trans visibility day. she/her. depression stops me from shaving. told boss about being trans today and he said that he doesn’t care “what i do” outside of work as long as it never goes into the office and he can’t stop the coworkers from saying homophobic or transphobic comments because ~~then they’d know~~.

Tiny Transboy Adventures

here is me as a tiny babe with no concept of gender. look how happy i was

and here is me as a gross middle schooler

then at age 17 i thought i was genderfluid. i always felt awesome in a suit tho.

then i was like what the hell gender am i anyway? I had a crisis and felt horrible about myself for a few months, until the end of 2014, when i discovered i was a  boy! I got a heckin cool haircut to mark the occasion.

i’m not publicly out yet. I’m actually pretty anxious and depressed about the whole thing. But every little step i make towards transition makes me feel amazing. like when i got an even better haircut

and my binder!!!

and then discovered that i’m a hot piece of ass

so there’s that. things are hard right now, but i actually feel a whole lot better about myself~


Throwing some body positive vibes out there for Trans day of Visibility! it has taken me a very, very long time to feel comfortable in the body I’m in. It may not be quite how I’d like it yet, but it’s still mine and full of love.

He - Him / They - Them


I’m too lazy to take any new pictures so I just compiled some old stuff heh

Ever since I was a toddler, I thought I wasn’t completely a girl. Like, I was a girl, but not 100% girl, you know? But I grew up thinking that there’s only 100% boy and 100% girl, and transgender, in which you go from 100% boy to 100% girl and vice versa. I was never taught that there was anything in between, so I had always thought that I was a girl since I’m not a boy. Only recently did I discover that there was more to the gender spectrum than just plain black and white, and I’m still exploring what exactly I am! Part cis girl, part nonbinary/agender/genderfluid, demigirl. I don’t necessarily consider myself “trans” because I believe that my gender identity matches my assigned sex, but I do consider myself queer. A cis queer, which sounds like an oxymoron, but does make sense by definition. I was hesitant to really put my words out there today, but then by keeping quiet, that would invalidate all the demigenders that have been told that their gender wasn’t “legitimate” since they’re not completely cis or completely trans (we’re still looking for our gender as a facebook gender option ugh). So, cheers to all the demigenders who are stuck in between! (She/her/they/them)