it may just be temporary

this   is   just   a   post   to   say   i   love   andy   @thneeding   so   much.   andy   has   been   through   a   lot   most   recently   of   which   is   people   not   taking   their   blog   seriously   &&   being   total   asshats   about   it   which   is   such   a   shame   because   andy   puts   so   much   love ,   time ,   devotion ,   &&   energy   into   their   portrayal   of   the   onceler   that   it’s   inspiring.   they   are   absolutely   my   role   model   in   terms   of   meta   &&   characterization   &&   passion.

i   realize   thursday   is   an   iffy   night   logistics - wise   for   activity ,   but   if   you   guys   have   any   thoughts   on   andy   i’d   love   to   hear   them ,   they   could   really   use   a   pick - me - up   right   now   &&   hearing   what   you   think   about   them   would   be   really   helpful.   <3

All I know is Bernie loves Serena. We may not have heard the words but her concern and worry for her speaks for her. She doesn’t know how to help her and there are no answers for someone going through that type of grief but to just be there. I’m not sure how the next episodes are going to play out. I think Serena may just need to take a temporary leave of absence after she realizes it was too soon to come back. I am expecting something dramatic to bring her to this conclusion. I don’t think this is something that will break them up. Possibly something that shows Serena how much Bernie loves and cares for her.

anonymous asked:

I'm sick today. Can you tell me that everything will be better? ;w;

Of course, anon.

In due time, everything’s gonna be great. Sure, right now things may seem rough, but that’s all just temporary. Bad times don’t last forever, they’re just here to make the good times even more special. Hang in there, and have high hopes for the future. So get some rest and look forward to a better tomorrow <33

Dear Friend (#26),

Your life will not always be a safe car ride home on a lit path and fleece pajamas.
Sometimes you’re going to have to walk all the way home in the rain.
You will not always have to put up with that asshole fail-happy teacher and pretend friends who bully you.
Sometimes life is chicken wire and broken glass and cinderblocks.
Your life may seem heavy and down in the dirt, just remember- this is only temporary.
Sometimes you will be broken-hearted and it will be okay to cry.
You will have to pick yourself up soon, though.
Sometimes you’re going to be allowed only moments to wallow before you have to buck up.
Your time is now.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the rain?

The noise the water makes as it pelts against the sidewalks and roofs; the thunder a soothing roll of the heavens heartbeat. It is a rhythm unlike any other. There’s also that satisfying sound of a puddle splash, as I childishly swing my feet into the biggest one.

I always like to watch the droplets that hit the glass, how they splash into an array of mitosis and then spiderweb across the pane. My favorite part is watching them pile up and form one huge glob, then seeing it streak across the glass; leaving a snail trail of its path.

It is a rainstorm that excites me. Perhaps the electricity that flows in the air hums in my veins, and it gives me a vitality I can’t find in coffee or energy drinks. It brings me clarity and calm, and even in my darker moments I find its song to be a cure; however temporary it may be.

Basically I just really love the rain. It’s a fact that has never changed.

Important Announcement!

First of all, I want to apologize for any mistranslated of terms or dialogue it the past and future episodes.

We will do our best to make sure these dialogues are as accurate as possible. I want to remind everyone that this is a FAN project. None of the translators or subbers are professional; we are just very devoted fans. We are abound to translate things wrong like miracle stones actually is called Miraculous. We will now refer to ‘Miracle Stones’ as Miraculous. I am currently thinking about re-subbing the first three episodes.

That being said, PLEASE watch Miraculous Ladybug when it airs in your region; whenever that may be. We are just a temporary project for the Korean episodes. None of our translations are 100% accurate so do not take our translations for granted. As Thomas Astruc said, please support the show.

That is all, thank you!

- Jae (azurajae)