omg we don’t know the names of only 2 more season 2 episodes, one of which will be akumatized Nathalie, and I think the other one is either Le Paon or akumatized Thomas Astruc (probably the former). That’s it! That’s the season boys!!!

fyi, if you were like me and trying to vote for Miraculous Ladybug in the Teen Choice Awards 

…you may have noticed that the website won’t work anymore. This is because we’re in Period 2 voting, so there are new categories. However, I can’t quite tell if this means we can no longer use Twitter to vote, so I say give it a shot!

If you live in the US and have a Twitter, please retweet this!

You can retweet it 10 times daily until Thursday the 28th at 9am PST!

(you can also make your own tweet if you use these tags: #ChoiceAnimatedTVShow @BeMiraculousLB #TeenChoice )

And of course, whether you can retweet or not, please reblog this! Let’s get ML a win!

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FYI: Sometimes I talk about books on youtube. 

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