbells)12x sets: 3
•deadlifts: 12x sets: 3
•calf press: 12x sets: 3
•leg press: 12x sets: 3
•lying leg curls: 12x sets: 3
•glute kickback: 12x sets:3

Ab day:
• reverse crunches- 25x sets: 3
• bicycle crunches- 50x sets: 3
• ¾ sit-ups- 25x sets: 3
• cable crunch: 70lb 25x sets: 3
• cross-body crunch: 30x sets: 3

okay so for these start off with smaller weights and when u increase weights u do less reps until u get used to it and once u find a weight u want to stay at then just add more sets! This is the amount if reps and sets I started with so ya!! U can read more about this stuff online and add more things into your workout if u find other ones you like. The options are endless!! :D

And also it’s very important to drink a LOT of water to keep hydrated and to lose weight. Green and ginger tea at also very good for losing weight

Another fun workout if you’re a nature freak is hiking! Hiking is great for your calves and especially your thighs so if you don’t always wanna run this is a fun way to mix it up!!

Okay well this is what I do and eat and I hope u guys enjoy it and find it somewhat helpful cause I took time to write all this LOL love you guys. I know all of you can do it!!! JUST DO IT! GET OUT THERE AND BE HEALTHY AND FIT FOR YOURSELF FEEL GOOD AND HAPPY!!!!!! REMEMBER THE GOAL IS JUST TO BE COMFORTABLE WOTH YOUR BODY SO STRUT YOUR STUFF!
The Better Hemmings (Part 2) | L. Hemmings Imagine


The Better Hemmings (Part 1)


Luke, stop. I like you, okay? In fact, I love you and you know that. Besides, I bet you that Jack doesn’t even like me.” You reassured Luke, but you turned your head to look at Jack.“Right?

There was a pin dropping silence between the three of you, and what Jack answered with made you gasp and Luke want to punch him straight in the nose.

“Well… So what if I have a crush on you?”

You gasped before leaving your mouth agape. Luke growled before walking over to Jack with clenched fists & veiny arms. You put a hand against Luke’s chest when he was passing by you to prevent him from causing any harm to Jack.

“Luke.” You said to him, staring him straight in the eyes.“No.

Luke just stared at you with mean eyes. You could tell he was trying to calm himself down, but his chest was still heaving heavily and his knuckles were turning white. You looked down at the ground, and you just thought for a quick moment, but it honestly made your head numb.

“Jack…” You called out, still holding Luke back. “I think it would be best if you just leave.”

“What? No! Not when I just…” Jack replied, but you lost him when he refused to leave.

It was like Luke’s anger was being transferred to you. All you could feel was numbness in your bones, and the sound of your agonizingly slow heartbeat was the only thing that was echoing in your ears. Your breathing became heavy, and you just couldn’t control yourself in that moment.

So you did what your heart and your mind told you to do.

You stomped up to Jack and slapped him hard & good.

It felt like a weight has finally been lifted off your shoulders despite the fact that you literally just blacked out. The sound that was ringing through your ears now was the sweet, clean collision of your hand to Jack’s cheek. Your breathing became more controlled, and the anger that was building up inside you quickly died down.

Luke went wide eyed and gasped; he never saw this side of you before. If this was any other situation, he would’ve been scared, but right now, he was proud of you for hurting Jack, who was holding his cheek that was most likely red.

“I will not allow you to ruin this any-fucking-further.” You huffed. “You have abused our trust, Jack. Luke let you come to what should’ve been in the first place, our fucking date, just to get close to me, and I’ve let you hug and kiss me on the cheek and pass through our friendship boundaries, to find out that you were intentionally flirting with me, when I’m already fucking taken!” You scolded him.

“You should’ve known better than to flirt with a girl who’s already in a relationship -especially when it’s you brother’s girlfriend!“ You continued.

“You have made Luke feel weak and worthless, Jack. You made him feel unloved by me because you keep taking his opportunities to be with me. You’ve made me feel so gullible & blinded when I thought you were just trying to be a good friend.” You told him.

“You’ve broken our friendship, and you’ve bent my relationship with Luke. I will not allow you to bend it to the point where it breaks just because you have this temporary fucking crush on me, Jack!” You yelled.

“Now, leave.” You pointed at the door.

Feeling defeated, Jack grudgingly left your residence.

Once he shut the door, you exhaled like you were holding your breath the whole time Jack was exiting. You closed your eyes & held your head in your hands, the aching in your head pounding as if your brain was trying to break out of your skull. Your eyes immediately looked upon Luke’s innocent eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Luke.” You sighed as you put your hands on your hips & tears started filling up the brim of your eyes.

