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sophie-is-a-mess  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I love your studyblr, and it's really motivating :) I wondered if you had any advice for starting up a studyblr of my own, such as finding a good url, blog title, theme, blogs to follow, etcetera. Thank you, and have a lovely, productive day/night!!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate it a lot :) This message immediately lightened up my night when I read it especially the second sentence haha. Here are my tips for starting a studyblr.


Note: The examples are already taken URLs.

  • Have the word study/studying/studies/studyblr in your URL so it’s easier to identify that your blog is a studyblr. My URL is an example of this: study + ally (syn. colleague and friend). Or your name + studies. An example of such is kimberlystudies. Or study + plant/animal/thing. Examples are studyrose, studybird, and studypulp.
  • Think of some words that relate to studying or focusing on studying, and combine those words. Examples are coffeeforcollege, and asbeforebaes (A’s before baes).
  • You could also have whatever it is you’re studying on your URL. Examples are psychology-studyspo, and englitstudent (english lit).
  • Keep your URL short so it is easier to remember.
  • Or use a phrase/sentence that relates to studying. Examples are studyandgohighertoday, and workhardlikegranger.
  • Google search for synonyms, like how I came up with mine haha
  • You could also follow what I did and make a temporary URL, then change it later on once you’ve found the best URL for you. I used to be studymaniacme. I really wanted to have a studyblr last year that I just went with that URL.

Blog Title

  • A short quote or statement you stand by
  • Word or phrase summarizing and describing what you re/blog about
  • Motivational statement or quote
  • Or whatever it is that satisfies yourself :)

Note: Some of the tips listed in this section is opinion-based (my opinions), so you may or may not approve depending on your preferences.

  • Can easily be navigated (sidebars, menu bars, links, etc.). You can find themes with sidebars and menu bars on here.
  • Has infinite scrolling because it’s more convenient than clicking a page number to go to another page
  • Font size and color that can be read comfortably
  • Has captions on homepage, because (and I’m just typing what I think here) it is a hassle having to go to the permalink page of a post just to see the full post when one can just read the caption of the post immediately on a tumblr’s homepage then scroll past it once one has read it.
  • Has two or three columns to make scrolling or skimming through posts easier

Tips/motivational statements:
Note: Some are based off quotes/statements I’ve read somewhere before.

  • Never put things off for later. Do everything you can now.
  • Never ever compare your first to someone else’s middle.
  • Plan. Write a to-do list. Stick to it.
  • Develop focus and discipline. 
  • Invest in things that last or that can develop into so much more.
  • Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.
  • Success is jumping from failure to failure without losing the enthusiasm to succeed.
  • When you fail, get up. Don’t let failure consume your mind. Remember why you started. 
  • People can help. Don’t hesitate to ask help, especially from teachers, your own parents, and everyone in the studyblr community.
  • In order for you to start, you must simply start.
  • Forget about making big progresses. Start making noticeable ones. Change your former ways, if needed. Try new things.
  • Nothing is ever impossible. It’s just that “impossible” things take more time than those considered “possible”. You’ll eventually get there.
  • Hard word beats talent when talent does not work hard.
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • Forget about finding keys to doors. Create a gate and build a castle. (I just thought of that now as I’m listening to disney tracks lol)

Some studyblr-related things:

My favorite studyblrs:
Note: I’m sure looking at the sources of their reblogged posts can help you find your way through more studyblrs to follow

If you’ve created a studyblr and have officially joined the studyblr community, please send me a message of your URL. Have a good day xo


Support the starving artist through tarot commissions 💕 

🔮 Tarot Rules 🔮

  • I need context behind your questions to answer them.
  • You may choose a specific spread for me to do, which you may find under the tag “tarot shrine” on my homepage. 
  • If you want a reading but don’t know what to ask, see this post.
  • I also offer three card readings.
  • I will use as many cards as needed to answer your questions, if you do not specify that you want me to do a spread.
  • You will receive a picture of the cards, as well as my explanation of what the card means in accordance to your situation.

🔮 Pendulum Rules 🔮 

  • I don’t need context, but I need a clear question to answer.
  • I can only answer yes/no/maybe questions with my pendulum.
  • You will receive the answer my pendulum gave, as well as my intuition on why it said what it did. 

