Episode 18!

Get ready, miraculers, for the exciting release of episode 18! Tfou only gave a vague description this week, but based on previous sources, it looks like it might be La Marionnettiste. It’ll be airing at 9:40am February 7th in France, which will be 3:40am EST, ie. about 6 hours from the time I’m posting this. It’s only approximate, though, so try to watch at least 10 minutes before the predicted time. Tune in to a livestream at one of these links:


http://www.streaming-hub.com/tf1-live/ (mobile-approved)


http://www.stream2watch.co/live-tv/fr/tf1-live-stream (mobile-approved)

And while you’re waiting around and making sure you’re not missing it, you can also hang out with your fellow miraculers at @mlsubbing’s chatroom here. It’s a ton of fun, and if you want to see Beach!Miraculous and Horse!Miraculous in the hour before the premiere you should be there :)

mlsubbing or @miraculousubs will hopefully get a subbed version out soon. Remember, patience for people uploading the videos (whether that’s Tfou or users), and for translators! Please don’t expect too much within the first 5 hours.

I’ll be starting something new this week. The subtitled version of the episode will be reblogged ASAP to my ‘premiere’ tag. This week I won’t be at the livestream, so you’ll have to wait several hours, which is why I encourage you to check the sources listed.


I’m gunna tag you guys right back @dont-panik @cloudyheadedstoner and @bongtokingprincess @jordan-n-g and any other stoney creatures who follow me who would like too. Tag me if you do it 😘

So incredibly sunburnt which is upsetting because I wore so much sunscreen, it’s all patchy and sore and awful and I am MAD cos usually I am super sun smart and I’ve been betrayed somewhere along the line

Anyway my entire body is on fire and I’m mad about it. At least I got some aloe vera. If anyone has anything better than that hmu.