it may change again

Over Again

rating: explicit

words: 53332 (five chapters)

pairing: harry styles/louis tomlinson

tags: old lovers to friends to lovers again; fluff; smut


When Harry moved out of Doncaster at the age of 18, he left behind way more than a box of memories buried in his backyard. Fast-forward many years and he’s happy again in Los Angeles. And he’s got things figured out. And his life is complete. And then he sees Louis again, which may change things a little bit.

This is not a story about not getting over your high-school boyfriend. This is a story about moving on, about knowing that your first love can be just that- your first love. But it’s also a story about falling for the same person again - at a different age, at a different time, in a different circumstance. Simply because it’s meant to be.

read on ao3

@intoxicatingstories said: I think most people love Jess the most. Personally I don’t think any of them were great.

@fakeaustinite said: I always liked Logan best, but people mostly really pine after Jess.

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I have never seen the show but it seems that Jess is quite popular?

Thanks so much for replying!! So Jess is popular, very interesting… I haven’t reached Logan yet but so far I’m rooting for Jess I guess (although I sort of agree about the none of them are great thing, Rory can surely do better than this lot…).


Oh man this is ridiculously late and lousy for me to talk about my store update

First of all, I deeply apologize to those who recently bought my stuff and didn’t know this yet: The mystery envelope inked art is ONLY now available for purchase over $35 (shipping not included).

*Please note that this may change again in the future, with or without notice

Secondly, I’ve been busy preparing new stickers and acrylic charms, coming soon to my store! I’ll add in some quantity discounts in there soon after that :D

If you have anything you like to purchase from me right now, feel free to check out my store HERE. Thanks for shopping guys!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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Michelle K, known for her powerful short poems & author of No Competition Between Flowers, gives her writing advice. Use this advice when entering our summer manuscript contest

What is your relationship to poetry like?
My relationship with poetry is a difficult one to describe.  It’s been an outlet, a friend, an enemy, and most importantly, a mirror.  The nice (and occasionally horrible) thing about poetry is that you can’t deny what you’ve written.  Once you start speaking with an honest voice, it just tends to pour out of you.  Right now, poetry and I are enemies–I keep writing about things that I’d rather forget.  Next week, we may be friends again.  Our relationship changes constantly.

Please describe your writing process.
My writing process is basically me keeping notes on my phone.  A lot of it is in bulk: I’ll write for a week straight and then not again for 2 weeks.  I’ll get stuck on a word, an idea, a sentence, and just feel like I have to write it down.  I do very minimal editing, because I don’t want to alter that original thought.  I want the words to cut.  I want the words to taste real.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in my past.  I’m not very good at writing about others’ experiences–my writing is very selfish and self-centered.  It’s almost always in my voice, speaking about what I’ve seen or done.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Don’t let people tell you no.  Don’t let anyone tell you your writing is unworthy of being written.  I think the worst thing you can do is write without a confident voice.  Of course, this doesn’t mean you should ignore proof-readings or constructive criticism.  It just means that at the end of the day, if you like what you’ve written, you shouldn’t change it.  It’s your voice, and when you start getting quiet for others, that’s when it’s no longer poetry–it’s just words.

PG posted a short sample of her new novel Three Sisters, Three Queens.

i found the same clichés that in The White Princess : women can not be friends (Margaret resents Katherine’s presence for no real reasons), Henry LOVES money sfm, Margaret Beaufort is the ‘real’ queen at Court (????!!) and *of course* Henry VII’ & Elizaveth of York’s marriage depicted as unloving… again, it’s a sample, so things may change in the entire book, but i don’t expect it and won’t waste my money to be sure :P

tonight is my last night at parry st where I have lived for the last 3 years! if I think about it too much I’m gonna cry! this bedroom has been the best room I could ever ask to live in I may never have an ensuite ever again! change is scary! 

So we chose our puppy today and this is him 🙃

We originally fell for the green one, bit apparently he’s a rebel and always starts fights with his brothers and the other dogs so that just wouldn’t have worked out… So we decided to go with the black one - he loves being with all other dogs and is a little calmer. Oh and he’s perfect 😁

Also, I may have changed my mind again. Now I want to name him Memphis. HELP.

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