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Y/n. None of this was your fault.” Luke reassured you.

“I let Jack treat me as if I was his and not yours, you noticed how Jack was with me & I was totally blinded by it, you were being so distance and it took me until now to see it. Hell, I also slapped your brother!” You argued.

None of that was your fault.” He repeated.“He took advantage of your friendship with him and he took advantage of the fact that he’s my brother. If anything, it’s his fault for thinking he can do that to us and not expect to get caught.” Luke reasoned.

Then he walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you to a heartfelt hug. Your tears escaped your eyes as you hugged him tight.

“You know what,” You whispered as you placed your chin on Luke’s chest to look up at him, and he simply looked down at you. “We’re gonna go on a proper date. Just us.” You smiled.

Luke just smiled back and kissed your forehead.

“Do you know how I came to the realization that I love you?” You asked Luke as you looked up to the stars.

You borrowed one of your friend’s truck and you drove both Luke & yourself up to a mountain that had the lovely overview of the city, along with the ideal spot to go star-gazing. It wasn’t as fancy as going out to dinner and then a movie, but this moment was perfect. Now, you two were laying down right beside each other on the back of the truck; Luke’s hands were placed behind his head and you placed your hands on top of your stomach.

“Please, enlighten me.” Luke turned his head to look at you.

“It was actually when we were trying to bake a cake for your mother’s birthday. I was wearing my apron over my pj’s and you were shirtless. We were blasting my playlist of Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and your band through our mini-speakers.” You described, looking back at that moment as if it was just yesterday.

“I was shaking my ass to the beat of one of the songs -I don’t remember which song, but you were so distracted by my ass that when the oven’s timer went off, you literally jumped and spilled the flour all over yourself. At first, you startled me too, but once I saw the mess you made on yourself, I bursted out laughing.” You smiled, the image of Luke in that moment popping up in your head.

“You did your cute little signature pout, and you decided to get back at me by hugging me from behind as I was literally dying of laughter. So, I decided to get back at you by throwing an egg at you. Thus, a good war started.” You chuckled.

“But by the time that we officially had enough; we were both out of breath, and my head was sticky with the egg you cracked upon me, and your hair was powdered white with the flour I threw at you- we kind of just looked at each other in the eyes in that moment. Your eyes were full of joy & your smile was very toothy -and that’s when I knew,” You paused.

“That’s when I knew that you’re the one. You’re the one that I want right next to me when I wake up in bed, you’re the one I want to have pass the syrup to in the morning when we have pancakes & waffles for breakfast. You’re the one that I picture getting lunch for me when I’m stuck at work and I’m hungry. You’re the one that I want to be with when I decide to watch a movie while eating dinner. You’re the one I want to have late night conversations with about pointless shit.” You confessed.

You rolled over, so now you were laying on your stomach & you propped up your arms so you can place your head on your hands look at him. “You’re the one that I love, Lucas Robert Hemmings.” You mumbled loud enough for him to hear.

He smiled, gesturing you to kiss him. You smiled too as you straddled him and propped your hands right beside his head so you can lean down and kiss him passionately. Once you two parted, you cuddled him, your head on his chest and your legs tangled in his before continuing to gaze upon the stars.

“Just to be clear here…” Luke interrupted the sweet silence.

You don’t like my brother, right?“ He asked.

Please,“ You rolled your eyes at such ridiculous question. “I never liked your brother.” You reassured him.

“You’re the only Hemmings I see.”


omg i finally finished!!

so many of you requested this whoa. sorry if this took such a long time. i tried to work on this secretly during school, but i had limited time, and after school, i had a psychiatric appointment, then i had to go to church, and then my sister wanted me to bake something for her ugh.

i hope you enjoyed this one, guys! i loved writing this request for you. haha.

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Fic: Everything But You [Klaine Advent Days Eight and Nine]

Prompts: harmony and imprint

WC: 1.1K

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Absolutely FreeEquilibriumThe CutestThe Fall

Consider this a part one of a whole new story … 


“I’m not crazy, Sam—” Blaine starts.

“Then we agree!”

“—But this isn’t normal.” Blaine gestures with his pint glass as he talks, the beer sloshing up against the side. “I heard a voice, as clear as you or me, and that’s not the sort of thing that you—” He cuts himself off, at a loss for exactly what that kind of behavior suggests. He knows that it wouldn’t play well with his boss at the theater or, god forbid, with his father.

“So you heard a voice in the shower,” Sam shrugs, loose limbed and buoyant. They’ve been sitting in the Malt House for hours, and neither of them are on their first drink. “There’s this little thing called an echo, my friend, and I think it might have made you its bitch.”

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