it may have escaped your notice but life isn't fair

I see his pictures, I watch his movies and I listen to him talk all the time. He’s such a brilliant man and he has such talent. He’s a beautiful person (which is not a phrase I throw around often) and he is everything I want in a man (he’s got looks, talent, passion, an accent, he wears scarves and carries a satchel, and he’s liberal!). Which leads me to the point that I fucking hate love. Why are we such fragile creatures and love is so eternal? Who takes credit for that design? It’s bullshit. I’m calling bullshit on the human race. Fuck this vessel that I’m suppose to live my life through - my body. It’s just slowly dying, but my ideas and my feelings will live on forever. I will always love Alan, but my body will not exist forever - and either will his.
Life isn’t fair…. it hasn’t escaped my notice.