🔮 Where to start 🔮

  • First, send your requests into my ask box. I prefer to answer readings in my ask box so I can bold, italicize, and add links to my readings. Make sure to set yourself on public, then specify if you would like me to answer you publicly or privately.
  • Second, private message me for my Paypal link and pay before I give you the reading, to ensure my safety. I won’t answer your ask until you have paid for the reading.

As of now, my pendulum readings will cost $0.50 (USD +tax) per question, and $1.00 (USD +tax) for each card pulled for tarot readings. Thank you for your love and support 😁✌


Dear White People with "Innocent Questions” for Black Bloggers:

I’ve been seeing a lot of, “Well why don’t you just explain it nicely to me instead of dragging me on social media?” Usually followed by something like, “I’m just a kid…I didn’t know any better.” Or, “You really aren’t helping your case by being so angry.”

Look, those excuses all have serious problems, and I know I’m not the first one to say all this, but apparently it still needs to be repeated…

1. No one owes you a “nice” explanation

Certainly not black people who are constantly blogging about and explaining racism & anti-Blackness repeatedly on their blogs, only to have some person who’s too lazy to look through the blog where their “innocent question” has probably been answered dozens of times.

2. Does the blogger even know you?

Look, if you don’t interact with me, but you saw a post and you just had to barge into my asks insisting that your “innocent question” be answered, well then what exactly did you think you’re going to get? Hopefully you wouldn’t walk up to a perfect stranger on the street and demand that they drop everything they’re doing to “explain” something as complex as racism until you decide that you’re fully satisfied with their answer, would you? It’s no different on social media. 

I can guarantee you 1,000 percent that black bloggers get white people (who have never ever talked to us before) barging into our ask boxes demanding answers to questions that, if you only took a few seconds to search through the tags, would be answered. This is a regular, almost daily occurrence. And that’s giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you’re not a racist troll, playing another game of devil’s advocate.

And no, we are not obligated to waste even more time by researching your blog to verify your age (which may or may not be listed in a bio anyway), nor are we required to search through pages of your blog just to be sure you’re not someone who authors racist posts every now and then. 

If YOU don’t have the time to be bothered with looking through my blog’s hashtags or my homepage for the answer to something I’ve blogged about dozens of times before, then why do you expect me to waste MY time looking through your blog to tailor an answer specifically to you?

You came to my asks, so the onus is on you to be considerate, thoughtful and respectful.

3. But it was just a kid who really didn’t know any better

**long sigh**

Okay, I used to have mixed feelings on this one, and this is just ME specifically…sometimes I have tee’d off on someone only to later find out that they’re a 13 or 14 year old white kid, and I admit I’ve momentarily felt a little badly for them.

But then I remember a few things: like how there are tons & tons of deeply racist 13 and 14-year-olds on social media. And I don’t always have the time or motivation to sort through them. And I remember that I’m not Google, and I’m literally not getting paid to answer a stream of unending questions, and I remember it’s not always my job to take every racist by the hand and always, always, always “be nice” in the hopes that maybe, possibly, perhaps, if I word my response just perfectly, and if I tip toe around the subject, and if I’m extra extra careful not to accidentally offend this complete stranger, well then maybe, just maaaybe I’ll be the one to turn them into a non-racist.

And I also remember that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me getting upset with strangers who rudely (or even nicely, for the millionth time this week) make demands of my time; and I remember that white people really dO need to understand that “sometimes anger is a part of learning about racism.

And I remember how, when they barged into my asks, they didn’t bother prefacing their question with, “Hi, I’m only a kid who doesn’t really know any better, but I have a question”…so excuse me if I’m not terribly interested in hearing about their age afterwards.

And finally, I remember that “White kids are old enough to face the consequences of their racism at the same age that black kids are old enough to be negatively affected by racism - that’s at birth.”

So yeah, regardless of your age, if you’re non-black or white, and you have a question for a black blogger, be polite. If we don’t know each other, act accordingly. Don’t demand an answer, don’t tone police, and don’t show up in my asks with even the slightest attitude.

Chances are you’re asking a question I’ve answered or blogged about dozens of times before, so try looking to see if I’ve already answered your question —and yes, that might mean expending YOUR time to actually look through my blog.

4. You can still be a troll without meaning to be one

And - this last part is important - even when it isn’t someone intentionally trolling black people, I have sometimes gone back and looked through the OP’s blog, and often I see that while they might have one or two pictures of Beyoncé or the latest black twitter meme, the person has never once blogged about #BlackLivesMatter nor anything remotely associated with anti-racism or Black Civil Rights. But they’re still trying to “correct” something I’ve said with a whitewashed, “we’re all human” version of what they’ve been brainwashed into believing.

See, what frequently happens is that a white person was scrolling along and accidentally came across a post that shook their white fragility, and instead of reflecting on what they just read, they reflexively lash out with “innocent questions” that are really defensive, declarative statements. NOT questions. It’s passive aggressive. And most black people have been fielding those types of questions long enough to recognize that they’re actually micro-aggressions masquerading as an innocent question.

Even nice people can be triggered into going off, so don’t act surprised if you get clap back from an allegedly ”innocent” question.

So that’s another reason why it perturbs me when I see people insisting that black people must always respond with unending patience, and play the role of Morpheus, and waste our time treating every misinformed white person “nicely” because they just might be “the one.” That’s exhausting.

So in conclusion, instead of going around preaching that no matter what, we should be nicer to anyone with a question, I suggest that your time would be better spent by telling these (ostensibly) CluelessWhitePeople™ that there’s a right and wrong way to ask complete strangers a genuine question, and if they ask respectfully & without pushing a hidden agenda, they’re more likely to get a respectful answer. And remind them that Google is a free service. 

Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad we had this talk.

[Article] BoA and INFINITE’s Sunggyu Make It into Top 10 of Billboard World Album Chart 

BoA and INFINITE member Sunggyu have been seeing success with their latest releases, as it has been revealed that they both made it into the Top 10 of Billboard’s World Album Chart.

According to the official homepage of Billboard on May 22, BoA’s new album took charge at number six, while Sunggyu, who recently made his solo comeback, ranked at number eight on the chart.

This past May 12, BoA released her eighth full-length album titled “Kiss My Lips.” Furthermore, Sunggyu officially returned as a solo artist after almost three years with his new album titled “27” on May 11.

In related news, both BoA and Sunggyu also jumped into the Top 50 of iTunes’ Top Album Chart for the pop category this past May 13.

source. soompi   

** If you haven’t please purchase ‘27′ 

A New Theme, Shoutouts and Gratitude for the last 365+ days

Hi everyone, Gamria speaking here.

As many may have noticed, I’ve switched my Tumblr blog to a new Theme, Effector. Because the one I’ve been using for the last year has started jamming my homepage, I had to find something else.

Still, it seems one does not simply switch Tumblr themes. I’ve had to play with the settings here and there, and some bugs may still be out there.
So if anyone spots any glitches that might still be there, or just feedback in general, do let me know and I’ll address them as soon as I have time. (ie When I’m not at work or occupied with scanlation-related activity)

I’ll post the link to the blog again, just in case

I’ll also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the support. It’s been over a year since I started Ansatsu Database in March 2015, and I never imagined that I could wind up writing so many Assassination Classroom-related posts, or that this humble blog would garner so many Followers (count is nearing 2500 as of writing).
Even though I can’t always keep activity running (mainly) because of a real life job, I’m grateful that many still appreciate the content I put out.

The original intent of this blog was to be a base for the Roll Book Time Character Profiles, but I’m glad that other posts have prove to be a hit, including the ones about Nagisa’s Evolution, the connection to the 47 Roninthe satirical nature of the Class E system (still far and away the biggest hit) and more.

Of course, the Profiles themselves have proven to be consistently popular, even now when the original Manga’s main story has concluded (with the Side Story very soon). Shoutouts to @young-il-long-kiyoshi​  @flaaffies @kaoarika @the50-person @moonkies-pie @greengargouille and everyone else who’ve helped to raise the quality of the Profiles and the blog in general one way or another, by means big or minute.

Come what may, despite the infrequency, I intend to go through all the Class E Profiles to the end at least. Do continue to keep an eye out, and once more, thanks for all the support and appreciations.

As a parting gift, OP 4 of the Anime (TV Size) has started circulating on the web, and the Japanese have already made attempts to make out the lyrics.
Assuming they’re true, here’s my ROUGH translation of the chorus:

Bye Bye Yesterday
365 days worth of learning
I cram my bag, as though I’ll always say “see you tomorrow” (EDIT)
Bye Bye Yesterday
365 days worth of happenings
If I’m to be an adult, I musn’t show my tears
Bye Bye Yesterday
365 days worth of memories
I’ve become a little more (of an) adult
But please don’t let them fade away even a little